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    baby angel's hiding place

    Hello I am a 21 year old lady. I go to a Assembly of God church in Oklahoma. I also sing lead in a southern gospel group, "A Joyful Noise". I try to be strong and decicated christian. I love God and he is #1 in my life. I have had some troubles in the past years but who doesn't. No one ever said that being a christian was easy. I am living proof of that. I have failed God at some points in my life but he has always forgave me and he will never fail me. He he has forgiven me I know he will forgive you. There is two worlds there is the secular world and the godly world and you can't stradle the fence. If you choose the secular world than there is an eternal place for you it is call hell. If you choose the Godly World than there is place in heaven for you streets of gold pealry gates. It will be wonderful there. Which everone you choose you will be there FOREVER not a decade or a century you will be there FOREVER. I have made my choice have you??

    If you would sign my guestbook. I would really apreciate it. God Bless You.

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