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Australian Show Dog

Welcome to the homepage of Australian Show Dog.

We would like to invite all REGISTERED dog Breeders, exhibitors and owners to link their homepage to this webring. Let's unite and show the world what Australia has to offer in the way of our dogs whether they are professional show dogs, loving pets.

RULES FOR THIS WEBRING ARE: (1) You MUST be registered with your states controlling body if you are a breeder. We in no way wish to promote unregistered breeders.

(2) You MUST reside in Australia.

(3)The Webring fragment MUST be added to the page that you submit as your URL on the Australian Show Dog submission form, preferrably the first page of your homepage.

Webrings are a great way to drive traffic to your site as they link the searcher to pages of the same interest and in this case, the same area of the world which can make it easier for those people searching in our part of the world.

To Join this Webring, please click on the link on the Ring navigation Bar towards the bottom of this page.

Please E-MAIL the RINGMASTER from here

This page was designed by Nicki Beard using some of the graphics found at Fuzzy Face Graphics.

Please E-MAIL the RINGMASTER from here