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Australasian Bullmastiff Breeders and Fanciers


From this site you can submit your own site to our Webring, subscribe to our E-mail List "Bullmastiff" via the box to your left, join in some Bully Chat in our Chat room, view and post messages on our Message Board and enjoy some beautiful Bullmastiff pictures that our webring and e-mail lists members have posted here,be sure and visit their homepages via our webring. Enjoy your visit and please be sure to leave your comments in our Guestbook.

The Australasian Bullmastiff breeders and Fanciers group hosted the first
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We would like to invite all Australasian Bullmastiff Breeders, fanciers, lovers and owners to link thier Bullmastiff orientated homepage to our webring. Let's unite and show the world what Australasia has to offer in the way of our dogs whether they are professional show dogs, loving pets or maybe you have experience in the rearing or health issues of Bullmastiffs.

Webrings are a great way to drive traffic to your site as they link the searcher to pages of the same interest and in this case, the same region which can make it easier for those people searching for breeders or information in our part of the world.



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