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So Blessed

by Mariah Carey

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Lying beside you
This joy is so deep
I reach out and touch you
Looking inside you
My world is complete
I struggled to find you
Now I'm free

Precious love
Burning so deeply
Shining completely
For you

:**:: Chorus :**::

So blessed
Touching you now
Awakens me
You are my heart
My everything
Feeling you now
Is all I need

Adrift in a moment
So sacred and pure
Alive for you only
I am yours
As you touch me so sweetly
And you whisper my name
I feel how you love me
We are the same

Precious one
Don't ever leave me
Forever need me
This way

:**:: Chorus :**::

Stay with me
Beyond the end
I treasure you
You made me whole again

:**:: Chorus :**::

So blessed
Amazingly blessed
Touching you now
Awakens me .. yes
You are my heart
My everything
Feeling you now
Is all I really need

Your love is all I need

a kiss for my Sweetheart


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I love you Honey

:**:: angelaire@1998:**::