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God's Plan For Me

God has created me
to do Him some definite service;
he has committed some work to me
which He has not committed to another.
I have my mission ~
I may never know it in this life,
but I shall be told it in the next.

I am a link in a chain,
a bond of connection between persons.
He has not created me for naught.
I shall do good,
I shall do His work.
I shall be an angel of peace,
a preacher of truth in my own place
while not intending it ~
if I do but keep His Commandments.

Therefore, I will trust Him.
Whatever, I am.
I can never be thrown away.
If I am in sickenss,
my sickness may serve Him;
if I am in sorrow,
my sorrow may serve Him.

He does nothing in vain.
He knows what He is about.
He may take away my friends,
He may throw me among strangers,
He may make me feel desolate,
make my spirits sink,
hide my future from me ~
still He knows what He is about.

Cardinal Newman


One must be filled with the Holy Spirit
in order for the words of God to be heard clearly.
This is the manner in which John wrote.
It is the manner in which Paul spoke.
It is the manner in which you should learn.
Divine inspiration manifests in many forms.
It is expressed in song, in art, in architecture ~
in any of the creative workes which originate
from the heart of the Flame within.
One blocks it with the mind of ego
or with the emotional passions
of the body's hormonal system.
Center and balance self so that the flow
of Spirit may come to you.
Be cleansed, be healed,
be divinely inspired by the Waters of Life ~
by the descent of the Holy Spirit.
It is a roaring river which purges the soul.
It is the gentle flow which brings peace.
It is the touch of the hand of God.
Do not block this gift which you have been given.
One must learn you can serve in the manner
which you had been ordained and which you accepted.
God prepares you for the tasks at hand.
Soon, you will be called upon to fulfill
your mission in this life.
You must be ready to answer when you are called.
Practice meditation, discipline self and
forego the self ~ indulgences of temperanment
and personality which are the stumbling blocks
on your pathway.
These traits can be controlled though discipline,
and as a discipline you will need
to complete the journey of life.