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"I Met Your Recipent Today"

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Your walked upon this Earth and have done your part.
You gave unselfishly when you knew your time was coming to an end.
You gave the Gife Of Life, so another could Live.
Holly your Love will never end......

You see your Love lives inside a beautiful woman, I met today.
Your kidney recipent...
She is beautiful like you...
With a twinkle in her eyes and a warm embrace,
which came from her Heart and told me,
Heaven and Earth weren't so far apart.

Love never ends, for your Love has continued in my new found friend.
We will continue your legancy so others will know.
Ther is no greater Gift than the Gift Of Love.
For only True Love comes from within......
Thank you Holly, for giving ~ so another could Live.

Love ~ Mom ~

Written For:~ Holly Lea Nelson ~

"Missing You"

I'm missing you, longing and yearning for your touch.
Only a Mother loosing her child, understands the pain
which continously consumes and stirs the emotions in ones soul.

Now a years gone by since we've laugh, touched or talked.
Oh, where has the time gone...?
So, I tuck you inside my heart and ask God for,
his strength to rise above this grueling pain.

Laying my heart in Jesus' hands,
knowing only he can fill my soul,
with the peace I need to learn to live again.

I Love You Holly ~ Mom ~

"Lives Secrets"

Your an angel standing by my side.
Guiding me in this world full of
hatred, passion and crime.
Hold me gently, as you gaze into my eyes.
Show me lives secrets, you have locked away inside.

Grant me knowledge, few in life hold.
Free me from this pain...
Continuously stirring in my soul.
Your an angel who, has touched my soul...

It's a privilege and honor to be your mother.
You have touched me like no other.
Our worlds really aren't so far apart.
For my darling Daughter
~ "Your Always In My Heart" ~

Love ~ Mom ~


Eyes so full of life, dancing and laughing.
A smile so warm and caring.
Your love has been a inspiration to my life.

Sitting by a window, reading my bible
in the still of a moon lite nite.
Tears flowing from my soul and eyes.

I feel little arms surrounding me saying,
"mother please, ~ don't cry, It'll be alright".

With a childs faith, you say;
"Holly is with Jesus, she's happy.
She'll always be with us, even if we can't see her.
Mom we'll see her again, just believe!"

Haley wipes the tears flowing from my eyes
and smiles so tenderly, hugs me reasurly.
As she crawls onto my lap and caressess me.

If only we'd have faith as a child.
What then, would this world be like?

Love ~ Mom ~

Written For: Haley Nelson ~ Holly's Little Sister


You finished every race and ran with desire and grace.
I knew you were crying inside but,
you shown such determination and pride.

Reaching deep within yourself, from a well within.
You had the dedication to do it all over again.
Day after day, you ran without your sister by your side.
Never once giving up this fight in your life.

My daughter you've succeed in many things,
which style and grace.
But, you have found another quality call courage.
For with COURAGE, everything falls into its place.

Love ~ Mom ~

Written For: Heather Nelson ~ Holly's Older Sister

A River

Your a spiritual river flowing in the depths of my soul,
where you roam, I'll never know.

I'll trust in you to help me through and
show me, who I really am.

Your a deep river entwining and embracing my soul.
Slipping down inside the darkest, valleys within.

I believe in who I am, you've shown me,
how to "understand."

Your a deep river woman,
spiritually inticing me as you please.
You've extended your angelic hand,
which flows within my soul and now I stand.

On a mountain, I look down into the depth within
and know who I am.

Your a spiritual river flowing free,
within me.

Happy sixteen birthday ~October 30th~

Love ~ Mom ~

The Way You Make Me Feel

It's the way I feel you, that lets me know your here
It's the way you come to me, in my dreams,
which lets me know your near.
it's the things you show me, that makes it perfectively clear,
that your always near.

This spiritual circular motion, which keeps me,
growing without fear.
Oh God, keep drawing me near.
Never let me fall, from this perplexual spiritual motion.

It's the way you speak to me,
that gets me so, high.
It's the way you guide me,
in my life that makes me, want to fly.
It's your love, which makes it ubliquitously clear,
that your still so near.

I know spiritually, you'll always be near.

~ Mom ~

Touch Me

Touch me in the morning as the sun arises.
To a new horizon of the day at dawn.
Go with me through this day,
guide me spritually along lives way.

Put your hands upon my soul
and do with me as you please.
Help me to accept the things, I cannot change.
Teach me to trust in you whenever,
life brings upon me a Tragedy.

Holy Spirit surround, uplift and hold me.
Put my mind at ease,
as God brings his beautiful day to a sunset
and rest within me.



Time goes on without me, and I can't go back in time.
Wishing for a touch or her breeze to pass on by.
Looking and listening for her smiling voice to dry my tears.
No, I can't go back in time.
No, I can't even though I've tried.
So, I hold onto God's hand and he leads me out of the
darkness which surrounds me. How I wish, I could go back in time.
For just a kiss, a glance, or for her sassy and pouty look.
To see her body sway as she sashays across a room with her
long golden hair. Hair so straight and shiny as if reflects
off of the moon onto a lake of Ice in the middle of the
dark,dark, night.
Oh, how I wish I could move back time.
So, I pray and pray, cry and cry for my loss.
It really isn't the loss I am crying for,
For I know my loss is her gain.

Love ~ Mom ~

A Mother's Love

Sometimes its hard as a Mother, one has different feelings compared
to a Father. A Mother carries her Child inside their bodies for
nine long months and begins to feel the joys and pain of Motherhood.
Which have been sealed up inside our wholely bodies.

Then, we have our first morning or evening sickness. All of a sudden
our baby moves! We feel our Child, inside our precious bodies. A
Mother begans to see her Child and body change, before her very eyes.
What a experience none other could compare, to the closeness, of
a Mother and Child. A Mother realizes, truly this is a gift from God

Then one day, your Child pushes and moves so hard. Its tiny hand or
or butt sticks out and all at once we experience the joys, pain and
excitment of Child birth. We breast fed our babies, love, care and
watch over them as they grow.

We tried so hard, weather right nor wrong in teaching, the way they
should go. We pray, cry and rejoice with them. Pray and cry on our
own to God, hoping they'll find God's Wisdom and Love.

Then, one day your Child passes away and makes there Ulitmate Journey
to be with God.


Love ~ Mom ~


As I gaze up to Heaven, I wonder...............
If, I could only, just reach out and touch you.
I'd sweetly call your name.
Oh, Holly.....Oh, Holly........................

You'd come to me and as I gaze upon you.
I'd see Heaven refecting and twinkling from your eyes.
Your smile, only beauty could behold.

As a Mother tenderly caresses and comforts her new born.
This is how, I'd hold you. "My precious one."
As our hearts reunite in joy. "If" only for just, a
moment in time.

"I Love You, Holly Lea ~ Mom ~


Some Families have lots of time together,
some just don't.
Some Families care about one another,
some couldn't care less.
Some laugh and cry together,
sharing the good times and the bad.
Some try but really, truly don't.
Some Families grieve and let there souls combine and cry as one,
in prayer to the Heavens above.
Some Families try but, instead seperate.
Some bow there heads and
fold there hands in prayer to God, for all things.
Some Families just, don't.


My Darling Angel

Oh.....Love look at what you've done to us.
Our loves have taken seperate paths.

You choose to fly. to the stars and beyond.
I choose earth, in all its spleandor and glory.
This is where we need to be, for it is God's
infinite Wisdom and Destiny.

I wonder where you are.....
I wonder about you,
then I say alittle prayer and
feel you close to me.
Knowing your near, I have nothing to fear.

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing you long
or seeing you grow.
But, I'll keep you close to me.
For in time, I'll reach my Destiny.

I'll hold you close to me
and our Love will surely grow.
No matter, where you are near or far.
I know your watching over me.
I Love You ~Holly Lea~

~ Mom ~

A Father's Love

When babies are born my daddy said,
"babies are ugly, their faces are funny,
heads shaped so werid, they have no hair!"

Then, we were born, daddy said,
"we are beautiful, a gift from God and he loves us so.

So, He gently takes us by the hand,
calmed our fears and dried our tears,
this is how our life began.

My Fathers said, "we are beautiful,
a gift from God above."

Believe in God, yourselves,
be proud of who you are.
Be kind to everyone,
no matter where their from.
Don't judge ones for where they live
or how they dress.
Look into their souls,
you'll find beauty within.

One of us went to Heaven today,
"Daddy I am beautiful, just like you said,
both inside and out"

A Father's Love is unfailing,
always uplifting and never ending.


Help Me

I have realized no one can help me but God.
God form me, use me, teach me, to be in your will.

From the moment I wake up,
until, I rest my head at nite.
Help me, to be a good exsample of your love.
As a Mother, a wife, a friend and a stanger.

So, everyone will know you are Lord and Savior of my life.


God's Righteous Hand

As long as you are with me,
I am filled with immense
peace and joy.

You've touched my soul in a deepth,
I've never known.
Has God found favor with me?
To let me feel you so intense
and spiritually.

Life is never easy,
it can change in a instance,
a flash.
Then you realize,
you are never in control.

So, hold the hand of the one who is,
The righteous ~ Hand Of God. ~


The Gift

Never have we walked this road before
nor, do we care to go back again.
Organ And Tissue Donation is a
road less travled. Yet, we are walking it so couragestly.

You and I, "WE" are walking
this path seperately, in Faith.
Both of us desiring peace and happiness
for others in our Loved Ones place.

Now, through our daughters desire,
for another to live and our courage
to fiilfull her dreams.
Other families won't walk this path
of death and pain.

Because of a 'Gift,' which
was so freely given.



If, I could capture
my tears in a bottle.
I'd feel, my memories
one by one.

As they slowly drop
through my fingers,
re-capturing time
of years gone by.



Sparkeling angel,
shinning down on me,
from up above.
Walking in God's
fullness and love.

Watching over me
keeping me safe.
Plead to Jesus
for my dignity
and grace.

Shine your love
upon me,
for I am so, alone
"Trusting" in God,
for my "Enterity."

Love your, Mom


A angel came down
from Heaven and wrapped
her loving wings
around me and said,
"My loved one,
don't fret."

"Holly is safe,
in the arms of Jesus."
For, he is the Bridge
which passes over
in Life."

"So, let us rejoice instead
and Thank God for,
His precious Gift,
His One And Only Begotten Son
"Jesus Christ."

Love Mom


"Life if it is truely lived,
Is Felt.

No matter,
how hard the pain is.
Grow from what you've learned.

Then, you can turn around
and truely look back
and smile.

As you look back,
into the precious memories
of your past.

I'll Love You ~ Forever ~ Mom

There's not a day, that goes by. That I don't think about you Holly or
miss you. But, with your help and God's grace, through Jesus Christ.
I will make it!

Needing You

There isn't a time
when my heart
doesn't cry out for you
Nor, a time
when, I don't find myself
wanting to reach out and
touch you

I want to be needed
by you again, Holly
I've searched so hard
to find you
My beautiful daughter

But, the only resitude
I receive
Is God's peace and love
and sometimes this,
just isn't enough

I need you

Love Mom

The Breath ~ I Breathe

Every breath, I breathe
gives life.

God has let me,
feel life grow within

Therefore, I will feel
the loss of my child,
until the end.

Love Will Always Grow

Time has gone by
like the wind and
I can't say, I don't
love or miss you anymore
For your love
grows and mulitplies
like the sand

And you love will grow
forever more

The Holy Spirit flows swiftly,
like the wind and it
grows deep in my soul.
I'll never know the deepth
of it's end.

And it grows, like your love
Until the end of time

Love Mom

Traces Of Love

Tears streaming down
my face
Stained taces of
your love

Deep within my eyes,
one will see the traces,
of your love

Weathered lines of my smile
Showing the happy and
not so happy times
as well

These are the traces
of a Mother's love
Locked in the yesterdays...
of the pass

Love Mom


Sitting alone in the silence
of her room, she crys
Feeling the emotions
from her anger and pain

She falls from her chair
Upon bended knees
Slowing folding her hands
in silence and prays
telling God of her
continous anger and pain.

Placing her childs bible,
upon her heart,
she uncontrollably weeps,
for her lost

Gods speaks calmly to her fears
and releases the pain locked within
Leaving her filled with the
Holy Spirit and His Love

Love Mom

Lord Fill Me

Lord fill my soul
with your strength.
Let me be consumed with
your love and desires

I pray, your power will
shine through me
in my afflication and pain.
Give me the desire
to try each day,
to be happy through
my never ending pain.

Help me to see,
Heavens side of your Love.
Which engulfs, ones body,
mind and soul.
Then, I will feel
your Love and peace.

Locked in my soul and
shinning on my face.

Love Mom

The Tomorrows

Set your sights on tomorrow,
not the ifs in life,
or the yesterdays.

That's not what life's
all about.
Pray about today,
Pray about your next second,
maybe your next hour
but, my friend,
don't forget to pray.

Love Mom

A Grandchild Is Born

You had a Grandchild today,
I see the Love of God's peace
covering your face.

The joy it brings you,
my dear friend,
brings me happiness but,
a tear is falling from my face.

Tears of joy and tears of sorrow.
For you have the brighest
of tomorrows.
Your Grandchild is born and
your with him and he's with you.

I know you will tell him how,
much you Love him.
Because of someone,
who Loved you and
wanted you to live.

Love Mom