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Jesus Who Is He?

Jesus came down from Heaven, out of his comfortable and peaceful surroundings, to live a pure and simple life without sin. He was not a rich man in wealth, though he could have been. Jesus instead, was rich in the spirit. He was a strong, wise, humble and a handsome man.

His life here was for one purpose only, to make atonement for our sins. Black, white, red and yellow, people of all races. Jesus doesn't look at the color of a person but, at the soul, the very deepth of our being.

A pure life he lived without sin as he was human. It must have been a hard walk for him, at times. For there were many spiritual battles, he faced for you and me, so we could live forever. There is no way, you or I could have done such a thing.

Have you ever tried to walk spiritually without sin for even one day? Two or three? Try it, if you haven't. You'll find how hard, it is to walk a spiritual life. Then, you will realize how hard a spiritaul walk Jesus life was and you'll be more thankful than, ever before, for what he did for you.

Jesus went around teaching others to live a life without sin, healing the sick and even rasing people from the died. His ministy began at around the age of thirty and ended at thirty three years of age. One of his own disciples, betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver. Pontius Pilot, a roman centurion said, he couldn't see any wrong in which Jesus had done and his blood wouldn't be on his hands. He washed his hands clean of the situation.

He was spit at, whipped, beaten and mocked. A crown of thorns was pushed into his head. Yet this man, did not break down or backdown. He kept his focus on God. If he hadn't, I wonder, what would have happened? Would history have changed? Obviously, Jesus was a strong spiritual being.

The Pharisees still wanted him dead. They made Jesus carry a heavy wooden cross to the hill which they would mount into the ground, with him on it. Pounding heavy nails into the palms of each hand and foot. What pain, this must have been, for anyone to endure. Jesus still remains faithful to us, never wavering. A spear is thrown into his side from a centuion soldier, who couldn't stand to watch Jesus suffer more agony, while soldiers gambled for his clothes at the foot of his cross.

Jesus was buried in a tomb and on the third day, the heavy stone was rolled away. Jesus rose from the dead and won the victory over death for our eternal life!

Jesus stayed encouraging his disciples and friends, to keep their faith strong, not to be shaken and to spread through out the world, to all man kind the gospel of Jesus Christ. He accessed to Heaven as his disciples watched and sits in his throne to the right of God, now we may live with him forever. Jesus carries our burdens in life, if we'll let him.

Do you know Jesus, as your personal Savior? Would you like to take that step in faith? If so, just say this prayer. Jesus, I know you died on the cross for my sins and shed your precious blood for me. Forgive me for my sins. In Jesus name, Amen!

If you want a closer commitment to Jesus and are saved. Say, Jesus help me from this day on, to walk closer with you, to listen to your words and pray from my heart, not my head. In, Jesus name, Amen!

Isn't it wonderful to know you are sign, sealed, delivered and a bonitfied child of God! No one or anything can take your salvation from you. You are sealed in the blood of Jesus! Now, walk by faith, trust in God and be proud!

For those of you who, want to believe but don't know how. Pray the what "IF" prayer:

Father God, if you exist, and if you have a Son named Jesus Christ; if he loved me so much that he came all the way from heaven to pay the penalty for my sins by dying in my place, cleansing me and making me God's child; if Jesus actually rose from the grave and ascended into heaven; if he sent the Holy Spirit to live in me, making that most improtant connection between earth and and Heaven, then I ask you, Jesus Christ, to mend my brokenness, wash away my sin, andd come into my inner being, my spirit, right now. Save my soul. Reveal yourself to me,Lord Jesus, as God incarnate-the One who put on human flesh, the one who came to give me everlasting life and assurance of heaven. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Pray that prayer out loud, slowly, just as it is. When you feel comfortable, pray it again, leaving out the "ifs." Take time to confess any specific wrong doing, resolving to make amends where possible. Tell someone what you have done. Jesus says that when you confess him before others, he will confess you before his Father in Heaven. We who know Him are experiencing the beginnings of Heaven on earth. The greatest evidence of this is our changed lives.

Maybe you couldn't pray the prayer at all. Try it again in a month, and again later. If you still can't pray it, do me a favor. In that last micosecond when you are dying and you see Jesus and his amazing light, immediately fall at his feet and ask his forgiveness for your sins. Tell him you want to be his friend and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and King. I wish you wouldn't wait that long, because you're cutting it far too close, but I hope you'll make it.

Heaven is twofold. It is first of all within, and then in the universe. Heaven above is on at least an eleventh dimenison, or beyond demension, so the actual location isn't something we can even cromprehend. It's in outer space, perhaps even in another universe. Heaven is the home-an actual place-prepared for all who love God and His son, Jesus Christ. The Creator of the universe has invited us into His family. (That was the purpose for our being on planet earth from the beginning.) Heaven is a place where people Love one another and do not say and do Unkind things. No matter, what you look like or what color you are. It's a healing place where you experience complete fulfilment.

God Bless,