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Holly's Recipents

Holly's Recipents

~ Lillian And Dave ~ Lillian Is Holly's Kidney Recipent

Lillian And Family

~ The Gift Of Life ~

I first heard from Lillian by the way of a letter from her husband Dave. As it was emotionally hard for Lillian to write us. The letter which Dave wrote was one of the happiest yet, one of the saddest times of my life. Wanting so to heard from your daughters recipents but, still another factor of showing Holly was in Heaven.

The kindness and graditute which poured from Daves' letter filled us with peace only God could give. For the way he wrote, about Holly only God could have given the knowledge to know. Along with his letter, was a beautiful gold Angel with austranlian crystal. In awe and wonder, I looked at it and cried. Thinking how kind of them, to take the time for us in such a thoughtful way. Our angel sits in the kitchen and I continously think of the loving act Holly gave so freely, so others could live if she could not.

The amazing thing about my relationship with the Lillian and Dave. Is, Dave and Holly's birthday are on the same day. Their anniversary, is the day before Holly made her ultimate journey to Heaven. Lillian and Dave have 4 children, three girls and a boy, we have three girls. We all are United Methodist, as well.

They reside in Iowa and we keep in touch on a regular basis by, email, letters or phone. When we spoke to each other on the phone, for the first time it was as if it was meant to be. I know Holly was with us, what a blessing it was. To actually speak to your daughters recipent.

Lillian And Paul David

Because Of Holly's ~ Gift Of Life ~
A Grandchild Can Be With His Grandmother

After Paul David was born, I received a heart warming letter from Lil. Thanking us for the ~ Gift Of Life ~ she received from Holly. Lil wrote, "If it wasn't for Holly's wonderful gift and your generosity at such a diffult time, I wouldn't have had the opporunity to be with my grandson Paul David. I will make sure he knows and understands who Holly is and why I am here. Because of a "Unselfish Gift" she gave me at my time of need."

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~ Rich ~ Kidney Recipent

Rich And Family

~ My Wish For You Is " Life" If I May Not Live ~

Richard is Holly's first recipent to write. I remember talking with Raelynn, Hollys coordinator through ISOPO. Stressing my need to hear from Hollys recipents. As, this would be healing for me and I was ready to move forward in my grieving process. I was excited when Raelynn phoned, saying a letter was on its way. After the recipent writes, it is send to ISOPO, to be reviewed. This is a very tender moment for both Donor family and recipent. After the letter is reviewed it is sent to the Donor family. This type of communication is carried on, until both parties are ready to communicate. on their own.

When Richs letter arrived I opened it anxiously, as tears flowed down my face. I read my first Donor letter.

How does anyone thank a Donor family? Simply by saying, THANK YOU. It is healing for both the Donor family and recipent to communicate. I now e-mail Richard on a regular basis and Thank You Richard, for having the courage and love to write. I am eternally grateful!

~ Holly's Heart Recipent ~

We recently learned, Holly's Heart recipent has asked to have our letters forward to him from the Ohio Donor Office. Holly's Heart recipent is a man and 54 years of age, married with three girls. He was very ill and couldn't leave the hospital until he recieved a Heart. He is doing well and resuming most physcial activities.

Our letters were kept in safe keeping at the Ohio Donor Office, until he was emotionally ready to read them. Please pray for his continue recovery, and that he will find the strength to contact us by letter or e-mail.

Today On August the 14th, 1999, we received a letter from Holly's Heart recipent! It was a emotional letter to read but, a letter which has brought closure and peace. Hearing from your loved ones recipent, knowing they are living life to their fullest brings a inter peace, which is hard to explain.

He is doing well and went back to work, in March of 1999. This wasn't a easy letter for him to write, "Not a day goes by," he said, "That I don't think you and I'm very grateful to you and your family for what you did for me and I would like to say thank you."

Thank you, Holly's Heart Recipent for writing to us and may God Bless you. I will be writing a letter back to Holly's Heart Recipent and this will be forward to my coordinator then, to his coordinator in the Ohio Donor office, they forward my letter to him.

When thanking your Donor Family, a letter never needs to be long. It's the commuication which means the most.

~ My Second Letter ~ April 12th, 2000 ~

In this precious letter from my daughter's Heart recipent. I was able to learn several things, that his name is Norm and never once did he ever have any rejection, this is very unsual, is doing well and excerises daily. He has three daughters, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren, how wonderful to know Norm will have the oppurtunity to be with his great grandchildren and grandchildren. That his great grandchildren and grandchildren will have a grandfather. Norm wrote, "I went to a National Donor Sabbath Interfaith Candle Lighting Service in November, and lit a candle for Holly and her family. I hope it would help you in your sorrow and loss. May the Lord bless you and your family." My heart leap for joy after reading his letter. The peace and closure this letter brought me, is hard to describe. To know his name, to know he has quality of life, to know he's a great grandfather, and to know he cares, is a very precious blessing I'll always treasure.