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Organ And Tissue Donation, What's It All About?

If you had a child, sister, brother, parent, very close friend or a relative, who was in dieder need of a Organ or Tissue transplant and you saw them deteriorating at a minamal pace each day. How would you feel, knowing there isn't one thing you can do, to help your loved one?

Oh sure, you can give encouragement and do kind things or above all pray, but the fact remains the same your loved one desperately needs a heart, kidney, lungs, pancreas, liver, bone marrow, or skin grafting to survive.

Would you help, if you could? Then, why not help someone by giving them the gift of life? When, God calls us home our time on this earth is done. Why leave someone else without there parent, or a parent without a child. A sister without a sister or brother, or grandparent without a grandchild?

Thousands Wait For The Gift Of Life.
Increase Awareness Of The Need For Donors And Wear Your Ribbon With Pride.

Were all here on this earth to give one another a helping hand, why not this? Your not only giving another a chance at life but, at Salvation as well.

These statistic show why these gifts are so important, In 1987 there were 4,000 organ donors. In 1992, 4,521, In 1997, 5,495. But the number of persons awaiting transplants in 1987 was, 13,396. In 1992, 29,415 and in 1997, 59,760.

Anyone can donate, all cost are paid for by the Organ Procurement Organization. If, you are 18 or older, please carry a donor card and sign your drivers license on the back. Let your wishes be know to your family members, as well. If under 18, fill out same information and make sure your wishes are known to your parents, you are not of legal age, yet.

You Will Find This Logo: On T-Shirts, Sweatshirt, Hats And Pins

Did you know 25%, off all individuals awaiting a liver transplant are 10 or younger and a 1 year survival rate for a heart transplant recipient is above 85%. One donor victim of an automobile accident recently saved 3 persons lifes, this was our daughter but, as many as 5 lives have been saved from 1 donor. Not to mention, all of the research the medical society can do to further advance, cures for many dieases. Which are now cureable, because of donors.

For more information on Organ and Tissue Donation please call 1-888-5-Donate.

Our First Planting ~ OF The Organ And Tissue Tree
In Des Moines Iowa ~ April 1998,
Two Months After Holly Went To Heaven

Jeff Shoveling Dirty On Tree ~ In Hollys Memory ~

~The Tree Of Life ~

The Tree Of Life Travels Through Out Iowa.

Did You know?


The first tissue transplant recorded in medical history was in 1682. A Dr Meekren filled a defect in a Russian Soldier's head with a piece of dog skull. This anecdoltal case was actually first recorded in a church log. Soon after the successful transplant took place, the church excommunicated the soldier. Two years later, the soldier requested thatt the bone transplant br removed so that he could return to the good graces of the church. Soon after the bone was removed, the soldier died.

Organ And Tissue Sticker


In 1881, a medical journal article discussed the first case of kin transplantation. The patient, while leaning against a metal door hinge, was struck by lightning and sustained a burn which took all of the skin off his arm. A surgeon treating him took the skin from a patient who had just died and used it as a temporary skin graft.


The first heart valve replacement happened in 1951. A plastic proto-type heart valve was used. Since then, other artificial valves have been made out of metal. Modified natural from pigs have also been used.


In 1970 the introduction of cryopreserved (frozen) techniques in tissue banking were first used. This broke ground for successful storage of all types of tissues for transplantation. Human heart valves, tendons and ligaments could not be used successfully in transplantation as well as bone and skin. This techniques has been improved upon, allowing most tissue to remain viable in storage for up to five years in current tissue banking practices.

~ Volunteer Recongition Pin ~

For Donor Families, Recipents And
All Those Who Donated Their Time

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This Is A Organ And Tissue Donation Logo:

It Is Found On T-Shirts, Pins And Stickers
The Idea For This Sign Came From A Donor Family
~ After Their Daughter Was Pronouced Brain Died ~
She Was Skating Behind A Car
In The Winter And Fell Hitting Her Head

1998 Organ And Tissue Donation ~ Stamp ~

Organ & Tissue Stamps will be available again
at your local post office, the price is the same
as others.

Support Organ and Tissue Donation.
~ In Your Loved Ones Memory ~

~ National Donor Sabbath ~

As many of you know, the weekend of November 13, 14 & 15 is designated as National Donor Sabbath, a time to bring the message of the "Gift Of LIfe" into our churches and synagogues. The National Donor Sabbath can be oberved with sermons, bulletin inserts, displays, education, and class presentations by recipents and donor family members. This is your chance to get your congregation talking about organ, eyes and tissue donation! Talk with your religious leaders and clergy, ask them to include this important message as they reach out from the pulpit. ISOPO has special donor Sabbath Kits already prepared to help your congregation with thier obervation. Call Lisa at 319-337-7515 or Ann at 515-244-7676 and ask them to send you a kit today! Please help us promote donation awareness over Donor Sabbath weekend, or any weekend this month and demonstrate to all that most of the major religions support donation as an unselfish act of charity.

Jesus Gave Until The Last Second Of His Life ~ Shouldn't We Do The Same As Well?

Become A Organ And Tissue Donor ~ It's The Most Unselish Act Of Kidness ~
Give So Another May Live ~ If You May Not

Share Your Decision With Your Loved Ones
So Others Will Understand, Know And Respect, Your Decision.
You Will Lessen Their Burden ~ At Their Time Of Grief

Holly's Grandma Julie ~ Nebraksa's Kidney Foundation Sponsor ~ LeAnn(me)

Presenting Holly's Quilt Piece To The Kidney Foundation
Holly's Quilt Piece Will Be Added, To The Kidney Foundations Quilt

One Of The National Kidney Quilts ~ On Display
The Kidney Quilts Travel Through Out
~The United States ~

Reg Green & I

Reg Is The Author Of The Book & Monday Nite Movie
~ The Nicolas Green Effect ~
His Son Was Son Shot & Killed By Bandits
While On A Family Vacation In Italy

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Govenor & Lt. Govenor Of Iowa
~ Signing Of Donor Proclaimation Week ~

Holly's Kidney Recipent ~ Lil ~ Family, & Us
Were Present For The Signing.
Donor Awareness Week Is ~ April 16-22
We Were The Only Donor ~ Recipent Families