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3-D Award In Holly's Memory

3-D Award In Holly's Memory

Heath Wragge Accepting Award From Coach Shada-1998

Heath Wragge is the recipent of the first ever "3-D Award." This award is presented in association with Pierce High School Cross Country. The award is being given in memory of Holly Nelson, daughter of Jeff and LeAnn Nelson, who was a member of the 1997 Cross Country team and was killed from injuries she suffered from a car accident on February 13 of this year.

The three "D's" stand for Dedication, Discipline and Desire. The award is given to the individual who best exhibits these qualities during the cross country season. The definitions for these qualities as they apply to this award are as such...

Dedication ~ Stands for doing what needs to be done to make yourself better.

Discipline ~~ Stands for doing what is asked of you without complaint, hesitation,

or argument.

Desire ~~~~ Stands for always trying to do your best, regardless of what obstacles

may be thrown your way.

The award is bring presented at this time, because it was felt it would be nice for for the first recipent to be someone who had the opportunity to run and be a teammate with Miss. Nelson. In the future the award will be pressented during the Pierce High School Fall Sports Banquet.

Heath is the son of Terry and Deb Wragge. He will graduate this spring and plans to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney in the Fall.

~ 1999 Recipents Of The 3-D Award ~

Kallie Seier
Shannon Stusse
Ryan Otto

~ Courage Award ~

Heather Nelson ~ Holly's Oldest Sister

Organ And Tissue Donation
Is A Unselish Act Of Charity

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Everybody's Angel

At such a young age God took you away,
But not immediately,
For seven long days we sat and prayed.

When the news came that you had died,
We were all sad, but not surprised,
Now we all knew that you were by God's side.

On the day that you were laid to rest,
The song, "My Heart Will Go On played,
And it, like you, are one of the very best

For at such a young age you gave yours so it could save,
And from that priceless gift,
Forever friendships were made.

That life saving gift, like you, we will never forget,
You were truly so thoughtful,
But now that you are gone we truly reget.

Not that your gift saved another,
But because you left behind,
Two sister, a father, and a mother.

As long as I live, you are always in my prayer,
And when God comes to take me away,
I hope to go to Heaven and see an angel already there.

Written by: Gary Shada
Holly's Cross Country Coach

~ 2000 Recipents Of The 3-D Award ~

Stacie Koehler
TJ Froehich

Spiritual Life Cannot Be Measured ~ By A Physical Measure