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~*Words of Inspiration*~

(From the Spirit Teachers)

“Good Thoughts”
“Good Attitudes”
“Good Motives”
“Good Actions”

It is up to each individual to decide if their days will be *sunny* or rainy.
I truly wish each of you beautiful warm sun-filled days for all of your life.

No-one can hurt you without you allowing it to happen.

No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

The rewards of strength and love and selflessness are wonderful, more wonderful than you can ever imagine. Never try to judge yourself in this way. You cannot know, because often there is compensation for life that has been burdened by another. These compensations are given to many. You cannot see how you will be treated. But know this, that if you have been burdened, and you did not earn it, if it was unjust, know that you will receive compensation.

If you wish to be a bright beam on this earth, expect to have the challenges of humanity, expect those who live in darkness to challenge you. They will challenge you often, but when you gain peace of spirituality, this challenge will not harm you.

Do not be afraid. Whatever your pathway, you will endure. Many of you here have been through difficulty after difficutly and each time you have come through. Because you have the power of the light within you, you have the spark of divinity. You are all linked to this great power. This is why I say, "Fear not." But be at peace, and let the power that is within, and the power without which is the love that is around you from your guardian and those who have passed on that do love you.

Because if you hurt, even one, you hurt yourself. If you hurt many, you will be in the darkness and the cold area of your own making. Step by step you create your own light. This light is within your spirit. It is the soul that resides within your spirit. This light can glow, or it can become darker and darker. So you can choose for yourselves. It is your responsibility. It is the responsibility of every individual in this world. You know and I know that when we do something that does not sit comfortably with us, yourself or myself, anyone, we all know, we are all aware of our transgressions. We are all aware when we are doing something that makes us happy, we are aware.

Earth is your schoolhouse of experience.

Realize it is not your outer self that is going through this life, but your spirit self.

Compassion is one of the highest spiritual expressions of mankind. It can be expressed through God's highest, man, or through the most despised rodent, the rat.

When a loved one dies you have only lost the material illusion.

If you are jealous, over-worked, stressful, selfish, greedy, and have too much pride, this will make you out of tune with the natural law.

Nothing is ever gone, everything and everyone is always present.

We need instruments not churches.

The more you divide love the more it multiplies.

The Golden Rule means simple practical teachings to serve and love all.

God's spirit and essence is in animals and man, but not at the same degree.

Spirit is life and life is spirit.

Time is the external present, not the past, not the future.

Don't look backwards. It is today that matters.

You can only change yourself. You cannot change anyone else.

I am part of God, indestructible, imperturbable. I face life and all that it brings to me from day to day, knowing that I have the power to overcome everything. That is why I am here --- to learn that lesson.

Greet each day as the untarnished future, and handle it as carefully as if it were already a published record of your past. This thought, held closely, and lived, will keep your attention pointed straight ahead and not deterred by the temptations of the world.


"The Teachings of Silver Birch"