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Teaching #3:

This afternoon I have brought along a friend from my own area, who would like to speak to you and give you of his own experiences. I thought you would like this for a change from myself, but I will not go away, I will be here. I will talk to you later. So may I introduce to you my friend Jarus. Here we go:

Good afternoon, good people. I, Jarus, am very happy indeed to be able to have this opportunity. I have been in the spirit realm for many, many years. My work is there. I am known as a warrior, a servant of the hierarchy, whose leader is the Nazarene. Now we who serve him are known as his warriors against darkness, against ignorance, against fear, all the negative emotions. That is my introduction, and you know what I am.

I would like to give you the experience I had in my last incarnation on this earth. It was long ago, I cannot remember the name of the land, but I can remember what it was like, and it was somewhere in Eastern Europe. My life was as a nomad, so long ago, travelling where we could, to where we could find sustenance. For any period of time we travelled onward and onward, following the seasons, going where it was most amenable for us at the time. We were a small group, but this does not mean we were alone, for there were other groups also. We depended upon our growth, upon the sustenance we could find, we needed it to give us strength, so that our lineage could proceed onward. Without sustenance we would have faded away. As always it was there, but we had to search for it, as the birds do and all animals. At that time it was similar for us, to search it out. It was there.

We did not have wars. We did not have difficulty as your people have had over the last hundred years or so of your life. I know it has been difficult. But from where I dwelt it seemed so far away, but we have knowledge of all such things.

We were more concerned with finding what we could, but if we found others in an area, we were apt to be very anxious that they had not cleared everything away before we got there. This would cause ill-feeling within us. These are the feelings we have to learn to overcome, for they had every right to the food as we had. They got there previously, so it was theirs by right. So our ill-feelings were not good for us spiritually. But you see, it was natural for us to have them, as food was so difficult to procure. But these are the things that try us, and these are the ways we have to find in life, the ways of difficulty to make us and build us spiritually. We did at one period settle for a number of years. We came upon a beautiful lake. It was surrounded by a lush area, plenty of greenery, and it was beautiful, and there was enough for all. We flourished here and we did grow strong. Babies came and we were glad, for these were our strength for the future. Nowadays many are aborting. We depended upon our little ones to keep us together. If we did not have enough children we faded away. They were our strength for the future when we became old.

So it has been down the ages for all. My brother Zareth has told me he is writing a book, and it was for him in the dim ages past, the same, the food being the main problem. Life not having much difficulties as you endure, but having to find the food, that was it. That was our every thought. You, I am sure, have your problems too, but not such as these. You see the birds searching, and the animals searching. They know where to go. They know what they like, and they know where to find it by instinct. We too had certain instinctive feelings, we hadn’t quite lost them as you have today, with civilization. We could scent. We could breathe and scent on the breezes. We could find the water, the sea, the mountain breezes, the animals, blossoms, berries. We could. We had that within us, it had not been taken away by sophistication. So you see, our lives though simple, not having to endure as you do, it was very difficult.

Now we had another problem. It was this. We did not take in our time a partner, as you do today. If we had too few females, then they were passed around, and the children belonged to everyone, and they were much loved. But if it was the other way with too many females, then often there was trouble. You can see this. These were the ways in which we suffered. To us they were indeed difficulties. Everyone in his own sphere of life feels that his difficulty is the one that is the most difficult, the uppermost thing. Nothing else can be quite the same. You know what I mean when I say this. You have the same feelings within your own orbit, that your difficulty is the greatest. And when it comes upon you, it engulfs you, and nothing else seems to be able to enter your mind, and yet you know that within yourself it will cease, and things will change.

Now in this life, I did not have any kind of importance, I was one belonging to the group, equal with others. But there was one amongst us who was different, and we looked upon her with awe, because she had some psychic ability. She could guide us at times, not always too clearly. But at times she had flashes of brilliance, which did help us to choose in which direction to go, if one of us needed guidance, to find some herbs to help us if we were ill. In this way she was wondrous. She knew exactly which herb to pick if we had cuts, or had fevers, or whatever ailment came upon us. She was given guidance and of course this knowledge was kept and passed on, within the mind of course, for we did not read or write. It had to be memorized and passed down through our children. So you see how the Father deals out gifts to us to aid us. A servant of His, in those dim ages past, who could aid us through psychic means, aided us in the way that was needed the most. For when a nomad is travelling and he has an accident, what does he do? He cannot have a doctor. If he breaks a leg, what does he do? In times of stress like this, she knew what do to, how to bind with leaves, to tie around with dried stems made pliant by chewing, and then a crude lifter formed to carry the one who was hurt.

In this way, we evolved through the knowledge that was given to us. It may seem very simple to you, but to us it was life and death. If a severe storm came and one of us was washed away, which happened once or twice, we could not do anything about this, it was a loss to us. We did not have religion in the sense that you have it, but we had a primitive pagan insight. Though this maiden had a psychic gift, she was not given any form of worship for us, except that of sitting around and chanting. When we did this, she would find strength, it seemed, and she would be able to help us. It is much the same today. If one sits in a group, the power aids the medium if it is for development, and we did chant and move our hands rhythmically on the ground, simply, it was just our way at that time, not knowing what to do, but finding it pleasurable nevertheless. We could sing, we had our own ways, our own words, that we found our own speech. They were rather limited, but it gave us joy. Everyone needs music and rhythm. It seemed to be able to uplift us. So we had our pleasures in that way too, we had crude dancing. Just a simple movement of the body, but it was sufficient. When we had death we simply put the body in a shallow depression. We thought it went to the elements as the animals did. Of course, it did. We did see that where an animals dies, that the birds went to it, and the other creatures too, that in time in that area the flowers would be in profusion, and we understood that the body did feed the ground. In this way we learned the simple things that we needed, by observation.

So you see, my life though very simple, was one of learning and growing, through the herbs, observing nature, by being led by our maiden, by being led forward in some ways. When we found that we were decreasing in number at one time, we approached another group who seemed themselves to be rather limited, so we asked to be joined together. We sat down and we discussed this. After much deliberation we chose who was going to go with whom. In this way we were stronger again. We did not like to be limited in number because we feared that a greater number may descend upon us and deplete us completely. So this was happiness for us. Now this may seem to you to be a simple tale, very limited, but I will tell you what I learned from it.

When I left it and went to the spirit realms, I found myself in an area that was very like the one I had left, similar in appearance. I found there my own parent, my own mother, but I did not see my father because I could have had many fathers. I did not know who he was exactly. But I had a mother who loved me always until she died, and I saw her when I died. She took me into her care. When I was there briefly I saw within my mind my life as I had led it. I saw where I had failed myself in jealousies, in fear, and in hatred. I saw some of the beauties I had had in life, the happiness of nature, the fun I had with my children or others’ children, the joys we had. I saw everything from my childhood on, everything. I was able to understand completely what it meant to me. I saw and I understood, though I had no education. My mother did not stand beside me when I was enduring this. She stood a little way away from me. She then came to me in my sadness and said, “We all have to endure this. Where you are now is because you had those feelings, the feelings jealousy and hate. If you had not had those, you would be in a much brighter area.” She showed me her area which was more bright than mine. She showed it to me in my mind, with her thought. I wept because I understood I could not be with her completely. She told me she would come to me often until I understood. She kept her word and came to me often. She taught me the laws, the laws of locomotion which you already know, and the laws that we have to endure there, how we think and we create, and how we have to be very careful how we think because it is seen. In time I was able to comprehend all. One day she came to me and she brought with her some men. She introduced them to me saying, “These are my compatriots, and they would like you to go with them.” They took me on a journey. They held my arms, told me to be still and not to fear. I found myself travelling through space, and I found myself back again on the earth. How was this? I could not understand it. They told me that had I had a desire for the earth that I would have found it automatically, but being with my mother I had not desired it. So they were showing me how to re-enter, to find those I had just left, of late. So they said anytime I desired it, I could find my friends or my family, by simply thinking about them, or seeing them in my mind. So that was new to me. They took me to other areas, showed me others who were different from myself, in lower areas, showed me why they were there, let me see their own body in light, let me see how and why they were thus, and why they were light, explained everything to me. Then they said to me, “Now, it is your opportunity. If you wish we will lead you to another, and he will help you to help others, show you how to do it. If you do, you can enter higher areas.” I will not bore you with this, because you know it already. But to show you this was my experience. So simple a life, but I had learned many things, and I had to endure, because of the way I had lived that life.

Now I returned to life on earth again, and again, and again. Each time I had a different experience. Each time I returned and stayed some time, returned again. But the last time was a great many years ago. Since then I have been serving in the spirit realms, serving my Master, and serving for a good number of years now the Nazarene. Now I would like to give you some of our experiences in this life with him.

First of all, visualize a council of very bright, brilliant beyond your understanding, a group so bright, who are the councillors, the hierarchy. Now they are the spirit realms who organize all work that takes place in the spirit realms and on your earth. All those who serve you here on earth, your guardians, those around our maiden, all those around all mediums, all those who serve in the spirit world, all teachers, all the masters, all those who serve, the hierarchy are responsible.

Now we are in serried ranks, the next rank deals with other subjects, the next other subjects, and so on. But each area serves, the Nazarene and all his compatriots serve. We do not sit idly. Now I serve in an area of great difficulty, where those who have been very religious on this earth, amongst the hierarchy of the churches, the bishops, the popes, those who have power on the earth in religion. Now a group of us work in these areas. When they enter the spirit world, we are the groups that help them in understanding. I may tell you the surprise they find is immense. We do have great difficulty. First of all they are no longer a pope, bishop, or archbishop. In the spirit realms you are a plain citizen, female or male, you are simply a resident there. If you have great spirituality, and great powers of organization, if you have this ability you can be an organizer. But it is not done as it is on earth. Now we take these personages. If they have been very ill first they are in an area to receive healing, to be soothed. Then they are awakened, and they meet their loved ones as everyone does, and they go through the preliminaries. When this is over, it is our time. We arrange to see them, either in a grassy area of beauty, or in a room that is pleasant if they have earned it, of course. Some would surprise you where they dwell when they enter; not all enter beauty, I assure you. For some use their power to their own advantage, and great is their dismay when they find themselves not in the glory that they expected, but in the dullness. But if they have achieved sufficient light, we gather together with them. First of all we say, “Now you have found you are still alive. You are in the heavenly world. You see that you function, that you are as you were, not in a different body, but it is still you, with all your thoughts, with your ideas, your ways, your habits. You think the same way, do you not? You are still that person.” They acquiesce, and then we begin. “You have been teaching your flock of the Trinity, of the Holy Trinity, of the Mother Mary. You worship her, you worship the Nazarene. You raise him up.” So we show them in scenes before them how it really was on the earth at the time of the Nazarene’s life, how he was a servant of the Father, how he was trained in metaphysical knowledge. He was a medium. His life was organized in the right areas to do the work of healing, how he moved among the people and how he was used politically, and destroyed, because the times were difficult. We show this, the humble maiden, and the father, and we show that the maiden is no longer the mother Mary, but has reincarnated since then. There they are, the millions of people worshipping her, and she is not there to worship! What a waste of energy! The Nazarene does come before them, not at once, not at the beginning, but when we have a group of them together, and when we have them at a certain stage, then it happens. There shall be a great light in the area, and we who are the teachers say, “Behold!” The great light dissolves, and there are figures that emerge. There is one in the centre, and he is holding a lamb. “Behold all the same. You see, the same group, the same light, the same vibration. If you desire to worship the Nazarene, why not worship everyone? There are others beyond them and beyond and beyond.” This is a terrible shock to some, and they bow the knee, as they were once bowed to. The Nazarene forbids this, “I am not the Father!”, he thunders. He can thunder. “I am His servant. I have always been His servant from my inception, from the lives I had before. I was the Nazarene. I was His. Not always did I honor Him. Sometimes I failed Him, as we all do, as you have done.” He knows exactly, he can see. “You were given great responsibility upon the earth, and you did not live up to that responsibility, you squandered it. You used your power to suppress your people (where it was necessary) to bring them to the Father in fear and suppression. You took away the love. Did not the Father send me to show that He is love, and you have hidden it, buried under ideology, theology, dogmas, creeds, whatever. It is buried, the truth.” They know it already, it has been given to them, but he gives it to them afresh, because he is before them. “I come before you with a lamb to let you know who I am, as I am supposed to be the Lamb of God. But you could be a Lamb of God, everyone can be a Lamb of God, a servant. But all is not lost. As you once had power over men, now you will have the opportunity to understand humility. You see before you my brethren who on earth have not been such as you have, who have been humble, yet look at their glory! It is the actions of life that make you beautiful as these are. Not pomp and circumstance, no not the gilding of the lily, not the gold, no! But the simplicity!”

But it is terrible to witness, but they feel the love that is coming to them, and the understanding, and it encompasses them about, and they weep because of it. For they do know themselves absolutely, and they know too that they have failed him, and the Father, above all, the Father.

“Go forth”, says the Nazarene, “go forth in humility. For we of this area have not the puffed up power, we are humble before the Father. As we grow nearer and nearer and we witness all His glory, the knowledge, the beauty, the laws, we are enhumbled. So go forth in humility, and serve His children.” The Nazarene does this in every area, as you have been told by my brother Zareth. He does this where it is necessary, where those who are Christians are foregathered in large numbers. It is much easier to do it this way. We can accomplish much more in a group, and then those who are serving in their own areas have an easier time. So all do see him. He does not walk amongst them, he always is in the atmosphere above them, and always with his brethren, never alone, because he wants to show that he is not God, that he is a servant, and that the brethren with him are equally the servants of the Father. In this way they are given understanding, all those who are desirous of being with him, all those who are crying, weeping, begging and struggling to be taken to him. It is a terribly piteous sight and it goes on and on. All who are Christians wish to be with him and to be with the Father. They cannot understand, poor people. This is the most humane way to do it. It is swift. It saves much travail. There is no doubt it is he, because of the lamb and the way be behaves, the words he uses. They know it is him indeed. Then he tells them the true stories of himself, tells them of the fables they were taught, and tells them the truth. When they have been reduced to humility, for everyone feels humble before him, he tells them, “Rise, children of the Father, my brethren, my sisters. We are all one before our Father, all one. He loves you equally as he loves me. So fear not in your struggles to achieve supremacy over your failings. Do not fear that you will lose sight of Him, or that you will ever lose Him, because we who are His servants will encompass you about, will guide you, deliver you out of your difficulties, put your feet on the path that leads you ever onward. There are many of us, we are legion”, he tells them. “So go forth knowing that I am aware of you, that I will be here again, and that you will see me many times in the future.” So it goes on.

Now in other areas of the world they worship others, Mohammed, Buddha and so on. In their areas too, they have the same experience. They are brought before the Buddha, for he was an evolved being, but he does it, but in a different way according to his own understanding, and the way he wishes it to be done. He will go before his followers in the spirit realms and give them knowledge in the same way. It is done in all areas where there are people of different teachings, different knowledge, and then they see that each one was but a servant of the Father, that the Father has sent many to be His servants, that He always will. You see, when He sends a servant to earth, and the servant enters and forgets the past life and begins his journey, that servant may walk off that pathway and not enter into the life designed for him because of free will. It is a gamble for us to take, when we send forth a being that we wish to serve, and we have high hopes. We watch carefully and tremble at times, because we see ... Oh, they will stumble ... Ah, not too badly ... and so forth. If they can put their feet upon the path complete and stay there, Oh, our joy is boundless. You have free will and you use it to your advantage or disadvantage, and so it is with every servant who comes. He will lend himself to the Father or he will not. It is the same for everyone. You are here. You have your path to tread, and you have your free will. Sometimes you stray, sometimes you stray much, sometimes you stray a little, and sometimes you keep to the path. It is not always a straight course, and of course you have the boulders or the pebbles or the barriers depending on what your life is meant to be.

Now I am here today, and it is very surprising to me that I can do this. I came to visit my brethren, and when I heard that this class was going to be in progress today, I asked, “May I?” Zareth very kindly allowed me, and I am enchanted with this opportunity and find it amazing that I can do it in this method, for never have I found this quality. It is unique in the annals of psychic phenomena, I think. We have not found another who can lend herself so completely, without thought of her own. I have not been disturbed. To me that is more wondrous. So when I return to my own realm, and I give to my brethren the experience I have had, they will be anxious to learn of it, and so it will reach the ears of the Nazarene shortly, and no doubt he will be beside me, because he is most curious of what is going on, because it helps him in the understanding of the problems of the earth. He often foregathers with those who are the teachers, like Zareth and others who are highly evolved, and they gather together and talk about the problems of the earth, the problems of the people as they hear it and find it. So the organization of the spirit realms ‘gets going’ as you say, and much is done in an endeavour to lighten your burdens. All is not sitting down, all is not pleasure in our realms. We have the problems to deal with when we serve, the problems of how to reach you, how it is best to reach. How many servants have we that we can trust? Whom can we entrust with power? But we do desire so much, so much, we do, to come nearer and nearer to you, to let you know that you have not been abandoned, but that you are our children, our brothers and sisters, who are treading the pathway of life again, hopefully never to return to it, I am sure. For when you enter our life and you enter into beauty, you never want to come back again. So know that we love you, all of us who are the servants of the Father, that always we have you in mind.

Now I thank you for listening to me, for enduring my presence. I will leave you now and let my brother Zareth speak with you again. I bid you “Adieu.” I give you my love and I bless you. Peace be yours for evermore!

..... It is I, Zareth. Now you have heard my brother. It is good that he came. Now you know that there are many of us, all serving the Father, all being a little anxious that we are doing it correctly, that we are doing it in the way He would desire us to. When we serve you here, and when we re-enter at the time that is coming for me shortly, and we are approached by the masters and the Nazarene, and they say, “Welcome brother. Welcome once again. Have you had your rest? Have you had your thirst for love quenched? Have you been with your brethren in happiness of sweet companionship?” We acquiesce. “Then let us go forth.” We seek out a quiet area, and we perhaps sit upon the grass, or on a bench, whatever we feel like at the moment. He and his brothers begin and they look at me. Truly I am before them, and they can read me absolutely. We have that power. But they say nothing. “Now brother, give forth of your life. Give forth of all you have encountered.” I begin as best I can all that has taken place, since I came here a year ago. I mean from our last holiday. I go through every phase and as I am speaking they are watching and listening, and they know exactly how I have served, exactly how I have thought, how exactly I have delved into my problems, the problems around us, how I have approached them. When I have ceased my speaking they will say, “Well done, brother.” I hope. Hopefully I wish this. For I too am not always sure that I am doing my absolute best , you understand?

You too wonder sometimes if you are doing your best, or are you failing yourself, and I do. You know when we touch this area of earth and all the vibrations it has, and it is very difficult for us to live here, it presses around about us. We feel it and we are not of it, but we feel it. If we are not very careful it can come upon us, because we are living here. We could become a little less what we are, if we are not careful. You have not thought of this, have you? I think not. You see, if you lived in a jungle, amongst Africans in a primitive area, and you had to eat their food, and you had to act your own way, you might find that in a little time you are copying their habits and you are following some of their ways. If you are there a long long time, you will find that you do. It is not a conscious thing, you do not do it deliberately, but it happens. So we too have to be very careful, in case this happens to us. It could. So this is why I am hopeful that I am told, “Well done!”, that I have not made myself less than what I am, in my thinking or in my actions. My brother Silver Birch, when he has to endure the same, he has said in his book, he weeps when he is told “Well done!” Of truth we do, for you know it is a great challenge to us to re-enter this life from our own beauteous realm, a great challenge. If you travel to any other part of the world, you may find it difficult for you to endure perhaps the heat, or the ways of the people, or you find perhaps the heat exhausts you, or perhaps the water makes you sick. You know you have the same experiences sometimes. So you can see how it is for all of us. When we hear of your suffering, your sorrows, when we see someone has been punished by another all these things press upon us. We hear the weepings and the wailings. The problems. We say, “Poor soul, how difficult!” We are learning at all times from your problems. In each life that we have, we have certain difficulties. These lives do not give us every single experience. So when we hear your problems, and see your difficulties, we are seeing and hearing another facet of human frailty. So that shows us that there is another area of frailty, and that man is a very complex being, and he can show many many areas of himself to others. Many times you are with your own, and they show you a new facet of themselves, and you are surprised. You say, “My goodness! Where did that come from?” You see? So it is with all of us. We are continually learning, growing, coming upon new experiences, new people, their way of thinking and expressing themselves, and as you do, you are having your challenges, delights, or you may not be pleased at all. So it is with us. When we are your guardians, we have charge over you. I myself am not a guardian at present, but our maiden’s guide is her guardian. In living with you, in your lives, we live our new life, it seems, because it is so different from our own experiences. We have lived so long ago, and life was so different from what it is now. As we live our lives with you, we are learning with our new charge how he/she approaches their difficulties, how they fail themselves, how they deliver themselves. It is a constant challenge for us too. I know you look upon us as someone who is stronger, more able, and I hope we are, because we have been in the spirit realm so many years, and we have had many experiences, but do you know sometimes your experiences bring us to tears for you? We do wish we could do it for you, we wish we could help you, but we cannot always. In your tests we cannot enter, but in your ordinary ways of life we can, and we do. So the next time you feel at a loss and you speak quietly to your guardian, know that he is a being who has to struggle with his problems too. Do not see him as a God, or as a God-like creature, but as one who is a little way ahead of yourself, and who, if he cannot find an answer to your problems, will seek it from another who has the answer, who will do all they can to help you, and when they meet with you in your sleep state, then they talk with you and discuss your problems, and he will say, “Try this method,” or “Do you think it would be better this way?” or so forth. We teach the laws and help considerably. The spirit mind remembers, but when it re-enters the conscious body, and the conscious mind and the spirit mind mingle, mostly all is forgotten. But in your living the spirit within does give you memory, and at times it filters through, and you are well pleased with yourself because something has come that helps you. So you see, this is where you get your knowledge, the knowledge that you wonder how it came to you, how you know it, how the feelings are there, and how you feel so. It is because you have listened to your guardian, and that he/she is helping you. So know all through your life that you are encompassed around with love. Not every moment is your guardian with you, but very often. Know that he or she is also learning, as if going through a new life with you. So it is a dual experience. Have you thought of it this way before? No, seldom do people see it this way, but it is a dual experience. When you pass from this life, you will talk together and discuss it all, for every experience is a jewel, a very small jewel but it is an experience that you have had, and gives you greater understanding. Do not pass by any experience lightly, even if it hurts you, at a time if it is brief hurt, you can think about it, but do not think about it heavily, but look at it with serenity if you can, and see what it has taught you. You have learned something. Every time you come upon another person you will talk, they will tell their problems, or you will tell them yours, or you will share laughter, or you will share someone else’s problem, you know how it is. As you are speaking of others and their problems, you know, you are getting experience. You are seeing someone else enduring, and seeing that it is their life, that is their problem, that is what they have to learn. So this should give you understanding, give you ideas too, that they are suffering, that all get experiences, and help you to be more tender to them, more kindly disposed, a little more compassionate in your demeanour. It is difficult. You will say that we haven’t the time. I know your life is hurried. But of course you do, you do have time. You can analyse your day, you can see it before you. You can look at the problems of your friends and how they take them. I tell you I know that you are sometimes surprised. Sometimes you think a person is very strong, and when suddenly they get something that is not very nice upon them, they seem to break and there is much ado. You marvel, “My goodness! A little thing and there they go!” You think what you yourself endured and you did not behave like that. You are surprised. This is life. That taught you something, that that person was not so strong after all, and that you had a great strength. Everything you come upon teaches you something. All these experiences in life are equipping you for the future, for when you enter our realms you are going to come upon people, people who have lived here before you, and they are going to be complex as before, and all the times you have listened and all the times you have searched, looked, sought, will be of benefit to you then, because you will understand them, and the way they look at their problems, and the way they see life. It will help you to search your memory, and then a flash will come and you will know how to handle their problem, and it will serve you too in life. Every little experience helps you to help another or yourself. Never think, that a life is simple, that you are not learning, that you are not growing, that you are not making mistakes. Even the simplest thing can cast you downward. You know my brother told of his hurts and his hatreds, well they are here among humanity on this earth, they are rampant on this earth. You know them, you come upon them in your time. Sometimes they have hurt you considerably, and you have not known how to deal with the people who hated you or were jealous. But in time you learned how to handle it. Time does, you know, as you are fully aware. Some of you here think that when you have problems, that they will never cease, but you find in time that you are able to solve your problems.

Now you all know, as I do, that you are here on a pathway, and it is individually yours, your opportunity. It is unique, you have been given it, to help you overcome, to help you learn that which you have yet to learn, to overcome facets within your make-up which are not yet perfect, knowing that the Father gave you this opportunity, that He loves you and He has given you this. It is a gift to you, a gift of life, again. It is a challenge, accept it with grace, knowing that it is a challenge and fight, because there is nothing more wondrous to us than to see a child of the Father fighting his difficulties, holding up his head and struggling onward knowing that they will overcome no matter what comes before them, knowing that they have the strength within, that the Father is within. You have a spark of divinity within you, have you not? That spark as it grows and grows and you are more a child of the Father, then your strength will grow too, and you will be able to face life’s difficulties with serenity. I know it, I have seen it done. I am not speaking idly. I have watched it, I have seen it done, I know you can do it. You are my brethren. You have set your feet upon the pathway. You are walking along it with knowledge. I know you will do it. We will do it together. We will be serene, we will be strong, we will serve. No matter how small the service, it is a service. Remember a smile, a kind word, a kind act, no matter how small, these are the steppingstones, the gentleness, the serenity, the strength you lend a friend, or your own. All these things are building you strongly, and one day you shall enter as a shining light. So grow in light, so that I and those around me will shout a glad “Hurrah! Hallelujah for you!” in the words of the earth, and say, “Look, look what my brethren have achieved!” There shall arise a shout of joy, for we do, because we have so many on this earth who are so alone, who live in fear, who do not know where to turn, who do not know they are encompassed about with love, and who are helped in their struggles, and who do not know that they have every opportunity for growth, to grasp the challenge. Send out your life into the world. See this globe encompassed about with light, the light of the Father. See us all progressing towards it. Have hope in your hearts that we will all, in this world, find peace and serenity. It will be a long hard struggle, but help it to come about. You can. Each individual has the power to encircle himself with life, to lighten the globe, to be candles glowing in the darkness. So be a light shining for the Father.

The blessings of the Most High be yours! As the love of the Father rains upon you, as you feel its peace and love, feel that you are encompassed about with love and that you are His, as I am His, as we all here are His. He loves us with a love that is pure; it is this purity that we are trying to achieve. It will take eons of time. But struggle onward. I will struggle onward, you will struggle onward, knowing that we are loved most dearly.


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