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It is with our deepest appreciation that we accept these awards.
We love you all.
May peace be yours always.

"Many thanks BlondeCandy - we will always cherish our very first award!"

(May 1998)

"Chynna, thank you - you are very kind!"

(May 1998)

"Thank you Ashlyn Rain for this lovely award.
We are so pleased you find beauty in these pages!"
(May 1998)

"It is our life's work to protect and shine light on all of the Great Spirit's creations.
Thank you again, Ashlyn Rain!"
(May 1998)

"We thank you Zareth!
This site could not exist without your knowledge and your love to serve all.
And, thank you once again, Ashlyn Rain.
We are most honoured to receive all three of your awards."
(May 1998)

"Thank you Lady in Black for gracing us with your very 'special' award.
We feel truly honoured."
(May 1998)

"Thank you Marie - this award means a lot to us"
(May 1998)

"You have 'touched our hearts' with your generous award."
(July 1998)

"Thank you Anderomeda - this award is very precious to us!"
(July 1998)

Lotus Light Award

"We are truly honoured to have received the highly coveted Lotus Light Award.
Many thanks to the Spirit Network!"
(August 1998)

"Thank you Shekinah for the wonderful Millenium gift."
(December 21, 1999)


"The Teaching's of Silver Birch"