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Teaching #9

Good afternoon, my friends. We do hope collectively that you have had a wonderful holiday. All with us have viewed the spirit world in a short time, but not an extended holiday. But it is so wonderful to return, to meet our friends, and to talk over our various endeavours, and share experiences So I am sure you all had something the same, meeting old friends, and relatives, and indulging somewhat. Fortunately we have not such temptations. But we have others. We will not reveal yet what they are. One day I will reveal a little, to let you know some of the delights that await you one day. Of course you must earn them. Ah ha. This is the terrible thing, we have to earn. Today we are in fine fettle, and I hope all of you are. I feel so happy to be back with you all. I feel so good. I hope that you feel this happiness from me.

Many times we have talked about the ways of mankind, the ways that he has travelled over time, from ages past up to this day. Many of you who are students realize that there is a pattern that emerges. Often appears a similar pattern. It seems as if man travels the same road over and over. He does not always have the same ability because as he progresses, as wars attack the earth, he is catapulted into a more advanced state of thinking because it is so necessary. Man then is faced with a greater knowledge. Technology nowadays is so advanced that some of you have difficulty in even comprehending it. But you know throughout the ages of man he was faced with growth. Because in the heavens, there has been the greatest mind of all, the perfect mind who has all the knowledge, so throughout time this knowledge has percolated to you, to whoever has the ability to use it. You see in every age you have the inventors, you have those who have the yearning to find out. If they are good, or average, then we give them the secrets that we are holding. So you advance.

Now when I say this, you know that we have all knowledge. What is time to you? In our world we have no time. We can look backward and see the world as a tapestry spread out. We see mankind in all his struggles, and we see how he has dealt with the knowledge given him. Many have used it wisely, and so your planet has benefited from it. But many use it for their own benefit to give them greater power that they engulf their neighbours. We see these things happen in this manner, then of course the world at that time is held back.

At any time when war, warring or struggles of one nation against another happens on your planet, then the planet in that space there is a delay. It is as if time has stood still. We look at it and say, “It is as if they were going backward, not forward.” So you see, your planet can benefit from your endeavours, or it can be paralysed. You have not thought this, I know. You do not think that in a place where they are killing each other, that it is paralysed in growth. It is standing still, or going backwards, depending upon the severity of the struggle.

Now in your world at this time there are struggles taking place in many areas. You see or hear about these on your television or radio, and you are aware, and exclaim how terrible it is. You feel sad, and well you may, because if mankind is to travel forwards and reap the benefit of harmony, he must become a loving brother. But how can it be when man is against man? Why? Religion has a great deal to do with it. Power of the church. The struggle of the church against politics and vice versa, the struggle against the oppressors. You have on your planet at this time great disaster in nature. Europe is having most severe storms. You are having a more severe cold than usual. Now why do you have these problems? Why does the world suffer? Many of you are aware why, because we have spoken previously. But your planet and each country is under the karmic law also. Each country has its own challenges. If a country hurts another, it is collectively hurting itself. You say that that is not fair, that those who are good and striving should not suffer along with the others. It is not fair, but you cannot be lifted up and put aside and put in a safer place. We cannot do this for you. So each country struggles along, and each soul is wondering when it is all going to end. Many people view the world and say it cannot go on. You know it has been going on for a very long time. Man has tried to destroy it over and over again. He is not aware that he has responsibility for his world, for his country, towards his fellow man. Each individual is so concerned with self. Selfishness is rife in the world.

If every man and woman could see the world as their own homeland, we have asked you to see the planet bathed in light. I wonder how many do this? I know some do try to aid it. But those people who at this moment are plunged in difficulty and struggle against oppression, are they alone? No, other great powers are viewing. They are looking on, and they are wondering if this is the right moment to move in. Should we hold back? You see, we know everything about your world and we are very perturbed. We have had much conversation about your world for many many years. We view you and we hope that you will see that you are responsible. Now when I speak to you thus, do not think I am berating you individually, because I know that most of you are aware, because it has been revealed, but you know other people and you can pass this message on. It could come from anyone.

You see we are very old, and we have been on the earth thousands of years ago. When we were there, we were struggling too, but we did not have your view. We could not, as you can, see other parts of your globe. We had to travel by camel, by caravan, on foot, on donkey or whatever was there at the time. You can see the limitations of our viewing, our knowledge. You can see how in the olden days a caravan that travelled through many countries would be welcomed, having plodded through lands where we had not been, to tell us of the people, to view their silks or whatever came from other places, food, slaves, concubines. You see, that world was not pure either. In that area there is still trouble today. You do not have to depend upon the caravan now, you have immediate viewing. The media of this world is so amazing today that you have instant knowledge. You can travel far. It gives you an idea of how we can travel by thought, great distances.

But when you see these other countries, when you see their struggle, do you concentrate on that area, see it bathed in light? And try to bring it out of the darkness? If the rest of the world did, instead of feeling sad, or feeling that it will never change, thinking negatively. How can you help if you view it with sadness? You should take a positive attitude. Force your thoughts upon whichever area that you feel is most needful at the moment, and build and build and build light and purity. Some of it will percolate. Even if it is only a little, it will not be wasted. Every bit of light is necessary at these times, every single beam is so important. I do say this in all sincerity. It is most important. We have been deliberating, should we reveal? We have talked it over and over. We do not want to frighten you. But if mankind does not heed, he has the power in his hands today to destroy his brethren, and I am not talking about bombs, hydrogen bombs, I am talking about germ warfare. Now you know you have wind, and you have rain and snow, you know what is in one country is in yours the following day, or whatever, depending on how fast the wind is blowing or the currents are flowing. You know that what South America has, you can have.

It is a very sad thing when mankind can plan to destroy. But they are very foolish, because when they plan to plant illness upon another nation, they do not think that it can turn around and strike them in turn. Some men have minds so evil, so full of the longing for power, that they will use any means to destroy. I cannot understand, and the hierarchy cannot understand why they cannot think and see, if they use these means that they will destroy themselves, and whom will they have to rule over if they destroy mankind, and set the world back for millions of years? They cannot destroy life. They can destroy your body, but they cannot destroy your spirit. I say to you, that time is immaterial. In our world we do not use it. Even if your planet did succumb, it would not matter in the long view, because we can wait. Civilization could begin again, but what a waste. This world, this planet, is here as a challenge, as a school for humanity. When it is here, you have every opportunity to learn, to overcome your failings, to become stronger. It can be done in the heavens, but it takes a longer time. You see in the spirit world there are many many stages as you know, and many are content to malinger in the lower stages, in the areas near the earth, not caring to move forward. These are the people who have to return, close to the earth and for some way inward and lower.

So you see, even if the world did succumb, you would still have your opportunity, you would still have your free will, you would still be able to waste your time, you would still be able to have pleasure only and not give a thought to mankind in general, to live in your own little spot, to be content.

Man does not realize that if he expanded his view, his vision, and look around and spent some time thinking about others, he would have less time to think about himself. This is something that many people need to know. So many have troubles, so many are ill, because they dwell on their problems. If they could lift their vision, view the world in general, see what is needed, and begin to build. If you did it seriously, seeing the problems as they truly are, then you would forget self.

It is the same when you help another, when you are so concerned for another’s problems, when another is ill or is in need of you in some way, then you forget yourself, and your troubles are as nothing for the time being. You are spending your time on another.

When you come to our world, you look back and you say, “What a waste!”, truly, because you see where you have transgressed, wasted your talents, wasted your days. Every soul on this earth has something to offer. So many think, “What can I do? I am nothing. I can’t do anything.” That is not true. You can hold someone’s hand. You can smile, and listen. This listening is very necessary. It may bore you to tears. You may feel you could be better employed. But you know, listening is a great art. It can build. Think of the people who are sick. They need comfort. They feel engulfed by whatever is their present trouble. They talk to you and it pours out, and if you try to speak, no-one hears. But you are building, because you are being kind to that person. It is healing. It is healing balm to the person who needs your shoulder at that moment. You may not be gifted, you think, but you are gifted. You can do many many things. All that is needed is to think. When you think, you will see that around you there are lonely people. My, my! If only you knew the people that come back to our Maiden, people she had known in the years gone by in different areas where she dwelt. They have come back to say hello, and to thank her for being kind. She would say, “But I didn’t do anything.” “Oh, yes you did. You were always pleasant. Always took time to say hello.”

You may think it is nothing, but you see to a lonely person that is wonderful. To remember it in the spirit world and to come back and thank someone, shows you it was a very necessary hello, or whatever the few words were. Don’t you see, it is not in great endeavour only, that you grow? It is in every little thing. They are so important. After all, every day you have your challenge and every day you meet people of some kind. It they are not in your home, and you leave, I know that people will snub you, and look at you as if you were a piece of earth. But don’t worry! That is just a person who is feeling ill-humoured or unhappy. How do you know that later they may remember? They may remember you and be sorry for their gruffness. So many are so alone. If you knew how many people call our Maiden and say they are so lonely. They call her and you know it is so sad. But I do know too that some of these people could have friends if they made the effort. So it begins around you, it begins in your everyday life. It expands and grows until you are fully prepared to offer yourself. Many of you are shy and are afraid. But remember, many others are too. So you see, it is in the every day living, in your every moment, and as you become more giving people, then the area will expand, then you will see others. You will not do it in two minutes. It is when you are worthy being that you will see the whole world as your backyard. You see the world as a small place, peopled with men, women and children, just like yourselves, and they, just like you, are having the same struggles.

You know you have not always lived in this country. In other lives you have been in other parts of the world So do not look at others who are coloured as the enemy. Remember you have been coloured at times, and thought that you were the better, and others were not so nice. You were on the other side of the fence then, remember. Never never put another down. You do not know who you have been.

Now we are seeing the world as a small area, and we are seeing all the people. Now the brothers who are in Africa, the families in Africa, are struggling. Many of you understand that struggle. It will proceed. It will go on and on until they come forward into the western type of learning. Many of you will say, “Why do we need this?” Many people’s minds are turning backward today, longing for a more rural experience. They are tired of the rushing and the hurly-burly. Well the reason is, man has a mind and a brain, and the brain holds many many compartments. Now there are some men who have greater minds than others, and their compartments are filled with great great plans. They bring these plans forth and they progress. But your brother in Africa and India, and other parts that are held back, he wonders why he cannot have these plans too. He wants them, but he cannot have them, because he is not yet ready. It is just the same as when you are born, and you have to learn and learn, and grow, before you can accept the greater knowledge.

Why is it that some men are lesser? The reason is that man is forever returning to earth to learn, if he has not yet succeeded in growing to the point where he can remain in the heavens, and according to his need, that is where he will be placed, whatever is most important to that individual. That is why you have inequality. That is why some have and some have not. But the world has ever been thus, those who are the lesser and the greater. As you know, great nations have risen and fallen, risen and fallen, and it will happen again and again, if the world survives. I am not trying to be a person who makes you worry. I am not. But I want you to face the facts of life. Many fear the bombs, but your fear should be germ warfare. What then your brother in Africa, or India? What then his challenge? What about you? Is all of this to be wasted? The struggles, the joys, the leaping forward, the great achievements, the discoveries?

Now these minds that discover. As I have told you before, time is immaterial. All is known. It just needs to be plucked and given to you. That is why mankind must travel upward, why he must enter into the age of technology, because as you advance in the heavens, you are given greater knowledge as you have the mind to assimilate it, great things are revealed, wonderful things are given to those who have the mind to comprehend. Sometimes there are those in countries that are limited, and when they come to the spirit world they discover that they have such a mind, and it is trained and trained, sent back, and one day it is one of those minds that shoot the world forward in progression. Many of you think these things happen haphazardly, but nothing is left to chance. When you are ready you will receive.

When you know that oil is found, in your world, you will know how old the world is. You will know how long it takes for that oil to form, and become as it is. If you do not know, study the facts and you will find out. The oil that drives the world today did not become oil in five minutes. You will not become an angel in five minutes, or five years, or five thousand years. You will be, if you are good, progressing in that time and you will be, if you are five thousand years in the heavens, you will be realizing what a difficult thing it is to be perfect, as the Father is. So why worry about your perfection in every day living? Forget what you are aiming for, and live so that you will grow. Forget self. Many people think, “Oh, I am growing. I am doing this and that. I am meditating. I am lying on a bed of nails, I am on a mountain top, I am praying for mankind.” These are ideal forms. But it would be better if he got off his bed of nails, and worked for his fellow man. The one on the mountain, in his case he would be better if he left. If he feels he wants to help mankind, he would be better if he would descend and mingle, and give his message.

You would be better if you meditated some, and gave mostly. Meditation is a good exercise. It helps you to realize that there are forces around you. It helps you to feel close to that font of power. But after your meditation when you are feeling at peace, give.

How many of you, when you are travelling around on your daily lives, find someone who wishes to speak to you, someone unexpectedly will approach you? Sometimes you do not meet anyone. But some days you do. Some days your whole life changes. You meet someone, and lo! What a change comes over you. This being has something to offer, and you receive it because you are ready, and you expand and grow.

You can be that being who can bring a glow of warmth, a glow of satisfaction. Remember your mind is linked to the universal mind, and you can receive when you are still and when you are at peace, you can receive knowledge. Your brain can receive. If you knew the power that is within your brain you would be amazed. But one day you will know and you will be happy. One day you will view the whole of creation and you will say, “How small I am”, and you will feel humble. This is why we who have travelled along the road a little way feel humble, because we have so much revealed to us, and then we see how much more we have to learn. How small, but how wonderful, that we are partakers, that we are able to be part of that great whole. Do not see yourself as a puppet dancing on a string, but rather see yourself as part of a great wheel, the wheel that is turning, ever moving, ever growing, exploring, learning, viewing, and at the centre is the universal mind spreading knowledge. The universal mind spreads out and over all, and no-one is denied. Many people cry out and say, “Why God, have you left me?” But God has not left anyone. Never ever has God left anyone. If you are in need, and it is your struggle, you will still receive.

Many times we think over the problems that are before us. We see how many are labouring for those who need aid. We see the great labour force that is upon your planet, and in the spirit realms, and we say, “If mankind only realized how much he is beloved.” If you could see the great efforts that are spread out all over your planet, in every small area. I am not delving upon the point that people who are evil, really evil, what spirit would stay around? But if they cry out for help and change, of course it comes. But we are talking about the average man, the average being who is good, makes mistakes, picks himself up and begins again.

Sometimes you rail against disaster, or problems of whatever it is, and you are angry. But when you view it from the after-life, you will see it was very necessary for you, to endure at that point of your life. Why is there such inequality? Why is it? Some say, “Such a good lady/man/child, and how they suffer.” But you do not see behind the problems. Some spirits ask to return. Some are so anxious to grow, and they say, “Please, please, I want to return. I want to take up the heavy burden.” We remonstrate and say, “But you do not know what you are saying, because when you return you will forget this life, and you may fail yourself.” “Oh, no! We will not.” But many do. Many don’t, it just depends.

Now we do not send the person back to suffer. We do not say, “Go back and suffer.” We talk it over. We spend much time in deliberation. We point out every avenue, until they realize and understand, and then. No soul is ever given that which he cannot endure. Many of you know this, you think, “I cannot. I could not.” But you can and you do. You find that you have power within yourself that you did not recognize, you find that you can attack whatever problem it is that has assailed you and you overcome it and you feel stronger. You were not denied. No-one is denied. You had aid. See yourself as a weaver, and you’re weaving a tapestry and your stitches are your daily struggles. Would you like your tapestry to be beautiful and full of colour, or do you want it to be grey or brown? With little sparks of colour? Or do you want it to be beautiful in blue, and gold? Or do you want it to be purple, green, blue? It depends upon you. When you realized that you are tapping the universal mind, that you are a child of God, or the universal Love, however you see the great Consciousness, it does not matter. But I hope you are not seeing the great Force as a personal deity, holding Father to yourself. The Great Force of life is everywhere. That is why we who are aware, who see your world and see the dilemma it is in at the present time, that is why we want you to use your mind which is also capable of encompassing the universe, and I want you to struggle and point your minds to those scientists who would cast your world into darkness, and see within your minds that they realize that they have the power to destroy, and see them building and casting away darkness, and light coming forth.

You see these people have brains and minds, we have both, and they are using them wrongly. But you individually have power too. Put your power to work. Join with all other thoughts, and join with us, because we are engaged in a struggle, so strong this struggle is, to aid you. Those of us who understand and have great knowledge, who know at what point exactly these men have arrived, and who understand it, those men of light are struggling to change their minds. So join them and add your power which is greater than you realize. The power of the mind has great power. You do not recognize your potential. Attempt it and help your planet.

These are the thoughts that will help you rise up, the thoughts to help, to raise up, to enlighten, not the thoughts that are on self. Forget self. Expand your vision to the whole of humanity. They are part of the human race, and the Great Force of Life loves them too. Love is in India too, and I would say greatly. Think how some of those people do live. Do you think that they are forgotten? Never. It may seem to you that the struggles last forever, and they do. But the thing is they move around. The map of the world is forever changing. Countries change their boundaries and men engulf men. In man’s struggles against the heel of the oppressor, and you think never will it end, but it does. But you see your life on this planet is limited. You may think when you are very young that it will go on and on and on. But even when you are very young you realize that life moves quickly. The days do fly by. You are here to enhance your life, to lift yourself up, to pull yourself up, so that when you enter our world, you will be glad to hear the words from your guardian, “Well done.” How sad to have to hang your head, when you see yourself making the excuses of weakness. You are not weak. Many people see themselves as so useless, and wanting. Whoever it is, if he has all his brainpower, has the means of aiding him/herself. No man should hurt himself. Think of it. There you are, and you have a body, and within your body is your spirit and your soul. You think of you and your body. This is what concerns you most, feeding it, nourishing it, whatever way you wish. But you also have your soul. Your soul has the imprint upon it of all your lives. What is the imprint of this life to be? You are concerned with clothing and feeding. But your soul has the most need. Each day offer yourself anew to the Great Force of Life, to the Great Love, the Great Perfection. “I am part of Thee, I am Thine. Thy will be done.” It is an old saying. It has been heard many times. But how many people can offer themselves wholeheartedly. If you way, “Thy will be done”, think of it. You may meet that day someone who needs you very much. You may find out that your day will be changed, that the Father’s will is in operation and you find it a challenge, and you wish you had not uttered the words, because our thoughts are answered very often. Not always do we relish the result. So when you offer yourself, remember that if you wish the Father’s will to be done, it could very well happen. But try it and see.

Many of you think this is a far-off land, you are removed from much of the other part, but you are not. Thought travels so fast. Thought can encircle this room, can go beyond its bounds, it can go far beyond. You think, and you think it is around about you, but if you were very sensitive, you would that you were picking up other people’s thoughts. If you had great sensitivity you would know when people were thinking about you, and you would see their body, face, head in your mind. This would make you realize the power of thought. The next time you are depressed and down, remember your thoughts are going out. The next time you are happy, think how much you are spreading your happiness around. You have power beyond your understanding. This is what I want you to realize. This is what I am hoping for today, that you will see your mind as a great power, a pulsating, alive, powerful thing. See it like a radio station and the rays spreading out, and your brain, light or darkness, whatever you wish to go forth from you. Remember you are a powerful being. You may think you are nothing, but you are powerful. You have power. You have power to destroy yourself. You have power to help yourself. Think of the times when you were depressed, and how tired you were, how weary, how you wanted to lie down, bury your head, and how you wanted to disappear. But those thoughts were going from you and they were affecting others. But when you came out of those feelings, you thought how terrible, and you realized. But you did not realize the effect that you had upon the universe, on your atmosphere. So be careful the next time you are doing what you are doing. Maybe that will help you to help yourself, and keep you from being ill. The mind has such power, it can make you ill. It can lift you up; it can spread out. Your thoughts can travel miles, depending on the individual of course. But some have the ability to send their thoughts a great distance. They do not know it, but it is because they have clarity of vision.

So remember in every day of your life, that you are God in miniature, walking this planet, with a mind that is pulsating with life and power, that you are a radio station, and remember it depends upon you, what signals you give out. So my children, my brethren, I hope I have not bored you today with this, but I feel it is most important for you to understand.

We have talked about many things in the past. We have covered many avenues. But I think that today you have been made aware that you are not merely a grain upon the sands of time. But you are a soul and that you have responsibilities. This could be your last struggle upon this earth. I hope so. I hope you will join us later, and be warriors of love, warriors going into the fields of endeavour to help those who are God’s children, and who are blinded by selfishness.

I know some of you will not return to this earth. I know that some of you are already helping in the heavens. You do not remember. It is important. If you remembered you would not wish to return here every day. When you are in light, it’s so beautiful that it is so difficult to come back here. But you can make your path even, if you have a burden, you can make your pathway easier, you can scatter it with rays of light instead of boulders or stones. Many of you build your own boulders and place them in front of you and you cannot get around them. But you would, there is not a boulder that is as powerful as your mind. Remember. No boulder that you cannot break down. Never.

With this thought I will leave you, offering you my love and the love of all here present. Our thoughts go out to each one of you. You do not understand how, but we can. We can reach out to you and bless you and give you courage. The power of the Father is within us, for in our realm it shines and we feel it.

In our realms we feel the power around us, which leaves us in no doubt that there are greater forces above. You actually feel it. You could in this earth feel it too, in your own area. You could be bathed in the light, in the love of the Father. So individually join the whole with me, and offer ourselves to the Great Perfection, the Great Love. We offer Thee our endeavour. We offer Thee it in love and devotion. We are Thy servants.”

You have received. You know that in this small area that a great love abounds. You feel it. You are indeed blessed.

Good-day my friends.


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