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~*Teaching #8*~

Good afternoon my friends. I would like to talk today about vision and the delivery. I know that you often try to recount to one another your feelings, your leanings, your desires and whatever you feel strongly. You try to give it in your own words, and often they fail you. Now if you could have the words to explain everything you would be fine, but there is not a word in the whole universe that can express beauty. There are many who have tried, the poets have tried, and many do wonderfully. Many try to express beauty in song and music. All the gifts that you have, man tries to express beauty or feeling, whatever is within, trying to give it to others, as he sees it. Visualize, if you can, a scene that we often see in the heavens ourselves, newcomers being directed to a music centre in their own plane of being. At first they are very timid because everything is so new, and they are afraid they may be making the wrong moves. But usually those supervising are very kind and approach newcomers and welcome them, and of course read them, and know their desires.

Now we have this ability, for those of us who are higher can read those who are on the lower strata, and we can read their thoughts and aspirations, and we do it kindly. We never criticize, in case you think we are being curious, never. This is very useful because we can see at once the ability of the person. So he/she is placed with the right teacher, if that is their desire, to know more of music. Now in our realms, the closer you are to the earth, the music is similar. As you make inroads spiritually, the music changes, changes with the growth of spirit. Now you all know how you all differ when it comes to music appreciation. People are similarly divided in the heavens. But there is every kind of music for everyone. Now you know that our spirit bodies are similar to our earth bodies, but we are different in that we have no need of the inward organs. We have the skeleton to hold us up. We have bones, nails, hair, and everything solid as you are. Our bodies are more solid than yours. But we do not have need of lungs. So we do not have the instruments that need to be blown into. Now this leaves a great gap in many peoples view, when they arrive. But there is a way that people can use these instruments, when they are more advanced. They create a bag of air, and it is placed within their instrument. This way they can use it. It is not difficult when you have command of your own thinking and the elements. But you can see the difficulty for those who are closer to the earth, when they cannot blow into an instrument. It leaves them rather unhappy. But there are always those who create the sounds and music, and they can help them out. Usually everyone is happy eventually. Now as you know you have had many composers upon the earth, and they see the sounds in colour, and hear them in their minds.

If you could see music you would see the colour rising from it, and you yourselves have colour in your auras. There is much colour in your realm, colour around the flowers, and colour around the trees. It is their auric colour. So with music too. When it rises in splendour in our realms, it takes on greater shapes, and heights, and colour, and then it rains upon the populace who are listening, tiny flakes of power, and they receive it, and not only have you heard it, but you received its vibration. As we have told you, nothing is wasted. All is so organized, even to the music. When it rises up in beauty and colour, it takes on wonderful shapes from the music, and when it rains upon you in tiny diamonds of light, it rains all over who have been listening. They feel so wonderful. The music has descended upon them. Would it were in your world that it could so be. You hear it, and the sound reaches you, the colours rise, but they do not come around you in such beauty.

These are some of the delights that are awaiting you separately. Now I cannot show you this, and I cannot tell you this truly, the splendours of colour and how they spread out. You can imagine in your mind, blue, pink, green, gold, yellow, purple, violet, all the colours, and you can visualize music, and how it can rise and fall. Some notes have greater power to make the colour rise up high in the atmosphere. Other notes will cause the same effect. Then they will spread out and rise up high in the atmosphere. Other notes will cause the same effect. Then they will spread out and rise and spread and rise, the colours intermingling. As you know, your aura is coloured, but not on everyone. Sometimes it is dull, grey and brown, according to their inward being. But when the person has a beautiful soul and is feeling good, it is vibrant with colour. When you pass over, you take your aura with you because it is attached to your spirit. There you are in the spirit world, a spirit with your aura again. As usual it is not seen so clearly, except to those with the vision. Those who have vision on the earth retain it in the heavens, and they can see you and read you.

So whatever your pursuit in the heavens, whatever you wish to learn, there are many many things to take your interest, you can never be bored, never. If you have an interest on the earth, and it can be applied in our world, it will be there. Some people think, “My mind, what will I do with it when I arrive there? All this floating around in bliss.” Your minds here are numb compared to the ability your minds will have in our world. You can retain much much more, more clearly. If you wish for something it will come to you quickly. You have clarity of vision, clarity of mind. Your vision will surpass your vision on earth, even at its best. So it will be with the colours you see. Your eyes will be able to take up more colours too, because now your eyes do not see all the spectrum of colour or light. So in our world we have many many more colours, and they will enchant you. But you see here again, I cannot explain it to you.

It is so difficult to explain spirit robes, because sometimes they are a mixture of colours. How do you explain a flower that is perhaps a mixture of colours also, but in harmony? How can you explain that the flowers will give you their essence and their music? How can I explain that to you? You can hear music, you can see colour, you can feel love from another. Well, think of those you love, and how you feel when you embrace them, the feeling of tenderness and beauty. The flower will give you such a feeling. Gentle sound will come from it. You will feel so much stronger for being there amongst the flowers. In our realms every thing has its essence, its power, everything. Everything gives it to us. We do not breathe as you do. The air, the essence that is around us, the love of the Father that is there, that is our substance, that gives us life. The trees, the grass, the water, everything has its essence and gives it abundantly.

Now in your world you visit beautiful places, and you have your camera and you photograph it. Then again later you look at the beautiful scene, and it gives you pleasure. But had you not had the photograph you could not explain it adequately to your friends, family. You see what I mean? It is so impossible to give with words what you mean. Many have the words inside, but they cannot express them. Many times we have had people try to express their feeling and they give up. But as we can see them, we know how they feel and what they are trying to say. As you become more sensitive spiritually, you become more aware of the feelings of others, and you will be able to sense them, and you will be able more to attune, and give your best to them as you sense their needs.

As this time of the year many people send out loving thoughts to others they have not seen, across the sea, across mountains, across deserts, all over the world go speeding the good thoughts. But you know that if you love someone it is not only at this season that you think of them. But at Christmas you want everyone to know that you love them, it is that time. That is good. That part of Christmas is very good, the exchanging of love. But there are parts of it I abhor. It blights your planet, for where Christians dwell, at this time of the year there will be much debauchery. They have no idea, nor do they think once that it is a time of loving and sharing. It is a time to give them another opportunity to fulfil their desires. This gives from your planet a heavy heavy feeling. We do not care for it. We do not like to see it. That is why we need everyone of you to give up your own vibration, to give your light. When you see the people and know what is going on I am sure you do not think it is rising into the atmosphere. As I told you when last we met, your thoughts are very potent. So are the thoughts of those who are lost in drinking, and revelling in a lowly manner. We wish people to be happy, but one can be happy in a manner that does not hurt others, or oneself.

Everything in moderation in a healthy way. But you know there are others who harm you and harm this planet, because they cannot control their excesses. Think of the vibrations leaving, and you send out your light and your power, for we need you at such a time of the year. Could you see it you would understand what I am saying. When you have eyes of the spirit to see your thoughts, the thoughts of the planet rising, emanating from it, see the pockets of blackness, the pockets of light, Christmas is not a good time, I am afraid, but you who know, and all the loving souls can help. We are always thankful to those who are kindly and understanding and who help your world at this time.

These are matters that I bring to you, they are things that are important to you and to your world, your world that is ever struggling towards happiness, and harmony, everyone wishing to dwell in harmony. Would it were that these Christmas feelings would last forever.

It is not just the giving, but the feelings, the desires to give, the “what can I do for another?” feeling. I know many get very worried because there is so much to give, and not enough money. I would advise you not to worry. I would advise you to give within your own means, and not put yourself in debt. Because when it is given in love, what more could be better than that, what more? When a gift is given in love, no matter if it be very tiny, when it is with love, it is a beautiful gift. Never judge by the size, or how expensive. If the person thought of you, you especially, and what could be good for you, nice for you, what would give you pleasure, I know that all people do not have the same ideas, all do not see items in the same way, and sometimes we get gifts that we do not care for, but never mind, it is the thought, the love that is expressed. Many are so shy. Many are so afraid to express their emotions. They say, “This is for you. Just a little something.” They are afraid to give it. I have seen it many times. But in reality they hope that you like it. But they are shy, afraid. Most of you are. Many put out the front, the personality. You know it. But you are afraid in this world to be yourself. We have discussed this before, how when you develop in the heavens, how you lose your personality, and you reveal your individuality. The real you is hiding behind the mask, the real you that you are afraid to show to the world.

I don’t know how many of you have travelled to parts of the world where there are native peoples who are simple in their ways. I am sure some of you have, and have seen the sweet simplicity in what they give you, how they approach you, the smile that is childlike almost, not sophisticated. They are not living in a world of fear, fear of others. Fear is such a potent force in your world, not only fear of other countries, but fear of higher beings, those in power, fear of family, fear of friends, fear is everywhere.

Fear is another emotion that emanates from your world strongly. You see it every place, everywhere you are. You see it in your children, in yourself, in all others. Fear takes over so often. You are afraid to be yourself. It starts in childhood. Everyone wants to be in the same mould, the same little box. But of course you cannot. You are each an individual. So why not be you?

I know it is shyness. But how much happiness could you not give, if you were able to make yourself visible before others? In our realms we are unafraid. Everyone sees us as we are. It is wonderful not to worry if you are saying the right thing, or doing the right thing. No-one will criticize you. Everyone can be him/herself.

So at this time of the year when you are giving and loving let the veil drop at times to see how it feels. Let the veil drop with those you love. Even with loved ones there is a shyness. Everyone knows that they are an oasis themselves. Each and every one of you know that individually you are an island, an oasis in the desert. You are an unknown quantity to others. How many of you, I would say none, has revealed him/herself absolutely? None. In every individual there are the hidden thoughts that never reach the surface, the hidden views. Many times you have been about to say something and you draw back, and you don’t say it. Sometimes it is wise to hold your peace. Sometimes afterwards you think perhaps I should have said that. You are afraid to express yourself. We are thankful that in time you will not be afraid, and that in time you will be your true self. Most of you here have been coming for some time, and you have seen each other, and now you know that so and so comes regularly. Today perhaps you will speak for the first time. Now that you share knowledge together, now that you are one within this knowledge you are one in thought, not absolutely agreeing with every word, or seeing it in the way that every other sees it, but basically the knowledge you have is shared, that you are spirit. So you are one, part of the whole. Everything that is shared brings you all together. It is a potent thought, it is a force. Think of yourselves as this force and how your force can light up the world, that it can be a patch of light emanating, giving us in the spirit realms hope. Even when we see one flicker we are happy. We think, “Another.” So many come to us so dark. When we see lights flicker where there was darkness we rejoice. Yes, for one! For one will touch another, another and another.

So do not be afraid, when the person is aware and ready, to give your views and knowledge, for that person will be another one, and then there will be another and another. Then you will have helped another soul to have knowledge, to have freed him, to have given him an opportunity to understand himself. When you have knowledge the freedom begins. The binding thoughts that held you when you were a child, and when you grow up the thoughts that held you in fear and oppression, to be able to cast them aside, to know that you are an individual, and that you are responsible for yourself, that no man or woman can lift you up. You, only you can do it. We can give you the words, the knowledge. You must act. But once you have the freedom, oh, how joyous! The chains of theology dogma and creed can be cast aside and life seen as a challenge, that you have accepted before you came, a challenge that can bring you many many things, joy, happiness, disaster, tears, whatever. One knows before one comes, but one forgets. It is better that it is so. But there is always joy. No matter how harsh the life, there is always somewhere the joy and happiness. It is never so dark that somewhere there is not a glimmer. It can be from the love of a friend, or companion, or child, or an unknown. You can be touched when you are in darkness, and instantly you know that help is there. Sometimes one word will plant the seed that will crush the rock.

I mean that literally, because sometimes the knowledge is so stupendous, so wonderful, that it changes the whole life, and when one looks at like, knowing that you are here, that it is your challenge, that you can do it, because nothing is every given the soul without the strength to bear it. Every soul has enough strength to surmount the difficulty, and face it with equanimity, truly, you have seen people do it. You have seen others do it, you can do it. There is no pit that you cannot climb out of, no darkness that you cannot surmount and find the light. It depends on yourself. You have the knowledge. You have the means to uplift yourself. You know. This is your responsibility, your knowing. We long that all had this truth, that you are spirit, that you never die, never, that you cannot destroy the spirit. You have had many experiences in many lives, and in those experiences you lived life as you are living now, differently of course, but living it.

Think of it. I hope that everyone here will not have to return to this planet. I hope that this is your last life here, that you can go on and on, in our realms, going forward into greater and even greater beauty and knowledge. For as you progress, the more is revealed to you. As you progress you eyes are opened wider, and you behold the power of Perfection, of the Great Force of Love. You are spellbound. Many we have seen who have stood, and wept and wept and wept, but they are tears of happiness. When each individual climbs and goes forward, oh, the happiness, the joy, the revelation, the meeting of new companions. You can have the same teachers for they are always higher. The meeting of new companions, the new area, the new beauty, new knowledge, finer vibrations, a more radiant you, a more beautiful you. I know that each and every one of you longs to be in such realms, the realms of light. Well it is your life. You make sure that you do. The greater light the better. You can reach it here on earth, you do not have to wait. In this world which is the heavier, you can make great inroads. It is the greater challenge, and you can do it more swiftly here. Many souls elect to return because of this. They know they have to learn a certain lesson, and they elect to come back. Sometimes it is a very little one, but they elect to come back here. They know they can do it much more speedily. They say they will do it much more quickly on earth. But they forget they have the challenge of the life again, and it is not always so beautiful here. But we always try to give such souls the correct home life where they will be given love and understanding, and where they will most likely learn, so that they can return swiftly.

Now I have talked long enough on this your party day. So I give you my love, the love of all of us who are here, our friendship is yours always. We shall always be your friends, individually your friends. We care for humanity or we would not be here. We have made it our work for a period of time. It is love that has impelled me and those around to visit you and give our knowledge. It is love.
So with love we depart until we meet again on the 7th of January. So from us all, a joyous holiday, and a most adventurous New Year.

Adventurous - all the small adventures, the joys, the happiness, the other little things too, the challenges, of new doings, the going out and trying. Make it a very adventurous year. Do things you have never done before. Spread your wings and look towards your fellow man.

The love of the Father who is all Love, who is Perfection, is with you.