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Teaching #7

Good afternoon, my friends. I am very happy to be with you once again. This afternoon I know, for those of you who were here last time, there must be some question in your mind, so I am prepared to give you the answers, but not at once. I am going to go into a problem that will unfold itself before Thee.

As you are aware, many many people on this earth are searching and seeking in this day and age. There have been many revelations, not all pure, but nevertheless because of a great need and a desire in so many minds, many are developing, but as you are aware, everyone is not at the same stage of spirituality. So according to their inner light so will their gift be. Those who bring forth phenomena of a psychic type are on the lower scale, I mean those who bend nails and make things move, they believe with the mind. But because of their ignorance and not understanding, they do not realize that it is the spirit working, someone using the power that emanates from them, not themselves, nor their minds, but the psychic ability that is theirs. It takes strong psychic power to move an object, but it is a spirit who will do the moving. If you could see this done you would be amazed. It takes much effort and many spirit minds. Our minds are so far beyond yours in development, especially as we go forward upon this stage of spirituality, then much is revealed to us. But those of us who are beyond, we are those who guide the lower developed spirit. There is always one who is higher, who is in control of those who are lower. This is how it is, everything greatly organized. Now there are diversities of this, and there are some who are able to discern spirits, whose who hear the spirits and those who go into trance. In each and every individual it will depend on his spiritual growth. I do beg you to consider this. Though you may hear that many have great ability, always, I must say always, use your reasoning power. We do not care for blind faith. You can be deluded, for some enter into this field purely to make money. If that is their aim they will not have evolved beings with them. Always in attendance upon anyone who is psychic will be those who are able, but only able insomuch as the person they are dealing with. You cannot be a bright being with a lowly vibration. It is enough that we have to lower our vibrations to be here. That is a great enough difficulty, without having to be around a lower being. So like is attracted to like. So in every instance, use your reasoning. Be careful and you will not be hurt.

We who are on the higher levels are fully aware of everything that is going on so to speak, on your earth plane. The hierarchy arrange that those close to them shall pass the news down to others who are just close enough and so on down. This way everything is known. Those on the top of the ladder organizing those at the bottom of the ladder, at every level. So we are absolutely aware through the spirits in attendance what is going on.

Now the hierarchy are fully aware of this maiden, and they are fully aware of everyone who serves the Father, and they deal with this individual individually. They are aware who is around, they are aware who is around on another level, and so on, till there is direct communication. We are able from this level to communicate with the higher beings if it is necessary. Our thoughts can penetrate and travel many miles in your reckoning, and the answers can come back to us similarly. So we are never never alone, never cut off from the source. So it is with each one of you, with your guardian spirit. He/she is not cut off from the source either, but can have direct communication, and ask for aid at any time, or knowledge.

If we are in need we simply quieten the mind and send forth our thought, and in due course will come the answer. Now if the being to whom we sent the thought cannot be available to us at that moment, we will be told. Then perhaps whatever we desire will be put to another, until our desires are realized. It always works, not the same as at your level where there is so much red tape, but with us such organization as you would not believe.

Now we have been lately aware of another being upon this earth who is serving. We are aware of this because our Maiden did read, and we were rather disturbed at some of the utterance coming forth, coming forth in trance. While we realize there is a spirit in attendance, and you would think that the spirit would have complete control, but if the mind of the person entranced is not deeply entranced, then the mind can interfere and utter their own thinking.

In this instance this person did say that abortion is fine because the spirit did not enter the body of the embryo for some time. This is a fallacy. You see it was a maiden who was enquiring if she should abort, and she was told it was alright to abort because there was not a spirit within the embryo. This is a grave fallacy because the spirit comes almost at the moment of conception. Now we do not say that there should never be abortion, for if the mother is in danger and she could die and leave other little ones, then we would say that this is a lesser evil. But if a being wishes to abort for selfish reasons, and they do again and again, this to our minds is akin to murder. It always depends upon the motive. Now to our mind for this to come forth and to be in a book for others to read, this will cause irreparable damage, because others will read and they will believe. They will think it is the source, the spirit speaking, and not realize that the mind of the medium has interfered. From this mind, also from this medium, came forth that it was alright to smoke eight to ten cigarettes per day. Well to our mind this is wrong too, because for many people to smoke so many would be very hazardous to their body. In this world you live upon with so much pollution, your lungs have enough burden to deal with without smoking. But to smoke so many more would be injurious to the body. By this you see that not everything that comes forth in trance is absolutely, one hundred percent accurate. Now you see why I say, do reason. Always put your mind to what you are thinking. Think, do not be gullible. The maiden who was told that it will be alright to abort, will not be in such difficulty as she normally would be, because of this that was given to her. Everything is taken into consideration. In every life, no matter what it is you go through, there is always what is round about you, what you have endured, depending upon the other people around you and how they treat you, and the way you react. Everything is taken into consideration; nothing is dealt with at face value.

When you are living your day to day life, and now that you are aware that your every thought, your every action is important to your spiritual development. This awareness is with you at times, at other times it slips your memory. But when you are aware, you are careful, at least you try. It is so difficult to be objective, but at least you try. It is so difficult to be objective, but at least you have the knowledge, and this is a wondrous gift, because though at times you say to yourselves, “Dear, dear! This is so difficult”, but nevertheless it is to your benefit. You are aware that you are spirit, and you are aware that this vehicle the body, is only yours for this lifetime, and you know that you will never die. You should, therefore, be unafraid. Fear should not take lodgement within your being. For do you realize that you have all eternity, all eternity to strive to get nearer and nearer to the great force of life, to love and purity? The mistakes that you make, view them as experience and strive to become stronger, and not repeat your mistake. But do not condemn Thyself too much. Love Thyself. Do not condemn, but realize that you have opportunity. That you have a day after day. I do not mean take it lightly, of course, but I do wish you would not condemn yourself and become depressed. So many see themselves very very lowly indeed. But do not. You are here because you have made mistakes in previous lives. You are here to overcome, you have had another opportunity. Is this not love in action, pure love? You are not condemned to darkness, you are not condemned for eternity, you are having another opportunity to realize that you can overcome, because you are linked to the Father, and He is within Thee. In each, you know, you are aware that you are linked to Him. Always realize this, do not forget. You are inclined to forget in the day-to-day struggles. When you are downcast, when someone is ill, when you are lonely, when you are weary, when someone abuses you, when someone tries you, always realize that Thou art God in miniature. Let the God within Thee strengthen Thee, to give Thee strength to come forth. This is why I say, never never let fear enter Thy being, knowing that Thou art God in miniature. Did not He send you forth? “Go forth, my child, go forth. Always I will be with Thee. I will never desert Thee, never, never.” When you are in difficulty, do not cry out, “Why am I suffering? God, why do You do this to me?” Never, never. The Father loveth Thee. Before you entered this life, you were very aware of everything you would endure, and you agreed. Always remember this, you agreed. You were not sent forth without strength, because you have this strength within you to overcome all. No-one is given a burden that they cannot endure. Look back upon your lives, and see how you have overcome time and time again. When you were downcast and you thought that everything was upon your shoulders, that yours was the greatest burden in the world, you overcame it, and when you emerged you found that you were stronger because you have overcome. The battle had been won. You have won many battles, you will win many more. See yourselves as warriors, warriors of love, not anger or hate, but a warrior doing battle with Thyself. It is true that we do. It may be smaller, but it may be stronger than we are, we think. “I can never do this! I cannot.” Why do you let these things master you? Why do you allow it? You are the master of your own fate. Your ship is upon the roughness or the smooth ocean. Every time a difficulty faces you, it is your individual challenge. Then depending upon how you look at life will be your reaction. We are individual, we shall always be individual. Never shall we lose our individuality. So when you, an individual self enter our realms, are you going to enter with happiness, having conquered self? Or are you going to enter still complaining that you cannot? When you are aware that the Father, the force of life, the great consciousness, love, purity, perfection, is within Thee, why let Thyself be overcome, and the light of the Father dimmed? Your light can shine forth with a great glow, I assure you. You too can become as the Nazarene. It is not denied to any individual soul, to progress. Every individual soul can climb and climb. The Nazarene is not the highest entity. You can go beyond and beyond. It is your birthright. Always remember this. Do not cry out, demeaning Thyself. Say, “I am Thine, Thy will be done.” Do attempt it. “Thy will be done.”

In many life times, man over and over again has the opportunity to draw closer to the source of light. Many great souls have been upon this earth. However dim their knowledge, if their soul was set free because of a deep love within, they would win. There are many good souls upon this earth, yet they do not have the knowledge that you do, and they struggle forward with difficulty, believing they must atone and atone. How many prostrate themselves before the Father, and plead and plead. How many in so many differing religions, beliefs, believe they have to deny themselves, hurt the body be celibate. No, this is not the way to the Father. The Father is love. He wishes all love, that you be happy, that you have beauty, that you have the comforts of life, but of course comforts in moderation. Some people desire too much. But what I do mean is that you are comfortable. The Father does not deny beauty. Look at your earth. Are not the flowers beautiful in colour, the sky blue in summer, and at other times? Well, in our world, the beauty, the glorious colours, they are ours. They will be yours. What is revealed to us? The knowledge that is revealed to us as we go onward, the knowledge of creation. The Father desires that we have beauty. He does not deny us. Why do you think you have it? By chance? No, no, not by chance. It has been given to you by the Father through His servants who have the mind to create. Think of the great minds that have been on the earth. Do you think that those minds are dead now, and do not function? Each mind that comes to us, if it has ability, is still in use, and still creating. You view the Father in the wrong light. It is not yours to be blamed for this. It is the teaching you have received. It is difficult to cast off the childhood teaching, the childhood fears. Do see the Father as a loving loving force, who desires that you be completely happy, desires that you return in beauty. See light around Thyself, the light of the Father. Light in the world. Help create it by your thinking. Do not be cast down, do not be depressed, you are darkening the area around yourself. Try to see light around Thyself always, and lighten Thy path. If you do this, you will help your own world, you will help it tremendously. If everyone did this, just think of the power that would be released, the power of love, the power of peace, instead of everyone running around so despondently, each one with their own troubles, they believe. See this, do. Try with all your might, your strength, to have light around you, to lighten your space. It can be done if you attempt it, over and over. If you could see yourself in sunlight, so to speak. If you could see, as we can, the heaviness of your vibration because of the despondency. You know how difficult it is to be around someone who is depressed, how you long to be away from around them. Well, think of that magnified and magnified, and think then of your area. Think how it is for us to dwell within this area, how your guardian has to move away, because they cannot be with you. It is too difficult. So you see you take away from yourself the angel that the Father has sent you. Now all these spirits are not of the same calibre. They differ according to the individual, and some who are very evil, no angel can be near them. Remember this always. I know you have heard this before, but I think it is good that I repeat it. When you are burdened you forget. So I think it is a lesson you must strive to hold within your mind, that you are the master. You have been sent forth with the spark within you. It is your struggle, your challenge, but you are equipped for it. Do not think that you are swimming alone in the sea of life. Is that not love indeed?

Do not see God as an angry, jealous, fearsome being as Man is. If you have angry thoughts, jealous feelings, or are vindictive, that is not the Father. That is Thyself completely. When you are ill that is because you have made mistakes, and that is you working out that mistake. You have the opportunity to overcome. You are not thrown in and made to swim, no. You shall not drown. Too often we hear lamentations, day after day. Why, why, why? Look into Thy soul. Be still. There you will find the answers, you will see yourself clearly, if you are honest with yourself, and truly truly delve deep. When someone accuseth Thee of wrong doing, and you reply with heat that it is not so, be careful. See Thyself. Know Thyself. When we view Thee, we view Thy personality. You are an individual, but you have built a personality upon yourself, a personality that the world sees, that you show to one another, the personality that you hide behind. If you are shy, if you are timid, one often hides behind a flippant manner, or laughter, etc. Sometimes people are aggressive to hide timidity. This is their personality. Now if you are growing spiritually you cast off from yourself this personality bit by bit, and your true self is revealed. It is very difficult, but that is one of the lessons you have to learn, that you are an individual who has to shed his personality. When you have shed the personality, the true you is revealed. It is very difficult. Many are afraid to reveal their feelings in case they are rebuffed, hurt. I am aware that it is difficult to show yourself truly. But I do say to you, when you have reached the stage of spirituality where you have peace and tranquillity within yourself, then you will cast aside your personality, then you can release the love you feel, let the love within you cast its light on those before you, allow them to see that they are beloved. Some will not understand you, and believe that you have an ulterior motive, but fear not, if your soul is pure, and your motive is pure, that is the most important item. Many come to us burdened with their personality, those on the lower areas, and for some way onward, and gradually they shed this part of themselves. Usually it takes quite some time, because they are so much part of the earth still. It takes quite some time to cast off this early part of themselves. But oh! How happy we are when they do, for they are revealed, their true self. How wondrous to be able to be Thyself to all mankind. If all in this room could be truly individual with the personality removed, it would be such a beautiful experience for you all. It is your shell, a shell that you hide behind. You see you have all these manifestations of yourself. Think of it the next time you are in company, stop and think of Thyself and see what Thou art doing. You are not being your true self. When we have a being who is spiritual and has overcome, then you will see the true individual that has emerged. You will see the light of love beaming from the eye. There will be love for all people, understanding that all are not on the same level, but all are struggling nevertheless, but that we are all the Father’s children, and that we are all linked together. Think of it, each one present is linked to his neighbour, because each one is a child of the Father, each of you is on his own pathway of life, each of you has his own problems, each of you is struggling, sometimes happy, sometimes not, sometimes in tears, but we hope that in the days to come you will be happy, even though you have problems that you will view them in the light of wisdom, and will say to yourself. “This I will overcome! I am God in miniature, and I will overcome. I will be still. I will allow the forces outside myself, the force of love of my guardian to aid me, to show me the way.” Be still and allow Thyself to be under the guidance of the servant of the Father. All that come to earth can be a servant. You are a servant if you are a mother, you serve your family. If you are a father, you serve your family in the outer world to earn a living, depending upon how you live, your every day life. If you help another, and do it willingly with love, you are serving the Father. Look at your opportunities, they are numerous. Every day of your life you can be a servant. Your motive is always important, why you do a certain thing, why you act. If you are not sure, stop and ask yourself what your motive is. Never be in haste to act, always strive to be still. Always be still and allow Thyself time and in this way Thou wilt not hurt Thyself. To act in haste usually brings disaster. I understand that sometimes one has to be speedy, but I am speaking about problems of life, every day problems, these problems in the home, those problems around Thee. Your life, no matter where, in your partnership, with your children, with your co-workers, with those above you, you have a challenge. When you were a youth you had ideals, and you looked not at the difficulties but that everything will be wonderful. This is a youthfulness, and when one begins to live, then comes the difficulty and the shattering. But it need not be so. This is what I am trying to convey to you today. What you do see always as difficulty is not difficulty, it is your challenge. Be the warrior, attack the challenge before you, attack it with wisdom, let love guide you always, and you will win through. It cannot but be so.

Now in many lives there have been obviously reasons for being on this planet. You heard in the last lecture how it was with the Nazarene. I know some of you were bewildered because it was so different from what you had been taught. Well, as it is upon this earth, each individual will give according to his light, and so it was within the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments. According to his light. In all times since man was upon the earth, there have been those who were able to serve their brethren. Sometimes their light was not too bright, but they did give forth nevertheless, and those around them listened, those who would, and so that was the word from that source. Then another would come, and upon his arrival they would see here was another who was different, and they listened avidly to his words, and he gave according to his light. So it has been down throughout the ages. Through every page of the Bible you have many many views, some that coincide. You have many diversities. Why is this? It is because all were not at the same level. According to their light did they give. So once again you have to view this book, not taking every word as pure light, realizing that it was given by many, and all did not see clearly.

In one of my own lives, a long time gone, I am in your book, believe it or not. But I was one who was considered a prophet, and I gave according to my knowledge and my light at that time. It was in the time of the Jewish rebellion, when all the children of Israel were in great struggle, and were set upon by a great mighty force. I was not able at that time to give much advice because of their struggles, they would not listen. But later when I was old in years they were more inclined to listen to my words, and I had around me beings, I could hear them and see them, and they were those who gave me the words. Now if I give knowledge now, you see it according to your own way of thinking, according to your own problems. As it was in those days, people saw it according to their own light, and they behaved accordingly. It has been ever so. If you are a prophet you are worshipped in a sense, and this is very very wrong, because each servant is of the Father, and is a servant and is not the source. But people in their ignorance believed then that each prophet was the source. This puts a great burden upon the prophet, because he could very well believe it in time, they do even upon the earth this very day.. Some become so puffed up that they lose their gifts. So it was with myself. With the admiration of those who listened I became puffed up and this was my failing. One has to remember always that one is a servant, and so when I left that life, what did I find? I had not failed completely, but I had failed in the sense that I had been too big, that I thought that I was the servant, but I also thought I was important. If I had remained believing that I was the servant and that those around me brought the message, it would have been much better for me in the long run. I was not reproved, no, I knew it myself. I knew it without a shadow of a doubt that what I had done was wrong, because when the spirit enters the heavenly world we know exactly what we are. It is revealed to us. I knew and I wept. I wept or many many days, not continually. Eventually my guardian took me aside and said, “Brother, my son,” both words to show me that though I was his brother, I was yet a son, I was below him in spirituality, he as a father to me. “My son, Thou realizest Thy mistakes now. But that is enough. No more weeping. Lift Thyself up. Thou knowest enough to realize that Thou didst overcome many failings. So come, let us now be together, and I will reveal to Thee what the future can be if Thou agreest.” So when I had learnt, then I began to serve again, and so overcome that great failing. For many years I dwelt there, but the time came when I had to re-enter the earth. Why did I have to come? Because I had been puffed up. Though I had learnt quite a bit in the intervening time, I had still to overcome absolutely, perfectly. So I entered life again. I had power of a kind to see if again I would be puffed up. But this time I was not. This time I was able to overcome, and when I returned from that life I was able to remain in the spirit realms and not return to the earth. So all who serve the Father, who are His servants, and those who have great responsibility have also this challenge, if they become puffed up and become greater than the servant. So always be careful in every area of your life, to remain humble. I do not mean humble before men, but to realize that Thou art a servant of the Father, and that Thou art here to overcome, and so realize that depending upon your actions, then you will be able to remain in the spirit world without having to return to this planet. I know this is your desire, for this is a difficult world.

The Nazarene was upon this earth as a servant. He had with him bright beings to serve him. He had the gift of healing that could be used, of discerning the spirits, and hearing the spirits, of picking up their thoughts. He had the opportunity because he was an Essene, to learn about his own self, what he was, that he was spirit inhabiting a body, that there were gifts, spiritual gifts. Always he was aware of those mediumistic Essene elders who gave him the knowledge that he would be a servant. He had the opportunity of life, though he came and as it is with all people we are never sure if they will remain upon the pathway that we desire for them. It is so with every soul. He could have transgressed, and moved on to another path, but he did not. It does not mean that he did not make mistakes. All mankind make mistakes. But the difficulties of his life were necessary. Everyone who is a servant has a difficult life. These difficulties are to test their strength. How could we have a servant who is not strong? How could a weak person lead Thee? The servant must be strong, must be able to take burdens upon themselves, must be able to take others’ burdens and not falter. So his life was difficult, the difficulties of the time, political, the Romans. Absolutely, there is but one truth. It is love. Those around him that you enquire about were the brethren from the Essene brotherhood, those who had the knowledge. They were in diversity of work, but all had the same knowledge. Understand that they were Jewish, but within this particular group of Jews they had this knowledge. Within the Jewish faith they were a brotherhood, some of whom had psychic ability, who had knowledge that you have now.

See yourselves as the Essenes with knowledge. See yourselves as a nucleus, with those out there being ignorant. You see what I mean, yet you were all Christians, or whatever faith you believed in. You see? So it was.

Now these people are those who carry the knowledge of the Nazarene throughout the ages after him. Those to whom he did say to go forth and bring knowledge to the people. Go forth carefully, bring it where the seen will fall upon good ground, not upon stones. Do not give it to all, for all will not understand, but where Thou knowest Thou wilt be heard. So in time this faith grew. But in those days nothing that Jesus the Nazarene did say was written down. So it was all word of mouth, and according to their light, the light they did give it, and when they wanted to make it seem wondrous, some would add to their own words. It was these people who made him appear to have gifts that he did not. You have to realize that man will always give according to his own light. One will tell a story, another will tell the story, but that story will be changed according to what they give, and, as was revealed to Thee, the Nazarene was a medium, a servant of the Father. He did not walk upon the water, he was carried across it. We can do this if there is a great power, we can lift up. He, when he passed from this life, his spirit left his body as everyone must, as was with those brethren waiting. Later when he went to the brethren and showed himself to them, those Essenes who were close to him, they were the group that people knew as disciples, those who were close to him, in harmony. For only those who are in harmony can be in the inner circle, so to speak. A circle must always be harmonious. When he came they were not surprised, they knew we would. He did reveal to them what he had found, the beauty. He told them what he had been told, and what had been revealed to him was true, but oh, in greater beauty, in what greater wonderment! He told them they too would be in such beauty, and to fear not but to go forth in strength, much as I have told Thee.

Now some wonder who these people were. The closest person to the Nazarene was a brother of his own family, one of his own brothers. He was very close to him, John. He was beloved, and still is. Love never dies, never dies. You enquire what are the names of the disciples. As is disclosed in the book. You people of the earth are inclined to dwell upon items that will not enhance you spiritually.

To us who knew the Nazarene, I know him, we view him as a servant, as we view all our brethren who serve. We see the burden that has been placed upon him by mankind. It was placed upon him by those in the early church, because it was to their benefit to make the earthly church, that way. They chose it because they saw it would give them power over man, to hold man down, to suppress him, to make him fearful. That was not the way of the Father. That was not the way the Nazarene taught. He came to show that God was love. “As I am, ye can be! Where I go, ye can go also.” If you would remember that he was a servant, that he was surrounded by spirit, by bright shining beings who cared for him, and did strive always to protect him but were not able to keep him from the difficulties of the time, because each life is individual and you must live your life. We can protect you from certain difficulties, but we cannot work upon all mankind. It is impossible. We strive to work upon the minds, but not everyone listens. You see this is a difficulty, though we strive, and you have been told this, we strive upon the earth, we strive upon all difficult areas. Legions of us dwell upon the earth at times, in spirit, in difficult areas, where it is important we be, so that we can protect you in the world from great disaster, that man would bring to Thee. Though we strive, though we wish with all our being to protect Thee, we do not always succeed because we cannot make man listen. Sometimes we can get one words, two words, three words within and they hear and they do try to influence their brethren/sisters. But it is not enough always. Sometimes we do succeed. So it was at the time of the Nazarene. So it is with all servants of the Father, we try but we are not always successful. But in the long term everything seems to work out in one way or another. If you remember that there is eternity and in time things around you will change, there is not standstill, everything must move onward. If standstill did occur, and it has in some areas of this earth, years and years ago when Europe was in darkness, when the powers of the Church held sway and man was under the thumb of those in power, when all lived in fear, and could not cast it from themselves, a servant came and a little light was cast. Then another and another and the light came, and so the bonds were broken asunder, and in time everything changed. Here we are today, with so many seeking, so many searching and it is good. Even though you make a mistake, do not fear, but lift Thyself up, and begin again.

Now I will leave Thee, and as usual I leave Thee loving Thee so much. You are my brethren. We are each linked to the other. I love Thee will all the love I possess. As I go forward, the love within me grows and I love Thee more, and then more. You can love each other more and more as you too grow and advance. All around me do love Thee. There is a great love force here. It is Thine.

In all humility and in all the love I can muster, I come before Thee. We are before Thee. It is our aim to draw closer to Thee every moment of our living. Give us every moment Thy love through the brethren who serve us. We are Thine, always Thine, come close, Great Power of Purity. We love Thee, we love Thee.


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