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Teaching #6

Good afternoon. As promised I am here. I am very happy to greet you all, and I hope that you will be satisfied.

Now I will begin at the very beginning and let you know about my parents first. They belonged to a group named the Essenes, we were a minority. We were Jewish but we believed in the world hereafter, in healing and teaching from spirit, while still adhering to some of the Jewish philosophy.

It was not planned that he come, nor was my birth planned earlier. It was a matter of course in human behaviour. My parents were not elderly, nor were Mary and Joseph. Mary was young and Joseph was a little older, something that is always planned in the Jewish faith. In those days it was always thought better that the man be somewhat older. So when the time came for the Nazarene to be born, there was difficulty in the land, the difficulty being political. We were not hounded in the sense that we had to move about. We were a small community, but we did not keep ourselves too much from others, we mingled. But for our deliberations we kept together. So when the Nazarene was born, he was not born in a foreign area, but in his own area, in his place, where his people did dwell. Many stories have been given out, because at that time there was great difficulty, because the Romans did keep the Jews under their heel. Whilst we had a certain freedom, we did not have full freedom. All births did have to be registered, so in that way, it was known that the birth did take place, and my birth also.

Now as we had certain beliefs, it was known through the mediums that were in our faith, that he was one who had been chosen to be a healer and teacher, but of course as of all people who come to serve the Father as a servant, it was not known if he would when he attained adulthood. But it was fortunate that he did adhere to the teachings that were given him and listen to his parents. He was naturally mediumistic, and could see spirit forms from an early age. He could foretell, but was not encouraged to do so. He was surrounded with love, and was taken care of, because it had been revealed that the future would be difficult. As the times were difficult, they had to keep quiet regarding prophecy, predictions and such like. But those who were the elders within the group were very powerful, and did see the life before him. They said, “Please do not let it be known. Be still, until the time is right.” So he was brought up as all boys and girls are. Within the family he had brothers and sisters, as I had. He was not an angel by any means when a child, as all children play games and pranks, and are naughty at times. He was perfectly natural in this. Sometimes, as with all children, he had to have punishment. As all children of that faith, he was betrothed when young. It was arranged between the families, as mine was. You see, this is the law, and how would it be broken? If they are Jewish, which he was and is, though there are no religions in the spirit realms but he has the appearance of the group to which he belonged on earth as I do. So if there had been deviation, it would have drawn attention. So they were very careful to behave very naturally at all times. When very young he was taught by the elders of the Essene group. He was taught the laws, as you are taught all that you have learned here. He knew that he was a servant of the Father. His parents were also very careful in their deliberations not to reveal their knowledge. So amongst others who would not understand, it was hidden. The time came when he was around fourteen, when he had to take up duties with this father. So he worked with his brothers. I must say at times his mind was not there with his work, because he was very aware of those around him (spirits) and he would sometimes be in conversation and lose himself, and his work would suffer, and then his father would scold him, “Jesus, are you not attending? We will have difficulty. Look at the work.” This was natural, because if you are mediumistic you are very sensitive. If you are aware, then you are inclined to listen and watch. It is difficult to live in two worlds. In due course, he met the one he was to be a partner to, and that partnership did take place. The reason there is no knowledge about it, it was kept hidden by those who wrote about him at a later date, because they did not want him to be as other men, they wanted him to be a deity. As it is not known much about the family itself, about the brothers and sisters, and about the others in the Essene movement. I assure you, he was perfectly normal in all his appetites, normal as all men are. But of course, being a spiritual person he was kindly and gentle and tolerant. It always depends upon the spirit within. As he was growing in awareness, it was not always easy to be within a partnership, because the one he was a partner to was different, not so much in an ugly sense, but was not mediumistic, and so could not understand, but was very faithful and dutiful, as all wives were in those days, because they were taught to be so, but rather inclined to withdraw because she did not understand. He did attempt to help. But it is difficult when one cannot see and the other can, and you are relating. One has to believe what the other is saying, as it is with our Maiden or any other mediumistic being.

In due course there were no offspring. It was thought that she was barren, but in the light of today’s knowledge it could have been the Nazarene. In those days the people did not have the knowledge. So there were no offspring. But there were plenty of children around of brothers and sisters, and it was a large household, all busy, all trying to live under difficult situations.

Within the Essene group there were many who were mediumistic but not deeply so, but lightly, and those who were the elders had already chosen those who would be with the Nazarene in the future. So you see, he did not choose. But those who were able, and were like he was although in a lesser sense, were chosen by the elders. Of course they did have diversity of employment, and were taken from all walks of life. In time they were brought together, and would meet privately and discuss many things. Now it was decided that as far as the healing was concerned, they would have to be very very careful, and the healing would have to take part in the beginning amongst families of those who had knowledge, amongst friends. So this was how it began. Those who were sick were brought to Jesus in stealth. Those who were working with him would lend their support, depending upon their availability. At first the power that came was beautiful of course, but not so powerful as later. Headings and betterment did take place. With some of course, nothing occurred, and some after some time, as it is today. For of course the same law applies here and now as it did then. If a person earns the right to be healed because of his spirituality, then he will be healed, but if not, then he will have to wait, or if it is a burden he has to carry because of his past mistakes, perhaps it cannot be. So some were healed, and some not.

In due course, as it is in all walks of life, at all times, word got around of his abilities, and people would come pleading. At first the healers were fearful, but as nothing happened, they continued. So it was, some more, more, growing and growing. In due course they were forgetful, because of the great demands put upon them. As nothing untoward happened, they were rather careless. It went on for some time until a few days before a certain religious holiday when the Romans were very alert, because they knew that the Jews were very apt to become very hot-headed at certain times, and it was noticed there was a great deal of traffic to and from the house of the Nazarene. There were whisperings, “There must be a meeting.” So the house was watched. Friends did warn, and they curtailed the healing for a time. But the damage had been done. From that time forward they had to move around and not do the healing from that one place, but to do the healing at the houses of those who were ailing. In this way they hoped to avoid surveillance and were successful for a time.

As he was healing, he was apt to say, “Now you must do this or that”, or “You are suffering because you have failed, made mistakes.” Because at that time they believed that we all had former lives, they understood. So he would teach them. Those who were with him did ask him to take himself off into the countryside, outside the city, and to foregather, and to tell those who were his patients to come and listen. So they would. He taught them. He was inspired by the teacher with him, as you are hearing today. Similarly he was a medium. He had teachers with him, healers with him, a leader of the healers, and visitors too. Just the same as this ministry is. Depending upon the spirituality of the medium, those who are around any person who is mediumistic, will be higher or mediocre. It depends on the person. He had bright shining beings with him. They did teach those who had foregathered. At first there were just a few people, perhaps a few dozen, but then it began to grow and grow and grow. Then they became fearful again, because this was drawing attention to themselves, and they did not understand which was the best method to use. The teachers did say, if they could persuade those who were coming to come in smaller groups, or to go into houses that would not be suspected of those who would be faithful. At the same point they were rather dilatory, to put danger upon anyone. It was a very very difficult time. But at any rate they did attempt all that was put to them, and they did try to make the meetings smaller. They did attempt to go into some rooms. But it was not to be. The people themselves were difficult to handle. They were at times seen. But it was very odd, they were not always chased, not till much later. It was as if they were not seen, as if those in the spirit world were guarding them. Of course you know he began very young. Although he was young he matured very early because of his burden. For it was a burden. So many following him, so many demanding healing, so many avid for this teaching. He was guarded by those around him. Though they did their utmost to ease his burden, by themselves giving forth, it was the Nazarene who was adored and who was mostly in demand. Now you have been told that he was a “fisher of men”, and that those around him were fishermen, and that he walked upon the waters.

Now yes, some of the men were fishermen, and yes, he did preach from their boats on occasion to those on the shore. This enabled him to be apart from the people and not to be crowded. It was a very comfortable method, and it was used many times. They did go to the furthermost end of an area, where it was not peopled. The walking on the water is not hard to describe to you. That was a phenomenon. When you are very developed, the spirit people can lift you up. You are not walking upon the water, they are raising you upon it.

It has been done here upon the earth at times, when a person has been a very strong psychic, more in a psychic manner rather than spiritual. In nineteenth century England, when more of this psychic phenomena were prevalent, one person was levitated to trance from one upper storey room window, out into the street and in through another window. He did not know it was happening. But that was levitation. It’s the same thing. The Nazarene was levitated upon the water. He did not walk upon the waters. He was lifted. When he was speaking to the masses, and those around him were shining with light and his own aura was shining with light, it was this that was seen. A voice that was heard was the direct voice. Some people within the last century have had this gift. I think there is one still living in England who has this gift. It depends upon the person how this gift is developed and how strong. It means that the voice can be heard apart from the medium, sounding above or around. This was what was heard around the Nazarene, the direct voice speaking to the people, the voice of the teacher. The people did not understand and thought it miraculous. They thought walking on the water was miraculous. They thought he was a supreme being, but it was within the law, the psychic forces at play, because he was a strong psychic. The story of the mount was thus. He was transfigured. Now transfiguration means that the spirit who was within was about to come forth beyond the body of the Nazarene, and be seen. The Nazarene was not seen, but the spirit of the teacher. That is called transfiguration. When the people did see this they were frightened, in awe. The teacher did attempt to teach them, explain what was happening. to explain the levitation upon the water, to explain all those things. But of course, there are always people who will embroider, and who will add. As the story progresses from one person to another, it becomes greater and greater till it is out of proportion. Those things that I have described have been seen in many cases on the earth today, in seances where the medium has been very strong. He did say, “Yes, as I do, you will do also.” Meaning as he was the vehicle, the servant, there would be others round about him, and in the period to come, and throughout all time. As today the words of myself and the words of the Nazarene were mistaken.

I was close, and a medium, and part of it all. I assure you he was not divine in the sense that he was the Father. He was spiritual, according to his own growth. There have been many who have been servants of the Father and have achieved great spirituality. As he received adulation, he wept. He wept, “Do not adore me,” he would plead, “I am but the servant. I come to teach you that the Father is love. I come to show you that He is with you on this earth. I come to teach you not to be afraid of the oppression around you, not to fear the invader, but to know that you are spirit, and have everlasting life. You have been taught that the Father is angry, is proud, is as you are when you are lowly in your thinking and your actions. How could the Father who sent me, and who sends all, how could He who is perfection and all love, be angry, be fearful? Do I malign you? Do my brethren who serve you also, do they malign you? Do they not give you love as I do? Do they not give you their time? Are they not patient with you? Do I not love you? Do I come before you and tell you that I am He? Do I say that I am Joshua? Do I say I am Elijah? Who do I say I am? You ask me.” He cried out many times, “I am but the servant. Around are the angels. These angels are above me, of greater spirituality.” He attempted with all his being to make them realize. People are too inclined to raise up people who are different from themselves. Of course they were so simple in those days, they were not sophisticated as you are. Even so with your sophistication, you have not all knowledge, and some of you do attribute miracles to those happenings that are normal. When healings take place, and they are wonderful, people say they are a miracle. They still use these words, and they were used around the Nazarene. It went from ear to ear, “He is he who has come to save us. He is he. He is king.” I was warned, and those around us were warned. He was warned. We who were psychic were warned, this was dangerous. We were asked to try to quell the mutterings and words that were going around. But it was like holding back the tides. It spread like a forest fire, from mouth to mouth, “He is the king. He will save us.” No matter where we went, the Nazarene was followed. The people did follow him. I can still see the sun shining down, the blue sky, the dust underneath, the dust all around as many feet did tread upon the earth, the babies crying, the babble of voices. Can you not see it in your mind’s eye? It was increasingly difficult to be hidden. We did try meeting in the darkness. But is was very difficult because the Romans were very alert.

Many times in the spirit realms we have been asked questions pertaining to the Bible and the teachings. Now these questions are thus:-

“Was Mary a virgin?”

No. She was normal as all women are. She was not a saint. She was the mother to the Nazarene, and the mother to his brothers and sisters, the obedient wife to Joseph. She was a good woman, a loving mother. When she passed from the earth some years after the Nazarene, he did meet with her upon her passing, and she, as all other people, was pleased and happy to be amongst her family, her father, mother, uncles, brothers and all who had gone before. She took up her life as all do. She was very unhappy when I and my brethren and the Nazarene were upon the earth. We were much together. She was so afraid for him, as all mothers are. But she was told, as it was foreseen, that there was danger, and to be strong.

I will continue about her. She was in the spirit realms for many many years, and grew as she served those below her. But the time did come when she did return to the earth. She came but she did not remain many years, for those who are the hierarchy did see that in aeons of time to come, she would be worshipped, and they did not wish that burden to be upon her shoulders, so she did come back to earth, and then enter the spirit lands again, and had no memory of the time when she was the mother of the Nazarene. It was removed. Of course if she wished to know the lives that had gone before she could find out. But not all spirits wish to know this. They do not all wish to know the lives that have gone before.

Another question to Jesus is:
“Were you celibate?”

He answers “No”, that he had been as all others. A bride had been chosen for him. This causes great distress to those who have been taught otherwise. It is terrible to witness their sadness and distress. It is difficult to cast from the mind all that has been taught, and we pity the poor people in their dilemma.

Another question asked of Jesus:
“Were you part of the Deity?”

He answers thus: “No. I was but the servant. I was part of the Father as I am still, as you are, as all are.” It is then that he shows those that are above him. They come around him so that all can see he is not the highest. “Witness, my brethren so much higher than myself.” It is the only way, words will not suffice with some.

“Are you now with the Father?”

“No, no-one knows the Father, as far as I am aware. Then one of those who are high above, will send a thought to the multitude or to those who are questioning, ‘No, I have not yet discovered the Father.”

This is very shattering to many. The Nazarene is very aware of Christianity, of all the things that have been said, of what he was, and what he believed, and who he was. He has wept tears of frustration, “Why do they malign me? Why do they malign the Father? Why do they raise me up? Why do they cast me down?” They did say that he went to the temple and did lash about at the money-changers. No. No. That would have meant that he would have been known, have drawn attention to himself. When he was young they were very very careful. He did at times speak in the synagogue, as all young boys did at times then. It was part of their faith. As I did say they did have to behave in a normal manner, and why it was said that he was particularly adept was because he was able and did do what he had to do with feeling and with insight. It was this that drew attention to him, and they did say, “Here is a future rabbi.”

He did not raise the dead. What did happen was ... people were in a coma, were in fact still alive. It happens today. He knew this, and knew that they would be healed. It is the same today, if someone writes or phones to our Maiden asking for help, and she replies that she will send aid, and they get better, and she has not laid her hands upon them but the healers have done so. You see, it was similar. He would say, “Be at peace, your son/daughter etc. will be healed,” because those that were with him gave him the knowledge.

So you see in all his ministry on earth, there were no miracles. All that was done was down through those who were with him, those who were healers giving their services lovingly and untiringly. When the wisdom came forth it was from his teacher. Do you know that even today he is aware of that teacher? There was a love bond between them, and it was continued. This bond of love is the same with all. If you are beloved then your love will never die, for love is the link that ties all together.

In the area at the time, there was great fearfulness because there had been murder, and of course the one who had come before, John the Baptist, that entity was as a mystic in your day, someone who kept himself aloof from all men, who preferred the silence of the desert or the mountain, to the people. He knew of Jesus, because he was also mystical, he could see and hear. He did give out that he was coming, and that he was about. He did not say that Jesus was the king, he only said that he was one that would lead them to the Father, who would reveal much, and that they would ”see the Father’s face.” You see, those words “Would see the Father’s face” were enough to enflame the people and to cause them to think that he was the Father. One has to be very careful how one uses words. Many times the Nazarene had to be vehement, very vehement with people. But there was a nucleus around him apart from those who were the mediums around him, the brothers and the sisters. There was a nucleus who were very faithful and did understand, and they with all their being did attempt to keep the people cool, to show that he was the servant, that he was the Nazarene, the son of Joseph and Mary, that he had brothers and sisters, and that he was normal.

In due course there came to be a group who would taunt us, a group of men who followed us and attempted to cause dissent. Those around did attempt to quell them, quieten them. It was difficult, but they did manage to break us up. We had to scatter. Once again, those who were the nucleus and ourselves did have to meet alone with the people because we were endangered. It was this group who did betray. We were allied before him that was above all of us, not alone was I, but the Nazarene, myself and the others who were the mediums. We were as a group brought forward. He was questioned. Why was he called the king? Why was he lifted above all men? Why did he attempt to meet? Was he raising up others against Herod and Rome? He did say, “I do not, I am a peaceful man. What I do teach is love and understanding amongst all brethren. I try to bring peace into the hearts of men. I try to show them to bear the yoke that they are burdened with. These my brethren are those who aid me. When so many follow me and my teaching, I need aid to keep the masses from over-running me. The people cry out for aid because they are afraid. They grasp at straws. They see me as a king. They wish for a great king to come and relieve them from their burden. You can see because you have witnessed their fears. You can see because you wish that they obey your rulings and the laws you do put upon them. It is the crying out of people who are afraid, who fear for the future, and have nothing to guide them. So they put me in the place of the king they expect, the king in our teachings, the king that was prophesied in the days of old. Ever they seek him.” This was his plea, but of course those without were the dissenters, the elders of the church, those who did not understand when he taught tolerance and love, when he taught that the Father was love, when he taught, “Fear not for the Father is with Thee. Fear not the yoke that is put upon the shoulders.” The multitude did gather, those who were his friends, and those who had understanding were mingling in the multitude, all were present when the time came when he was condemned. It was the call for blood. You have seen it upon your earth, when men become incensed, inflamed, and they lose all sense of reasoning. They lose their own selves and become as animals when they scent blood. The noise of the multitude was terrible to hear a great pressing throng of people crowding together, pressing and screaming. It is difficult to recount when remembering the terribleness, the fear for ourselves, the fear for our families, the fear for our friends. I had given the order, the Nazarene had given those close to him orders to scatter, but they would not listen. “No, no, we will not leave Thee.” He had told his tormentors that he should be the one to take all, that they were not to blame. But, of course, they would not let this be. They cried out. But at first they were allowed to leave, and then it was only later when he was alone, that they had been persuaded to scatter. But they were not scattered, they were within the multitude. His mother and the families had been asked to move away. They had done so. The clamouring was growing louder and louder. I could see that the Nazarene was quiet. I could see those around him, not the soldiers, but the spirits. I could see them close. I could see that he was still and I knew that he was unafraid.

I do implore you, as Jesus implores those in the spirit realms, to see him as a man who came to the earth as a servant, who was chosen insomuch as they knew in the spirit world that he was ideal as he had the desire to help humanity, as many have who dwell in the realms of spirit. He was approached by the elders, those who are the servants of the hierarchy, and they said, “Brother, we would that you enter the earth and take up a burden.” It was shown to him. Not everything, but in part. He agreed. He was born into the land to be a Jew, because that was where it was necessary at that time. You see the Jews believed in the Father. They still do. They still believe in Him as they did before the Nazarene came. They still cry to Him to save them. They are still waiting for the king. They did believe in the Father, Jehovah. All around them were pagans. Because they did believe in the Father they were chosen. The Father wished that they knew that He was love. That is why the Nazarene came.

You who are Christians worship as the Jews do, worship God. You worship Jesus, the Nazarene. You pray to him. All Christians are crying out to him. At this moment there are many. This morning, this evening, there will be cries to him (Sunday). How do you think he feels? How do you think you would feel if you were worshipped and you were the servant? Would you not feel it a terrible thing to be put in the place of the Father? He has wept tears, oh, how many, when he sees the multitude before him.

I would that you would see him as I know him, if you would see him as I do. He is of average build. His hair is dark brown and waving gently. His eyes are dark, very large and lustrous, because as we progress in the spirit world our eyes become more beautiful. His face is oval, with a little roundness to it. He is Jewish to look upon, not extremely so. But it is recognizable. His skin is tanned only. But as he progresses it becomes lighter. His body is average, not squat, but average in build and height. I hope this helps you to see him. It is difficult to describe a person. He is charming to look upon, I would say, and is a strong personality. When he speaks to the multitude, he does not speak to them gently at times, he is rather strong because he has to be. “See me not as the Father,” he thunders, if they bend before him. “Rise. I am the servant”, in a commanding tone. So in your deliberations see him as a man who has grown spiritually when he was there through his service and because of his sufferings, who is still growing as he serves, who is beloved as all around him are beloved. Do not forget that you are beloved, that you too can be the servants, that you too can give. Do not be one that has to come before him, one that he has to admonish. But come as a light, to be an aid to him and those who serve. I will give your love to all I know, and I will say it was a joy to be here amongst you, as it is a joy to be able to reveal in however, mediocre a manner. For know it is a long long time since I have been on your earth and been before people. So I hope I have your patience and your understanding. So in the words of us who love the Father, who are His servants:

“We adore Thee most Divine Father. We serve Thee with humility. We hope and pray that we will always serve Thee thus. We are but as children before Thee, however far we tread the pathway of growth, however, far. We often realize that we are still so far from Thee, that our knowledge is as nothing compared to the knowledge that is to come. So grant us, as is always, and in greater measure, Thy love and understanding. We are frail instruments. We strive and strive, longing to reach Thee. We adore Thee, our Father.”


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