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~*Teaching #5*~

Good afternoon, my friends! I am very happy to greet you. Our subject for this afternoon is, “Do we who are aware, strive strongly, or do we procrastinate?”

In all beings there is a desire for truth. It may not be expressed, it may be hidden under an exterior that appears gloomy or surly or happy or whatever, but hidden. But we do need however faint there is a need to know, the need to feel that we are surrounded by a caring force, of whatever nature, as so few understand the great consciousness. We give the name of Father, Most Divine, All Love. Whatever you choose it does not matter, but to find the truth is important. Now whatever field you find your feet directed to, it does not really matter at the beginning, because if you are a thinking person you will eventually find your pathway. But we are sorry to say that we do know that many are bound to what they find. Many are directed by their parents when children and never leave the fold. Some despise whatever their parents teach them, and will seek anything rather than follow their example, as you are all very well aware, who are parents. But of course there are some who will go along with whatever comes their way, but in time they hear something, read something, and their thoughts are caught up and they say, “I wonder can this be it?”

Now when you find whatever you choose, you do take up a way of life. This may lead you into a morass, or it may lead you into freedom. There are many who would delude you, thinking only of profit. But when you truly seek, your guardian will lead you to the light, however, long it takes. He/she will strive and strive. If there is one within the area, then you will be led to that person who can aid you. There are many avenues. There are many who are inspired. You will recognize these when you find them. I know this is truth because those who are inspired and steadfast usually, and will be full of desire to aid their brethren, whatever the cost to themselves.

In our life of spirit we have many teachers. Not all are on the same level of spirituality, but nevertheless they are able to teach. It is the same on this earth. Not all have the same inspiration or are all on the same spiritual level. Those who desire inspiration that will guide them onward are forever seeking. They try this teacher, that teacher, going from one to the other in the search for knowledge. Perhaps they will find a pearl of truth within one, but something else will not inspire them. So it goes on and on. Of course when you are seeking you are still burdened with whatever you have been taught when a child, and however inspired you may become, you still have in the background some things nagging at you, and sometimes you are fearful. These fears we understand perfectly, because when you cannot see, and you have to believe and you ponder. Sometimes you think, “Can it be?” You hold on to something perhaps to help you ... “Maybe that is right! Maybe I should keep it!” We understand these things, we do not condemn them. We have vast experience of our own in the spirit realms, in our dealings with those who come to us, who are ignorant of our teachings, and the terrible feeling of “Will we ever penetrate these minds?” We have these feelings come over us at times. You see, we are not infallible, because some people are obdurate, and do not wish to change, no matter. If they are there and they see us, it is so difficult to cast from themselves that which they have lived for so long. It is painful to watch their struggles. So I ask you at times if you endeavour to help someone, do not be too hasty, or too despairing if you do not make inroads into their mind. Be patient. One day perhaps you will drop a syllable, a word, and that will be the one that will shatter their disbelief. We see it happens so often.

Now when you are upon this earth plane, you have your everyday life to live. You have dealings with your families and your workmates, and in the hurly-burly, whatever way it takes, you find that you forget all that you resolved to be, till something makes you come up with a start, and you say “Oh, my goodness! There I go again.” Some feel very discouraged that they will never learn. But I do say to you, “Do not despair.” In all dealings you are learning. In all situations, no matter how small, it is your way of dealing with it that is important. You may think that when a person is very difficult to deal with, that you can just shrug and leave it. That may be sometimes, but with your knowledge you can see that person in the light as I have told you previously. You can see the light, the radiance of pure light around them, hoping that it will influence them in time. At least you are giving them the opportunity. You have set love in motion. Yes, you have! Your loving concern instead of feeling irritated, your loving concern by putting the light around is an act of love. You do not have to think it thus, you understand, but the fact that you do it is good.

Our actions when they are beautiful should be spontaneous from us. Those who think they are wonderful when they do good ... that is not the way. Our actions should be from within because we desire it. When it is a true feeling of love, that is a step onward for you. You see, so few realize that every thought, every action, I have said it before, I will say it again and again, it must become engrained within you so that you will act with knowledge. So many think that it is alright if it is now and then, that is alright if that is how you wish. But with knowledge and knowing the end result, you should be inspired. We, who have the knowledge and know that every single action is important, because we love you and because we are here, we wish you to be bright, radiant beings when you leave this planet. Not for ourselves, but for you ... you. I know, and we all know, we are all very aware, it is very difficult when one is set upon by an angry person or an aggressive being, and I know your action will be spontaneous in return, but when you have knowledge at least you will try. It is very difficult. The laws of the Father are not all easy. We are very aware of it, even yet. When we enter this planet to serve you we have to lower our vibrations to such an extent, and as we grow by our efforts, we have to lower them even more. As our Maiden does grow, her spirit within her has to lower her vibrations too, you see. Your spirit, that is within you, is longing that you act so that that spirit can become a shining vehicle. Your spirit depends upon you. Your spirit cannot use her mind to influence you. It is not allowed, by law, even though he/she has knowledge that is great. How would it be if they did? You would have unfair advantage over others. Some of you at least know that the spirit is waiting for you to become ever more shining. So many have difficulty in seeing the spirit as an individual. The spirit is Thyself. This is an overcoat, (indicating the body), this is a machine. The wondrous machine that takes you through life, the machine that will go wonderfully well if you do not abuse it, and of course if you do not have a burden to carry from a previous life. But again, if you live according to the law, you can cast off your burdens, you can lighten your burdens and become more perfect, and the machine run more smoothly.

Every time we have a new entry into the spirit world, it is recognized, it is known, and we are so hopeful that we will not have to sit down and do battle (teach). It is a battle of the mind. To have one arrive who is aware, oh! , it is so wonderful, one less! Someone who can enter into earth’s spirit life prepared. Mind you, you will have to learn many things, how to live there, and act. But that is nothing compared to the knowledge that you will have. That will come easy. It is the despair that comes upon a being that is not prepared, if they are in a difficult state. The despair of “Why didn’t I strive? I knew what I was doing. Why was I so lazy? Why did I not do this and that?” Truly it happens again and again. If you could see the despair. As I have told you previously, every single soul that arrives with us, in the quietness by itself, sees its life before it unrolling, like a screen, from childhood, and you see every action enacted, and you see without a doubt what you have been. You know, people being what they are, they are inclined to dwell upon the difficulties rather than upon the good actions. Everyone does good actions. Even people who are not so good, they always do something now and then. That is good.

We see them when they go through this. We do not get too close, but we see from a distance. The guardian will watch from a distance knowing exactly what they are enduring, for hasn’t the guardian been with them all throughout their life? Hasn’t the guardian striven to put into your mind the thoughts that will aid you again and again and again. For the guardians are charged with this duty. Sometimes we leave, we are in despair. Sometimes we are very happy. It is a difficult task to guard and guide a person upon the earth, the vibration of the being you are in charge of, when they are in despair, when they are depressed, when they are unhappy ... when they are happy, good, when they are content, good, when they are at peace, good, when they seek to be still, and open themselves up the great force of perfection, wondrous! Then your guardian, if he is there with you and aware, will be so happy, because he will then be able to get the thoughts into your mind. They draw close to you then, and put the thoughts in there, hoping they will settle and take root.

So you see, although we do not wish you to be unhappy people, we wish you to be happy and contented and have pleasure, pleasure that will give you happiness in a beautiful way of course. We have wonderful pleasures, where we dwell. I cannot tell you everything, but we do. We have not your handicap of time, or of having to eat food, prepare it. We can stay for as long as we wish with good companions, listen to beautiful music, to travel to greet friends, to visit distant places, to serve, to learn, to have knowledge disclosed to us as we go onward that amazes us. For as we go forward we are given knowledge of creation, knowledge that we are not allowed to give you, but knowledge that you will be given in time to come, and as it is revealed to you, you will understand your life more easily, you will understand why you were here, why the Father had to place you here, why you had to be placed here so many times. You will see the wonderful plan. You will see that these were acts of love, of understanding, of compassion, true compassion. The Great Divine wishes that you will return to the source eventually. Oh, how we long to be there! But of course we are not, and neither are those who are far beyond us, to our knowledge. We have enquired and enquired, and yet not yet! So you see, though you become a more perfect being with your service and your struggles, it is not the end. But do not look upon it as a burden, look upon it as a challenge. If you see it as a challenge you will strive harder, more truly with understanding. As you go forward you become happier within, because the spirit as it progresses becomes a more radiant being, and is thus happier. So you feel happier and more content. You will have the peace within, and as you go forward and each struggle presents itself, the peace will help you to stand still and face it with understanding, and then to take action with knowledge.

When you are at peace, you are more able to see clearly, when the mind is unclouded. When you are surrounded by difficulty and the mind is darting hither and thither, there is no point in trying to solve your problems, no point. Strive to sit down and be quiet, listen to some music that is quiet, try to be serene, do whatever it is that allows you to get into that state of mind, and then ask for help. Say, “I am part of Thee, Great Spirit of Love. I need aid. I have striven, but I am in difficulty.” Then be at peace and allow the peace to bring you knowledge, because your guardian, even if at that moment the guardian is not there, will see later. Your trouble will be clearly displayed to him. Then he will set about doing what he can. Sometimes the burden is so terrible that they cannot do very much, they will bring healing and ask healing forces to come to you, to give you the strength so that you can go forward to face your challenge. You know in time it will be resolved, if not perfectly, some light may be cast upon it. You know many have to endure greatly, but in the end of life you will see that your challenge gave you great opportunities to become a very strong human being, because every challenge should make you stronger, more able to face whatever comes again. There are some here who understand this, for they know that out of each struggle they have become stronger, and when another struggle came about they were more able, because they had more understanding. It is the law and it works.

Several times of late we have been questioned, and out of these questions we find that many are desirous of greater knowledge, but as I did tell you, once you have knowledge you have the responsibility to re-enact it. Because we know it is your responsibility, we can only go a certain way. So here is a little. It is just a crumb, but it will suffice for today.

Your planet is now a place where all is known. You are aware of your brother and sister in India, in China, or any part of the globe, through your news media. It was not always thus, and when peoples were ignorant of their brethren in other parts of the world, their responsibility was not so great.

Do you get the drift? Now that you are aware of your brethren, you cannot sit down and ignore them. I hope you have compassion for peoples of every land, compassion coupled with understanding. It is not difficult to say, “Oh, those poor people!” It is good if you have true understanding of their problems, study their countries, and know exactly what it is they are enduring. You would be appalled if you could see with the eyes of spirit, and see the malnutrition, the children dying of starvation, the old people left to die of hunger. I am not saying this is your responsibility. No, it is the responsibility of all who have powers to share. I do not mean in this country alone, by sending to these people. I mean the leaders of their own lands. If you send you are not quite sure if the poor will receive. In every country you have your parasites, those who batten on to the poor, who bleed them of everything, who are utterly selfish. There is enough in your planet to serve all, but because of governments and because of greed and of the desire to become wealthy, there are those who deprive their brethren of a crust of bread. I know there are those of you who weep within, because you have the understanding, but you do have responsibility to do your part, and you must, within your own mind, picture those lands, read about them and try to find out all there is to know about the poor and needy, and the political aspect, to see how people are treated. When you have the knowledge, set about in your mind to see these burdens lifted, actually see the cleansing taking place, the burden lifting. Surround the country with the light of the Father. See it coming like the rays of the sun upon it. You can say whatever words you choose. It is your private desire, but see the light of the Father descending upon all this planet, and if it is the light of the Father, if you ask for it and it is your desire, then our efforts will be doubled or trebled or whatever. You see, when you ask for healing it goes into action. You are touching a law. You are setting it into action. We in the spirit realms strive and strive ... to help your countries, all those that need. We strive very hard, we do not always succeed, but at least we do endeavour. That is how we serve the Father. All take up the challenge, but not everyone in the same manner. I, as teacher, some as healers, some teaching to give knowledge, some in places of warfare, some in the political scene, some helping countries in any way they can. Everywhere we are striving. This is because we love you, and we wish to serve the Father. You will do these things one day. But once you set these thoughts into action, these will be doubled, trebled, quadrupled whatever, according to the strength of your desire.

I have set upon you a task, haven’t I, of learning? But it will give you understanding. We have a smattering of knowledge of each country. We may read the paper and we may find that there is trouble say in China, Pakistan, India, Russia, and we say, “Oh, dear, dear!” But that is not enough. You should become a citizen of the world, a citizen who loves all, because they are your brethren. The Father loves all, every soul, shining souls, dim souls, and dark souls. They are beloved. So why should you set yourself against another, because they are different? Every soul is on his/her path of evolution. We do not all arrive at the same point simultaneously. You know this within your own families, within your own children. All are not the same, each one has his own mental capacity, is at a different spirituality. You know it. Some you have the greater struggle with, and you wonder why they are so different from the others. But it is that that soul has something to learn, and you will share. You are part of it. We are not isolated. We are brethren, one to another. To all is given the opportunity of birth, in a certain area, according to their need. Then why despise that person because their skin is black, or brown, or yellow? You have probably been these colours yourself at one time, in some other life. Remember this always.

In our world we have many people of all grades of colour. I tell you they are in the majority. But as we go forward and further onward in spiritual growth, how beautiful they become! You know as you go further onward you become more rarefied and more beautiful, even the spirit within you. You know, I have told you, when you arrive in the spirit world you are younger, and you stay at the age of thirty-six to look at, no matter how old or how many years you are there! The reason being that your spirit that is within you is having the opportunity already of becoming more beautiful. You may die an old old lady or gentleman, and emerge as beautiful maiden or male. IS that not a beautiful thing to know?

As we go forward, we become even more rarefied, not so that you cannot see us. In each area we are able to see each other easily. We are like yourselves, we see you and each other, but more beautiful, more colourful. The galaxy of colour, the different hues, is very interesting, indeed. It is like the manifold colours in nature. How they blend! In harmony! So you do too. We all blend together and it is a truly beautiful sight. I wish you could see! But try with your imagination to picture it, none seeing the other as different. Realize they have to accept us. You are white. I am not. I am a little tanned in colour. As we go forward our complexion becomes very delicately coloured, very delicately.

So you see, the Father, the Great Consciousness, has made these laws, and He does say to Himself or Herself, whichever the Great Consciousness is, we do not know yet, but we do know that it is Love ... Love. All of us with our complexities of nature, all of us so different each seeing life in a different way, but each one blending with the other. So you must view humanity thus. Each one of us, no matter where, is on a pathway that has been chosen for him, because that is necessary for that being. You have the opportunity to come as high as you desire, or you can go as low as you desire. It is your responsibility, not ours, not the Father’s. Remember the Father is perfection, and we are imperfect, and we must strive to reach perfection.

If you can see in your imagination all those people in India with their guardians, and the guardians striving to bring that country into some kind of order, that they will realize that they are overpopulated, that those who are ignorant and are superstitious will come to realize that it is necessary to limit their families, and when knowledge is offered to them how to go about it, that they will grasp it without fear. You see? All your brethren struggling according to their knowledge, each one on his/her pathway. Now remember always you are on a pathway that is your destiny. It was chosen for you. You were very well aware, when you came, that it was yours. You were very well aware that you must take it up. Sometimes you struggled and you did not wish to face it. But we give you the opportunity to wait a little till you have the strength and can see if clearly. We are not unkind. So now together we will send our thoughts winging towards all the corners of this planet and thus you are aiding us. Is it not a wondrous thought to know, that together, us and you, we are struggling to aid one another. You are never alone in your struggles.

Today is a beautiful day on your earth. You see the trees blending harmoniously and your heart is uplifted. You see this is nature going to sleep. The trees and flowers about to go to sleep, to rest, and then to burst forth again in the Spring, renewed and full of wonder to you people of the earth, the bud, the unfolding. All is fresh and beautiful. This is how it is when you leave this planet. You go to sleep and you emerge fresh and beautiful. In nature is the law of the Father, and in your world is the law of the Father. The Father is everywhere, absolutely everywhere. In day, in night, in sunshine and in rain. You have the contrasts. So my brethren, with this thought I leave you, the thought that you are part of everything else. The Father is within Thee, the spark of divinity is within Thy neighbour, and within the animals and the trees, within everything there is, are you not linked together? Are you not linked with your brother and sister in far-off places? Because the Father is the whole, and you are the particles of the whole?

Supreme Being of Love, we are present before Thee. The light of our beings doth shine before Thee. So according to our need, grant us Thy force.

We receive Thy bounty, Most Perfect One, we who are Thy servants, who adore Thee and serve Thee most humbly.