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I have been lately with many friends of mine in the spirit realms, and we have been discussing our various endeavours on the earth. Of course, we do help each other with our experiences. In due course, at one time, we came upon the subject of many people on the earth who seem to think that prayer itself is sufficient. Many say they pray, they meditate, they go to church, and this is sufficient! Many people say, “I will pray for you.” They say this to our maiden, and she replies, “Thankyou.” Good thoughts are fine, very good. Prayer, while it is good if it is not the repetitious kind of give, give me, give ..... give, and “Oh Father, why hast Thou?” You know, the usual. But if you need help, but a prayer put simply from the soul when you feel it deeply, not repetitious prayer for that has no strength. I have told you this before. But prayer in itself will not help you to rise. Incarnations of any kind do not. They simply go out and are garnered, gathered together by all other such thoughts. Everything of a like kind meets in the one vibration.

Often there are days of prayer, for say rain, whatever if it is necessary or say, famine. But often nothing occurs. Why is this? It puzzles many. The reason is that prayer in itself has not got so much power, coming from many minds saying, “End the famine,” or, “Bring rain,” in that way. But if they could feel strongly, concentrate deeply that it would rain, then they may have some power. It takes concentrations, not just words, but strong feeling, for it to be felt and found.

Now everyone of you has a guardian, and he is very aware of the conditions around you in your land. So they know if there is famine or drought. So you may say, “Why do we bother?” But as I said, it is worth while to feel there will be rain strongly. The words themselves do not have the power so much as the strong feeling and seeing it happen. As I said to you before, “See light around your troubled ones, the light of the Father. See light around the world, this planet, on the troubled areas.” Your actually seeing it helps to bring it. If you see the rain, or whatever you need coming, it is better to have the strong feeling and the desire. Mind you, often you ask for the wrong thing. You desire the wrong thing very strongly and you get that too. So you have to put up with the consequences. Prayer itself has very little power, I must say. This will depress some of you, I am sure, for so many do pray. But if you pray with feeling, the words themselves do not matter so much, I must repeat it, as your desire for the one, seeing the result for the person of what you wish for them.

Now practice this if you will and see if you do get results. I would like you to try it. I know there are other people of other denominations who think this way and teach it. I know it is not a new thought, but I thought I would say it anyway as we were discussing it. Another thing we were discussing was the problems people bring upon themselves. We see this. We see this in the healing especially when they are ill. Often they bring it upon themselves. It is not their karmic debt in many cases, but their own worrying, their own feelings. Some people worry needlessly, but they continue, and they never cease. It goes on and on, and they are ill. One lady whom we know who has had a bereavement, is very ill because of her guilt feelings. She wanted to say some things to the one she loved and she did not say them before the person died. Now she wants reassurance from this loved one, constantly begging that his person come to our maiden and give reassurance. The person we have approached in the spirit realms sighs when we approach again. “Oh, will she not understand that I love her, and do not hold anything against her?” But the person on earth does not want to believe it and is very sick indeed. She called in her priest, and asked him if he believed in the greater consciousness. He agreed he did. This helped her some, because she is of the Catholic faith. She says that she does believe, but she does not truly believe, because she is going to the grave of her beloved and placing flowers. Our maiden said that there is no point in doing that, but rather she should place them before her portrait or whatever. “Send her your thoughts, your love, and she will know. There is nothing in the grave but her bones. The bones are not your mother, for she is in spirit and has passed on. She is alive in another place!” “Yes, I know, but I can’t believe it.” One minute yes and one minute no! She is very ill indeed and she says she does not think she will live much longer. All people on earth have a certain amount of guilt when people die, because no one is perfect. We do hurt one another and often we do not mean to be harsh. But, nevertheless, when a loved one passes we have these feelings. Many do become very low because of it and wonder will the person ever forgive or will they understand. Of course they do. When they get to the realm of spirit they are more concerned with their own problems, when first arriving, and have not time to think about earthly things. But, of course, some do rush back. But then again, they are more concerned with telling the others on earth they are alive. They cannot get near their loved one because of the troubled mind. So anyone here who may have feelings of guilt, to banish them would be wise, because holding them to you gives them power over you, to make you ill, to make you sad.

I am always talking about serenity, and I know you all desire it. Well, you can have it if you try. The peace that comes to you when you have healing, all who have been to our maiden know it, but that is because you have been touched by the power of the spirit and it has touched your spirit and you feel at peace. Some of you weep because the feeling is so loving and so wonderful and it makes you feel unworthy. Quite a few weep. We understand. It is a release and helpful. So in your daily life, when everything comes against you sometimes, tell it to go away. Put all the thought from yourself. Sit down and have a cup of tea or something, and say to yourself, “I will not let this overtake me!” Strive to calm your mind, and then look upon your problems peacefully, one by one, or part by part. If you go around your home, or your work, with your mind seething, you are wearing yourself out needlessly. It is better to go around your daily chores with a song with you, or out loud, or to hum, to be light-hearted if possible. All people put something over on us at times. It is the way of life. But you can shrug and not let it bother you. You know, people have words, and they cut into you. Some people are very unkind, and they want to cut you down to size, or they want to hurt you for some reason because they are unhappy themselves. Often it is unhappiness that makes people act in this way, not that they hate you. So say, “Poor soul”, or wish them well; I have been on earth often enough, to know.

I have started the book, and as I reach back in time I see visions of myself. They are not always very clear in the dim ages past. I see a little of those times. But as I come nearer and nearer they become much clearer to myself, and I will be able to give more details. My lives have been all so different. All had their own problems. I know all yours have been the same. Each of us is attempting life and the challenge present to us. When we see the challenges of life, it should give us to understand what it is we have to learn. For truly we do know ourselves if we take the time to be still and look within. We do know what it is we have to learn. We do know within our own families that each one of us has to learn something different because of the attitude of each, and how they see life. How many times have you tried to reason with a person because you saw a problem your way and they saw it another. How it was deadlock. Yet you felt you yourself saw clearly too. But deadlock. That is because you are each individuals seeing life in a different way.

Now another problem we have often discussed is the world itself. You know that when we have been on the earth, we of the spirit, we have usually been hundreds or thousands of years away, and life was infinitely different them, yet it held its own problems. Every era has its own, and sometimes in the past they have been very, very difficult indeed. The problem of food, for instance. This is still a great problem in your world. Your world has plenty, but has not yet learned how to share it fairly. But I understand the world too, and I see the problems, and I also see that to be a person with ideals and desires in that way, you cannot always put the world to rights, because there are those in power who do not see as you do. But increasingly, it seems that voices are joining together, and people are coming together in strength, and are being able to change some things here and there. This is the power of voice, and when “Two or three are gathered together”, it is true, if they are gathered together in duality of purpose, in sincerity and in love. So we learn much from your lives, very much indeed. The world is so different to us, all the gadgets you have, the cars, planes, trains, all the electricity. Everything is so different to the life we had. Those in the spirit realms who deal in science, they are still aware of such things, because often they create for you. But I am talking about us who have been a long time in the spirit world before we entered life again to serve. When I first came to our maiden I was very bewildered. The fact that I had to enter through the mist, and plunge into it for the first time, was a harrowing experience for me. It is for all of us at first, newly arrived to give service. But like everything else, time and time again makes it easier. But another thing you are not aware of my friends, is that one newly arrived on the earth from spirit, who has been there a long time and has evolved, that it is very difficult for us to plunge into auras too! Have you ever thought of that? I do not think so. Those who are not of a good vibration, those who are depressed, when my brethren are asked for healing, and the healers have to plunge into your auras to help you, it is difficult with some. some find it very hard at first, and have to withdraw, replenish themselves, and dive in again, so to speak. If a person is very, very depressed, we sometimes cleanse the aura before we can get close. So see us as servants of the Father who wish to serve you but have difficulty in finding our way to you at times. Those who have newly left the earth are quite surprised at first when they see this curtain of mist that surrounds the earth. All around you is grey and misty to us. To you it is bright, but we live in a different dimension, and to us there is a curtain of mist, and we have to dive in. If you were there on the other side you could see the constant traffic, coming and going, people who are asleep going there nightly, people who have just passed over, with people accompanying them, people who are being carried, who have been very ill, to a rest home so that their soul can be attended to. So you see constant traffic. There are many things you have to learn, and this is one of them, to plunge backwards through the mist. Some will not attempt it; they see it and they turn back, they do! People wonder why their loved ones do not come to them. They say, “My brother, sister, mother, father, has never come to see me. They have been dead so many years, and they have never come.” The reason is that they do not wish to come. We cannot make a spirit come to the earth if he does not desire it. Some have never returned, never, until of course they are born again. But those who do not have to come back again may never return to the earth even as a guide, because some work in the spirit world always. People who are guardians are trained. They are chosen; they have to be strong and able to take much. Think of your life, think of yourself in your many moods all throughout your life from a tiny babe, and see what your guardian has had to endure. We endure it patiently, and we do not criticize you. We have had lives of our own, and we know how we were. So we never criticize you, never. We are very patient, very patient indeed, and long suffering at times. So next time you are in trouble and bewailing something, think how you can help yourself by being still, sending out a quiet thought of help to your guardian, then forgetting it and letting him do the work if you cannot do it yourself. He will try to bring about whatever it is to help you.

Now guardians cannot help you always. I have told you that when it is a test we have to stand back and let the person go through his testing time. But sometimes too they are asked to do something difficult and it cannot be done because it will bring disaster, you see. We see a little ahead of you, and we can often see what is going to happen around you. But often even that changes, and this is why we do not care to prophecy. You know you often change your minds, and those around you change their minds, and what you had agreed upon falls through. Then, of course, if you have been told something you will say, “Oh, that was not right!”, not realizing that conditions have changed. So always be careful. When you desire help, be sure you really know what it is you desire. So many souls procrastinate constantly, moving from one thing to another, never sure, spending time in one area and then on to the next. How could a guardian guide such a person, except by trying to make that person more steady and steadfast. We do have difficulties. Sometimes we spend an entire evening trying to put an idea into a person’s mind, an idea that will bear fruit. We spend hours doing this and the person hears it, hears it but does not put it into action. Just denies it, yet aid has been there! Aid has been there for many hours, yet the person denies the help. When we spend many hours like this, the thoughts are there, because we put them in constantly making sure they take root. Yet you do not listen. Many say, “I do wish I could contact my guide.” Yes indeed! They would like to contact you. How would you abuse this contact constantly? Constantly abusing, or would you agree to quietness and meditation at a certain time each day when you would be sure you were together, when you could try to be still and allow your guardian to instill within you his teaching, and his help? Do not always see us as infallible. We can only do so much for you. Often conditions do not help us, but when we are unable to aid you we call others to our side who have the knowledge, or we visit the spirit realms and talk to someone who has the knowledge we need. We, like you, have different gifts, and as you will go to someone who will help you, so we do the same. It is a similar world in many, many areas. So see us rather as someone who has been put in charge of you, to try to guide you in your ways, to try to keep you on the pathway when you would wander off, to protect you when you would step into danger. Many a spirit has swept people from the path of danger truly. For at such times we make ourselves very, very low in vibration, because we need to do this to make ourselves more solid, to be able to do something that is almost physical. We can do this. We not care to, of course, because it makes us very much like earth people. You understand? But we have to sometimes when it is necessary. Usually we like to stay at the vibration a little way above the loved one, because we do have to dwell in earth conditions, and we cannot be here in our own vibration. So that is why when you see spirits you do not always see them as bright, shining and beautiful, but rather much like yourselves. It is impossible to be a bright shining being in this condition. We must lower our vibrations to enable us to live here with you. But what we do not and can not hide is our light, the light of our soul. That is always seen by clairvoyants, the light of the soul, the light of the souls of the spirits. That can always be seen, so that one knows the true vibrations of the one before you.

Now some lights are tiny, like a dime, some even smaller, some like a quarter, and some like a dollar coin. Now if they are large and luminous, they are very bright indeed. When they are small they are close to the earth, and even sometimes in the greyness. So when we see the lights of the spirits we know what they are. Of course too, their appearance. A lowly spirit has not a beautiful appearance, because his real true worth is upon his countenance. You cannot hide where a spirit is; you are seen exactly as you are! Very lowly spirits are not pretty to look upon at all, rather you would turn away. So correspondingly beautiful are those of the higher realms. The skin of a higher being is so noticeable, it is so beautiful, so fine! Those of you who perhaps see a little, may understand what I mean. Yourselves, too, the spirit within you has its countenance as you have yours. When it leaves your body and goes into the spirit realms when you sleep, its true worth can be seen to all as it travels to its own realm. It is there to be seen, in the robe, in the body, in the countenance, the colouring of the robes.

When some come to you at first, or come to us, they come as they were, for proof. But that is not their true way of robing themselves, that is for you to recognize. You would not recognize a young person if it was your grandmother who had passed away an old lady. So they come in the way they were before they died and people think that is the way they are in the spirit world, but no! We have the powers to make ourselves as we desire. You will have such powers too. You know, when I was under the guise of Brown Otter the humble Indian, the servant of the Father, I did not desire to come as myself, as Zareth the Persian, because I wanted to be a humble person before you to show you that the Father loves all. You see? He loves every nationality, all people. That is why I wanted to be an Indian, and that is why many choose to be Indians. The ancient Indians understood the Father, saw Him in all nature, in the animals, everything that lived and moved, understood the Father in that way, and saw Him as the Great White Spirit. Because of this they had many mediums amongst them, usually the medicine man, and he would bring the spirits to them. They would commune and have the teaching. This is why many Indians come back as Indians, even though it was another nationality in their last incarnation. I was an Indian way back in time, very far back in time. You will read of it in my book. But now that I am Zareth, the Persian, and the man of substance that was, you see before you now not one so humble. But still I do come in humility. My earthly goods were nothing compared to my spiritual growth, nothing. It was my spiritual growth that enabled me to stay in the spirit realm when I died finally, and did not return, purely my spiritual growth. It will be the same for yourselves, every one of you. There are many men on earth who have substance, and who use their power to hurt, desiring more power and power. But this does not aid them at all. But because I was a sensitive being, and did not care to hurt any one, I did not have to return, even though I did have power. I had power too in the life that I am now writing of in the book, but it was of a different kind in the dim ages past, of a very, very different kind. But nevertheless, I had the responsibility of that power, and I could have misused it previously, but I am happy that I did not do too badly, although I made many, many mistakes. I was not too cruel, but I was a little in some way, so I did have things to learn.

So it is, I have returned to you after all. Little did I think that I would, I did not think for a moment that I would enter the earth again. I was working in the spirit realms as a teacher, descending to the areas that were not too afflicted, the area of self-realization, and the area where people are moderately happy. They have much to learn, because they had been victims of misleading dogmas. So I used to descend there frequently to enlighten people. Usually it was not too difficult, not boring, but much of the sameness constantly. There was change in there being different people and looking at things in a different way each time.

So coming like this and descending to these areas does put a little strain on us. We are often very happy to be back amongst our own kind. Mind you, it is not always work. There is much we do to have pleasure. But a soul who is very dedicated prefers to work, and will not spend so much time in pleasure. We have many such. You can see them harrying away, so intent upon their work. You do not see them very often. Sometimes you say, “Brother, why do you not stay with us for some time and give us the pleasure of your company?” You know these people on earth too. You see you do not change your nature. If you are a person who must work, work, work, then you still are. You may learn to be still a little, and to enjoy yourself more and more, but if you are a good person, then you will be inclined to work diligently. Many of you see yourselves as a person who will change quickly, when you arrive, but it is not so. It takes quite some time to change, slowly, and to become more serene, to learn to live in a certain way, to put from yourself all those personal things that bothered you, to let the earth take care of itself, and those on earth too, because they have to learn their lessons. You can help a little, but you cannot live their lives for them, and so you have to learn to let them be, and to go and help when you can, when you see it will be possible. You have to learn to cast from yourself all the falsehoods of your character, as I have told you. I do not mean lying and this kind of thing, I mean the little things you hide, not showing your true self to others. All this has to be changed. So you see it can be difficult. Then again learning to help others, and having courage to join a group and do it, or having the courage to learn to work singly, or having the courage to take up something new, for there is much that you can learn.

Now many of you think that you are not very bright, and think that you cannot do very much. Now I think that this is a very big mistake to think so, because buried within you are many gifts. You are so old and in past lives you have been able to do various things, and you will find in time that you do have gifts. Sometimes you feel within yourself a desire to do something and you do not know how to start to do it, or you do not have the money to do it, but you feel you could do it just the same, and you put it away from you and say, “Oh, well”. Well, if you have this strong desire and you have it in the spirit world you can do it. There are vast libraries, for those who like to read. You will be surprised. If you like music, plenty of music. If you like sailing, water, but not by the same method, but by the power of thought. Some people in this life like to live solitary lives, and they do choose a solitary state in the spirit world, live in a forest, live on a mountain, live on a distant shore. Now this in itself is usually in the realms that are closer to the earth. People who grow do not desire solitude. They desire to be in there working for the Father, entering the fray, taking upon themselves the challenge of service. To live alone is not the way of an enlightened being. Such people in time begin to realize that they feel lonely and seek company, and when we of the spirit, who are teachers, know this, we visit. We come and the first time we stay a short time and then we come more often, then more of us will come. In this way we help get them use to people. We know how to treat each one. In time they become more at ease. It is the same with those in dark realms who live in the grey, or dark grey or whatever, in a humble abode, dwelling upon their miseries, we enter their abode at times. We try to help them as best we can. We see who they are and what they have done and what they need. We may have to return dozens or maybe hundreds of time. It depends on the individual. But we have lots of time, ample time, and we have patience. We do not always go to the same person, we change. Sometimes another will be able to win them away from their thinking. Sometimes ladies have more success with men, and men more success with ladies. I wonder why? The old, old story, old as time.

So in the realms close to earth and all throughout the realms there is man and woman. Even when we are working each group has men and women. We visit with groups sometimes and they were divided also. In the spirit realms people live together in houses and sometimes a group will live together, a mixed group. No marriage in heaven, only people of a like spirituality, people who are drawn to one another, live together. Then of course, a group may be working together and they may desire to live together too. So as I told you, Robert’s mother has now progressed and is living with her sister, the sister whom she loved dearly and is very happy. We do not see her these days, she is busy, busy with her sister. We will see her when she has more time and has got over her pleasurable life and is settling in more to it.

Then again we do have man and woman who are together because they are affinities. Now affinities are souls who are akin. When they are in the spirit world, if they happen to be in the same area, or quite close, they will come together and stay together and live together. It is only by choice. Sometimes one does not meet with an affinity for thousands and thousands of years, but some do quite quickly. Very few have their affinities on earth, very few. This is why in your marriage partners you do not have perfection, because there are many degrees of love. You may have a deep love for someone but it will not be the perfect soul love. This will help you to understand why people are not suited to one another. People are sometimes drawn together for the wrong reasons, a physical attraction for instance, not a soul attraction, but it is the soul and when you dwell with another, even if it is of the same sex, it is because you love each other dearly and choose to live together.

This goes on throughout all the realms in the spirit world. As people are very close and attracted to each other, they choose to live together. It is very odd how suddenly you will come across one whom you feel, oh, so close and you love them most dearly, just that moment, and you know that you are akin, as you are in strong harmony and you will wish to be close to that person, to live together, to work together.

This is how it will be for you. When you are there finally it will be those you are attracted to, those you feel you would like to be with always, that you will live with, not necessarily your husband or your wife, but then again some do because they do love dearly and they choose to go along together. But a day may come when they find they are not true affinities and they find another. But they will never lose that love and they will always be able to contact each other and be together on occasion. If you have on this earth a deep love and a deep affection, that tie of love will never be lost, I assure you. Where there is a deep love, that link is forged forever, and it will never die. Even if you return to this earth, when you come together again in the spirit world you will recognize each other because there is the love between you. So never fear, never. Love of the soul is a beautiful emotion and the Father who loves us all most dearly has given us love and implanted it in our beings. Do you think He would pluck it from us and take it from us because we have passed over? No, indeed. It is given to you in greater measure, the love of the spirit realms when it is true it is ecstasy, ecstasy of soul and you blend together in pureness of soul and it is a true feeling that surpasses earthly love! It surpasses it so greatly that you will be amazed. You will have emotion. You will still have tears if you cry; you can weep. You will have your emotions, your deep feelings. They will not leave you. So do not think you will be lost or without love. All souls are beloved. There is always someone who loves another, always. If you feel lonely and lost here, and long for someone, know that when your time comes, you will be beloved. Truly beloved, for your true self, not for your physical being, but for you. Everyone has an innermost longing for love, it is within everyone. Some do not understand it and see it purely as a physical urge. But those who are gentle see it as a spiritual love, and link both together. These are the wise people, those who have learned some lessons. So see the spirit realms as a place where you still live, where you are a person, an individual, where you will have your problems. As I said the last time, in the last moment, do not think you will not have problems. You will, because there is much, much to learn, and even I, who come from a very beautiful area, am learning. Learning because of the attitudes of our maiden, of Robert, of all who come within our orbit, seeing how they think, and how I would l think in such a problem or dilemma, and I find I differ often, because I see it from my point of view, from my realm of light. I look upon some problems as very light and think that is not much. Why are they so bewildered? I think that that will do them good, knowing as I do that all trials do help us to become stronger. I think from my realm that that will make them stronger and I see beyond that moment to the future when they are stronger and I do not have such fears for them. Then you may think I am cold and do not feel. It is not that. It is that I understand. You too will one day. As I said, problems of the earth are constantly revealing to me, newer problems, and newer problems. I see them and I ponder, and I learn. I truly do. It will help me considerably in my endeavours in the spirit world and at times help me to understand a being whom we are trying to get through. You see, if I am always up there, I cannot understand all the problems of the earth and I cannot draw too close to anyone who is very lowly, because I do not understand their problems. Our maiden has more understanding of the problems of people many times more than I do, because she lives here, hears so many problems, and tries to help people. When I see our maiden’s mind working, and how she handles problems, then this helps me to understand, and helps me to help another. So you see I am constantly learning and this learning helps another and so it is with your life too. So see me and my brethren as people like yourselves constantly learning, being bewildered by life’s problems, and wondering how they will resolve this, and then trying to search within my mind to see how it would be. Sometimes I am wise enough, but not always. Maybe when I have been here longer I will be wiser in this area. So you see, do not see yourselves alone, when you have problems, know that we all have them, even in our place. The constant knowledge that we have as we progress, we have to learn, to assimilate and new knowledge given to us in each area. It cannot be assimilated at once, because much is revealed as we progress onwards. Then again too, quite a few people have to learn that in the realms that are beyond them they are going to find many, many people who are not like themselves, bright beings who are coloured, in all the colours of the nations. Some do not like to be approached by one of another nationality in the spirit world, to be helped. Truly, we soon find out if this is so, and we bring to them their own kind, until they learn. Then when they learn that God loves everyone, and that all those bright beings are higher than themselves, much more, then it makes them feel odd indeed, because some people see the white race as supreme. But not to God, not to our Father, not to the Great Spirit. No, the Great Spirit sees all children as His, every one. I cannot repeat if too often.

There is much hatred on this earth, of man for his brother, and where you find it, try to sow a seed and see these people in light. Cover them in light constantly, see the rays of light enfolding them to try and take them out of the darkness. To hate people because they are different is very sad indeed. It proves to us that people do not think deeply, because it is purely a matter of birth, and where you need your lessons, and where you are most likely to learn them. You, all of you, have been coloured at one time, over and over. You have been in different areas of the world in your past lives. Our maiden had a new spirit visit her the other day and he was Jewish. He has been in the spirit world for thousands of years at the time when they were persecuted, even then. He said to her, “I see you do not have hatred. I am Jewish.” She said, “What of it?” He said this to see her reaction, but he could read her. It is good to hear from someone now and again.

I know that sometimes you have a reason to despise and hate someone who is very different. But think, because of their conditions that is perhaps the reason that they behave so. You too would be aggressive in a country like India, where there are thousands and thousands of people, and many living on the streets, with no homes. You know if you had something you would guard it, or if you did not have anything you would try to get it. Always see people in their conditions, in the life before they came to this land. Many have had great difficulty and their life is a great struggle. But do you know, a great struggle often makes them into very bright beings? When they arrive in the spirit world they are already in the light, not the brightest of course, but in light. So never judge.

Amongst us here today there are diverse nationalities, and yet we are all brethren. Many of you have ancestors who are not Canadians, but came from the old country and had different customs to your own, customs that you have forgotten. Some try to keep the customs of their ancient heritage alive. There are small groups here and there who succeed. This makes them happy. In a way, it is good that we are all different. It would be boring if we were all the same, all the time, and the spirit world was completely white. Think you it would be as colourful as it is? The diversity of robes and colours, it is very beautiful. Can you not see a kaleidoscope of colours before you, many robes, many jewels shining? Some have a diadem upon the head of the bright beings. The foliage, nothing that I could describe to you, but it is very beautiful. But that is for another time, but to show you that we are all beloved, very beloved. Many, many do hate the Jews, forgetting that the Nazarene was a Jew. They seem to ignore that, but he was. At this time too they were hated and he was despised. He still serves the Father, still enters the realms below, and will for aeons of time, not to the lower ones, but to those places where people need teaching, people who are Christians, to help them understand that he is still labouring. That is how he has returned, not to your earth, but to you in the spirit realms.

Now to all of you who are present, feel the love of the Father descend upon you, feel this vibration of love.


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