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~*Teaching #38*~

Good afternoon, my beloved, I am so happy to be with you again. And now it is coming to a close again. The seasons fly on your earth; it is so extraordinary how they move, and I am quite surprised that the time is here when we shall soon part for a time.

In our world time is immaterial, and we live on, not thinking of any moment. When we have a task we have time to bring it to a close, or we can leave it for another time. You see, I still use the word ‘time’, it is so difficult not to. But what I mean is, when there is unlimited time to live, and you have decided let us say, to give your time to help others. No others know that this is the way to growth of spirit. So we will deal with you who know and understand. So we will decide what you have decided to give your help and aid to those who need you. But at the same time you have learned that there are many many other ways for you to gain knowledge. This will take you a considerable time to find out, for in the beginning your enthusiasms are so wound up. But you dash hither and thither. You glimpse an endeavour, you become excited. You watch it a little time. Someone else says, “Come, come, I have found,” and off you go again and again and again. Then you meet friends, and they are engaged in another pursuit. So you are all a-hum with activity. This activity is not work, it is your time being used up in endeavour, the kind of endeavour that you choose, be it painting, drawing, sketching, making jewelry, weaving beautiful tapestries, or simply watching other people work. (This is a task many enjoy, I can tell you), mmmm ..... laughter .....

So there is much to do. I have mentioned only a few things, but as you are aware, we have everything, and as you have much, and as no-one can do everything, you can see that there will be many challenges to conquer.

Now when you are here on this earth your mind is limited to the tasks that you can glean, work upon and understand. But in our world your minds will be more alert, more able to grasp and understand, so you will attempt tasks that you would believe when you are here to be beyond your capabilities, your own ability. The mind will take you into such areas of exploration that you will be happy.

When people say that they would prefer to stay in this world, they know not. They understand not, for this world is so dull in comparison. When you know that you can reach out, and no-one will say ‘nay’ to you when you attempt some new endeavour. No-one will say, “You cannot do this. There is a union. You cannot move across that floor.” You can do anything, anything. If it is your desire, no-one will stop you. They will help you. Then you will understand that because you are in the light, that people are kindly disposed towards you. There will not be anyone full of envy if you have wonderful ability, rather will they applaud you. This is the difference between earth and our world of light. When you are wonderfully gifted, you are applauded. People give you great respect. They do not worship you, or fawn upon you, but they give you credit for your ability. So you can become, when you are wonderfully equipped, you can become a teacher. You gather around your students, and begin earning your spiritual ability. There are many many ways to grow. This is what you have to understand on this earth.

You wake up in the morning and look about you. Someone may phone you, but you are in a hurry, and you have not the time for that being. Now that being may have a great need of you. You may understand this and be a little perturbed because you haven’t got the time. Throughout the day your mind may be bothered by this. So whenever you have time you may call this person and try and help. But you may find they are a little against you now, because when they wanted you, at that very moment you couldn’t give them your help. These are the areas in life in which we learn and grow. It is not a simple task.

In our world, none of this, because when you gain the light you are in an area where no-one is ill. Or has problems. Rather the problems will be those of how to deal with your lives. When people are learning to help others, these are mostly the ways where we make mistakes, because we do not have all knowledge. So when we are endeavouring to help souls who are ignorant, we can only approach them through the knowledge and the ability that we have. But that ability may not be enough because that person’s life may be such a one as you have not seen, or the problems may not have come across to you in your lifetime. So you will have to seek knowledge from a teacher. There is nothing wrong this, and the teacher will be only too happy to help you.

Sometimes when you are new to us, people are a little weary at first. It isn’t the weariness of the body such as you have here, more a weariness of fear that they are not doing their task as it should be done. But as you spend more time, the tasks become light. In time you will become a teacher. So when you are a teacher, it usually means you have a small group. These groups are formed of those who wish to learn, how to deal with others who are fresh in our world. So we have many many small groups, and they do a great deal of work indeed, just as you can do much in your own way here. A small word here and a small word there, and lo and behold you have done much. It is amazing how word can spread about. But in our world these small groups have a great deal of capacity, because when people are strange and their ideas and knowledge is limited, a small group of people does not seem too high, but more akin to themselves, and seems to be able to bring more help than is thought possible. All the knowledge that you have gleaned here in these last few years when we have been together, the words you have heard, the words that you have spread about at times, the words that you help your friends with, or yourself, or your family, those very words you will be able to spread about in our world too. Already you are prepared in part.

So I say to you that every single piece of knowledge however simple, is the ladder by which others climb. People who are afraid, people who have been taught that they are saved, they are not seeking the wonderful knowledge of the higher places. They are seeking knowledge that will help them understand their limitations of the moment. Think of it. Think of you arriving, if you are a Christian believing that the Nazarene is your Saviour, and you are full of enthusiasm thinking that you will be with him, and the days pass and pass, and there is nothing, and you are cast down. You enquire of others. Others say “No.” Time passes, and more time passes, and the despondency is deep indeed. They do not understand, because they feel that they have done much. They are in the light, they are good people, but they are bewildered.

This is where you enter the scene. Sometimes a small group will take a small group of people aside, one at a time, and will try to help them understand that they themselves are responsible for their lives, and that they will not see the Nazarene, not yet. But one day he will appear. But you will have to be equipped with more knowledge than you think, for it is not enough to know that they are responsible, you will have to parry with them with the knowledge that they have. So you will have to learn much of their own ways. I am sure that you have some of it within you, as most people have some gleaning of Christianity, but many people forget what they have learned.

In our world it is a good thing to polish up your knowledge, as a weapon to teach with, because you will have to parry these questions. Only when you are equipped with their own knowledge and know the answers, can you deal with them. When you have managed to help them to understand, then you can give them the answers. And much will be their surprise indeed. They will say, “That is unjust,” because they had no knowledge, but you will say, “Well if you had, you would not have believed.” Here we are dealing very simply with questions and answers. Not yet are people seeking thoughts that will take them into the deeper aspects of theology. We usually have to get into these aspects when we deal with clergy. But when all is said and done, we return to the knowledge that all people, no matter who, have to begin at the beginning. Your beginning is your creation. You are a child, a spark of the Divine. You will be born. You will be taught as a child, so your days are mapped out for you, in whatever religion your family adheres to. So your ways are created, and you go on from there. You see God in the best way you can, and so it is for all people throughout the universe. They see God in the only way they know, the way that they have been taught.

Mankind has such ways of turning upon his brother because he is different. Throughout all ages it has been thus, man turning against man because of a difference of religion. What do you think occurs in our world? When they enter and see that they are all together, Catholics, Protestants, Mohammedans, and all kinds? You live together, and together you learn, and you can see that the questions in Iran and Africa, or India, France or Germany, the questions will be different in every area according to their belief, according to how they have been taught. So all souls in our world have to be equipped according to the area, and according to the knowledge gained. So you see our problems are deep.

We cannot deal with any soul unless we get back to the beginning, when it was a child, and when it was taught the first words. And from there we proceed. You see, this is the way that you will do it. You will look at the person, because you have the ability to understand his problems. You will see from the beginning. That is where you will begin, and that is where you will try to bring them to a quiet understanding of their life as it is. It may take many many days of your time. You may have to return again and again. But the day will come when you will achieve that which you desire, to bring the knowledge that will free them for all time and set them upon the path of joy and hope and understanding, to a life where understanding is unfettered. No longer will they see the Father as an ogre, nor the Nazarene as one to lean upon. But they will see themselves as an upright being, with the ability to solve their own problems, to know that they need not be afraid, that there are others always there who will give them all understanding, all support. Never again alone, but in a land where everyone is your friend, where you can flower and blossom and become such a one that you cannot believe it.

Try and see yourself as a flower growing in a beautiful soil, no rain, no pesticides, nothing to harm, but able to grow in beautiful lustre, colour, such beauty to give others happiness. Indeed you will glow with the radiance of your own being as you progress onward and onward and onward, your very body gleaming, giving forth an essence of love, the clothing that you wear gleaming in the folds, and the jewels that you earn glistening in the light, your hair gleaming with such power, your eyes so large and lustrous and power shining forth from them as you go higher and higher. You see others before you in the same manner, and you see that to gain is to gain in your own stature, in your own being. Here it shines from you in part, but no-one can glean the lustre that is within. But in our world it is seen so wonderfully. No-one can cast it from you, it is always yours unless you hurt yourself by ill dealings. But if you proceed onward and onward, and you endeavour to be an aide to your brethren, in whatever way you have chosen, your days will always be filled with pleasure, with music if you wish it. Whatever you wish. Remember this, you have freewill.

It will be your choice. No-one can gainsay you, yours will be the radiance. When people sing of angels on high they do not understand, but they have hope.

The hope that it is wonderful. And it truly is. We do not need wings, we move by the power of the mind. This is itself a wonderful gift. When you are high, the power that you have will surprise you indeed. The knowledge that you will glean will be the knowledge that passeth all understanding.

You will look back on this life, that is if you remember it, you will lose it in time, you will not wish to remember it, but you may look back on the days of your inception into our world, and you will marvel at your ignorance at that time, because when you go forward, the rewards of the Father are the rewards of love. But remember that this Mind that is so wonderfully creative, the Mind that created you and all things, does not reveal everything to His children at once, but keeps many many surprises. So the life is never dull. Those who think it would be a dull life are very mistaken, because those secrets that are revealed give you such a surprise, not all understand them of course, just as you cannot understand everything here, but you can marvel. You can bask in the glory of all this. Mankind has a way of limiting everything in his mind, when he has reached a certain stage which he doesn’t seem to be able to pass. Then one day something is discovered in this world, and the mind boggles, and there it is again, another surprise for you. You wonder if it will work, but it does.

There you take another step forward. You say sometimes, where will it all end, but there is no ending, as you have discovered, because discovering is the way of life, and you go on and on. A child of yesteryear did not learn as the child of today does. A child of tomorrow will learn much more. So the age of discovery goes on. Mankind seems to be unable to cease. Why is this? It is because he has the ability, it is there. That is what I am speaking about, the ability of the mind to go onward and onward. There is no limit. In our world you will have such surprises, but here you are in the kindergarten, and already you are experiencing these surprises. You are being prepared for the future. Don't you see it? Yes. You are being prepared so that you are not afraid. It is the first step. But your steps will go on and on, and depending upon your own ability, the kind of mind you have, just think about it, and you will almost be able to see yourself. Not a bad idea to think about, and to ask questions in your mind. When you sleep your guide will very likely teach you and help you. We like a questing mind. We like it when you try to glean knowledge, for these are the ways by which you do gain, as the questing mind proves, and someone in our world finds that person, and drops a little knowledge in. It seems that people discover things almost simultaneously. It is our way to give you knowledge.

In our world there are minds always working on problems. If you could only see these types, the scientists, the chemists, the engineers, the people who are the discoverers, the planners. They still work. They cannot still the brain, they cannot, for they would not be using the gifts that they had within them. Think about that. Think about the gifts that mankind has. Think about your own gifts. Would you like it if you had to dull them when you came to us, and be forever the same? No. Because you have this questing ability, and like to see new and exciting things.

It is your birthright. When you look at a flower on a tree, or a blade of grass, is it not wonderfully made? Yes, of course it is, and in our world you will see much things. We have the flowers, the grass, the trees, houses, working places, everything that you have. You will work then too, and you will marvel. Have you seen a tree that is perfect? No, because seasons wreak havoc with nature. But think of a tree that raises itself in beauty, unsullied, and the flowers beautiful, nothing to harm, with the bark glistening and shining and the flowers full of lustre and scent that will not give you hay fever! Ha ha. I thought I should say that because so many suffer.

But what I am trying to say is that if you can visualize a flower or a tree as perfect, then you can visualize yourselves. You raised up with the same beauty, you raised up without a blemish. This will be your gain for your efforts.

When you are tired and weary, when life gives you terrible tasks to perform, when it is heavy, try not to be in despair, because this is the way to perfection. The loads are your testing. Are you worthy? Are you a worthy servant that can fight the good fight? Or are you going to be weak, and fade away under the burden? Or are you going to hold up your head, straighten your shoulders and say, “I can do it.” When you do this, you can. Then your rewards are wonderful, and such a life of beauty is before you.

The law is perfectly just. No-one can change that law. No-one. If you are maligned in this world, you will have the compensation in ours. No-one soul in our world is judged by earthly standards. When I say to you that you will look at a being when you are teaching, from the very beginning, then that is how we look at you also, and how the law looks at you. Not from the point of view of sin or wrong doing, condemning you out of hand, but looking from the beginning, from your inception onwards.

From the every day ways of your life, from all that you have touched, and all who have touched you, and how it impressed itself upon you, and how it dealt with you. How you reacted to it. You see what I mean? Perfectly just, every connotation, nothing left out. How could anyone who is just condemn you out of hand? The very age that you live in plays a part in this too. Everything. When people cry out to the Father and condemn the Father for harming them, they speak in ignorance. Nothing happens to them. It is simply their misunderstanding of the law. The Father does not harm His little ones, but it is the life around you, and how you handle it, and how it handles you. So look at the problems of life in the light of everything around you. See your life from the beginning. Try it out on yourself. Try to see how it has influenced you. Try to see how your parents, your teachers and your peers influenced you until you are the being that is sitting here at this moment.

Can you see it? It will take you some time. But if you do it, you will see that what you are at this very moment, your ways are the ways and days of your life impressing themselves upon you, and how you have grasped whatever has come to you, and whatever you have held to yourself, whatever you use and whatever you keep, or whatever you cast aside from yourself. You will always do this, you will keep whatever is good for you. There will be times when you will make a mistake, but when you do you will so know it. That is the way of life. If you were living in a different place, you would have a much different day from this. You would have so much put upon you say if you lived in Italy, or Germany, or say you lived in Africa.

In some places the people are sleeping now, and they are in the spirit world, and they are going through whatever it is, happily or unhappily. You were there last evening. You may have been with some people, and you may have already started your life of service. But if you have, you will not do it every evening. You will have pleasure, you will be with companions. We do not expect people to work all the time, because that would make you very dull. We allow you to work until you feel you have had enough. Then you will cease. Then you will do that which you have chosen. It may be restful, it may be music, or it may be with your friends. You may have another task, but a different one. This is how it is. So when you look at your life, remember always that you spend part of it here, and part in our world when you are sleeping, and that here your activities can be absolutely different from when you are with us. So your spirit within you will be the sum total of your life here, and your life with us, when you sleep. So are you that person that you think you are? No, you are different in your spirit, depending on how your spirit wishes to live.

So here we have a being who is walking around this earth, you and every other person, and you live your days and do your tasks, and you consciously think, but do you ever think that there is another life, not unconsciously? Now and again it may enter into your mind. Because living this life can be so demanding. Say you are thinking about us. You have some questions about why people are sick, why children are born malformed, why and why. You hear from me that it is not the Father who does these things, and your mind tries o see how it could be, how anyone could hurt a child. Then your mind gets into other avenues, travels around about, because you love children, and because you are gentle and kind you cannot see how it could be. But I am afraid that this law, the law of cause and effect, works with everyone. The people of your world are not always little children. You know those who harm, those who maim and kill, those who are selfish, those who give people very difficult lives indeed, when they die they go to the place they earn. You know this. It can be grey, dark or whatever. So when they finally by their own efforts leave those dark places, and gain some light, like a summer’s day, then to a place that is brighter, then they learn more and more and an understanding of the law. Then they are told they are coming back to earth, because, “Remember when you were in greyness, the reasons were” and so on. Well, you have to learn certain lessons, and in learning them there will be some pain, because you have to learn. So that you will remember. If you do these things again you will harm yourself. So these lessons are long, until the being has this well ground in, until he has perfect understanding. Then they are reborn, and the life may then be where there is a handicap, or into a family where there will be a hereditary disease, or difficulty. It isn’t that they are being punished, it is rather the soul having the opportunity to work out its problems.

If the Great Spirit of all Light, that Great Power, that Great Love, did not make this law, and if it were as people in Christianity sometimes see people in heaven or in hell as they say for the dark places, and would leave people there. The Catholics have purgatory, and you can light candles and say a prayer to help those people out. That is good, for at least some people are thinking of the people in those places. We do not give it the name of purgatory, but I suppose it is, for it isn’t nice at all. It doesn’t matter about the name. The name is immaterial. It is the difficulties that the people are in, because of their difficult lives, the things that they did to their brethren.

But the Father being Love, gives everyone the opportunity to change, and those in these places are taught, and they have the understanding of the law. But many reject it. They will not listen, so they stay in those places until they come to their senses, and know that they are foolish.

So you see it is better that people have the opportunity to work it out instead of staying there in darkness for eternity. You would not care for that, I can assure you. It is better that you work it out. So when you see a little one burdened, or an adult burdened, or yourself, remember it is better this way. It is difficult, but it is better this way. If your attitudes are good and you say, “Well, we will get through this some how, it will pass,” that will help you spiritually, and your burden will be lightened.

All works within the law, always. Remember this at all times. Always remember that there is a law, and it is just, and it is there forever, because it is in our world too, this law. We live by it. It is just for us too. We would not have it otherwise. There has to be order. Would you have chaos? Order brings peace. When you can order your lives according to the law, and endeavour to live within this law of cause and effect, then you will do yourself a great service. Give yourself happy days, and a peace that is within, not sitting on the surface of you, but deep within, giving you a sense of well-being.

All I can say is, that from the beginning of time man has been struggling towards his goal of peace. Many times man has fallen far, and many times man has lifted himself up. But on and on and on you go, struggling and hoping that you are on the right path. If you are content with yourself, then beware, because contentment can make you fall down. We have a way within ourselves of being lazy, and at times when we are lazy we can trip up. So do not be content. Always realize that you can make mistakes. But they can be the mistakes which you can climb by. Because when you make a mistake you see something else. You see where you could fall here, and make a mistake. You see where that was wrong for you, wrong for someone else, where it could lead to.

When you say you are not perfect, there are too many people in this world who have their own ideas, and those ideas will come to you someday. You cannot rest your laurels upon what you have. You have to be watchful and careful of yourself. When you have loving ways, tolerance and compassion, and you always work along these lines, you will grow and grow and grow. None can gainsay you that. But just the same you will make little mistakes. You know them, we have spoken of them often. When you do, because you have knowledge you will recognize these mistakes immediately and you will try again to be a much purer vessel.

See yourself as a soul and a spirit walking this earth for a time. A challenge again, knowing as you walk that you are preparing for the days ahead when you will re-enter your own world, the great reality. Everyday you spend here is a day nearer to that reality, to that life that you left.

Remember you have left us, and when you return to your home, to your friends, to your beloveds, and take up once again that life of wonder, so let this life be such that you will not need to return again to the challenge. But that you can remain, and go onward and onward to greater knowledge and purity, and go on and on, deeper into that Great Mind, who is the Great Creator, deeper into that peace, that love, that glory, deeper into the beginning where all is Love. Where else could I bring you but to that point of love, the point where I wish to bring you, that point of purity and peace, and onward into this centre of beauty? Keep that within your being, and try to imagine that Great Light, that Great Love, and know that is whence you came, that is your destiny.

You have that spark still within you, and that spark is your birthright. You will again go forward and forward, and as you go onward you will remember in the recesses of your memory, you will have thoughts of time past in our world, little gleanings of this and that. These things will fall into place, and you will be filled with wonder, and you will know indeed that no matter where you were, no matter what life you led, no matter what you were in colour or creed, or anything, it doesn’t matter. In the centre of you is your soul, your spirit, and you belong to that Great Beginning, that Great Creator, that Love. Nothing else matters but that we return to that beauty, to that love that is ours, that is our birthright. Do not let anyone dissuade you. Do not think about sin and sinning, but think about growing and growing. For you have the abilities. When you fall lift yourself up and go on again. You can do it, anyone can. When you do, you know you are overcoming self. When you are selfless, you will have gained so much and the light will be yours.

I do not think I can take you further than that.

I have not wished for anything else in the days since we have been together. I have had no other desire, but to lead you step by step gently, knowing that I could give you the understanding, but that I could not act for you. All I can do is to point you in the direction of the light. I cannot carry you there. But I have seen those of you who are walking forward step by step. I know you. I know who will, when they leave this world, go onward and take up the burden of service. If I have helped only one of you, I have earned the right to be here. Remember that if you help someone really truly, so that they change their lives, and can strive forward, then your life has been worthwhile. You know and I know that we can do much more, but that is the lesson to learn.