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~*Teaching #37*~

In my life I have often considered speaking about a problem that mankind has had since his inception. I think you are all aware that life is a challenge, for no matter who we are, life has its problems of one kind or another. This problem is one of essence.

Now I had told you that all have an essence that emanates from you, from your aura, and yourselves, according to your spirituality. This essence we feel, and that is how we know you. We can tell how you are, and at what level you are, and we can tell if you are wishful to proceed further, or if you are careless.

So this essence can be good perhaps in the morning, and by the afternoon it may be changed, or even in a few moments. This depends upon your own attitudes, how you are, and how you deal with others. So this essence fluctuates, and those who are near you feel a change in you. So you are like a barometer, and you change constantly like the weather. So no-one can say that they are truly the same at any given time, but on the whole your growth depends upon you, so you can be on a level that is nice or it can be purely lovely for you. You can dim it, but it does not mean that this will change you too much. Your level will stay pretty average as it is, but you can dull it, or you can lighten it. Many people see themselves as pure, and they believe they are, most truly do they. So it is very difficult for others to let them know that there are times when they are not giving out this purity.

The challenge of life is ours at every single second of our living. I know that you who are trying are aware of this fully. I do not wish you to be concerned about it to the point where you are thinking, “Am I up, or am I down?” For that would be disastrous. You would not be giving yourself a true opportunity when you dwell upon your goodness or your badness, as it were. It is best to look at oneself when one makes mistakes, and ask oneself honestly, “Is this truly me?” or “Am I being careless of myself?”

Now this is an important question. “Is it truly you or are you being careless and it is a simple mistake, or are you not being sensible?” These questions should be honestly put, because our motives are rarely honestly dealt with. And as you are aware, motive is important. Your motives are - Why am I doing this/Why did I do that, and your motive is usually your dilemma. So people are constantly going about their lives and not realizing that they are the architect. Often one blames another, so whatever is coming flares up in all directions. One does not know where it began or where it will end, or what it will lead to. So what perhaps was a word spoken in carelessness can lead into a great dilemma. Lo and behold there is a division between people. And then of course your essence is dulled, and it can be very dulled. You can feel sad, you can feel as if you have fallen very far, and you are sad and unhappy with yourselves. But behind all this disaster is you, truly you, your true self. You have dulled your light a little, but you are still that person who is at that other level, that level that you have reached.

So if your level is simply dulled a little, you can soon make amends, and your essence will, when you have recovered, return to its niceness. You may in time become even brighter, and your essence will become even more wholesome. But you will dull it again. I know you will, for this is the way of the soul. Steps forward and backward, sideways, backward, forwards. It is difficult. But I do not ask you to be too sad about it, as long as you do not do a great badness as it were, and it is not you simply struggling with self. Doing a deliberate act can send you back so far that it is amazing, according to the depth that it has burdened others. One often thinks, “Well I simply made a mistake,” but one does not think of the result upon others, and how it rebounds and can go beyond one to others, and again others. One cannot easily count how far a deliberate act of badness can spread. It is hard to judge. It is these things that people, whom we know in the heavens, ponder upon. They do not understand. The small things of life are your difficulties. You have so many people who teach you, so many teachers, and people will read and they will agree with what they read, but to live a sound existence is your difficulty. The very days of your life are important, the very hours, and seconds. So how can you know where your essence is? You cannot truly judge it. You can simply see the result of your acts upon yourself. People do not understand how they can hurt themselves. They do not understand how the body aches. When you have the body giving you pain, however slight or however difficult, there is no point in blaming others, for it is self-inflicted.

We have people who come for healing, and they often say, “Well, it isn’t better.” What do you think that we should say? Sometimes we feel like saying, “Well, look into yourself.” When you have a karmic debt in life and your burden is heavy, it is because such a life as this has been lived, and it has not been lived properly. Hurt upon others has occurred. People do it so readily without thinking of the result upon self. So on and on goes this pattern of life, and when a person comes to our world they are not in the glory that they expect, and they see themselves in a body that is not too beautiful, and they are anguished and say, “It isn’t true! It is not fair.” They use many different words. They say that God is a bad person, because He did it to them, and to a certain place with God and His law. We hear these words constantly. People who are in greyness hate God, Jesus and anyone who is good because they have light, whilst they themselves have greyness or darkness. If you could hear their words, and hear their scorn, which emanates from their fear and their anguish. The words come, but they are empty. They are not truly meant in a sense, because they are simply striving and struggling with self, and they do not understand why.

But when they are told, and are given knowledge they do not readily want to hear, they simply say, “It is not fair, it isn’t just.” And when beings of light struggle to help these people they are verbally abused. We hear many many words that are terrible.

Some have heard this story, for it was given out to a few, shortly after it occurred. But I will tell all of you now, to show you how it is for those in greyness when they need help. We were healing, and our Maiden and ourselves saw this large multitude, a hundred or more, of poor people who were grey, absolutely grey, their clothing, their visage, everything was grey. Some were malformed in their bodies, one girl was on crutches, and one old lady was being helped along. They were young and they were old and they were middle-aged. They were of every kind. They were huddled together, but they were looking at us with supplication. Our Maiden saw them and she immediately began to teach them. And she did this with thought as she was healing. Her love went out to them because she felt such a sorrow for their state of being. She told them that they were beloved, and that the father loved them more than even her or us, because they needed love more than we did, because we understood. She told them never to forget that they were the beloved. In their struggle onwards they would need to remember it. But she also told them that they were in that state of being because they had erred. The law of cause and effect was upon them as it is upon all people. God did not do it to them, but it was their acts, and it was their own life. If they could help themselves by helping each other and being truly sorry for their actions, then they could take a step forward.

I have not told you every word, but you get the idea. Then when our Maiden had finished, they all bowed their heads to her, and then a wonderful thing occurred, for a certain light appeared upon them. The light was not brilliant, but it was a certain light that was light to them, like a dull light. This light they saw, and they all put up their hands in supplication, wordless but hopeful. It was very sad, but wonderful to see. We knew that they would be alright. Other beings had brought them there, knowing that they would receive aid. So they went away encouraged, with hope. They would be taught, and would be able from that moment on to walk step by step towards the light, as each one earned it. As our Maiden said, “Every soul can reach the very highest. No matter how lowly, the way is open to all, to stretch out and try to earn it.”

So they have these words now, and will remember them always. Those words will be their light to carry them forward. Even if they fall by the wayside and struggle onward, those words will always be in their minds, and will be light to guide them onward.

Do you see how it is? How every soul has the opportunity? Would you believe that there are some in those states who do not wish to hear? Who do not want to hear?

But those people did, and that is why they were brought to that place, so that they could be helped.

Now when you have the knowledge, and you know that you are the architect of your life, you would not wish to be in such a state, would you? None of you are, I can see that. But many are. Just the same, you would rather go onward and onward, would you not? Yes. So in your daily living, live normally, do your very best. When you make mistakes you will understand that you have, and then you can strive not to do it again. This is all we can ask of you, that you try and try again. We do not expect miracles, we do not expect you to jump and leap ahead. The way forward is a heavy struggle. It always has been, and it always will be a struggle, except when you get into the very high reaches, and then if you make a mistake it is because you are working in the lower reaches, and life there bothers you a great deal. The vibrations bother you, and then you can find yourself getting a little irritated at times, because in certain circumstances people are very very bad. When they know that a teacher is there, they are abusive in every way possible, in an attempt to chase the teacher away. But we are not easily daunted, and we will return and return.

This is what it means to be a servant. That you see all humanity as your brother and sister, and you know that your brothers and sisters are at many levels. You see these levels, and you see their struggles. But you know, because when you are very old, as I am, and when you have been through so much, and when you have the vision as I have to see, as others cannot, and you see the mass of creation spread out before you in myriad hues, greyness and darkness, you know that it isn’t going to be an easy pathway. But the knowledge does not distress you because you know that there is plenty of time. Always when people who are filled with enthusiasm, come to our world, then they want to change everything, to sweep all badness away. They go at it with great enthusiasm, and soon they are dull because they cannot bring about that which they desire. But we who have the knowledge see, and tell them to be at peace, for they have plenty of time. So have all the people in our world. They have time to do what they can, at the pace that is best for themselves, and they will find that then they will be content. Being filled with worry about people dulls the intellect. They cannot give their best. When they are clear of worry, then they see the problems of the individuals before them, and they can get to work.

It is just the same for you. When you are too worried you cannot see clearly. When you empty the mind and are still, then the problems can be before you, but you can see it more clearly. It is a matter of being a person who can be still, on this level of earth, and in ours. Many of you who have the knowledge are the same as those in our world, but you find that not too many are ready to listen. Here and there you will find willing souls who have a gleam of light within them, and they wish to have more enlightenment. That is wonderful. It lifts you up, and you feel good. It gives you stimulus for the next steps that you will take. Nothing can be done in a great hurry. I cannot say this too often. Remember that if you help but one soul, and help that soul to change their life and become a better person, then you have done very well indeed.

So do not try to change all, to move mountains. Go steadily forward, step by step. Then one day you may look around and see that you have achieved more than you thought you had. It is that way. Life is not meant to give us this ability to change everyone at once. Mankind has the freedom of his own thinking, freewill. And because mankind has freewill he will not readily give up his own thoughts, those ideas that have come through the teaching of the parents, peers, church, whatever one has picked up in life. How can a person who has had everything from childhood put into the mind, over and over and over, how can he possibly cast it aside in one fell swoop, as it were. No, think it out. Remember that when a soul is ready, then you will be able to help, and only then. Sometimes it may be two, or three, but that is wonderful. Always use your reasoning, always query, think things out at every step of the way. Then you will not be hoodwinked. There are many many ways to spirituality. All teaching has a germ of truth. At the centre of all is a light of the Great Creator. If anyone who has any knowledge at all seeks the germ of knowledge that is at the centre of everything, they will find the Creator, that Great Architect. If they look around and see the creation that is in your planet, the creation that is yourselves, the creation that is nature, if you look at the great plan from the centre outward, from the beginning to the end, if they have any thoughts at all they should be put upon creation, because this is the path of revelation. If you look at a blade of grass, is it not wonderful in its creation? Just one blade of grass, is that grass not important to your life? Are not the streams? And the air you breathe, are not the trees? They have their function, everything has its function. The Great Plan is before you. Man needs to look at it, carefully, to try and understand, as it is in nature, so it is in your own life. For you too are created wonderfully, but you are raised up above the animals.

Mankind knows this, but you are responsible for those creatures to see that they are not maligned. But who can do it in this world, this world that is moving so fast before you? But those of you who have light within, whose essence is beautiful, know that everything is moving as it should in a certain way, but not fully. Because man is on this planet, and man has freewill, but not all men understand that man is part of creation. If only every soul that was created looked about, and understood that there is a law, a law that pertains to use, to animals and to all creation, and that everything works out according to plan.

Even the very fact that you breathe, the fact that you can speak, the fact that you have eyes to see, are not our eyes wonderful? When you have difficulty with them, do you not realize how wonderful they are? Difficulties upon us, or upon nature, are brought about by wrong doing. Nature suffers because of man’s evil, because he does not work according to the law. Many people upon the earth are striving to work alongside this law, but they are a minority. I wish they would become mighty in their growth. But as I have said, it is a slow process. All we can do is to wait for it to grow and grow. When you see disaster upon the world, and nature in her great strength, it is so frightening. But so is mankind in his evil ways, frightening.

You know that there is a law. You know that as you sow so shall you reap. But so many out there do not, so they go onward and bring disaster upon themselves and the world that they live in. When the great disaster happens they say that it is an act of God. It is not so. It is a part of the law in action, the law working out as it should, because mankind has made it so. It is not a simple matter at all. When you realize that you are wonderfully created, and you see the flowers and the trees and the stones and you look at them and you ponder upon the magnificence of the cells therein and how it all comes about, and you marvel how cells come together. Think about it, think that the Architect of all of this must be a wonderful Mind, a wonderful Creator, a Great Love in action, because that love gives us opportunity after opportunity. We are not given but one life to struggle in, we are given many. Then we can strive again and again. One day you will be bright shining individuals, and then you will look back at your life on earth, for a little time at least. You will look at your life on earth and say, “Well I did struggle and I thought it was terrible, but now I see clearly. I see the plan. I see that it was the right plan for myself. I see how many mistakes I made, but I also made some good decisions and did well.” It is always so for everyone. We are made up of such different parts in our essence that we need to bring it all together and keep it pure. But we will one day, and then as I said, you will look back at it and say, “Well here I am, and I have another opportunity. This time I will not return. This time I can help, but I will do it as I did it on earth, slowly as best I can.” Because you have heard me, my words, however I put them, I know my English is not the best, but I do strive to make it as clear as I can.

Every child of creation is a light in the eye of the Creator. That light may dull, it may gleam, it may get dark, but the Creator has great great patience to wait for us. The Creator will not deny us, or put us down, because the Creator sees us as the beloved. We are not put down. Mankind does that to himself. Like those poor souls who were longing for the light and found it, but they had to get back to that state of thinking, and they came together, and they moved together as a mass, they clung together. Why is that, you may ask? I will tell you. It is because in the grey places where these people are, other grey people are there also, and they do not care for those who would strive for the light and would harm them. So people who have similar thoughts must band together and try to keep it as secret as possible, to protect themselves from the others.

Now I will tell you something else. A few days later after these people had come, another group of dark beings came from the same place, and as soon as I saw them I knew that their reasoning for coming was curiosity, it was not for help. It was simply to see what was there and what had happened. Our Maiden and I look at each other knowingly. I spoke to them, “You have come out of curiosity, not for help.” But I gave them the knowledge anyway, and swiftly I put out the words that would help them. But they did not care for it at all. They went away speedily, and their words were not pretty to hear. They did not wish to be helped like the other group, not at any price at all did they wish for help. They moved away swiftly with words that were not pretty. That is how it is for you in this world. You have people who are beautiful, some average, some not so nice, and people who are downright ugly. This is your struggle being mixed together, and this is why it isn’t easy.

So in your dealings you have the ability according to your own insight and knowledge and understanding. With this your weapon you live your life. So you struggle onward, being hurt here, gaining here and there, being very helpful here and there, doing what you can. So you struggle onward, and some of you do very well indeed. But no-one will do absolutely wonderfully because man is so diverse. When you read or hear of these struggles of the world, such as they are today and you are troubled in your soul, you will feel helpless, but there will be times when you will feel strong. When you are cast down do not be troubled. Every thought pertaining to these struggles goes out from you, every thought be it full of love, compassion, sorrow or hate. You have watched many people, you have watched their attitudes. You have seen how they have arrived at the problems of today. Many of you do not understand, but you do feel that it is a very bad thing that mankind cannot live in love, and understanding. But many of you have read the history of this world, of the religious wars, religious hatred, bigotry, with people defaming others because they do not think alike, and throughout all time mankind has been against mankind because of contrary belief. It is so sad. If only man could see his brother as a being who should be free to think as he pleases, and love him just the same no matter how he thinks.

If you truly loved your brother, or all mankind loved their brethren, it would not matter how they thought in a religious sense. Are we not all so different? Do we not all approach problems in a different way? Have we not all been taught by different people? Are we not all different races who are struggling onward at a different pace? Everything is so mixed up. It is all because mankind does not see that there is a plan for all. No-one understands that the plan must work out in its own way. But the world is struggling at a fast pace these days, and those people who are lowly upon the ladder of life see you, and want all that you have, and it breeds discontent. And through this discontent comes hatred. Nationalism is another reason why mankind hates. People do not understand that a country is simply a place where one lives. That it is a world created for you, you live on it. It is not yours really. It happens to be where you were born. Why so nationalistic? They should see other people, for they too have a land. If they are proud, these people think that they should not be, and vice versa, and so it goes on and on.

This Canada. You are happy to live here I am sure, because you are free. But you have your internal struggles also. Others want to be free too, in your land. Of late you have had people struggling to break you up, to separate you. Why is this? Because they are dissatisfied. Now you see, life is not easy, not simple, never has been. So try in your own way to help, in your own space, in your own way. If you have vision and you want to go out and help others in a different place, you can. It is your freewill. If you wish to stay here and do what you can, do so. You have the freedom of choice. Many ponder upon their acts, they do not know where to go, or what to do.

If one could be still, and sleep on it as it were, the answers would come, if you give them time enough. All lives are not mapped out to be wonderful at every moment. There are periods in life when if flows along wonderfully, and there are periods when it will be slow, periods when it does not move. When life does not move, make use of it as a resting period. Do what you can, but do not struggle against it, because it will not matter, your struggle will not bring you into a better state of being. Often these are testing times. But when everything falls into place and works out wonderfully, grasp it and act. You may get awfully tired, but at least you will have a wonderful feeling of achievement. Then when life may become dull again, you know you have achieved, and then you can wait until it becomes better again. If you learn to flow with life instead of fighting against it, do your best and flow along, just as nature does with the seasons and everything that comes within those seasons. All does not work out correctly in nature, does it? You’ve seen it this year in your own weather. Take a lesson from nature, from all of creation. Watch it and you will understand how your own life will be. You have sunshine, rain, shadow, gale, great winds. Sometimes you are blown down so heavily you wonder if you will ever rise up again, but you do. So does nature recover in time. Everything does. All it needs is your patience, your patience which is a great lesson to learn, patience and tolerance. When you have achieved these lessons you have taken great steps forward. When you have patience and tolerance, all things may happen to you and you will be strong within this force. You will stand up straight, and let it flow around you, blow around you, and you will be strong. Nothing will knock you down.

This is the strength of the soul. This is the power and the peace I am always speaking of. When you are at peace, and strong, mountains can be assailed, rivers can be forded. You can do anything because you are at peace, and the strength of the Father, the Great Creator is within you.

When you allow this to happen by your own efforts, you will be a bright shining being, but you will not be the ultimate shining being. You will have far, far to go, onward and onward, becoming more and more beautiful, more ethereal, more gloriously beautiful in your frame, your body. Your power will be extended. You will be able to help out wonderfully, when you finally have some inkling of how creation came about, and some inkling of the working of the Great Mind. You yourself can learn to manipulate some of this power, to help humanity. How then will you feel? Truly wonderful, gloriously grateful that there is such love that gives us the opportunity to extend ourselves, to extend ourselves so wonderfully that we feel humble before this Great Power. We are not puffed up. So do not become puffed up, ever. It will be your undoing, because the ego can trip you up, so fast. Remember to love, because you are the beloved. Remember to give your understanding, your tolerance, and your patience, to all before you if you can. If you cannot, strive for it, then one day you will achieve.

One day you will stand where I stand, and where those above me stand, and so on. You will see that you are indeed a part of the Great Whole, the Great Wonderment. You will see that all the lives you have lived, and all the struggles you have gone through, that everything has been a means of you getting to the place where you are.

If you have not struggled, you have not the understanding. If you have not struggled, you do not understand humanity. If you do not understand humanity, how can you help them, however great you are? However great you are, you need to have every experience. That is the reason for so many lives. Every experience that you endure, or live through, is so different in its manifestation. The reason for this is the understanding that it will bring you of a certain life, certain people, certain places, a certain time.

If you had lived in the Elizabethan era, you could have lived in fear, or maybe you lived simply in the country far away from all troubles. If you worked in the country and had to work hard and had nothing for yourself, but you loved the country, and you enjoyed the life although it was a great struggle to exist, so no matter how sublime, there is always a struggle. If you lived in society at that time you may have worried about your head, about the politics of the time, and wondered if you had the opportunity to live very long. Each life would be so different. Perhaps at one time you have been a sailor or a soldier, farmer, city resident, poor beggar, rich man, woman with many many offspring and not knowing how to feed them, all these kinds and conditions of life at any given time have great lessons within them, envy, greed, tolerance, lack of compassion. Do you think that a person who has much has a more difficult time than a person who has little? This is often a question. I really do not think so. I think that everyone, no matter what their station may be, has the same type of struggle, the struggle of self. No matter where you are you have self to deal with. No matter what time, past or present, wherever your lives were, you are here again. So there is a reason why you are here.

If you look at yourself, truly deeply and honestly, you will find the reason. You look at yourself and see your failings, then try to eradicate these difficulties. Then you will have gained and you will not have to return again. Then your joy will be great, then you will become part of that great body of servants, because you have the knowledge you will.

There are many many in the world where I dwell who do not ever give one little bit of help. They are selfish still, and they are the people who will return. Even after teaching they prefer laziness, or self-aggrandisement whatever, and so they return. Some people do try, but their trying isn’t enough. Just as it is here. So in all things remember that it is you, who are here. You who have the opportunities. You who will pass from this life one day, and will see yourself truly mirrored within your own mind, and see yourself as you really and truly are. So make sure you will be happy with that image. I do not expect it to be perfect, but it can be good.

When you malign others, think of yourself. Are you the perfect being, that you can afford to malign other people? Who is pure amongst you to the point where you can turn around and give another being trouble, or envy, or criticism? Remember that life is your greatest opportunity. It is a great great opportunity to make yourself a wonderful being who will be a credit to this world, and to the next.

We do not ask you to do great things, simply to use your life to the best of your ability. All people have not great gifts, but everyone has love. Everyone can express understanding, everybody can express compassion, tolerance, love and understanding. If you express yourself in this way you will do well, and you will join that great force of light. What else is so worthwhile? For all men and women, wherever they are in this world, seek peace. Every soul within creation wishes for peace within. For peace within is happiness, joy, understanding, compassion, tolerance. When that great peace comes upon you, you will know you have reached a certain stage.

As I have said earlier, you will be a rock, a rock for others to lean against, a rock to uphold humanity, even if they are few. But if you can support anyone at all you are supporting life, and you are giving your love. Your essence will glow, and all around will feel this glow and love you, and wish to be near you, because others feel it. Others feel it when you give off light, love, peace, harmony, devotion.

So I ask you to aspire to a greater greater light. Do it in the only way you can, through your own ability, knowing that you will do it in your own way. Do not criticize others for living out their life in the only way they can, according to their own ability. You do it your way, so allow others to express themselves in their way. In this way will come harmony, and that is what should be sought in this world, harmony. And so the world will become better even in a little space. Light has a way of spreading, little by little. That is how it is in the world, each of us doing our best, being hopeful that we will make a change for the better, so that our lives will be worthwhile.

So send out your light in the best way you can, your thoughts of love to others. Even if you do not see the love you send out, making a penetration into the darkness do not fear, because you help overall, because all light is needed so much. There is so much darkness, that each thought, each prayer of light, each outgoing of love, is a great necessity. So know that when you give out your love, your light, you are helping your world. However vast and however disharmonious, we need you. So please give, give fully, because you are necessary, very necessary indeed. Never think that you live life in a wasteful way. If you can give out your love, and compassion, and spread it about to join other lights, you are helping your world in a way you cannot understand. And remember that thought is powerful, so give and give. We will help you, by our giving also.

So this day I will leave you as always in love, in the love of all those who are with me, around me, above me, and with you, the love of your guides, guardians who are with you, the guides who watch over you, and strive to serve you. Remember they are giving their lives once again to this planet, the planet they left long ago, and I am sure hoped never to return to, but here they are again, walking alongside you with such love that you do not understand. Those who are with me, my beloved, my companions, they are giving their power to you also, from above. All is peace, all is serenity within them, and this in its turn flows to you. Together we reach out to that Greatest Love of all, the Greatest Purity, the Great Creator.

Know that each one of us is longing to progress to that source, to that shining, gleaming, pure pure Source of Love, that we step by step will enter into that struggle of light, and each one of us will one day get nearer and nearer til we are part of the Shining Light. It is so glorious and so difficult to attain to. Nevertheless the steps towards it are so glorious, we oft-times feel that we are there, we really do. It is so surprising to us that we still have a long long way to go. Think of the beauty that will be yours, and try to see it, and no matter how dark your day, see the beauty, just as you see it in your Spring. See it enhanced over and over in your imagination, see it always there around about you. Even in the darkest time it will sustain you, and help you to understand. That is your ultimate goal, a place of beauty.

I do love you, beloved. If I can love you with such a force, think how greater you are loved by all who are higher and higher to the Greatest Force of all. I know it is impossible to imagine such a love, but it is there just the same. So we will go forward together, bound together by this love that no-one can take away from us ever, this love that will bind us together always. This love that will uplift us all. So go forth knowing that it is so. No matter how dark the day, know that there is light at all times, it is there. Be unafraid, my beloved, light is with you.