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~*Teaching #36*~

Good afternoon my friends. My beloved I am so happy to be with you again. In my past I have on occasion been very busy with many difficult situations. As you know we have spoken of some of these previously. But these situations have not been spoken about by anyone as far as I am aware. For when we have a very serious situation we usually become very busy with our friends, and we always help each other. We put the problem to many, and we hope that between us we can solve problems. Something like what you do yourselves in your family.

Now these problems were not pertaining to the lower levels, and this is why it is different. I mean that it does not relate to the darkness or the greyness or first level, but rather to the third. Now when people come to our world, they are very aware of the difference between your planet and our realms, because they are instantly aware that they are certainly very much different insofar as their capabilities are concerned. Your mind being so much more alert, you see and feel, and you are aware that the area around you is pulsating with life, such as we have never experienced. Now when you are here in this world, you know what life is, you know that plants and trees have life, or they would not grow. You are aware of this but you seldom think of it, you just simply enjoy them and help them. But in our world it is much much more different. It is as if, you know, when you are dreaming and you feel that you know there is a presence, but you do not see the presence. Or you know there is someone there and you know who it is but you cannot see them, but you feel it, and you are almost sure who it is. Well it is something of this nature. So there you are, and you are alert to the extent that life is all around you, and you are aware that it is. You are not alone. You feel that life is living such as you have never known. It is hard to express it, I do not have the words to do so. Simply can I say, life, it is living.

So if you are inquisitive you will try as soon as possible to know what this means, and if you are truly, and not just out of curiosity, but inquisitive with a meaning to learn, then of course you will be helped tremendously. These situations will be explained to you, so that in the future days that are new to you, you will not be put out.

Every time that you yearn for something in our world, you will visualize it in your mind. And your yearning will become the article, or the thing, or the situation. Though it may not be visible to you in great clarity, nevertheless it depends upon your ability, and how much your yearning was in your mind. Was it formless? Were you forming that which you wish for? Did you see it in detail? Did you see it just simply as a mass? However you looked at it, that is how it will appear. It will give you a bit of a shock, I can tell you, because you will not know how to handle it. Some people find it very frightening, and some find it funny, it depends on your own makeup. Some will try to ignore it, and some will be inquisitive and will go towards it and look. Then they will be puzzled. This is in the beginning, but in time you learn to sift your thoughts, so that if you wish for something and you know you do not have the ability to create it, then you will go to someone who can. In time you will learn to control, so that it does not become a form. It is a simple process, just as here you can use your mind and banish your thoughts or a thought, and cast it away from you. It is something similar to that process.

Not only will lack of understanding bring this about, but it will also bring about puzzlement as to where everything can be kept. For when you look around, oft-times you see grass, trees, flowers and shrubs, and you think, where is everything? If you are a city person and you desire the city, you will of course go to it, presently. Many people are very puzzled when they arrive by the lack of seeming culture. For it seems to be that if a person earns to be in the light, then they usually arrive in a beautiful situation in nature, either in a meadow, or a garden, or a park-like setting, or a hillock, whatever is found to be suitable for you, that which will be the person’s greatest delight.

So when all is arranged and you have met your family and friends, they will take you to a place that they know, and it will seem at first that it is very countrified. You will think, this is how it is. You will ask your friends, “Is this all there is?” People seem so disappointed because it seems that everything is there is for as far as the eye can see. But that is not so, and in a short period of time when you are settled and are feeling a little less puzzled, you will be taken to the city or the town, to whatever is best for you. This is where the beginning is, and you are learning how to move. We have been through all that before. But whenever the people come to the area that is made up of many buildings, many that are clean cut, some that are old-fashioned looking, all as people desire them, but when you are in the centre, as it were, for all things must have a centre, you will find very fine buildings indeed, with many terraces. Where there is music or teaching, you will find vast areas with terraces laid out, so that many many people can be there. There will also be large buildings with a greatness about them that seem to you if you were there to be rather imposing, so beautiful are they in their structure. They look as if they are marble, and on close inspection they are indeed, but it is a very different material, warm! Now if you enter into this building you will find many personages who are not akin to those outside, and you will sense that they are from a higher area. They will be the teachers, and the masters and those who help the spirit realms from high up, until lower. They go about the business of organizing, and seeing to it that humanity has the time that is suitable to their growth. This is very important, because each area pertains to a certain growth, spiritually as you know, and whatever develops in this area cannot be different, so those higher beings see to it in their arrangement, that this area and other areas retain their own status. You see what I mean, for nothing must go beyond it. It would be very unjust if something was as it was in the area below, and it would not be possible to live if it were something from above. So it gives you an idea that everything must be pertaining to that very area, absolutely. So you see that everything, the trees, the buildings, the grass, the instruments, the music, the learning, the books, the games, everything that is, is for that area only.

So that there is no possible mistake, these beings work and work to keep it even, to keep the atmosphere even, to keep everything on an even keel as it were. It is not a simple matter. The atmosphere has to be manipulated. And those who have the knowledge do these things. There is a great deal of work going on that no-one understands. There must be a barrier between the realms, a barrier of force only. It is simple, a force that you find difficult to move through. It does not hurt you, it simply feels difficult. This force, this barrier, has to be maintained carefully, so that no-one will wander into another area and cause difficulty among the residents. But of course when you earn it, you go through automatically. Then there is no difficulty, but of course there must be a barrier.

Now what I am about to reveal to you is about this condition. I had to lead up to it slowly so that you would understand.

Now there was a group of people in this area I have just described to you, the area that is very nice. It has a beautiful atmosphere, and it is something like your brightest Summer day. The people are very nice, and everything is beautiful to look upon. Now this group of people were drawn together harmoniously, because they were the same type, let us say, and they all liked each other. So they drew together, and they did most things together. They lived together in the same house, they enjoyed life together, they learned together. They did most things together, because they were drawn together by the attraction of harmony.

Now it comes to the notice of one of them that a very close relative had passed over, and would be waiting for this person. So this person goes to meet the relative close to the earth, and accompanies that person to the realm that he had earned, and low and behold it was higher than the individual’s place. This is a loving relative, a very fine being. So the individual already there wished to remain with this soul who had just passed over, and found that he could not pass into that realm. So he begged after a time for that soul to come down to him. He said, “When I learn, when I am rested, I will when I feel that I can, and someone will accompany me.”

And so it happened. There was such a strong feeling between these two, that “X” wanted to go back, but of course that is not possible. But ”X” made the attempt just the same, and when he got to the barrier he felt a strong strong feeling of pain within the soul. The body was rather uncomfortable, because it was warmer than he was accustomed to. But he decided he was going, and nothing was going to stop him. And he did it. He did not feel good, but his desire to be with the individual who was loved was too much. So he pressed on as it were, and remained there for some time. But the discomfort of his body was too much, and he had to go back to his own area. He did after a time with thought transference begging “Y” to come to his realm and dwell with him, as many do, and this is often done. And the relative said, “Very well, I will,” and came.

So time passed, and by this time everyone had been doing their work in their own way, and had grown, step by step as I have told you. So “X” was growing a little nearer to “Y’s” place, but not totally as it takes quite a long time. Also “Y” was growing, so there came a day when “Y” said, “I cannot stay here any longer, I must go to my own place. The longing is too strong within me, it aches within me. I must go.” So they took their leave, and off “Y” went.

“X” was very unhappy, but those who teach taught him that if he made strong efforts he too could be there, but of course would always be somewhat behind. So he put himself into a very strong effort, and worked and worked. But he became weary as all do in time with too much work. He felt that it was too much to do. But, of course, he had grown, and he was closer to the area. But unknown to himself, “Y” had also grown. I told you previously that “Y” was a fine person, who desired to help humanity indeed.

So this is how it was, the gap never becoming much less as both made their efforts. The one who was ahead not wishing to descend for any length of time, but of course came occasionally, and the other making strong efforts but not catching up too far, because “Y” was working hard too. So you see an impossible situation.

Now we have these situations many times. They are the situations brought about by love. You know yourselves that when you love someone it is very difficult to stay away from the beloved. We truly do feel for these people, but we cannot break the law. So we are in a dilemma, because feelings become very mixed, and many people in that group become disturbed too because their friend of whom they were very fond, was unhappy. When a person is unhappy in a group it causes great distress, and the group in time will say, “I think I will leave,” because a group does not want one seed within it to make it disharmonious. But I have told you many many times that people are people, no matter where they are. I have explained to you that it is very difficult to be pure. Now these are nice people, you must keep this in mind. But this is where people fall by the wayside, in their own individual feelings, in their own self, within themselves their love for each other. But when one in a group is unhappy he is causing this disharmony, and so he is left. The thing is, although you wouldn’t think so, but this person who could not forget “Y” did not quite understand that he had a strong bond with the one ahead. This was the reason for the great unhappiness. Because once glimpsed, once having the loved one close, and then to lose that loved one and see the loved one only periodically, made “X” ache with longing. His inclination was to be alone also at times, and the desire for service was weakened. His desire for life seemed to become careless, because of the feelings of self, and the longing.

So we who work with people knew that this was happening. We asked ourselves, “What can we do with “X”?” At first working so hard to get ahead and now because of unhappiness becoming lethargic, and not going on. And the one ahead proceeding onwards. You could see yourself that it is a difficult situation, one that will not be resolved, because you cannot say to a soul, “Stand still,” especially to a soul that has within itself the desire to go forward, with a desire to help humanity. Put yourselves in the same situation. It often happens in life here where one is advanced enough, and where one who is loved is not. There is a gap between the two, a gulf that cannot be breached. But at the same time love holds you together. The one who is grown wishes the other to proceed in his direction, but it does not always happen. It is very difficult to change one’s inner self, very difficult indeed. Whenever you have difficulties within yourself and you are wrestling with yourself, you know what I am speaking of.

Self is the strongest barrier to humanity. It always has been, and always will be. So we look at “X”, and we wonder what we can do. We take him aside and we talk and we talk. Was say, “We know you cannot be unreasonable. You cannot make the beloved come closer and stay with you. That would be unkind. If in your love you would destroy this love, you know you would be unhappy.” “X” says, “We cannot destroy that which is between us.” We reply, “We do not mean destroy in the sense of destruction, we mean destroy bit by bit. As your feelings become more intense they will make your beloved more unhappy, and he will not long to be near you.” So we try to prevail upon “X” to come along and do better. For this way is the way of uselessness, and nothing will ever become of him. So we leave him hoping that his friends or those who are around him in this area, someone will take pity on him, and someone will understand. We hope someone will and can help. Because oft-times it is very strange how some person can have a thought that can bring instant aid. You know how you struggle with your problems and sometimes a word will bring it all into place. This is what we hope for, that someone will be able to help this person. The time proceeds and we go on our way, helping here and there where we can, and doing our work, and everyone living their lives, us proceeding into other areas, looking at the problems in each and trying to help.

This day I am showing you that we cannot always bring about change in a soul. You would think that with all the power we have that we could influence the mind. You would think that all of us together could do something. But it is not so. Each and every soul must come to their own conclusions, must deal with the inner self in a way that you overcome your own failings yourself. We can put the problem to you in many ways, show you, point the way, and give you aid and strength. But we cannot be you, ever. When you are in our world, if you get into these situations they are very difficult, because they stem from the very inner self, the very soul, and the soul is the most important part of you, because it is the feeling, it is the part that relates.

So “X” is left for the time being, and we hope for him. Many times we wrestle with problems of the inner self. Another difficult part of the self to eradicate is the inability to see another’s problems clearly. Usually people here, when they are struggling with another, try and help. After a time they will give up because they have the feeling that they are not getting anywhere. You know these feelings, just as we do. All is not perfection. All is not wondrous as you go on, as you take step by step. You cannot be, as you will be realms ahead of yourself, and even there you will have your problems, and they are usually problems of the self.

It is this self that we are concerned with today, the self that you are. The self that puts you into situations that you find difficult, the self that puts you into situations which you wish you could never see again. In a situation where you are happy, in a situation where you are at peace. But there will be times when you will want to escape from yourself.

When you make mistakes you know that they are yours. Others can help but they cannot finally solve it. And you struggle on. I am trying to show you today that in our world you will still be an individual person with these problems. As you go forward they will not all leave you. How can they possibly? For you are struggling onward. I tell you it is lovely, of course it is, and life is certainly much more beautiful, and becomes more and more so. But you are there and you are individual, and so is everyone else. When you look around you, at your friends, your peers, your family, and you see how different you are, you can see that you are not going to eradicate yourself and clean yourself up as it were, overnight.

When you have found our world and challenged it and overcome it, and found out how to deal with your mind, and found out that you are indeed part of everything, that you are aware of it, in a much greater manner, when you have coped with this and have settled down to living in the way you choose, then it is that part of you that is selfish, even a little bit, will come out, and stare you in the face. All the parts of our selves are not left behind.

Remember this now, for as you discover yourself and the little mistakes you make, and the greater mistakes you make, be sure you strive to lose those personal mistakes of yours, those you make with other people, those that are around you, the weaknesses within yourself, try very strongly to lose them here, because they have a way of popping up, and there they are again in our world. When they are there you might not be able to lose them, not so readily, because your life is so wonderful, so sweet, and you will think to yourself, “I can do this,” and you cast it aside, you shrug your shoulders, and there you are you leave it, and then you have it for how long? It will pop up again and again.

You still have it, you see. This will hold you back. These are the parts of us that we have to lose. It isn’t simple. It is a very serious situation. That is why I am taking my time today, my time to show you that even in light, and in light, you will have problems with the self. For remember this, you will always be happy with those people around you, because they are of your substance, they are of your spirituality. You know how you love people in this world, and you will love them with a greater intensity, because you are more loving. As you go on your love will become stronger and stronger. Think of it, think of that man I told you about who had a bond with the one who was going on. Think of this intense feeling being thwarted, as it were. How would you feel? You know how you like to be with the one you love. How would you feel knowing that your loved one was going on and on, and you by your very unhappiness standing still?

It is not a simple matter at all. This is how people can hurt themselves. These people are an example to you. An example of how the feelings in our world are more intense than they are in yours. Sometimes you cannot bear your feelings, they take you over. This inner self, these feelings, you know what I am talking about. How do you think you will control them? When you have lots and lots of time, when life is pleasant, when you have a lot to do, and much to learn, and all this is going on around you. Yet here we have this person, and he cannot enjoy life, for he is depressed, as you would say.

This love is the gift of the Great Creator, the Universal Love. Even here you share it. Here you all manifest it according to your ability. It is this love that goes on and on, and becomes stronger and stronger. When you live in love, the very atmosphere is filled with the love of this Greatest Creator. You feel it around you, you live in it, you are bathed with it, as you are bathed with your atmosphere. Being bathed in it, and feeling that way exactly. The atmosphere and you feel the same force, because the love manifests according to your growth. So you, and the love that is manifesting around you, are at one. Feel wondrous, feel beautiful, feel content, living in love, but remember it isn’t perfect. Not being perfect you can make mistakes of the feelings in whatever way you are.

Try as much as you can to look at yourself. See the parts of yourself that hurt you, the parts for you that need to be cleansed, the parts of you that hold you back. Everybody in this world has parts that are rude. These are the parts of you that we wish you would lose. For when you are in our world and you see around you, and you see what you have gained, and you look at the people, and you look at everything there is, and you know, in that instant of time, this is me. If you know what I mean. It is like going to a place that you feel very harmonious in, a place in nature that appeals to you, and you look at it and say, “I could live here forever, it is so beautiful.”

You see today I am speaking of light. I am not speaking of those lower areas.

So if you arrive in this place that I am describing today, and you look at it and you say, “This is me, this is where I will dwell.” You know it, you see, that it is part of you, because you have this sense of everything being part of you. It is a very strange feeling. But in time you become accustomed, as I have said already. It is as if you are standing there and you know everything that is around you, as if you understand it, the nature of things. As if you understand why, what it is, whence it came, all these things running through your mind. It is a very strange feeling, but in time you become accustomed to it. It is like living here, you really do not think of it. But it shows you the difference in atmosphere, the difference in mental ability. Mentally being able to understand life, to understand that you are a soul, a spirit, and you are vibrantly alive.

This is when you realize the meaning of wholeness, of oneness. When we speak to you of oneness, of belonging, that you are part of the whole, it is very difficult for you to understand it here. But when you are in the spirit world and you gain light, you have an instinctive awareness of it. It is very hard to explain it. But it is the very time you know that you are part of existence. It is a very great surprise, the intensity of it. The very life is hard to explain. The pulsation of life within yourself is so strong, and to find out that you are part of all this, it is a wonderful feeling. It gives one great elation, such as you have never known. This elation will never leave you except when you are unhappy with yourself, of course. But the part of you having earned it. Having earned it, it is your birthright, so it cannot leave you, unless you do something terrible, and you have to descend some.

There are people who go backward a little. They do not usually go backward a great deal, just a little, or stand still, as our friend is doing.

But this realization that you are part of the whole, the Creator, when you meet beings who come to teach you, and you listen to their words and their descriptions, and they point out to you, and show you with their ability the way ahead. They can put into the atmosphere, scenes of places beyond you to give you stimulation, to help you to realize what it could be like. They never cease their efforts to help you, never in all your life will you have had such love and consideration. Never in all your life on this earth will you know such compassion, never will you have known such caring, such devotion. It will amaze you how the high individuals will make you feel part of themselves. You will not feel as if they are superior, never. Because we do not feel superior. When we are higher we are humble, and we simply let you know we are teachers, helpers who love you. We are longing with all our being to help you onward. With our knowledge we strive to point you onward and onward, onward to the places where we know your mental capacities will be even greater, and the wonderment of those lives ahead will be so great, you will fall upon your knees and thank the Great Creator. You will feel so humble before such wonderment, you will feel so small.

When people gain and gain, it is as if they feel they do not deserve it, because the Great Creator has seen to it that our gain is more and more beautiful. Nothing is ever lesser. Everything is according to the realm you are in, as it was in the beginning, as it is here, according to your spirituality. It is always so. Every area becomes more and more wonderful, not only in beauty, but in ability, in understanding, in creative ability. Your love will be stronger, your desires to help humanity will be stronger. You will descend to other areas to help more often. So as you grow, your spontaneity to help will be more evident. You will not sit down and think and ponder, you will be there. Because your desires are so full of love, as you go on and on you will work harder. You will still have lots of time for pleasure, as time is immaterial. But you will do more, that is why each area below you is percolated with others from the higher realms. You will see them moving amongst the peoples, teaching, helping, aiding. Helping your world, in whatever way you are equipped.

Here you have your abilities each one of you, in your own way doing what you can. But when you come to our world, you will be able to manifest those gifts that you have kept hidden. Many of you have ability that you cannot bring forth because you are timid, or you have not the money, or perhaps you feel it is not enough, your gift.

But in our world nothing is hidden, so the gifts of the self are manifested over and over. In the end nothing is left for you to hide. But you are a radiant being, so gifted. You are using your talents as you have never used them before. Think of it, using your talents, all your talents, having the time to do it and the ability to do it, the knowledge to help others, the knowledge that is given to you of the great creation. Bit by bit, you will feel so much a part of the whole by this time that you will marvel. You will understand a little more, not wholly, but you will be greater and greater, and when you are you will be more humble, more humbled. For no soul who is high can look at himself or look at his friends or brethren, or the area in which he dwells, without feeling a great surge of humility, and realize how small we are, and how long it has taken to get to the higher place, and to think we are still going onward. How long. We think how we were, how small, how ignorant, how puffed up, how much we thought of ourselves and saw ourselves, how great we made ourselves seem. How wondrously important are we, that when you get to our world, and go on and on, you see that you were puffed up, that you were small, and that even now you are not absolutely pure. But you are larger, larger in light, larger in ability. Yet here you are more humble.

These are the lessons we learn to forget self. That self gets in the way of self. By yourself individually, but do not let self be everything. Let self stay backward, and look outward to others. Look outward, and you will see much. You will find that your eyes have been closed, and when you look outward, lowly people will swim into view. They may not be lowly in status of life, but lowly within themselves, and you will look at them as they relate to you, and you will think, “My goodness, how can they do such things? How can they be this way?” You will understand that they are at their own stage of evolution. But do not criticize. Try to help if you can. If that isn’t possible, do nothing. Wait. Maybe the opportunity will come later. There is always a time. Always be patient. Wait for opportunity to fall into place. Then will be the best time to help your poor brethren who need so much from you. There is always a situation, a time, a place, always. If it isn’t now, it will be later, or later still.

Opportunities will come, if you desire them to come, if you offer yourself as a servant in the way that you can be of service to help your brethren in your daily life. You do not have to be a healer or a psychic, it is not necessary. All cannot be this. But you can do much in your own way. All of us are gifted. Some of us are gifted with being at ease with people, and can speak to them. Others are shy and have love within them. People feel their caring. Whatever your gifts, look outward and offer them. When you do you will be on the right pathway, and you will find that pathway will open out for you, and your opportunities will grow and grow. No-one offers themselves without it being thus. You cannot set love in motion without it growing. For caring for others is love in motion. When you act for someone it is your love being manifested. You can use whatever words you like, but it is love. When you can see others shining before you rather than self, shining widely within you, you will have made the first steps that will take you far.

Self has a way of getting in the way, so let it loose and see others. Look out. Look round you, and set in motion that love that is you in reality, and which will be you forever and ever. Your abilities are not small. I do not see anyone, no matter who they are, as small. Every soul had ability. If you put out love, then your presence is not shunned. And you will be sought amongst those who have understanding. Others who do not understand you may shun you, of course, because they do not feel comfortable with you. These will be the lowly people. Lowly people do not feel comfortable with light, just as they do not fit into the Great Light in our world, just as their areas if duller and duller, or even brighter if they make the effort. All pertains to self, every time. In this area, in this world of yours, in our areas. It never will change, never. You will be the architect of your own life. Those around you will influence you here and in our world.

It depends upon yourself whom you choose for friends, here and in our world. You choose whom you like, then love grows. In our world the love will be different, because it is the love in the areas, but again you will choose those whom you like. It is always thus.

You will find too that some of the higher individuals who walk amongst you to help you, will be attracted more strongly to certain individuals too. This attraction of individual to individual never ceases. That lives on too, this fondness for others.

Now we will go back to this individual we were talking about who could not live without the beloved. Well, finally he came to his senses, and understood that his depression was his enemy, and with the help of teachers and his friends he was able to uphold himself, and to go onward again. It took a long long time, but he did manage to go on and on. He is still not with his beloved. But the beloved does not mind so much visiting him for longer periods because the areas are much more beautiful. So it had a happy ending, but not completely. But, of course, it depends on himself even yet, to make yet stronger efforts. Perhaps the loved one will hold still for a little. Sometimes people do that too. It depends every time upon the individual.

I hope I have helped you to understand this today. No matter who you are, you will make your future, you will make your environment beautiful, you will make progress. It is you who will be loved, you will be the loved one, you who will be happy, you who will be radiant. When you think of radiance do not think of it in an earthly sense. I have often tried to picture it in my mind in the way I could show you. All I can think of is this. It is a bright bright Summer’s day, and the air is fresh. It is warm and the air is warm too. It is moving about you. You feel it and you are thankful for it. You can hear people being happy because it is beautiful. You can hear children’s laughter. You can hear people, the murmur of their voices and everything seems content. Overall hangs a feeling of serenity. The sky is so blue and the flowers have a sheen. You are in a place so beautiful that your breath is held almost. You feel this place is you. You are all the colour. You are the blue sky. You are everything, everyone. Everything is scintillating with life, pulsating with life and you are so alive you can hardly hold yourself. Can you imagine that? I know it is hard, but try. Try to imagine living in this situation always every day of your life, every second, every moment, filled with love. But still you are you, still you. You live, you will always live. You are eternal. You are eternity. You are creation.

At this point I will bring you before the Greatest Creator of all to the greatest love, that you cannot understand. But I would bring you into this point of love, for I know that many high individuals are above, and they are pouring down this light of love upon you, in an endeavour to help you to feel your oneness with life. If you can feel this love, know that it is part of you, that every one of you is part of life, this life, this oneness is creation. The Greatest Creator, this architect is love. Love is manifested here today in such a force that I am bound to say, you are blessed. So let this love permeate your beings to the point that you feel peace. Do not deny it. Become part of it, so that peace flows through you and oneness engulfs you.

So I leave you beloved until we meet again. Good day.