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~*Teaching #35*~

Good afternoon, my friends. My beloved, what a beautiful day! I think you have been very fortunate in being able to come today. I understand it is a change of time in your land, and many are confused. Also the day is beautiful, and many will not wish to leave nature, which I understand also.

In this time on earth many are dealing with very very severe problems. Mankind is struggling with such a heavy burden of change. The earth seems to be also shaking around more than usual, here and there. It is a time of change, a time when mankind is faced with the problems of self. Mankind has had many many aeons of time to learn. He has had many opportunities to see and understand his own being. We often wonder, how long will it be before man can look at himself and see that he is individually responsible. So many cling to others, desiring others to live their lives for them. Do everything. Each soul has ability, each person can lift up his head and let his soul and spirit help.

Hate is eroding your world at the moment. Hate for brother and sister. Hate stemming from a difference in belief. But behind all this difference in belief is a political upheaval also. You cannot see with the eye of the spirit. You cannot see where man is against man, and where those who are desirous of power are pushing, pushing towards this power that they desire. Man is so gullible. He listens to these voices that cry out, and does not listen to the inner self.

In the inner self, in the peace within, you can find the answers to the dilemmas of this world. But when you listen to the voices that are clamouring, clamouring out, “Kill!, Take!”, not caring for the individual, not seeing the individual as a beloved soul, but as a means to an end. What end do they envisage for you, these rebels who would put mankind in bondage? You would be in bondage, you could not think for yourself. You are here and you can listen. You can decide whether you will take this away with you, or reject it. I do not say to you that you must hold it or else! I do not say this. I say, “Reason, always reason!” It is the ability of mankind to reason. You have the ability. It has always been there. But always man follows, and follows, the loudest voices. The loudest voices that cry out against humanity. It is very difficult for you, I understand this, difficult to truly see who is good and who is false. But if you listen well, and use your eyes and your brain, and reason, you will be able to sift away the dross.

Mankind has always had the benefit of his reasoning powers, but so often man allows someone else to think for him. We are doing all we can to help you, but we cannot reach out to these masses of fury, because we cannot go close. We attempt to reach them from above. As I have said previously, sometimes we can reach one or two, and sometimes one or two can help. A word here and there can sometimes change thought.

Because we love you we wish you to help yourselves, and come to the realization that you are individually responsible. I wish I could say this to the whole wide world, because so many are leaning on others. No matter what your belief is, you still have responsibility. Whoever is your teacher, whoever you follow, you cannot follow without reasoning. I know that there are many striving to uplift their area, and to help those around them. As I have said previously, it is amazing what one individual can do. Reach out. Then they will reach out, and so on. But whenever the world is in the state it is in now, you cannot make people see who are blind. People who are blind hear a voice crying and they follow. But is that voice their saviour, or is that voice going to lead them into darkness?

It is a very difficult question, and only as individuals can you deal with it. Many times I look at mankind and I say, “This person, this being, will be with us in a short time.” Then the surprise that they are still responsible when they come. It is not an instant heaven where all is solved, and all will be wiped away. You still have your own self to deal with. So it behooves you to start here, when you can more readily erase your difficulties. The difficulties that we deal with are the senses. The difficulties are our emotions, our feelings. How often are our feelings hurt. Do we deserve what we get, or not? Often we deserve what comes to us, but we become angry, because we know it. Feelings are not a good guide for anyone, not the emotional feelings. The emotions will take you into many areas from whence it will be difficult for you to leave. You cannot make amends in your natures overnight. It will take a lifetime and on in our world. But you can eradicate the most difficult parts of yourselves. You can begin and gradually wear them out.

Fear is an emotion that is a difficult one for mankind to deal with. Fear holds us back from so many attempts at living life fully. Fear can erode us to the point where we can become ill. Fear is a very very bad emotion. When you can lose fear you have come a long way.

How many times have we been afraid to take a step? Even a step towards an individual, towards whom perhaps you are drawn. Fear of being rebuffed. How many times have we been afraid to take a step that would help you in your life, and you have missed a wonderful opportunity, because you held back. How many times have you been afraid and then you felt, “Well, I cannot do this, I am not the one who can do this”, and you sink deeper into this ..... what is this? Each one has a different life. Is this the slough of despond, or is it just weakness? Or do you hide behind your fear? Do you realize that every soul desires to be loved, to be liked, to be cared for, when necessary? I know there are people who are cold and withdrawn, but on the whole people are pretty nice. So if you feel you would like to hold out a hand of friendship, try it. If you are rebuffed, what of it? It is only your feelings that have been hurt, nothing much. If you strive you will find that many people are of the same attitude. Who is so brave that they don’t tremble at some time or another? Strive to be strong and unafraid. Hold out your hand to those who need your help, hold out your hand to the lonely and needy. Hold out your hand to the old and infirm, hold it out wherever it is necessary. You will feel better for the effort.

There are so many lonely people, so many seek simply a kind word, so many need someone. This life is such a wonderful opportunity. There is so much around. Often we think when we watch you of how little we had in our lives. We had nothing really except ourselves, our family, our hands, our brains. In those far far off times it was very difficult, but you know we survived. We did not know that the world was so vast. We did not know so much. So what was our responsibility? It was to the area in which we dwelt, and to those within that area. We were not responsible for all, because we had not the knowledge.

You are not responsible for all peoples, but you have compassion, kindliness, and when you see and hear the problems of the world, according to your own ability will you relate to the problems. So you have a greater responsibility. The worlds if yours, so to speak. You know what happens in India, Africa, South America, England, Germany, France. You know what happens. You get a little idea, you get some idea, for you get the news. Now, is this news that you get true or false? Will it be coloured by the mind of the person who gives it from that far off land? Where does it change? I am sure that it does, as stories change from individual to individual when they are recounted time and time again.

Your heart and soul may be crying out to help someone in Africa, and you give, but in your mind is the niggling thought, did that money go to the place of dire need? In these days when there is so much evil, people in this and other lands really wonder whether the monies and the food reaches the necessary area. You and I both know that it does not always. Then you have to deal with the problem of whether to send again or not. There you have the problem. You will make up your own mind, and deal with it as you see it. You see what I mean? Nothing is straightforward. You have all these problems. Your desire may be very strong, your desires to help may over-ride you and you will be hurt, so hurt when you realize that your efforts have been as nothing.

Now I know I can say, “Well, the law will work here.” In the long term the persons who were greedy and took away this for those who had already, well the law will work out and this will be just. But you may say, “We haven’t got time for that, we haven’t got time for the law to work out.” But still you know that it will. But I know your problem, and it is a very serious one. I do not see how you can alter it, because in your land and in your world freewill exists, and we cannot change you. We have to live within this law that allows you individually to be free, to do and act in whatever way you will. So how can we who love you, help you?

We help you by showing you, pointing out the way, giving you a little insight here and there, hoping that this will come to rest within your mind, and that you will bring it out when you need it most. I cannot live your lives, neither can your guardians live your lives. But they can strive to aid, and they do. But your mind is working, and when you hear the thoughts your mind goes to work and you cast these thoughts aside, these thoughts that were there, these thoughts that could help you. So you see how difficult it is for a guardian to be absolutely able to come to your aid, for often you reject the thoughts as your own. But they do come to roost, and you act upon them, then you help yourself, because a guardian’s guidance is good for you.

This world had a difficult task, I know, but just the same mankind is not doing his best. Many people worship the Nazarene, and they see him as a beautiful soul who loved. Most Christians worship the Nazarene. They have his example before them, but even then that soul was not given a great opportunity. For the life of a servant is not easy, it never has been, and never will be. Once you take up the burden of service your shoulders will have to be strong.

Did the Nazarene have a rapt audience always? Did everyone listen to his voice when he was upon the earth? No no. A good many did, but not everyone, as you are aware. The voices of the teachers of the world are like voices crying in the wilderness. There have been a few, a few whose teaching was pure, who showed the way, the way of the servant and the way of mankind, showing the way that man must go to earn his spirituality to grow and to grow.

There are very many who long for the Nazarene to return again. But what if he did, would the world follow him again? If he said, “Love one another.” And, “Do unto others as you would they would do to you.“ Would every soul who desires him, would they follow him absolutely? Why do people want him to come again? Do they think that he will cleanse the world, that man will fall down and worship him from every corner of the earth? If he came, how would you be sure it was he? Because he would come again as a man, or even a woman! Why not? In our world maidens have authority, just as much authority as men, and men do not mind, not those who are enlightened. We have some wonderful and beautiful souls in womanhood, great radiant beings who have power, such as you would not believe, and they are far far off from you, but they have such power. Men and women have inhabited this earth for millions of years and where are they? Are they all in the world today? No, they are not. For many souls have earned the right to return and remain, ages and ages ago, because their lives were so difficult and they were strong and endured much.

The pathway of the servant is difficult because others see them as a means to help them in whatever way they desire this aid. But if this servant cannot be what they need, they will go away disappointed. But no servant can be a god, God, or the God, or the Nazarene, or anyone else but the servant who is himself at whatever level he has reached spiritually. Any individual who comes to a servant, comes at his own level also. Is this level ready? Has it earned healing, or enlightenment? The level that you have reached, are you ready? Always ask yourself this, and do not demand. That which you have not earned cannot be yours. When you have earned to be whole and somewhat purer, then you will be healed. Sometimes you are healed in part, and that means that part of you earns it. Always consider yourselves and your growth. How far have you gone along the road of spirituality? Have you eroded envy, greed, jealousy, vindictiveness, hate, fear? Have you lost all the negative parts of yourselves? When you have lost all the negativity in your being, then you can be healed Do not blame the power, or the healer, or the teacher. Everyone is individually responsible. Always look to yourself and to your motives. Reason out your problems, come to terms with yourself. Face yourselves, truly and honestly. When you can be a shining light, you will be a power in this land that others will feel, and they will wonder what it is you have. What is this blaze that is coming from within this person? What is this light? Why are they at peace? Why is it that the world does not shake them up too much? You see? It is your opportunity, it is yours to have and to hold.

When a little baby comes, you look at it and you say, “How beautiful, how fresh, how sweet.” But not always, for little children suffer as do adults. Many will say that this is unjust and unfair, and that it should not be. I know that it is very difficult indeed to watch a little one suffer, but this is the law in action. It is not God, or Jesus, or your guides, or whoever, it is every individual soul’s pathway being worked out. That is why it is so important that you gain here, and do not wait.

If a little child comes back and has a burden, it has known this before it entered, for it knows the life that it will live, the pathway of its life, but mercifully it forgets this when birth occurs. Individuals who have a little soul who is suffering are also having a challenge, for you suffer because the little one is suffering. You cry out to God, “Why is this allowed?” But God did not do it. The law was created a long long time ago, and man must live by this law, or there would be chaos. Think of it, absolute chaos. If there was not this law to live by, everyone would live for themselves alone, and mankind would live in great danger. It is because there is this law and you evolve, and some of you evolve well enough to help the world. If there were not these individuals in the world, these individuals who have a measure of light to help you always, these individuals who fight for a light in the world and who are constantly fighting against darkness, you would have succumbed to darkness by now. You should be thankful that here are souls who evolve always, and you should be thankful for this law. It is a personal one, the law of cause and effect. You think this over! If there were not this law, you know yourselves that there would be chaos, because every soul could do as they pleased. What a world it would be then, don’t you see?

So be thankful there is this law. It may seem harsh but it is not, because it gives every individual soul the opportunity to work out its problems. If a little child is working out its problems from an early age onward, it means that its problem is a difficult one, but it is having an individual choice, and it has taken it. The parents have agreed to take this responsibility to teach this child, so the child understands, so that the child will not become embittered, but will take up the life strongly, and grow, and perhaps in a few years become either healed or else return to the spirit world.

There is always a reason, and it is a just one, I can assure you. No-one comes to this earth unjustly. So think of it and do not try to reason out a person’s difficulty as to why he is here, why he is going through such a problem, but instead help him as best you can, and give him love, so that he finds love in his life, and can become loving. So many people become bitter in difficulty, and so hold themselves back, and may have to return again and again.

So you see, this is why I say, “Hold fast to your beliefs.” Be a loving, kind and compassionate individual. Try to make your space in life a beautiful one, so that you are an example to humanity. You have your choice. No-one, no-one can do it for you. The truth is very simple, and the law is very simple. The difficulty is in living it out. When you fall, lift yourself up and say you will try again because you will fall, but you are not held down. You can, by your own efforts lift yourself up again. Whatever your difficulty, try to see it in the light of reasoning, try to understand why it is there, why the person or the problem is as it is.

In this delving into problems you will uncover many areas that you did not know existed, areas that you have not faced previously. When you do, you may be shaken because you will then understand that perhaps you have been unjust. It happens to everyone. The very fact that we are individuals, the very fact that we are different from one another, is enough to let you understand we see things differently. But we are so intent upon making everyone akin to ourselves. Enjoy rather the differences. We cannot be similar. Always believe this and see it as it is; see that others are different because they are. Remember this always. Your partners, your sisters, your brothers, your father, your mother, your children, every single one of you is different, so how can you possibly think and act in a similar manner?

So begin this way, by remembering always that we are different, and looking at whoever is closest to you. That can be your beginning, and seeing the changes and differences and how the person has evolved, how the person has changed, and how you have changed over the years. It happens, you know.

Look at everything peacefully, not critically. This will help you tremendously, and it needs just a little effort on your part, a little effort to look, listen and learn. It will certainly make your lives so much more simple. Everyone desires this in life, everyone wants simplification. No-one desires a burden. But burdens you have, and they are usually created by the self. Or someone else.

You are learning in this world today that greed and avarice is in the mind of most people. What will be the outcome?

This problem will be with you long enough. We cannot change it, but you can eventually, politically, or individually. It is a severe problem, but it is the way the world is going. The world goes on and on, taking many avenues. It is very strange how a thought will be sent all around the world, and simultaneously every land decides that everything is going to be expensive. This is your telegraph, whatever. In our days we wouldn’t have known anything except for the caravans that came our way, or the lonely traveller, or the tale bearer. We would listen in amazement of the stories of far away. Here you have everything in a moment. This is why everything changes so swiftly. You have the benefit of these wonderful advances but at the same time they have their other side. It is the same in everything there is, in nature, in your lives, in everything there is, everything has its other side. Have you noticed? I have told you often enough. The rain, the sun, the night, the day; power, no power; happiness, sorrow; great advances, countries that are backward. And it will always be so. Now that you have reached this great advance where you are, the question is, where do you go from here? Well, it will depend upon mankind. We cannot help you in this, we cannot do it wholly because you have freewill. But you will do it as you see fit, at least those in power will.

People in the world are aware that there are a few people who have great power, and you feel helpless. But at the same time they cannot rule you if you do not allow it. They can assert areas of law that you must live under, just as you have to live under the law of the Great Creator. But beyond that law, or the laws of your land you are free. You do not live in a country where you cannot think for yourself, and you must be very thankful for this. You can go out there, and shout whatever you wish. So you have the responsibility. Everyone has the responsibility of whom they choose, and whom governments choose, and whom great companies choose. How men evolve, and how men at the top feel, have they a mind only for power, or are they tempered by spirituality? This is the problem. If all those men who were in power had their mental capacities tempered by spirituality, the world would be a much more peaceful place. But that is their problem, that is the problem of the world, of mankind. As I said to you in the beginning, it is individually yours, theirs, everybody’s. Until man is aware of this, until man sees that he is individually responsible for his actions, every moment of every day, for all the days of his life. No matter if you are hidden away in a convent, or in a monastery, or in a retreat, or in a busy city, or if you are enclosed quietly in your own home, or in a busy office, or in any place on this earth, no matter where you are, wherever you dwell, in whatever area, with whatever gifts you have, however you bring yourself to your problems, whatever or wherever you are, at this very moment, in all time on this earth man is striving towards something, some goal or another. In farthest Africa, if they are asleep they are in the spirit realms. If awake they are striving towards something, even if it is the evening meal, or to go out in the fields and forage, or to enter the busy city and struggle in the traffic. Whatever or whoever you are, you are dealing with the life you have. It is yours, and it is wonderful because it is a most wonderful opportunity. When we in our realms look at men and women in our realms below, when we try to help them we see their minds, and we see how they are thinking and we know what to give them. We see those that will remain with us, and we rejoice. For it is our great great desire that all mankind will come to us and remain. For it is your true abode. This earth is the challenge, this is your school.

I know I have said it many times, but I think I can not say it enough, that it is our greatest desire that everyone of you becomes so shining that you will be able to remain with us, and that you in turn will be able to help so many people in our world that they will be able to remain also. So with our combined efforts we make many many people happy and content. It is as simple as this. But this simplicity is our struggle just the same. I know that many of you wish this too, along with me. There are some who would like to come back and struggle along because they enjoy the challenge. But those people do not understand, because in our world there are many challenges also, many many because there are still people there, you see. All these people need help, as the people here do. There is such a lot to learn, so much to take up, so much to do that you can never be bored, which you often are here. But you can never be bored, if you wish to be busy, that is. Many are very lazy. It takes them a long long time, and they are the types that will return. But a good many people strive and strive to help these people, but they do not always listen, just as many people here do not listen. Nature remains the same. That is why we say, “Will you never never change?”

In our realms, if you remain you will not have the struggle of daily life for food or a place to live, or to clothe yourself, or to pay for tuition. There is a lot to learn, and it is all free. There is a great pathway ahead, and it goes on and on and on. You put your mind to it, and you want to go on, because when you are in our realms and you find out that which you have earned, and you are so happy, then you wish to go on because you know that ahead of you is greater joy and happiness.

You know when you go onward, it is still the same, a great challenge but a great reward. The challenge comes in your abilities, in whatever you choose to help others. There is such time that you can help and rest and enjoy life in much learning. The learning is not difficult because your mind is certainly different. It can grasp knowledge more easily, and retain it more simply. There is not the haste. You do not have just six months to pick something up and know it all; you have as long as you need, and no-one will criticize you. I have often heard it said that if only they had known, and we smile, because we seldom criticize them, and so we usually remain silent, because we know if they had known, they would still have had to struggle.

Knowing doesn’t automatically make you wonderful. Knowing anything in the spiritual way does not automatically make you beautiful. Knowing is your responsibility. Then you cannot later say, “We did not know.” We say, “Yes, you did,” and leave you. We do not go any further. We say “Yes, you did,” and, “We will see you again,” and we leave them to think that over. I would be cruel to really point out, because they can do it very well themselves, if they wish.

I would be cruel to point out that I am very much aware that there are some amongst you who would like some knowledge pertaining to the belief of us, who are higher.

My belief is that there is a higher intellect, because when I view all that is around me, here and in all the realms upward to my own, I see such a manifestation of intelligence that I marvel. And you will too. So my belief is that there is a Great Intelligence, and that intelligence is love, because we feel it. It is all around us in our realms, and it is in greater strength as we go on and on. We live in it, we bathe in it. It is living in a lovely love. I cannot express it, because it is inexpressible. You know, when you feel you love someone very much, you have a feeling, don’t you? Well, magnify that and imagine it staying there always, without changing, all around. Does that give you an idea? Perhaps a little bit.

Next time you feel a deep deep love, hold it and say it is magnified and magnified, and it will be with me forever when I dwell in the spirit realms. Try to imagine it pouring upon you always, all around. It is like your atmosphere there. You live in it, but you do not consciously think of it, but it is there. You know you need to breathe here. Not so in our realms. But this atmosphere, everything gives us its essence, yes everything gives us its own essence, the trees do, the water does, the flowers, and so do the mountains, everything does. We give our essence also, and the Greatest Intelligence of all, love, gives too. It is all giving, you see? That then is my belief, that here is a Great Intelligence, a Great Giver, a Great Love. I have no idea what that intelligence is. I know it is love, because I feel it. I know it is love because I have eyes to see it and experience it. I know that all I experience in the higher realms is so beautiful that I cannot do otherwise than be very humble, very humble indeed. Because when I see this Great Mind expressed, I feel so small, and so do we all.

That is why we who are the teachers in the realms of spirit give ourselves no authority, and do not claim greatness, because the higher we go the more humble we feel, because we see so much wonder. So whenever I say to you, “My beloved, my friends”, I mean it so much, because I do not put myself above you. Why should I? You and I are the creation of this Great Intelligence. Who am I to judge you? Who am I to find fault? I have had many lives. I have failed, I have floundered, I have made many mistakes. I have done well too, and very well, so that I could remain a long long time ago. But I have within myself the memories and the knowledge I gained, my own abilities, the kind of person I am, the teacher, the one who serves in this way, the one who gives in this manner. As a teacher we can reach out and out. As a teacher we can go any place. As a teacher we have great responsibility. But my love for you would not allow me to harm you. I would not. Because I am love. I am love, but only in a special measure, that measure which I have gained. When I return from this life, lived here to serve you, I shall have gained much, because I have descended into darkness. I have learned much. My world is so different, but I have learned a lot in the years that I have been in the spirit realms too. I have learned from individuals as they come. But one has to dwell here to fully comprehend and understand, truly. Being up there and having it told to you second-hand is not at all the same as experiencing. So having experienced this life, since I have come I can see so much more clearly, and I have a greater responsibility too, in my endeavours to spread the word above. In my mind, pictures that I can express it to others with clarity, so that they too may understand this world as it is proceeding, see you and understand you more fully, understand the problems of this earth, as they are lived. You know when you hear stories second-hand it is not exactly the same as having lived through the problem, is it? No. It is the same for us. It is the same as my inability to describe to you a beauty. I can only say, “Look at a tree full of cherry blossoms,” and you see that beauty. It gives you an opportunity to envisage our world, doesn’t it? You see the daffodils, tulips, the Spring leaves coming out so fresh, so pure, so gleaming. You see our world, this is it exactly. But they will be there always, they will not fade and die, like here. You see in this your world that you are seeing now, the Spring is here and already the trees are losing their blossoms. It is like a little baby being born, all fresh, then it grows, gets the measles, the chicken pox, and whooping cough. Ha ha, and all the little things that happen to a baby to spoil it temporarily. The trees lose their flowers, but then they become all green and fresh. Then in the Summer time they are all laden with dust. By that time you have reached the summer of your life, and you are a bit heavy too. Dusty, you know. Ha. Then the Autumn, when you are getting older, and you think, ‘my life’s done, what am I going to do?’ But it isn’t done, you have the Winter of your life to go on with, your old age. You are still able, for old age need not bring you down. Often in old age you are more able, because you have the memories and the knowledge and the ability to know, because you have experienced. You are not full of the young vitality, the pushing, the youth who want to know. Then when they do know they retreat with haste. Ha ha. Mmmm. I know it is a struggle. But not all retreat, I know, for you retreat a little then you go on again. finally you stand still and you say, “Right, I am about to face the world.” I have been through it all myself, I know. But as I said, it was so different then.

Instant life this is, instant this, instant that. But it does certainly give you greater scope. So put out your thoughts. Give yourself an opportunity to spread your light, and together we will win through. Fear not. You will survive. Has not the world survived great holocaust? Great disasters? Great everything? Through aeons of time has not the earth been through everything that it possibly could go through? But now you are thinking that this is worse than ever, because you have evolved the atom. But the atom was always there, but man had not yet discovered it. You see? So the feat was not there, because no-one understood. Do you see where we are going? Do not be afraid. We are striving so hard to protect you from this. We cannot do everything, but we are striving, fullsomely in this area. We truly are.

So with this knowledge and your strength and your love, and your determination, along with ours, we will all go forward, step by step, step by step. Finally grasp that great reward that is truly truly yours, because you did it yourself. You. You will be loved by many. You will be individually deeply loved in our world. You will have many experiences that will shake you to your very inner self. The power of love can be so powerful as you go on and on. You will think that love on earth was nothing in comparison. You will be shaken to your very inner being, but it will be a beautiful shaking. So think of it, think of the great treasures you can store up for yourself, think of the beauties that will be yours. Do not fear, do your best, for that is all we desire of you, your very best attempt to aid yourself.

In my love I express the love of the Greatest Love of all, the Great Intellect, the Great Love of the Universe. This love I give you is also expressed by many many others who are around about us at this moment, your guardians, and many of my compatriots, who love me, and come to hear me, and try to uplift me. We all love you because we are all part of that Great Great Love, which is within every one of you, because we are each and every one of us part of that Love, and we are united together, so how can we fail if we are one with that Greatest Force of All Love? It is this we give you in great measure, this Love. It spreads out and about you, and strives to uplift you.

This is how I leave you, and we all leave you, with love. Good-day, my beloved.