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~*Teaching #34*~

Good afternoon, my friends, my beloved I am so happy to be with you again. This afternoon I think that as everyone knows the fundamental knowledge, every one of you who comes to our maiden or has been here previously, should understand that all life is spirit. That is the fundamental knowledge. Plants, animals, you, everything that has life is spirit in some form. Everyone in this room has a spirit, and this spirit is here to learn. Many people enquire, “Why am I here?” They believe that they are lost, but if they thought about it they would know that life surrounding them is the teacher.

Mostly when you gaze around you do not see or understand that life is the teacher. Every soul is so busy living and trying to keep abreast of whatever life has brought to them. Life has many many lessons, and to each one of us it is a different path. That pathway, though it may not be understood, is your challenge. Every day you learn, every day you pick up some other thought, some other ideas, and you see others. But you do not always understand their motives, nor your own motives. Every time you act, or put into motion some plan, you have a motive. It is your motive that usually lifts you up, or sets you backwards upon your pathway. So if you care about the growth of your soul it is a very good idea to think first of your motive before you act.

Often people go headlong into life and they wonder why they have to struggle, and why everything seems to be such a burden. Everything should be reasons, but not to the point where you do not know. But if you use your reasoning and ask yourself, “What is my motive for acting thus?” then you could prevent a lot of mistakes.

Many times as we watch we see people act in haste. This is mostly where individuals go wrong. Every time you act, the person before you or the persons around you, their minds are full, just as yours is, and they may not ask themselves why they are doing this, or why they are saying this. The whole universe is filled with people, and love is missing. Intolerance is the master. Power is sought. I cannot say anything else, because power is everyone’s desire who wishes to reach a certain goal, but if your desire is tinged with mercy and tolerance, then you will succeed, and you will grow. But if your desire for power is not tempered with compassion or tolerance, but the need for material gain only, then it is a sad day for everyone. We do not look down upon you if you wish to go forward and gain in this life. That is everyone’s natural thrust in life, it is natural to people everywhere. It is the manner in which you grasp that which can be yours.

We know that the law manifests itself throughout all life, the law of cause and effect, and it cannot be changed. Many people have the idea that if one is to be a spiritual being then all things of life must be cast aside, but it is not so. You have the gifts within you, the gifts of laughter, the gifts of music, the gifts of creation in every form. If these gifts were to be wiped out it would cost you much, because the spirit must have happiness.

In the days of old when people did not understand that the gifts of life are manifest, and that joy is our most treasured possession, then when these gifts were stamped out in an attempt to achieve holiness, people were sad and defeated.

No-one really understands the true meaning of joy. When you are spiritual you are a joyous person, and you have happiness and peace within you. And so you can enjoy life, even though it is burdensome. If you put out nothing but negative or grasping intolerance, your body will not feel good, nor will you be at peace. You may say, “Well we cannot always be aware.” No-one is expected to be aware of spirituality and think of it at all times of their days. This is an unnatural life, and no-one can do it unless they have peace to do it in. But if you are living in this world, then the manner in which you should go about living is doing a piece of work whatever it is. It will be different for all of you, and as each person has a different idea of life, and has different mental capability and capacity, how can every soul be equal? So you go about life in your own way. It is not possible that each soul spends his days similarly. So when you go about your life and you see others and you are wishful to be them, or you say I am happy I am not them, you know how it is.

Think of your own life, and the reasoning why you are in this space of life at this moment. What has brought you to this very moment of life?

It is the divine spark within you that entered this life and became a little one, and progressed through family to this moment. Here you are, and you are at a certain point of life, and I know that not all are satisfied. But I do not think that anyone in this life can be absolutely satisfied, and I think that when people seek perfection and hope to live amongst others in perfect harmony, I think that it is not possible. Now I am not saying this to make you feel sad, because you know that it is true. You know that every single soul in this world is different from you, and when you are working with others you know that everyone will not see the labour that you do with the same eyes or insight. So if everyone cannot see similarly, then how can you possibly enjoy peace? There is always someone who will see differently from yourself, who will challenge you. There is always someone who is above you, and there are those who are below you. There is this ladder of life that people are climbing, and how do you climb it?

Every soul will not go into business. Everyone will walk into the path that they feel comfortable in, or they hope to achieve this path. When you feel that you have a good position, and you think it is wonderful when you have achieved it, lo and behold, someone steps on your toe, and you are unhappy. I want you to understand that because we are different you must not expect perfection. But try as best you can in whatever harmony you can achieve.

It is a difficult world, and it is a dark world to us, but it has its points of light, and it has its hopefulness in many areas. You who know, though you may feel you are one, you have an area in which you are alive, in your area and that space around you, if you can glow or shine, or glean a bit, then you can lighten your space. I now that there are many good and kind people in this world. But all are not enlightened to the point where they can feel free, or understand. But they are within whatever field of thought or knowledge that they have found, or in that which is reasonable to them.

I want you to understand that whenever I say ‘this life is your challenge,’ I want you to understand that I mean it, absolutely. If you saw yourselves as you approached our world, and if you saw all the people who have just entered our world, say overnight, or a few weeks ago, and if you saw the perplexity with which they looked around themselves, you would say to yourselves, “We are very fortunate that at least we know that we are spirit, that we never die, that we go forward, and still into the challenge.”

Many have the idea that once you enter into our realms the challenge ceases. But it does not. But there is one difference. You are not ruled in the same way as you are under a government here. You are not exactly ruled, but you have to belong, if you see what I mean. You have certain rules of life. If you love one another you try to live within those rules of kindness and tolerance, or thinking about your neighbour. But there are many people who do not do this, and their neighbour is simply another being to be tolerated if even that. All peoples have not had a serene life, and as you watch the worldly news you see the problems of life. As you know, we are no longer isolated, for no-one is isolated in the world today. We are all aware, everything is visible. But when you think about it, every single individual throughout the whole universe of this earth is a spirit. Every one of you will eventually leave here, and then someone else will take your place. This constant moving, the forever coming and going, and think of when you are in your sleep state, your spirit leaves and enters our world, so think of the constant coming and going in that way also.

If you enter into a peaceful area, then you will have a peaceful sleep, or at least your spirit will have a peaceful life. If you are not in a beautiful place, then what? It is similar to this area, people unsettled, not caring for where they are, often wishing to come back here. Why do they wish to return to this place, because they know that this place is better than the place they are in. Better because they have not earned a brighter environment. Many people pray and ask for help, but we often think it would be better if they helped themselves, and thought about themselves.

Some people seldom look within, seldom look at the picture that is within themselves. It is a good idea to stand back and look at yourself and say, “Who is this individual? What am I?” and give yourself a third degree. True, it is a good idea to look at yourself absolutely without a tinge of pride or whatever thoughts you have about yourself, and be perfectly honest and assess your self and see where you fail yourself. For when it comes to the very last moment it is yourself who will enter our world. You will not have your friends, or your family, mother, father, husband or wife. It is usually alone, but you will meet other people. But that moment, that transition, it is you. I am talking about the moment when you know yourself, when you see within your mind your own life, when it unfolds within your mind. Think about it. It is very easily done, to speak of it and say, “You will see all your life unroll before you, from a child.” It is a simple matter to say it, but think of it.

Now most people, when they look, are concerned with the difficulties of their life, and how they dealt with them. They see their mistakes, and it is sad for them. But at the same time many people have a lot of nice and happy days and good things they did, and do you know that they usually ignore them, because it is the wrong-doing that they gaze upon with horror. Even though it is the little things, when they see where they have earned, when they see where they are, then they look at the things they have done, the mistakes they have made with horror, because they know now, finally, without any doubt, that they could have done better. Everyone knows it and they are sorry, truly sorry, because they see where they are, and they know that they were the architects of their lives.

When I talk to you it is not to say to you, “Do it.” I tell you so that you can think about it, for I do not want you to take everything I say without thought. I want you to think about it. I want you to think about you, and let the echo of the words sink into the subconscious. Your spirit will grasp them, and your spirit will keep them as you will. Sometimes you can not remember, but suddenly something will flash into your mind and there it is again, that you as an individual are responsible.

When I see you I see you as a spirit because I am a spirit. When I stand here and use this mind that is our maiden’s, it may seem to you that I am akin to you, because the words are issuing forth. I do have a body and it is solid. But I am spirit and I am a man, just as much a man as any man in this place. I am not a wraith, a frail object that is not there. But think of yourselves as spirits that are solid when you are in our world. We do not have organs. We do not need to eat. But we do stand up straight, and we do have bones. So you see, when you think of yourself in the future, or think of yourself as a spirit now, think of your life when you leave your body at night, when your spirit is in our world, think of yourselves as solid, not tenuous. Think of yourselves as being just as you are now, with a mind and a brain. Think of yourselves as real as you are now. Do not think of yourselves as something other, that you cannot put a word to, but think of yourselves as truly whole. Then we will proceed.

If you entered our world last night, and if you slept well, you surely did, not what were you thinking of before you slept? If you were thinking of a friend, you more than likely visited that friend in the spirit world. Then you could talk together as you always do. Then if you two wanted to see someone else who was also asleep, you would join that person. You would do exactly as you pleased. Think of that, you would do exactly as you pleased. Just as you do now. No-one will take you in hand and regiment you. No-one will say, “Do this or that,” against your will. No-one will push you into an area in which you do not wish to walk. You will please yourself. Have you thought of it this way? I am sure that you have not. So you must see yourselves as free as you are now, as free to go around and do whatever it is you wish to do. I know I told you that you are not ruled in the same way. Sometimes we think it would be a good idea if there were more rules. But it is not to be. The overlord in every realm has quite a challenge, for you know what mankind is capable of on this earth. So do not think that when a person dies he is going to be different. Everyone thinks that when a person dies he is immediately aware, and has all knowledge, but it is not that way at all.
There are many many areas, and all are not wonderful, and when I say that mankind has to learn tolerance, many have not learned that lesson. Many many many have not learned the lesson of tolerance when they arrive, nor of compassion, nor of understanding. So you can see the reason why we come to you, and attempt in however small a way to enlighten you to the knowledge that you are spirit, and that spirit is undying, and that you go on and on. You return here now and then, and finally you will cease coming here. Then you will progress in our world as you see fit, when you want to, when you try to, when you feel that this is the time, you, when you want to. Do not think you will be motivated by the desire to hurry on in service. Think of yourself now, think of the way you are. You will be that person exactly. So now you know what you will be. You can tell your own attitudes. So think over how you are, and you will remember how you are over there.

It’s a very wonderful life, but it too can be abused. Every soul who enters our world has a challenge to overcome his thinking, to be careful how he thinks, to be careful how he acts. But there is so much that one can do. There is so much where one can explore, and learn, and never be lonely, and never be weary, and never be idle, if you do not wish to be. You do not have to earn your living. You do not have to clothe yourself, you do not have to eat. I know many will say that is good, especially ladies who have to cook.

But I don’t know, some people will say it is a sad sad day when food is wiped out.. But there is a big surprise in store for many people when their desires for food are strong, for it will come before them, and they will look at it in amazement, because their very strong thought has created it. They attempt to eat it, but it is not the same. It is a thought form, and it has not the same flavour. But they do try. But whenever it happens this way it soon comes upon them that it cannot be. But we do have a type of fruit. This is our sustenance when we have been labouring long. It is similar to the air, or the balmy breeze that we have in our world. The same with you. You breathe, we do not. It enters our being. If you can imagine living without lungs, not breathing, not having to make the effort, but living in a world where the essence of life, the balmy feeling of love enters your body and sustains you. Everything has its essence, just as your life does. And as I have said, everything is spirit and has essence, everything. So it is in our world. We live in a beautiful place, and it is full of love, the very atmosphere around us is sustaining us in a way you would not believe. It enters into our beings, and we are full of love, because that love from without enters within.

When you think of the Father and you cannot envisage that power, think of love. Think how you feel when you love someone, and multiply that over and over and over, multiply it and imagine you are stepping into one area, and you grow then into another area, and you then grow into another area, and each time this power gets stronger and stronger, and the love force becomes more and more beautiful, and you feel so wonderful. No longer can life abuse you.

In our realms no-one abuses you. But when we descend there we find that those who are close to the earth, and below the earth, abuse each other still. These are the areas where we have the most trouble. Just as you have trouble on your earth, just as you struggle forth every day hoping that it will be easier. You know some days it is. Just as you know that every single one is different. So it is in these areas that are close to you. So when you think of the spirit realms, do not think that those areas close to you are heaven. But think, when you speak of heaven, of areas further on. And think of the places close to you as a training ground, just as yours is. Always remember this, it will help you when you are thinking of people who have just passed on. People have a way of uplifting those who leave them, and seeing them as saints, when they know full well they were not. Why give people instant sainthood when they pass on, when you have lived with them and know their failings? Always try to be factual and see people as they truly are. Do not expect those who have gone on to know everything. They do not know any more than they did here, and think of everyone who leaves here who is in ignorance. It is rather appalling. If you heard the abuse that we have to put up with, and we are blamed for the ignorance of this earth. “Why were we not told?” is the favourite phrase. Can you imagine this? “Why were we not told?” This is a phrase that is heard constantly. In fact practically everyone says, “Why were we not told?”

We say, “But you were.” Every soul learns in some manner that he is spirit. In fact people say, ‘Holy spirit’, without understanding what it means. They talk of the spirit without understanding what it means. People say, “My heart is full of love for you.” But your heart is an organ, and a very wonderful machine. But it is not filled with love. It is the soul within you that is. It is the soul that is within your spirit. It is in a place in your spirit body, in a place similar to where the heart is in your physical body. Your soul is a light, your soul is the part of you that glows with love.

When you feel love it is your spirit soul that glows with this feeling of tenderness, not your heart. Your heart is a machine which is wonderful, just as your body is, that wonderful creation that is abused and abused by mankind. It is a marvellous structure. People forget that the structure needs to be seen as a machine, and if one part is hurt, then all the other parts will be weakened. Remember not to abuse your body, for it is the temple of the spirit. Even though your body may be frail, your spirit can glow with great strength within you. If you have a frail body there is a reason for this. Understand that life is a means to reach perfection, and this machine containing the spirit and the soul, is the means by which you travel and learn.

It is not by chance that you have life. You have been alive for thousands of years. You have been here such a long long time, and some have been here a short time. In that time you have found out many things. In that time you have learned that though you may be surrounded by love, and family, yet you have found that you are alone. For it is oneself that has taken on this life, it is oneself that is travelling onward upon your pathway, it is oneself that is learning and struggling. It is oneself that weeps, that has all the problems of life, that deals with these problems and joys. You know that every day brings you a different day, and every day you should ask for help. Say, “I hope that if I do my best that I will be aided, and given strength to endure.” I know that asking is not necessary, but it puts you into a state of mind where you hope that someone hears you, someone who will understand, or someone will help you. You will be aided. It is good to think that there is someone else there, for aloneness is not a happy state. In the struggle we often feel very much alone. No matter how much we are loved, we cannot share our thoughts, not every one. So in those moments when we realize that we individually are struggling onward, remember then that you are a unit. Each of you, though individual, are many, you are many. Because when you are in this world, you must touch others to exist. You cannot cut yourself off. So you co-exist and you learn, and you learn from one another, you see? You take on to yourself, you hold it to yourself, or you cast it out. It is a constant learning and constant assessing, and a constant rejecting. In this way you amount to a great deal, or to a very little, depending upon your own efforts. We do not expect you to make great strides overnight.

This is not our way. Life is such that we learn slowly. We take to ourselves certain ideals or thoughts, or wishful ways. If you are practical, you will do many things well, and many things wrong. It is always so, but in the mistakes there is the growing. As I have told you, life always holds the other side of the coin. When you make mistakes it helps you to understand yourself. When the sun shines you feel good, when it rains you feel let down. It is the same as life. Life constantly shows you the design. It is all around you, you see the pattern of nature and you see your own self, growing and failing, growing and failing.

The earth will soon spring forth again and you will see the new life. The law has made it so. You will see the beauty beside the ugliness. When you see this, it is your own life also, and what you see around you. You see the design in nature, it is the perfect teacher. As the earth will grumble and roar, and the floods will overtake you, so will your life when you make mistakes. So will nature whenever mankind in great masses hurts themselves and others. This world is a mirror, a mirror of action, a mirror where you can see man, and the result of his acting out his life or lives. You see your own bodies and you see how you have acted too in thought. Everything is a mirror to us. When you say, “I don’t understand,” look around you, look at yourself and you will see what it is you have achieved. You will see what the world has achieved, when the world is struggling, and generation after generation thinks the world is a terrible place, or the world is a wonderful place. Your ideas change from year to year, and according to who is in power. It depends upon those in power, how people feel. So your ideas will change. You will mature, and you will think differently. No-one will stand still. So you look at this earth and see everyone. Some are struggling coming from childhood, and trying to break into adulthood. The nations that are struggling forth from bondage, it is yourself as a child, do you see?

The nations such as yours and those who have gained much are supposed to be adults, and gain all that can be gained almost, and where are you? Those nations that are in childhood are desirous of your life, and they reach it in time, just as you have reached it in time. Think of the years it took this country to get to where it is now. Think about India, Africa, China, and the heavy heavy populations. Think about your own country, and how you are a mixture of races. This is to show you that mankind can live together. But in this coming together and in this mixing, each and every soul has to learn to love the other. This is where people are tested. Many people say if we are all mixed together perhaps there would be peace, but not at all, because everyone is different, and everyone has not come up the same way. So when you see nations struggling and seeking power, know that one day they will be where you are, and they will have everything you have. What do you think it will be like then? Will you be where you are now, or will you be the lesser and they the greater? I am not saying it will be, I am just asking you to think. The world has always changed, countries are in power, and then not in power. And so it goes on. Many have over-ruled and trodden man down many times. Many times a race has overtaken almost every continent. Think of the Romans, how they charged right up to Britain. There are roads in Britain to this day that are still in use, which the Romans put down. And people are still using them, they are still there. When you think of the Romans you think of ‘so long ago’. You don’t remember how they dressed, their clothing, and think of yourselves now, and think of the world how it is, and then think about those roads which are still there. It makes you feel as if the world has not moved much, doesn’t it?

It makes you feel that time does not exist in some ways. When I say to you to think of the Romans, and if you are awake you will think of the Romans, and if you have remembered you will know how the Romans dressed, and you will be able to see that picture in your mind. So if we all go to that place in our minds, we will be there. So we are there, and we are here. Do you see? So there is no time lag, there is only a moment of thought. So that is what I mean.

Now if you were in the spirit world, and you had just arrived, and you met people who had been there hundreds of years and were still in the areas close to the earth, that would give you a surprise, wouldn’t it? So if you talk to those people, they would talk to you of hundreds of years ago, and they could enlighten you as to what life was like at that time. But you would think, “What are they doing here for hundreds of years? Why have they not progressed?” Isn’t that true? So why haven’t they progressed, while others have gone on and on? Because they do not wish to. You know that there are people here who will not change. There are people here even who have had good parents, good brothers and sisters, and yet they are different. Although you try, they will not. You know, there are people who will not change, no matter what example is put before them, no matter who strives to help them. That is how it is in our world. There are people who have been there for hundreds of years without progress. It is very true. They speak in the same manner as they spoke then, if they use their thought I mean, or their voice. It would seem very strange to you, to be living and walking beside people of another time. Can you imagine it, walking side by side with people of another time?

Do try to, because when teachers descend, they are from another time, very far back usually. They too have memories of a time gone by. When we see people come to our world in modern garb, we look at their clothing and we marvel, and we say, “What will they do next?” When we see ladies dressed like men, we think, “My goodness, where is the lady?”

You see, we are accustomed to robing. When I was on the earth I wore a robe. So it is not very much of a change for me, except in textures. So men and women throughout all ages think of the clothing they have worn, wide, narrow, flowing. Nothing much whatever, if you were a native. Think of all the ways you are, think of all the important things. Is the way you dress, or the way you feel about dress, or the things you have in your life, do you feel that it is sinful to think about these things? I hope not, because mankind has ever tried to make himself more beautiful. When you look at the flowers and trees in blossom you see the trees bedeck themselves in glory too. You look at the sky when it is blue and you marvel, and you look at the colours of the earth in all its glory, which will soon be manifested to you, and you think, “Isn’t it wonderful?” You look around you and mankind is dressed too in many colours. But of course it will depend upon the fashion. It may be the fashion to look dull. Fashions usually reflect the feelings of the earth, how people feel, how people are progressing, how people are as a whole, and fashion goes on and on, changing and repeating, repeating and changing, modifying and changing. Nothing is really new.

When I say that the old walk beside the young here on earth, and the child will look at the old man and think, ‘how old.’ But usually children and the old people are in harmony, because the child is inquisitive, and the older person has lost that to a degree and is resigned, but knows the little one will ask questions, and the older person has the patience usually, and the time.

So everything is relevant. All is cohesion. When you struggle, think of the cohesion of the spirit to the body, and how that spirit can leave you and glean much, just as it is now. Do not see yourself as a cog in a wheel that is ever turning uselessly. That cog in that wheel for generation after generation, for life after life, gathers much. As the wheel runs on from one country to the next, and you glean knowledge of all walks of life, why is it that it is necessary? Because when you are a higher being, and you look at other people of other races, you say to yourself, “Once I was there.” And you understand that person. You see another person and you say I was there also, and you understand that race too, and you have compassion, tolerance and understanding.

When in a family you have children, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, a child has its own little universe, don’t you see? A child has its own little universe in which to learn, in which to find its own understanding. So it is with you, when you mature. You have your friends, and you see the world through the media. You know that you are here and you have life, but that life has been lived, all over the planet, so differently from you now. Though you have been brought up and your life was secure in whatever way it was you are not now in Africa, India, China, nor in France, nor England, you are here in Canada in a fresh new place that can bring you into a modern outlook. You are materially beyond those who have had things for hundreds of years, but just the same you need the culture from the old countries. That culture is still here even though you are a new country, because that culture came with you, or your parents or grandparents, when they came to this country. So you see even if this is a new country, all that was old and used and understood came with them. So nothing is new. Then whenever the new situation brought new problems, mankind put their mind to these problems, had struggles, had good days, and now here you are. You are the end product of that grandfather who came here, or the father who came recently. Whatever, you are the product of this life, and all that way backward to Europe, or India, or China. It does not matter, you have brought that culture too. So it is the old that tempers the new. If you had not had that culture you would have been ignorant, and you would have begun again like those people who are struggling in Africa, and other parts of the world. All those who are struggling because they are under domination.

You can go out at this moment, and you can say whatever you wish. No-one will put you away. But there are countries where you cannot be free, and you cannot say your own thoughts, you cannot be yourself. You can hardly think freely. So you are blessed because you are free. Use this freedom to enlighten yourself, to try and make this world a better place, around yourself, so that those around you can gain. Everything is learned, everyone gains from example. Do not think that you are lowly and have nothing to give. All is gained from example.

I have told you previously to love yourselves, and to see yourselves as a unit that has great potential, that can enlighten the space around you so that others can have your example and go on too. People who live in fear, and people who live in ignorance may malign you and say you are foolish. They may say your way is wrong. But do not worry, words are words. In the end it is your love that is your example, your tolerance, and your compassion, and your gentleness.

You do not know who sees you. You do not know what eyes are upon you. You can be a bright star. You do not need to be working for the spirit in a way that all know of. Everyone cannot do this. But you can do much, and do much indeed, because everyone has potential. Do not see yourself as a person who cannot serve the spirit. Every soul has the opportunity of dropping a word here and there. If it drops on stoney ground you will soon be aware of it. But if it drops on fertile ground the being you are confronting will be happy, and will grasp your knowledge eagerly. The knowledge is always there. Fertile ground is very necessary to life. We need it to grow good food, the food that feeds our bodies, and sustains us through the years of our lives. So does knowledge need fertile ground, so that the seeds of knowledge can sprout and go onward through one another. It is the gathering of soul after soul, and even if you help but one, that is good. But I mean actually helping them so that they can change.

So if you have won a soul, remember that you have made your days here worthy. For when you come to our world, and you see the struggles of mankind even in our world, you will know that to gain one is wonderful. I do not want to cast you down, but I want you to understand that there is not instant wonderment of the soul, instant understanding, instant enlightenment. I thought it was time for me to talk about this, because so many people think that to go on from here is to go to heaven. But it is not for many people. Many people may have a place very similar to this earth, and it is a bit greyer than this, and then a bit greyer yet, and so on downward. So when I ask you to be a light in this world, it is to shine so that people who are here will not end up in such conditions. If you are maligned or if you are hurt because you are as you are, do not worry. People when they die often remember words given to them, when they see a place as has been described to them. Then it is amazing how a few words can bring enlightenment.

So though you may think you are doing very little, actually you may be doing quite a lot, because you cannot comprehend how far your words have gone, you cannot comprehend how deep their meaning will sink. You cannot comprehend how a person will grasp, and hold, and then make use of those words.

You must always remember that it is step by step. You cannot grow by leaps and bounds. Nor can those who can not see, especially those, for they need time.

So strive to be patient. This is a lesson that so few learn, patience. So strive to find patience, strive to help one another as best you can. You will find the ways. Ask your guardians to show you how best you can act. You will discover that you will find the way. Your guardian understands you fully.

If you ask, he will supply the way. He will put the brake on you if you become enthusiastic and want to rush. But he will help you forward when it is right. Try to gauge the being before you, try to understand that not everyone can grasp everything at that moment, but sometimes they can grasp a little, then from a little another little, and so on. There are some people who are simply ready and searching and they will grasp it with both hands, and they will go forward swiftly, because they are ready. You will meet the people who are ready. This acts as a stimulus to you, so you are prepared to try again. Do not be downcast if you cannot reach out swiftly. Take your time and the way will be opened when it is right. You have the time, there is the space, there is eternity. For you will be doing this in the life ahead of you, and you will do it on and on. But your knowledge will be greater, and you will be able to read the people before you so that you can act to truly help them.

You will then not have to rely upon your intuition. So know that you are truly blessed when you have knowledge that can help you. There is nothing else that can bless you like knowledge, nothing else can bless you like knowledge taken in and worked upon. It is not so much what you know, it is what you feel also. Sometimes the knowledge flies from your mind, and you simply have your feelings. You know what I mean? The feelings of compassion, and the thoughts will not come? You think, “What can I say?” If you are still, often the thoughts will come, and you will be surprised how you can help.

So in the days to come, realize that you are a spirit walking this earth. You are clothed in the shell of the flesh, but nevertheless that is your cover. The spirit is the real you. Do not forget this, ever. The spirit is the real you. This is the shadow, the challenge, and when your spirit leaves this life, it will return to reality its true abode, where it will not need that shell, where the spirit will be free, where you will be at home in your true environment, where you can look around you and say, “I feel free, I feel at peace.” That will be when you are light. I know that you will, and I know that you will be radiantly happy, and I know that you will say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I do not mind who you say that to, it does not matter. All that does matter is that you are aware, that you are indeed blessed, because that Great Force, that Great Light, that Great Love that is around us, that Great Power that transcends us, that Great Love is everywhere. No-one knows it more than those great souls who have gone on and on, and have been away from this earth for millions of years. I know it in greatness too, and so do those around me. You know it too, everyone who is aware knows it. The power, the love, has been with you since you manifested upon this earth. That love and power will never leave you, never.

I can say this with knowledge because I have experienced it, because I have experienced it in many many areas, because I can see with the eyes of the spirit, and I know the world as you do not know it because I have travelled many paths a long long time ago, because I know that there is a plan, and that plan is working slowly slowly, but it is working. The overall design is your enlightenment, it is that mankind shall reach the path of service to one another, the path of love, loving each other as we do. The overall design is that man knows that he is God in miniature. The overall design is that you all know how you were created, and how you came about. But you will not know that for many aeons of time, because you have not earned the right to know it yet. But the day will come, when you progress through eternity and on and on, when you will be enlightened, when you will wonder, and mock at yourself for thinking you knew everything. Whenever you see the wonderment of creation as it really is, the wonderment of yourself, when you see that man has been created to become another pure soul. Man has been created to learn, to become a bright shining being, so that in time the earth will change. I know it has taken a long long time, and it will do. It will take longer and longer, but you who have knowledge will be the harbingers of truth. You will bring the knowledge to our world because you have the knowledge. You will be our warriors, and we need you, how we need you! So whenever I say to you, “Look to yourselves and see yourselves as you truly are, spirit, spirit manifesting,” know that you have always manifested, very very small, but all the same, you are worthy.

So on that note we will leave you, knowing that the spirit will go with you in the form of your guardians, and that the Great Spirit of all will go with you in the form of love that encompasses you about. You will know that love is the foundation of life. So in that love we all dwell. That love is in everything, even in the darkness, because the other side of darkness is light. In this love is all emotion, all things, everything, all creation, everything that manifests in your world, and ours. Nothing is left out. Though darkness may be in your vision, you have the knowledge that in time that darkness will turn to light, for no child of the Father is in darkness and sorrow in this life without he receives compensation, and in our life we will have light and love. No-one hurts another but that soul gains. So know that the other side of the coin is always there. It may be dark, but on the other side there is light. Good day.