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~*Teaching #33*~

Good afternoon my friends, my beloved. It is my joy to be with you again. It is quite a long time since I have been in some areas of the heavens, and I should say ‘spirit realms’ rather than ‘heavens’. I often make the mistake of saying ‘heaven’ when I mean ‘spirit realms’. Heaven is not the name to give to every area, but because I come from heaven, heaven is more often in my mind. So it is very difficult at times, and so I make this mistake.

We will go to an area we have often spoken about, the area of Self-Realization. Now it is a very very long time before most people reach this area. We have spoken about individuality, and how each one of us is responsible for our actions, thoughts and motives. When one passes to the next area, the area which has been earned, one is exactly as one has been here at that very moment of passing. One does not automatically become a radiant being.

Now please try to imagine people who have been living rather well, I mean materially. Their minds seldom reach out to others, their health is not always good, but nevertheless these lessons are not being understood. They simply thought it was old age, or trial of the body, never themselves. When they come to the area earned, it is often very close to the earth. Now I have not worked there so long that I cannot remember, but I am taking you there to begin this narrative.

Now here are people who have been accustomed to many many pleasures upon this earth and they find themselves in an area that is not very well to their liking, for their clothing, their abode, the whole area is dull. There is dim sunlight, dull homes, and no robe, but clothing that looks similar to earth clothing, but dull, not at all like that to which they have been accustomed. So here they are; they find themselves here, and their thoughts are anything but pleasant, as you can imagine. In fact they grumble and grumble. They think that it is unfair. But of course they soon find out, by seeing themselves as they truly are. As those thoughts enter their mind and they see themselves, they understand but it does not help them, because they do not know why, and they do not understand how to change. Usually they stay in these states for some time and are allowed to wander and talk to others, and become thoroughly acquainted with their area. Then help will come in the guise of a worker, and this worker will look not too far ahead of them. But that will be a fallacy, because he is hiding and he has lowered his vibration. He or she will be there, or they will come, maybe one, two or three to help. They will teach and help them to understand that life was a challenge. That life shows everyone that there are others who are less than ourselves, others who could do with aid, even their own friends when they have difficulty. They are shown that kind actions, not selfishness, is the rule.

And so slowly slowly, according to their own ability they change. When I say it takes a very long time to get to the area of Self-Realization, you can see from this beginning how long it would be because each individual is full of his own thoughts and ideas. They are exactly as they were, and they have to lose intolerance, envy, greed, avarice, selfishness, all the negative aspects. So with help they can take steps, if they wish. But here we have to understand that everyone has free will, as you have, and everyone does not care to take forward steps. And just as people are individually hard to deal with here, and cannot see, and are blind because they will not think, so it is similar there. But in our world we can show. There is not the excuse, “I cannot see, so I cannot believe.” In our world we can show scenes ahead. We can show what is ahead, and it helps. But people will say no to this also. So you must realize that not every soul will take a step, but there are some who will. This is the difficulty in our world, for many many choose to stay where they are, and they can stay where they are for hundreds of years. That is hard to believe, but it is very true. Many people fear beauty and goodness. They think that when a person is pure that he/she must be dull, they think that the life of goodness is one in which you have to be goody-goody. We often hear these words, and we know how difficult these people can be, when they have these attitudes. So we let them see that we have pleasures, and we have fun, and that we are happy. We show everything we can, we do everything that we possibly can. But many remain where they are. Some make very slow steps ahead while others go ahead very very quickly. It all depends upon the individual. Some see that they have been waiting for this knowledge, and they are overjoyed. It is just as you are here. So when you think of us, think of yourselves. Think of yourselves as you are when you have something new to contemplate, something new that you cannot understand, and how you baulk at it, and how you hold back. You know how you are, and it is the same there, there is no instant sainthood, although a lot of people think that when people pass over, they are ready to give you great knowledge, and can give you great wisdom. But it is not so.

They can give you of the area where they are, and what they see and have found out, but nothing greater than that. It is for everyone as they pass on, over and over, taking steps and going forward slowly slowly. When they reach a greater force of light, which is something like your summer day, then everyone is usually very content, because it is a very very lovely area. It reminds people of the earth in the summer, and it is pleasant to them. And it is usually when they are in this area that they slow down. Now the reason for this is the pleasantness, the beauty, the flowers, the trees, the grass, the scenery, the homes, the people. It is idyllic they believe, because they have not lived in this kind of state on the earth. So this is summer, and we do not have to earn our living. We have our friends, we have our homes, we have our pleasures, and we serve a little. When I say a little, it usually is just that, for pleasure holds people as it does here. We do not condemn these people, for often their lives have been very difficult on the earth, and their onward struggles till they came to this place have been heavy for some, and quite difficult to attain. So when they reach this place and they tarry, we do not mind, for it gives them a resting place, to find themselves, to understand themselves a little better, to be happy and content. They do receive quite a lot of training in this area. It is about three or four areas in. It differs as one treads forth, it goes forward. So you can envisage this, and see how hard it is to even reach this place, and how long it takes. But how beautiful it is to those who have taken such a time to get here. How wonderful, and it is a place where we help them to understand that the emotions, the feelings that they share with one another in this area, it is still possible to have envy, not so heavy, but it is still there. It is still possible to have feelings of fear, not so heavy, but these are there in part.

These feelings come through friendships, like fearing to lose a friend to another, fearing one is not so loved as one should be, fearing that another is praised beyond themselves, which is not really true. But people have thoughts as they have here, and they imagine slights, they imagine they are put down. So we have to teach them, and these are the thoughts that have to be eradicated from their minds. These are the thoughts that hold them back, so we show them that as they are happy, and as they see those around them who love them, to know that there is a Greater Love ahead, going onward and onward. And when they reach these states they will have to have no fear, or envy, or doubts. We show them how to alleviate. We say the mind has many many components. It can take you into avenues of despair. If you are sensible you will look, and take the time to study, and look at the situation, and reason. We say, if you reason you will understand, and you will lose your failings. So we ask them to try and try and try again. We say that it is not possible to lose their failings in one moment of time, and we understand this, but to try and try, and so some succeed.

It is our joy when even one can move forward. But from this area they do, they move forward, because they have moved forward before, and they know what is ahead. They know that they have reached different areas and they understand that it is by their own efforts. By this time they understand that, and that they are responsible. So they know that it is their own individual efforts that will bring them forward.

So with teaching, with encouragement, with love, we help, and onward and onward they go. Sometimes two or three, and sometimes a group who have been helping each other will go forward together. That is joyful because they love each other, and they wish to remain together. Now this often happens in our world. You know as you love each other, and groups of you are firm friends, well this continues in our world too, and it is a joy to see groups of friends studying together, being happy together, going through life together, and going forward together and entering into life fully together. They all have other friends of course, but the group is close. So when they go forward together, the same enthusiasm will fill their beings when they see the beauty of the area they have just reached. It is more radiant, the atmosphere is warmer. Again always getting warmer. The beauty is more intense, the people are more loving, and their joy is wonderful to see. So it is over and over, until they reach the next area, and they are not yet in this area, but they are close. Now they are enjoying thoughts of going forward, and they are full of anticipation. They know it is close because of how they feel, and how their garments are changing, and how their bodies are changing with each step forward. They see it upon themselves. There is no mistake, it cannot be denied, it is upon their own bodies.

The radiance becomes apparent with every step. The robe changes with every step. Here you cannot see your growth. You can feel your peace within, but you cannot see the glory within. But in our world you can see it upon your being, you can see it upon your clothing. Now at this stage they are often watched carefully. We hover above, we are intent upon their learning processes, and we watch carefully, and we give them thoughts. We guide them. We want them to be able to step over, but we have to be very very careful because they must at this point in time be free of envy, free of fear, free of all those negative things they had before. We are tolerant, and if we see the slightest glimmer, we put thoughts into their minds to help them. And this may go on for quite a time. As we have no time, it could be quite a time in your periods on earth, as you see time. So not until they have eradicated envy, thoughtlessness, selfishness from their beings are they allowed to enter the area of Self-Realization.

We watch them carefully, and we see that they are struggling and trying very very well indeed. So when the time comes that we can say, “Yes you can,” and they step through, and their bodies change ... and this is not a simple procedure. So hold yourselves still for a moment and imagine that you are stepping from the cold Arctic into a warmer place, a number of degrees warmer, and then warmer, and then warmer, and so on. You come to the place where you are warm, and then you step into a place where it is much more so. Now you are coming to this place where the body is so changed, and it is so different. The body will change to adjust to the new area, and a change takes place very subtly, and then there you are, robed differently, your body changed, feeling different inside, a new radiance, a new glowing, a wonderful feeling. Joy is in their beings, and they smile and they laugh and they jump or may dance even. People show their feelings and they embrace each other, and they are together. This group has arrived.

Now they have to be watched very carefully indeed, to see when they are going through this life, living each day with new companions, new joys to behold, new friends, new knowledge, getting further ahead in knowledge, discovering that they have known in part, being told that it is thus, in every step of the way. It is as if you were in a cocoon and the butterfly emerges. It is something similar occurring every time, becoming more beautiful.

The feelings when one reaches these states are very difficult to describe, very difficult indeed. But if you could imagine yourself when you are in the most peaceful state you can imagine, and so so happy, and many times that over and over, it will give you some idea. Now when you are in this area, one has to learn that those negative thoughts are not supposed to be used, and here they are living again amongst new people, and remember that they are a group and that they love each other. What then? If others attach themselves to the group and the group becomes larger, and those who have been close before, will they be envious? Will they be in fear that their friendship will be different because of the new people? You know these feelings, when new people come into your life, will they take your friends away from you? Well, these things happen in our world too, and people have very intense feelings, and in this world they can fail again, because their feelings are that much more intense than they were before. You see? More intense.

If any one of them fails here, what will happen then, will they go back a little step, do you think? Well, yes. You see in this area of Self-Realization, because you can see yourself clearly for the first time, you see what was you, how you were, your thoughts, your actions, and here you are supposed to have wiped away by effort all those negative thoughts and actions. They cannot cloud your being in this area, because it is from this area that the training begins, the training for greater work. We watch you to see if you have the ability to become a guardian, to train you to be a guide. So one has to be very careful that one eradicates every thought of negativity from the being. So you see, these thoughts cannot be allowed. One has to share, to love all peoples and not to be afraid. Because where there is love and it is given freely, it will remain. It remains in our world, but people have been so conditioned that they forget. They forget that love cannot be wiped away, that there is plenty of room for others, that we can all share. I tell you it isn’t easy because these people have potential and they are our hope for the future.

As I have told you, it isn’t easy to get to this area, and that is why we view them with hope. We need everyone, as many as we can have to help you, and to help others in the spirit realms. Workers are ever needed. So when you are learning here you are being primed for the days ahead. You understand? You know it isn’t a simple procedure, there is no simple immediate sainthood. You know that you will still have to change your ways. You will know that this is a good place to begin. This is your training ground. This is where it is very difficult but if you win through in this area, you have great potential. Remember this. It is better to begin here to lose fear and envy and jealousy and intolerance, for these are the emotions that grip most people, these are the emotions that creep up on people without their realizing it. People allow it to happen. They do not watch and control the mind, or the emotions.

If you could see the joy, if you could see the amazement, the unbelief when beauty after beauty reveals itself, the wonderment of such an area. You have no conception of how the mind can be used in our world. You know that your own minds can do very strange things, can take you on many strange journeys, that your imagination can use you, your fears can almost wipe you out. You know where you can go, well take yourself in the opposite direction, and know that you can explore wonderful wonderful ideas, wonderful thoughts, wonderful explorations. Many times I am sure you talk together, and you wonder about this and that. Many people read many books but the books will not take you forward, but your actions may. Your thoughts can help you, and the books can show you, but not all books will give you the truth. The truth is simple, but many people ignore simplicity.

Many people do not wish for simplicity because it is so clear. It is understood. Many people wish to be deluded by words, and then they can say that they did not understand. But that is no excuse, because life itself shows you the way to live. Your daily lessons, your daily life can lead you to people who live in difficulty, to your friends who need you. You know sometimes you cannot be bothered, sometimes you are full of enthusiasm. Well, that is you.

Every little thought you have, it has come from somewhere, from someone, or you have read it. But it comes to the very simplicity, to the centre, to the love that is given you, to the love that created you, to the love that gives you time. Time! Have I not shown you that it is step by step? When I tell you this, it goes past very very quickly, but if you were there and you were going step by step, how long would it take? According to your earth time it would be quite a time for some.

So it is all the knowledge that you haven’t understood, it is the knowledge within yourself that love is the answer. Caring, sharing, selflessness. Words can carry you into ecstasy, music can take you into ecstasy, and love can take you into ecstasy. But you are not always in this state. You have to live. But those states of ecstasy have a meaning, they are showing you that is a state that you can live in. Not at every moment, because you will know that your brethren below you are suffering, and you will have the feeling that you must go and help, because whenever you are in this area your feelings are thus, and so you do, you walk backward. You retrace your steps to the places where you have been, and there it is the simplicity again, because people have to learn from the very beginning that they are part of the whole of life, that they are creation itself.

So those people who are in the area of Self-Realization are retracing their steps and they are teaching where they have been, and their souls are full of compassion because they have been in these states previously, and they understand absolutely. So they give their all. Do you understand? Yes. Because when you have been in a certain state and you have come through it and won through, and then you find someone in the same state, you know how to help. So you see, this is how it is in our world. We retrace our steps. We retrace our steps so that we can give our love to those in the places where we have been. Thus we learn and we grow, and we learn and we grow. Then they are taking steps through the area of Self-Realization and becoming more and more able. You can follow the processes. It isn’t a simple jumping in and out and there we are. It is a steady growth, just as it is here, but in a much much more radiant condition, when you have reached this state. It is very beautiful.

Here they understand some of the knowledge that they will learn as they go forward and onward, the beginnings, but only a very little, to comprehend the Great Mind that created them. We are shown little by little, our minds are not able to see it all at once. But little by little, step by step, we are shown, and we are filled with wonder, and we realize that our knowledge is very limited as yet. But we also know that there is ample time, to go forward and onward and onward. We do not hurry people along, we do not say that they must do it in a certain time. We give them the time that they need, for everyone is an individual and he or she is different. Everyone needs their own pace. My goodness, they do have diversions on the way, because life is so interesting, there are many many books to read. And there is music. There are many of the arts to explore, there are minds to explore, there are games, yes there are games from the very beginning.

They do not understand. When people on the earth are into sports, and they come to our world, and they are very lowly, how do you think that they could settle down if they could not do the things that they do here? If people do not have diversions they become very bored, and they do not know what to do. When they are in states of greyness, deeper greyness, some light, some more light, and so forth and on, especially in the areas below the earth close to the earth, and just above the earth, they are very easily bored. You know yourself that people who have lived on the earth and lived the way they want to, are a certain way. They are the makeup of all the things that they have learned upon this earth. They are what they are, and when they die they are the same. So when a person is keen on football, soccer or tennis, whatever, music, dance, that is interesting, because somehow it cannot be the same, but when one is advanced one knows how to control oneself better. But this is something else you will learn later.

So people want to play games, and so the thought enters the mind. They say, “I wish I could have a game of whatever.” Lo and behold there it is, and they think, “Oh, how did this happen?, and are very puzzled. Off they go, kick, kick and what is this? The ball went exactly where the thought had it go. Oh! So what do we do now, everyone scores a goal, do you see? So they can fight. So this causes a great deal of struggle, and they ponder how to do this. It takes quite a time before they realize. It comes by accident. It comes as you learn, and by accident they see that they can be crafty! Ha, ha! It comes very naturally to them, this craft, so they learn how to be very tricky. Their mind will go trickily, and then the ball will go likewise. That is how it is done.

It is the same with anything, with tennis it is the same. When people learn, they manage. It takes a little time. Now you see when I talk to you about the mind you are getting a little glimpse of what I mean. You are seeing that we think and that the law that arranges that you learn on this planet, the same law applies in our world.

You know that sometimes when you think of something, and you want it so much, and lo and behold, you receive it. You have created it and it comes to you. Sometimes it is good for you and sometimes not. It will teach you a lesson maybe. But these people, because their minds are active, because they have lived here, because they have had certain conditions, so they can create their own conditions. So they have the conditions already automatically in buildings that they have created, and the environment. The environment in these areas is very very dull. In greyness the earth is barren, the buildings are shacks. In a place closer to the earth it is somewhat better, and it improves as you go on. Always remember that everything improves in the greater light, and becomes worse as people descend. It is simple to do that. So because people have minds and they can create similarly as you do here, then they create their own pleasures. They think, and I tell you that sometimes their thoughts are not good. But they create conditions for themselves that they want, you see, they create whatever they want.

Remember they have free will. So they create this world around them, they cannot have anything very beautiful. It will be dull. But they can have. Let us put it that way. When they can go forward and see it is better that is wonderful. But remember that each area is lived in, is lived in. You do not wander around aimlessly, you live. You will meet people you know, and you will make friends. So people who have been there before you will help you. You will soon fall into the design or pattern of this world. So you learn to live, and that is why some people because of self love, selfishness, they still remain in this place for a long long time.

I know you cannot imagine anyone wishing to remain in greyness, but they do. This is what is difficult for anyone. We cannot believe that they choose these areas. But they are so stubborn, and may stay there for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is so sad. But of course others go on.

Each area is the same. You can have your pleasures, you can have your quiet times, your learning times, your growing times when you are giving. So those who have entered into the area of Self-Realization, depending upon their own ability, depending upon the way they see, some will enter into the greyer places to work, and some will enter into places a bit higher than that, depending on how it is for them.

Those who enter into the greyness have the potential of being very worthy in the future, because they are putting the other person first, they are not thinking about themselves, you see, because they have chosen to enter into the grey states. This is very difficult.

Of course they do not remain there for a very long time, it is their duty, and they come here when they wish to serve. When they climb again, it is with a certain relief, to be in the warmth and beauty again. So they go amongst their friends, to listen to music, to read quietly, or quietly to wander off, whatever way they wish to regain their equilibrium. You see people are human and act as you would act, when you have been in a difficult situation, how you like to relax, in whatever way you choose. So always see your world as a continuation of this one, seeing yourselves passing on with this knowledge knowing what to expect. But even though you know, you will still be surprised, because words cannot show the beauty, or the colours, or the vibration, or the excellence, or the perfect symmetry of some of the trees, or the wonderful buildings in their most beautiful texture. How when you walk upon stones, as you think, when you enter into the area of Self-Realization, you are prepared for this of course, but each time it is more and more beautiful. But in the area of Self-Realization when you walk upon a stone pathway it is warm, it is soft. It is coloured very very subtly, it is not glaring at you, you rarely see it until you look at it somehow. The same as if you look at a building that looks as if it is made of marble, and you go to it, and it looks firm in every way it should, and yet when you go close and you feel it, it is warm, it is living. Yes, it is living as the grass is living, as the trees are living, and the flowers, as you are living. It is creation, but it is so pleasant, it is wonderful.

When the very early Christians were upon the earth they knew that this was so, especially the Essenes. They were very aware of the teachings, that the spirit world was thus. But then it came to the time when the church had the world in its grasp, when everyone had to be pure, and everyone had not to sin, and everyone had to clothe themselves in dark clothing, and everyone had to be pure in thought, and everyone had to pray all the time, and one had not to smile, and one had not to dance, and one had not to laugh. This was a very very difficult time for people, and thank goodness they are coming out of this slowly. But there are some people who think that goodness is sadness and dullness. The Great Architect gave you beauty, as He has given you darkness and greyness, and rain, snow, flowers, trees, grass. Parts of the world are beautiful. You live in a beautiful place (Vancouver). You can compare other places. The Great Architect gave you eyes to see, the senses. You use your senses and you know that they are there, and they are yours, but how do you use them? Are you strong? Are you moderate? All the senses are yours. You are given the laughter to enjoy. You can smile, you can smell the scents of the flowers, and the other scents too. Everything has its counterpart, the light and the dark, the radiance and the non-radiance. When you see the beauty you have the challenge of the other side. But you have eyes to see, you know that there is a change. You experience all different types of weather. So do you know that every one of you is different, everyone has a different soul? Every one of you has had different lives, and here you are. But where have you been? You have been in many lands. You have been many colours, you have been yellow, brown, tanned, white, you have been all shades. In this travelling through all conditions you have learned much. You have had great tribulation, and you have had happiness, just as you do now. Each time you are on the earth you think, this is it, whatever you think it is, or whatever it is for you. Each time it is your challenge, and each time you are having your opportunities.

We hope this will be your last time, for you have the knowledge. Think that you are the sum total of all your lives, the way you are. Do you always follow the best instincts within you? Or do you stamp them out? You have the knowledge within you to guide you. But you do not have to be sad in your path of endeavour. Those who are more beautiful inside can smile and laugh, they can give of themselves. They are happy and content. The world is not such a great challenge, they know that everything is working out. They know that there is evolution, and that all peoples are not on the same level, that all peoples are on the pathway of evolution. Give your love and understanding to those who are struggling, who are further back than yourself. Many people in the world today are backward, and want the same as you have. Some do get it, but when they do they cannot easily understand it, or deal with it, because they are not yet ready in evolution. You understand?

Evolution is a slow slow process, and when people are shot forward in evolution through wars, famine, through flood, through earthquake, through all the things that happen to humanity, all the struggles. When people go through hardships of these kinds it somehow teaches them very much and they go forward, they take steps forward. It is their birthright.

All is knowledge or learning, it is hard to understand. In your own lives you know that your struggles have made you stronger, that is if you have dealt with them correctly.

You look back and you say to yourself, “Well I did it, and here I am, stronger.” So it is with nations. Nations rise and fall. The reason is that nations can rise to great heights, and when everyone has knowledge and material things, then they begin to get greedy, and they misuse their gifts, and they do not share them with others. They hold everything to themselves, and then sickness over-runs them. Famine, drought, flood, earthquake, avalanche, whatever, and the great nation is swallowed up, and those who are left have to start again at the beginning. So it is whenever a nation swallows another nation, it is as if that nation is held in steel bands for a time, but slowly you see the struggles of those people who are in those bands of steel, and then you see them slowly break forth again. You see some of these struggles going forward now in Europe. It was the same in Europe in the Dark Ages, when the world stood still there, when everyone was under the dark cloud of the church, when nothing moved for hundreds of years, and the whole world was in darkness. Then a little light, a little more, then a light, and so on and so one to greater light, and here you are. You see it all takes time, little steps at a time.

Do not be too eager to dash forward in your spiritual growth. Watch yourself carefully, as we watch those in the area of Self-Realization.

This is what your guide does, you know, he helps you and watches over you, and tries to lead you in the right direction. You can do so much here, so much to prepare yourself, so that you can step forward quickly, and not to be too long in entering into the area of Self-Realization, or even reach it. You can do it, you have the knowledge. You know, as those in the heavens know, the heavenly part, they know that they have to understand that love can be shared, and not to be afraid when somebody else loves your beloved, that love can be shared, that love has many many degrees. You learn that here too. Love has many many degrees to it. We can all share in the heavens. We can be companions, we can work together. We can do much together as a group, and we can do much individually. Many people choose to work as an individual. Some like to work in pairs, it depends upon how you feel. In our world we do not push you, we let you make your own decisions.

If you make a mistake we do not say, “There you are, you see!” We say nothing, because you have already learned through your mistake. So you grow gradually through these mistakes. When you first begin helping people you are very nervous as you would be here on your first days in any endeavour.
But we do not expect people to go alone on the first days. We give them a great deal of help, and watch over them. So you know our world is love. We do not throw you into any situation without helping you. We do not expect too much of you, we give you time to understand. We do not frown upon you when you make a mistake. We say, “Well done. You will try again.” We hope that your mistake has not set you back and that you will sit and do nothing. So we give you encouragement.

Every single individual is a unit that has learned that he is important, because he is part of the whole, part of the Great Creator. Because you are part of the Great Creator you have great potential because you are part of the infinite mind. When you are proud, when you are aggressive, when you badger, when you put yourself upward and see yourself as great, remember that you are part of the whole. In the eyes of the Great Creator, or in the eyes of all those great beings who know and help the world, they say that you are puffed up. They know that you will have to lose those feelings before you can take many steps forward. Until everyone realizes that love is the answer. You do not have to be loving in the sense of love as you see it in that way, but love in action. Understanding, kindness, giving of yourself, not always things, but actions.

As I have previously said, knowledge, all knowledge is as nothing compared to the actions that you give. If you have all knowledge and not love, it is pointless, absolutely pointless. It is love when you turn and look at a group of people, and you see them and say, “These are my brethren, they are all part of creation.”

We are all on different steps of the ladder. Yet we are all part of infinite knowledge, all part of that Mind. Some of us have grasped a little more, having taken steps ahead. Everyone does not step together. So you know that you have brethren who are close, and yet they are different. So do not malign, but try to understand that everyone sees every problem differently. Everyone sees life differently, and not everyone comprehends. So be kind, and in your mind say ‘brother or sister’, and you bless them and give them your love, and hope that in time they will find that which is necessary to them. When we malign others we are sending out thoughts that go from us, and I cannot say this too often, and the atmosphere is darkened. How can the world succeed when dark thoughts are going forth?

It is very important indeed that everyone of you have pure thoughts now and then, and try to be loving, to help the world you live in, the part that is around you, your own little space. What is it that comes from you? What emanates from your mind? What do your hands do? What do your feet do? Where do you go? What do you say? What do you give out?

Many people think that because they are here and there are many many people around that they are unseen, but they are not. They are individually seen, individually understood, and individually they are making or breaking themselves. You are not lost in a desert of sand, you are not a grain of sand that is unknown. You are not a pebble on the beach. You are a human being with a soul. A stone has essence and it is a part of creation. But you are a soul, and you have light. You are part of creation that has stepped forward in time and evolution. Are you going to step backward, or are you going to go forward? Everyone should do their best. You can do better than that, you can do your very best. When you do you will feel very content. For it is in one’s best interest that we find our true selves. When you are giving your best you will be happy, and others will feel your happiness. You will be content.

So this is how it has been, for those people who are in the area of Self-Realization. They have been through the earth, they have been through all the areas preceding the area of Self-Realization. Now they have potential. They are going to be trained and many of them will become guardians as they go forward, of course. So you see it if life lived here and life lived in our realms. Don’t be afraid. As I have told you, never never let fear enter your being, because if you are struggling and trying and doing your best you will have light, and you will go onward. One day you will be a worker, or a guardian, and one day you will do much.

When one says, “Well what am I doing here?” They are not being realistic, because all around you are people and opportunities. They may not always be easily realized, but there is always something to do when one tries. There is always something. For those who are sick and those who are struggling with weak bodies, they have an opportunity to overcome their fears. Many many people who are ill often have strong inclinations and try to shine, and because of this they gain much. Many people have strong inclinations, not all are walking backward. Many people in this world are doing their best. Many are doing it in struggle, some in happiness, and all the kinds of emotions that go through our lives. There is a meaning for this. Only in the shadow and the sunshine can we find ourselves. We cannot find ourselves if it is all beautiful, because you would not understand your brother or sister.

So know that whatever there is in your life, it is there because it is right for you, not always perfectly. We do not always choose well, our friends or our partners. So conditions come upon us, but we can always try to overcome, and try to understand each other. Oft-times the hard struggle ends in a peaceful oasis. In the learning much has been gleaned, and much understood, and growth is there. So look at your struggles as a means to becoming stronger and stronger. Look to your happy days as a lovely oasis. And I hope that you have many of them, and many beautiful friends, and many happy times and many lovely days to find yourselves.

In the year ahead you will go through many seasons, you will go through many conditions of life. This time next year where will you be? Will you be better? I know you will, because I know you will try. Because you have knowledge, and in knowing you have the responsibility of your knowledge. So you cannot say later, “I did not know.” You have knowledge and that should be your joy, because so many are walking and wondering and hoping that they have the true knowledge.

You are a spirit. You inhabit a body, and you have a soul that is within your spirit body. That soul can shine and shine with a brilliant light. Know that within you you have this light in your spirit body, behind your heart, about that area. When people speak of their heart they mean their soul. They say, “My heart feels for you.” You should say, “My soul.”

So it is that my soul feels for you. My soul loves you, my soul opens out to you. My soul loves creation and all who live within it. My soul loves all my brethren in all areas in which I dwell. For my mind encompasses about all those people in the areas of the spirit world where I have dwelt, all those people who I have taught and all those people who I have organized with love. So you see I know millions and millions of people and they know me. It is like your film stars, everyone knows them. But I am not a film star, I am a soul, and I have a light within me, just as you have. Your light can grow and grow and be like mine, some day. There is no limit to your endeavour, no limit to your growth. Do not hang your head and say, “I am lowly.” Lift up your head and say, “I have potential. I am spirit. I cannot die. I live forever.” You will, you will live forever, and you will grow and grow forever. Isn’t that wonderful, not to be lost, not to be wondering, but to know that you are a living symbol of life, a living light, a living mind, and that you will go on and on alone and with millions of others.

You will be aware of all those people. In our world especially you will be. They will not crowd in upon your mind, not unless you allow it. But you will be aware that creation is wonderful and that you are part of it. Hallelujah!

That is a word. Words are very limiting. Words sometimes drive me to frustration because they cannot explain what I am trying to say. But in our world we can send the thought and the other person can see the panorama of the thought itself, and understand fully. You will be able to do that one day.

So until that time be happy. Love one another when you can. Be uplifted and love yourself and love all. As I have gleaned you today, as I feel your love and I see you. This is what I mean when I say I glean. I glean many many feelings and many minds as they come towards me, and I feel a love that comes towards me and I rejoice. That love has force, so this force that is in this room emanates from you, and the force that is coming to you from above, and the love that is coming from above, from all those beings who are my brethren and are so shining, and who love you too, and from all those around here who love you too and give you their greeting of love, and say, “Our beloved, we are happy to be here too.” Your guardians are elated to be with you too. So this room is ablaze with colour, the colour of your auras. So keep this memory with you as you go forth. May it uplift you in the days ahead.

Goodbye, my beloved!