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~*Teaching #32*~

Good afternoon, my friends. My beloved, I am happy to be with you as usual. As you know we have approached very swiftly the season when everyone well ...... is celebrating ...... because people do celebrate, for it is a holiday. In the old pagan days when people were afraid they did a very different kind of celebrating at this time of year, for mostly it was sacrifice, because fear gripped them very very strongly. They were afraid that the earth would not bring them what they needed to sustain life, and of course when you are in those states and life is very hard to live, you can more or less understand their fear and why they would do such things. Since the enlightenment of the Nazarene, and the knowledge that has been given to the world, that love is the way, people have lost fear in one sense but they have not lost it in another.

But to get back to celebration, so in these days you are celebrating Christmas, but you are celebrating at a pagan time. For at the winter solstice you are celebrating the birth of Christ. It has got all out of proportion. Many people go to church, and many do remember, but most people do not. There is a great deal of consternation amongst some people, because this time is one of material gain, of material spending, and it goes on and on.

Today many people are realizing that it can be overdone. Many are trying their best to keep it moderate, I mean the holiday, or the celebration. I would like to talk to you about the attitudes. Now if you are a practising Christian you will go to church, or you will sing Christian hymns, and you will have in your mind the birth. There will be scenes to remind you, and the church will remind you, and you will feel good. At the same time your feelings may be puzzled, but you feel you have a duty, or you feel your children should be presented with this. There are many reasons why people go to church at Christmas. It isn’t a bad thing to kneel and give thanks. Nor is it a bad thing to think that at that time was born a light into the world.

But this light has been buried. This light has some beams, but many many people see the light that was here as a little baby and grew into manhood, they see him as he has been presented. And that presentation is not factual. Every man here knows that he is a man, and every woman knows that she is a woman. When people see the Nazarene, they raise him above manhood and make him into a Deity. If a servant comes to the earth, why must that servant be raised up above all men? Why must that servant be a God?
Have I not told you that you, every one of you, can rise, and rise, and be in the same place eventually as the Nazarene, the same place as the Nazarene occupies at this very moment? No-one can stop you. You can reach such stages, every soul can. No-one can be denied. If you think that surely not, then you are mistaken. There are many many people in the heavens who are much higher. Have you thought about the world as it was lived millions and millions of years ago? Two thousand years ago the Nazarene came to this earth, and was the earth dead before? Were men all wicked? Have there not been good men who previously lived on this earth? And didn’t those good men have the opportunity to grow, as everyone has? In all ages mankind has raised up a Deity, in every culture, back in time there is a raised up individual, raised up above the normal. This person has to be pure, does not have to be as other men, must have no failings, must not be taken in marriage, and must be pure. Well, I say, how then does that Deity learn the lessons of life? How can that raised up one know how it is with everyone, the problems of life? The learnings, the growth? If you are to be a servant you must have knowledge, you must endure, you must know. Because once you are here in the world, once you have left those realms above and entered this world again, you are alone, because you have free will. Although you are not alone in the truest sense, because you do have your guardians and helpers. At least a person such as the Nazarene, and others. Each and every soul that is to be a light in this world, must learn, must go through a challenge, to understand, to help others. You understand, to have pain, problems, challenges. How can you yourselves know the depth of pain of another if you have not experienced something that helps you to know that pain exists, or challenges exist? Do you see what I mean?

Well then, look at the Nazarene, and see him as a servant sent to help this world, to help the Jewish nation understand that God is love. Love not as man is. Man is learning. He is here to accept his challenges. God is risen above all, everything, everyone, and is absolute purity, the Creator. How can man drag down such purity, and make it as the self, and see God as Man, singular? God is everywhere, in everyone, in everything, in the Nazarene, in me, in you, in the stones, the trees, the flowers, in every single thing. So why minimize God? Why tie him down into one individual? Many have served in this world., as you know, many fine souls, many fine servants. There will always be someone. Maybe the message will not reach out so far, but the Buddha, and Mohammed, and Confucius have made their mark upon this world, and others will also.

Knowledge is tempered to the individual, to the individual growth. God can shine in anyone, but it shines in a deeper measure in the Nazarene, and in many others. The Nazarene brought love, and he showed it in his own way, the way he had developed into a fine man, a manly man, not a weakling. How could a weakling help and go through such struggles? A manly man, not weak but a strong individual, who also had his doubts, and fears, and wonderings, and tremblings, as well all do. He was held up by those around him, as you are held up by your own guardian, and how we help our maiden. You too have the ability and the knowledge, to transcend all difficulties if you are patient, and if you can have the strength, and drag it out of yourself, and face life, and know, as I have said before. For no-one is denied, and you too can rise and rise up.

People mostly remember the Nazarene for his gentleness and his love. Remember, he was a servant who taught love, and so he was motivated by love. Though he was manly and strong, yet he was also gentle. He could reason. He does that today also, reason, has long long patience, and to wait and wait.

The Nazarene was brought up in a psychic family. They belonged to the Essenes who were psychic Jews. They were Jewish but they also understood psychic laws, and that is how they knew that the Nazarene had psychic gifts; it was known from the beginning. Many others had psychic gifts too. Those he chose to be with him were of the same Essene group. They too had psychic gifts, not always of the same depth, but yet psychic in some manner.

So you see, if you look at it in this way you will see that it was a natural course, he was born to serve because he was psychic. He could see and hear, and he could heal because he was a natural healer, and because he had healers with him. Many. So he was a servant. When you think of the Nazarene think of him as a servant, moving through the earth as best he could according to the conditions of the time, which were very political, and very very difficult. You know how it is because in the world today people are living under these conditions. On this earth at this very moment, and you can see how it would be if you were a psychic living at the time when an oppressor occupied your land. You can see how difficult it would be, can’t you? So look at it from this point of view, how it had to be very very trying, how careful one had to be, how it came about that he was taken because it was a political time. So when you are thinking about the Nazarene, do not worship him. He feels very sad about this, because he worships the Great Creator for he is the servant. So see him as a teacher, as one who shows the way, the way of tenderness and strength, steadiness, selflessness. If you see him this way it will make him happy. I wish that all could see him this way, for then he would not have the difficulties that he has, like people bowing down before him when he comes before them to answer the questions of the multitude. You have the opportunity when you are here to see life in its essence, to see that you have within you the means that will enable you to be strong, to rise above the difficulties of your nature. We have watched you and we see that many of you do attempt to grow. You now know that you are the individual, and that you are responsible. But at times you falter, and when you falter, you feel sad. But you know that to pick yourself up and begin again is the way. Do not malign yourself or condemn yourself. Every single soul knows the weaknesses what are within his own essence, his own makeup. Every soul knows that he is a certain individual. I knowing yourself, you have the opportunity for change. When you see others and you see their failings, you know others have to change, so why not yourself? No-one who walks this world is perfect, so do not think that there is no room for change. Always in every single day of your life, the opportunity for change is there, in the little ways of life that try you.

We have said this many times, but I cannot say it too often that it is the very small things of life that often bring about the greatest disaster. From the small word spoken a mountain of disagreement and disaster can grow. In all times of life, through all ages of time, man has had to deal with himself. In this life you are free. But think if you have lived, and perhaps you did, in a life when you were a slave, and you had to crawl before your master, and demean yourself, and you could not hold your head up high, what then? You have had many lives, and in many lives you have been in different situations. Some of these have been difficult in that sense, because it isn’t that long ago when men were servants, and men were serfs, and men had an overlord. It is not so long ago when most were this way. And many are still that way today. Think about that. You have your overlords in government, but you can topple such governments. But how can you topple an overlord if you are a serf? You would be put to death. You would be punished, whipped, whatever. I know these things. I do not care always to think about them, but they were there in times gone by. Today there are men who have risen up in this world who would kill you like a fly. You know who I speak of. They do not see life as precious, and that you and you and you are loved by the Great Creator, and that everyone is the beloved. These men do not see those they put the heel upon as beloved. They see them only as steps upward, steps to power, or steps that would take them down perhaps and they wipe them out.

When you know of these things, and you shudder because you know that someone can do this so readily, know that this is why I say that you are important, every single one of you, who can be changed, who tries and makes the effort. You may think you are nothing, but you are something, and you have the responsibility of changing, so that you can be a light in the darkness of this world. Do not look upon yourself lightly. You have a challenge. When such men inhabit this earth, you are in danger. You may be free here, but the oppressor has a way of growing. Look at the world. Every soul, every single soul who can be changed must make the effort, because you are very very necessary. You as an individual can make your mark upon this world. You can be an example. How do you think you influence others? It is by your example that you are seen.

At this very moment, this very day, you are here, and you meet each other lovingly, and kindly, and you know each other in part. And because you are individual, you do not know each other thoroughly, inside out. If you knew each other thoroughly and inside out, would you be better off, do you think? I don’t think so. It is a kind law that has it that you only know each other in part. For every soul has his own makeup and he has his own ways. Everyone is living as he sees fit, but no-one reveals his very essence. Many people would like to know others inside out, and some seek it, but it is best not. When you reach our world you will find that you have this knowledge in a greater way. You will know most, but not all. But as you go on and on it will become much easier to see the one before you and understand his true essence. But then one is very strong, and one can endure. But when one is very advanced there is no difficulty between each other, but pure and unadulterated understanding. These are the states to which we should all aim. Everyone of you knows that you are a spirit, and you are here to learn certain lessons, to face your challenge. In doing so you meet those around you, and as you grow you meet others and others, and each association brings you a different aspect of human nature.

When we meet these different people we either are happy, or we are sad, or we simply do not care. Many emotions can go through us, but I want you to think when you see yourself in this world, the world that is going on at a very fast pace, and carry yourself backward in time to say a hundred years ago, and you find yourself in a world that is very strict, very religious, where morals are expected to be pure, but where underneath the veneer was often different types of badness. Because when there is a stricter veneer mankind has to deal in the secret ways of life. Things have to be hidden from view. The veneer is put there by society, and the way it is meant to be, because all around the people are acting in this matter. But think how all that was broken. In those days the Queen had a son who was very flighty in his ways, but this was brought about for many reasons, by the manner in which he was treated. The old man did have ability but it was not allowed to flourish. So when he came to power at a late age, then came a change in all peoples, because at the top there was a change.

Now this is usually the way it goes in your world. What is taking place at the top levels, everyone follows in their wake. The world today has gone and flipped right over, and now there is great freedom, at least in this western world. But do you think that your freedoms are easier to live than the secret life that had to be lived, the stiff and very religious life of those days? I don’t think so. One had the rigid challenge, the rigid life, having to curtail oneself to a stiff pattern, and here one can do whatever one wishes. But in the freedoms do you feel that you can use it? Are you able to use the freedoms that you have? Do you feel that you would rather have maybe a firmer hand to keep you safe, as a little child has his father and mother?

Do you feel firmer laws are safer for the individual than freedom to do as one wishes? I think you should think it over, because in every way of life, whatever way the world unfolds, there are challenges. Many people feel that this life is too much, because it is rolling away far too fast, the technology is escalating and many want to hide away, to be like the ostrich and hide the head in the sand. But you cannot hide, for wherever you are technology will find you, because even if you are in the wilderness, a plane will fly over your head. You will know that the world is out there. You will hear the noise, the animals will flee, and you will be shattered out of your peace. But even in the wilderness the animals and birds cry out with their voices too. Where is there absolute silence? Perhaps before dawn, I would think. But as you see, children born today have a very different life ahead of them. They are thrown into this knowledge very quickly. Their minds will have to be very swift to grasp all that is before them. Mothers and fathers will have to be very patient, and they will have to try hard to keep abreast. It is in these ways of life that we can cope, or we fall down. If we cannot cope today, there are many others who will help us, many teachers there who will take the burdens from us.

So you see though you have the more difficult life because you have the more freedom, and more ability, you also have a great deal of help that wasn’t here a hundred years ago. But as I have told you, you have the sun, rain, cold, and warm, and now you have medication that they did not have a hundred years ago. Many children used to die, but now they live. But the medication you have is not always your friend. It has the other side too. It seems that in all that is discovered there is the ability in everything to help you and to harm you. There is always the other side. Mankind is always given knowledge, but it is your free will that determines whether or not you help humanity. Many people who delve into scientific ways and develop drugs for the market today, to help humanity, do not always have the love motivation in their souls. They are not always motivated by a desire to help humanity. It is making money that is uppermost. While they discover these drugs in their vast laboratories, and the world is full of drugs today, do you feel safe? Do you feel that mankind is serving his brother well enough? I know you do not.

Many many people are ill today with cancer and other terrible diseases. But if man looked to nature, and if these great scientists would seek the knowledge from those who know, like the ancient Indians, and people in ancient cultures, who knew in weeds and grasses the answer many times to man’s needs. If you watch animals, they will often lead you to the knowledge that will help you.

It is very difficult for me to say that in nature there is mostly a great reservoir of knowledge, from the very aspect of how nature unrolls before you, and in the way it evolves, and the way you use it is not always wise. But then you are learning, and you are using your own ability. Everyone is trying to grasp that part of life that is suitable to him. While you know these things that I have spoken of, so now you are aware that I know all these things, for I know there are drugs, and I know they are fearful. We see them in people’s bodies. And we know that that is the only way that doctors can treat you. We also know that there are other herbs that can help, but it is up to mankind himself to find the answers. It is a strange thing that while on the one hand mankind is unrolling knowledge at a great rate, and yet on the other hand there is a minority which is trying to return to nature. But in this area, where is nature these days? It is often taken over by vast organizations, who see these areas and put their greedy eyes upon them and say, “This will be very good for this and that.” Men who have knowledge cry out and say, “No, no. That is for mankind for the future. Where will the grass be, or the trees for our children?”

This is your worry today, not only for mankind in other parts of the world, and for their struggles and worries at this moment, but for your own land. I know that it isn’t an easy question, and that there are many people with many ideas, and very many people who think they can solve these problems, and others who say that is rubbish, and others who cry out and say it is right. You know because you have free will that this will always be. It has always been. While you see this, and you listen and say, “Will the world never change?” and I hear it all around me, and people are afraid because they see so much in the world today, because you have the media and you know immediately of the disasters that are taking place, even at this very moment.

Your mind often sees these problems, and you feel burdened because you feel so helpless because you feel that you can do so little. As I have said before, it is not that you cannot, but it is that you can be reasonable, and see the problem as one that is taking place in the world as the world evolves. It is like a family that has many different individuals in it. These individuals are all different, and as they mature, difficulties arise, and no-one knows exactly what is right for everyone. But love holds you together, and somehow or other you hold together even if it’s only in a tenuous way. You may part, maybe in anger, but because you belong to a family, there is something within you that wishes to connect with it. It is the same when you live in the world, this vast family of nations, they may be far-flung, they may be out of your knowledge fully, but you may have some temporary knowledge, and you are bothered, and send out your thoughts, and ask that they be aided. Send out your love, and that love is the pathway upon which your thoughts can travel. You may think it cannot travel so far, but you know many people have these kind thoughts in other lands also. When all these thoughts gather together, there is a force that is strong. Do not think that because you think it goes a certain distance that it is lost. All thought can join together in a force, and just as your auras connect together, so can your thoughts. The earth family is simple like a smaller group, like your own families, all different, all trying to win through. All trying to have what you have, all setting their sights on your wealth and growth. All trying to have it. Hate can be the feeling that can be sent out from lesser nations to more powerful ones because they desire your wealth. Hate and non-understanding. All nations are growing, and you know, as you yourself grew, you had pangs, as you grew through every stage of your life.

Growing isn’t easy for you, nor is it easy for countries. Every country has gone through pangs of growth. Many have risen up and fallen down, as many people do. It is a very strange thing, but if you look around you, you can see countries doing exactly as families do. It is as if you have an example for all things, as it were, the smaller being identical to the larger, as it is in nature, as it goes through all its seasons of growth, just as you do.

In nature is an example of your own life. In the earth’s growth is an example of your own families and your own struggles. Every soul that is in existence has a plan within himself, and that plan as to be worked out. It works out if you allow it to.

You know when you look at yourself sometimes when you are in the silence, and you see that you have made a muddle, and you think, “Well, I’d better get out of this,” and you try, and surprisingly you do, especially when you mean it well, when you strive. When you sit down and say, “Oh, I will never get through this,” well you don’t, because you don’t try. It is simply a matter of condition.

Some countries are the same. They want everyone to do it for them. Of course countries like yours give them aid, because you care. It is the same in your own family, whenever one has a difficulty and comes upon hard times, then the rest of the family usually helps out. I am talking about normal families. They usually help out. It is your innate goodness, it is your innate goodness that helps you. It helps you help others. So if you have this within yourself, and all the children of the earth have it in some form, then fear not, because if you have goodness within yourself you cannot fail. Do you see?

You may struggle and you may hurt yourselves. You may fall backwards, and you may go forward a little. But your innate goodness will rescue you. And as you are one, so are you many, so are you the world. So all mankind will in time make something of himself. Not all at once, but through tribulation, through glorification, through falling again a little, and rising up. It is the story of life. So when you send out your love, know that it is not going to be wasted. When you are kind to another, when you are kind to many, you are putting into action the law of love. Do not see these actions as minor, see them as your innate goodness, working out in you, as it works out in others.

Never be cast down, but try and send out a strong impulse to help. If you can give your own strengths in some way, whatever way you can do it, there is always something you can do. As I have said before, if a person will not help himself, even though that person has the ability, but will not use his ability, it does not help that person. Everyone must learn to do it themselves. A person who is a parasite and leans on others is not working out the law, but is trying to misuse the law. It is the same for some countries. They do this, they lean on other countries. They could, if they tried, grow and develop. Men usually choose their leaders in the world today. But as man is so diversified, he often chooses the wrong leader, and then all men suffer until that leader is brought down again.

You have found this in your own work areas, sometimes you have someone in authority who is difficult, and so your lives are difficult. But once that person goes, and another comes who is more able, then everyone is doing better in their work, and everyone is more serene. It is a matter of situation, a matter of time, and of patience and tolerance. If you have patience and tolerance, all these things will be understood. Though they may not be easy, the patience will help you through the difficulty. When you have patience and tolerance, the ways of the world will be in your understanding, and you will have a knowing that it will work out in time with your help, your aid, your example. No matter how small you are, or however small you think you are, nevertheless you are an individual, and your essence is known by many. Because we all have associates, and they know us a little, and they see us and they look and learn. You look and you learn. Always there is a little germ of knowledge here and a little germ of knowledge there. “I will not do that kind of thing here and there. That’s interesting” and so on. Something you choose to keep for yourself, and some things you discard because it is not for you.

So you see, you learn in the small things of life, your understanding grows, and you become more mature. You will finally see, when you are mature, that what you do know is still small, but it is quite a lot more than you had at the beginning, quite a lot more. There is always knowledge to be gained, always, as the world unfolds its knowledge to you.

This knowledge that you gain here, will unfold and unfold. And it does in our world too, for there is no end to knowledge. So never think that you will be bored in this world or the next, for there are always things to see, and do, and learn. There are many books, there are many people. And while there is a soul in need, you need not be bored, because if someone needs you, you can get into action, and in the other’s need you can forget yourself. For boredom usually stems from lack, a lack of attempting to look around you, to grasp upon something. There is always something if you look around, there is always something, and there is always someone, always.

I know people are often shy, and are afraid to make the first steps. But if you are aware that many people are shy, many people are fearful, many hide it well, but many are afraid to take the first steps in stepping out towards the other individual. But a smile sometimes has a winning way, and if it does not succeed at first, well then, be patient. And here we have patience again, patience and tolerance. You will often be happy this holiday. You will wish people “Happy Christmas, happy holiday,” and you will mean it, or you will say it casually. But to those you love you will mean it, and at this time those kind and loving thoughts do enliven the world. At this time it does seem that many people think of others, but sometimes they think because it is a duty. But where there is true love, and people come together as a family, that is how it should be, the unit, as it was, and how it will be in all times, the family, the group. If you do not have a family, you have friends. If you think you are alone remember that you are not, for there are other people out there who are like yourselves, and sometimes they would like to see you. I know it is difficult for some, but if you have a television it is at least minimized in some way. At this time of the year many people feel very lonely because they know that many families are together, and they feel so abandoned. But I ask you if you are in this category to realize that those of us who are in spirit often gather around the lonely at Christmas time to give you our love, because we know that is the time when you expect a family the most. Though we may be unseen, nevertheless we are there. We often bring love and understanding that this time of the year is the time when people remember the family of the Nazarene. Remember the Nazarene whatever way you see him. Remember this is supposed to be a time of rejoicing. Well, let us rejoice in the fact that the child has grown, and left the message on earth of love, and is still carrying that message of love where he is now. He brings it downward from his own spheres to those who need him, and he is still the most devout servant. So if you want to be one who walks in the pathways of the Nazarene, walk in love, walk in gentleness and in strength. Be the servant in however a small way, and one day you too will be a shining servant. No matter how the world is, no matter how your family is, no matter how you are, you have the ability to rise above your challenges. If you are weak you can attempt to be strong, if you are timid you can take steps. Step by step try to overcome and be unafraid. If you are weary, open out, ask for help and you will find it and give the opportunity for someone to serve you. Be unafraid to seek love, even just be holding out the hand and saying “Hello,” and giving your story. Sometimes many will not listen, but you will often find a loving soul who will listen, and who will aid you. One must seek before one can find. The way is before you. This year is coming to an end, and before I see you again you will celebrate a New Year’s entry into this world. You will be looking forward to the Spring, and to a new birth of the earth. You will be hopeful and this is good. You will wonder how you will proceed, and how this earth will proceed. It is always the same, every year. So I, and those who are with me here today, my beloved brethren and myself, we hope that this holiday will be one where you can gain love, when you will give love.

For love above all is the greatest gifts you can give to a soul.

In the new year you can strive, I know you may make some promises to yourself that you will not keep, but at least you can try. You know I always say to you, “struggle onward.” Do not be too afraid. Fear can drag you down, but hold up your head and say, “I can do it, I am strong.” That will help you to overcome your failings. Believe it, because that is your destiny. That is where you will come one day, to the strength within, to the love within you, to the pure still soul, to the soul full of compassion, to the soul that will see others as they truly are, a brother/sister and not a fool/enemy, but as a loved one who is struggling, in their own way, in their own way striving to become whatever it is that they have to become. So let your compassion rest upon such individuals. Know that every soul is upon a pathway of its own. When you do, the strength will begin to enter into you, when you see others as children of the Great Creator, and know that every one, as every country, is on a pathway of growth, and no-one can be stopped permanently, but can be stopped temporarily now and then, and over and over again perhaps. But in the long view everyone has that opportunity. It may take a long time but it can be done.

So see this and do not give in to fear, for this world, for yourself, for your family, for in due course all must evolve. And where there is love, and compassion and tolerance, this evolving will become easier. For when you have love the understanding enters in, and you win through. The patience, the understanding, and the love is always the difficult essence to win, but I see as I look around me that many of you have been struggling and have gained a measure of light in yourselves. Your auras are showing this. When you are at peace here we can see you more clearly than when you are agitated or in a hurry.

In this room today are many colours. The Christmas decorations would pale beside some of you, because they are a glitter, but yours is a steady glow, a vibration, a moving essence, a shimmering essence. As you are shimmering there in these colours I see you, and I am happy because I know that in all of you the germ of truth has taken root in some measure, not all the same. But it is there in most of you today. So if you struggle onward and give your love, in whatever way you are best equipped to do it, you will grow and grow and your light will grow with you, and you will be a light in the world. There are many lights, and many examples, in whatever way. It does not matter in whatever way you are, in whatever place you are, there you will glow. Your example can help many. Do not fear that you are not working out your own life style. It is in the small ways that we win through, person by person, step by step, going forward. Don’t try to take the great leaps. In a great leap you pass by many opportunities, be it Christmas, Spring or Summer, it does not matter, or whatever times in between, it is step by step, every moment, and in whatever season, in this life you find yourself, know that your opportunities are there, and you individually have the choices. Not the persons beside you, for they have theirs, but individually you have the choices, and you can be a high being eventually. No-one is denied.

Do not listen to others who say you have to believe this or have to believe that. It is your own individual attempts, no matter what the knowledge is, or the creed, or the dogma, or the knowledge gained, it is your action within your belief that will make you a beautiful shining soul. If you have all knowledge and know all things you cannot grow, but it is your actions within this knowledge. Knowledge does not help you climb. It is your action within your knowledge.

When you pray, do you pray for others? Are your prayers mostly for self? This is something that is very very interesting to me. Watch yourself the next time you pray. If it’s mostly for others, good! Because you know your guardian knows your needs and tries with all his might to help you achieve that which will be best for you. All the things we desire in life are not good for us. So be careful when you ask, because you put forth a thought stream and it joins all the other thought streams, and you may, according to the law, receive your desires, because you think upon these desires often, and when your prayers are answered you find you cannot deal with it, because it is not right for you. Be very careful in your prayers. Think! Do you need this, or that? Is that person you are praying for helping himself, or is he leaning upon your shoulders? Think about how you could help that person yourself, or how that person could help himself.

One should think very carefully when one prays, and think about the requests.

I will leave you with that thought, because there will be many many prayers put out this night, or this day, for often people pray at any given time.

Your guardian knows all your needs, and he is the servant of the Father. He is the servant who helps us through life. But as we have free will, he cannot always do that which we desire for us. But he tries to keep us upon the correct pathway that our feet should tread. Guardians strive to keep us from danger and want. But they do not always put into action the requests that we ask, because they know that some of the requests would be very harmful to us.

So think carefully when you pray, think carefully when you demand, think carefully when you put your thoughts upon another. Always think of the results, because many times your thoughts can bring disaster for you. They may help the other person much more readily, but bring you into a little difficulty. Be very careful of your thoughts, because it is in the thinking that all the difficulties arise, and all things that happen in this world have to be thought about first. Think about this, that every single thing has to be thought about, and think about all the thoughts that have brought you to this place today. The reasoning that brought you to see our maiden, the reasoning that brought you to hear me today, the reasoning that brought you to where you are altogether, to your growth today. All the thoughts that have been yours, so in the holidays think before you speak, think before you offer your love, think, is it self or is it words? Think carefully and you will not harm, but you will help yourself.

So my beloved, as the glory of love is falling upon us all here, and all these thoughts I have offered you have been heard by others, up above me and here beside me, and all the thoughts I have offered are thought about by you and them.

You see, I have put thought out too, and was I absolutely careful today? I think so. But I may have said some things that may have made you say, “Well, I don’t think so.” But you know I do my best to try and help you. If I have offended you, or you do not agree with me, I do not mind, because I am making you think. In the thinking be just and fair. In all your dealings remember it is your thoughts, not mine, but yours. So as we all listen, and we all know that we are here in power, a greater power than anyone could envisage, this light rests upon you. If flows through your auras. It rests upon you, and your guardians, for your guardians love you so. So there is a great love, a beautiful light, lots of colour, altogether a wonderful little oasis of love, light and colour. So as you are bathing in it, soaking it up, let it be with you every day until I see you again.

Remember that my love is with you. My love is there. It is a large large love that can encompass you about. It is a love that is undemanding, not critical, it is a love that is pure, unsullied, a love that is genuine.

So strive to be a pure pure soul filled with light. Until we meet again, let this light sustain you. When we meet again, I hope to see all these auras glowing and glowing to a greater degree. But that is your responsibility you see. So it is mine too. But I take good care of myself, as you should.

So my beloved, a blessed holiday and a blessed new year. May peace flow in all your ways. May peace sustain you, and love uplift you. Good day.