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~*Teaching #31*~

Good afternoon my friends, my beloved, I am happy to be with you again. This is the season when darknesses descend upon the earth, but not always. You see temporary light, and in this you are very fortunate. Think of those who sink into the greyer places because their lives on earth are not used fruitfully, because they are selfish. Selfish people think mainly about themselves, and others are excluded. Self rises above everything, and no matter how much love is given, yet self is uppermost.

All of you know that you have a guardian. We have talked of this many times. So you know yourself, if you are trying very hard to help someone who needs to be helped and the seed falls on stony ground, you know yourselves how sad it is for you. And so you can understand how a guardian would feel, since this work has been given. The purpose of it is to try and guide the person through life so that both of them can serve, because a guardian does much more than just walk beside you. He tries to help others too, if it is necessary, those you try to serve, those you try to help. Your guardian often times will turn towards others in this way, those you desire to be helped in whatever way you think. And so guides serve in many ways. So if a person is determined in his ways to be selfish, and to serve him/herself, then when the day comes and they leave this earth, they are in greyness, in varying degrees of greyness according to their life. The reason I said ‘this grey day’, I know beyond any shadow of doubt that you would not like to live like this every day of your existence. I know I need not say it, but it is there for comparison.

Those people live in this darkness, dark grey, every second of their lives, because that is their desire. When you see people on this earth who will not change you can tell that their end will be sad, because no-one can break the law. Laws are bent in this world because it is an imperfect place, but the law that is created for mankind to live by cannot be bent at all. Because of this there is perfect justice. When I say ‘perfect justice’ I mean perfect, absolute.

In your ways and the ways in which you have been taught there are bad people and good people. In certain aspects of religion the life is so narrow that there is no bending, and you must be good, or you are lost. Now if you have a life that is very very difficult, and you strive and strive, and you try your utmost to be reasonable, then you are helping yourself. No person can possibly be perfect in these conditions. But the movement towards striving to be reasonable, trying to see and do your best within your difficulty, trying to see the problem as it truly is, and to be reasonable, that is very difficult. But then every soul has something to endure, especially in personal relationships. Where people come together, there immediately becomes a state of learning. This learning begins at the moment you say you love each other, and want to stay together forever.

Well, in the world today that staying together forever is not to be, it seems. For in the world today people are changing their ways. But in all truth, what is correct and what is not correct, is a matter of choice. But the moment whenever you are in companionship, or together in marriage, you will begin to learn to know each other. It is in this learning that the difficulties arise. People are the result of their upbringing as you well know, but every single child that is born to parents is different. You know this. Individuality has been taught to you over and over. Every single child has to make his own way. You see the child, and you watch it grow, and you sometimes marvel at how different this child is from yourself. So you in turn are learning from your child, and your child is learning from you. This is the painful process of growth, of learning.

It begins at birth, and it has not ended when you leave this life, because it goes on and on. It is a test. Many times we have tests in life to try us when we believe that we are very worthy. Then another test will come and we are shattered, for we realize that we are not so worthy as we thought we were. These tests are very likely to come to test our strengths. So you see, from this child into a man or woman, and then you take a partner, and then the trouble will be, can you be in harmony?

Harmony is a very desirable state. Everyone wishes for it, but it has to be earned. It has to be earned, but it can be. It can be if you are patient. This patience is the most difficult lesson to learn in this life. Everyone is impatient. It is visible in every attitude, in every way. But if you can, strive to be patient within your difficulties. Try I say, I do not expect anyone to be patient overnight. But you can try. When the difficulties come, try to see why that person is in that mood, or in that frame of mind. Usually there is a reason. You may not know it, and yet it may be made very clear, depending upon the type of being. But whatever condition you find yourself in, try to learn to have patience. It is a slow process, but it is very much worthwhile, because patience is needed in every walk of life. Wherever you turn you need patience. Patience and tolerance are very difficult lessons to learn. But I would stress to you that learning is the word, learning. We do not expect you overnight to be whole and pure, very able. It cannot be. Anyone who expects you to be absolutely perfect overnight is very foolish.

These lessons take years and years, but if your aim is there and you strive, you will surely come to it in time. Never never believe people when they say that they are now pure, because it is not so. In life it seems that there is something every day, every hour there is something, and these are the ways that will try us.

Many of those who try to serve others find that in serving their greatest tests will come, for in serving you find out that other people are not like yourself. Their problems are simply problems. To put it bluntly, some problems are beyond help, it may seem. Well, when you come across such persons, do you retreat and say ‘this is impossible?’ Is your patience or your tolerance not strong enough for the task, or your strength? All of us have certain strengths within. These strengths are amazing, because we find that they are there when needed. So when you turn away and you feel that this cannot be, that you cannot do this, it seems as if the strength wells up within the being, and you find that you can in some measure lighten the person’s burden.

Other people are usually the means by which we fall or rise. Other people are always there in our lives. It is the other person, the other person constantly. Your partner, your friends, your parents, your peers, your children, whoever the other person is, you stand there and you are you, and you think that you know yourself, and then one day there comes a challenge, and what? You are revealed. You say, “I cannot do it!” You falter, you cry out and call to others and no help comes to you because the others do not wish to help you. You may take recourse in prayer or meditation. You may sleep on it and rise up feeling, “Well perhaps it isn’t as bad as I thought, we will try it.” So you go ahead, and you find that the strength is there, and you can. When you make an attempt, the surprise is that you have such strengths. Many many people, when they have difficulty and are bowed down very low, find that when they make even the feeblest attempts, that somehow they can be stronger and stronger, step by step. Once you make the attempt it is as if you go on from strength to strength. It is when one is steeped in self-pity that nothing happens. When you are in self-pity, look around you and see others who are attempting what seems impossible. Why not try it? Many people feel that there is nothing that they can do. This is their own opinion, for all peoples can rise above themselves if they but make the attempt. The fears are there because we have allowed them residence within ourselves. They are there because we grasp them, because we feel we need them. We allow others to burden us. It is as if we are martyrs and feel that we must take on this burden. “We are the only ones that can take this burden.” But it is not true, for there are others who will help. There always are if we seek. Many carry a burden and walk along with it, and it is so heavy that they are burdened down by it, but if they look and ask, their burden will be lifted, at least in some measure.

Pride has a lot to do with it, when you do not seek help. Pride. Do not be so proud that you cannot ask. Who is there but your brother or your sister? Who is there? It is another, and there are many who have kind and loving souls. Pride can bring you down very low. Of course when I say this, another thought enters my mind. For it is often in the upbringing that pride is installed. Very very strong individuals. There is pride and pride. You can be proud, but not the pride of over-indulgence in yourself, but the pride of doing your best to be a perfect example, a person who radiates love, who is not yet perfect, but a perfect example. But an example is not purity, but try to be a perfect example, and try to be peaceful, tolerant, calm and dignified. Not overly dignified, but enough dignity to hold your head up in all circumstances.

When you say, “I am fine, I am well,” when indeed you are not, you are at least trying to be. You are not going to burden another with your weakness. But when you are asked and you start to give every symptom that you have, others will not listen. They will not. If you say that you are fine, that you are well, that will satisfy.

You have to look at others, and not think that they are exactly you. Try to understand that every soul is different in many aspects of their being. You may see this if you are sitting and examining them, and if you are being watchful you may know that they are different from you. You may know it very well indeed. But when you are confronted with them in conversation, or in society, when you are together in some social way, then it seems that your knowledge flies away, and you are left with only part of yourself in full control. This part does not see the part you knew before, but forgets. Perhaps you have been drinking, or you have been indulging in some way, and you are not yourself. Your defences are down, and you will not be able to see the person absolutely clearly, and you will make mistakes. That person will also make mistakes. You will both maybe not be such good friends by the time it is all over. It is a matter of keeping the senses alert, and remembering and seeing the other person as they truly always are. Do not forget. So if you can remember you will remember to be kind, to be tolerant, and to have patience. Every soul is striving in its own way, and every soul has made certain growth, but every soul is not perfect, and every soul makes mistakes.

In making these mistakes, you can quarrel, you can be hurt, you can move away. You can say, “I cannot stay with this person, we are not the same.” But previously you liked that person. The thing is you have not learned to build, you have not learned patience and tolerance, and these are the most difficult to learn. So you must make a constant effort. If you do you will learn to understand those around you. Thus your life will become more harmonious. It is no use being blind, and expecting everything to fall into place automatically, it will not work that way. But if you can be tolerant, and compassionate, and try to understand why that person is unhappy, and why you are unhappy, you will make inroads, and you will grow, and your aura will glow with you. You will grow and you will glow. It is as simple as that.

Many people say, “What is my aura like?” It is exactly as you feel. That is truth. If you feel content and at peace, your aura will be peaceful. If you are agitated, your aura will be agitated. It is a magnetic force and it can move. I do not mean that it moves away from you, but it can shimmer. It is a force, so it can shimmer, and it can tremble. Light can flash through it, and dark shadows can flash through it, and remain. Your aura is an indication of your spiritually and physically. If you are not feeling good in health, it will show there. It will show your loving kindness, your purity, your depth of feeling, your anguish, your love for others, and your despair, petulance, fears, all the emotions that can be ours. When in Christianity, you are told to be good, and to love Jesus Christ, and to emulate him. People expect you to take Jesus to yourself and be pure. I tell you that is not possible. If you saw the Lord Jesus Christ or the Nazarene, as I care to call him, you would know that his growth is steady and everlasting, because he has reached a stage where he can be a great servant still, where he can work steadily, and fearlessly, and lovingly without loss of patience or tolerance, as can I.

So you see, when you are told that this person or that person is pure and good, yes, they can be, but at times they will not be, for all people, no matter who they are, have emotions, and these emotions will be there at different times of their day, or weeks, or years, whatever. These times will be as their life unfolds, and as we go forward, and day by day we know if we are changed, we know if we are the same, we know if we are better or worse.

Do not think or believe that you are expected to be the perfect one in a short span of your life. The law is just, and so if you have difficulty and you are striving, the compensation will be there. No-one can be judged only in justice. If you have been wounded unjustly, you will have compensation. Believe me you will be surprised, because the law is love in action. Perfect justice is love, and love in action does not judge you without knowing you absolutely. This is the reason why you have a guardian, because your guardian is with you everyday of your life. So your guardian watches over you, and knows absolutely what your life has been. There can be no mistakes. Don’t you see, no mistakes. So this law is perfectly just for you.

Now do you see the love, because the love is in that law of cause and effect. Even though you may be hurt by someone else, you will receive compensation beyond your dreams, because it is absolutely just. You will rise because of your hurt. No-one can fall if they are striving, no-one can fall if they are giving themselves lovingly. No-one can fall if it is not their fault, if they are not to blame. Do not ever judge another because you can not see the reality. You cannot be there inside that person’s mind, and know exactly how the person is thinking, and how their actions came about. You do not know how the words came out, perhaps they came out wrongly, and did not sound right. Therefore there is something like an explosion, or there is anger. Whatever way the anger appears because words have been said. It is not always wise to take words as they come out. Sometimes when agitated or in fear people will say words that come out wrongly. One has to be in peace. One has to know exactly how to put it, how to speak. The mind has to be in control. Many of you know how words have been taken wrongly, when you meant something else. You know yourselves how it cannot be put right because the words have been spoken, and they are ever between you both. No-one should speak in anger, but people do, so it would be wise to disregard words spoken in anger, and then try to speak again when peace descends. Everyone knows this. I do not have to tell you, but at least you know now that it is unwise to judge in anger.

Man is supposed to be above the animals. He is supposed to be the image of God. Man has been coming to this earth for millions of years, and is still struggling, and has not yet reached infinity. Some have through time and experience and devotion. But the very fact is that mankind on this earth at this very moment is struggling against the oppressor in many places. Many people are in danger, people are hating and hurting their brothers. The oppressor is descending upon the weaker, but is finding that the weaker have some strength too.

In your weakness, I said, you strengths come about. You see it on the earth at the moment in warfare, when the mighty forces descend upon the smaller forces, and yet the smallest forces strive to defend their own land. Where do you think their strength comes from? It is because they will not tolerate the enemy, and within them comes a fire and strength. They may be weak, and they may tremble on their legs, but they will still have that force. I do not say that people should hate, but I am showing you that even though you are weakened you can still have the strength of purpose not to defeat yourself.

Man has not grown in many areas. He has grown in part of himself, and the other part is back in time, somewhere in another time when men were at each other’s throats. It is a sad state when some are striving to give justice to peoples in their land, and others are only wishful for power and more power. It does not have to be in a country. You can see it in your own place, in governments, in men who have an ever growing lust for power. Mankind takes a back seat. Where is their love and devotion? They want power above all. When you have a place where you can help mankind, you have a great responsibility. People misuse this responsibility, people who do not use their talents correctly will find that they are judged by that law, the law that is just.

Then they cry out later, when they find themselves in greyness, or darkness, and say, “This is not just. God is not good”, and they cry out at God, and malign Him, and they call God many names, but God does not hear, because God is perfection. But who does hear their cries? It is those who strive to help such beings, and many many brave souls do. They hear their cries and they let them writhe in their anger. And when their anger subsides, they go to them. They will say, “Brother, sister” and will try to help them. Usually they will not be welcomed. But the servant is always patient and has tolerance, and will return and return, and one day the person will listen. Many weep. When they understand that they had the opportunity to do great good, but their own selfish desires for power blinded them to the necessity of helping others, when they had such an opportunity. When this is all revealed and they see it, sometimes the fear is greater than the feelings of sorrow. Sometimes fear is there strongly, but without sorrow and with no regret. It can take a long long time before the sorrow seeps in, and they weep. Then the soul who has gone there helps, or souls, how many I cannot always say, but sometimes it takes many years. Then finally when they do come to the realization, they at last turn their eyes upward, and slowly slowly they can ascend, depending upon their own desires. But many have ascended in time past who had power and misused it, and have risen after many many years of sorrow. But when they have risen very slowly, and come to light, and then that kind of being they were that wished to push onward may arise again, and then we will have to watch and warn and tell them that they must watch their own nature and not become too anxious for power again, but to allow others to watch those who are purer than themselves who come to teach and to learn that humanity is to be served, and not to be trodden on.

In time they will learn and grow. Oft-times these people who have ability become very very good people indeed, with plenty of strength and knowledge, and with ability to help others. But it has taken them a long long time to get there, but at the same time the knowledge that they have been in darker places gives them a compassion for those who dwell there. Nothing is lost, nothing is there that cannot be a lesson. So when you fail yourself, when you are sad because you have realized that you can rise above it, that there is time, and that you can do it. Do not be afraid. Remember that the law is very just, and justice will not harm you. But it is yourself, it is yourself that will harm you. So if you are afraid, remember that it is your own desires that have brought you to this state.

As the man I have just told you about cried out in anger against God, so many on earth do the same and they blame everything upon the Deity. But in all cases it is your own folly, your own folly. No-one else can be blamed if you make mistakes. When I say you make mistakes, everyone does. Always be very just as the law is just. Try your very best to see that you are a child of God, and that the Deity has many many years behind, and many years ahead, and the patience is there. Man has been striving for millions of years, and still is. You must marvel at the patience, and love, and understand of your guardians who stand beside you and watch you. As we have said before, a guardian will not criticize, because that is not the function of guardians. Rather it is to build, to guide, and to help, but not to criticize. Guardians have had many many lives, and they know what it is to struggle upon the earth plane. So why should they criticize you? They will try and lead you into other paths, so that you can help yourself. Many think that the guide should do this and that, and should deliver us from all the things that we have created. But they do help, and they try to, but they cannot always deliver us, but they do strive to make it easier. There are times that they lead you out of danger, and away from difficulties, and help you to side-step many problems. It is amazing what patience and tolerance the guides have. But of course the reason why they are so patient and tolerant is because they have risen to heights where it has been earned. Every guardian has something of the same nature as yourself, so that there will be harmony, so that he will understand you. There is no point in a guardian being so different that there is no comprehension at all. So even in this you see that there is a great organization, which sees to it that all things are as reasonable as possible. It would be a very difficult life for guardians if they were sent, “Go here, go there,” without any thought. You can see the chaos that would entail from such foolishness. Rather the guardian is chosen carefully and very wisely, so that you will always be watched over.

Many people feel when they do not have the knowledge of guardians, that they are abandoned. But you are very fortunate in knowing that you have a guardian, and even when you do feel abandoned, you know with a shadow of doubt that you are not. In all the struggles of life, sometimes the guardian has to turn away, because it is a test, but nevertheless the guardian will watch. Sometimes he will weep because you are suffering and he has to stand aside. But tests are usually given when they are necessary to us.

If you are going through a test, and it is very difficult, know that it is yours because you need it. Often the servant is tested to see if he is worthy. Tested and tested, even more than others, because the way of the servant is a very very heavy burden, and you have to be strong to carry it. So you are tested and tested. You can see the reason for it, because when we walk through life as servants, many are the times we feel that we do not understand why it is so. When we see the people before us, and we hear their story, and we look at them and hear their story, but you see the reasons behind their lives are usually worked out. We have to have enough knowledge and strength to understand that that is the way it is for these people. We have to have the strength to keep strong, and we have to have the understanding and the tolerance, and the patience. So the tests are very necessary, to see if you have the strengths to go on and on.

But not everything that befalls mankind is a given test, mind you. It can be a burden placed on you by others. And when it is, then you have a challenge again to see how you deal with it. It is very interesting to see people when they are struggling against difficulty. We see those with strength rise above, but some sink below, and others struggle and almost make it. Everyone is so different.

The reason I am showing you this today is that there is a great deal of sadness in the world. A great deal of sadness because of the way the world is at the moment. I needn’t go into it, everyone is so aware because you have the media, and you know everything almost as soon as it happens. In this way you have the knowledge, and those of you who are loving and kind and devoted feel such sorrow for others. So there is a great sadness about. I want you to know that we are very much aware of the way the world is going. We are very aware of the struggles of mankind, and we are striving but we do not always win through. It is very very difficult for us to lift away darkness from places that are very dark. We do try, and often we can minimize it some so that people feel an easement at times. All the guardians are trying their best to lift up the vibrations. There is a great struggle going on from our part of the world to yours. We are striving to uplift conditions. We always do, but there are times when it is very dark, and our struggles have to be intensified. But I assure you that we will minimize, and we will keep going, however heavy the struggle, and I want you to try as always to put your light forth to try to penetrate the darkness. For it is us individually who are the strengths of this world. Individually we can do much, we can lighten the space around us, and we can lighten quite an area. So lift up your souls. Lighten them, and give forth your light. Be unhampered by the darkness, and let the light glow. Let it penetrate the darkness, especially by your good acts and your loving ways. This will be a light to walk around and minimize the greyness that can be near you. Remember that at all times you are a light, no matter how small, it is a light. You can make this light larger and larger within you. Your soul can grow and grow. So try with every endeavour to make your light grow so that you can be a strength in this world to lighten this burden. Do not leave it to others, because you are very necessary.

Individually we are very necessary for everyone in the whole world. Every person is an individual, and individually we grow into multitudes. Individually we can become a multitude of lights, to lighten this world. It is so necessary that we each strive very hard at this time. You see the result of the darkness in the great earthquakes. You see the terrible darkness that has fallen upon the children of the earth. You are fortunate that you are here, and that you are not burdened. But your hearts and souls, you say ‘hearts’ and I use that term loosely, but your souls open out, and you do what you can to lighten their burdens. Many give and find that their giving is not spread out equally, for in all conditions of fear and darkness, men will rise up in greed. You find this out. But dear children, do not allow this to dull your own love, because even if there are wicked people and people who hurt in every condition, do not let your own soul darken. Do not hate them, but rather send out thoughts. You hope that they will change, because there will always be the lesser, and there will always be the other kind. You who walk in light are the custodians of those who are in ignorance, those who hurt themselves.

You are the custodians. You are the light walking the earth, striving to show others that there is a force that can cleave the darkness. Do not see yourselves as a weak force, for every individual who adds himself to the light is another spark to penetrate the darkness. Never believe that you are unimportant in this aspect, for you are very important indeed, very. See yourself as a warrior of light, a soldier of light. Because warriors are needed. We do not need people who are afraid. You may be gentle and kind, but you can have strength, strength that comes from the soul, and you can be a warrior of light, carrying your light wherever you go, illumining those around you.

Even if you do not speak much you will radiate, and people will know you are shining. Even one word of kindness has more power than a dozen of the other kind. If one person is helped and aided, and changes, that is wonderful. One more is great. Never never fear that one is less; one is more. Always more, one more. Always see that every step of growth, every step forward, is one more step. Very worthy, much more worthy than three steps backward. Or one backward, you understand? Going forward, it’s wonderful, half a step, a little more, but onward. Tolerance and patience, mind how you go. Mind your words, be careful of your anger, be careful that you do not judge, that you do not criticize. Are you so perfect that you can criticize another? Are you so perfect that you can afford to be critical? No. The aim of every soul is to go onward, not backward. There is a reason in every human being for their behaviour. I know that we cannot at all times be aware of these reasons, but perhaps we can find out. I do not know if it is always possible, but we can have patience to see how things move or turn out. It is not possible that two people can be perfect together, so do not expect it. But expect to change, to have patience and tolerance, and learn, and grow, and become more harmonious, and then the love will grow and grow, and it will become more beautiful. It is true that the most strange of partners, if they try, can become a beautiful partnership. We have seen it happen, because people have cared enough to strive and strive.

It is impossible to be perfectly correctly the same. This very difference in us is wonderful. It would be a dull life indeed if we were all the same. When you are with different people sometimes you can attain a measure of peace, and you struggle onward. This is good, because a measure shows that you have tried, that you have not turned your back, that you have endured.

All growth is a step at a time. A step at a time. You have time to live by, and I know it goes by and moves very fast, but when you are in our world, where time does not exist, you will still have time to strive and strive, for other parts of life will not hamper you, the parts such as eating and sleeping, and other ways, but you still can work, and it isn’t a burden. It is one of your own choice. Free will lives on. You will still strive in our world. It will not be instant perfection, but a struggle onward and onward. The struggles will become lighter as you go on and on, and come to a closer understanding of what you must be. When you get to the area of Self-Realization, you will at last see that you have eradicated selfishness from your self. Selfishness is at the root of all mistakes. At the area of Self-Realization we will heave a sigh of relief because you see clearly, you understand yourself absolutely. Seeing does not mean that you have done it, but you see and you understand. You have the strength by then. Not all strength, but strength enough to try to minimize those failings that are still within you.

You may say, ‘What can we do in the heavens to make mistakes?’ You can still envy, because others go ahead faster than you, or someone loves them and doesn’t seem to love you as much, or someone is more able than you in something that you wish to do. This is the way it is here, you know, just the same. So you still have those parts within you to deal with. So you see, it is very wise for you to try and lose those parts now, before you go, so that you can reach the area of Self-Realization speedily. Self-Realization is not a narrow pathway, it is quite a large area. It is a step-by-step growing towards that place, and in it you step-by-step grow on and on. But when you reach the borders let us say, you are almost there realizing and you go forward and become more and more aware. Then almost by the time you are ready to leave and go to another place forward, you have reached it. It does not come all at once, it is a steady pursuance of an ideal.

Now do you understand? I hope so, because my way is not to force you, or to do it for you, but to show you so that you can do it for yourself.

The ins and outs of life, the narrow valleys and the hills, the mountains to climb, the tapestry to weave, all that is our everyday living, and sometime we make beautiful stitches and sometimes we do not. Sometimes the colours are beautiful and sometimes they are not. It is the growth of life. But there will be days when you make beautiful colours, beautiful stitches, and you will feel wonderful. When you feel beautiful, remember this is a state you can be in constantly.

So this is where I will leave you today, feeling wonderful, I hope, and knowing that you are the master of your own ship that sails the ocean of life. At this very moment you may be in calm waters and all is lovely. When you reach stormy seas, be unafraid, knowing that calm waters can be yours again. Storms are your opportunities to rise above the waves, to steady your ship and to be unafraid.

So my loved ones, I love you with a devotion that you do not quite understand. My power can reach you and spread over you in a way that you cannot comprehend. One day maybe you will come to know it. Today we will strive to show you that you are encompassed about by love. This love that I give you is a love that is always there, and always will be, because we do not bestow our love lightly, nor do we remove it. For no matter how you may fall, the love will still be there to uplift you. So know that you are not abandoned, but are the beloved who are held in great esteem, for are you not the child of the Greatest Force of Love, the Great Consciousness? The child that has been loved through aeons of time and you will always be the beloved. In the struggles know that you are carrying out the law and the plan, know that you can do a great deal in this world to show that the power of love rises above all darkness. So together let our love shine, so that we will be a great power now and always.

My beloved, be peaceful, be peaceful!!