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~*Teaching #29*~

Good afternoon, my friends. My beloved, I am so happy to be here again today. My topic for this afternoon is pleasure. Ha! I thought that would get your attention. Pleasure is often thought to be a disaster. In days of narrow thinking, pleasure was frowned upon as being against God’s will. Many people went through terrible times trying to be holy. In fact the result was often the opposite, for it drove people away from the thinking processes, because it was too narrow.

In your country in the early pioneering days, when people fled from say Scotland, Ireland or England, and from other parts of Europe, from narrow thinking, when they came here they tried for a time to keep to their ways, but as life was so terribly difficult, it often was not possible. Then with no priest, no-one to keep a stern eye upon them, they relaxed into sin. (laughter) So all you sinners, here, as in the eyes of the church many are sinners, but in our way we see you as beings, truly attempting at times to be what you feel inwardly. Now it is very difficult for people to see justice. Each one of you thinks differently, sees pleasure, sin, mistakes, whatever, in a different way, so how can every single soul be put into a narrow situation of religion? It isn’t possible for every soul to think alike. Many have the brains to think, others are mediocre, and so on, and so everyone will deal with their problems according to their own light. Many are willing to allow those in authority to lead them; many are lazy and do no wish to think. But those who are thoughtful often have great difficulty in facing up to that which they are taught as children.

In the world men have appeared here and there, and they have been the thinkers. You know most of them, for they are those in history who have brought new ideas into the world, and usually they have suffered grievously for their daring to be different. This very thoughtfulness is your gift, it is your gift of reasoning. When you are small you are taught, but when you are mature you should think for yourself This is where the difficulty arises. Do you sin when you deviate from that which you have been taught? This guilt is the part of you that makes you ill. It is very sad that people who are behaving normally according to their own feelings feel that perhaps they are doing wrong. Just as those early Calvinistic teachers did not allow even a smile on a Sunday, which was so narrow it is unbelievable, that the God of Love could inflict such a terrible regime upon anyone, that men could see God in that light. But it did happen, and it is still very narrow for some people.

But in your very thoughtfulness do you ever, those of you who have say come away from the thinking of your childhood, those of you who have changed because you have thought about it, would you consider now that you are free, that you have freedom? That is a question, you know. Even with freedom from what was, where are you now? Whatever pathway you take, whatever knowledge is yours, you still have the struggle to understand it, the struggle to live whatever you now believe.

Every single idea is usually someone else’s. For your parents taught you, and your teachers. You listened to your peers, and you listen to others. You read. How can you say that your thoughts are yours? Where is your very individual thought? That is something, isn’t it, when you think about it? I mean, where are your thoughts, and which of them are others? When you listen to someone on your television, or on the air, or your friends, or a teacher, the part you take from it is usually that which appeals to you, that which touches you most. You will not remember every single thing, but you will hold fast to that which has a meaning for you. It is these thoughts that you have taken, these words, from books, from teachings, all that you have kept, that you feel comfortable with, that part which is your belief. Then you hear something else, and this can upset you, and then you have to start this thinking process again, and you can be upset so much that you think, I’ll throw this out, it is too much.

We see many people come to us who are so burdened with beliefs that it takes quite a considerable time before they can feel at ease. You can almost see them flinching as they wait for the heavy weight to fall upon them, you know. All they have been taught, their sins, all those things that they did wrong. You know how many people recant at the last moment, when the end is near, and say they are sorry. But in their sorrow are they sorry for the right things? Have they been sinning? It is a very vexed question indeed, because it depends upon you, and what is your very absolute true belief.

You will have to think about this, you know, because what is truly you? Absolutely you? What is your true belief? Absolutely your own, that which you decided you would hold to yourself as your true understanding? Now that we get to this part of ourselves and we have decided, we are in a state of peace maybe, maybe not. But every single soul has something in their being that they feel comfortable with, even daily there seems to be something. So you have your beliefs and you have your discomforts. What do you do with those? If you feel discomforted by something you have done, be sure that that is your problem. If you are ashamed of your self, or if you are sad, then that is your problem, it will not be the problem for someone else. It will be yours. You see where I am going? It is you and you and you, every one of you according to your own understanding. A person here may consider himself to be something, and another here. But they will be so different. When they come to our world, and this judgement that they fear, is it to be theirs, are they both to be judged in the same way? Is there a judgement? You are all aware, as I told you, you see your lives. You will see everything, and you will know exactly what you are then, spiritually, and where your mistakes lie. And you and you and you will all see differently. No two people will see exactly the same, so how can there be a final judgement and a sin? It cannot be possible because each one is to his own understanding. As we are not gifted exactly the same, as we have not all the same manner of reasoning, as we are not all trained to be exactly the same, how is it possible that we can all be judged together? So think about this, and think about yourself. See yourself and think, “Am I this kind of person or that?” Try and be still and see yourself. Do you still worry about small things? Do you become easily upset? Do you criticize, and judge?

Well if you do, then these are the parts of you that should be eradicated. No-one has the right to judge another because he does not understand that person absolutely totally, and how he has come into that state. You can see when a person is going wrong, or a child, or an individual perhaps hurting himself by doing wrong things to his body, or to his mind. In this way we can help others by trying, but not critically. If you criticize first, how can you be full of compassion? But you can see the problem, you can see it and perhaps try to understand why a person should do these things. Certainly it isn’t a very simple matter.

When you get to understand yourself you will know that you cannot treat everyone alike. But from your own point of view, from what you are you cannot treat a person different from you as being the type of person that you are. That person is not you, and does not see life in the same way as you do. That is why some of us are weak, and some are strong, and some are in between. So this is sinning, a word we do not like, but it is used upon the earth, although it isn’t used so much now, some places it is, but on the whole people are more enlightened.

As you know, we prefer to use the word ‘mistake’. Mistake is more kind. So now you see that there is no seat of judgement, except yourself. That is the one time when you will be truly honest with yourself, because it will be seen, and you will have nothing to do with it. It happens beyond your own power, and it will be the one time when you will be able to see absolutely your own fulfilment, how you treated others, how you saw others, how you dealt with your problems. You will see your ups and downs, you will see the cares in your life, and the challenges, and it will be as if you were standing there and looking at a film, but it is you. And you are the judge because you can see absolutely how it is, and you feel it within your very being. You feel and you know absolutely at last the kind of person you are.

Sometimes you have a very nice surprise, and sometimes it is a mixture. But it is you, and then you will look around you and say, “So this is me, and this is the place I have gained, or the place I am in.” That will be justice absolutely, there can be no other way. It is absolute justice. It is fair, it is love, because it is individual. You are not told, “It must be this way, or that way.” But it is your understanding within your own belief. You have lived within your own understanding according to your own belief. You will see where others have made a great impression upon you. You will see where you have followed, you will see if you have followed wisely, and you will see too if you still believe that which you have followed. I can assure you that many many people still believe. They are so steeped in their belief that they cannot shake it off, even if they see themselves clearly in other ways.

Then we have the problems. Now you can see why it is that often you wish to meet your guardian but you cannot. He is busy. These duties are teaching, aiding, helping the person to see. Our method of teaching isn’t yours at all. We see the person, we follow their life because we can see it and read it, and we know. We can take them back into many avenues of their life on earth, and then we try to lead them step by step into freedom. The Nazarene did not have a church, nor was he wealthy. He worked hard, he was very industrious and true to himself and selfless, and devoted to humanity. That is the true servant. When you can say you are selfless, and think not of self but of brethren, then you are ready to be a servant. This is a very very difficult state to be in, but the Nazarene was truly selfless. His life was an example, and many try to follow him, but they are filled with words, words that he did not utter. It is the example of his life that he would rather people follow, not words that are untrue, but the life of selflessness, the giving. You do not need to know every word that he said. Just remember that he was selfless, and loved his brethren truly as himself. He saw their problems clearly, and they had his compassion. No-one could be beside him without knowing that he was the brother. No people, no matter what their station in life, were denied. His life encompassed all around. That is how you must live, not by words - “What must I do?” What can I do?” It is following your own true inner self, trying to be a selfless compassionate, tolerant being. How difficult it is in this world, for the world is so material. If we shared we could do much for one another. It is not possible, because the world is going into such paths, that it seems impossible for anyone to see clearly.

But the world has been in these places previously in many times. Do not think that the world at this present time is unique in its problems. We have been in these ways before, we have not been so advanced, although we have not advanced in some ways far above your own at certain times. At certain times we understood the earth, understood that there was a plan, and man followed the ancient Indian of this country, this land. But there were others too, in Egypt, in Persia, in India at different times in Greece too. But there people did not live a long long period. History has a way of passing over shining times. I’m sure you have noticed this. But there have been periods long ago, when people saw briefly. Some saw for a longer period according to their isolation, but if you lived in Europe, or in India, or in Persia, or Rome, or in any part of Europe I would say, the great upheavals that shook the people in those places over and over through being taken over by other cultures. I tell you the world has been in great sin, and in great pain.

And you are again in one of these periods when mankind is riding roughshod over his own true nature, and casting aside all the inner feelings. The feelings that stem from within are often stamped upon by human beings. I have seen it over and over again. There is not time to deal with any individual time on the earth, but you have your history books, although these are not always true. I tell you, one day in our world you can read and read, and you will, because we have the truth. You will find books alongside your history, and you will find the truth, because many many people have lived in our world long ago, and they know because they were there. Men of worth. We would not allow a person who was not worthy to write a book, or to relate his thoughts. Not in our world. So you will find out the truth. Many people have come to me and have said, “Why is it we were so denied this truth?” But I say, “Well, think about it. Those who wrote were giving that which they had learned themselves.” Everything that is written has been heard somewhere else, or read somewhere else, or it has been experienced. How can anyone write a history book only by research? So when you learn the truth you will be able to judge the world much more readily. But even then is your judgement correct, because you are doing it from your own ability? You see? Everything you come upon, a book, anything you hear, you approach it from your own inner knowledge, your own way, what you are at this moment in time, that which you have grown to, through all the things you have read and heard, and have accepted as truth.

From that point of view you will make up your mind. Do you see that this can be a dangerous thing? Because you see it your way, and another sees it his way. You have it in your very life before you now, in politics. You see men and women, and they shout at each other, because they each feel so strongly that they are right. Who is right? Everyone should be concerned about the whole, and until mankind can see this and forget that he is a politician, and when he is making up his mind forget his politics and be a human being, and see others as his responsibility. It is so difficult in this world to do this. So few attempt it. But if you are to have a sound (democracy) - I don’t know how to put it because I am not a political being. But I am a person who loves, with a love, I hope, for every single human being. Some do bother me, and I put that honestly, but they are the evil people. They are not the ordinary common people who are around about me, the ordinary, but these are the evil, the very evil. They bother me simply because I cannot penetrate their armour of hatred or their fear. I am not bothered by the fact that they are evil, for I pity them with all my soul. But I am sorry indeed that I cannot enter into their minds and say, “Here, brother, please grasp this grain of truth. You are beloved as I am. You are part of the whole as I am. You hurt others, you do not desire light. You are content to go on and on.” I do not do this where I come from, but I have met this since I have come to the earth.

You can see how it has been for me. There I was in pure light, and I have come to what? To your plane of light, to your shadowy place, where there are shadows, and light, illuminations and grim darkness. When I am here am I immune? No. But my power and my strength is my armour, and my love. My love most of all. Because I will not see these people as dark, but as souls who need help. My love goes out and it is felt as a wave of power, and they crouch away and cannot take it because it is strong and powerful and warm. But do you think that people, even though they crouch, do you think they will change? Not always. They seldom to. It takes a long long time for a person steeped in darkness to grasp a glimmer of light. But there are people who are kind and good and they have light, and yet they are burdened by their knowledge. And they are just as deeply held by their thoughts. They will not move. Yet they are light. You see this is where you have to think. Light can be a problem, and darkness can be a problem. The deliberations of the human mind can bring people into such a state of firmness that it takes years and years before they can catch a thought that will penetrate and set forth a thought stream as it were, and they find something that will illumine them suddenly, and then, but it needs to be something that touches them somewhere, and that is our difficulty, finding that very place to enter.

Sometimes in life it can be a very difficult challenge that will bring about a change in a hardened being. It is as if the floodgates open and they are set free. People who are beset firmly by beliefs that are difficult to understand are to be pitied, because they are bound tightly. It may not be seen, but they are bound. It is their own decision, just as a person evolves, breaks away and thinks for himself, and then he is free, because he has come upon the truth. The truth, the germ with all thought is love, and selflessness. No-one can change another until that person is perfectly ready, and absolutely at the point of departure from the old ideas. When we say the person is ready, that is a wonderful moment. It is a rebirth. That is wonderful for us that any soul can change. All the hard labour is worth it, to bring someone into the truth so that they are free. Free to think for themselves. But then again there is a law, and that law is a very simple law indeed, and you have heard it, the law of cause and effect. You reap what you have sown. It is very simple, too simple for most people. “Give me words and words and words and I will become bewildered, and I will not have to think.” The truth is so simple. You are free to choose. You are not bound to believe in A, or B, or C, or D, whatever, and there are so many. You are not bound to anything, you are free to make up your own mind. Each of us accepts, according to our own ability to reason, according to our own understanding.

Some people have difficulty, but even if you do have difficulty, you do have the ability to love. I know that those who have brilliant minds often have to struggle and struggle until they come into peace. People who do not have brilliant minds but who are quite reasonable, if they accept love, they will not hurt themselves, because the ultimate goal for us all is love. When I say love, it is the love that holds all other emotions; the love, the compassion, the tolerance, the selflessness, for our ultimate goal is purity, and the mind does not see others in a critical way but tries to understand the differences, the differences in each of us, the way we have been brought up, the way we have evolved. It isn’t possible for any one of us to be equal in our understanding, because we each of us have taken a different path to this moment of understanding. Our experiences, our challenges, all that we have undergone have made us what we are at this moment. Everything tempers us.

I sometimes think of the time when I first entered the plane that I dwell in, the one I left before I descended. My thoughts were - “Is this the ultimate? Mmm,” we do have them, but of course I had been told many times that it was not. You see, I had been told by many people who came from beyond me, yet here I was entering, and I had been told, I had been told that no, it wasn’t the ultimate place, it went on and on. Yet here I was entering full of excitement. I was quivering, and here I am, and it was not the ultimate. Why didn’t I listen? I wanted it to be the ultimate, and I knew it was not really. I was so filled with enthusiasm and excitement - if only!

So you see, no-one is free of one’s own self. Do you see what I mean? You are not free of your own self even if you are high. Everyone thinks, “Oh high, how wonderful!” It is, it is absolutely glorious. But I am me, and those around me, my beloved, are themselves. Each of us has had different experiences. They are the sum total of their lives, and I am the sum total of mine. You would not think I would be so foolish as to hope, when I knew. For I really did know, but one has such longings for the ultimate point. What is there, what kind of being, what is this God? We do not use those words, but I use them to you, for ease. The great love that we feel, as you go on and on, it is stronger and stronger. As you love each other here, and you feel your love, can you multiply that thousands of times? And thousands again? And then again and again and again? Then you can understand my feelings, and the feelings of others for I’m sure all do it. The great longing. But whenever you get there, and you start to live again in a higher vibration, its beauty and knowledge are revealed. New friends and companions. Greater ability, greater power. You meet such beautiful people on and on. They descend from higher places to this place you have reached, and then you meet other beings, and then you feel the time is right, and you can put this question again, “Is the next step the ultimate?”

Oh, and you dare it too, and you do dare it. They smile and say, “No.” You know the feelings. But one is busy living. It is when one approaches another milestone as it were, another going forward that one gets into these states, as the time approaches and you know you are going forward, and you have been prepared, and the excitement and the feelings are tremendous, and you know you are going forward and onward. You can imagine it, can you not? You know you get so filled with love, and hopefulness, and wonderment. Then you are there; you think the place you have been in is so tremendous, and here it is even more so. The mind cannot comprehend.

It is no use my trying to explain. But if you look into a flower, or into the heart or a rose, at that very moment when it is freshly opened and it seems to be so perfect, and you think, “How beautiful”, and the scent is tremendously beautiful, and you have such pleasure. You look at the petals and you feel them, and they are so silky smooth, and you wonder. “Is not that creation beautiful?” You know when you look into this rose, and you feel this, you are at that moment part of creation yourself, because you are touching it within your being, because you feel and see its beauty. You cannot comprehend how it evolved. You know there is a great Mind behind everything there is, and you cannot comprehend that Mind, but the rose, or perhaps a little new-born baby, usually touches us so much, and you have a feeling that you are at that point a part of all. It helps us in our feelings to comprehend the Mind, the Love. Yet in all things there is the understanding also, even in the hardships, because if you look at a little child that has been abused, and the soul cries out, “How could this be?” and then you look at perhaps the mother, or father who abused the child, and then you find out that they themselves were abused, and they are following the pattern of their lives and you cannot understand because you have been brought up and nurtured in love, and you cannot understand these things. “Why does God allow this?” People cry out in this manner. Of course it is not God who makes people hurt or love. It is evolution, growth in any soul. It is our own pathway, the ways we have wandered on to, where we have grown, or where we have fallen by the wayside. The rose has its beauty, and it touches us. And so does pain. Now pain touches you in a manner much more differently. But you are touched upon your inner self, and your feelings, your tenderness, and your beauty. Do you understand? Your beauty inside, in your soul, your compassion, your tolerance. These things they touch us, they reach out to us. We are appalled, but we feel and we hope that we can do something, but the ways of the world make it so difficult for us to help and change, and people do not try to help themselves.

So although we want to, it is difficult.

This is where we often fail ourselves. It is in the very slowness of growth. The slowness we feel is there in the things we want to change. We cannot change the world overnight. We can change it simply by our own example, by our own attempts, and we hope that we will touch others as they see us, and try to emulate us. We hope that our own ways will extend, and that others will change because they see that we are in peace, at least, in some measure.

Every single example of life touches us somewhere, and these are the steps we take in life. Steps towards the greater understanding, greater love within us. You cannot understand your own growth. You cannot understand where you step forward fast, or where you step back a little. When the soul is touched and you act with love, you do not count the cost, and say “Am I doing well?” When you are a truly selfless being you do not count the cost of your action, you just do it. The person who evaluates, who adds up the good acts is not truly doing it from the freedom of his own self, but is doing it for a reason.

When you are acting out your life and you do it spontaneously and it is from your own inner self, that is a growth, that is a step forward. These ways of life cannot be put into slots, they are individually dealt with day by day until finally you are the sum total of your whole life. When you come to that point it is you, and what you have gleaned from the beginning, from all the thoughts that are there in the world. When you think about that it is tremendous, and I think for the protection of our minds it is good that we do grasp to ourselves those thoughts that make us what we are. You cannot possibly grasp every thing to yourself, this is what I mean. Sin is a word, but you sin only if you believe you have, you see?

A person here will sin, according to his light, and a person there will sin according to his. Their thoughts about themselves will be different. So do not believe what is given to you without reasoning. I expect you to reason, and I want you to reason. I want you to see yourself as you truly are. Not a stamped out being, but a person who has evolved to this point, according to your own understanding, according to how you are within spiritually, and how you see others. How you are equipped mentally, and how you can take whatever you can from other beliefs. Whatever you take, whatever you can, that is you, and from that point only you can be judged by yourself on the final day, to where you have come.

No-one is put into little slots, for example, say you go there, and you go there, because you are (whatever) and you are (whatever). No, it is not that way at all. It is finally done with justice, perfect justice, it can be no other way. I cannot say it enough. So do not judge, because you cannot be that other being. You can come to conclusions, you can see how you can help, but you must not stamp a person in your mind and say, he/she is this. You cannot tell because you have not been with them from the very beginning. Remember this.

Try to be kind, and love. There are times when it will be difficult, but least if you do not hurt, you can always refrain from that. It is so easily done, to make the swift remark, or the harsh or aggressive remark. People can be so hurt by words, so hurt indeed. We see it so often. I wish that you would think about it when you are hurt by someone, and they use words against you. Ask yourself do you deserve this, is it true? If it is, then try to change. If it is unjust, try not to be angry. If you can, try not to be angry, for if you do become angry, you will also say unjust words. This is where people fail each other, and why so many people part from one another, because each one wants the other to be like they are, to be similar.

When two people come together, it is absolutely two different people who are so different. In the learning and growing processes of life you will of course make mistakes. But you can learn, especially if you are not explosive. Try to understand that all peoples are different, and no matter who it is, who it is that stands before you, in your home, in your work, in every walk of life, that person is different. You may come together with some ideas, and of course you will now and then. But you will be different, and it is in these very differences of opinion and belief that we learn.

People often say, “Why am I here?” They think, “We must do something tremendous.” The very living is challenge enough. Not all are given to great works. Many people have responsibility, they have others to look after. It is their responsibility to lead other people, to be above other people, then they have great responsibility to be just, but not always are the people under them just. All these ways of life. You hear so often, “So-and-so is this/that.” But who is perfect? Many times a person may have bad qualities in your eyes, but also good qualities. Where is the balance made? Sometimes the good qualities are so good that one can make allowances for those others, and try to endure them. If everyone was perfect it would be so nice, and your world would be so beautiful, and without pests, floods, earthquakes, and it would be heavenly.

But no-one is perfect, so we must learn to live in an imperfect world together, trying by our own efforts to change conditions. First starting with ourselves, and then by our own example influencing others, so that our influence spreads out and around. It is a slow process, but it can be done. When one rises up, it is an example to us all. A teacher emerges such as the Nazarene, or the Buddha, and so on, and they make an impression upon the world and mankind listens. But some listen with an ear that is partially deaf. Others hear too much, things that are not said. Others hear truly. It depends upon what is wished for. If I speak to all of you, do you all go away with the same impressions? I think not. You will take that which touches you most. True, is it not? Yes. Later on when you read you will find other parts that relate to you, and you will say, “Oh yes, it is so.”

Life is a challenge, it is a challenge for every simple soul. Be unafraid. We are equipped with a mind and a soul, and we have strengths beyond anyone’s understanding. You are aware of this because in your difficulties your strength comes to the surface, and you deal with your problems and you are amazed at yourself. True? Yes. So you know that if another difficulty comes, you will do the same. So remember it always, be unafraid. Fear is a terrible emotion. It engulfs you, it hurts you, it makes you weak. So try to live without fear, knowing you have the power within you, the power of your soul, you have your mind to reason with and the soul for your strength, and you have your guardian who tries to lead you into the right paths of life.

God’s love is so, that He gives us this love to walk beside us, for our guardians love to endure as they do. For when you think of it, they live with you. They live another life with you. They are learning much, for they are learning about this modern life in all its difficulties. They struggle with you, and they give you their compassion, never criticism. Never. They try to understand, for they themselves have had other lives and they know the difficulties. They know that criticism is not a ladder to climb; it casts one downward. They know that criticism will not help you, but their love and their understanding and their attempts in leading you into another pathway that will help you. It is not easy for them, but they struggle onward. But when people say that God has abandoned them they are not speaking truthfully, because we have our guardians, and they are God’s servants. Our guardians are always higher than ourselves. But they do have something of our nature within themselves so that they can live in harmony with us. It must be so. So God the Great Force of Love understands, and He gives us a guardian. People cry out to God, and it is your guardian who carries your messages forward to others, to seek help for you. It is the guardian who hears, who tries to help you, the guardian who is God’s servant. Does your guardian see God, person to person? No. But he serves God in this way, and knows God by the feelings within him/herself. As I do, and you do. That conscience, that love within you is God’s love within you, that spark within your being, that is within your soul.

You are beloved, and your trials are your strengths. How can you be a true servant if you do not understand the ramifications of life? How can you give true compassion? Life holds many bright moments. Treasure them, for they are your bright spots, the parts that are warm and glowing. They are many. See life as a map, or a tapestry, whatever way you see it. Nothing is ever in a straight line. If you sew a tapestry, with many colours and many stitches, then you finally have a design. You created it, it is yours. Men may see rather a map, many roads, many mountains, many valleys. These roads, you do not walk on all of them, but on some, and they are your pathways, and your challenges.

The rewards of strength and love and selflessness are wonderful, more wonderful than you can ever imagine. Never try to judge yourself in this way. You cannot know, because often there is compensation for life that has been burdened by another. These compensations are given to many. You cannot see how you will be treated. But know this that if you have been burdened, and you did not earn it, if it was unjust, know that you will receive compensation.

The love of the Great Perfect Divine is absolutely just. This love cannot be split, or divided in any way. It is for all of us to receive. No man, or woman, no matter where they are, can be unjustly treated, at the final end, when you take on your further life, when you go forward. It will not be man who decides where you will be. It will be yourself. It will not be a belief, or a creed, or a dogma that will finally put you in a place that you have earned. No, it will be yourself. It will be yourself, how you have lived your life, and how you have dealt with all of your challenges. All you have dealt with, all your challenges, all the lovely parts of you, and all the other kinds. No-one, no matter how you see them, you cannot judge. It is the law of justice. As you live within this law you are making your future, and you will be alone finally, and you will know beyond any shadow of doubt, you will know who you are. You will see yourself, and you will know, you will recognize yourself at last.

So I hope it will be a happy time then, not one of sorrow, because now you know that you are individually responsible for you. You are not responsible for your brother, sister, child, at the end of life. No matter whatever they do, whatever you do, whatever mistakes they make, or you make, no-one is responsible for another on that final day when you step forward into a new life, and again take up a challenge. You do, because it isn’t heaven as you know it. It is life. And heaven is many heavens, many places. We do not like to say the spirit world is heaven, because it is made up of so many diverse planes of existence. You could live in a heaven here, the heaven you create for yourself. It depends upon yourself. So I will leave you with that thought.

Whether or not, you choose to be in a heaven here even before you reach your heavenly heaven. So together let us in the days ahead try to be selfless, try to love one another so that you can be a part of the Great Perfect Love, and that love will descend upon you in great force. You will feel that you are part of the universe, and part of all creation. For there are many many things to understand, many many ramifications of truth. But there is one Perfect Love, and that is our goal, and let us proceed together towards that Great Perfect Light. That will be our ultimate goal.

Beloved, my brethren, good-day.