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~*Teaching #28*~

Good afternoon, my friends. I am so happy to be back with you. It seems but yesterday that I was present. In your life time speeds, we know, sometimes it drags, but to us time does not move. It seems to us that it is every present, but not moving. But I hope that since we have been together that you have been enjoying your beautiful area. You are very blessed indeed to live in such beautiful surroundings. Many people have not this blessing. Every day when you look, you see the beautiful creation, and you can say that we are indeed blessed because we have before us the absolute understanding that we are all in a place that has been created, that has come from the sea. It has sprung up. But we all look at the mountains now, and we say, how beautiful. Many like to live there amongst the trees, where power is, and by the sea, where energy is, or on the grass, where energy is. All is energy. There is plenty of it here today, such power.

Now that we are all settled down, and the essence of power is beginning to flow, now we can begin.

My life has been, until I came to this place to work here as a servant of the Most High, my life has been given in service. When I was on the earth many many thousands of years ago, I was also a servant. So I have been a servant in all this time. And latterly before I came, I was one who had much authority, one who was looked up to, one who had power to command, power to decide, power to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves in their own way. For when we are in a powerful position it does not mean that we command aggressively or powerfully, it simply means that we pass authority on to others. They are the servants, and on down the line authority is passed from one to another in loving brotherhood. We do not as it were put fear upon these people, but we arrange every aspect of their lives in a way that helps them to express themselves totally.

We have given you the knowledge that a child in the spirit world is often guided, unknown to itself. That a teacher will be visible to others but not to the child. A child will be taught in this way, and he thinks he is alone, and he does not see the teacher. In his own way, mingled with the teacher coming, he will be guided. In his own way he will pick out those parts that come to him, that are suitable to himself.

Every soul that receives knowledge in this way, because adults too are taught in this manner, and someone invisible will lead them slowly toward the avenue that they need to be in. Many times they fail but with patience the teacher can guide and lead them back again. So when I say that I am one who had power, it is simply in direction, and to lead those who are teaching, and to help them in their understanding to give them guidance to their problems. So you see it is a vast organization that gives every soul the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to express him/herself fully, without coercion, as it were. We have found that many people do not care to be led directly by a teacher. So we lead unseen, to those who feel this way. If a being likes to be before an individual teacher, then that is the way it will be arranged. But if the person cares not to, then the teacher is invisible, but nevertheless a very potent force. So you can see that we use every means possible to aid our brethren, because our world is a world of the mind, and we can arrange many things in this manner.

You may wonder how a teacher can be invisible. It is thus. A child shall be here, and the teacher here, nearby, and the teacher will think himself into a kind of capsule that will surround his body, but by the mind, by thought, by creation. Not everyone can do it. But by learning, by striving, by trial and error, it can come about. So it seems that there is no one there, but just the atmosphere. But of course there is. When we say the mind, you have this mind also, and you can create situations from which you cannot differentiate between the reality and the norm, so potent is fantasy or thought. Everyone knows this. You sit quietly and dream, and you can be in situations which seem so real to you, as real as life.

Many people say, “I do not know where this thought is coming from.” But it comes from the outside of you, from your teacher, your guardian. Similarly in our world the children, or the adults are led. It is similar to having a guardian on earth. A little child needs to be watched. It does have its own companions and teachers, and those who love it, and take care of it in a motherly way. But a child wanders off, and we do not hinder a child that wanders, and this is where the teacher is very necessary. The child will not be in danger, but we wish to know where and to whom it goes, to whom it listens, and what it does. So it is like keeping a fatherly or motherly eye on it, so that it is not harmed. We do have a method of teaching, and the child must learn our ways. It must learn from those who are worthy. This is why we do not wish it to wander off to any soul who perhaps has little knowledge, and may give it wrongly.

You can see that there cannot be a danger other than the danger being in words. Many times people are given knowledge from spirit, and it comes from someone who has little knowledge, who does not come from a high enough place in the heavens and simply has the knowledge of its own surroundings. And it can only be given from its own surroundings, or from whatever teaching the soul has received, if it has sought teaching. There are many aspects. When people say, “Well I was told,” but who told you? You see, one has to be very careful, and that is why we watch the children, to make sure the teaching is the correct teaching. That is our way.

If you came to our world and someone said to you,“ come with me and I will show you around,” and you did so without saying, “What is your authority?” and if this person was not a relative or your guardian, but was simply someone who lived there, you can see perhaps that this person could lead you wisely, or could lead you into their own way, their own manner, whatever they are aware of.

When people leave this world, they are not instantly aware. They have the knowledge of earth, they have knowledge of all their life, but they do not have knowledge of our world, and it will be quite some considerable time before they have the knowledge of their own realm, quite considerable.

All people do not seek knowledge. Because you are the kind who do, do not believe that all do. It is not a simple matter of arriving, and instant knowledge. It can be quite a considerable time, quite a long long time. Many do not wish to know, many simply live and enjoy the aspects of their life without caring. So you see it is always very important that we do have leaders, and overlords, and those who organize, so that everything is looked into, and people do not take everything into their own hands and lead everyone astray, as it were. We have to be organized so that we can help all who come so that they can be led into the right paths, and that is why we have meetings, and organizations. That is why we have industry of a kind that keeps people happy. Because people do need to be busy. You know how it is with yourself, when you are idle and board. So many people need to be industrious, and have time for pleasure and time for learning. That is where I was.

I organized all these things, but I used others to carry them out. In my duties I was responsible for the teaching given, for the knowledge that everyone needed in the different areas that I overlooked. There are many like myself, and we have a certain area. It is very vast indeed, and needs a lot of care.

You may ask, “Who is looking after this place when I am gone?” I can tell you that everything is arranged, and when I return I will take up my duties again, and it will be as if I had never gone. This is what I mean by, “It seems but yesterday when I was here present.” It will be the same for me when I return.

Now when I and many others of my kind were discussing my departure for the earth, we had many discussions as to what would be the very best method for me to use. Where should I have my station below, where should I live between the time I left and the time I returned. Now you many not understand, but I live a long, long way away. I have great power of my own, but I could not come to you as I was. I could not descend even to the next area below me, as I was. I have to lower my vibration. And to descend to the earth is a very serious matter, and had to be given much deliberation. We decided that I would leave part of my self there. I do not mean my body, I mean my soul.

Now our soul is a great light within us. It is tangible; it has a force; it can be handled. When you see a star in the sky it seems solid, but it is gas. It gives off light in the dark sky. Within you is your soul, and when we see you, you have a light within your bosom. That light within myself in the high places is most wonderful. And so it was thus ....

I was taken by those who love me to a place, and I went into a type of sleep, not sleep as you know it, but a type of peacefulness. And part of my soul was removed by a method which I cannot reveal. Because it is something that cannot be revealed. It was put in a safe place until I return. Then my sleeping body was placed in a cloak because then I did not fit into where I was. Do you see? Because part of me was not, I was different, I was changed. So I was put into a cloak and lowered til I was in the seventh sphere, which is quite a way from where I am, and there I was comfortable. Do you understand? That is where I come and go to from here, and where I lower my vibrations from, when I come to you. That is why I can. I cannot go back until the day when I return forever, and then I will be met, and the procedure will go into action. I shall be placed in a cloak again, and lifted up, and then I shall be reunited with myself, my own soul part again, and then I shall be able to live again in that high place.

That is how it is with those of us who are with our maiden, those of us who are very high. We all have to do this very same thing. This is how it is. Not many know these things. It is taken for granted that high beings come. We have told you that we lower our vibration, and this is true. But not that we had parted from ourselves, parted from some other soul.

When I have told you a long time ago how very high beings take part of themselves and send it to the earth, now you understand. Part is taken and it is sent down carefully, lowered and lowered until it can be to the place necessary, and people are born. But they belong to that very high being, for it is a spark of the higher one. But then when they are on the earth and they start their journeys, journey after journey, they may lower the spark, they may uplift it, they may darken it a little, every life putting its own mark upon its soul.You see? Do you understand? You think so. Well, it is thus. A very high being who cannot return to the earth, as I cannot, unless I left part of my soul there, he did not come, but part of his soul was taken from him. It was lowered in the same way as I was lowered, but even more, by lowering its power until it could be close to the earth. Then it was divided into tiny pieces, each tiny piece going into each newly conceived soul. That then is a new soul.

Once again a soul taking up a journey. The high one who sent these parts of himself would in time know more about the earth than previously being so far removed, so far away, by having parts of himself take up life in different parts of the world, taking up life in many cultures. Then the high being would know the earth as never before. You see that they would be able to help those of the earth in a more understanding manner. Do you understand? Good.

That is how I was created in the first place, and those who are close to me, in affinity. We were created thus. You can guess how far away in time that was. So far away. Most of us have taken up lives and have lived them as we should. We have not always been perfect, we have not. But we have at least striven to emulate the law. Sometimes we fell, and sometimes we fell more than a little. But oft-times we picked ourselves up and began again. It is not a terrible disaster to fall when you can pick yourself up. For oft-times in the falling one learns many lessons. Sometimes when we fall we find ourselves amongst conditions that we would not have known in our enlightened states. Sometimes we come up as people who are so different from ourselves, and we see problems that we have not before encountered, and if we are strong and we see these problems, these things make us think. We say to ourselves, “In our loftier state we were ignorant of such needs.”

Oft-times one has to be within a more disorderly, a more darkened place to understand people who are in these states. Sometimes passing through, or touching, or helping does not give us the keenest insight into their problems. Sometimes when we are in their area, simply because it is our place for the time, can be quite a shock to us. When one falls, when one makes mistakes, we often have thoughts, and we say, “My, where have these been hidden?” When things are not going the way we would wish and these thoughts assail us, and we see ourselves in a different light, we oft-times know that they have been hiding. Where have they been hiding? They have been in the mind but you have buried them in your anxiety, or in your determination to be a better person. These ideas and thoughts were put away, but nevertheless they are there, and when they are not so good they can reappear as if they had never never been hidden. Where then will you go? Do you stay backwards? Do you travel forwards? Or are you simply going to be part of each, and not know how to extricate yourself?

It is a difficult problem to know that we are not as we thought we were. It is a great shock. I have seen people wrestle with the inner self, and they have had my compassion. I can tell you we have to stand aside at these times, because the inner struggle is necessary. It isn’t always easy to bring oneself forward, when perhaps the body is in pain, or surroundings are harsh, whenever thoughts are coming at you that are not good, when the atmosphere is bleak, and the inner self has a very very hard time. These are times when the inner strength can be plucked as it were, and brought forward, and the struggle, the inner shaking, the inner pulling, the tragedy of trying so hard to pull out some shred of light. But the joy and the pleasure when you can! Then you can say to yourself, “I am strong.” For it is in these dark places that we find ourselves. It isn’t always in the light, in happiness, or in pleasure, but it is in the struggles, and it is in the darkness, it is in the bleakness of life that we find that we are indeed worthy. It is so simple to be a shining light when the life is good. But whenever the struggles are there it takes every fibre of your inner strength to pull you out, to lift you up. But, oh the wonder, the wonder of knowing that you have the strength, the wonder of knowing that you are indeed worthy when you thought that you were lost. When you are downtrodden, and you think that there isn’t a shadow of help to be found anywhere, and yet the glimmer comes, and it enlarges, and you grasp it, and you are pulled upwards as it were, as if the very inside of you was grasped and a new person was pulled out to the light. It is not a new person, it is you, and inside you, in your soul, is your strength. It can be darkened by circumstances. It can be darkened by life’s struggles, but the light glows beneath the struggle, the light glows beneath all problems. You know that whenever it seems that life is at its very lowest darkest ebb, then the light seems to burst forth, and you are free, and stronger. It is this new-found strength that will carry you onward, like the steel being forged in the fire. Your strengths being forged in the sorrow, in the trials of life. Every soul goes through something. It may be your own fault. It may be the fault of others. It may be your peers, or your loved ones. It may be that you cannot extricate yourself. Maybe you do not wish to. Sometimes we are so burdened by our own attitudes, the attitudes of “I cannot, I cannot change the situation, I cannot make it go away.” Sometimes we do not wish to go. We are caught in a web, and this web seems to hold us tighter and tighter. Why?

Everyone knows by this time that you are an individual soul, and that you have strength. Why cannot you tear yourself out of this web? The other people, the other person, whoever, they are people too. You can see them, you can hear them. Why are they acting this way? Why are they holding you? Is it the cause of their lives? How was their childhood, their adulthood? How was it, that they are thus? That they cling, or they hold you down, or they tramp upon you? How is it that they will not allow you to live your own life? How is it that they will not allow you to live your own life? How is it that they do not wish you to serve? How is it that they do not wish you to live as you desire? It is because they are afraid. Most people who make great demands on us are afraid of life. Their fear makes them ill; it surrounds them with thoughts that they cannot live as others do. That fear makes them shun life, or it makes them aggressive, or it makes them crude and harsh. All the negative essences of life are manifested in all those who fear.

Something in their life, in their childhood, or in their early adulthood has created this problem. There is no person in the whole world who has not been influenced by life. You are influenced by your parents, by your brothers, and sisters, by your whole family, by your peers. No-one is untouched. You would have to live in isolation, complete isolation from the moment of birth, to be untouched. But even when the child is in the mother’s womb, outside influences are being felt, and noises are heard, voices are heard, light is seen. So where does it begin? It is always there.

Even I am influenced by those around me. All those around me are influenced by those around them. You are constantly being influenced. You may think that perhaps you are not totally, and that is true, because you are an individual, and you can make decisions. You can make the decision of life, whether or not to accept all you hear.

Then you have your television, and the advertising roars at you. Do you think it passes you by? No, it does not. You may close your ears, but it is there already. Such is soap, this is soap, that is soap, that is shampoo, and so on, and you say to yourself that you are strong and that you will not buy that material, and that you will make your own choice and you do. But do you think you are influenced? You are, you know, because no matter whatever you buy, you have heard of it. You made your own decisions. By the same token you have heard all the things that are in your own mind, every single thing from a little child onward. You have sifted and you have decided with which to retain and which to reject. And you do the same with your friends, your associates, all that come within your orbit. You make the selection and you are touched, constantly touched, and in you are all the people that you have ever met, a part of them because they have spoken to you. Do you see this? Have you thought of this before? Think of it, think of it a lot. Remember you have said, “Hello” today. You have embraced, you are with those with whom you feel comfortable, with those you love. And you are happy, and that is how it should be. There is peace here, but it will not always be peace. But everything you have heard today will be in your mind, even though you will not remember every word, everything I have said, but you will remember enough. You will know and remember that every single word uttered to you, is in your mind. You know you have been touched by those words, and think of all the words that are in the world. It is mind-boggling, is it not?

Then think how wonderful we are, that we can contain it. Do you not see how wonderfully we are created? That we are a computer? We retain all the knowledge, and we are exactly what we wish to be. Right? Right. So you are this individual, but you are many many people, are you not? Yes. In this way you are a part of all you have touched, so you cannot say, “I am me, I am totally me, so much me.” You cannot, can you? No. You may feel that you are you. You know, me ... ha, ha. You that walks about, and your head is where? Is it with you, are you thinking? Walk along, and you see this one and you see that one, and your mind makes a comment, it takes on a pattern. You have seen something and it is already in here. You look up at the mountains, you look at the sky, or at the ocean. You look at the people on the beach, or on the bus. You look at your associates, and you see whatever it is that you want to see at that moment. You know whatever I mean, sometimes you miss much because you are not concentrating, but the mind picks up a certain essence of everything you see. It isn’t always clear just as two people who have looked at one person have had a different answer from each. It is how we are.

Now I am trying my very utmost to help you understand what I mean when I say we are all linked. You cannot live in the world and be untouched, you cannot. Many people who are of a certain faith can put themselves in a nunnery, or in a monastery. In many faiths they do this, and they cut themselves off from the world. But have they? No, no. They were in the world until they were adult, and they have the memory of this, and then they have the memory of their associates. If they take a vow of silence they still have their eyes, and these are a most wonderful wonderful gift. The eyes, they make their comment too. They see. They see, and they judge, they admire and they are critical. You understand? How they see sometimes. Do they always see correctly? When you see something, maybe you see two people standing together, and you come to the assumption that they are related. But they may not be. They could be asking the time of day, or they may simply be associates. We cannot make a judgement of two people talking. Nor can we make true judgements many times in other aspects of life. This is why you have to be very very careful when you judge another. Always try to listen very carefully, always try to see very clearly. Always try to be very just, because remember that each one is a brother or a sister. In our life we are much more equipped to deal with these problems, for when we see a person, when you are in my position, when I see a person I can tell you the essence of that person immediately. I can say where they are spiritually, the kind of being, if they are gentle, if they are buoyant, if they laugh or if they are slow to laugh, are gentle or aggressive, or a mixture of both. Every single being is a mixture of life, touched by this one or that one, touched by heredity, by their father, mother, grandparents, great grandparents and so on, touched by life in such a way that makes us what we are. But you cannot be what you are unless you have lived. When we say to you that you have had many lives, and many many experiences, now you see what we mean. It isn’t simply living, and being say a priest, or a lawyer, a doctor, farmer, housewife, or a nurse, whatever, it is being a human being who learns, and who is a product of life. All living, all aspects of life are so multi-dimensional. So multi-dimensional that you are made up of layers of this and that. Who do you think had the greater influence in your life? Who would you say had the greatest influence on your life? Would you say your parents, or your mother? Most would say the mother. Some would not, I know, depending on your life. But the mother has the greatest responsibility because she is the one who bore you, and who is the teacher, the one who inspires you and makes you what you are. The father touches you when he can, and loves you when he can, when he is there.

But I am glad to see in modern life that some men are being very motherly indeed, and take part in life as the mother does, and shares it. This way the child has a greater opportunity of understanding both.

Many girls in many cultures are so disassociated from the father that they do not understand mankind at all. In many cultures they are not allowed to know men, and it is very hard indeed for the maidens to learn. So a child is very fortunate who has both parents loving and gentle, both being responsible for the new souls that are to be the new generations, the future citizens of this life. We need strong individuals who will strive to live up to those around them. We have enough of those who would drag the world down, who are greedy and who are aggressive, who desire power. They do not see the earth as a place for all mankind to live as brethren together, to share. I know there will always be those who are lesser. There has to be the learning and the growing, but there can always be kindness. Many times the lesser are so downtrodden, and we see it always before us. We can help. Not all people can be born into enlightened countries. Many have to have lessons. Many people are despotic in life, and when they die they have many lessons to learn, but in time they have another opportunity, and then they try again, and we hope that this time they will be tolerant.

Tolerance is a much needed lesson for all peoples to learn. For you see the injustices of life as you walk through life. Not all are equal, but all can be given tolerance, and can be treated as brethren. So often those who are lowly are treated as cattle, when in reality they are souls, but souls on a lower rung of the ladder, who one day will be different because one day they will be given another opportunity. They can be standing where you are. So many hurt others, not understanding that a time will come when they will be standing in that very place. It is a sober thought. So it behoves everyone to be tolerant of their brethren because everyone has the same opportunity to change.

If I were standing here in all the light and the raiment of the place where I have come from, you would be lesser than me; but I would not look upon you as lesser. I would look upon you as my beloved brethren. You would be as equal to me as those in my own place. I would not see you as different. Your level of spirituality may separate us, but to me you are my own. Do you see what I mean? I would not put you down. You would say, “Well, you have been through many levels and you understand.” Yes, but I do descend, and here I am. When I was in my high place I did descend to some lower places, but not really much lower than seven, for I taught in those places too.

People in those areas still need the understanding of what is to come. It is a continuous understanding, a continuous growing in knowledge. It is not a boring life in any area at all, no. When we realize that going on and on is greater, and there is more wonderful knowledge, and that what avails you shall inspire you, and it will always give you interest. It will not simply inspire you without the interest, without you wanting to know more and more. Any aspect of life has its implications. No matter where I am, no matter where I travel, no matter where, I can see many people who are pondering, and trying to understand. Each aspect of life brings you different problems. They may not be a true problem, but a difference in understanding and opinion. You know how you are today. You see this world and you see all its problems. You and you and you have your own ideas how to repair these situations. But you may differ in your opinions. Sometimes these opinions may bring you into some argument.

When you are in our world these kinds of cogitation’s do not disappear. We all have problems. When we teach and we listen to one another, everyone has a mind but each mind is different in how it turns. How you see a problem may be different from how another may see the problem. So all together you may be able to solve a problem. So in sharing we help one another. So you see in this life when you share and you help each other, you share your problems and your knowledge, and your love, and your understandings. This will go on and on in this life, and ever on into our life too. It will never end.

Do not think that when you come to us it will be one of pleasure. There is pleasure of course, great pleasure, great great joy. But there will always be the teaching. There will always be those who are not as you are, and they will always need you. Always you will expend yourself to help them. So always you will be the servants of the Father, the servants who love their brethren, and who go on and on, into eternity, solving problems, not causing any, we hope, but solving with one another, thus helping, thus serving, helping our world to become more peaceful.

You say ‘more peaceful’? Yes, more peaceful, for in the higher places we do have peace, but in the lower areas, no, we do not. Because people are as they are here, and they bring their problems with them. This is why we need you. This is why you will always need to expend your knowledge, always need to be useful. Where you will always go out, knowing that today, or in this time, when you are in the spirit world, at this moment we shall help another. And it will bring you great joy, when the time comes, when you know that you have indeed helped.

Many people have said to me since I arrived here, “How can you be in such a heavy atmosphere, and still be happy?” I reply to them, “My service, my love, and the power that is around helps me.” Such a lot of power has descended for the healing purpose, and it is in our maiden’s room that it descends from our areas, and it is indeed beautiful. I have but to stand there and let it pour upon me, and I am refreshed. If whoever comes in is in fear or distress, and their vibration fills the atmosphere and we feel this essence flowing to us, we simply think ourselves out of it.

Now when you are a spirit you can do these things. You can think yourself into certain conditions. One day perhaps you will be able to do it here, to disassociate the mind from the problem, as if it were not there, and see the light, and the glowing colour. Then it is that way to us.

I sometimes think that if I were to live upon this earth again, I would like to stay where you are, because I do like this place. But I know that there are other beautiful places, and I know there are other places where I would not like to stay.

Now when I say to you that I would like to stay here, the reason is that it isn’t too overcrowded as yet. You have plenty of people of course, but it has a certain spaciousness. You have many many trees, and these trees help you a lot, to clear your atmosphere. You have the mountains, and many pleasant places. I would not care to come again into a desert. I have been in a desert, I have been in arid surroundings. I have been in many places, so I can make the comparison. But we do not always choose wisely, and when I say to you that I would like to be here, perhaps it would not be the right place for me, if I came again. You see, we say these things to you, and you say these things to yourselves. But do you see, even as I thought that I would like to be in this place, perhaps others in the heavens would say, “It is not the right place for you.” They might think it would be better if I were in the desert. Perhaps the desert is where I would learn the lessons that I needed. You see it isn’t a simple procedure to say I would like to be here, but it is a matter of where you should be.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to live say in China, and be part of that regime today? Or in India? The teeming millions? Then you would know that you had plenty of brethren around you. It would not be so easy to be quiet and to be alone, especially in India, if you are poor. Some people there are never alone, never able to have their own little corner.

You may say, “Why is it we need these different approaches to life?” It is because your own insight, the way your inner senses are, the way your own deliberations have led you in your past existences, wherever you have reached in your knowledge, and the way you have responded to others, the way you were in the spirit world. How you were treating your neighbours, how you were acting altogether. That depends where you will go, depending upon the lessons you have learned. Depending whether or not you have learned from those you met, from your peers, from your parents, from your friends, those you were closest to. What you have gleaned in this life, to what use you have put it. To what conclusions you have come, exactly how you will be when you leave here. How will you be? Will you be a shining soul, full of kindness, and tolerance, and compassion? Or will you be one who feels that life has dealt you a terrible blow? As we have described previously, many times it is those who have had these blows and have emerged with strength who are the most shining in our world, because they have endured. When you have endured and have come through and are still able to smile, and see life fairly and justly, then indeed you are very able.

You are very able indeed to take up your work in the heavens, because you have tasted the lows and the highs. You have tasted all those things that life can give us, and yet you have won through.

Many people come to us who have been burdened indeed, and yet they are warm and glowing. They still love humanity, and we say, “Well done!” For we see that they will be the strong worthy ones in the future who will be the teachers in our world after they have learned, after they have listened, and can apply the knowledge given.

So remember that in your darkest hour you may be in your strongest moment of time, and when you have darkness you have the light also, and when you have the light you can see it as light, and enjoy it so very much more than one who has the light always and takes it for granted.

When you are happy, rejoice, because you are indeed blessed. Enjoy every moment of happiness, so that you will be equipped when you have another digression as it were, for even in your digression you will know that you will be happy again. But your happiness will be happiness well earned, and that is the true happiness, that which is truly earned, the joy that sings within, the ever ever singing joy within, that no darkness can put out, or knock down. That joy, that inner glowing that is the true you, that inner glow that can shine in the darkness. I see your lights shine in the darkness of this planet, and I know that they are lights that will help this world. When I see lights I know, I say, I am happy, this will be a blessed place. But if I see darkness, I wish the light were there.

So you see, we need all the light we can muster. We need your glowing lights so very much in this world. The world that can become dark overnight as it were, where wars erupt and darkness assails the people and there is darkness all around. Then it is that we need you so much. We need every glow, every light, every sparkle. Always strive to shine, even when you are down try and gleam, because we need it, we need that gleam, we need you.

Remember that light will uplift the world, and darkness will pull it down. So always uplift. Strive and strive to be a glowing light. Just as the Nazarene, the Buddha, and those who came before and those who have come since, those were shining lights upon the world. They appear here and there, those who make a mark upon the world, those who do good works, and those who make a noise, a loud clanging. Yet they help everyone. Everyone in his own way trying to uplift humanity. It isn’t simply a nothing thought so say, “Hello, how are you?” Or to say hello to a stranger, but to uplift one who is down.

You are doing it from your inner soul light, from your love that is within. Every kind act that you do is from your inner self. All those kindnesses that come from you are your own blessed selves, the light that is within, glowing within you. Never never think that any kind thought goes unnoticed, the very smallest is part of you, the very smallest.

So remember that all those very small pieces added together make a large piece, a large piece of yourself that is beautiful. Remember that so many of you put yourselves in a bad place. You do not see yourselves as you truly are. Never be afraid to give your pleasant self an opportunity. Many are so shy and timid, and afraid to put their pleasant self out. Love is very necessary in this world, so very necessary. So many are lost and lonely, and a kind thought can lighten a day. We see it, the very smallest, yes, the very smallest thought, and each small thought makes you what you are.

So I will return once again to myself and say, I feel that I could take you all in my arms, and that I could stretch my arms out and surround you all with my love. I feel I would like to say, “Beloved, fear not, be strong, you are not alone.” You have your guardians, you have us. You have each other. Remember you are beloved indeed. Remember I love you as your brother, and even as my brethren in the high places. You are known to me, because I see you, I see your glowing lights and your colour. I see many colours, and you all are as I used to say, like flowers.