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~*Teaching #27*~

Good afternoon my friends.

Now the last time I approached the subject of the soul, and we had to stop rather abruptly. I did not follow it through. At that point those of you who were here understand that I had approached this problem, but those who are new here today will not understand. So I will have to start at the beginning. Now everyone knows that we evolve through many lives. We try to achieve perfection. In the beginning man was very primitive, and in the world today there are still primitive peoples. If you cast your mind to these you will have some understanding what I am referring to. But those who are in the western world have evolved through trial and tribulation to this point where you are very evolved in technology. But I would not say that the whole world was evolved spiritually. Indeed far from it. But there are many who are attempting, and are walking along a path that will eventually lead them to more spirituality.

Now most people are born this way life after life, through normal channels, and I have taught this way in the heavens, when the time comes, but it is thought best that you return, because you can learn much more swiftly upon this planet than you can in the spirit realms. The reason for this is that in the spirit world everyone who is on the plane where you find yourself, is similar to you spiritually. So it is more difficult to progress because you will not have the difficulties of personalities or individualities assailing you. But once you come here to this planet you have all types, and it is difficult to learn because it seems that one thing and another tries to drag you down. But when you are aware, and you have a firm resolution, and when you understand these spiritual truths, then you have something to hold on to that helps you whatever the struggle.

Now these normal channels are not always the procedure, but now and then, I would not say very often, indeed I would not, but now and then a very high angel, one who has been in the spirit realms a long long time, way back, a way back in time, will have some desire to know further the plans of earth, the problems, the growth, and try to understand the peoples more clearly. Because when you are far away, one loses touch if one does not descend now and then to the lower realms, and discover man as he arrives. But these very high beings do not descend very low, not even half way. So if you can, see a very shining being who want to know the problems of the earth, so that they can help with their great power.

Now if you are such a being you have a very large soul within you, a great globe of light. It is hard to comprehend. So this being could be man or woman, will take a portion of the soul. He will know how to do it, we will not go into that for it is too complicated, but we will say that he removes a portion. Then he will break that portion up into as many pieces as he/she desires. Then they will be born into new-born children, and they will be the souls of the new-born children. Now usually these children will have some part to play in life. These are the types that take up a burden. These are the types that make their mark in life somewhere, someone like the Nazarene or the Buddha, or some other well known person. Not necessarily in that light of teaching but some other way. Some other struggle, someone like Moses, or Isaiah, someone like that. So you see these people touch many others, and in so touching, this being in the heights will have a link with this one that has taken up life, and he will then know the implications of life through that link. It is a bond, it is very tenuous. At first it is not easy to hold this link, but as the person matures, and takes up other lives, then perhaps it becomes more able to pick up the link. So you see, these people, however, many the number, be it six, three, ten, or whatever, these people whenever they come together again, finally when they do not have to return to earth, and have progressed because of their labour on the earth, will know each other because they are from the one source. They will be what is known as affinities. Now do you understand? I am sorry I did not finish it last time. But I hope it is clear to you.

It is a very very wonderful thing to belong to such a group, because the love is so very strong, and always you have your family as it were, never to be parted. It is a wonderful thing. However many you are, you always belong. I do not think we ever find out who that person is, in the heights maybe. Sometimes, but if you remember, that being was very high before he sent the sparks of himself to earth, and so you see he has gone on from there. It is not very likely he will meet the parts of himself unless he decided to descend, when they are high enough. That is the way I see it.

Now these people who are affinities meet now and then in some of their lives, not all. Sometimes two will meet, and then perhaps not for some time, and then perhaps they will meet again. Then maybe others will meet. It is not a normal thing for all to meet on the earth, it is not usual, but it could happen. I will not say that it could not, but it is not a usual thing, because each one travels the spiritual path at a different speed, just as all of you do. Not every soul can travel at the same rate, depending upon what life they have taken up, where they have been born. The parents, the peers, whomever they meet, whatever life they have had, whatever their difficulties, each will grow at a different pace. Know that it is better so that they travel a different path. Because when you meet such a being the love is so strong. It is very difficult to do your usual duties, because the bond is so demanding. You can see that, can you not? So you see it is best for you to have a life where you have more or less done a great deal, and are able to rest upon your laurels, so to speak. But I have noticed in my life that I usually was not with those who were my own. I knew them when I passed on, but I did not know them in life. But I have found them since. It is my great joy to belong to that family. We all adore the Father, the Great Consciousness. We are all shining, we are all able to be servants. So wherever that being is, he/she will know that we have attempted, and have won through.

Now the challenges of our lives have been in many many countries. We have seen many things throughout this history of man. When we hear you speak of the troubles you have today, we often think we have heard those very same words, only of course at a different time, and in a different language. But we have heard the same words many times over. Man is travelling a path of growth. He may think that he will never never reach the zenith of perfection. I am inclined to think he is right, but there are peaks to be reached, nonetheless. Peaks that individuals can reach, peaks that groups can reach. It is very wonderful how an individual or a group can send their vibrations far and wide, and influence others. You know, as I do, that when the group is for the good, it progresses. When the group is selfless, and is not working for the engrandisement of the whole, but rather for mankind in a selfless way, it cannot do other then grow, but whenever the group has a leader who is seeking power, and is for self, the spiral may continue for a time, but they will fizz out because they are not serving the Father, in the way it is meant. The leaders are not directly in contact with the higher forces, so it cannot succeed. Only when you are sincere, when your ideals are pure, will you succeed. You know within yourselves that when you have ideals within yourself and they are not the best you know that for a time everything may seem well, but then will come the shattering revelation. You cannot walk that path, you should take a straighter path. It may be more difficult, but it will be the more worthwhile.

You know how individuals who are radical, who may only be a small group, can disrupt your whole world. You see it in Ireland, in the Middle East, in Africa, you see it in many places. You see how a small number can disrupt to such an extent that the whole country is brought down. What then of those good people who want to change? It seems that they are weak, that these men have greater power, it may seem to the world, “Where is God? Where is all goodness?” The same power is there, but the darkness of the world has a way of struggling with light, as we know. And I have told you at times that darkness has a great deal of power, and that it behoves you to be strong. Those of you who are powerful in your own way, in the way of goodness, you must exert your own strength by thought. You must put your mind against darkness and see light, as I have told you so often. Only light can lighten up the darkness. At first there may be grey shadows, first you may see nothing, and then suddenly, but slowly, there comes revelation that light comes percolating through, and things appear to be better. But then again they fall and sway again, and there seems to be an everlasting swaying backwards and forwards. Because you are in a world that makes you aware of your brother/sister in far-off places; you are instantly aware of their difficulties. You see starving peoples, and the downtrodden. No longer can you hide away, like in days of old before the days of television before you were able to see or hear about anything, when you had to rely on mail that came sometimes, and you did not know unless a ship came in, or something like this, and you were unaware of difficulties far away. You had your immediate difficulties to deal with, and I suppose they were enough for you; I am sure some of them were. But nowadays alongside your own problems you have the problems of humanity. No longer can you close your eyes. You are one, as it were, aware of the whole of your planet. And as it were, you see as the eyes of the spirit world see you. We know these things but not at once. If we work in a place, as I am doing, I am not with my fellow companions, and I do not know immediately if I do not seek knowledge. I will learn through our maiden and the television, and from what I hear. I would hear it first-hand if I am present. But if I am a spirit afar off, I do not know. But when I do know, I am like you, I am troubled that mankind is so unhappy, so downtrodden, and I know you are. As it were we are all thrown in together. There is no escape, we know, and it is as if we are the eye of the universe, and we are looking at the world and we see the struggles of man, and we know not where to aid.

Our souls ache. We know that we cannot do everything, we know we cannot rush out and send food, for it will be too late. Then we hear stories - if we send food does it get to these people? Not always. We fear, we ask, “What can we do?” And always it comes back to the mind. Always enters in that one that we have, we have our mind. We may not have the wherewithal, or the strength. We may not have the ability, but we have our mind. We can close our eyes, and go into the silence, and we can be that eye again, and see the world, and enclose it with light. Do not think your effort is in vain, because as the rays of the sun warm the earth, and as each one reaches out to that sun, each one likes to see the glowing earth, and the colours enhance the warmth, the colours abounding. Each soul is uplifted, and each one wishes that it would remain. Well, it can remain in your mind, and you can remember the sun, even if it disappears behind the clouds. You know its shape, you know its form, you know its warmth, you know what it can achieve. You know that your power, although you may be only an individual, and you may not think that your strength is much, but you can put out your thoughts. We have talked about this over and over, I know that it must be realized that you must not doubt your own ability. How many times have I told you that you have power? But you forget. You forget that you have a mind, and you forget the power therein. If you were myself you would know that the mind is a powerful powerful weapon. You know what it can do here, you know how one person can ruin your life, or enhance your life, with the mind.

You already see, if you look around, how the mind has wrecked families, and where the mind has uplifted families. You can see, I do not have to tell you, it is there before your eyes. So know that your mind has power, vast potential. Use it, and grow. When I say ‘use it and grow’, I mean you can do so much. You can go into the quietness. You can see the world as a globe. If you cannot, then practice it, and you will then become able. If you want to pinpoint countries, you know what your maps show you, you can get a map and view it, then close your eyes and do it. But it isn’t necessary really. Simply see the world, and try as best you can to put the planet in light, to bathe it in radiance. You know that the soul is a light within you. If you had a psychic eye to see, you would see it, a bright light that is within your beings, within your spirit body. It is in the region of your heart, within the physical frame. Within your spirit body is your soul, and it gleams brightly like a star in the night sky.

Now you can see a star twinkling, can’t you? Yes. Well, imagine the star within yourself, twinkling. That is your soul light. Now the star is bright light. So see this. Know that you have power; know that the light within yourself is a radiance, then imagine the radiance of the greatest power of all, the Great Perfection. See that power as a great ball of light that spreads out and out and all around and about the world, and percolates through and through each land to all the peoples. It can be done. Each one knows that the Most Perfect must be powerfully bright. So if you can, see the greatest light of all within your mind as a great white beam, its rays encompassing the earth. Then you will be playing your part, because the light has power. If all people could do this, think how much light there would be percolating through the darkness of those other forces that would bring man down, those forces that would put the heel upon man, and enter man again into the darkness of suffering under great power. You must play your part.

I will not see you for some time, and I do not wish to come back and have to say, “Well, how were your days? Did you forget?” I want you to be able to say that you did accomplish that which you set out to do. It needs a little practice, and a little time. When you become more able, you will be able to do it, at different times throughout the day. It will become part of you. Now never again think that you are worthless, that you have no power, because in our world the mind that we have in our spirit body is so wonderful, and if you could see how we use it, it would give you some indication of your own power. You know how we travel by thought, we have to but think of the area, or the person, and there is a flash of light, and we are there almost at once. No need for cars, no need. We can walk, of course. How is it we can travel so fast in this way when we are spirit? What is the law behind it? How is it that I can propel my body when I am coming here? When I am in the spirit and I wish to come here, I think of our maiden, and my body begins to travel. I feel a slight motion, little else. I know I am coming fast, but there is no sensation of speed. Others around me are travelling too, all in different directions, of course. We do not collide. But we do travel, many of us do. We do not see how it is done.

You do not always understand your own body, do you? I mean, when you want to move your hand it moves. It is the same thing. When you are a higher being, and many things are revealed, one begins to know that the mind behind us has a tremendous power. I mean we could not begin to realize how to start, how to make it happen. If I want to travel in a group, we start off together, and some may be a little tardy as all people do not move at the same speed, even there. If we wish to meet together, one of us will take it upon himself to send a thought to our friends, and we will all meet. The thought is all that is necessary. You will use a phone or letter, but we use thought. And if the person we wish to meet is far far off, maybe several realms away, or three or four, we can still do it. We simply have to concentrate and send our thought onward, and they will receive it. Now you will be able to do this, and you will marvel at your own ability. You will look back upon this life, and you will say, “How dull”, because your brain will lead you into such adventures, and you will think that you had a dull existence in comparison. Slower you know. Many people think that our world must be a slow, leisurely place, and it can be if you wish it. Or if you want to be slow, then it can be, of course. But if you are the kind of person who wants to do many many things, then you can be active. Nothing is denied you. If you have the mind you will do much. How many times have you been told that there are many many masters in the heavens who are so willing to help you. Have you got it in your mind that to approach these beings would be difficult for you? I assure you it is not a difficult task, because their friendliness and their happiness is a joy to see, and they are always happy to help a new person who comes into our world. They will welcome you, and you can begin learning, and if you think that perhaps it is not exactly right for you, there is no disgrace in saying, “Well I cannot do this as well as I thought I could.” There is nothing wrong with that. So you will practice this and practice that until you find those things that are ideally you. There will be no mistakes then, and you will begin to live in a very contented manner. Think of a day when you do not need to waken up, and you do not need to have breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Or where you do not need to retire at night, where you do not need rest, or you do not need to buy clothing, or jewels, or anything you would like for your abode.

Now when I say to you, ‘anything you would like for your abode’, do you wonder what this could be? Now perhaps our maiden has told you that in the spirit realms there are homes, many different types. They can be like your own home. If you have loved your own home, you could very well have one similarly arrayed when you arrive. I mean the very furnishings, for they will be a facsimile of those things you have had. Many people are very surprised at this, but happy that it is so. They feel a contentment with those things they are used to, with familiar surroundings. It makes them feel at home. But there are other people who do not wish for a home. There are other people who like to roam around, learning here and learning there. They are restless. If you have a restless nature, usually you do not settle down, but travel around. Maybe later on, when you are satisfied with everything, then you will be more content to find a home for yourself.

When you are in residence we usually put a symbol over the top of the house. This symbol says we are at home, and we are willing to have visitors. That’s very useful, is it not? Ha, ha. If we do not wish to have visitors we do not put it there, see? If we are absent, and we want our friends to use our home when we are away, should they come, we put a symbol to say this, ‘please use when we are gone.’ We do not need to leave a note, the symbol is there. Now you are beginning to see the usefulness of the mind. Now you can use these symbols in the heavens in many places. Say you are going to be in an area where you are teaching, and you expect some of your friends to come along later, to take up some duty, to try out something together, and you are unable to contact them because perhaps they have come to earth, or something, and you are in a hurry, and you say, well I have not time to send a thought, you leave a symbol, and you go on your way. So if you are hurried, you can leave a symbol to say where you are. Many many times we have to put a symbol in the atmosphere over a group of people. This is to indicate that these people need watching. They cannot see it, but the people working in that area can see it. I have told you before how, in the realms close to the earth, those who are higher can walk amongst these people, listening, and if they see a troubled area, where people may rebel, they put a symbol over, and power around them. Then they send a thought to the overlord of the realm, and he will send a force. This meaning not police as you see them, but men who will work with these people, and try to calm their minds. They draw close and work upon their minds, and they cannot be seen for they are above them in the atmosphere. They shed their minds upon them, and try to change their feelings, their thoughts, so that peace can once again reign.

So you see that is how we work. We can work this way upon your planet also. So our symbols are very important. We can help you too with symbols. We can put a symbol over you, to bring about certain conditions. We hope that the symbol will bring these conditions to you. They do not work so quickly, but they do have some impact, and do bring you those things that are necessary for you to have a more worthwhile life. If it is needed. They do not help you in areas that are not necessary to you, only in those areas that will help you when it is necessary for your growth, or for yourself or your family, when you deserve it, when you have earned it. Many times we see in our realms a group of people, and they are all huddled together. So those who are working for the overlord will approach to see what it is. Sometimes it is a group planning to do some work, and they are talking about it. They have come to the conclusion that they would like to do certain labour in the heavens, but they are a little concerned about the right way to go about it. So they talk together, they say this and that. So then will come a teacher.

Now when this group is talking together, their thoughts will rise above them. If it is good like this, there will be a radiance rising above them. It will be seen by someone. Then we can read this colour. We can read the colour and we know what is necessary, the exact need of that group. So a teacher will come and help them, and plan what is best to do. Not all groups know exactly, and so he will lead them into a better condition for themselves. Or she will, for we have ladies and gentlemen in this work. So you see, your mind gives off a radiance. It does here, and it does in your world also. We can see it when we are close to you. We see the radiance, or we see the dullness. The colour is of your thoughts. As we see them here, we see them in the spirit realms.

Now you see how our lives are simplified by this. We do not have to go and listen ear to ear, we simply have to look at the colours. When I say people are moving around, they can see the colours emanating from groups, but they can also hear their thoughts. Because when you are higher, your thoughts are greater, and you can do much more than the people who are in a lower realm to yourself. So you see, when you grow your powers become more powerful as it were, and your mind can bring about much more in the way of service. I would say that our lives are simplified. You have more difficulty in discerning the mind of others. You have to try and assess the feelings coming from those you are confronted with, those of your family, or your friends, or those you meet. You try your best to feel their essence. When you become more spiritual, you will be able to do this more readily.

Now many people think of what is in the books that are in the world today regarding spiritual lives or spiritual concepts, for many many books are written, and many are not true. Some have a little knowledge, and they expound it as if they had all the knowledge in the world. Even I when I try to show you the spiritual realms find it difficult to help you to understand exactly how it is, and yet I live in such a place. When I say to you, ‘the colours rise above you’, well when you see a rainbow that will give you some indication, but of course it isn’t so defined as a rainbow, for the colours rising up can be very varied indeed. If you have colours to paint with, or crayons or paints, they are so varied when you use them to paint a scene or stones, the sea on a grey day, or in the summer, the stones, when there is a grey day, or the sun is upon them. Think of the different colours that will bring about. Well, those colours can be rising from you. When there is a blue sky in the summer, that colour can be rising from you. Or the pink of a flower, or a material, that can rise above you. The colour of the snowdrop or the snow, that can rise above you. Gold of the flowers can rise above you. All these colours of the spectrum that you have, can be in the colours that rise above you, dark to beautiful. If they are beautiful you are feeling good, and if they are grey you are feeling sad and downcast.

There is a saying in our world, and I am not saying the heavens, our world has many many places, and they start below the earth, and these people are grey, deeper grey, to black and darker than that, if you can imagine it. Then from your earth outward, something like a dull day, then getting ever brighter. With grass and trees, valleys, mountains, streams, houses, everything. Why should you who live in an imperfect world have everything, and we suffer with an emptiness, with nothing? That would not be a just way, would it? How could it be just? That this imperfect world has everything, and we have nothing? We who live in a world of the mind, we who live in a world of the mind can create for ourselves. We have the land, the beauty in every aspect, becoming more and more refined, if you can imagine it. Become more warm, warmer, warmer, not colder, as in the lower depths. But warmer and warmer, the vibrations very electric indeed and very powerful. It is the same as all the worlds that have preceded it, but the vibration is faster. It is speeded up. The atoms, they speed faster. If you looked at our realms, the one in which I dwell, you would see a lot of colour, a lot of light, as you viewed the people moving about. You would think that everything is movement and that nothing is solid. You would think that is a world where people are flimsy. But when you step through that barrier and into the world wherein I dwell, my realm, you see that we are very solid. Not moving in that vaporous way, very fast, colours like vapour. No, we are real and firm. But our bodies have a much greater lustre than say the bodies in the third and fourth, or fifth areas. Those areas that are getting more and more refined. But we are more refined still, we have a greater lustre, a more beautiful beautiful body. It is hard to realize it, it is hard to show you.

When you see a new-born baby, and its skin is so soft, that will give you some idea. Not really, but some. Great perfection in everything around, beings robed in light, scintillating in the folds of their garments, wearing jewels. But not all of them. Not everyone chooses to walk about in jewels. They hide them away in their own homes except on days on which we have festivals, shall we say. Or whenever we have a meeting with high high beings for some reason, then we may, because it is expected of us. We are not puffed up, we are humble. When we see the beauty that has been granted us, when we see the wonder of our world, we know that the mind that gave us so much is to be adored. We know that mind is love, because everything is for our welfare, to give us pleasure, to make us happy, to help us to be joyous. And to think of living in such an area with all your loved ones around you, all such as oneself, and remember that all in such areas will be servants, and they will all descend to other realms, and serve in some capacity, not always in the lowest. Not often in the lowest. It takes a great deal of strength to descend to this plane. When you see the rainbow, and when you see it clearly, and you see that spectrum of colour, and if you can imagine it magnified many times, many more colours added to that spectrum, and more vividly, then you can imagine the heavenly places. Then you can say to yourself, it is so very worthwhile to strive in this world, and not be too sad about the struggles that you take up, knowing they will be your strengths in the future. It is difficult to say to you that your pain will be your joy in a later life, when you are with us, yet it is true. When you look back, when you have come to us, and when you see that panorama in your mind, and you see your life before you, and you see that it has been well that you have endured, and that it has made you a stronger being. That you have learned many many lessons. How would it be if you endured nothing, and had a life of absolute pleasure? How could you understand? How do you think that we in the heavens who live in these high places, decide to descend, when we could very well remain, and have pleasure? We cannot rest upon our laurels, we must help humanity, the very desire is within us, and we cannot deny it. When you are full with this desire, do not deny it. It is the ladder by which you climb, your difficulties are the ladder by which you climb. When you have endured so much you will understand life, so much more. When you have suffered, you understand your brother’s suffering. When you see those starving peoples in Africa, you cannot comprehend that starving, can you? It gives you great sadness, but you cannot comprehend it. You see, what I am trying to say is that you can not possibly comprehend others and their sufferings, unless you too have entered into some pain of your own. You know that you have strength to endure, you know that you have come through. How often when you come through and you look at yourself, and you say, “Well, goodness, I have done it, I have done it again.” You are happy, and when you look back upon that panorama, and you see all revealed, you will know without a shadow of doubt that your life was worth it. Especially if you have understood, and you pulled yourself together, and you put your right foot forward and said, “This is my challenge and I will accept it.” When you can do this, when you say ‘this is my challenge and I accept it,’ you have taken a great step forward. Can’t you see this? Yes. When you have been able to recognize that life is a challenge, even a beautiful day, when you plan a picnic, it is a challenge to your ingenuity, it simply is not possible to say it appears, and everything is arranged for you. Perhaps something will go wrong and you will be unhappy, but at least you tried and did your best. And it will be alright.

Life is like that. We plan things, and perhaps they will happen and perhaps they will not. But it isn’t a terrible disaster when things fail. You can pick yourself up and take another step in another direction, and say, “This is another challenge.” When you face these challenges, you acquire a strength within yourself and a peace. Then one day you will have such peace, that no matter what the challenge is, you will have the strength to face it, with equanimity. It will be a challenge you will take up knowing you can endure it, because you know you have come through much, and you are still strong. You see, you are still here, you still have many days to go through, you have your summer, and I hope you will have a happy time. I know that it won’t always be so, but try it. See it before you, and know that whatever happens, if you look at it and say, ‘well we will do our best, we can make it good in some part.’ Our attitudes are very important. When in sickness, if we can say, it will pass eventually, one way or the other, and I can endure it, and ask for help, you will receive it. Always try to do your best first. You see?

I have a great respect for many of you, because you do try, and my love for you grows throughout the years. I know it isn’t a simple task to walk the earth, for I have walked it many times myself. I have walked it a long long time ago, when times were very different, but the same struggles were there, the struggles of those in power, those putting the heel upon individuals, people being downtrodden, everyone struggling to make a life for themselves. Many times when I arrived in the spirit realms, I was greeted with love, and this was said to me, “Well done, well done!” To hear these words is a wonderful experience. One’s soul rejoices to hear, “Well done!”

Of course I was never perfect. No-one can be. But those in authority, those guardians who guard us know that we cannot be perfect, and they know when we have tried. And when we have, they will say, “Well done!” We are not perfect, because we cannot yet be perfect, but we can make the attempt to be even more pure. When a poor soul from the earth comes to our world, and looks over the panorama of their life, and sees where they have made many mistakes, and sees where they did not try, and where they blamed God for everything, then it is a sad sad time, because their panorama reveals them to themselves as they did not know themselves previously. They cannot deny it, because it is a knowing, it is a just knowing. How sad, when they know that they could have done better, and that they were not denied, and that if they had been more positive in their approach, they could have overcome many of their difficulties. These people have a difficult time in settling down. They have a difficult time realizing that they are to blame, and it takes many many months of your time for them to come to terms with themselves. These are the people that you will be working with some day, the types that blame everyone but themselves. They are the most difficult to deal with, even as they are here. You know the type, yes. They are still this way when they get to the spirit world, and ‘all is terrible’. But it is not, it is their own attitude, and the way they approach life. So when you think that life in the spirit world is an empty vessel, with nothing to do but singing hymns and praying, it is not that way at all. It is a life, just as you live it. You will be with people, just as you have always been with those that you have been accustomed to in this life. People are the same there as they are here, the same individuals. Individuals do not, on passing over to us, they do not immediately become angels. They are the same, the very very same people, with the same handicaps, and the same gifts. As you are here, so will you be there. Then you can see the problems. Now you see why we, who are in the higher realms, why we descend. And why it takes people so long to get themselves clear of all of their inhibitions, how it takes so long until they get to the realm of self-knowledge.

When you know people who are on this world, and you know their ways, it gives you some insight into this problem. You can see that it will take a time to be able to cleanse oneself of all those habits, so held within oneself, til one is able to be above the mass, and to be absolutely sure of oneself that all those handicaps are gone, no fear, no anger, no jealousy, no criticism, and seeing everyone as you see yourself. The area of Self-Realization, it is a long struggle to this place, and when you get there it is a great step. Then onward and onward, to greater purification. The heavens ring out at times with great music, music of the voice, and of the instruments. We have times when we have festivals. When a servant arrives with us, we have a great festival, and we have a joyous time. Everyone is happy, and to hear the heavens ring with song and music, for your very very soul to be filled with love. This music to be within yourself, within your body, within your mind, and you are that music, you are that voice. Think of it, you feel it within your being, not outside of you, but within, and you are music, you are the voice, you are song, you are your brother, you are your sister. You are one, but yet you are individually different, but you belong to the great family. As with one voice you will sing, as with one voice you will listen, and you will hear a great swelling of sound of purity and sweetness. You will all be caught up, and you will be that sound, and that glory, and you will feel one with the universe, and there will be no doubt in your mind that the Great Perfect Love, the most Power, the most Love, is real, because you are part of it, you feel it. From where does this sound come? Where did the gift come from in the first place? Where did you come from, you are life. You are music, you are love. As you express it, and are one with the Great One, the Great Love that encompasses us all around and about, ever more powerfully as we go forward and upward. As you feel at this moment that there is a great power descending upon us, but it is so small in comparison to that love you will feel as you proceed onwards. You will see great light, it will fall upon us. In the music, in the song, in this oneness there will be a light, and it will be all around and about. Everyone will be lit up. You will know, as you know now that you are one. You may be diverse, you may have different thoughts, and you are on different paths, but there are times when you feel it, even now on this earth, that you can belong to others, and feel this deep love. That is the beginning of your understanding, that is the beginning of your knowledge. So together let us join soul to soul, knowing that the greatest light of all is round about us, and that we are the beloved.

As I love you, how great is that Most Perfect Love. How great, and how small am I in comparison. But how greatly I love you. Then how greatly are you, the beloved, how greatly are you loved?

My beloved, we are all here around our maiden, all those of us who are above and are listening, and we all give you our love, and we say, “Go forward in the days to come, the days before you, knowing that you are the beloved. Fear not, fear not. You are upheld.”

You are upheld by this power brought to you by your guardian. You are touched by this power daily, by the administration of your guardians. How can you say you are denied when the Great Love has given the gift of His Love through your guardians? You are not abandoned, you are the beloved. Remember it, until we meet again.