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~*Teaching #26*~

Good afternoon my friends, my beloved. It is my pleasure to be amongst you again. In my experiences during the long long time I have been in the spirit world I have met many many people, from all nations, and all religions. I have found that as time progresses that I feel nationality itself is a mistake. I know that throughout the ages of man people have been so anxious to keep their own place. People have lived in fear. They want to hold to themselves because they needed the land, to grow, to scavenge, to gather. From this beginning man has held land to himself, a place where he can be safe. Whatever the dwelling may be, or the place, it is yet a place of one’s own. As mankind progressed through the ages, they formed themselves into tribes, then into hamlets or villages, then into greater areas, towns, then cities, each beginning in a small way and growing. But still within each man’s feeling is his desire for owning or belonging. This is innate within the nature of creation. You find it in animals too, it is an instinctive sense that assails all of us. Yet, how many times has man been overrun? Hordes overrunning villages and cities, taking and plundering, and the nations become mixed. How many of you have come from far-off lands, or your parents, or your grandparents, or your great-grandparents? And yet you feel as if this is your land. But their background was vastly different from yours. You say that perhaps your background was Polish, Dutch, French, or English, Scotch or Irish, whatever. But I can tell you that you are not pure, where race is concerned. No-one soul is, I can assure you of this. You can see it when you look at the faces, and see the many mixtures of race, and the colours too. When people mix close to you, where you can see it, you marvel sometimes, at the beauty that can come from a mixed marriage. It has always been thus, people carried off from nations and taken to a far-off land. Blonde babies in jungles, blondes in Africa, redheads everywhere, so how can you say that you are a race in purity? When the man Hitler tried to make a pure race he was being very foolish, because he did not have a pure race to begin with. No-one can make a pure race. You would be sickly, because inbreeding brings disaster. This growth through interchange of nationals is a good thing. It brings new blood, new ideas, new culture, new tradition. So everyone is enriched.

So when I look around and see the myriad of races in the heavens, each one mingling with the other, I think how good it is. But I know that you here have a much more difficult plan to work out. For in the growth of mankind the change is difficult. So many hold to the belief that their race is paramount, and you see people hating each other because they are different, different in race, and in belief. When we see mankind against one another for these reasons, we are sad indeed, because we know that if they were brought together without knowing that they were different, if they were neighbours travelling to another land, and had come together in the need for companionship, or brotherhood, these things would be forgotten.

Too many times people have found that they were very much attracted to, because they thought that they would not be attracted to, because they were so different. Everyone of us, no matter who we are, or whence we come, have ability, have our own background, we have the teaching of our parents or grandparents, and each one of us is a storehouse. We may have forgotten most of it, but sometimes you are surprised when something pops forward, when the conversation or something you read brings it to mind. You realize how you remember that. ‘That was something that I had completely forgotten.’ But it brings you pleasure. The inspiration of culture is well known. How could you live without some form of culture? You would be bereft if you did not have music, or a book, or the arts. Culture has grown from a very primitive beginning, as you are aware. Today culture is very advanced, because any person no matter where you are, can be your own individual artist, or whatever it is your gift is. No-one will say to you, “no, no.” But you can do whatever you feel inclined to do. People in far-off times were not so able to exercise their gifts. In days gone by it was the monks, or the wealthy people, who were educated, and the masses had a difficult enough time to exist, and they had to live without culture. But as you will notice in all cultures, even in the jungle, you will find music. Everyone dances, everyone has music, even the most primitive. This is innate in the nature of mankind also. Everyone has this sense within their being. So you are in need of culture. Man cannot live alone. He has to have culture in whatever form, and he has to have it, no matter where he is.

Do you not remember, maybe not all of you, how as a child you would take a blade of grass and blow through it fixed within your fingers? All children seem to do these things. They find things in nature that make sounds, or they listen to the birds and try to imitate them, or the wind, or the rain, everything, the animals, the sounds that are in nature. One cannot live in silence completely. One has to have the outside interests, the outside needs, the outside people, your companions, your friends, your brethren. This is why I want to show you your need for each other. If you came into the world as a little baby and were immediately abandoned, you would be taken by someone, because someone would love that baby. That baby would grow up, perhaps happily or not, but still it has to be amongst people. As every child grows, it has the need for its parents, or its relatives, some one or other. Every soul has a need for others, for we cannot live alone.

In our expansion onwards, we do not always choose wisely. We choose sometimes out of need rather than sensibility. When we choose out of need, we sometimes make a mistake. But time shows us that the mistake is there. Time will bring us maybe one, two, or three that we can say that we love. If we have a very devoted family, we are very fortunate. But if you have not this, you can have devoted friends. As you grow together and go on throughout the years together, you know that the comfort that comes from your friendship is truly sublime. For in your needs you know that love is a necessity, love in the form of friendship, or companionship. From this love comes our very own concepts of life, as we see each other. Now all men criticize, but not all criticizm is cruel. Sometimes criticizm builds, because we see the need, that the person has a need. But if you criticize solely because you feel agitated by the person, and it is a temporary thing, I hope that you will resolve your feelings in time, because friendship is a wonderful need. We cannot, even if we believe it, we cannot live alone.

So hold fast to those you love. I do not mean hold them close to you and choke them. No, I mean hold to your friendships. For in our friendships we see, we perceived, and we learn. How often we see that our friends think otherwise than ourselves? How often are you taken out of yourself by some remark? You think it over and you say, “Yes, that could be.” But sometimes you think that you are correct, and that they are wrong. But it doesn’t really matter, because you are thinking, you are exploring, you are delving into another aspect of life. How can you grow and understand if you do not try to understand one another? Many people feel they are missing out in life when they are not doing something wonderful or great. It is not given to all to do these things. But have you not noticed that in living itself you are taking on a challenge? Yes, it is in the essence of your everyday living. You meet people every day of your life, and each one will relate to you differently, and you to them. At the end of every day you may let your mind wander over the conversations, the coming together, the deliberating. You may at times be irritated, and you wonder why so-and-so is so determined that he is right. It may irritate you a lot, and your mind may go over and over. Well, at least it may irritate you, but that person is getting to you, in some way. Why is it that you are so different? Is it the belief, is it the knowledge? Is that person wrong, are you right, are you both wrong? Are you both partly right? It is a difficult life. When you have these avenues daily, they are your challenges. People do not see it, but it surely is. They are you trying to find yourself. How you think, how you are, how you relate, how you think about people, how you judge, how you criticize, are you envious, do you get angry, do you sulk, or are you moody?

Now we know these are the everyday thoughts and feelings, and we know, we do not think about them much, we simply live it. We live, we go through these motions. We go through them every day, and we don’t give them any serious thought. But in these days whatever your day has been, it has been your challenge. It may have been very dull, but there are many opportunities in the world that we can use, and I do not think that any one, unless they are very ill, can say that there is not something there to do. There are such needs in this world. There are so many around us, and there are so many people who could gain from our thoughtfulness. How many times have you found the neighbour needed you? Or a relative? And that they had been needing you, and you were unaware of it? And yet when you found this and aided them, how good it was for both of you. Life may be boring, it may be difficult, it may be adventurous, it may be so filled that you haven’t time to think. But whatever it is, it is your challenge. And it is your way of building. You have seen the sand from the beach, when the wind blows, how it blows up on to the hills or the road, how it spreads out. That sand will lie there, when it is very wet it will not move, and yet when it is dry it will blow everywhere. When you are inert and are very heavy, you will do very little too. But when you are free you will spread out, your ideas will go with you. Your thoughts, your enthusiasms, your abilities, everything that you are goes out from you. You are you, and from you goes your essence, your very self. People see you, and you see them, and you give to one another, or you take. But it is living and it is a challenge. I know when you are living often you do not see it as a challenge, only when you are in your testing period. But in the everyday existence, when it is going along, no-one believes it is a challenge. But when difficulties are there, then the heaviness descends upon you, and then we see it as a challenge. I do not mean that a challenge should be difficult. Only in as much as to show you that life has meaning. Many people say that they are searching, that they do not know who they are. Well, they have only to look within and find their thoughts, the kind of way they are living, the way they relate to others, how others relate to them. They know who they are. They are persons, with the senses, with feelings, with love within, all kinds of emotions, and they are different from your brothers. So you know you are an individual. How tremendously exciting it is to know that you are a living, breathing, growing individual. Look at your abilities, look at yourself, see how you are. See how you breathe, see how you think, see how you can jump, or run, or walk, or slouch, or shuffle, or whatever you do, you are living and breathing, and you are alive.

This aliveness can be wonderful because you have everything around about you to explore. In the lives I have had, many times I have had little, but I had nature and its challenge, its great challenge. The very living from day to day was a challenge. We never knew if we would live to see the next day come. But other lives were more secure. If you had lived at a time when there were no shops, and you had to go out to gather berries and dig for roots, and live like this day by day, not knowing where the next mouthful would come from, how then? No time to think if you feel tired, or cold, or wet, or hungry, it was the dire necessity to live, to exist, to exert every atom of your being, the senses, the ears, the eyes, to be keen to see, to hear.

Today you do not have to live this way, everything is provided. So greater is your challenge. For the difficulty is in this providing. You still have to work so that you have the monies to feed your body. But you do not have to go out to shoot the animal, or dig, or gather. Not a necessity to live that is. You can have your garden, of course, but it is not the very essence of your life. But when you can have these things added on to you, the wonders of this life, how greater is the challenge that you do not smother yourself. You can become like larvae in a cocoon, surrounded by everything, everything given to you, pampered. You are, you know, although you may not think so. But from the point of view of others you are. In this way you can be lost. You can lose the very essence of yourself in comfort. You can still be the person with all the senses vibrating. I know that modern man has lost many of the instincts of early man. But if you can, go to a quiet place and be still, or stand on a mountain, or a shore, or in the country, and listen, then you hear it. You hear the earth, you hear the animals, the leaves, the air, you hear. The silence is magnified. It is not silence, but you thought it was at the beginning. You hear nature wherever you are, the sounds are different, but it is life you are listening to. The myriads of insects, the animals, the vegetation, all struggling to live, because everything has a struggle in nature. But see that nature lives on. I know that man has destroyed much of it, but there are many many areas where nature is living strongly. This can be a lesson unto you, for as in nature where everything is living in its own way, searching, seeking taking, it’s just like man. But you can, if you let your senses, listen, and if you see, if you hear, see and feel, you will notice more. You will see the sky, the trees, the leaves, everything. You will see the buildings. So many people walk around with their heads bent, or their eyes straight ahead, and they see nothing. There is so much to be observed, so much to learn. If you try this, let your senses feel, let your emotions be still, and you will find a world there that you have ignored. The ground in the city is not beautiful. Often it is ugly, often there is rubbish. If you lift your eyes upward, you may see a tree, you may see the branches, the trunk, the leaves. It is standing in the city street, and it is growing, and it is struggling with the filth in the atmosphere. At the same time it is helping you, for the trees help you to breathe, as you are aware. Many people would cut trees down, but you are fortunate in this place where you live, for you have so many trees, and they help you to breathe. You know the choking sensation in the city, the heavy fumes, and your friends the trees are doing their best instinctively, not knowing they are, of course. But they are. The Great Mind, the Great Force of Love, the Great Creator has seen to it. Can you imagine such a mind? How greatly you are created, how wonderfully. Such a machine, so was a tree wonderfully created, and a bird, fish, everything that is, in its own place. When you hear the birds sing, and sometimes very sweetly, it fills you with joy. When you see horses in the park, you think, how beautiful. When you see a nice little baby, your heart opens out to it, you think, how wonderful, when you see the formation of the hands, the hair, the nails, the fingers and the eyes. All re-created and not once did you think how it came about. It was not an abstract thought. It was not by chance, it was a plan. So you are part of this plan, you are part of the scheme of things. Why look at it as if it was a burden? You have your difficulties, so have the animals, and so has nature. How do you think you form your nature, your strengths, if you have peace constantly, and nothing happening?

You would be bored, I assure you. Life has to be dark or grey, or light, or lighter, or sunshine. It must go through all shades. How will you learn, how will you grow, how will you understand? If you do not meet your neighbours, or your friends, or your relatives, if you do not hear, or see, or feel, or think, how will you understand the problems of the world? For the problems of the family are the same problems out there in the world, but magnified. As you struggle with your family, so the greater family of mankind struggles. It is the same, one child is envious of another, one race is envious of another. One has more than the other, one is taller, one is shorter, how is it? It is this wonderful plan that is working out, and through the ages of time I have watched it, and I have seen through those who have arrived in our world, and I have listened, and I have marvelled that the mind of man is so wonderful. That those men in our realms who have had great minds, are still using them and helping you to grow and grow. They give to you their knowledge. Are you to stand still and ignore it? I know that many men when they have been given the gift of knowledge make a plan to hurt; they do not use it to aid you. But that is their challenge. Every time a gift is given to you, a gift of knowledge, we wait to see how you will use it. Sometimes you use it well, sometimes you use it partly, sometimes it is used against you. But don’t you see that this is a training ground, this isn’t the heavens. This is a training ground, and you are given the opportunities. You grasp them however you will, however you see, however you feel, you will take these things unto yourself. It is your challenge.

We have many many wonderful things in the heavens. Sometimes when people come, they want everything. They soon find out that they do not want everything. They soon find out that they do not need everything, and they laugh and say, “Oh, well, we were foolish.” We have all eternity to find ourselves to grow in, and we don’t need everything at once. We simply need what is necessary. It is good when we see this happening, but they are only temporarily misjudging. Because all in time will see that it cannot be, even though everything is free. We cannot use everything at once, we cannot do everything at once, we cannot be a wonderful person at once. The years unfold and we should become changed. It is a very subtle growth through the years, and we come to a greater understanding of what we are. When we are very young, everything must happen at once. But we come to the realization that we cannot have everything at once. When you can have something you long for, your joy is wonderful to see. You truly enjoy it. You look at it, and you treasure it, and it gives you great pleasure, for a long time. If you can have it at once, the moment you wish for it, it doesn’t give you the same pleasure. If you have to save for it, and wait and wait, your delight is lasting. Is it not so? And so it is with growth, and so it is in our realms, with growth as steady as it is here. Do not expect, when you come to our realms, to be instantly bright, instantly wonderful. No, it will be the steady growth, the steady understanding, depending upon your own knowledge, similar to this plane of being. This is a wonderful experience, as it is when you come to us. The two experiences are similar, believe it or not. It is the exploration. When you meet a new friend, new avenues open up, because your new friend will be different from you, of course, but will have different ideas, different hobbies, very different. So your eyes are opened, new experiences are before you. Never cast an opportunity to learn from you. Do not think you are too old to learn. Always have the vision extended. “Seek and ye shall find” is a true adage. A closed mind and a lazy person will never never have happiness, because he has lost the desire to seek. When we find a new brother, or sister, or new friends in a group in the heavens, it fills us with happiness, because here is change. It may not always be exactly what we desire, but at least it is food for thought. When we sit around in companionship, and discuss our labour, and we discuss the many aspects of thought we have found, it fills us with wonderment, how men and woman can get into such avenues of thinking. It is amazing into what avenues, into little secret corners, twistings, how twisted sometimes. Some people are very devious in their thinking, and no matter how you give them knowledge, they wiggle and they defy us, and they try and try to defeat us, but we have patience born through the ages of time that we have dwelt and we can wait. So we give them kindness and loving fellowship, and we wait. This is how it is with the Great Force, the Great Creator, because the Great Creator has patience beyond your understanding. Patience to wait until all the children of creation come into their own, come into the realization that they are wonderful objects of creation, and they have power beyond their wildest dreams. How many times, when you have hurt a leg, or an arm, or any part of the body, and you have to do without it, how you know you need it. This is how it is. We cannot do without all of us. Our parts are necessary for a complete movement, for a complete giving, taking, spreading out. No part of us can do without the whole, for as the blood goes throughout our bodies, to every little corner, keeping us healthy, what happens when blood doesn’t flow into every little corner? You have pain. So it is with the mind. So it is with your friendships, and your love that spreads out. How can you do without one another? So I beg you, look to each other in a loving way, if possible. Try to see the best in others. In this way you will help your land. If all mankind would do this, you would have a heavenly place. But everything has to have a beginning, from a few people to a hamlet, to a village, to a town, to a city. Everything grows, so let your love spread out, and bit by bit there will come a greater shining quality about your surroundings. You will not be living unto self, for if you do, you become an island, and you will become barren, you will be a desert. But if you spread outward, and try, I do not mean that you can love everyone in a loving way, but you can give your kindness. You can at least look, and try and understand. You can feel, you can let your senses reach out, you can try and sense the person, try and find why they are acting thus. But do not hate. Do not give out a negative thought of any kind. For as you live with one another, so too countries are living with one another. You cannot do it all yourself, you have to do it through your own ability. Those who are in authority over you, when they deal with other countries they have to do it through their own ability. Some fail miserably. If they began hopefully, not beginning with the thought that it will not work, as so many do, and they do not live with hope.

But as you find people who are from another nation can become your dear friends, so should countries try to blend. But as I told you, everything has to be slow. Slow growth has strength. In your own country you see it. You feel frustrated when those in power make mistakes, but they will always make mistakes, because they are human. But I know you long for strength at the top. Well if you all thought that you would get strength linked with goodness and mercy, I am sure it would come. Most of mankind thinks that you will never have such a being in the world, that no country will have a great leader, but if mankind believed that they could have a great leader, you would help the forces of thought to bring it about. Your thoughts, as you know, are very powerful. So demand a great leader. See it, see him or her at the head of your nation. One who has the ability, but at the same time strength and tenderness. It is not weakness to have tenderness, it is strength. Because if you have tenderness in difficulty, you will win through. For tenderness is a great strength, tenderness is love, and compassion. No matter what life may bring you, you will have the strength to face it.

In your joys and in your happy days, and they can be wonderful, and can be manifold, you have a tendency to forget the difficulties. That is good, because mankind cannot always live in adversity. But as you are aware you go through many shades of life, it is a blending, and as you grow and grow and blend, then you are maturing. We see that although mankind is very unhappy today because the world is a very unhappy place, yet I do see a great caring manifesting itself amongst the nations, in individuals and in groups that are growing. This caring will spread itself out and blend, and will finally help your world. For mankind knows today that brotherhood is visible. You cannot hide in a village today, or in a hamlet, for no matter where you are, you are aware of the world at large. You are aware of the far-flung regions, just as much as you know about your own land. And you are aware when people are hurt, and your soul aches for them. Because in times of disaster, when great floods, or earthquakes, or volcanoes erupt, your soul aches for others, no matter where they are. In such times you forget race, in such times you forget that they are far off, and that they are different, and that they live different lives. You feel a common bond, because you feel compassion. In this compassion there is brotherhood. This is what I mean. When your soul opens out in compassion to those far-off people, are you thinking then that they are different? Does that bother you? Does the colour of their skin bother you? Or that they are so different in their habits, in their culture? No. You are together in a common bond. That is where you should be constantly.

The last time we touched upon the brotherhood and the growth, the subtleness of growth. As the grain of sand is moved by the ocean, so you are moved by the tides of thought. Moving here and there, you have freewill, you can do just as you will, but in every life there is a time when you cannot do as you wish, at times you have to be somewhere, some official meeting, at work you have a meeting, at home you have a conference, you have to go to this or that, and you cannot do just as you wish. And government imposes its will upon you, or you are ill and the body imposes its will upon you. You have a journey to make, and you must keep to a time, all these things are your training. Freewill is there, but it is not completely freewill, because life enters into it. Life moves along, wanders in and out, in and out, as the tides come in and out, and all is growth.

It may seem strange to you why I dwell upon the very small thoughts. The very intimate ‘us’. But this very intimate self, that is responsible, responsible for the growth of the soul. How else can you grow? Only by living and breathing and acting. No matter who you are, no matter where, you have to live, and breathe. It is how you do it. From the morning when you own your eyes until you go to sleep. That is your day, and you are living it. How is your day? Are you enjoying it, or are you unhappy? Are you looking at those around you in your home, or in your life? Are you seeing them clearly, as you see yourself? Of course not, but are you trying? You are not born into this world to simply sit and stare. Some try to do this, but how empty is their life. Instinctively we seek each other. Mankind cannot live alone. We are instinctively seekers. We at times like to be alone, and this is good. We like to sit alone sometimes, or read alone, or listen to music alone, and this helps us to build a little strength. But soon we are there again, outside amongst the brethren. We glean knowledge from others. We do not glean it when we are alone, buried. For it is in the very breathing and seeing that we grow. The acting of our wishes, our desires, our inner most feelings, our inner most desires, everything that we can express is part of everyone, because what is inside will go out, it will go outside in thought, in action. So it blends with others. How often when you think does your friend have the same thoughts? When you think about that friend, your friend picks up that thought. Then you know that your thought travelled. What does this do to you? It lets you see that your thoughts have power to travel. If they can travel to your friend, then they can travel everywhere. Think what you are thinking. Are your thoughts worthy to go from you? Would you like other people to know your thinking? Would you like your thoughts to go beyond and be picked up by others? When you are thinking about that, remember every thought is picked up by someone, and yet you ask why the world is in the state it is. Now you know, because you do not live unto yourself. You live, but you spread out. It does not matter who you are, even if you think you do not, yet you do, because your aura is blended with your neighbour right at this moment. And later when you are thinking, thoughts will be speeding through your aura, out into the atmosphere, and they will be travelling on, just like waves of radio. Electricity moving through the air, your thoughts have the same ability.
Now are you a mundane being? Are you something of no account? Or are you a child of the universe? You are a child of the universe, are you not? Yes, and you are very fortunate that you are, for it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to live in this world even though it has difficulties, it has a great challenge. From the beginning man has sought a challenge. Life would be dull without a challenge. Every day is your opportunity. See your life as an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to meet and experience. Don’t see it as an empty vessel, an empty vast area, or an empty darkness. See it as a pulsating living planet, for it is, you know.

When we come into your plane, we hear the thoughts, we hear the voices, we hear the music, the crying, the laughter, the shouting, we hear everything. Though the air is misty, cloudy, it is thoroughly penetrated by life. You know that radio waves find receivers, but I am trying to show you that nothing is emptiness. Our life is out there too. There are many of us. There is a constant coming and going between us. You know when I enter I must come slowly, so as not to choke in the denseness. But if I were a being who lived close to this place, I would not choke, I would be comfortable. It is the same with you, for as you grow and learn the denseness will be uncomfortable, but you have your aura, you have your essence. As you grow spiritually, your aura takes on a greater glow. At least your own space is not heavy, and it is comfortable for others to live within your aura. How nice to be able to live within a nice aura, to blend with others who have beautiful auras and feel comfortable. It is as we go through the planes, ever stepping forward, and then reaching out into another area, a place we could not reach previously. Think of the joy, think how vibrant is the essence.

It is the same here, for as you grow your aura takes on a greater glow. So do not think that you are not reaching out and helping others. Your very essence is helping this planet. Think how your aura can expand, with love and with your goodness. Think how beautiful you will look. Think how much we will enjoy coming close to you. Think how terrible it would be if we did not like to be close to you, or if others did not like to be close to you, others in your own area. You have this responsibility, it is yours. But it is a wonderful wonderful opportunity, and I would like it if you would try to see it this way. To be as we are in the heavens, enjoying our areas, but willing to leave them and descend into the heaviness. When we descend, it is to work, to labour for love. It is this with you, but you do not have to descend. You have all around you, people who are different from yourself. You can reach out and work for love too, without descending. You simply have to spread out. You know that your actions will bring great delight to you, and happiness in the future. We know that we can return to the light and the beauty. So hold within your beings the knowledge that you are growing ever more beautiful, even though you cannot see it, remember it always, that your essence is becoming more and more beautiful as you spread out. Let it be your comfort. Know that even though invisible, it is taking place. Never be afraid. Fear erodes you, and takes away your comfort. You have such strengths within you, so use them and fear not. I can never never say this often enough. Fear is such a negative emotion, and it falls upon man so often, and engulfs him with a great force. But throw off this fear. Know that you have within yourself the ability to shine, and to see life not as a great burden, but as a challenge that will change and change and ever change. You know this already, because change is always before us in one way or another. It may not happen overnight, but change comes as surely as night follows day.

My hope is that the world will come to know in time that brotherhood is the only way to happiness, when nation after nation will cease seeing themselves as the greater of the lesser, but seeing themselves as brethren, and when nations do not seek to over-run others, but can be content with their own, and that everyone will share with one another without greed. I know you will say it is a pipe dream, and it does seem that way. But things are moving, we can see them moving, there is growth, believe it, and you can help it come, you in your own small way. One grain of sand does not make a beach, and you do not make all humanity, but each grain of sand helps make that beach, and you can help to make this world a more peaceful place. It is in how you speak to your friends, your relatives, your children, all those you love. How you give out. You know yourself when you give love, often it is returned, I know it isn’t always, but often it is, and life is sweeter. But now you know that everything cannot be the same. It is a constant growth. We cannot have it overnight. We have to have it piece by piece. Sometimes it speeds up, and sometimes everything recedes, and then it spreads out, and sometimes it seems to stand still. But you and the world together are on a road of change, to growth. It is everlasting. If man does not blow the planet up, it will be an everlasting growth.

So know that you are part of the scheme of things. Know that you are important in this scheme of things. Many people feel that they are so insignificant, because they feel so small, but you play your part, you have made your impression, and you are making your impression upon life. Is life better for you being here? Is life shining because you are here? Is life worse for you being here? Or is it just a little better and a little worse? You know. You have an impact upon life that you cannot possibly understand. But we who have the vision can see it, and we know you, and we see your growth. And we know that each one, no matter how small, leaves their imprint. You know how it is in families, where each one is different, and each one makes an impact on the family? Sometimes one can make a greater impact than another, and disruption takes place, at least for a time, and then everything settles down. It is thus outside too. But that person and you, according to how you dealt with the problem, have made an impact. The atmosphere was acted upon, thoughts went out, and they touched others. So remember that you are not alone, you are necessary, you will always be needed.

Remember this, see yourself as a necessary being, a person who can make his impact upon life. Consider this, and how you are doing it. Consider, you will be a shining star in the future? Or will you be a dull star? You know how the stars light your earth, and the moon, and you can see these, you can understand, and you can comprehend. Well, we see you all as stars, and we see your soul light shining. You look like little stars twinkling in the gloom. So you light up your area too. Is your star to grow and shine, and give greater light? Or are you to be twinking weakly? Consider these things, my stars, my shining ones. All glow, even if it is a very tiny glow, all glow. You are not what you see there. You are a glowing shining coloured being, with potential. So go forward, with love and strength. You may say you are one with little ability, but do not believe it. Everyone has some ability that they have not realized. You will find this out one day, and then you will be amazed, how you acted upon this life, because you cannot see it clearly, with the dull vision of earth. But when you see yourself from the clearer vision of the heavens, you will see how your words, your actions acted upon this world. You will see without doubt the implications of every word you uttered, of every action you made. You will see it, and you will see how you made a contribution. Do not think you do not, for from the moment you enter this world you start, you have a beginning and you make a contribution. Every day of your life you stand out some way. So see yourself this way. Fear not. Be proud to be a human being with part of the Father within with glowing light in the soul that is linked to the Creator. When life puts you down, and is harsh, lift your head and say, “I will win through, I have the ability, I have the strength. Nothing, no-one can take this life from me and destroy it.” Do not allow it.

Always remember that peace, and peace, and peace, can win more battles than harshness. The quiet voice of strength can make a greater impact than the shouted word. When you are angry try to be still, and think reasonably. And if you are, you will not likely hurt another. If mankind could cease this squabbling, and the hating, and the vision of the enemy. You know how it is, when at war everyone is the enemy. When you are angry yourself, the enemy is before you, or has been, or is around somewhere. Then the senses are out of control, in the world, or in yourself. When you are out of control, how can you possibly be reasonable? When you can reason and quietly think out your problem, you will be able to grow and grow and become stronger. It is these little things. It is not in the great expansion. We cannot all be great. But we can all be great in our own way. However great, one has to live in the world. Whatever your service to the Father, whatever way you shine, you still have to live. So live knowing that peace can be yours. That wonderful peace, it is a great strength when it is won, and then fear does not enter it.

So as this peace is here today, and each of you are feeling that this is a state temporarily yours, and you will have to leave here, and go out into the world. But this peaceful time can be yours again in thought, in memory. You can hold it to yourself, and re-live it. It is not lost. The companionship with one another, companionship you have through each seeking from the same source. This link together is good. Though you may not all know each other, yet you are linked with a common bond, and that is that you are listening to me. I see you, and so we are all linked together. Are we one? No. We are sitting together, and your auras are linked, and your feelings are mixed up together, but you are comfortable. Remember this. This is a state that you can have now and then, but when you get outside, life begins again. This is our challenge. Now you know that at least you have a greater view of yourself. You are not that insignificant creature, that grain of sand, but you are a sparkling child of creation, linked to all others. So throw your minds outward to this planet, see it revolving in the atmosphere, enfold it with light, as if the sun is beaming upon it, and your desire and my desire is that the world shall progress as it should, and that progression will be as peaceful as possible, and that each and every one of us will play our part in bringing that peace about, in some way, in some act of love. And to all the brethren out there, we love you, we are your brethren, we are soulmates, because our souls are linked to God, our Creator, and so is theirs. We may each be on a different path of evolution, but we are all travelling along that path in our own way, the way that is necessary to us. So together we will struggle to make this planet a shining place, however slowly, but shining, shining here and there, the stars gleaming brighter and brighter. We see the planet surrounded by the stars in the heavens, and we see the moon shining, and then behold it is day, and up comes the sun, and all is pink and glorious. You have seen this. Some parts of the world are bathed in this pink, and other parts are still in shadow, but that light will move around to touch all. The sun will rise and then move and touch all. That is how it is in life.

Now raise your minds to a great force of light that is descending upon you. See it bright. See it in colours of blue and gold, blended with white. See it as a force descending upon you. Feel its strength, feel the love. Know that you are beloved, you are the beloved, and that you are part of that Great Force above you, as you are of the force around you. Know that all have travelled this way before. Know that you survive, and that you always will. For you can not die, life is forever.

All love to you, all love of my brethren who are around me, and those who are on high. All love descend upon you, always, and help you through your days.

Good-day, my beloved brethren.