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~*Teaching #25*~

Good afternoon my friends. My beloved, I do hope that you are prepared for another year, and not feeling too bad after the festivities. I know that this time of year is very difficult for some people, who are lonely. But those who have friends, relatives, or people who are far away who visit, it does seem somehow to bring people closer. But with human nature what it is, it isn’t always what we expect, and you know what I mean.

Normality is not easy to be broken. Sometimes we have to make a supreme effort to be different, but where love is it is simple, but when it has to be forced, then this is where difficulties arise. But a good number of people have won a great deal of comfort from friends, because in themselves their individuality is the kind that attracts others. So in life it depends upon one’s own inward self. It seems that as we progress in life, our inward self takes many a beating, because we are not always serene. But when we do take a beating, it teaches us something, that we are not exactly at peace, we are not right with the world, there is something lacking within ourselves. We know from our experiences that it is the self that often brings us into disharmony. Too often we are inclined to blame the other person or people, when in fact it is our own failings. Not too many of us are too prepared to look inward, to see inside to search out why.

Now ‘why’ is a very difficult question. This ‘why’ is asked from an early age, and children are direct. If we have patience, we answer ‘why.’ As we grow older and become mature, ‘why’ is not so easily answered. The ‘why’ of today is not merely with self, but with the world in general. Many at the moment are pondering the extreme behaviour that is manifest in some of the leaders, and many people are churned up inside with fear, because they do not understand the reasons for the breaking out, as it were, of extreme hate.

In all ages mankind has erupted, because he does not like it if his neighbour is different. Now this difference is mostly from religious belief. How many times, you are yourselves aware, how many times has it been that religion was the reason for war? Today in your world it is the same cry, “infidel”, and you don’t understand why such people should be filled with hate. The reason, as we see it, is fear. When there is a tyrant, people live in fear, and they rebel, but in their rebellion they do not act wisely. How many times have people in their fear, chosen unwisely? And find that they have found a viper equal in debauchery or wickedness? You do not have the ability, it seems, when masses gather together, to choose someone who will be kind but strong. How many times do the peoples choose wisely? Very few. It is only in a very few cases that a strong man who is kind and has wisdom, has arisen.

It seems to us that those who are in the world with this ability do not care for power. If only those who had the ability would put themselves forward. But we have watched and we have waited, and we do not find much change amongst you. We cannot implant, or lift someone up, and put them in the right place. If we could, we would make your world a much better place. But we cannot, and this is the reason why these difficulties go on and on. Those who are reasonable strive to bring peace. But where hate is implanted, it seems that nothing will work.

Well, I can tell you those of us in the heavens who go to these places, we have been trying to bring about better feeling. We have not done very well, I can assure you. But you can see this for yourselves, that when you have howling mobs, and men who are troubled, it is very difficult to work upon their minds, and even the forces we put upon them may only work for a time. So you see our difficulty. We do not wish that you have these difficulties. We do not put them upon you. They are not meant to be. These are the actions of men. They are not our actions, or the higher beings. No-one puts you into these difficulties, but they come about because of wrong doing, and when the eruptions come, they are not so easily squashed. My feeling about it is that mankind in general is not too concerned. It is very well to sit around and condemn. In your own country you know that you are about to have a political whatever. You know there is something happening at the moment, and from the feeling I get, that everyone is tired of it. You all long for a strong man, or strong men. True, is it not? Yes. Someone who can rise above politics and care for the country. Everyone should have the love of his own country in general, and the love of the world should come also. Because what happens here also happens in all other places. Yet in your country nothing is so difficult yet, because it seems to be always in some other place. Now if this were happening in your own country, think how you would feel, and I am sure there would be people who would rise up in anger, but there would be a lot of people who would just sit there hoping that it would all come about, and heal peacefully.

It is not possible to solve a question such as you have in Iran at the moment. It is not possible to solve it simply, because religion is at the back of all this. Now you see other eruptions are taking place, and the land of the Bear is now frightening everyone. Everyone is in a state. But we have looked and we do not see a great breaking out, where we would be in another world war. I do not see it. I think that this will be solved in that arena quite soon. But our ‘quite soon’ may not be your ‘quite soon’, as we do not see time in the same way, but it will be resolved. The land of the Bear, it is not the common people who wish for these things, it is the power at the top, as you know. But also the fear of religion is here, and there is as you know, no desire for religion in the land of the Bear, but they do have their factions who hold fast to their own beliefs, and no matter how much they have been suppressed, deep within are their own feelings. It is very difficult to eradicate the true inner feelings from any soul, the inner belief, and though mankind may be hounded, pushed around, bullied, tried, tested, all these things, yet within each one there are their own innate desires, feelings whatever you are, whatever other people are, and they hold fast. Sometimes their beliefs are so deeply buried, they almost do not believe that they exist, but they do exist. They find out when a great difficulty comes.

When you are under difficulty yourself, what is your first thought? It is to God, is it not? How many people cry out to God in their difficulty? Everyone, it seems. Well, it is the same for those people in their own way. They see God as their God, not a universal God, but their God. They do not think that their God is your God. This is where the great sadness lies. Those people who would call you infidel are your brothers. That seems strange to some people. They certainly do not feel it. But within that country there are many people who do. What you see, and what you hear, are the front, the fierce forceful front, but you do not see behind that where the people are not inclined to feel that way. It is the same in all countries where there are fierce feelings. Behind the fierceness is calmness or love for others. Witness in the far-off Northern Ireland those people who are fighting, yet there is a large force of people who would break it down, and they are people within both religions. They have risen above self, and see that their country and their fellow beings are more important than their own belief.

Now belief can be a strong force, I agree, but there are people who use it. They do not feel truly strong, as they pretend. In their minds their longing is for eruption, for power, to take over, to make their own countries as they see it, to free you from oppression. Well, if you are freed from oppression by those who are rising at the moment, you would soon be under a much stronger heel. To us, what we see is a very strong denial of the power that was, but there is nothing to put in its place, nothing.

That is why the Bear has risen, because the Bear sees an opportunity to bring things into his way. But he knows that the world is watching, and that all mankind is wondering, and they are not so anxious for a conflagration against them. So do not worry, do not fear. The world will not be plunged into another war, not at the moment, as we see it. We do not like saying these things at all, because to us, you people of the world are so inclined to hop around from one thought to another. You can be here one minute and there another. We see you, as you are, and then we look again, and then you are here. You change, your thoughts change, your actions change. We see you, you are doing one thing’ we look again and you are doing another. How can we prophesy when you have free will and you do these things? You see our difficulty? You know how it is in your own families, you wish so much that someone you love would do something in the way you see it. You advise, and they say yes, but they do something else. Then you are unhappy. But then, you see, everyone has free will and uses it. This is the trouble in your world.

Now I want you to see change in the world, all this disruption, all this terrible feeling, as if everyone was seething with disquiet and wants change. The reason is the world is growing, mankind is on his pathway of change. It has to be, it must always be, but sometimes it speeds up. There are times in the world when there have been great changes. The world has changed so swiftly that people hardly know where they are. But that is why people are unhappy, because change brings unrest. When you are growing up and your body changes, you don’t know how you feel. You don’t know what to do. You wish someone would tell you, but when they do you don’t want to hear it. That’s in youth. Even when you get older it is much the same. It is the change within yourself, the growing, the maturing. You know that you do not stay the same always, you are always changing. You meet other people, other thoughts invade your mind, other avenues have to be explored. It is a constant change.

It is the same in the world. When you see far-off countries bursting the bonds, as it were, and trying things out for themselves, and not getting very far, know that it is progression. It may not seem like it, but it is. It has to be. It is evolution. Nowadays you are so aware of everything, nothing happens in far-off countries, say in Africa, without you knowing about it in a minute, so it seems. So you are involved. I know some of you wish it were not so. But it is like having a family, living in different parts of the world, or places across Canada, or other parts, and you long for them because they are yours, and you long. Then you may have a visit, and you are happy for a time, and off they go again. It is not so bad because you get accustomed, the loving period has helped you. So it goes on. But you hear stories from them of their lives, of their sorrows, happiness, disaster or whatever, and you wish that you could be there, but you cannot. It is the same with these countries, you want to help these people but you cannot. I want you to see that as these changes take place, it will not remain as it is. The subtlety of change is hard to see. The subtlety of change anywhere, any place, is hard to see. Even those who are very able, and have studied world affairs, cannot put their fingers on situations and say this will happen or that will occur, because they are dealing with individuals. But subtle change nevertheless is change, no matter how subtle it comes about, and it will change life for the people in that country.

Now in our way of thinking, subtle change is much more to be desired than a great upheaval. For too sudden change brings disaster, and too many people are hurt. It is the same within yourself. When you change slowly and steadily, it does not harm you. It comes about as if it were growing, as when you were a child and didn’t notice the process happening. It is the same within your soul. Subtle growing, subtle understanding bring you into a state of mind that is peaceful, and you say to yourself at times, “I have changed”, and it is good. Fear not life itself, for all the changes that come about are for a purpose, whether in yourself or in the world.

I am trying to show you that within yourself and within larger groups of people in far-flung places it can be the same. My desire is to help you to see that worrying about yourself or other countries will not bring peace. When you hear people talk about stories of this disaster and that disaster, fear fills your hearts and souls. You think, “My goodness, will it never end?” But you should not dwell upon those things. When there is a great indwelling about disaster, you help the forces of thought to bring about unrest in nature. You do not understand these things and it is very hard for me to show it to you. That is why I am always trying to show you that your thoughts are important, and that you have great power. Why is it that this disruption in Iran has brought everyone to a great feeling of unease? It is because of the force of their minds, the force of feeling, and the force of feeling in those far-off places, it could be across the street, because you know of it, you feel it. If you had not the means of knowing, you would be quite content. But there it is, everything is known, and you are troubled. But I want you as usual to see yourselves as a sturdy strong force, capable of affecting the atmosphere. Many do not believe this, but I can tell you, when you think of our maiden and you need help, your thoughts come flying to us. Some can send these thoughts more readily than others. But if you could see the thoughts that come, then you would know that your mind can send forth.

You know how electricity can move about and you do not see it. It was there all the time before man knew of it and used it. Even now you cannot see it, but its force can be felt if you are unwise. It is the same with your force. Do you not see?

As electricity can fly around, you are electric too, you know. I have told you this before. See yourself as an electric force, and your thoughts are powerful. If everyone in Canada had the desire and sent out their thoughts in one direction, and felt love, and a feeling that you would like everything to change for the better, it would have an effect. But you must believe it. You must not ask that it happen. In prayer many people plead and ask. But you have the force within yourself; so use it. Some people use it unwisely, I know. They have darker thoughts, but their thoughts do not go very far, I can assure you. They have a way of turning around, like a boomerang. But good thoughts go outward, and you can be the means of changing the world. Even a little bit, just a little. You must help us, do try, we cannot do it all ourselves.

If you could see our efforts, you would see how we feel. It is as if we were stirring a pot of cold water and it was on a very low heat. It never boiled. We were standing there patiently waiting. And it never, never happens. You see, we know that there is heat but there is not enough. This is like it is with us when we work on earth here, it is as if nothing moves at our invitation. We do have some effect, and you can too. Instead of being sad that your country is in the state it is, do something. Sit down and send your thoughts out, or speak them, but not in an aggressive manner.

Every person is a battery, and you never run down until the day you leave this earth. Now what other batter can do this? You don’t have to be recharged by us, except when you are sick. But even then your battery is still working. But you can be recharged by healing, or by changing spiritually, charged to your benefit. The battery chugs away there, and it goes on and on. You do not have to plug yourselves into a socket. The thing is your battery can be moved around. You can go from place to place. No-one has to recharge you, as you go. You are moving around, and shooting around here and there, and your light and colour are going with you. Who enlivened you in this way? The Great Force, the Great Creator. Don’t you think this is marvellous? Yes. When you look at your own hand, and you do, often, and you see the veins, skin, and nails, and when you move your fingers, that in itself is a marvel. When you hurt one finger, don’t you know it? You think, how did I do without this? You do not realize how much you use your fingers. You think to yourself sometimes, ‘what is this body, why am I here, what is the purpose of life, why do I have to go on and on?’ It seems sometimes that it is a bore. Well, if you could see this machine that you have at the very beginning, when you are a seed, and the growth and the shaping, and then you are born. People who love and want a child are happy. That soul is in your care. You watch that child grow and you marvel. In the beginning you look at those tiny hands and you say, “Such tiny tiny fingers” and it is a marvel, an absolute wonder. But that has been going on from the beginning of time.

In the beginning of time men wondered too why they were there, why life was. They had their troubles, their anxieties. They did not have your sophistication. They had a body which was also electric, and it also had motivation. They did not think that they mattered. They did not think that it was important that they moved, ate or breathed. But everything they did was helping them along the pathway of evolution, every single thing. From that beginning man has progressed very slowly indeed. Have you thought of the sorrows that have followed man from the time of his inception? The growth, evolution taking place even as you think. You can think about your childhood and you can see the growth from that time to now. Every one of you can see great changes in your life, but early man did not see this speeding growth. It was very slow. Can you imagine if early man began with nothing, and jumped into your century? It would be shocking. Everything has to have a beginning, and it has to progress slowly. When it has been, as it has for you, the quick leap forward, it has a very adverse effect upon the world. War has a great deal to do with this, as you know. In war everything escalates. But the speedy growth means that those who were young at the time of the war are now probably wishing that everything could probably return to that time. But the children of today are learning about things that even now you have little knowledge of. Your mind may try to grasp these things, but what will these children see in the future? Will the leap continue? Will it go on with such speed? I think not. From our viewing of the world we see that mankind is tired of the speed, and you know, people in nations like yours, you have to allow the other people time to grow. If these people in far-off places are flung too speedily into your lifestyle, it is too much. They desire your life style, the things you have, everything that you have. In their own countries they do not have the wherewithal; they are poor. It causes great disquiet within the nature of people. This is a reason for the turmoil. It would be better we think, if the world would slow down. But we do not see this desire in the minds of the rulers.

But I am speaking of mankind, other than the leaders. Mankind in general wishes it would slow down a little. But the leaders desire great progress. We are trying to slow it down some, for your sakes. These people who are slower on the pathway of evolution than yourselves, their struggles are manifold. It is like a child in his early years, struggling with the knowledge that is presented to it, not comprehending but still struggling. So if you could help in your own way, put these thoughts out with your mind. Put out the thoughts that pleasure is good, pleasure of music, literature, one’s companions, crafts, arts in any form, the pleasures that help you, they are good. They are in all nations, even in the most backward, for there is the music, they have their native art, they have each other. But when they are flung into your century, these things seem to them to be worthless. It is only when they have progressed too far that they look back, and they return to their native customs.

How many people today are longing for the crafts that they did when they were young? The crafts that other people worked? There is a great leaning backward towards using the hands, and the mind of course. There is a great leaning in people to search out, to use themselves in a way that brings them peace. This therapy helps you to be still. All these things are good, anything that helps you to use your mind, or your hands, and helps you to be at peace with the everyday living. If people in far-off places are to be helped, they should be taught that those things that they have are not to be denied them, that they are good, that they can use both as they progress. Very many things that are used in crafts among primitive peoples could be used by anyone, because they have had to think out the principles of creation in some form, and sometimes they create designs that are amazing to people who are sophisticated. They do have many things, although they are primitive people, they have things which help you see that the mind of the primitive ones is just as yours, but they have not been able to develop.

This is what is happening today. These people are progressing towards the life that you have, the life that you are enjoying, and they are on their way. All the disruptions, the struggles, the upheavals are the outward showing of their inward progress. It will take a lot of time, but it will happen. In some cases it will happen slowly, but in others it will speed up, depending on the people. But don’t be afraid, because it must be that they progress.

All the children of evolution have the right to progression. All the children have the right to live in a way that gives them a challenge. You know as you progress that life becomes more of a challenge. Today it is machines more and more. Yet how did this happen to you, this creeping onwards? You did not see it happen. But people working with these machines knew that there would be more and more, that life would be more technical, on and on. It will be for those others too. They will find the same changes taking place, the same growth, the same challenges. It must be so, for all of God’s children are meant to grow in this way. The world is evolving. It has been going on for a very long time. It has been going on and mankind has often seen the changes with fear. You know I touched on this a long time ago, but when the first train came, the first gas and electric light, the first motor car, how people feared these things. People feared change. Since those days everyone has come to accept these things as if they were natural. The electricity has always been there, the gas when it was created in the earth, and the oil, which is now a great problem, but there will be a means of heating for you in the future. I don’t want you to worry about that either. Mankind has always been able to find an alternative when it is really necessary. True? Yes. When it is really necessary it is allowed to happen, because when a need is so desperate it will happen. This is what will happen. There is a great deal of coming and going in the power where the oil is. But they are full of fear, because on the great highways the motor car may stop still.

But it will not happen. There will be changes, there will always be changes. There will be changes to your benefit, and there will be changes that a lot of people will not like. But there will be changes, and you will survive. That is the main thing, that you will survive. In your survival you will have much to think about, because you will see that mankind has a mind that can overcome all obstacles. There are many people in your world who have ideas. These ideas are the first germ, and then another person has another idea, and that adds to it, and another, and so forth. The ideas grow, and then you have another object. Who has benefited? Mankind.

These things are in the atmosphere. They are sent to you and you pick them up. These people who pick up these ideas do so because they are meant to. They are meant to because all mankind is different. Each one has a different mind, and these people who have the ability to put things together are always seeking, and we know it. So whenever the time’s right, ping! In it goes. Another thought comes into the world, and someone gets very excited. But these thoughts are not always allowed to grow, because the great powers do not wish it.

What I am saying is that when there is a great need, it will come about. So be patient, strong and steadfast and it will come about, in a way that is subtle. This subtleness is a thing that surprises everyone. Things are happening all the time. Minds are working and things are taking place in the mind, then one day they cohere, and there it is. It will be.

So I do not want you to be afraid of anything. The soul that is aware that he is a spirit, that you have a soul, that you have power, that you are linked to should never fear, because no man can kill you, or destroy you. Some people try. They can attempt to hurt you, to bring you down, but your inner strength can help you to defeat this. You have the power to stand upright. You are able to stand upright, and you have the gaze of the eyes at the mirror of your soul.

Look at yourself sometime. Stand before a mirror and gaze, not to admire, but to look steadfastly at the image. Those eyes, are they merely for seeing? What wonderful mirrors they are. So complex in their construction. But look how your eyes change with your emotions. How is it that they can?

Your eyes and the eyes of the spirit within are very close together. I have taught you that your soul and your spirit are within, and your spirit has eyes, just like you. Your spirit is very close at that point. When you feel with your soul, your eyes express this feeling. When you are kind, the expression flows from your eyes. When you are angry your eyes flash. Is that your spirit, or is that you? That is you. Your spirit can help you, and sometimes your spirit feels as you do, and the power of your spirit’s eyes gaze out with yours too. Sometimes the spirit is not looking out, because you are in command in your anger. But whenever you are at peace, usually the spirit is looking, sometimes the eyes take on a light that is beautiful, because the spirit within is happy, and is gazing outwards with happiness. The eyes mirror your feelings.

You can smile, but sometimes the eyes are not also smiling. How often have you seen this. The lips are moving in a smile, but the eyes are cold. This is a person that is false. When you feel true affection, the eyes show it. That is the difference between you and the wild animals. They cannot do this. So you know you are above the animal world, because you can show what you feel, you can show a loved one your affection, you can show your child that you love, you can show each other, you can show your kindness. You can show horror or fear. The eyes are wonderful, and they are expressive, and they show you the kind of person you are.

When I look at the physical body, and I think of the days when I trod the earth which was indeed a long time ago, but when I touched the earth for the first time, I felt very strange. I felt the memories of my last incarnation overwhelm me in part, and I felt as if I were on the earth again in a body, and going through the experiences of my last hours. It was hard to bear, because my last hours upon the earth were not good. I was hurt, and that is all I am going to say. But this hurt returned to me for a moment, the reason being I had been away so long, and touching the earth brought this back, as it were. But I was able quickly to cast this from myself. My eyes showed my fear at that moment.

It is the same for us in the spirit realms. They have the most beautiful eyes. You cannot understand this yet, but when we are progressing our eyes change from the way they were on earth. They become very much larger. They have the ability to shine, and when we are very powerful, the light of our inner self can come from our eyes like a beam. We can beam from our eyes. This seems strange doesn’t it, but it is so. Actually when you are beaming you do not see it, but there is a force coming through. But in our world this can be seen. So there is not mistake when we are together, and our fondness for each other is expressed, for a beam emits from the eyes. You see, we are electric too, very. Though we feel as you do, quite normal, in our world we are very electric as we pass on and on, forward, becoming more and more and more powerful and electric. Our beings take on a great electric power. It isn’t as if we were aware of it, as you are not aware of your aura, but this is the reason we have to lower our vibrations to come here. We have to lower them steadily, we cannot come all at once. Our power would bother you, you would be burned.

What I am trying to say is that since the body was created in the beginning, it has been changing and changing, as man evolved. In our realms we change too. As you change from a child onward, so we grow in a different way. We change as we pass through each realm. Now the subtle change of your soul within you may give you an idea of this. When your soul changes and you feel more peace within, more strength, you cannot see with the inward eye, but your body is changing, your aura is taking on a greater depth of colour, you are becoming more electric. It may not be obvious in the body, but it is in your aura. The process that we go through has already begun here. I want you to see this. So many feel so far removed from us. They wish they could see, and wish they knew. But you must realize that there is a reason for you not seeing, and that is that you would want to stay and return, and not be in this world where you have taken up your challenge. But you are already being prepared. It is a subtle stepping forward, step by step, and your spirit body is being prepared for our world, and the soul process will take place, very subtle indeed as we progress.

Now progression in our realms isn’t sporadic. It can be gentle flowing, and that is better for us than a quick change, because when we have a quick change we are not ready, because we have to learn as we grow along. We have to have explained to us the knowledge of that realm. In each realm we are taught different things. If we go along too fast, we miss those things, and we have to retrace our steps, not spiritually backwards, and learn these things we have passed beyond too quickly. It is the same for you. If you go too far too soon, it bewilders you. So it is better that you take the steady steps. Many people want to grow too fast. It is not good. I can assure you. It is better this steady, steady. That way you will understand how you are, how you feel, what you believe, what you have come to in your thinking. This coming to understanding in ourselves is a subtle progress. When we suddenly realize that we have had different thoughts, when we say, “Well I must think that.” You can progress at a great rate. This is what I am trying to say today. In our lives subtle change is good for us, so that we understand and are not bewildered. That is what we desire for you in this world. As you grow along, the subtleness, the change that comes steadily, not being flung into change, for that upsets everyone. So let your thoughts be steadiness, peaceful change, and see it for the whole world, if you can. Try to bring it about, this steady, steady, subtle change that is good for all mankind. When it comes about thus, the countries will come into their own, and not be hurt. It is our desire that it shall be thus.

All change will come to you, and all change will come always, but it must be to your benefit. We do not wish for mankind the changes that bring disaster and despair. When we see mankind trying to force it upon you, we feel a great despair engulf us. We say ‘wait, wait.’ It is like this in the atomic field. If you had waited then you would have understood. But there it is in the world today, and it is a great fear among mankind. That is an example of having something too soon. There are other things that you have had too soon. But this example will show you that when it comes slowly, it will benefit you. So this is what you must desire too, steady change.

At the beginning of a new year, let this be your resolution for the future. In your life, and in the lives of others, steady change, having patience to wait, making your life full, as best you can. Using your talents, for everyone has some talent, to fill the hours, trying to see that there is much that can be done to help yourself and others. Look beyond self, and see what is needed. If you do, and you help, your life will be wonderful, and you will be fulfilled. It is the giving out that brings the happiness within. Those of you who have attempted this know that I speak truth. When we give to others our lives take on a more serene feeling when we forget self. This is a lesson that all mankind has to learn, selflessness. It is a very hard lesson and very few can learn it, I can tell you. But you can begin. Selflessness means that the other person is more important to you than self. When you can give without thinking of you, when you can act without thinking of you, when your gift of love, of service, is given totally to that being without thinking of self, you will have stepped forward. You take a step forward every time you forget self and think of the other person. It is very hard because the self is very strong within mankind. But that is the lesson to be learned. It is a very difficult lesson, but it is the lesson. If you are selfless you will have overcome the other lessons that have to be learned. Because if you are selfless, you will not harm another person. You will not give out hate, nor will you be selfish, nor will you be critical, nor filled with envy. When you have learned if you can do it here, that will mean that you have reached the stage that all souls have to. In the spirit world when people each the area of Self-Realization, that is the lesson they have learned. It takes quite a long time. When they do, they have taken a great step forward. So remember, and let that word stay within your mind, selflessness. Because it is the angels that are selfless, the higher beings that are selfless. If you were in our realms, and you could see who it is that helps those who are lower, it is the higher beings. They give up their beauty to descend, to help those who are below. They hope to teach them to act in a selfless manner, to show them that this is the means of progression. The trouble with your world is selfishness. It is everywhere. Selfishness and pride. This pride is a terrible thing. I don’t know why it exists. For are we not all creatures of the Most High? Are we not all made in a form that was first seen by the Creator?

Have we not all gifts? I know that there are people who are more lowly than others. But I tell you that no matter how lowly a person may be, every person has the ability to give of himself in some way. Have you not noticed that in a person who is very primitive, that they seem more happy than sophisticated man? Yes. Well you know what the Nazarene said, “Except you become like a little child.” What does this mean? It means that you are not puffed up. That you see all in a way that is equal. Station is nothing. Great wealth is not something to be proud of, or beauty, or anything; it means that you have money, beauty, etc., but what is beauty? Everyone sees beauty in a different way. Pride is not necessary. If you forget yourself, you are not aware of yourself or your monies, or your beauty, or your form, or whatever it is you have, such as home, children, etc. No. You can be happy and see beauty in a child. It gives you pleasure. It gives you pleasure to see beauty in a flower, a tree, in a mountain, ocean, stars. It gives you pleasure, but pride should not be there. Pride is in the self.

In our realms you would be surprised who are the higher beings. They have very often been the most lowly on earth, because they have endured much privation, sorrow and anguish. All this has sometimes been dealt with in a passive way, enduring it. When they come to our world they are so overjoyed to find such peace, such loveliness, they can’t believe it. But it is there. Because of their strength they have grown. Of course they get opportunities to come back again, to get another challenge, because they have been primitive, and they need more learning. But they usually do very well, when they have first started that way, the soul having the memory. But it usually is the person who is humble, and I do not mean the humility that crawls around, but the humility of understanding, that we are all equal. I know I do go on about this a great deal, but I know you have to learn these lessons if you are to grow. I know that one day you, or you, or you, you will be serene, at peace, be strong, be selfless and be so happy. For in these states, when you are strong in soul the world holds no fears. You approach whatever it is with equanimity, you are unafraid, because you know that you have the strength to endure. How many times have you realized that when you were afraid you have been foolish, because you were able to rise above your difficulty? A good number of times. In your fears you thought you could not, but you did. How many times have you worried and worried, and your worries were founded on emptiness? There was nothing to fear. You must strive not to fear before the thing is right here. When you have the knowledge before you, then deal with it, but do not build fears around yourself, or they will drag you down and down into depression. Learn to sift fear from reality. For mankind is very prone to think that worry is reasoning. Reasoning is not worry, for reasoning is practical. Learn to reason calmly, and you will not set yourself about with depression and the states that follow it. Too many of mankind fall down because their thoughts take the form of fear. Fear erodes. Fear can change you from a strong person to a timid being. Try to be strong. It is not puffed up, to be a strong person. It is the strength of the soul. The strength of the soul is kind. Kindness is strength.

When you are aggressive, it is not strength. When you are strong, you are at peace. You can deal with life in a way that does not harm anyone.

So today I think that I have been trying to show you that the world will go on into 1981/82/83 and on. Every year you will say, “I wonder what this year will bring?” But I want you to see that it will bring whatever mankind desires, because your thoughts bring forth whatever it is. Mankind, whenever he desires many many things, they have a way of manifesting. Sometimes when you pray for something, it has a way of coming. Not always to your benefit.

Today I have been trying to show you that though this year is before you, it will be the same as other years. It will be a challenge; it will be good, it will be as good as you allow it. So see it as going to be good. Try to will it. Try to make yourself a serene, even personality, so that your life can be good. Say every day, “This is going to be a day where I shall progress, when I shall be able to make some impact that will be good. The world will be a better place for my being here.” If you make this promise every day to yourself, and strive to do it, you will find it will have an effect upon you. For every day is yours to do what you will with it. You are an individual, you have power, you use it. Each one of you uses it mostly to his own advantage. But try, do try to use it to the advantage of yourself and others. Try to see if that we are here, there is a reason. The reason is to progress, and every soul in the world is here for the same reason. So help each other to progress. Do not hold yourself back, or others. If you remember this it will help you. You are here to progress, so progress steadily and help others to do the same.

Now once again we have come to the end of another period with you, and I have been rather at a loss today, for I have not been quite sure what way to deal with this. I wanted to show you that the life, though it is a new year, it is the same as any other day. Every day is an exception, that you treat it differently. That is yours to use, to show you that you have the means to change. You have the means to change constantly, and so has all mankind.

So remember your power, remember to be steadfast, then perhaps I will have made some impression that will stay with you, some impression that will be yours to hold, to cling to. If you change, even one of you, I shall be happy. Even one, I shall be content. It will have been worthwhile, my coming here today.