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~*Teaching #23*~

Good afternoon, my friends. It is my great delight to be amongst you again, on such a day as this, when everyone is surprised that the sun in shining again, after the rain. It is thus in life, and everyone knows that it is so. The nature of this world teaches us, as you are well aware, that sunshine and shade are forever with us. We have every kind of weather in all parts of the world. But there is change always, and in nature showing the power. Mankind is fully aware when nature is rampaging, that we are very small indeed, to comparison. So it seems in comparison with strength, I should say. Nature has the power to quell us, to knock us down, to make us feel as if we are a grain of sand. But nevertheless we are more. We are more powerful. We are spirit in greater force. We are man; we are mankind. We are wholly in the creation, the highest source over nature, over the animals. Yet at times it seems to you and me, that mankind is lower than the animals. When I say that we are higher, that does not mean that we are all higher, but we have the potential to be higher. Potential is the key. Not all have reached the state above the animals. Some people in the world are so lowly. By this I do not mean their state in society, but lowly in soul. Many have seen animals and have seen the devotion they give you. The love they give you is manifested very truly without demanding, yet we are higher. Yet all peoples do not manifest the devotion of the animal. Animals in nature show that they have the instinct, this instinct within them to nurture their young until they are ready to leave. You can see how they prepare their young for the outside world. It is all instinctive. But you have spirit and soul. That is greater, and yet how are you in this world? Many are today in a state of fear. Fear of the world and what it will bring to you. Fear that those in high places will bring you to the depths again. We in our world know of the disasters. We know that you are troubled and yet we would do much to help you. We strive with all the power we have, to keep you from the dangers that beset you. But we cannot do it fully, because we are spirit and you are on the earth. You are also spirit, but you are in this earthly condition, and to help you we must draw near to you. So what do we do? I cannot draw near to the depths of evil. We will reach out to those who are lower, and I mean lower in the spirit world, who can more readily reach out, those who have good intentions, and who wish to serve those who are progressing. Some of these are very brave, and they will attempt to influence those on the earth. We give them all the power they need. We say, “Go forth brother, we are behind you, giving you all the help you need,” and they go. But even they have to withdraw, to take as it were another breath, to recover before they plunge again into that dark dark mass of thought.

Now you may think this is very odd, but it is so. Where there are evil conditions there is a dark mass of thought surrounding any evil or bad situation. The minds are so troubled. There is a great movement within this mass. It is surging and seething like a volcano. Surging and seething thoughts, and they have to plunge into this mass to try and get nearer people, to influence their minds, to try to change them so they can bring light. Now we have discussed this, the vibrations, how thoughts form around about us when we are depressed. But to see them in greater form, in greater mass as large as this room, and larger, spreading out around the situation. Now you see why we cannot bring change immediately. If our wishes and our desires could be fulfilled, there would be immediate change. Our love for mankind is so strong. Our love for you all is indeed tremendous. But we cannot do everything for you. When people cry out to God to change conditions it is the same. We cannot take everything away. We are not allowed to interfere with the challenge of life. Depending upon the growth of the individual, we have to temper our methods to suit that. When everyone gets so sorrowful within, demanding aid from the Father, and saying, “I have faith, I have faith. I have prayed and prayed and nothing happens.” So many times we hear these words, and our soul is touched and we feel so much. Our feelings are so sensitive when we are grown in spirit, and we suffer for you. So you know that we would if we could.

When you have conditions that weigh you down, and they do not change, it means it is your challenge. So gird up your loins as it says in the Bible, and go forth and struggle. It is hard to say this, but it must be so. If we could say otherwise we would.

If it was that all mankind could pray to God and have the difficulty removed immediately, there would be no point in your entering this world. Why should you come if it could be removed? All through life on this planet man has had to struggle.

But there have been the better times, there always will be. It is not a constant struggle. But in every decade or so, it seems that there is always as today the mass struggle, not the individual, but the mass struggle, as it is now, when everyone’s mind is turned in the one direction. It seems to us that if every one of you could have your way, there would be a very different story to tell in many different places, because all peoples do not think alike. Now you know the different factions on the political scene, and you know that you and you and you do not think alike in politics, and so you see this struggle in your own way. So the minds are sending out the thoughts, and the thoughts are going this way and that way, and everyone wants it their way. Now do you see our difficulty? Yes. Because we cannot possibly give every one of you what it is that you desire. If we did, the world would be in a terrible mess. Our aim is to bring you in the world to a sense of duty, to a sense of realization that you are brethren. The struggle that you see is a means to an end. When you think that it will never end, because the world has always been in struggle in this way, through all generations, it isn’t that it will never end, but it is an ever increasing struggle towards perfection.

You may think that your world is more evil then other areas in time, but when we look at it, we do not think so. We think that evil mounts in different times. Sometimes it is greater, I would agree. But I think that the world today is changing. The struggles are many, but within the large mass of struggle there is always a nucleus of change. There is a minority of thinking, a minority who have their eyes set upon the future, who have their eyes lifted to the source, not as merely calling to God, but to see that all are brethren. Now in the world there are many such, who see mankind as equal. These people may be small in number, but they are growing in number. Many have their hands outstretched, longing to bring peace, but peace through strength, not peace through weakness. Now when I say “peace through strength” I mean strength of the individual, that you will not weaken, but go forward, strongly. When you have peace within you you can face much and almost everything. When you understand that you are ‘God within’, however small, however miniature, when you understand you are on the ladder of growth and you are mounting step by step, towards perfection, and these people who are in the minority are leading you there. So when you are struggling with your friends, or your friend, or your family, or your group, remember, you may be small, but your power is great. Smallness of number when it is good, can penetrate darkness, and bring light. It may have been a struggle, and to filter the darkness isn’t easy, but I am sure you realize, each one of you, that you have managed to help at least one person into understanding. If you help one person, that person will help another. Then that person will help another, and so on.

It grows, and remember, there are many of you who are individual, and individually you know others. So your light can grow in the world, and your light can seep through the darkness, and one day you will find that there is a change, that the atmosphere in the world is changing. It may take quite a time, but it will come. There have been some periods of peace upon the earth. People become a little too relaxed, I should say, at those times. But it is a resting before the next struggle manifests itself. Because in the world there are always the men of power, and these men are beset with desire, and these desires are to own, to possess, to order, to manipulate you, to manipulate mankind. When you see men in governments and you malign them for whatever you see they do wrong, do remember that behind them are others and others are behind them too. No-one is truly himself in those situations, cannot be. Even if you are idealistic, and you know this, many will try to bring you down, and it is the same in politics, in world government of any kind there are always men who want power, but not power to love you, but power to bring you to their own satisfaction, to their own ways that will bring them satisfaction.

So you see, you are governed and yet you are free. So it is within your own self, you are governed by your own mind, your will, your desires, your longings. And just as world government is never at peace, and their ways bring them into very very serious conditions. You see a similarity between the world government and yourself. How can you expect conditions out there and around you to be peaceful if you do not possess it? Don’t you know that in the lesser, so it is in the greater? When you look at a little baby, you are seeing a man or a woman, because in the future that little baby will be grown and mature, and taking its part in life. So from a small beginning there comes greater strength and knowledge. But it must be so, because we must learn as we progress through life. So it is in the world. The maturing of races, the growth of mankind, you have many gifts now to make your life simple. But there is a great unrest because life is still not easy. It may be easier for you in many ways, but it isn’t easier for you to live, because now you are a citizen of the world, and as we said previously, although you have ease, you have more difficulty because your mind is engaged with all mankind as it were, not only yourself and your family, but with all. And you are troubled. So it is with government, they cannot deal with themselves, with their own country. Depending upon their power they are caught up. Now you are seeing it right before you, caught up in a difficulty and it is like a maze, and how do we leave it? Many people see this struggle as a personal struggle, depending upon their country, of course. But within us are the same struggles, the struggles to overcome our own individual difficulties, and sometimes we are in a maze, and we cannot find the way out. But finally we do, and it amazes us that we did it, and so it will be for you on this earth. We are struggling to help you, and we hope that you can win through. So do not believe that you are abandoned. Always believe that we can help, and that you can, and that you have the power to lighten your world. Always keep it before you. Because you have greater power than you realize. Always remember this. I keep telling you this because I want you to remember that you are powerful. You can create light, and light is very necessary in your world today. So please, when you have a moment, send light out towards the troubled nations, and do your very best to help, and you will aid us in our struggle. You can so do it in a way that is even better than us, because you are here on the earth. Your thoughts are on the earthly plane, and you can send forth the light, and it will penetrate into these people, for it can travel. Send it to the troubled places, and you will see the result. I assure you if more people could do it this way, there would be a great upliftment. We need you, we really do. You may think that you need us, and you do. But we need you. Why are you here? You are here to become stronger and more beautiful beings, so that you can help your world, and bring it into the light. If it were not so, what would be the point of existence? See yourselves as ambassadors. See yourselves as soldiers of light. Don’t forget ever that you are light, and as you climb the ladder your light will become brighter, and grow brighter. And how greater your potential! You have responsibilities, and your responsibilities are to help in this world, to help the brethren, however far off, however close to you. You have the responsibility because you have the knowledge, that you are indeed one. How many times when you are walking about, and you see some poor soul who is burdened, and your soul cries out to that poor person, and you say, “God help that poor soul”. Or you come to our maiden and say, “I saw a lady today.” You know you are touched. If you can be touched in this way and feel for others, are you not of God? Yes you are, because you are good because you wished goodness. If you had a hard, enlightened soul, you would not have had these thoughts. You would pass by, and you would not care. So every time you have these kindly thoughts, and you pity others, and you wish to help, know that you are worthy. Do not knock yourself down. So many of you think that you have to do a large large duty to grow. Not so. It is the kindly thoughts, it is in these little ways that you think nothing of. When you help someone who is blind across the road, and you do it because you feel for that person, that is a kind action, that is a growth, it may be small, but it is. If you hurt someone deliberately, that is a bad action, and you fall backwards on the ladder. It is so simple, so simple the truth. Many of you want to read and read, and you read these articles and books, and you say, “how wonderful!” but do you put that wonderfulness into action? You cannot. You cannot do these wonderful things, not at once. Sometimes not ever. But you can be a kindly individual, and you can put the simplicity into action. Spirituality is simple. It isn’t in the big actions. Some people have to be in the forefront, I know. But not all, Some people can do so much from their own area. You set the world alight by your own example. Truly. Think about it, your own example. You are in the world, and you live here, and you live and breathe and act. If you have a family your children watch you, they know you more than you realize. They learn from your example. You are responsible. If you are a mother you have a great responsibility, and if you are a father you also have responsibility. Your children look to you and they follow your example. And you are watched by others too. And people say, “Well, she/he seems to do alright” and they watch you to see why, and maybe they decide to try to do what you do. Do you not know that you have great responsibility? That you are orbiting in this world just as much as the moon and the stars? They play their part; you play yours. You are atoms in action, just as everything is. Are you lesser? That you cannot be an example? Are you not a divine being? Your divinity is within you. You are not small. You are old. You have had many many trials and tribulations in many many lives, all showing you this, that you are very able. The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, say to yourself, “Who am I?”, and if you could hear the spirit within you would hear, “I am woman/man. But I am everything. I am creation.” Creation, have you ever thought about it? You look at the stars and at the moon, and you watch it wax and wane, and then you look at the sun, and you love it. You are thankful for the moon at nights when you can see clearly in the darkness. You like to see the stars that brighten the sky and shed their light. And you like people who are bright, who are loving, who also shed their light. So are you lesser? Have you not light within yourself too? If you could see with the eyes of the clairvoyant, you would see the lights within your bodies, just close to where your heart is. (Pointing to the centre of the chest.) Here is a light. This light is your soul light. If you could see, you would see it glow. It glows according to your spirituality. Sometimes the light is the size of a quarter, and it has little rays around it. These rays denote growth of spirit. Sometimes a tiny tiny blink of light, meaning that the person is lowly, sometimes a glow of light meaning that the soul is high. If you could see your lights glowing, you would see as I see you now, like stars twinkling. Stars twinkling in the colours of your auras. So you have colour and you have light within you. Are you not beautiful to our vision? You are. You are colour and light. The stars twinkle in the sky, and you twinkle here. True? Yes, it is true. When we see your lights twinkling within your breasts, we know exactly where you have gained in spirituality, and how you are, and how you think, and how you act, and how you are in health. We see you very clearly. Sometimes I think it would be good if you could see your light, and then you would have a gauge to judge yourself, it might be a spur to you. But I suppose the Great Creator thought it better that we did not see it, when we are here, I mean, because we have to struggle along. But in our struggle we do have this light, and we do have the colour around us, if we do not dull it with despair. You know what happens then. But when you are peaceful, as you are at this moment, and you are lovely in colour, and the lights are peaceful and gleaming, it seems that if at this moment there is a stillness, a stillness that could do much. And if every one of you set your minds to it at this very moment, you could send out light, like a beam. Now why not? Why not for a second or two send forth your light like a ray, like a lighthouse beam, from your centre, near the heart? Or your mind, you can transport it from the your mind, from your soul to your mind. Like a lighthouse beam going forth from you, that should be easy. Send it forth as you desire it, to whoever, to the world in general, to individuals, to whoever or whatever you wish. For one little moment in time we will be silent, and we will struggle to do this, and to help this world you live on. Silence................................................................................

Now I am sure that you have felt a peace within yourself, for in giving to others you bring to yourself a force. All we do is returned to us a thousandfold, if we are pure in thought, even for a moment in time. You can do this throughout your day, stop for a moment, and think of your brethren out there who need you. Even one moment has power if it is done in a correct manner. Think of the power of a candle in the darkness. If you set one candle alight in the darkness, it is amazing how much comfort it gives you. Is that not so? It lightens the darkness, and you are not groping not knowing where you are, you cannot see. That light is a beacon, it is like a lighthouse. Is that not so? It is like a lighthouse to you at that moment. So think what you have accomplished just now. You have sent forth power, and it had a force, I assure you. Prayers to God, asking God to do it, have not the same force, because you are beseeching, and you are not sending forth, do you see? Beseeching, you are asking, you are not giving. So when you want help for yourself, do not beg, or beseech. Know that your guardian will bring aid to you, if at all possible. Know that it will come about, if you send out thought in this manner. “Guardian, I need help. If I have earned it, I know I will receive it.” You know what that means? It means that you realize that you are responsible. If you have earned it, you will receive it, of course. People who have no knowledge of these things, no knowledge of healing, when they are struggling and they do well and they progress, their guardians will bring healers to them. Maybe us, maybe others from the heavens. People have been healed without knowledge of healing. People have been healed who do not believe in God, because they are good people nevertheless. There are good people in every area, in every belief there are good people. And if you earn it you will receive it. So you do not have to be a person who has knowledge. Many people think when they read, when they meditate, that this will bring them growth of spirit. No, no, no. It only shows you the way.

I am talking to you, and sometimes I believe you remember some of what I have said, because it feels right to you. And you take that part of what I have said to you away, and it helps you, because you will act upon it. It is the same when you read, something will stick within your mind, and it will help you, because you will change your ways, because it has been right for you. Meditation helps you to become still, so that you can learn to still the mind, so that you can be at peace. Being at peace helps you in your struggles, because you can see clearly and you are not beset by mind struggling along, dashing hither and thither. You know when you can be still how much more readily you can solve your problems. As we have been discussing previously, understand that you are an individual on your own pathway, seeing the world in your own individual way, trying in your own way. You are not your next door neighbour or your children, or your partner. Each one of you sees life according to your growth of spirit, according to the knowledge your spirit has, and the experiences your spirit has, and the soul memory within you. So do not try to be your partner, or be like your children, or like your friends. Do not try to be like others. Attempt to live here, as yourself, as your strong self, fearing nothing, knowing that nothing can harm you. That is true. Nothing can harm you if you do not allow fear to enter in. Once you let fear take lodgement within you, you may feel that all is lost. But never never never, because there have been so many of you who have come through so much, and you came through it. Is that not true? You come through it and you are amazed. You say, “I did it, but who would believe it?” And you look at yourself, and you really think you are alight at that moment, because you have done something. Well you can, you can do much. If you remember that you have light within, that you have God within you, a spark of divinity. Everyone has it. So when you look at your neighbour, know that your neighbour has a light. Not all lights are similar, of course, but you will recognize how much by how you feel. So do not criticize, do not condemn. Do not deny that another is your brother or your sister. Know that you yourself have been in many many places, and in many areas, and in many countries, when your form may have been bent down under a load of oppression, when you may have been a ruler or a leader, where you could have been one who had little power, or a farmer, or on the sea, or a scribe, a housewife, or one of many many things. Were you always able? Do you think that you were always able to live your life well? Do you not think that you struggled then also? Do you not know that you had fun, laughter, gaiety, joy, misery, all the emotions, everything that makes up an individual? You know when you are happy, and you feel wonderful when something comes and it is lovely? Now wouldn’t you like to live in that state always? Yes, you would, but it is not possible. Just as the sun does not always shine just as it rains and it snows, and the sun shines and it becomes hotter and hotter, and we go through all these conditions, and according to our own body make-up, in our individual self, would it not be a boring existence? Do you agree? Yes.

So if you were all the same, didn’t have your own ways of expressing yourself, of the way you look, in different ways, the way you act, all the lovely ways, when you look at each other and when you love each other, when you love that person or that friend, do you no delight in their presence? Of course, for this is what it is all about. It is that you will all come to this state where you will all delight in each other, where the world can be a place where you can be free. It is a long way off, but it is coming slowly and slowly. In this world there are many people who are aware, and they are struggling, and you are amongst them. You have a way, and that way is good. It helps you to understand that you are spirit, soul, mind and body. That you are a rounded out being, not simply a body.

The total individual has much power. If you could see your mind as it manifests in the spirit world at night when you sleep, you would be amazed. In our world the mind takes on a greater dimension. And when your spirit leaves your body, remember it is a spirit, and it goes into the spirit world and it manifests as a spirit. Manifesting as a spirit it enjoys spirit, it enjoys the ways of our world, and it can use the mind in a way that would surprise you. It has potential, and the mind grasps all it sees, and it works with it, and it becomes very excited at times, knowing that this is the future. Knowing that this is the future, for all spirits within you know that the future is yours, that one day you will be in our world, and you will see what you have accomplished, and you will see the power you have, and you will see the power that you had here, and the power that you wasted. Yes.

There are times that you are surprised at yourself, whenever you can grasp a thought, and it sometimes reaches out, and bring you into dimensions of thinking where you have not travelled before, and you wonder why your mind is going there, and how it arrived at that point. It means perhaps that your guide is teaching you, or that your spirit within has learned, and is taking you there. Do not hold yourself back, allow your reasoning to take over. We do want you to employ your reasoning. We do not want you to take what I say, and believe it simply, we want you to believe it when you have thought it out. Always think, do not always take what you read and say that is right. Dissect it; think it out. Remember always that although the words are very beautiful, very simple is the true spiritual truth, and it is very difficult to love the true spiritual life. But when I say to you that you are responsible, you are a spirit within a body, you have a soul, you have a spirit body, you have an earthly body, a spirit mind and an earthly mind, and both are learning, the spirit and the earthly. Remember this, you are not alone. There are two of you, your body and your spirit within. You are not simply a light, or a soul, or an aura, you have two bodies, an earthly and a spiritual counterpart. Now many have misconceptions concerning this counterpart within you. Some people say to us, “Do you mean we are not like a cloudy form?” We reply, “No, no; we are solid.”

Now I will explain the process. Listen carefully and you will see what you are within. Now the spirit within is made of a substance that is akin to your outer shell, the skin. And it is very light when it is within you. The spirit has no organs, but has a structure of its own, and has a brain. It has a face, hair, fingers, nails, toes, everything, but it is lighter in composition, the reason being that if the spirit was not made lighter you would have a heavy weight to carry. But it is light in composition, simply for this purpose, that you are not burdened. But when you sleep the spirit leaves the body. When the spirit gets out into the fourth dimension, around you, all around you is the spirit world, and once the spirit leaves the body and gets into the spirit world here, it solidifies. It is in its own true dimension. Then the spirit struggles through the mists that are around your world. That is why we say we are coming through the mists. But not far off is some light, and that is the spirit world. Depending upon where you are going, we will set our bodies. Now if you spirit stood close by you, it would seem like your exact twin standing beside you. Looking the same, absolutely everything the same. Now if you were a very spiritual person, or you were struggling and trying to be spiritual and had gained some spirituality, depending how much, your spirit would become younger. Sometimes when a person is very old, a young spirit leaves the body at the last. Not old but young, because it has become more and more spiritual, and as we become more spiritual the spirit becomes more beautiful. Can you understand this? Yes.

Now you see yourself, and you are sitting there and inside you is your spirit, and the spirit is you. But not you, it seems funny, but it is you, but in counterpart. Your spirit can grow ahead of you. Or you can help your spirit to become lesser too, you have a great responsibility to your spirit. If your spirit is very strong, and you are weak, it will struggle onward and not be like you. If the spirit is weak it will perhaps go along with your thinking, following you in thought, but there are many people who come to us, and we see that the spirit is stronger than the individual. And if you allow the spirit to help you, and listen to that inner voice, it would be very good for you indeed. Now this spirit of yours, when you sleep at night and the spirit goes into the spirit world, it goes to the area that you have earned, right now. So see yourself going into an area of light, because I see most of you here are in the light, I think all of you, some greater than others. But you are all in light, yes indeed, but of course all are at different levels. And you will go to that place, when you sleep. Your guide sometimes accompanies you, and oft-times you are with your guardian. He takes you, teaches you by showing you people who he/she is teaching, so that your spirit will return with greater knowledge, knowledge which you can gain by. Your spirit has responsibility too, just as you have. If you are a very spiritual person, and trying to become more so, your spirit will too. How many times do we hear the spirit within say, ‘thank you, thank you, this beautiful power that is penetrating my body. Thank you for the lovely feeling.’ We hear the spirit voice, you see, because we are spirit. It is very natural, very natural.

When you are sitting down for healing, there are two before us, your spirit and yourself. Sometimes the spirit is struggling, and you are struggling, and sometimes we have to work upon the spirit to help you. Sometimes we say, whenever the spirit is right then you will be right, and you will be healed. Now you understand? Yes, the spirit has to struggle as you do. So be kind to yourself and to your spirit. Remember that you have responsibilities. It would be a very odd life if you did not. Do you know how you like a challenge when you know that you can do it? You know how you love to get in there and arrange things, do things, when you are capable, and how you love the outcome of your actions whenever it has worked out beautifully. How you enjoy yourself so much then, and are happy. That is how it is. How you overcome your timidity at the beginning when you start a new job, a plan, or new learning at work, and you are very shy and afraid, and you tremble for the first week or so. Then maybe in another month you are feeling very good, and you are enjoying it. You see that you had the ability all the time, but your fear hid that ability. But it was there all the time, just waiting to be expressed.

So the next time you are happy with yourself know that it is the condition to be in. We are usually happy with ourselves in the heavens. But I tell you it is usually taken away pretty speedily when we see we have made mistakes. We can make mistakes. When we are in our place, and we are content, and we are enjoying our friends, and we are very content indeed, and it is beautiful, and then a call will come, and we have to meet someone. How do you think we feel?

Do we say, “Oh righto! Off we go.” If I am very content and am taking my ease, or I am listening to some music, and I have to leave, I say, “Oh!” I do, for I am very human. But I do go. My strength overcomes the weakness within, and I can return to my friends, and I can return to the pleasantry. Then when I get to where I can help, I forget that I was in that state, because I see the struggle of these people. My soul aches for them, and I forget self. You see? You do it all the time, you do it every day. You do it always, the times you can’t be bothered. But somehow you struggle on, and you do it. It is no use at all to deny others, simply because you feel that way. It is our inner self, it is normal, it is human. We are very human, as you are; we may be spirit, but we are very real, more real than you are. This is our problem, because we feel more. There are times when we look at you, and our soul aches, and we have to put that barrier there so that we will not weep and weep. And when we are happy we are so happy, and when we sing, or we act, or we do something, it is so strong. It is so strong. When you feel for another and your soul aches, you know how that feels. Now if it was intensified a thousand times, how do you think you could bear it? No. But as we grow and grow, our soul becomes greater and greater, and our strength, and so that is how we can endure, because we are greater. And you will too, I assure you. You have all put your feet upon the pathway of light. Remember always that it is always a simple simple thing that you are attempting. The simplicity of your actions, as you sow so shall you reap. It is true in your world, and it is true in ours. We have to live by that very self-same law. So we have to be careful too. It is a constant awareness.

When people in the lower areas do things that are very bad to one another, and we see mankind in this lowly state, we cannot believe that they could do such things. How strong is our feeling for those people, our sorrow. If they knew how strong it is, and how we feel for them, but they do not understand, and if we give them the loving word, they curse us. They say, “Go away, we do not want you here.” They call us names that you would not believe, but we don’t mind, because we know it is their miserable unhappiness, their pain speaking. You know whenever people are in temper, how they say words they do not mean, and afterwards the sorrow and the pain. It is usually pain that speaks out in these hateful words and expressions. When we see these people, even though they may hate us, we will not deny them. We will put the power through them, we will tell them we will. They may say bad things, “Go away”, but we will not. We will return and return for we have great patience. But our feelings are so strong. It is because we love those people, no less than we love you. That is what you will learn in the future. In the future, in our world you will see the whole mass of humanity, and when you can look upon the world and see it this way, and when you can see the thoughts coming out, can you imagine a globe, and say you are in one place, and you are looking at a certain part, and there is a lot of fog all around, and your world is not clear to see. But you see the fog around it, are you with me? Yes. You will see pinpoints of light coming up through the fog. They are you, those lights. Remember it, they are you. You will see in places a great light, and they are those who are progressing. And maybe you will see a yet greater light of a great soul, and another. Then you will see dark dark patches, and no light at all. That is the world, and you are looking at it. But remember through this mist there are always little pinpoints of light, little candles gleaming in the darkness. A lighthouse beam here and there. Be a lighthouse please. Become a lighthouse, so that your light can percolate through the darkness. So it can penetrate and cast a great beam. Then the power will spread out, and become the power for all to use. For as we have told you, as the music swells in the heavens, and the colours rise up and up and up and spread out over all the people, and when it is all over, the colour breaks into little bits of light and then spreads over all the people and they feel the music, and it falls upon them, all this power that was created. Nothing is wasted. If your light can percolate, it can also spread around, and return, and can return to your brethren.

So do not see yourselves as useless, my children. Never never never see yourselves as useless. Always see yourselves as part of creation. As a part of all that there is. As a part that can play a part. As a part that can beam so high. We can see you, and we know where the souls are, we know where the light is. We come to you, we see you, if we know you, we think of you, and we come. That is how we find you, and we have to come through that mist. I tell you that when we who are with our maiden come, we choke. Truly. We choke at first, until our minds can control it. It is like going into a gassy room, that is how it is for us. But I am not seeking your pity, I am merely showing you how it is. This is why I beg you to let your light shine, so that you can lighten the darkness. One person can do much. Do not belittle yourself and think you are nothing, that is very bad. Humanity has this trait of destroying themselves, portraying themselves as nothing and seeing themselves as useless.

Do not see yourselves his way. See yourselves as Gods in miniature. It has been said before. Those with enlightenment know it, that you are. When you arrive at the higher parts of the spirit world, you will realize your potential. You will see what you can do. I can do many things, but here I do not because I have had to lower my vibrations. But if you were with me in the heavens you could see that I could send my thoughts far off, that I can spread my light around many people, that I can influence a great many people at once, and they move at my bidding, not knowing that I am moving them. But they feel within themselves a thought to go to a certain place, to meet a higher individual who will teach them. But they do not know how they have made the decision. Now you may think that that is manipulating, but it is not. What other means have we? We have to have some means of telling a mass all at once to go to a certain place. They can reject it; they can reject the thought, for it is not a command, it is a thought. Now do you see the difference? It would be very nice if they went, and mostly they go. Some do not, and some turn away when they do go, for not all want to hear. But I can influence a great many people, and I can cast my light upon a good many, in any area below my own. And I can make them feel better, and they wonder about the beautiful feeling of love that they are in. They wonder whence it comes, because it is intensified greater than their own area. We do this when people become sad, sad perhaps because people on earth are making them so, because they miss them. Some people are very sad because their loved ones on earth are so weary and are crying all the time. So we put this power upon them. So you see we do many many things. I can do this, I can put it across a great area. I can put it across you as well. I do this because I love humanity. I do not say, “Brethren, why do you cast this burden upon me?” I say, “Brethren, you are in need, and I come.” I am not always in the state, in my own place. In fact I am very rarely in my own place. I may dwell in the higher places in the heavens, but not my own, places at a lower level than my own. I do not always wish to go to my own level, it is too hard to leave it. But I do dwell in lower places where it is still very beautiful, and where I have many many friends. I work to serve these friends, and their friends, and their friends. So we all work as a team, seeing the masses of people in the heavens as a mass of individuals, all there in their own place, just as you are here. You may be a group, but you are an individual group, here, here and here. But you are all linked together now, because all are listening to me, and your minds are here, I feel them. It is like lines of thought coming to me. And I feel them, and I know you. So we are one, in ambition at this moment. We are one in tenderness and love. And we are one in soul, because our souls at this moment are united. The room is full of power. Your auras are mingling, I see it. It is as if a lamp has been lit below them, and it is going through them, shedding the rays of light through your auras. A beautiful sight indeed. So see yourselves as this beautiful glow of colour, lights sparkling. Do you see yourselves at this moment, bathed in colour, pink, blue, green, and yellow? Some little adversity here and there, according to need of course, but on the whole now, and we are all together, we who are part of the whole, we who are a spark of divinity we who are God in miniature, all lift our thoughts to that highest peak of love, to that Great Light that is the greatest, where none other can reach. That Great Mind, that Great Force, that Great Consciousness, the Great Love that is perfection. We are all united together, for where we are is that light. Remember it, where we are is that light, even though we are in darkness, the light is within us, the light is about us, and above us. We are illumined. We are not darkness, we are not fear, we are not lowly, we are God in miniature. We are powerful, we are God. We are in part, but so longing to grow and grow and grow, and become greater and greater in spirituality, in love and in devotion. We are all in this glow of light, and it is percolating us to feel this force and know that you are indeed blessed.

We have been united with the greatest force of love, and are at this moment indeed blessed with the knowledge that you and I are children of the Father, that we are beloved, and so beloved.

I leave you knowing that you will, in the days to come, exert every effort to become individually more beautiful.