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~*Teaching #22*~

Good afternoon, my dear friends. My beloved ones, I am so happy to be here today. It makes be feel as if I have a friendly family. You understand. In the heavens when we speak we are always looked forward to, and we form many associations. Truly we do not let these go, because when we teach and help, they feel as if we are friends. Friendship is important. It is the same with you. I feel that I have forged links with you, and I know that in time we will all be closer together because we have been together here, got to know each other as a group, step by step proceeding. It seems sometimes that we go backwards, but it is very necessary. In our teaching, no matter where, it is repeated and repeated. But I do my very utmost not to make it boring for you. Today it will be a thoughtful occasion, I think, to make us realize that we are very necessary to one another.

You may think that this is a very familiar statement. But from the beginning of time it has been necessary for mankind to cling together. In the early days when tribes were formed, it was very necessary that children were born, to strengthen. All through time it has been necessary for mankind to hold together against those who would pursue them, in any way. So today I think that friendship, the family, all kinship should be broached upon. Now if you live alone, and you have had a family, you know what it is like. I needn’t go into this. But you do have your memories. All people have their memories. They have memories of their own childhood, their peers throughout life, their memories of all associations. So this is why we are not truly alone, ever, because we have the mind and the memories. We have other outside interests. We have so much in the world today to enthuse about, and to be sorry about. But what I mean, there is outside interest. No-one need to be alone, in the sense that they feel that they are betrayed by all. I know that it is a very sad state for many, but when we are approached for help for those who are lonely, we often look into their minds and their backgrounds. We see that many times they could snap out of it if they so desired, because it is a state of mind. The mind being so strong, it can drag anyone into despair. It can get you down and down if you allow it to happen. But the mind being so strong can lift you too. One has only to think and see that you have enough within you to help yourself. Are you not gifted? Everyone has some gift within. Everyone has gifts untapped. We are not fully aware of our own potential.

This is very true, and only when we are forced into some situation do we realize our full potential, as it were. Often when we see ourselves clearly, we realize we have been sorry for ourselves, sorrowful for our state of existence. Well if you are lonely, there are others who are lonely too, out there. There are many people crying out for your help. Everyone knows in this world today, for it is written about, it is on the television, it is in the papers, “Please help, please help.” There is no-one, no-one who could not help for even one afternoon. A few hours to begin with, to help someone else, even if you are tired, because often the tiredness and weariness stem from the unhappiness. Once you are alert, by helping someone, by seeing someone else who is living much worse than yourself. Then you become more alert. Once you are alert your tiredness can fall from you like a cloak. It is mostly a state of mind. If there is illness allied to the loneliness, well I do understand the problem, and then it is the place of others to help. I am not my brother’s keeper, and I cannot force anyone to do a thing if they have not the innate desire to do it themselves.

This is as it is in the world. You may be full of enthusiasm, but you may be unable to reach out. How many times have you given thought to helping someone, and have reached out and have been repulsed? This is because the person is miserable. They do not want help, they want to lie in that dark shadow and wallow in it. When help is offered and it is turned away, be sorry for that person, because they desire the state that they are in. But perhaps if you persuade them a little, a come back, and back, perhaps you can in time make them see that it is your loving care you are offering, not pity, but loving care. People do not want pity in any form, but they do want your love. Now this may surprise you because you do feel pity for others in very sad states. But no person seems to wish for pity, but they do want caring for. Everyone seems to have a sense of pride, an ego. This pride, this ego needs to be removed, but many people have it. It is their pride that keeps them from seeking help. It is their pride that keeps them in the state they are in.

Now pride is a very very strong emotion that people have. Pride is something that you need to forget, to lose. Lose it if you can. Pride is something that you do not find in our realms of spirit, because the higher we go, the less prideful we are. The more we see of majesty and beauty, the more humbled we feel, because we realize that we are a small part, a small part of that majesty, a very small part, nevertheless we are able to enjoy it. But we know that the mind that created all is most wonderful. We feel that we have a long way to go before we will even be partly that way. Partly, yet I come from a beautiful place, and I feel this way. I think humbled by that majesty, by the wonderful things that are created for our needs. Yet people on the earth, and in the lower areas of our heavens, they are proud, and prideful. Why? Why does pride creep into mankind’s ego and psyche? Why is it there? What is pride? It is thinking you are just wonderful. That you are better than your brother, had more schooling, better family, your family goes way way back and is proud and prideful and full of wealth, or your family is poor but goes way back too, and they have been great but have come down in the world. This leaves out other people who are poor and always have been poor. But does this mean that you should look down on these people? No, these people are your brethren. All this world is peopled with souls, and they are all part of creation. Think of it, all part of creation, as are the animals and the trees. All whole, why should we be proud? If we are that one part, it is circumstance only that has brought us to this condition.

In our realms it would surprise you who are the elite. That is the wrong word to use, but I will use it because you understand it. Very often it is some lowly soul who you would not look at twice. You see what I mean? All have majesty in their own way, it is majesty of the soul. It may be that the soul has been beaten down by generation after generation of struggle. But the struggle often needs a strong being. You have a way of looking at life, a way of looking at it that seems rather strange to us. We judge people by their beauty, by the beauty of the soul. The world judges people by their wealth, and their brain power, their position. If you are on the spiritual pathway, you are away from this. You know that you are equal with all creation. If you have been listening to me, you know that all are worthy, and all are beloved. So pride is not a gift to build.

Many say that it is a gift this pride, this pride of position, when they feel so worthy. How wonderful we are in this state. They look upon mankind as something crawling beneath them. How sorrowful they will be if they continue in this state, and when they come to our realms they will see that they are not proud, but that they are small. Small in our view and small in growth. It is too sad when people have not the understanding that they are an individual who has every opportunity with another, in a soul sense. When people cry out to the Nazarene, to God, or to whatever they believe, they cry out for help. Do they see the Nazarene as he really is or really was? Was the Nazarene puffed up when he was on earth? Was the Buddha, Confucius, or any other teacher, was any teacher puffed up? Mostly those who have come to help humanity have not been wealthy, but have been very poor, and have had to struggle. This very struggle adding to their stature. Well, when you pray to the Nazarene to help you, you are praying to an angel in your mind. But do you remember that this angel was on earth? And was a Jew, and was not wealthy? No-one can say that he was puffed up in his ways. He was a human being. Human in the sense that he loved all creatures and all people. He saw them as his brothers and his sisters. So did the Buddha. He saw all creatures and all people too. He also saw them as creatures of creation, and all having their own place on the earth. The Nazarene and the Buddha and others had a family, a family which sustained them, the family that was necessary. Families in this time of the world are changing. We view this with great sorrow. Mankind has not got his feet firmly on the ground, it seems. All those in high places do not see humanity as brethren, though they have families too, thought they profess to love. All people feel today a great desire to understand the meaning of this race, this problem the world is in. Lately everyone desires to belong. This longing though it may be put aside temporarily, is still within. I think the world today is in a similar state as it was many thousand of years ago when people were in a state of flux as it were, darting here and there, afraid because the world was becoming a strange place to them. But the world has gone on and they have all passed away, and the family is still with us. If you fear within the time you live, there is usually a good reason. I do understand because I have viewed it. I mean I have viewed the reason for everyone’s unhappiness and fear. We are fully aware that the world is standing on the brink, as it were, at least it is in everyone’s mind, everyone feels this. But I want you to be unafraid, because we in the heavens are very aware of your problems, we know that the powerful nations are afraid too. When you are full of trouble about the powerful nations, realize that they too are afraid, even in the highest places, in each country. Do not think that those countries that are aggressive are not afraid. They are afraid, but they have leaning towards powerful desires to overcome all. But nevertheless behind all this desire to take over is fear. Once you know that the enemy is full of fear, it makes you less fearful. Don’t let fear control you, because it can erode and help those conditions to manifest.

Try as best you can to live within your own idea or ideas of what is best for you, but at the same time try not to hurt others. When you are struggling with self always realize that there is someone out there or someone beside you who is struggling too. Do not be completely selfish in your desires for release when you feel you want to flee away. Know that the other person has feelings. Always try to see everything in a way that will encompass others. If you think of others when you are struggling, you are less likely to hurt. I know it is hard. But these are the lessons of life. The family is necessary, even if your family is an adopted one, and you adopt others, or they are your friends, your friends in your circle or your outward circle, companions or acquaintances. Everyone needs others. You cannot live alone. In the world today I think as I see people breaking away, fleeing from their responsibilities, fleeing from the fear within, struggling with problems of greed, of materialism, problems, problems, I know them all, but for whatever reason you feel you cannot cope with life, try to see that you could if you try, change. Because love and the family is a precious possession, no-one is an island. Even if you live on an island the seas lap your shores, and bring strange creatures on to your beaches, bring up wood and all kinds of things, and you know that out there are other people, for the rubbish comes ashore often. You know there are people out there and the island is not isolated.

In your world today, even though you live here in Canada, you are aware almost as soon as it happens when there is a flood in India, or there is trouble in Africa, or in Cambodia as at the moment. All the things that happen, they are yours almost immediately. Hundreds of years ago this would not have been. You would have been slow to learn, or you would not have heard at all. You would live in your own village, or in your own hamlet, and you would live just amongst yourselves, in that small group. You would all be part of one another, knowing each others problems, knowing everything about each other. Yet that knowing held you together, and when you were in trouble you had help, because you knew others.

When you know of these poor people in India or Africa or Cambodia, or in China or Russia, or wherever and you know they have problems, your mind says, “Oh, the poor people!” perhaps, depending who you are, and you are not alone, are you? You are truly aware of the world in totality these days. You are not sitting here unaware. Do you not know their problems? You cannot bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, no longer. You are aware, and you are a citizen of the world. Have you thought of that? Some of you have. Have you thought that you belong, that you are a citizen of the world as I am a citizen of the heavens? I do not say that I belong to so and so plane, I say I belong. I am a citizen, I have a state of being I know I have earned. But when I come down I enter into other states of being. I see other people and I see their conditions, and I set to work. Am I isolated in my higher place? I could be if I chose. I could, if I choose, not be here. How would it be if I said this morning that I felt tired, and decided not to go and see Our maiden today? And you were all sitting here waiting for me? Ah ha! Then Our maiden would say, “Where is Zareth?” Then someone else would take my place, you see? I could be done without, very well. We all could. This is the thing, think about it. I could be replaced immediately by others who are my peers. Many times I am approached, and some of my peers, brethren who are my friends, say, “Please Zareth let me be in your place.” I look at them and I say, “No.” Because you see, you know me, you have come to understand me and my ways. I say, “Well they would not know you!” and I make all the excuses. They say, “Zareth I am just as able as you are!” and I agree, and I say, “Dearly beloved brother,” I am putting on softness. We do, oh! We are not without skills, you do not look at me and say, “Such an angel!” I have my ways too. This is what I want you to understand, my brethren and my sisters are very able, but I have decided to do this. I do so much, but maybe one day I will allow someone to come and speak a few words. A few words. But I do assure you that I have very able friends. Many times they say, “Please Zareth, let me!” Maybe one day I will, just because I am feeling generous. But you see what I am trying to say, I have friends too, and I must assure you that I would be very lonely without my friends, as I know you would. Your loved ones, your friends, your family, and I know that families are not always ideal. But we have these challenges in life, and our friends may not always be ideal, not perfect, but who is? Who is perfect? No-one. So we should not expect it. But we should try to understand that we are all here for a purpose. That purpose may not be too clear, but you can be sure it is to make you stronger, more spiritual. You would not be here if you did not need to learn lessons. If you think you are here simply for the journey, you are mistaken. The journey is for your enlightenment, to show you problems and to help you overcome them, to show you how to live, to show you how others live, as I said you know how the whole world lives. You cannot escape it. You have a greater opportunity now in the world then you have ever had, a greater opportunity to know the problems of other peoples, and why other ethnic groups do not live as you do, because you here have a very advanced state of living, but you too have your poor. All nations do, and some are all poor. Some nations are always warring, some nations never have peace. Think of Vietnam, how long is it since these people have lived in peace? How long? A very long time. Those people have been born, gone through struggles, have died, their children, and their children I do believe, because they often have a very short life too, because so many of them are born, because they do not understand how to control life. These people are born into these sad conditions, and they have to live day by day not knowing if the next day will be theirs. It creates a very stoical condition. Often you see people who have a lot of trouble, they become very still, then accept all that comes. Well I do think it is the best way, because if you fight too hard you will hurt yourself. To accept is to realize that you can live within these conditions. At least you are trying. I know that the world is set about by conditions that would try the minds of most people. But think about it, when people were on the earth at any time, they felt the same. Even if you were in the desert, or in a mountainous place, or wherever you were at any time, you would feel then much as you feel today. It is a state of mind. It is the conditions that you are living in, at this time or at that time, for conditions have a way of repeating themselves. But in a different climate.

Sometimes when I watch Our maiden and I see how she is behaving, and I say to myself, “Oh, she does remind me of herself in another life,” because I knew her then. And I think, well, isn’t that amazing. Then I say, “Oh no! It is the soul, the growth of the soul, and the way she can act to help herself when she is burdened.” I used to watch her long ago in another life, and the strength was very apparent then too. In those days too she did like people also, and everyone came and listened. I am showing you a little secret today. Everyone came and listened to her in that life too, but then she was a man. But they listened in a very different place, and out of doors, because at that time he was not wealthy, was not even moderately so.

So you see, if there is a will, there is, as you say, a way. In that life he had to struggle and struggle, but the struggle was apparent, and people listened, many listened. Today here is he today, not really, but Our maiden. But his soul is within her, and she has added her life to it, and now that soul is enlarged, with the knowledge of this life, and the endeavours of this life. All that she has gone through and endured, all that she has attempted, is now part of her soul. It is the same with you. Your souls are now strengthened, have grown, maybe sometimes we step back a little, we take steps backward and we take steps forward, and that is the way it is, the soul shines brightly, and then it may dim a little. It is the earth’s condition, we have opportunities and we grasp them and we step forward. We do something that is correct for us and we feel good, our soul is shining and everything is wonderful. We are in a good state. Then sometimes we are not, we step backward. We make a mistake, and our soul is not shining, but it is only that little bit. Don’t worry, it is only that little bit. Then again in another day it will be in another state, it will be shining. It is a state that is forever changing. That is how it is. You cannot expect to be a bright shining being every single moment, your soul stays how you are, it can dim a little, that’s all. It can dim a little, and maybe a little more. But you are a certain kind of individual, you are a soul that has advanced to a certain state, you have your ideals, you set standards for yourself. Are you likely to topple those standards completely? I don’t think so, do you? No. You see, when you set yourself ideals, or standards of behaviour, and you live them day by day, you are not very likely to do something so very terrible that you will topple yourself altogether. Because your innate growth, your standards will uphold you. You may fall a little, but your innate growth, your ideals will hold you. You are not likely to drag yourself down. Do not fear.

Many people when they are endeavouring to live a spiritual path, struggle with themselves. But often this very struggling defeats the aim that they have set for themselves. Do not think of everything you do. Do not criticize yourself unmercifully. It is not good. We have been discussing this, and I have heard Our maiden talk about it to others. When people are set upon a path of spirituality, and are striving to be saintly, so good. We see them struggling with it, you cannot live in this world in a saintly pedestal as it were, the earthly vibrations and the earthly living have to be endured. You cannot go away, you are here. Know that you are a being who has these standards and do your best. You have to live in the world. It will not engulf you if you do not allow it to. So do your best within whatever conditions you find yourself, and you will win through, because if you are an innately good person, you will treat others kindly. You now this; you know yourselves. You know that you would not deliberately hurt another. Mostly you try to be kind to people, you do. So there you see yourself. It is only when you have these severe family squabbles, or conditions, or problems, and then the hot words and the hot tempers, people become very heated, and things happen that you say, “Oh, how did that come about?” But if you are wise you will not allow it to happen. When people are very heated they say things they do not mean. The family can become divided. Then what sorrow!

Sometimes we look and we say, “How did I ever have such a child? How did I come to be in this state?” You do mean it at that moment. But not really. Deep down within everyone there is this longing for family and friends. One cannot do without the other, no matter how you believe it. Because deep within every one is the link to manhood or womanhood. There is this link together. You may wonder why you feel restless sometimes. You may wonder why you do not know what to do. But within you is the sound of humanity, for you are humanity. Think of it, think of all the lives you have lived, think of all the conditions you have lived through. Think of the waves beating on distant shores, hot burning sands, mountain passes, plains, all conditions. You know you have been everywhere as it were. In those lives you thought as you do today, thinking how on earth are you going to manage, or how will it come out, how will it be, and will I live to see through this, and will I survive? Sometimes you look back and you say, “Oh my goodness! How did I do it?” There you are standing there, and you have been through these problems, and you have survived, and how do you feel? Glad it is over, I know. But still you are alive, and you know you feel better. You are stronger, and are ready for anything. Are you? Yes you are, ready for anything!

You may say, ‘is it ever going to end?’ Well it does you know. There are periods and periods, and you are advancing towards one of those periods soon. Some people hate the very sounds of Christmas. They say, how on earth am I going to do it? They are into this terrible state. I hear it all around. Then some say, “I love Christmas, you know. We all get together and have this happy feeling.” That is fine. But if you are alone, you do not want to hear “Christmas”. I have heard a lady say that she closes the door, pulls the curtains across, and the turns off the television and she does nothing, because she does not want to know it is there. Because she is alone she wants to hide it. Well you know she need not be alone if she really wanted to be with people, because someone would have her. Christmas is a time when people open their doors. Is this not so? You are approaching this period on your earth when people get together, and it is a family time. But how the tills are ringing already. I was with Robert and Our maiden yesterday and I was watching the people through Our maiden’s eyes, and I was saying, “Oh my goodness!” I do not really condemn, not truly, not truly! But I think all about this problem, I know about the economy, that the country will fall down if you do not buy this and that, and the country will fail, you know. The state of the economy is so precarious at this moment that we must spend our money today, because tomorrow we may be where? I do not see it, I think you will survive.

What I am trying to say is, if you see life as a ladder, and you are climbing these rungs, and you hope to get to the top, and sometimes you climb up, and then you go back one, then you climb three and then you go back again, etc., this is alright. You are not perfect; no-one is. These times you come backward, at least you are going through some kind of situation, and at least you are learning. If you lived in a vacuum, what then? You would not have the temptations of life, you would not have others putting it upon you, you would not have the family, you would not live within the group, or the commune, or the conditions, whatever you choose. In a vacuum you would know nothing. You would not grow, or you would not fall down, you would just exist like the cabbage, you know. So what do you wish for? You tell me. Do you want the life full of pleasures all the time? Yes. Ha ha! Do you want the life where you can learn, do you want the life where you can grow? Do you want a life where you do not experience? Do you want a life of complete boredom, with nothing happening? No, you do not. When you have nothing to do you are very restless, and this is the reason in life why many people fail. It is the boredom. Boredom brings about the restlessness, when you should watch yourselves for this is the time when you do things that you should not, and you come down that ladder so fast, you see? The boredom, when you are very bored, be careful of yourself. That is the time when you should watch yourself and be careful, for being bored is the way of the world today, in many of the advanced nations, because there is not enough to do.

How mankind is struggling against many things in the world that would make it easier for him. Men want three day weeks, and women think, “Oh, my goodness, am I going to have my husband here all the week?” Ha, ha. But men do want the three day week, they do. Three day week, four day week, this is alright, the economy says, machines take over. Mankind is struggling thinking he is unnecessary. This is where you have to become like the old time person, learn from the desires within, the talents you have, the gifts you have, use them. Prepare yourself for idle moments, for loneliness. There are many gifts within, gifts they do not know, or they will not let grow, within many people. How many of you have a desire to do something but you are afraid to attempt it? Most of you. Yes. How many of you attempt something, and to your surprise you find that you are very gifted? Yes. So I would advise you to prepare yourselves for those times when you are lonely, the times when there is nothing you feel you have to do. I suggest that you prepare yourselves so that you do have something to do when you are bored or idle, for the world is going that way when mankind is going to have less and less to do. What then? It is a big problem. It is the biggest problem you will have to face. For to be busy, and content to be busy, is a wonderful state to be in. Because the time will fly, and life will not be boredom.

Many times in the heavens when we are in an advanced state, we could sit there and have a wonderful time and enjoy our pleasures in whatever way we are. There is much to do. We could enjoy ourselves and our gifts, at our ways. We could go on and on, but we are all aware of our brethren. Usually we all descend because the spirit world is such a vast vast place, and there are usually more people in the lower areas than in the higher places, though they are well peopled. But there is always need for our services, and we give them. When do you think we are the happiest? I am sure you know it is when we are serving. When you serve a family sometimes it becomes very tedious, but if you are serene and you see it as your duty, that it must be done, and you accept it, I am speaking to the men as well, not only the ladies, and do whatever it is, when we have things to do, we should do them. Happily because we are fortunate that we can do it. Think about it. Are you not fortunate that you can use your hands and your mind? That you can move your body? Don’t put off things until tomorrow, or next week, or a month, or a year, it isn’t good for you, you know. Learn to use your body and your mind, for when you are pleasantly wearied then you can enjoy your rest. I do not mean work until you are exhausted, that is not the way. But if you do your normal duties, and when you are tired sit down, rest a little, then you are prepared to go forward again. Many people feel guilty when they rest, especially women in their homes. They feel guilty. Do not. One can only do what one’s strength allows. So do what you can, rest a little, and then you can go forward again. Always take a rest, it will help you. It gives you a little respite, and you can think over the day, and if you see it as a pleasure you will be a very happy person. I know that many duties in life are arduous, I do indeed. Many people have difficult work, and the people with whom they work are not always angelic. These conditions try them to the utmost. What do you do then? Well, all you can do is to endure, and try your best not to allow people to hurt you. If it sinks into the soul and takes lodgement, it will become larger than yourself. Try and see that those people are difficult because that is the way that they are. As indeed you are your person. If you can see that everyone is upon their own pathway, and they are living the way they see it, they are not always correct of course, but at least they are living it out in their way. So try to understand. Everyone is not at the same state of spirituality. It is very hard to understand that when you are struggling, but remember it, for it will help you. Don’t worry when people don’t respond to your ways. Step back a little, do your best, and you will survive it. All life cannot be changed by the waving of a wand. I wish we could, we long to help you, and wipe everything off that is bothering you. But you would not truly care for this in the long view, because whenever you look backward in life and see yourself, you will see how you learned from these problems. Think of all the knowledge that you have within you. Think how you are learning. When you meet new people and you find out how they are, and you say, what an interesting person. See that person as an advantage to you perhaps because they are so unusual. You think, what a nice person! When you enjoy the friendship, but you meet others and you turn away because they do not make you feel right. But there are times when you cannot endure another.

These are our struggles, and I cannot make it otherwise as I have just said. It is life, but know that you are progressing, you are struggling onward, and know that tomorrow you may be laughing, you may be crying, I do now know. But is a tomorrow, and it will be yours, absolutely yours, to do with as you will. You can help yourself. Be as strong as you can. Know that you are a very very wonderful being. You have the spark of divinity within you, you belong to the Father of us all. You have had many lives. You are part of those lives. You are a unique being; you are an individual. You are you. Do not feel inadequate, do not let others put you down. Be strong, knowing that you are a child of God, knowing that you have potential, knowing that you can climb mountains. If a mountain appears before you, you look at it and you will see if there is a pathway that will make it easier. You look and you discover that there is a pathway, it may be steep but you reach the top, and you look at the glorious view, and you think how wonderful. That is life. You climb a mountain. Sometimes you are in a valley. Sometimes you are on a hillock. You have different stages of your life, and each one has a road, a pathway, a place that will aid you. There is always a way out. Sometimes we have to stay in a certain place for a certain time, but finally we can leave it and proceed. These stations where we wait and we struggle become like a map. When you look at a map and you say I wonder if it is that road or this road, and you choose and you progress along it, but it isn’t the right one, you retrace your steps, and choose another, and lo, it is right. It is life, you have to make your own decisions. You have to think it out. Your guardian will help you when you help yourself. You understand? He cannot live your life for you. He is not meant to live every moment but he is there to help you live, try to smooth out the corners, help you to see how to help yourself, and then you live it.

I have been talking about friendship and family and struggle. This is life. One cannot be there without the other. All is woven like a tapestry together. But I see today as I gaze upon you that there are many here who have, since I began to talk to you, been struggling along, and the lessons they have learned have been advantageous. Sometimes you have felt that we have abandoned you, but that is not true, and you have found this out. You are not abandoned, not ever, for always there is someone to help you. Always. When I say always, there is your guardian, there is your family, there are your friends, there is always someone. It is not good to live alone, it is not good to think that you are abandoned. Always remember that you are not the centre of the universe, but that you are a part of the universe. An individual, yet part of everything. You are an individual because you are a soul, a soul that has lived a long long time, a soul that has garnered many many ideas, ideals, problems, that has lived so many lives. Yet here you are, and you do not remember those lives, but you are living this one, and you are part of the whole. You are simply this life, you are part of the whole experience. This is the reason for reincarnation, that you have the opportunity to garner, to learn, because when you have touched other lives, other people, you are part of the whole. You are not this, a Canadian, you are a world citizen. Now do you see? You are part of everything. As creation is there and we see it in all its many forms. You may live in Canada but you also live in the world. You are part of that whole world. You are not isolated. Never never see yourself as an isolated being. For if you could see, as I can see, many of you are surrounded by loved ones who have passed on. They are listening to me, and above me are many bright beings also listening, and other spirit people who have been brought to listen. Some have not long passed over, and the lesson to them will be “now you see your life was worthwhile”, and the reasons for it will become clearer.

There is a great throng of people, and yet we are all united together. We are all listening. Do you feel a silence? Yes. This silence is thronging with people. It is the silence of peace. If you were sitting alone in this silence, you may think you are alone. But think of all the people who are out there, all pulsating. You are not alone. You are a child of the universe. You are a child of the world, and all the people who are listening are brethren. We are all brethren. Never never cut yourself off. For if you do you will become so lonely, so sad. There are many voices crying out, for so many people suffer, and so many people are lonely. So find yourself someone to help. I know you will, in the days to come many will be taking people into their homes, and it will be happy. You will feel good. But I will talk about this time later, when we are approaching closer to Christmas. I will have something to say, and that will be time enough.

But I want you, my beloved, my beloved, for you are, as I am linked to the Father and to all my brethren, I am linked to you, and as I told you at the beginning, I am sure you wondered how I could, but when I touch you in my mind, the words are there in your mind, and they will remain a few here and there. Later if you read what I have said, you will say, “Oh yes.” Then we will come closer, because your mind will reach out to me. So we are linked together through the mind. And everlastingly there will be this link, this link of the mind. It is never lost. I want you to try and understand it. For in the spirit world when we think of another, and we want to see that person, we can go, very speedily. And if we want to see them it will be a joyful meeting, yet I may not have seen this person for a long time. But yet there still is a link. That is forged through our association. As you forge links it is the same, for in your mind you remember your friends. Sometimes it is only in the mind, you are too busy to speak, or phone, or visit. But nevertheless in your mind are your friends, or your family, or your family far away. Never is your mind without someone. Always someone is there. So though you are an individual, you are not alone, are you? No, never. There is the family of the world, us in the heavens, those who love you who live in the heavens, and your friends on earth. So join with me together. We all, all above, those around, all together, visible and invisible, join with me in love, love to one another. We are united, we are brethren. We are part of the Father in miniature, but a greater part we are at this moment for we are greater in number. That light is magnified. Think of it, a greater force of power, of that great supreme power, gathered together, many more than you can imagine are gathered here. My voice is heard on high. It is known what I have said to you today. Many have heard me. Think of it, when you are speaking others hear you too. So be careful of your words. Try to let love be your reason for living. It will be difficult but you can try. In the trying you will become stronger and stronger, until you are a strong beam of light within yourself, within your own being. So altogether join in thankfulness to that Supreme Being who gave us life in the beginning, gave us life that we may have everlasting life. In the beginning we may have been a very small light indeed, but we are growing and growing nearer to the greatest light of all. It may take aeons of time, but we are on that ladder. We can climb and climb. It is in this climbing that you become more at peace with the universe, more at peace with one another. That is the meaning of life, that peace shall be our way, that peace shall come upon us, that peace will be forever. So as love descends upon us all, let us know, though we do not understand it, that the forces on high are sending to us their love too, knowing that we struggle, and trying with all their might to help us. That love is now upon us, and we are surrounded and enveloped with a power that can sustain us in the days to come. So fear not my beloved, fear not, for you are God in miniature. Remember your birthright, remember, my beloved, remember.