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~*Teaching #21*~

Good afternoon, my friends. It is my pleasure to be amongst you again, on this day of Fall. Everyone is pleased with the colouring. I know it stirs the soul and pleases the mind, and one looks forward to seeing the colours. I have been wondering in my own mind how it would be if you were in the heavens, and you did not see these colours occur, as we have not a Fall. Now I know there are people who live in the sunshine all the time, and seldom see changes. But when you live in a country such as this, and you see the seasons come and go, it gives you pleasure. I often think, how do people get over this feeling when they are here, and how do they get over the feelings when they are with us. Now you may feel this is a strange question, but my reason for saying it is, colour itself is beautiful as you know, and colour brings you pleasure, and colour can bring you harmony. This is what I am going to speak about for a short time.

Colour in all its manifestations is little thought about in many ways. If the colour is fashionable then it is used. But sometimes when you are decorating, you ponder much upon the colour schemes for your home, and dwellings round about the city, when they are decorating for your pleasure, they give much thought to the colour. When you are in a restaurant, if it is harmonious, you feel better. If the colour is against your liking you will not feel so good, and maybe you will not enjoy your meal. Maybe you do not give this much thought, but I will show you that colour is necessary.

In our heavenly places colour is used in the places where it is necessary, in the places where the mind has to be soothed, and places where the soul is tended, in our homes and in all dwelling places, in buildings where music is, or art. Now most everyone loves blue. Blue is the colour of the sky, and the sea when the sky is blue. This gives you great pleasure. But the reason for the blue sky is harmony and peacefulness. If the sky were any other colour I am sure you would not like it. Have you ever thought about his? If the sky were red, oh, my goodness! It would not please you. Or even if the earth was blue and the sky was green. Think about it. You see, everything has been arranged for your pleasure, for your harmony. Green of the earth is the colour of peacefulness. It does not give you anything to upset you, to set the nerves on edge, to make you unhappy anyway. In fact it is there, and you see it, and you are pleased without knowing it.

In your country here you have so many trees, and this pleases me greatly, because trees are your friends. They truly are. They help to clean the air; they bring you oxygen, they give you pleasure. When they are in blossom they uplift the spirit. It is the trees that give you the paper, and they give you the wood to build your houses. They do so many things, the trees. Where would you be without them? In my opinion their greatest use is their beauty, the overall pleasure of the senses. There are some who would pull the trees down, but you would be losing if they did. Now when you think about these things, the everyday things of your life, the colours, the blue, the green, and the colours of the flowers, you plan your gardens, already you are planning for next year, for the Spring. In all your ways you are thinking of colour, colour, colour. Have you thought how it can heal you? How it can uplift you? How your lives would be so dull without it? Muted colouring is the background for brighter colours. Those of you who are artistic understand the reason for so many colours being against green. You know that green is a background that any colour can go against. Now I have said that, you know that the reason for my being here is to show you these little things, that you don’t think about much.

Now in my own life I have much colour. Our maiden has asked me sometimes if it’s not too much, all this colour, all this beauty, and do not the senses reel when there is so much beauty? But I can assure you, it is arranged such as your world is, so that we see it and adore it. In our places where we heal the spirit when they come to us, when the people have been very sick upon the earth, when the spirit is bruised, they need to have a time of rest, healers to move amongst them, putting rays into their souls, into their spirit form, and the room is full of colour and soft music, and so the spirit is healed. Why do we need these colours? Well, as the Creator must have thought, to uplift us, to heal us, and to inspire us. What artist could live without colour? You could not live without it. Then those in the world who are makers of clothing, and they bring you into certain fashions, and they have dullness, and have everyone dressed in grey or in black. Some people think it is the time, there is a reason for it, it is because the world is sad, or it is time that people dressed this way, whatever reason they use. But do you, when you see these colours, do you feel good? I don’t think so. I don’t think I have ever seen black in the heavens, in our own realms. I truly don’t remember ever seeing it. Nor grey, nor some of the colours of the spectrum that are in that area. But I know you cannot wear bright colours in the city, they soon get dirty. Soon the soot would blacken you. But in our world where we do not have these things, pollution .... we are not hurt by darkness, so we do not have to worry about what colour we will wear today when we go out, what we will wear tomorrow, or what colour we will do our home, what colour we will put upon the floor. All these things are arranged for us, according to our spirituality. When we do not have to worry, and it comes about, and it is there, and we look at it and say, “Well that is what I am. That is me, as I am seen.” It gives one rather mixed feelings. When you are higher the feelings are of joy, but when lower, it can hurt, when one sees oneself portrayed in colour. Colour is upon our beings, and it is us. Colour is around about our dwellings, and it is us. You may think, would it not be rather strange, but no. It is muted and put in a way that is pleasing. We do not know what law governs this, we are not fully aware how it works. When I say this, you may wonder. Sometimes I think people believe that we know everything, but we do not know everything. We can not, because we are not at the apex of knowledge. We are travelling onward, and we have great light, it is true. But still we are not at the highest. And we are not fully aware how these things come about, and what mind put it there. But it is pointless to ponder this, and try to work it out, because it is, and that is all there is to it. It is. So it is for us, the colours are ours, and we can do nothing about it, because it is us.

Now on earth you can wear any colour you like. You can decorate with your choice, and use colour as you wish. But in our world, no. In our world the colour is put upon you and around you. These colours enhance us, give us pleasure, and make us feel peaceful, put us at our ease. Now if you understood yourselves, understood how you really are, the real being, you could perhaps help yourself in this way. But you do not, and the best you can do is to wear something you feel comfortable in. Now many people wear earth colours, because they feel it is peaceful, and many other colours can go against these earth colours. But it is true, and it isn’t a colour that will make you feel odd. But there are some people who cannot wear red, and some people who adore red, it gives them energy. Some people feel wonderful in blue. Some in gold. Some in pink. So it is. If you feel very well in a colour, it means that it helps you. It truly does, it helps you. You know you have been told about the colours coming from music, and the beautiful colours that spread from melody, and have you thought about the colours that come from yourself, the colours in your aura? Why is your aura coloured? We do not know the answer to this either. But it is coloured, and the colours change constantly, with new thoughts and actions they are constantly changing. When you are happy it is a beautiful warm pink. When I look at you now I see much pink and blue and green. There is a hazy hazy look about the room. Pink and blue and green, because you are feeling content at this moment, and at peace. Some of you are not feeling too well, and the healers are working with you, and they are applying colour to you. But the colour is not the healing itself, particularly. When the healers use colour, it is to quickly recognize the force they wish to use. But of course they use their hands and instruments also. When they want to soothe the mind and the body, or bring peace or energy, they use rays. These rays themselves are colourless, but they colour them for quick recognition. Also it gives them pleasure too, from the colours. So you see this room is a mass of colour. There you are coloured all blue, pink and blue, and green and lilac and orange, all differently coloured, painted with a different colour but coloured. And you are beautiful. Why do you think the Creator made us thus? That there is colour around us? Is it not that it can help us? If we were all brown or all grey, we would not feel so nice in our magnetic field. We see the world as grey mist. This is what we term as ‘going through the mists.’ We cannot see you really in this mist. So do not think that spirits are gazing upon you, for they are not. But when you lighten up the grey with the pink, and the light of your soul, when your soul glows with a light like an electric bulb in your chest, some of these bulbs are small and some are larger, but there is an electric light inside you. It looks that way to us at least. So there you are, pink, lilac, blue, orange, with an electric light in your chest. Ha, ha. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could plug yourself in, and save yourself much on your electrical bills? You are electric you know, you are a force. We are too. I am sure you have heard our maiden tell you sometimes how electric we are, and how warm. Many people say that when people go to hell they burn in flames. Well we know differently, for when you go to darkness it is cold. We are warm. It seems so strange to us. But we are not uncomfortable. As you enjoy the sun’s rays and like the warmth, we are comfortable in our warmth. As you go higher you become warmer and warmer, it is an electric force. It becomes very strong. You yourselves are electric. So here we are, all colour, and all electric, and you have electric power in the universe, and you cannot see it but it is there. Those people who have had the minds to tap it and use it, because of them you have it now for your rooms and you are comfortable because of it. But all the time it was there, and no-one knew. All the time we are here, and a lot of people are unaware of us, and a lot who are unaware that they are electric and have auras. As you sit there you are blended together, everyone’s aura blending with his neighbour, and all the colours mixing, and what is this doing? It is fine if you love one another and are friends. You know this. I have told you previously about harmony, and the mixing of auras, and the blending of auras of those who are not comfortable with you, and how you are not comfortable with some people. Sometimes you walk into a room and you feel like turning around and walking away. Isn’t it true? Sometimes you go into a room and you feel very good. Why is this, you ask. It is the harmony within, the people who dwell there. Some people buy homes and cannot dwell in them because the previous occupants were not living in harmony, or were evil. You know yourself, how in your own workaday life, how some people please you and some are disharmonious to you. How do you think their colour is? The colours of those people who are not happy are brown and grey, and different shades of grey and brown. So there you are. Colour is everywhere, in every part of your life, and it will be forever and ever.

Coloured beings. When you look at the spirit world, say I took you to the realm of self-awareness, now it takes most people quite a time to reach this, and people are at least aware of every thought, of the reason they are there, the reason for their every movement through the spheres to this place, the reason it took them time, the reason they can now feel content, and as they look they see the colours of their fellows, the people, men and women, and they see the colours as they have not seen them previously. They marvel. If they had been looking at them before they arrived in this area, and had been looking at them a little way off, they would have seen misty colours in movement, something like a hazy colour moving. Then as they draw nearer they see people going about their own business. But their own pleasure in being in this area is wonderful to behold. The colours are such that sometimes I have seen them standing and simply gazing and gazing, walking around looking at everything in a bemused state, as if they could not believe their eyes. This colour they think is so beautiful, but wait until they reach the next stage, and then they see it even more intense, and they see even more colours in the spectrum. This is how it is. You will say, how can it be? That is the wonder of our world, because we do see changes as they proceed onward and onward. I am sure you would agree with me that it is very necessary for change to take place, because if there is eternity and it was the sameness, we would become very bored, don’t you agree? So there is this constant change, changes of the atmosphere, changes of colour, changes in the buildings, changes because everything is differently expressed, and I can’t tell you anything else because you would not understand. But knowing that it is so, and that colour plays the most important part in your lives will help you to understand why your world is so coloured. When you have the blossoms in Spring, which some of you will be planning when planting your gardens, and when you see the blossoms on the trees, your soul is uplifted. There is no doubt about it, and after the winter it seems it comes as a great blessing. What a blessing! Why do you think your earth has these colours? Why if people in your world are not all good, why is everyone sharing? Have you ever thought about this? I don’t suppose you have. Well, I have seen this thought in our maiden’s mind, and I thought it was a very good one, to dwell upon. She did not think that everyone shouldn’t dwell in beauty, but she thought that as all people are different, they all dwell in the same place, then there is a sharing by good and evil and the mediocre. But in the heavens I heard her say it is not so, you are in your own place, and you do not share only with a like kind. So while you are on the earth, those of you who are different do share the beauty. Why do you think this is? It is to show every soul that God is beauty. For how else could the Father of creation show himself/herself?

What is God? What can the Great Force of Love be? I can only say that it must be as we are, a mixture. As you know, we are male and female, every one. So it must be so. The Great Spirit as shown to us, that beauty is he/she. In the beauty it is giving us the indication that beauty is for everyone. Always will be. You in your part of the world have an abundance of beauty. Many other countries also have such colour, vibrant colours, and this vibrancy is such beauty that you cannot express it yourself. Many artists have attempted it. But there is always a lacking, they can never quite capture its true essence. So God is manifested in every place and in beauty, and everyone whether they are lacking or deserving, they share it. But it gives those who are not so nice the opportunity to see that God is beautiful, even if it does not enter their minds they do like it, and it gives them pleasure, and when they are cast into the greyness, they miss it very much.

Now you see the reason why those who do not love their brothers/sisters are cast into the greyness or the darkness. They’re cast into that state of no beauty, and what they miss most of all is the light and the colour, and the warmth. They have had it but now they are without it. Whoever thought this out knew that the soul longs for colour more than any other beauty. Because when you think about it, we cannot do without it. You know how your eyes are attracted to colour. Colour everywhere? So the thing that is taken from those who are evil is this light, this colour and this warmth. I know that those who are in those places detest this with all their being, they detest it. You know how it is when it is grey here? You have fog, or a heavy overcast day, and you do not feel good. But the moment the day changes and you have the sun, how you are uplifted, how the colours are seen again, how the sea becomes blue again. The other day when we were walking with our maiden, we saw this. We saw this greyness, and we thought we would be glad when the sun shone again. But it also makes us think again of the souls who are not so fortunate, and you on the earth have this opportunity too, to see this greyness, to know that it does exist, to know that it could be forever and forever. So you have these states of being where you live, and many take them for granted, how many people think it will never be thus. I am sure that it has never entered your mind. You think that as long as the world will last that you will have this. But you do not think that those colours you see are a plan. I can assure you that those colours have been planned, and they still are being planned for you. Sometimes those flowers change colour. People find new strains, and the colour changes and you say, how lovely. This gives you an idea that colours can change and change. And do you think that the Great Mind of the Creator is sitting still? I can assure you that it is not. Because in our realms when we meet those who are higher than us and we ask them questions, and we do this at every opportunity, we are always trying to find out, just as you are always anxious to find out what is before you, and we find that the minds above are forever considering the earth plane, and considering what they can do to enhance your life. This may surprise you, but you have heard previously from me how all good things come to you from us, that the minds that have the gift of creation in any field do not die when entering our world, but their minds become more alert, and they are always creating. They cannot stop it, that’s the way they are made. So they keep on and on, and then one day on the earth someone will be tinkering about, and suddenly discover something, and lo, you have a new gadget or attachment or something, something for you. Do you think that it is by chance alone that the world has progressed? That all the things came by chance? No. Minds saw them and gave them to you. Many things you have we gave to you, to use to help mankind. But mankind has used many of them for man’s destruction, has turned them about to use for evil purposes. But you have the opportunity, you have free-will, and we cannot deter you from doing this. You have free-will, and you put them to these purposes. So into the mind that created colour, and the minds that have always been, and always will work for you, are these minds perfectly still? No, and you can expect your world to come into greater beauty when mankind on earth changes, when man/womankind on earth becomes better, when the greater mass of people change, and more love spreads out amongst you, it can become more beautiful. If the mass of thinking is duller and darker, it will hold you back from this pleasure. But as we view you, you go in cycles, and then sometimes you have a greater influx of beauty, and then sometimes there is greyness, and you will see the fashions become very dull. Then again they become very very beautiful, and people will decorate their houses differently. It seems as if this thought penetrates the whole world. If you could see your world as we do, a light like clouds breaking away from the sky, a light mass and a dark mass, and they are coming together. Sometimes the light penetrates the darkness, sometimes the darkness penetrates the light. You will see this in patches all around. It is your thinking, it is your actions and no beautiful colour is penetrating to you.

When I see you now and I see all the colour, it is hard to believe that round about in the atmosphere are all the other thoughts darting hither and thither. Because in this little oasis they are held at bay, and there is light here and there is peace. If only I could take it and wave a wand and put this everywhere, and your world would become instantly beautiful. Can you believe it? You see if mankind was always in this frame of mind, you would have heaven on earth. So often we long that this state would continue. When we are with you, or in our maiden’s home where it is so peaceful, we wish these states could be around about you always. For we wish all happiness for you, and all beauty. We do not wish that any single soul shall be otherwise. Can you see that there are millions of us in the heavens, those of us who are in light, and we long that the earth would change, and that it would be a globe of light? But it seems to us that when we have the opportunity of seeing large masses of light we are inclined to think that the world looks beautiful. Many see the light penetrating the greyness. Sometimes shafts of light penetrate, it is the lights of those who are lovely in soul, I mean. Remember that when you are shining your light does penetrate the greyness of your world, and I mean the spiritual part, around you. Wee lights shine out like little candles glowing, and they flicker, and we know that there are people there who are at least living the way we like it. If there were no little lights the world would be in darkness, and you would all be most unhappy. But the lights are shining, and the colour penetrates the greyness. When we come to you we see you like a beacon shining in the greyness. We see your pink and we see the light of your soul, and soon we are close and we see you. But most of all and what is most important is the colour of your aura, and the glow of your soul-light. That is the most important thing about you, not the beauty of your countenance, or the beauty of your hair, or the beauty of your body, but the beauty of your soul. If you are beautiful without and your soul is dark, how sad! Perhaps there are some amongst you who do not favour themselves too well, most people do not, so I find. Everyone would like to be different, but it seems to be the way of life. But if you could see your own soul, and see your aura, if you could see yourself this way, then you would be more careful of your thoughts.

Try and imagine, I know it is difficult, yourself as a pink mass all around, depending on the beauty of your soul is the width of your aura. Try to see yourselves all in a nice pink blue. See all the colours in the pink. Now if you were walking around and you could see this, and you could see the grey and the brown, and the dark flashes of the dark thoughts, you would know instantly who was good and who was thinking bad thoughts. Do you think it would make you comfortable or happy? I don’t think so somehow, because you would be very aware, but at least you would know whom to avoid. It would make your life here much much more simple. But we have this gift and we see everyone as a portrait, and we know who you are instantly. But we do not criticize you because we have had many many lives, and we have been through many difficulties, and we know what it is to live on the earth in difficulty. We know absolutely how difficult it is to keep serene. When we tell you to try to keep serene, to be still, or at peace, the reason we do this is that in a peaceful state you are more able to work out your problems. When you are agitated you can not think clearly. We know that you will be agitated at times, we know that you will be unhappy, we know that you will be sad, but if you can be still, achieve a state of stillness through love, love of your fellow beings, then this stillness will be your armour, the armour by which you keep away from you all troubles. You can keep them as it were outside yourself, and deal with them in a way that does not bring you unhappiness. It can be done, I have seen it happen. But it is a state that takes quite a time to achieve. But it is so worthwhile, so worthwhile, for you will see yourself glowing brightly, the beautiful tender pink, with lovely blue, pink, and lilac.

When you are in the stage of self-awareness, and the stage about it, these are the colours that you will be constantly clothed in. They will change as you progress. But on earth you do not have these in abundance, you have some in the pink. But when you are growing and steadily, then these colours grow. How fortunate you would be if you could go to the state of self-awareness at once, but so few attain this. But I would like to see all of you here attain it. That is why I come, to help you to understand that it isn’t merely trying to be a good person, the merely trying does not always work. It is the living, the everyday challenge, whatever it may be, how you are going to see your brethren, how you are going to deal with them. I know your difficulties, I have watched people and I have heard people, and I know the bombardment with which you are assailed sometimes. My heart does feel sorrow for you. I shouldn’t say hear, I don’t have one, but my soul. It is so easy to fall into the words of earth when one dwells here so long. But my soul aching for you does not help you. But if I were to put my hand upon you and put peaceful rays into you, I would at least help you then. I would help you to be still. If I said, “Brother, be still,” and put my hand upon you, you would feel peaceful and more able to deal with your dilemma. Would you see colour when I put my hand upon you? No, but it would be there. So you see, today colour is the word, and colour is you, and colour is me. Colour is all the spirit world, and colour is the earth. Every word I say I seem to say colour, because I want you to see yourself, your brethren, the whole universe, all the worlds that are, in some way they will be coloured, maybe not always beautifully coloured, but some colour. When you look at the deep blue of the sky in the Summer and it fills your soul with delight, say to yourself, “The Creator was indeed kind and clever to put the world as it is. To put the sky blue and the earth green, and its foliage brown and red. All these colours are harmonious, and everything blends.”

Now you cannot say that mankind blends his colours, not fully. You may sometimes see a house that is painted in a way that offends you, you may see someone walking around in such a mixture of colours, you may say that person has no colour sense, but that person may love colour but have no understanding how to put it together. But the Great Mind that fashioned the world and you, knew how to put flowers, knew how to put streams and rivers, knew how to create everything that is, and how everything came a part is a wonder. Truly miraculous, you would say, but there had to be a mind behind it. That mind saw beauty, and that mind saw you in beauty, and fashioned you in beauty, and you yourselves are colour. Many colours in mankind, the colour of your eyes, your skin, your hair. How you are all different, how you’re all put together. I think that everyone should try to think about this colour, and see it as a means to bring you peace. Because whenever the Spring is here, and the Summer is here, and the Autumn, and the colours assail you, and you are filled with happiness, it is your opportunity to feel peace, and it is your opportunity to say thank you to that mind that gave you these wonderful things. So many walk the world and never lift their eyes above the pavement. They do not look up at the sky, they do not look at the trees, nor do they look at the grass beneath their feet. Their minds are filled with something, occupying them and everything else is oblivion. You know these people. But there are others who see everything in all its glory, who know that there is beauty implanted in us so that we can express it in all we do, in the arranging of flowers, in cooking, in putting the food in such a way that it enhances the eye to tempt the appetite. In every way colour is used, and colour is seen. Sometimes we see colour in a large mass around a place, let us say on the earth when we are coming here, and we wonder what is occurring. But if we look when we come closer, we can see and we know that the people in there are praying or singing or planning. Because the thought is arising from them, and the colour of their auras, and there is this mass, and it is penetrated. When they are praying their thoughts reach out, and would you think these thoughts are light? Now think about it. Are these thoughts of people in a mass prayer, are they all light? Think about it carefully, because, “No”, is the answer. Many many people pray, and their thoughts do not rise, because their thoughts are selfish. Many people pray and they have been praying these words, and they say them automatically. So they are wasted. If people are praying for others and they visualize the person, yes, there will be light. In every time it depends upon the thought. You can be on the pavement in a busy throng, and your soul may be touched with compassion because you see someone who is afflicted, and your soul will be touched to such a state that your mind will say, “Oh poor thing!” and you will feel it, and you will say, “God help that poor soul,” maybe not those exact words but with that meaning. And you will really mean it, and your thoughts will go out. It will be a flash of light, an instant flash of light which comes from the soul. It comes from the inner self, it has meaning, it has force. Now do you see what I mean? Thoughts that are empty and that are said over and over, repetitious prayer is useless. But a spontaneous thought that comes from you can be beautiful, and a prayer that is for others, a prayer for others, a light is sent out. You are illumined at that moment.

Why is it that there are some people that fill you with happiness? You feel that there is something light about them. There are other people who fill you with sadness. You feel they are all dark.

Why is it when a person dies and you look at that person and all is still, and you say to yourself, “Where is that person?” The soul and the spirit have flown and there is a stillness, a lack, no colour. All cold. The pink, the blue, whatever has been around that person in their aura, has gone. That is the trouble. That body is lying there. It is a shell. It is chemical, and the soul and the spirit have flown, and all the colour has gone, and you sense it. Sometimes when a loved one comes close and you feel a lovely warmth, you know there is life. Warmth is colour. When you are with a little child, and he is full of life, if you could see it with our eyes it is a dancing colour. When a child is running around and is very active, we see the colour moving so swiftly. Now a little one who is new and running round full of colour and life, very vibrant, and an older person in death, so difficult to show you. The aura in an older person who is ill becomes very narrow. The force is leaving. But if an older person is very vibrant, it is still there. But when they are going it is very narrow. But when there is a new life this force is vibrant. You see the little ones like a rainbow moving and darting. It is a very vibrant colour because it is new. Of course I am speaking of health. It is like butterflies flitting, you understand. How they move about from flower to flower. The little ones dart around and we see this colour. In the heavens when the little ones play, we do not see the aura so readily in the heavens because it is all colour anyway. But when we see the little ones play in the heavens we hear their voices, we hear their happy laughter and it makes us feel good. In the realms of spirit people need the youth as well as the maturity. Though we do not become very old in the heavens it is always nice to see the little ones. I know that you are sad when a little child dies, but sometimes it must be so, because some souls do not need a long time on the earth, they simply need a small space, and then they must return and continue their journey in the heavens. So we have these little ones and those who attend them, and all is happiness. So I wish you to see in this life, when there are little babies in light, the children growing, and adults, and you watch this, you see life changing all around you, you see everything as a design. You wonder, and you say, “My, isn’t life going ahead at a very fast pace.” And it is. But what you do not see is that the world itself around you is practically unchanging. You have the seasons and all the colour, and no matter if the years roll by, you have this continuity of earth. This in itself gives you comfort, because in the face of all the change, you have this, you know it will be there. You hope it will. You do not give it much thought, but you know you are enjoying whatever season you have, whatever way you are living at that time, whatever your station in life, whatever your happiness, whatever it is, whatever state you are in, the world is progressing with you. Everything is a plan. Everything is planned, right down to the littlest grain of sand. When you look at that grain of sand, and there are a myriad grains, you could not possibly count them, know that that grain of sand was planned. The mind that foresaw all things knew that it would come about, knew that the world would progress and change, that mankind would progress and change. But I am wondering, did that mind think that it would take so long? Or was it planned that it would be so? The world is millions and millions of years old. I can look back at a life, so far back, and I can look back at other lives that stretched from then. Even then I thought the world old, because of its contours and what I could see, and I thought each time that it was old, and would never change. Each time I gazed upon it and saw a different scene as my lives were worked out in different lands.

Did my soul sometimes ache for rain when I lived in a desert, or did I long for the sun when I lived in an arid place? I have been through all stages of life, as you have. I did not reach this state I am in overnight. It has taken many many lives, many many temptations, many mistakes, many many tears, much much happiness, oh yes, joy always in some place, always joy, always music of some kind, always singing, always dancing. Why do we have this music, singing and dancing, even amongst the backward people? Is it there by chance do you think? No, it is planned too, to uplift you. When life is hard and grinding, the music, the dance can lift you out of yourself. No matter what country, no matter how dull or ignorant, there is always music of some kind. It may be primitive, but they need that. They need the music, the voice, the dance, to enhance life. You know, when you have an evening out, and you enjoy yourself, or you listen to music, or you sing, or someone else sings to you, or you hear a group of musicians or a choir, you know how you enjoy these things, and how you come away from such enjoyment feeling uplifted. You know these gifts are so wonderful. You know that the mind that gave us these gifts thought out everything that was needed. Everything to satisfy us, to help us through our life. I can tell you in many many lives I have been so happy that the music was there, for I do love music. And so happy about the dance, and the voice, many many times. It is not by chance that we have musicians amongst us, not by chance that many are gifted. How dull our lives would be without these gifted people. When they sing to you, or you hear the music, such colour arises from about them. So you know that God the Creator saw colour when He saw mankind, knows that colour is creation. When I say to you, to see others bathed in light, does light have colour? You know it does, all colour. We cannot see it but it is made up of many colours, so when I ask you to see those you love, those you feel for, bathed in the perfection of light, that is the most holy. When I say try to see light bathed all over, and see the planet bathed in light, so that you can bring harmony to all mankind, I do not ask you to do this lightly, I ask you because I know the light can help you. For the light is purity, and the light holds all colour, and will bring peace. If you could see with the eye of the clairvoyant, you would see dancing colour, and you would see flashing lights. You know when the lightning flashes in the sky, when there is thunder, and you see a big flash. It is frightening for some people, but that is power. That lightning does help our earth. It brings energy. Afterwards there is a feeling about everything, there is a force. It is a kind of sizzling which is hard to describe to you. But storms do bring this force around about you. There is a great deal of electricity in the air, and you are more vibrant, and so are the trees, and the grass, and the animals. It is as if you are recharged. Most everything has its good side, lightning and thunder are frightening, but it does aid the earth. It gives you the opportunity to understand the great power, the great force of nature. When you view nature when she is angry, when there are great storms, then you feel small, just like a grain of sand. But you are not unknown, even though you are feeling small as a grain of sand. This great force of nature does bring disaster to some, but why? It is there because the earth has evil. Many men thinking to hurt their brethren, many men raised against another, and they raise this force of thought that brings this disquieting, it is terrible to see. But nature does not act because of the thoughts themselves, I do not wish you to think this way. I am trying to show you that when there is darkness upon the earth, it does affect your earth. Because everything acts. When you see your thoughts going forth, when you see your auras charged with electricity, when you see all the colour, and when you see the darkness, if mankind was not raised against his brother, and all was peace as it is now, in this room, there would not be the storms. I do not know how it comes about, I know it happens. You see, in our realms they are all different, but they are different because of us who dwell there, because we are different. If you dwell in greyness, it is because you are selfish. If you dwell in mediocre light it is because you are improving. If you are in a summer’s day light, then you are improving more and more, and so on. If our states of being are thus, because of what we are, why shouldn’t your earth be treated the same? You are all mixed up together and so you have the sun, the rain, the storms. You share everything together. But I know, I do indeed know, that if the world could come into peacefulness, and men understood that they are brethren, if religions did not set men against each other, then there would be no need for storms, you would have the rain because you need it for your grass and your flowers, but you would not have the storms, or the pests that you have. It is the same way that you find some people are never ill. You ask yourself why it is. It is because they have earned this. You see it before you, you see it in one another. It is very difficult to point this out to you, but if you enjoy good health, you know that you have no great difficulty to overcome, and you are very fortunate, because when you leave this life you will be in light, that is, if you are progressing, if the rest of your life is progression. If you are always ill, then you may have something to work out, but you may change it by your way of life, by your thinking. When you are ill, is it the thoughts that you have just had, or is it your past existence? If you are very ill, it is most likely a past existence. But you can help yourself by your thinking, your acts, by trying to be happy, if you can see if there is a reason. No-one is punished. These difficulties come upon us because of our own mistakes. No-one is condemned to everlasting pain or suffering. These things pass, because we change ourselves. We have the ability to make ourselves happier, we have the equipment, we have the mind. No-one is condemned to everlasting doubt or fear or sickness, just as the world can change by everyone changing.

When you are serene, and try very hard not to be bitter because of your affliction, you help yourself tremendously, and you grow. The soul that blames every other person and God for their affliction, is not helping themselves. But a soul that can smile in affliction understands the law, and is progressing and will change. How is it that many come to us for healing and some can be healed immediately? It is because they have reached that state where they have earned it. Why do some have to wait? Because they have not earned yet the right to be healed. But some do reach it, and it is wonderful, for we know then that the soul has come into its own. We are so happy for that being. That person’s environment changes because of the happiness, all around are happier. Now do you see how the world could change if all could be in that state, because it does happen in a smaller way in your own homes as you are changed. Can you not see how the whole mass of the world could change? Yes, if you see it in a small way, you can see it in the whole. That is why I wish you to try and help. You may think that you are one person only, but there are a number of you, and you can help by telling others. Every one of you can spread out, and every one of you here by their own thinking and living can help just where you are. You can help in your own environment, and bring others into the light. So help the world in general. Do not think that you are like a grain of sand, a nothing. You are someone, you are an individual, and you have power, greater power than you ever recognize. You are a powerful being. You have a mind. Use it, and grow!

Now I see you all as a mass of light and colour. I ask once again those above to send down the power of the heavens to bless you, and to bring you into greater peace and greater understanding that we above do love and care for you, that for all your days you will be blessed. Because the love of the Father is a constant flow through us to you. There is a never ending flow, never ending. So today in this beautiful room there is pink and blue and gold and green and orange, and downflowing is gold and blue to add to it. This room is a part of the heavenly force at the moment. You may be on the earth at the moment, but you are covered in heavenly power. So realize this and feel the love, the love that is the Father, the love, the greatest love that is, the perfect love.

My brethren, thank you for listening.