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~*Teaching #20*~

Good afternoon my friends. I am so happy to be with you again. Since I saw you I have been rather busy, and I have thought things over, and I have decided to take you on a little journey. Many times we have been in the spirit world and we have discovered a few people, but I would like to take you today into a place of endeavour, where many people labour and many feel at times that their labour is in vain. Now there are a number of you who at times would like someone you know to have your knowledge. You worry, hoping that if you do proceed it will be accepted. But usually you do have a feeling if the person is ready. In the heavens we also are aware of the mind and the soul of the being before us. But we also know the life that has been lived and the reason they are in the place they are.

Now today I will take you to a place known as the place of Supreme Endeavour. Supreme Endeavour means that they have a lot to learn, that they have a lot to go through, but it is not darkness, it is grey. Now lately you have had fog in the place you live. You have an understanding what greyness means. In the winter months it can be very dark and grey. But this greyness is the lighter grey of a dull day, something like a pale fog. Now if people are in this area, the reason is that selfishness has been their way. Mostly it is selfishness that holds people back. These people had every opportunity, as all have, as you have free will. But their opportunities were not taken, rather did they indulge in their own delights, and I do not mean the senses. I mean many take delight in hurting others, in viciousness, in criticism. If people enjoy hurting people in this way, every hurt they give to another rebounds upon themselves, and their soul suffers and becomes dimmer. If people could see the results upon themselves of this deliberate action, do you think they would seek? I would like you to think this over, because many, even though they know, even though they stand before us and we give them the inspiration and the knowledge, they will not alter!

Now you would think that if people knew the results of their actions, knew that they are holding themselves back, you would think that they would change, would you not? Yes.

Well, it is not so! This is why I want you to think carefully about this today. Many people in this world are aware that what is sown is reaped. They are taught it in Christianity, and in other religions. The result of cause and effect upon your souls is instant. When in our realms it is visible, because the body alters, not simply the soul but the body, and this is another reason you would think that they would change, if the visibility of their own self is before them. Now how do you deal with people who do not wish to change, who prefer their own way? We strive to act upon the senses, that is the inner sense of feeling. It is hard to put it into words, the feelings are very sensitive. So we act upon the feelings. We show them their life, we show them tender moments in their lives that they have lived, possibly with their children when they were little ones. This usually brings out the tender feelings in the human being. So we take them back to this in time, and we watch to see the result upon them. We can do it. We try and hold them into that moment, that moment of feeling. We hope that now they will stay there for a time, and understand that hurtfulness is not the way, that hurtfulness is hurting themselves. So we strive to hold them there, in that peace, that period. We do not know, we hope. That is all we have, the hope that we can hold them there long enough so that they can change, even just a little. One little step forward is wonderful. Truly. One step can lead to another. It is then we can rejoice. Sometimes we labour long without one step happening. It takes such patience, you would not understand. But we have time, and we have love in our being. So patience, love and lots of time are at our disposal, and so we can wait.

Wait we do. We return and return and return. Sometimes we find that the person we have been dealing with has made some progress. What joy we feel when that one person, or what we have been dealing with, changes and begins to progress, a little, a little more, then a little more. But think of the years it has taken. Often it takes years, depending upon the individual. I am sure you cannot imagine it. But if you could see humanity as we see you, you would understand that it can be. These people of course, are very much into this way. Many of them have been in these areas for hundreds of years, simply rejecting that which is given them. They don’t understand that to be in light is pleasant.

Many people who are in greyness or in darkness view us who come to serve them with suspicion. They think that we are holy holy holy, and that joy, laughter and enjoyment is not our way. They believe to be holy is to be dull. They think that their ways are pleasurable, so they do not make the effort. Sometimes we have to cast scenes before them, as you are aware, we have touched on this previously. But we can with our minds throw a scene before them, a scene of the heavens not too far ahead, but partially. Then we show them people enjoying themselves. We show them various stages of enjoyment to show them it isn’t dull. This does surprise them. But they somehow don’t trust. This may surprise you, but they do not always trust us, they feel they may be trapped. This is a way to trap them showing them pleasure. When people are suspicious they do not trust anyone. So it takes even more than this. If we are at a time when we feel we must do something very very different, we often throw a mantle over them and take them on a little journey. We take them upwards a little, for a brief space of time, and we let them see for themselves. Let them stand for a moment in another vibration, so that they can feel it, feel it, feel the atmosphere. Feel the change, see the changes, see the people, the robing, the difference, and see happiness is their way. This often is enough. But it cannot be that we keep them there overlong, because the vibrations are too much for their body.

As people descend, their bodies become heavier, become heavier and heavier. This lighter vibration is very difficult to withstand. You know how difficult it would be for you to be immediately transported to the desert from the Arctic. Your body would be unable to adjust so quickly. It is something the same.

These difficulties do not depress as unduly. They are a challenge. As you have challenges in life, we have ours. We do not wish you to believe that our life is simply one of enjoyment itself. No. Our endeavours are great challenges, the heavier the challenge, the more that we enjoy it. To put our wit as it were, against those who are quite able, when you understand there are many who have a very able mind, and they are in this greyness. They try to trap us when questioning them. Their answers try to trap, because they have the brain, and they counter whatever we put to them. Can you see this?

They do not respect us, because we lower our vibrations to get to them. They do not really and truly know who we are, but they do sense that we have wisdom. There is a feeling, but they are not truly afraid. So they give us question for question, and we delight in this, because it gives us a greater enjoyment to be able to pin someone down who has ability. That is a normal human trait. I know that if you have ability yourself, you do enjoy using your mind.

When a person is dull it is easier to win them over, because they deal with the senses more than with the mind. It is usually when people are dull that their emotions rule them, the emotions and the senses. So if you bring a person who is dull back to a time when they were feeling very tender, you can sway them much easier than a brighter being, who will know and understand you more. You see this is quite a different aspect. So you see, in all the endeavours we have we have to use different methods for different people. When we have people before us who are inclined to enjoy much of the sensuousness of earth, when they arrive in our world, this is a part that they miss. Their great despair at the thought of having to be without gives them a sad feeling indeed. But strangely enough, even in that area they do feel the depth of feeling that they are capable of. It surprises them that they can love in their own way, that they do have feelings, even though they transcend that place they are in. Nevertheless it is feeling. When they discover this, that lessens their despair, in a measure. Many do not realize that the feelings are there when you arrive in our world, your ways, your feelings, the very essence of you, your very essence. So transport yourself as it were in imagination to our world, and know that as you are at this very moment, that is how you are in that place. I don’t want to take you into that place forever, just temporarily. So we are in this grey place, and it lasts and lasts. You know how you feel when winter is over, and the relief. You know how you feel when a bright day comes here in the winter, bright and cold. You say, “What a lovely day!” and you rejoice. Well, those people do not have a lovely day. Here we are again. Do you not think that they would delight in leaving it when we show them a brighter day with more happiness? This is what I want to speak to you about, the essence of every being, and how we deal with life, and our challenges, and how we deal with every situation, and how you feel when you come upon another who is treating you badly, and who delights in hurting you, and the essence of you rebels, and the essence of you is hurt, and the essence of you wishes to turn away, or the essence of you wishes to do battle, or the essence of you hurts back. You know yourself and how you react. Each one of us is fully aware of our own senses, the way we relate to others, how we give in return. I want you to realize that when you pass to us you do not immediately change, you have your feelings, your essence. I don’t say you will be in greyness, I know you won’t. But you will be in your own area, and you will be your own self, the very essence of you, the kind of being that relates to others in such a way, you know how you do it. You know how you are when someone comes up to you and conversation deals you a blow. It is very difficult. If I said to you, “Pity that person because they are hurting themselves”, you might say, “Oh, it’s easy for you to say such a thing. you are more able.” That is true, but we can begin. Everyone can make a beginning. You can make your first step. If a person hurts you, why not try to understand the reason. You may not be able to, because you have not been in that person’s home, or where they have been of late, where their mind is, on what burden, or what challenge, or what hurt, or simply they are feeling very very mean and it is their way. Now if it is their hurt, you may not understand, but at least you would not quickly retort, because that will bring you into the same state of mind. Rather you should look and say to yourself, “I wonder why?” and try to change the conversation. If a person is mean, and is hurting you through meanness, then what do you do? This is a very difficult question. Difficult to answer here. It is a question of your own essence, of your own way, of the way you are put together. How you relate.

I cannot say to you, “Do this, do that!” I cannot truly, because I do not know you exactly in your very being. I am not there with you and judge you, and see how you act. But I can only judge myself, as you can only judge yourself. These are difficult days. They are the very essence of our lives. So easy to go along every day and shrug these things off. But these things are not shrugged off, for they leave a mark upon you. You may think it’s gone, but one day, pop!, there it is again in your mind, and you dwell upon it again, chew it over, and then once again you may feel these same emotions, and there you are in the state of mind similar to that other being. You yourself are in that state now, and maybe you may criticize that other person, and you could very easily snap and jump at someone close to you because you are in that space, as you put it, at that moment. You see what I mean? It is not easy. These things of the essence of life are difficult. The essence of the very inner self is our true self, that part that no-one sees. I do not say this lightly. How many of you live closely with one another, and you share some of yourself? How many of you stop to think that you are not revealing your essence? Many of you know that you are different when you are alone. Many of you realize that when you are alone you are a different being. You are different because you can be your true self. No-one is there to criticise you, no-one is there to see. You can be the real inner self, for a space of time.

Now is that essence of you, that real you, kind, tolerant, compassionate, a true servant, a loving being, one who loves his/her brethren, who sees humanity as a unit, a portion, each one of the greater force of light? Do you see yourself as a fragment of the Great Force of love? That penetrates the earth in every stone and grain of sand? Or do you feel isolated? If you feel isolated, fear not, you are not alone. Your inner self is linked to all creation. If you are still you can hear the inner voice of life. It is not dull or dead. There is a hum. There is a force. It may be very silent for some, but it is there. When you grow and grow, you will see what I mean. It isn’t distressful. But it is an awareness that you are alive, truly alive, and that you belong. Do you think a grain of sand is nothing? That it is unaware of the other grains of sand around it? It may be. But nevertheless it has an essence. That essence penetrates every grain of sand that it is touching. Every stone has the same ability, every blade of grass. Are you the lesser? Why do you think you are alone? You are not alone. You are part of the universe.

If you open up and cast away the fears, the doubts, the shadows, and know that you are being blessed because you are here, you are able to take up once again the challenge. If you could see, as we see, the result of each life that we live, and the many many opportunities this life gives us, the many people we meet, the many we see every day, even if one looks out the window, the birds, the animals, the creatures that love us. We are not alone. Loneliness is an awful place to be in, if one believes they are lonely. Of course it is a state of mind. If you go through your life from the time you remember it, you will see that you have enjoyed many many pleasures. These pleasures were with others. As you grew older you touched other people, you spread your wings, you moved around, and you found others, not always were they pleasurable, but nevertheless a lesson was being learned. It is so that we must see every experience of our lives as an opportunity, if you have the great good fortune to help another. If you can but truly help one, how wonderful! How wonderful that you have been able to open up to that person, to lift them out of the darkness and set their feet upon the light. Even one. But think of the many you can touch, and the many who can open out like a flower to the sun.

My, but you do not understand how you can help. Even one word sometimes has the ability to open someone’s eyes. They will come away from their selfishness, from the inner darkness or greyness. If you can take a soul away from that greyness, and place their feet upon the light, you are helping us, because that will be one less who will enter our realms needing our help. You yourself will take steps forward when you help others, your soul becomes brighter and brighter. You cannot see this happening within you but you feel better, you feel a love within yourself, you feel that love expanding and growing. As you can reach out to more and more, your love expands even greater and your essence will be at peace.

If people who were in the greyness were at peace, they indeed would be happy, but they are not. It is not until their footsteps take them into the light, like a sunny day that is a little hazy, that is a step they will love, then the next steps into the sunny day is bright. How fortunate are those who can take these steps on passing from this life! Is your essence holding you back? Is your essence keeping you in a place that you do not step from, but seem rooted in the spot? If you remain in that dull essence, your presence will be dull, and you will not bring joy to others, or even happiness of a mediocre kind. This life is the means by which you grasp your opportunities. This life is the means by which you pick up the challenges one by one, and as you become stronger you see the design that is there for you, the individual you. You see it come forth. You know that all you have endured has been leading you to this point. How many times do you struggle and then a few months later you see the design, and you see how it has worked out, and you wonder. You say, “I should not have bothered getting into such states of misery.” How many times do you get into a sad state and you think all is lost and it does not happen? Your essence must become strong. Your essence must be cleansed. Your essence must not see the darkness in others. But rather see a being who is in need, a being who is struggling with his/her challenge, a being who may be bewildered, may not have had your opportunities.

How many times do you say to yourself, “I do not know why she is acting this way. She has everything”, or “Why is he so greedy? He has enough.” You see, you are witnessing those people working out their challenges. Their essence is visible to you. You wonder why. That is what I am trying to say. They are they and you are you. We are all on our own pathway. It is your challenge, your life, your individual life. It should be your individual life that interests you. It should be your life that you are concerned with, when all is over on this place, it won’t be your neighbour, or your spouse, or your child, or your cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparents, it will be you alone. Do you see what I mean? All the struggles of life are individualized in everyone, but all the joys, pleasures, happiness, all the emotions are there. How we all long that happiness could be the way forever. Well, answer me this, when you have the sunshine every day, day after day, the grass turns and the flowers wilt, what do you want? Rain.

Rain is necessary to you. So a little rain must fall. You would like it if the rain came at night, and you had another sunny day. I have heard it said, “I hope it rains tonight.” This is how we like our life, to be arranged. Sunny days are wonderful, but they can be too much. We become lazy and lethargic, and you cannot move, and well, you know how it is. On a brisk day you walk briskly, and you can do many things. It is very strange, but nature herself can be lessons to us. Though a little rain must fall on the plants and flowers to give them nourishment, so a little rain must fall in your life to make you strong. If you have pleasure forever, you would not understand your brother or sister if they are in difficulty. When you are ill you understand how another feels when they are ill. If you have never never felt sad, how could you understand another’s sorrow? You see, it is very necessary to feel, to feel pleasure/joy, and sadness, to see the other side, to be concerned about our loved ones. You know you love your family, or your spouse, and you want everything good for that person. But it isn’t possible. You live in a world that is imperfect. But you find that even when things are difficult that they pass. The sun shines again and everything is smooth. You may have been hampered by boulders, or rocks or pebbles on your pathway, but you would like it to be smooth. This smoothness is necessary too, it is a resting place. Many people are unhappy when there is nothing much happening. You should take this part of your life, when there is not much happening, and it’s a way of rest, a way to rebuild, a way to find out, a way to enjoy other pleasures, to explore, but not to be dull. It is your opportunity, it is a way to build. If you then come across another difficulty you are prepared for it. You have rested, but you have been into other things. You are feeling quite content. So the challenge does not bother you so much. When you have these periods of rest, enjoy them.

Many times I feel I would like to sit down with some of you and have a long conversation. Those we meet when our maiden is healing, I often think that a long conversation would bring us into many avenues. Life seems to be that way. When you sit down and you talk things over, you reach out to another, you explore avenues where you have been, your difficulties. You say, “I remember, I did this, I did that, I remember when.” These things are you living.

Do you remember when you were very very happy, on a day perhaps your birthday, when everything was nice and you had your friends, and everything went perfectly, and you sit back and you think, “That was a lovely party.” You are content. Did that party teach you something? It taught you that you could be happy, it taught you that your friends could be happy for that time, joining with you in your happiness, that the room was harmonious, the feelings were good. But maybe the next day, week, hours, those people were back to normality, and things changed. You see what I am saying is that some of you may view your life as a burden, but if you examine every aspect of your life, you will see that it is not completely a burden. You have had many many experiences, you have had many many loving moments, from kindnesses given you, people have been kind, they have been loving, they have shown you their essence. Life is not so empty, and it is not so bitter, not if you do not allow it to happen.

Even when you are with very difficult people, you can rest inside. You can let it flow over you. It may on the surface seem to be a lot but you can remove your mind into a more pleasant area. What if they think you are dull? It doesn’t matter if they think you are not caring. This doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you have not hurt yourself. Sometimes a quiet word will suffice. You may say to me that it is too difficult. I know it is difficult. But what I am saying is, this is your life, your struggle, your challenge, and you can make it more beautiful. I want so much that you do. I want you to be happy. You may ask why I do, well you are my brother/sister. You know how you want the world to change. You know how you say, “Oh dear!” when people fight in far-off lands. When places are taken over by dictators, when people are starving, when children are starving. You know how you feel? You feel such compassion, and you feel helpless. Well, that is your love, your essence, your caring. You love those people, even if you can’t do very much, because you care. You may not think these feelings are anything of importance, but they are. Other people may not care one little bit that people are starving, or people are hungry, or that they are ruled by dictators. Some people are so thoroughly selfish that they care nothing for their brothers. Do you see what I mean? It may seem that I am going over and over, but it is very necessary.

I could give you great lofty thoughts that would flow away over your head, and you would not understand me. But I would rather give you the little things of life that are so important to you. For after all you do have to live here. Lofty thoughts will not carry you through tomorrow or the next day. When you are beautiful you can live in the loftiness of love, and the peacefulness. You can live in it eternally when you have earned it. But you have to earn it, and that is what I am saying, strive and strive and strive to be strong.

Do not worry. It is not worthy of you. Be concerned, yes, be concerned in a way, concerned that you can help. But if you feel that you cannot, leave it. Why should you worry and worry about something when you cannot deal with it? Send out a silent thought, light, as you have been told. The light of perfection to you, that feeling of beauty, that feeling you have when you look at a beautiful flower, or a beautiful scene, when your soul is touched. Then you have touched the essence. You know what I mean? In that moment there is a feeling as if you are a part of the whole.

In those moments of ecstasy, when beauty enters into you, and you feel it, and sense it, and are with it. That is wonderful, and those are the states that you will have in our realms when you earn it, to live in that beautiful sense of love, to be ever in that beautiful sense of love, to forever witness the beauty of the flowers, the trees, to be filled with that feeling of wonderment that such beauty is, that such beauty is given us. How foolish are those in the greyness when they do not wish for the beauty. You know that the Creator has given you much beauty on this world, the beauty of the flowers, the trees, of all creation. There is a sense of beauty sometimes of awful awful power. When you are standing below a great towering mountain, you feel so small. When the sea rages and the waves climb, and you know you feel you are very little. No, no. Nature has great power, and you too have great power. Everyone underestimates himself, everyone. You have greater ability than you realize. Be yourself. Pull out those parts of you that you hide, those parts of you that you are afraid to give to the world, the shyness, the inhibitions, not trusting yourself. What do you do when you are alone? Sometimes you are there by yourself, and you do break out of your shell, and you can be different. You are a powerful being, and you can grow greater and greater. Your mind has a powerful aspect. If you but knew it, you would be so amazed. When you are in our realms, and you see what your mind can do, then you will say, “How I wish I had used it to its full ability.”

Know that you are part of this beautiful essence of love, that you do express it. That every day of your life you express this love in some way, when you caress a little child, when you give a loving word to someone, when you greet someone lovingly, when you help someone, are you not expressing love? I know you do not think of it this way. When you are kind, you are expressing love. Think about it. Think about all the little things you do. I want you to look at yourselves. Think about your day, the words you use, how you related to others, how you expressed yourself, and feel how you are. Feel how you are at that moment. Was it a good day? Did I do well? Did I hurt myself? Judge yourself please. Because in the final judgement that is what will happen to you. You will judge yourself.

As sure as you are sitting there, and there, you are going to judge yourself. Our maiden and I have told you how it is. In your mind you will see your life. It will be exposed to you in every small detail, from a child to the moment of entry in the heavens. You will see yourself and you will know. It is like a judgement you have put upon yourself. You will know that the place that you are in is exactly just. It is perfect justice. Now is not this method kindly? No other is standing before you and saying, “You have done this!” in a sombre voice, as Christianity teaches, with St. Peter meeting you at the gate! No, not this. By yourself alone, that is love being expressed to you. There, even in this you are loved, because you are alone, and none other witnesses your discomfort, or your joy, because you will be in both feelings. You will feel joy and happiness, and you will be a little sad. You will say, “Oh, dear! Did I do that?” But also you will be very happy, when you witness the places, the times, the events when you have been kind. You will know that it was worthwhile, for you will see the light, and you will see the design, and the pattern that you lived. While you were here maybe you did not. Then you will, and you will see that it was correct. It was perfect for you. Sometimes you walk away, you step away from the path, but your guardian tries to get you back again, so that you will live out the lesson that you have to learn.

You know these times when you wander off, yet you return to the kind of being that you are. Someone may influence you, and you may do things you regret, but later on you go back to your true self. This true self is your essence. The reason we say ‘essence’ is because we do not know what else to say, because it is feeling. Who can put feeling into words? When you love someone, can you put feeling into words? Words are so inadequate. You want to say something beautiful, something wonderful, something that none other has uttered, but you cannot find the words. But if the one who is before you could see into your mind, and could see there what you mean, that would be nice. But it is not possible, so you are trying your very very best, and your essence is full of love, and you so much want to give it, but you feel at a loss of words, and sometimes silence is how it is given, sweet silence, hmm? Yes.

Sometimes the silence is necessary too, because in silence we get to know ourselves, not the mind racing, but the silence, the peace. Then our essence can soar out into avenues of peace that surprise even us. So my beloved friends, be of good cheer. I weep a little, for my mind is upon some others I know in the heavens, and I weep that they are so foolish. But I am happy too that I am here with you, that I have the opportunity to give you a little insight, just a little, a little word here and there to try and expel the fears from you, to try to lift you up so that you do not condemn yourself, so that you do not become afraid of yourself, so that you do not become cast down. I try to much because I know that everyone here is seeking avenues that will take them out of the fear that the world places them in, take them out of the words that have been given in the days that have gone, the fears that have been implanted by men, when they say, “Be afraid of God. God is the Great Punisher.” God is the Great Force of Love who gives you life after life so that you can draw nearer and nearer. If you were an earthly father would you condemn your children to outer darkness? No, you would not. No matter how cruel, you would hope that they would change, and return to normality. True? You would not put your loved ones into any difficulty, nor does the Father. We do it to ourselves. But the opportunities we are given over and over show that the Great Force is Love paramount, is Love overwhelming, is Love past our understanding. Even the higher beings, when they direct their love down, it feels so beautiful. When a Great Force of Love descends upon us, when we work here, when it enters down, enters through the earthly greyness, through the mists, penetrates through the building as if nothing could stand in its way. It penetrates and it envelopes us in such a force of love. It is love, it feels like love. It is light. It is coloured, it is beautiful.

Now if the higher beings can do this, how is it do you think when the Greatest Force of All sends love pouring down on all the children of earth, and on all parts of creation? When every blade of grass has the force of love? When every stone has the force? Everything that has been created has a force, and a force enters in, and you are greater than stones and the grains of sand. You are made in the image of beauty. You can grow even more beautiful, your frame, your body can become finer, and more and more beautiful. Why? Because you are growing and growing. When you are young and in the fullness of life, and you see yourself, you are fine. All is firm and fresh. You feel good. That is how you will feel in the heavens. You will feel as if you are alert, vibrant, and you bask in this love. You have the strength to deal with all the problems of the lower realms, and you have the patience, you have the concern, you are willing. No-one has to force you to duty, you go willingly. When you are this way all is well. You know yourself, when you are willing to help others here, and you go to it so willingly, you enjoy it. So you know how it will be in our realms when you help others. Do not feel when I enter into these places where we labour that I feel unhappy. Sometimes I do shed tears because they are so foolish, and I wish that they would change. You know how you feel when someone you love does foolish things, and you want them to change so that they do not hurt themselves. It is the same. So see yourselves as spiritual beings walking through this life, on another journey, a journey that takes you into many avenues, but in these avenues you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn. Nothing is wasted. Nothing, be it darkness or light, similar to the rain and the sun. Nothing is wasted, nothing, and I mean nothing, because everything can be as an example to you.

As you teach your children by example, so you learn by example. How else? Every day be on the alert, at least for a time. Then it will become natural for you to look after yourself, because you are the individual that is travelling, you are the individual that is taking those steps forwards, you are the individual feeling that, is pulsating, the individual that feels everything. You are alive and you are creation. You are alive and you are a part of the pattern, of the design, and you are necessary. Believe it. Do not feel helpless. That is negativity. You are a being in your own right, a person and your experiences, all that you endure, everything that you have gone through, every single thought that you have had is yours, and it will come in very useful in the future. Because you will be before others who have lived their lives and they have made mistakes. You can look into yourself, and you can see how you have dealt with your life, and you can see how you have altered. You can see how it changed you. You take your own experiences, and you use them to help others. You see what I mean? Nothing is wasted, because it can be re-used, anything you see, anything another does that you hear about, anything that you experience in any way is an experience, you know how you relate to some things on television. You think how foolish, how lovely, or you are disgusted or whatever emotion assails you at that moment. Well it is a learning. Some things give you insight and you feel, “Well, I could apply that in my life.” Are we not part of the whole? When you look about, you and you, think about your friends and your family, are you isolated? Not once. From the moment you enter into this earth, from that first breath you take, you are surrounded by others and that is your beginning. Remember from the very first breath you take you begin your life, and here we are, all of us, me with my many lives, you with yours. Here we all are. What are we? We are here and we are the make-up of what we have come through, because we are not alone, because we are a part of every thought and every action. We are a part of the training that we are given by our parents, our teachers. We are part of everything we have experienced, the holidays, the school and the work. Everything touches us.

Are you alone? No, no. You are not empty. You are full of all those experiences. So my friends, we come again to the end of an attempt to bring us closer together in understanding. If I blunder it is my lack, because it is so difficult to put feelings, to put essence into words, as you know.

Here we are before those who are great in the hierarchy. They are aware this day of the words that have come from me. They know your thoughts because they rise up.

As your thoughts rise up to the light, to those higher realms, I take you in your imagination to glowing radiant beings, shining and lustrous in beauty. I take you there in your mind to all the beautiful colour, to the light that I cannot express to you, and to the love that is descending to you from those beings. Feel it within you, feel its essence. It must of course be lesser, but it is still beautiful. When it enters here it has penetrated through all the realms below it, till it reaches you. But it is as they send it to you, the love.

Love is here. I see it expressed. The colours that are here today are gold and blue. Gold and blue are all over you, flowing and flowing so gently amongst you. Gold and blue, how beautiful, how wonderful.

We raise ourselves up, and we perceive thee most wonderful and pure essence. We seek to rise to thee, with every beat of our hearts. We seek thee in our innermost being. We seek thee in the quiet places, and in the noise of the world.

We seek thee always. We adore thee. We adore thee. We love.