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~*Teaching #19*~

I am so happy to be here with you again. It seems to have been a long long time. But as you know, I have been enjoying myself. I have come back a few times. But it seems that in trying to explain our own realms I have failed, because no imagination can conjure up the beauty. When I say to you, imagine a beautiful summer’s day, you can. Can you imagine that multiplied and multiplied? No. It seems that the best thing I can do is to say to you that the beauty excels anything you can imagine. The love of the Father, the most perfect is there, as it is here, but ever increasing. As we go onward the power is so beautiful it is beyond explanation, it penetrates all our areas, and our area wherever we dwell. You can feel it and you know you are the beloved. Does this not fill you with longing? To know that you are the beloved and you can feel it? You can bask in it and know that no matter what has gone before, how many lives you have lived, however hard the time on earth has been, that never never never are you forgotten. Because that love is here, it is within your being, it is linked to you, in your soul, the Divine spark, as you know. But to know that divine spark increases and increases until you feel that it cannot be anymore it is so beautiful. You feel that you will burst sometimes when you are in ecstasy, when one goes into the sublime state, when one is attempting to reach out to the most perfect Love. I am speaking of my own realm, of course, and when one kneels and tries to draw closer, then one feels one will burst with love, because it is hovering and penetrating, and one feels so unworthy. When we say that we feel humble, it is because this expression of love, we can express it evermore as we progress onward. This in itself is a wonderful thing, to be able to transmit our own feelings, to be able to reach out and show to your brethren that the love you have for them is beyond anything that you have ever known.

The knowledge that we find also fills us with humility, the knowledge of creation, the plan for the world, for we see it revealed to us. Not all at once of course, but as we progress, little by little. This in itself is a mind boggling experience. When we are on the earth we wonder, we ponder. The scientists give us some insight when they explore the heavens, the planet, as they make inroads, but never never can they explain how the planets have come, how your planet is here, why you live upon it. We cannot give you the secrets of this, not yet. But you will in time, as I have, learn as you explore that which is revealed to you, you will wonder. You will see yourself as you look back in time, see yourself on the earth, or in other lives. You will say to yourself, “How ignorant!” Yet we thought we knew so much. We always think we do. As every field is explored we have new electrical something or other, or they go to the moon, explore Mars. They do these things and we say, “Here we are again! We have discovered something or nothing.” But these things are man and his adventurous spirit.

Man has always quested. It is this questing that has carried him forward. This questing spirit does not die when you leave this earth.

People think that when this transition takes place that you are a changed being, no! You are spirit, but you are not changed. You still have your questings, longings, desires. Always know that you will be yourself. No-one changes because they have made the transition. You are that individual, with your own feelings, your own ideas. You, with all the make-up you have within you, taking the step that you think is tremendous, but it is simply returning, returning from whence you came, returning to your own homeland, to the reality, to your friends and loved ones. There is no faking there. You will know. No-one will look you in the eye, and pretend. No false faces. In time, as you have been taught, the personalities disappear, and the individuality is there. You know yourself. But that self will not be completely known until you reach the area of Self-Realization.

In the heavens is a plane, a state, where people live, when they reach it, called the area of Self-Realization. It lies, if we counted, about five, you can say four steps and each plane is vast in comparison with what you know, of your own country. Very vast, no crowding. It takes some time for people to travel through each plane, I mean to gain spirituality, so that you can travel through it. When one reaches this plane of self knowledge, then and only then do you really understand self.

You may believe you know yourself, but when you think about it you do not truly, because from day to day you reveal parts of yourself, one day one part, another day another part, some days many parts, depending upon the day, and what happens to you. But you do not touch the real you, not completely, and it takes many many years in our realm before one understands oneself. When spirits do reach this place and know that they are truly revealed to themselves, there is great happiness. For they know now they are prepared to go on to greater things. After this stage into the next, and the one after, and it is from these stages that guides are chosen. So you know that a guide cannot come to you unless and until they have reached this area. To know yourself in every aspect, to know why you attack another, to know why you love another, to know why you feel sad, to know why you feel good, to know why there is depression, to know why you are in elation, to know all the emotions and fully understand each one, and why you act in such a way.

When you have these feelings upon the earth, you do not stop and consider them, or think them out, or why. Not fully. When you have reached the stage where you do not enter into those states I have mentioned, when you can be at peace, knowing that you will not jump when you think someone is attacking you, that you will not be sad or morose, or envious or jealous, or all the emotions that attack humanity, when you know that no longer will those emotions be yours. When you have reached this stage and know that you are cleansed completely, then you can see how difficult it would be to reach this plane, do you not?

Now you must not think that you will not be able to reach this state. It is a gradual gradual unfolding. You must not worry because this would defeat you, because worry is another emotion that should not be in your being. Concern yes, naturally, but worry no!

Mostly when people arrive at our world, it is at the stage that they have earned by living here. They go automatically, as you know, to the stage that they have earned. Many people resent this. They think they should be in a much more beautiful area. This comes about by their belief that they are perfect. Now there are many people in the world who believe this. They are nice people of course, and I am not denying them. I am merely showing you that it can be believed that one is perfect. People do believe it, and they think they have earned a beautiful place with the Nazarene or the Father. But of course many people have many ideas, and whatever religion they believe in, then they will believe in their own way of course, and believe they have reached the state of bliss. Now this state of bliss is not easily acquired. But if you feel it strongly, and you truly believe it, then you are in trouble, because you are going to have a shock when you arrive in our place. You will ponder, you will become angry. You will be angry when you describe your life, the way you have lived it and way you think, you say that you should be here and in this place that I expected. They go forth into their mind, back and further back, and they show what they have learned from an early age, and they try through steps backward and forward, backwards and forward, to show that they have indeed earned more beauty.

Now we are accustomed to hearing this, and we are not impatient, because we know that in time the person will come to realize that perfection is not attained, because only the Father is perfect, the Great Father of Love is perfect.

When you see yourself in our realms of spirit, you will understand what I mean, and why one knows when we are at the stage of self-realization that there is a long long way to go. Everyone knows that the day before them is unknown when they awake. You do not know what will happen in that day at all, but you live it out. How many times in that day do you bother some one? How many times in that day are you bothered by someone else? How many times in that day are you tired and frustrated? How many times in that day do you wish that you could hide yourself and never see that day again? There are days like this all the time. There are also lovely days, the days when you are happy, and it goes smoothly, and you wish it could always be. You do have such a variety of days. But in all these days you see yourself, if you try, and you see that indeed you are not perfect. I do not say that you are bad, I do not indeed. I am simply pointing out that the emotions of the human being are so varied and so complex at times, that it is a very very difficult thing to overcome all the ramifications that beset us. When our mind is buzzing, and there are a thousand and one things to do, and the problem will not be solved, then you see, parts of you are being revealed, and revealed. Now you know where I am going, do you? You see, to show you that you are not the simple being you think you are, simply thinking this and that, but you have many many parts of you, in your mind, they are real when you are living them. When you dream, the dream is real, is it not? Yes. So those times when you are living, are so real, and when you are going through it you do your very best, or you give in, or whatever. And you know, if you think about it, you know the kind of being you are. When you go home today, you watch yourself a little, I do not mean consciously watch all the time, but after you have lived a little while, think about it, and see how you were, and see how you thought. Think about it and you will see what I mean. Try it out for a few days. Then think your day over, and the things that happened to you, how you related to others, how others dealt with you and the responses from yourself. You think your day out and see what I mean. See how complex you are. See that you are not a simple person, the mind that works simply, does its job. You will see that in your mind there are corners there that have never been explored.

When something strange happens to you, how your mind leaps, and again you discover you are a different being than you thought. You meet new people that have new ideas. You find a spark within yourself that responds to this idea, and you find that this was hidden in you. How many times have you discovered this? You find a new gift. You discover something new to do with your hands, or your mind. You find that you are very well equipped in this area, when two or three years ago you did not realize it. Yet here you are. How many times have you been afraid to attempt a new job? A new area? You have been filled with trepidation, and yet when you are there, and a few weeks or months have passed and you see you are capable, yet a year ago you would not even contemplate this position. You see where I am? You see what I am doing? I am making you think about yourself and your capabilities.

When you arrive in our world you will find your mind is even greater than you thought it could be. Here you do not even try to bring out the gifts you have. But in the world of spirit, suddenly you realize you can use these corners, these crevices, and you really are surprised. You are surprised how you can retain knowledge, how it does not slip away from you, and how much later you can recall with clarity. Think of this. How wonderful! How many times are you bothered by the lack of response of your mind when you are trying to remember something, and it won’t come to you. Well, in our realms it will come to you so swiftly. You will be able to grasp problems as you have never been able to grasp them before. This will be useful to you when you are serving others and helping those who are ignorant of the laws of our realms. When your teacher or the guide you had on earth accompanies you, and takes you on a round of inspection of all the wonderful places you can now live in and accept and be part of. When you ask question after question he will be patient and answer you. When he decides that you are ready to be a servant, he will say, “Now my child, come with me and listen carefully, and try to keep your mind perfectly still.” He will take you to a person, or several people who have lately passed over, or to people who have been here for a short time and are not making progress. Perhaps he has seen these people before, and they know him, it depends. But anyhow, we will go in our imagination to several people who have passed over but shortly, and who are bewildered. Now the guide or teacher will be very aware of the problems these people possess. He can read them completely, can read their minds. He will say to these people, say they are two women, “You have but lately left the earth, and you are here amongst us in spirit, and you are so surprised that you are so real, as you put it, so alike your earthly counterpart, and you cannot accept it, as you do not understand.” These people did not understand that the spirit body is whole, solid, has hair, eyes, teeth, nails, bones, spine and a body, but with no organs as we do not need to eat. This is a great shock to most people. But when they have settled down, it is a pleasure of course to know that they are not cast out, never to be alive again. So we tell them that they have not been cast out, that the love of the Father embraces all, no matter what belief, what colour, what creed, in any land or place. So when they understand this we tell them that they themselves have not seen their human brethren as brethren, but divided because of a difference of belief, that this division was brought about by their own teaching and we do not put them down because of it. But they must see that they are what they are because of their upbringing, and how they had lived within that knowledge.

We show them that the Father’s love exceeds all other love, and that despite their not loving others because they were different, yet He still loves them.

So we begin. This is the hardest part, any beginning, to show people that they are beloved despite their own not loving. People on the earth do not love others because they are different. They may not outright hate, or anything like that, but they are not for these people. They are different. You know what I mean, I do not need to explain it. But these are the things that have to be cleansed away from the being.

So this is the hardest part of any beginning, to show that every single soul will in time have to come to love and understand others despite their difference. I tell you it is very difficult for people to do it, because it has been so ground into their own soul, for so long, that they cannot cast it from themselves. But in time it will come, because in our worlds there are many different people, of many beliefs, and many colours.

At first people see people from their own place. They seem to arrive in a place that is much like their own land, and it will be like that for some time until they are adjusted. Then as you progress you will see other people, people from other lands, other colours, other creeds, which they put away from themselves, because you do not need a creed or dogma in our world. You are the outcome of your belief. You are what you are because you have had a belief on the earth, you have had a father and a mother, grandparents and brothers and sisters, and friends, and every single person influences you. All your friends, all the people you love, your children, every single person leaves an impression upon you. You may not realize it, but you are in part a part of everyone that you know. This is what I mean when I say you do not know yourself truly. These people who come to the spirit world have to learn this also, that they are part of the whole. It sometimes takes a long time before they can adjust, but we have a lot of patience. When you go at first with us to learn, and when the people talk, it is very hard for you not to interfere, because if you have listened to Zareth, you know some of his teachings, and you may be tempted to interfere. This is why the teacher says, “Try to keep your mind still”, because the person will hear your thoughts, and if the teacher is teaching, your thoughts will only maybe create a problem of interference. So it is wise simply to try to be still and listen, and in time you yourself will be able to teach and will be able to go forth and help your brethren. These are the steps of progression. This is how you will progress, by helping others. When you help another, you take a step forward, and so in taking these steps forward you are going through your realm, and one day you will be able to go into the next one. So it goes on and on. One day you too will be at the stage of the area of Self-Realization.

When you enter it, you will know that it is upon you, because you will start to see yourself very clearly. It will be very strange to you, but it will be a forcing it will seem, because you are inclined to look inward. In looking inward you will see yourself so clearly, and then you will be able to say, “I have overcome my failings. I no longer am envious, jealous, or critical, full of temper, or sorrow, or worry”, all the things that make us unhappy. “But I am full of joy and happiness and tranquillity.” This is the state that everyone desires. When you are taking your steps forward on this plane, by your own efforts, and taking your steps forward when you sleep, and when you pass over other steps, my goodness! You may be there sooner than you think. Then the realization. This is still almost the beginning, and there is still eternity, and you can go onward and onward. Yet, when you are listening to a teacher or a guide, and you feel so inadequate, you do not believe that this will happen. You feel that you will never never be able to help a soul.

You are mistaken because in time you will, I assure you, because all who have the desire, all who love people will one day be able to do this. Of course there are other ways to serve. But people who love people usually take up service with people. It cannot be otherwise because that is you, and that is how it will always be. That is why I am here, because that is the kind of person I am. I love people; that is why I teach. I teach in the heavens, and I teach you. How I do not know, I hope and I pray that you will understand me.

But every little gem that reaches you, that sinks into your mind, that stays there and influences you, and helps you to be a better being, and if you change this way, and when you come to our world you are shining, how wonderful for me. I will feel so happy that you have changed because of what you have heard. You will feel the same elation, I assure you, even if it is only one, you will feel good. Even to help one soul, and your life is worth-while, helping that person to see himself as a servant, as a brother to all, as a spark of the Father, helping someone to overcome their failings, so that they can take their place one day among the elect. It is amazing how sometimes one word can change everything, how everything will fall into place, because something sparks off a thought in someone’s mind and this thought leads to another and another, and a memory and so they take it up, and lo and behold, we have a changed being. It may seem to you that it is too simple. But it is not simple ever to change yourself. It can take many many lives of struggle. But I know that a number of you that I have met will not return to this earth, that you will have finished here, and will continue your education in our world. Do not think that when you can remain in our world that that is the end of it. No! That is still near the beginning, you will still have a long long way to go, but it will be a way of beauty, a way of joy, a way of friendship such as you have never known, a way that is tranquil, in a way that you have never known.

When you are on the earth you do not know if you can trust the one who is your friend, when you do not know how far you can go in revealing yourself, when you are so unsure, it is sad. But nevertheless, it is the way of the world. When you meet a truly beloved friend and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can say, “This is a friend indeed”, then you are very fortunate. For such will be your world with us, because every one on your area will be like yourself. You will understand each other in a way that you have never understood before. You know you can go forth and fear not that you can go forth and learn, you can go forth and have companionship, that you can practise the arts, the sciences, music, that you can hear music such as you have never heard and the voice singing, and your friends who can make you laugh, they are still here. Everything that you enjoy here will be present. Why should your world have all the pleasures? If you did not have these pleasures in our world you would be bored and unhappy. So you have the music, the arts, the sciences, the artists, the jewellers, the gardeners, the house builders, the planners. All the gifts that are here, are there. So do not think that you will be idle.

You will be busy, but you will not know it, for time is not ruled by a clock. Time is yours forever and ever. It is not to say that you will not understand time, for in a sense you will, because whenever you have a plan to meet someone or to hear a teacher, you will know exactly when to go. You have been told about the overlords in all the realms, one in each realm who lives in a citadel, high up in a place that sends for the power, and the overlord has many many servants, many who serve him because he is a very high being. He is there to watch over you. He is like a father, another servant but from a higher place, but one who watches over you with fatherly concern, and to whom you can go with your problems. You can approach those who serve him, and then you will be given an interview or a meeting. It will not be one in which you are afraid because you will be loved, as he loves all, because there are no puffed up people in our realms. He will treat you as his own, and you can discuss your problem or your desires, or talk about the things you would like to do, and it will be arranged for you if it is right for you. If you are ready, it will be arranged. From the citadel will come the knowledge of the meetings with the teachers, of the concerts, of the music of any kind, of the fun and laughter. For one cannot work at all times. In fact we have plenty of time for pleasures of the mind. When I say mind, it is of the mind, because it is with the mind that we feel. In our realms this is the way it is, so you may as well get adjusted to this.

Think how you will hear the music. You will not hear it as you do from without. You will hear it within and you will hear it so clearly you will miss nothing. It is the same with the voice. Everything will be heard and will not be forgotten. When you go to a teacher, and you listen to him or her, and when you are close or sitting apart or far off, you will hear in your mind the words of the teacher. You will remember each word with clarity. The mind is paramount, and you will do everything with your mind. The mind will cause you to have difficulty at times because you do not know how to deal with what you see coming forth from your mind sometimes. When you first arrive there will be the very thing you think of before you, and you will be surprised. You will wonder how that got there! In time you will realize you thought it. You thought about it so intensely that you created it. The desire for it was so intense that it was there before you. So you will learn to keep your mind in abeyance, or you will be creating and creating, not always in perfection, but in part only, and you will see part of thought manifested before you. You are seeing your mind, how it works.

In our world you have no difficulty in recognizing your thoughts, but here you do not see them go forth before you, and they do in thought form. But you do not see them. This is the reason for sadness or depression, because the thoughts you are building up around you and they make you feel very heavy. But in our world you see your thoughts. You see them and you know yourself. Don’t be afraid that others will criticize you for this, because they too have been through this.

There will be many with you, because there is a constant stream of newcomers to our world. Usually there is laughter. It brings about a great deal of fun. I am sure you can see this, when things appear in part. But it helps you to understand that your mind is very powerful, and you use it very lightly. You can control your mind here, you can, if you make the effort. These thoughts will not go from you, and cause you misery and depression, but you will be able to hold them in abeyance, so that you can be still and only allow the thoughts to come that are useful to you. You may think it is impossible, but I assure you it is not, because I know it has been done. Even if you do it in part, it will be a great victory for you, to be able to still the mind, to be able to control your thoughts so that they can benefit you. How often do you let your mind go off at a tangent and then get it back into your own avenues, and you get so unhappy. You say, “Where was I?” It takes you a little time to recover. But when you can control the mind you will be able to think very clearly. Think about this, your servant, not your master. When you allow the mind to wander around it goes out and your thoughts gather and gather. They become a force. How do you think your thoughts are? Are they misty? Are they weak? Are they nothing? They are tangible, they go before you and they join others, and they gather force and strength. So the next time you feel miserable, think how your thoughts are going out and joining all other miserable thoughts, and how perhaps you are amongst others and you pass on your musing to another who is close to you. Or they pass on their misery to you. You feel tired and you say, “I wish I hadn’t gone out today. I feel so depleted.” Or if you are in a place where everyone is happy and there is laughter, and you go home and you feel good, because everyone’s thoughts are on pleasure and you have fun. Someone was very funny and you listened and you laughed or you went with a friend who was very pleasant, and you had a lovely time and you returned feeling good. Remember this when you are in a throng of people in a town, see yourself as one, yet you are not alone, all the people around you have their own thoughts. They are shooting from their mind just as yours are. If you could see, as we can see, you would be surprised and shocked, very dismayed maybe. We see masses of grey and masses of brown, we see amongst it shafts of light, a shaft of blue, a shaft of gold. We see many many things, shafts of darkness, black lines. All these things are people’s minds.

When we enter your world, we go through the mists to come here, and the mist is full of the thoughts of humanity. Have you ever listened to the wires of electricity humming in the wind? Think of that and hear the voices, the thoughts as we speed to you, filled with the many many thoughts. It is like going through a dense cloud. It is like swimming in treacle or something. You see why we have to lower our vibrations? To bring our own selves through that would be disaster. Truly we would not be able to bear the heavy oppression. So think of it and resolve the next time you go out to try and at least be filled with peace so that you do not harm another. Try to keep your mind still, so that your thoughts do not hurt others. Or keep your mind trained on what is necessary, your shopping, your looking for something. Keep it there, your concentration will help you to become a person who can concentrate. It is a very difficult lesson to learn. But this concentration will be your gift when you are in our world, because this concentration is very necessary when you are creating with the mind.

This will be very useful to you when you have to deal with creating, and when you can concentrate you will be able to make whatever it is you desire, without failing, because to create in our world, or to keep your mind still, you need concentration. If you can try to earn this gift here, how much more beneficial it will be for you. You can see it, can’t you? It isn’t easy, and I don’t expect you to do it all at once. You can achieve these gifts.

Because I say these things to you it does not mean I see you as dark, or grey, or brown. I am merely giving you an example. I do not, in fact. But I have to show you that the world is not an easy place to dwell in. When I say these conditions are about, I am warning you that when you go abroad, you are walking into these areas. That is the reason you come home tired. It is not that it has been so tiring walking around, but it means you have been tired out, because you have been amongst all the other thoughts and feelings, into the auras of everyone that has been close to you, living in their aura, because you can do nothing else when you are in a crowd. See this like a mass of colour, because you are all coloured in your aura, pink, deeper pink, red, pink coloured with blue, green, orange, grey or black according to who you are. See this colour all around. See this colour advancing into each other, and all the colours mingling, and you feeling it. Can you see it? Yes, you can. It is like when you are crayoning or painting, and you paint colours together, and you mingle colours when you want to make a shaded area. It is thus. Even right now you are sitting together, and your auras are mingling together. Because you are happy, or you are at peace, or serene at this moment, it is good. You feel fine, or perhaps you feel sleepy because of the serene atmosphere, and the healers who are present may be attending you.

You are mingling, and your thoughts are mixed together. When you are at peace it is fine, but when you are close together and you are not at peace, see the aura change rapidly. Colours change with every thought and with every emotion. It is like on your television screen when the colours run into one another, when you cannot get a station and the thoughts flash about, and are chaotic. That is how it is.

But when we see a roomful of people who are at peace, it is a beautiful picture. Today we have a beautiful picture. It is lovely, I assure you. It is lovely, and peaceful, and pink and green and orange. All is lovely. This room is very nice. If you were all uplifted at this moment and ascended to the heavens you would go to a similar place. You see what I mean? It is so simple, you would be in the same place that you have earned. You would be at peace and so happy. All that would happen would be that you would cast away the body, and your spirit would be free. You would know that you were in reality, and that you had cast away the heavy clothing, the body of earth, the heavy overcoat that you have carried with you throughout your incarnation.

You feel so light, yet you are solid. You feel so vibrant. I’m talking about you people, you see, and you feel so happy. You say, “Oh well, after all it was worth it. Everything was worthwhile.” When you look back and you see your life, which you will, you know this, for I have spoken of it previously, but there are some here who are new, so I would like to give it again. You will look back over your life. It will appear on your mind, like a calendar being opened at different months, very rapidly. You will see scene after scene. You will see yourself from the time when you were a little child, right up to the time when you left. You will know as you have never known that where you are is totally yours, perfectly just. You will have that understanding. But some will reject it, as many do, know it and reject it as unfair. But we will put that away, we are speaking of you, you have learned that you are spirit, that you are here for a short time, that your spirit is old, it has lived many lives, and you have been on many journeys, have had many many lives and many lessons. Each lesson brought you to a different place of understanding. Your soul holds this knowledge, and your soul when you finally stay, will remember. Not all at once, but now and then will come forth a memory, especially when you meet someone, and a thought will spark off a memory, and you will recall. You will know that all of these experiences are the means of your learning, how to deal with humanity, how to become a person who is pure, who will love his brethren with true love, who will not cast doubt upon another, who will not see another as an enemy but a brother who has fallen, and who in time will have the same opportunities as you have had to rise up. No person who has fallen is cast out. But everyone is beloved, and can begin to take the steps onward.

Remember that in the darkest places are brethren of yours who have transgressed, have fallen, who do have a soul, no matter how black it may be. But in time he or she can rise up and be a brighter or lighter brother or sister, and can rise and rise and go onward and be a shining one. No-one is denied, no matter what you are, what creed, what dogma, what colour, you are the beloved. Remember if you have these feelings and you can feel love for another, if you can embrace many as your own brother and sister, and see the world as peopled by brethren, and know that they are on their pathway of evolution, know that they are struggling along, know that you once were perhaps in that land and were struggling also. If you can see everyone as a person struggling with life, but having the opportunity to go and expand and to rise up. That no-one is denied, that everyone has the opportunity, that all are the beloved. If you can see this, and you can live this way you are fortunate, because that is the way of light. That is the path that all humanity has to take. It does not matter one little jot whether you are of any creed, it doesn’t matter what colour, you are beloved. Remember it. No matter what is given out, no matter what man says to you, whatever he thinks from his narrow thinking, no matter how many try to put you down because you are different, fear not.

Fear not my children, because you are the beloved. Know it in all your days, know it in all your ways, because it will uphold you as nothing else can. Never fear, never let another cast you down, or put you down. Know that you have strength within you, because you are linked to the Father who loves you. Many many put you down, many may hurt you, you may struggle but know it within your innermost being that you are not cast out, that all your difficulties, no matter how terrible they may seem to you, are your stepping stones. If you can bear your burdens and hold your head high, and know that they will pass, and you will be able to struggle through, then you will take steps forward. If you are embittered you will hold yourself back. But know always that you are not cast out, that suffering is a wonderful way to gain. You may not think that, but it is. Joy is necessary to the soul, and peace. But the suffering you have earned in another life, and you have it because you have agreed to work it out in this life. It was not put upon you with cruelty, but you agreed it was necessary. Know this and you will have gained insight, to help you. Take on your struggles with strength, knowing that you will overcome. With your very efforts to overcome you will gain in strength. The day will come when you are able to be free of your pain or your sorrow, whatever it may be. It will fall from you and you will be free. Then you will live a life of partial serenity, because in this life you cannot be absolutely removed from all feeling, because your brethren are around you and you are part of this life. But you can act with strength and peacefulness, with serenity. Try this and grow, and one day we will all be united together and rejoice, knowing that this journey was worthwhile, that we indeed did see the light, and took the pathway that was necessary to uplift our souls, knowing that indeed we have found love, the true love of the Father, the love that loves all and that is true peace, the peace that passes all understanding. It is the love of the Father which you possess, and which can grow and grow in you. So be in peace and live in peace, uplifted, knowing that you are the beloved, knowing that we love you, the Father loves you, and that you love one another.

My brethren, let us join together in love, knowing that that love is descending upon us in all its glory. That love can be ours when we have earned it, and when we are at peace it flows upon us.