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~*Teaching #18*~

Great Spirit of Love, we approach thee this day humbly offering ourselves to thee. We are searching. We desire knowledge. We appeal to thee for peace and tranquillity. May it rain upon us in all its beauty. May we be uplifted and Thy knowledge fill our souls, so that we may in the days to come, feel that we are upon the true pathway, and knowing that all Thy children, though we are all part of thee, not all are aware. How much we desire that all peoples could know thee as we do, as a spirit of love and perfection. I offer myself to thee humbly, knowing that I shall do my utmost to serve thee in all my days.

Through all the aspects of life, we are surrounded by life. In this creation we find manifold expression of the Father. Many times we are uplifted. Many times we are filled with love and light as we gaze upon the beauty of the universe. Many times we are cast down and we think how cruel is nature. How cruel the storm. How cruel is the law. We forget that in all its storm-tossed power, that this mighty force is also manifested in other aspects. It is when we are in the darkness that we forget the light.

Many times we have witnessed masses of people especially in India when the storms swell the rivers, and many are doomed. The world hears of this news swiftly, and all are cast down, those at least who have feeling. Many think, “Why is this? Why has the Father smitten again?” But as you are aware, it is not the Father smitting His children, rather is it the manifestation of thought. We have spoken to you in the days past, when we have given you the knowledge that your thoughts are powerful, and it does not mean just for you people listening, but for all mankind. Those who are aware that the forces of life are difficult especially in far-off India and China, in those races where man has multiplied and multiplied, those people have a stoic expression to life. They know it will happen but they try not to think of it. Now if you have this stoic feeling, sometimes it is laced with fear. This fear goes out, builds and builds with other fearful thoughts, other thoughts of poverty, weakness, sorrow, hate, all the thoughts that are upon the earth. They build and build. Those thoughts of love and life have a fight. It is this everlasting pull, everlasting tug-of-war, between everlasting darkness and everlasting light, light and darkness, light and greyness.

If you had our vision and could see this manifested before your very eyes, you would be appalled, I do assure you. You would be more careful how you think. If you could see the masses of thought form that are swaying in the atmosphere. You know how on a frosty day your breath goes before you and you see it, well that is how thought-forms are, misty. But nevertheless they are real. They are manifested round and about all individuals. When you walk in the streets, when you are in your home, when you are anywhere, thought-forms are all around. It is like moving through a sea of mist. Sometimes when people come to us we have to clear their aura, from their depression. We have to clear the aura before we can proceed, and put light into their being. So if you can, see the world covered by these thoughts all over, every inch. You see the power of those thoughts circulating. Now the forces of light are also around you, depending upon the thoughts emanating from your being. It is as if a pull, a pull, a swaying. When great disasters happen, often it is a result of this thought. If you were over India and the poverty and you felt those thoughts that are emanating, you would be very thankful that you are living here. I am sure you are already thankful without thinking about thought-forces, because most people know the difficulties of those in that country. The extreme poverty, the class structure, this is enough to cast a dark shadow, and this is what brings the disasters. We have spoken before and told you that this world would be a heaven, it would be like the Summerland in the heavens, if everyone was not cast down. But I know there is sickness, unhappiness, fear. I know this, but I am saying that if everyone tried to live according to the law, the law of sowing and reaping, and cause and effect. You have heard it so often, but how difficult to live. This law we live under in the heavens also, we must obey it if we are to grow and live in harmony. If every soul in existence was aware that they are responsible for their every action, then they would be more careful of their being and of their brethren. When you realize that you affect the structure of this world, and you affect thus your brethren, your children, your families. If every soul attempted to lift up their thoughts, and care for their brethren, or humanity as a whole, then this world would be harmonious. The pests, the floods, the storms would be gone, and this would be a lovely world.

This is why we come. We wish every soul could live as in the world of spirit, in the Summerland, where the sky is very blue, and the foliage is beautiful, and the people live in harmony. They are not yet perfect, far from it, but at least they are striving, and they have earned this beautiful place. In all our endeavours, throughout all the centuries of time, in your book the Bible you have read of the prophets and their writings have given you the understanding that you are responsible, you know that every man has his own opportunities. The Nazarene came, his own purpose was that love should reign, that not an angry thought emanated from the Father, not one, but love and devotion, perfection. If you forgot creeds and dogma, and tried to live love, you would be more serene. Creeds and dogma hold you back, they suppress you. You live in fear. The way to perfection lies within yourself. It does not lie in books. It does not lie in any creed. It comes from within. No matter what it is you read, you forget at times when you are set upon your pathway, or whatever, destruction, fear, despair, or love or joy, whatever. It is not the thoughts of what you have read when you are in these emotional states. It is not these thoughts that engulf you, it is your emotions. Always the emotions. If you could be serene, emotion would not assail you. Serenity in any state of being, even illness or fear, if you can get into that state of serenity, if you can push yourself into it, knowing that it will help you, then you are succeeding. In any state of mind, selfishness usually reigns supreme. The self is beloved by all. When you can forget self and think of your brethren, and of those around you, then self is forgotten, and self does not reign supreme.

Self is an ogre. It can puff up and destroy you. Self is selfish! Your brethren, your loved ones should fill your horizons, the horizons of the mind. Then you will not hurt, nor will you be afraid. Fear erodes, fear engulfs you, and you are destroyed. Where is self then? It is engulfed by fear. Emotions are of the lower self, and should be stilled. When you can achieve this, you will be strong. You can be still. You will be able to look around you and deal with any situation. No-one will be able to hurt you, because you will allow it to pass away. You will let it sail over or around you. You will not let it implant itself within your mind or being.

Many times over the past year or years we have dealt with this subject, but it is the subject of life itself and that is why I am dealing with it today in all seriousness, because I shall not see you for some months. When I see you again, I hope everyone here will be shining brighter, and no darkness shall be around you. I mean that most sincerely.

When I look back over the years I see the pathways that have been trodden by those we know, those we are aware of and we see those who have progressed, and it is visible upon their countenance. We see those who have taken the knowledge into their soul, and are striving. When we see you we are aware how much growth your soul has gained, and when it has gained even the littlest piece more of light we are happy, because no matter how small the spark, that is very important to you as an individual. This individuality is a struggle to achieve, to know that you are responsible and always will be, throughout all time, however, many lives you have had, be they many in number or fewer in number, they have had to be lived almost in isolation. Now you may wonder at this word ”isolation”. How many times do you feel, though you are surrounded by many, or a few, how many times do you feel alone? You all know this feeling, this feeling of loneliness. It can happen in cities. It can happen anywhere. But whenever this serenity has been gained, this state does not engulf you. No matter where you are, whether you are alone, or with a few, or many, you will be serene, and whatever you are doing, you will do it peacefully. You may not think so, but you can. When you can do your duties peacefully, unhurried, knowing that you can achieve much more in this state, if you have a heavy day, hurrying, in a state of harassment will not avail you anything. But making speed calmly will achieve much. When you have reached this state of serenity, this is your blessing, the peace within, the peace that brings you to the state of serenity, so that the world does not bring you into a state of fear, but the world helps you. The law of God that is within your world helps you when you have reached this state of serenity. The laws always come into force. The laws bring recompense. As the servants sow, so do they reap.

This follows absolutely after every effort. You may not see it visibly, but your soul shines brighter. This is the problem, you cannot see upon the visage of those around you who is shining, not always. Because sometimes those who are dark within can beam at you brightly, and you can be taken in. We know those people. Sometimes those who are brightest try to hide their light because often they are very shy, or still, and do not push themselves into the limelight.

If you were a spirit as I am, and you gazed at those around you in the heavens, and you stood there and gazed and gazed at one person after another, you would see within them, (we can read of course, we can read their being) the desire to put from themselves all thoughts of self, because when they reach our states of being, it is this selfishness that has held them back. It is this selfishness that keeps them in the lower states of being. If you could hear the feelings, yes I said ‘hear’, they are unaware we can hear the feelings that they are going through, their emotions. It is usually regret for opportunities lost. We are usually very very quiet with them and helpful. We say, “You still have aeons of time to overcome.” When they come over we do not reveal usually that it may not be aeons of time. But we know that usually all have quite a lot of time, and it may seem aeons of time to them, especially if they are in the greyness or darkness. Then time drags by in horror. Many times we have had to be a shoulder to give them upliftment to say, “You can do it even now,” to try to stem the flood of fear. In many people’s minds there is the thought that they were misjudged. Now you have been taught there is no chance of this. You cannot be misjudged because the law is perfect. When there is a perfect law this misjudging cannot be. We have told you many times of people in the heavens who have been maligned on the earth, how they have been taken into bondage, and how when they arrived in our world they were compensated, because they had no other alternative, because their lives were taken over. When you have been hurt by others, know that they hurt themselves. There is no need for you to turn round and give them the iron fist. They have hurt themselves quite enough. Many times you are mistaken and you turn in anger, and you lash out. What does this do for you? Nothing but bring you into a state that you find difficult in lifting away from yourself. It isn’t easy. We know it. We have all had lives, many of them.

We have lived through states of being that would horrify you, because we are very old and we have lived in times long gone, and we have lived in times when man was very very cruel, when he was unable to understand, and when he lived in fear, and when one lives in fear of the neighbour, of being over-run, then one turns in hate. This hate then makes people act blindly. Many times in the past I have acted thus, blindly hitting out. If I had been calm I may not have lost my life, which I did on several occasions. If I had been serene and steady, I would not have been blind and hurled myself blindly. I know what I am talking about when I say the still calm mind helps you in every situation, because I have been through many states, many avenues of life. When they are difficult they teach us much. We may think how horrible, but when we arrive in the heavens we see we have learned, indeed we have. We have seen many manifestations of life, and we have seen it acted out horribly, and lovingly. So we see every aspect, both sides, the darkness and the light. It is always manifested. It has always been throughout all creation. In this life you are living now there is a great searching going on, among many people. Many do not have the opportunities to find this truth, but never mind if they find the pathway of love, that is the main object that we are searching for, that we are approaching. We need love in our life, and no matter in what avenue you find it, no matter what avenue you are guided into, if love takes hold of you, then you will act accordingly. If you have no belief, and many have not, do not think you will be cast out. Many people are without belief in a Father. They think this life is mainly to be lived. But nevertheless many of these people have fine feelings, and live by a code they make for themselves. They live by this code and they do have love in their being. You see, each one of us has the spirit within, and soul within the spirit. No matter why, or if we believe or not, that soul, and that spirit lives within us and has feelings. How can you cast away the feelings within yourself? They are there. Your soul has imprinted upon it all the manifestings of all lived, all the avenues you have walked. The tapestry of your soul is woven, some stitches are bright and some are dark. But there it is, your soul is a mirror of yourself, and if you do not believe, nevertheless that mirror, that manifestation is there. You are a being, living this life, and you do it however you can. Sometimes you have a thought and you think, now where has that come from? Where on earth did that thought come from? But it has come from within. Perhaps your soul has had a little inkling of a past existence, and you think, “My goodness, am I dreaming? Perhaps my mind slipped away and I have been day-dreaming.” Sometimes you wonder why you have a love for certain places, a love for certain peoples, and that may be because you lived there previously in another existence. The reason why you do not remember when you come to us when you sleep, the reason is manifold. First, if you remember, you may not wish to return to this earth. Secondly, you may not like what has happened to you there, if you have been taught and shown that you have much to learn, and you may be filled with resentment. Maybe you meet a relative who says to you, “Look here, I wish I were back there. I do not like this place. I cannot seem to make any inroads. I don’t seem to change. I seem to be here forever.” They cry to you and you wish they would take themselves away but they cling to you. This sometimes is why you come back sad, not all relatives want to stay there. If you know your relatives, some have not lived good lives, and some want to hurry back again. Many do, because they must. But then again there are the souls who love it so much, and they say to you, “I wish you could be here. It’s wonderful!” You come back full of dissatisfaction, wishing it also. Then sometimes you fear being here, and you fear death too, and you think, “My goodness, what is death? Is it the end? What will happen? What kind of place is it? What will happen to me? Will I be swallowed up?” These are the thoughts of many of those who are full of fear of the after-life. Well, I can tell you this much, if you are struggling to make your life a brighter one, then you need not fear. You will be welcomed with love by your guardian. He will say, “Well done!”, and you will be happy. ‘Well done’ are beautiful words. Those who hear these words are uplifted. But those who want to run away and hide, how pitiful is their state. So whenever you see someone who is a friend of yours, or a relative, who are hurting themselves, do strive to put the light around them, the light of your thoughts, of your mind, and try to help them in this manner. Because those thoughts of yours will uplift you. Whenever you put out a single thought to any soul, no matter who, it helps you. You do not have to do great things to be a shining being.

How many times have I said this to you? Many fear that they are doing nothing. Many say to me that they fear they are wasting their lives. But do not see if thus. In the ramifications of life you are beset by many thoughts. Thoughts of others. Sifting through these thoughts you may think, “How are we to love? How are we to grow?” Sifting through all that we know, all that has been given to us, sifting through every avenue for thought, you may come to the conclusion that this or that person is confused, or that you are confused. So many give many aspects of life and how to live it. They give themselves, or from lesser spirits. Remember that all of us are not living in the higher realms. There are some of us who have a little knowledge. They are not evil, they are simply giving that which they know, from their own state of being. If you live in three, in the Summerland, you have not the knowledge of the next realm, or the one above that, and so on. How can you? You can only give that which you know yourself. It is the same on this earth. So sift the knowledge that you are given, or that you read. Use your reasoning. If it is love, if it does not ask you to hurt another soul, if it does not ask you to do unreasonable things. If it makes you fear, and fills you with apprehension, cast these teachings away. Apprehension from any teaching is wrong. I do not fill you with fear, I try to fill you with reasonableness.

You know when we speak of families, we speak of the unit. We spoke of this the last time. We spoke upon the aspects of family life. If you can see the world as one great family, and see everyone threshing as it were through a mire of thoughts given to them by others, how many people are filled with fear because they are told that they are cruel, they are wicked, they are sinners? How many people are suppressed because they are told that they are evil? That they have been born in sin? How many times have you been told that the baby just born, is born in sin? All over the world people are given these foolish ideas. This is what I mean when I say you are filled with fear. Thoughts are given to you that you believe, because someone gives them to you who is greater in learning. He has theology, he has a creed, and you believe he knows everything. He or she. You believe because this is man/woman of God and should know. They have been trained and they are working for the Father, and you believe, and you are afraid. Well, when we send a soul to earth we do not send that child, that little one because it is a sinner. We do not say, “Go sinner, take up your life again”, we say “Go brother/sister, be strong. Manifest in love if you can. Do your utmost.” That which the Father has created is his manifestation, not the manifestation of man. If a flower or tree is diseased, do you say that flower is a sinner, it has done wrong? You may think that something has attached to the roots, and you would be right. So why say that that little child or yourself is a sinner, in that sense, the sense of the creed? Rather should you say that that person has made mistakes, that life has eroded the soul, as pests attack the roots of plants and trees. So when you look at the next plant you see, remember not to call yourself or your neighbour or your fellow race, sinners. They are not sinners, they are mistaken. Qualify your thoughts always. When you see nature, many many pictures are painted in your mind. You see beautiful vistas, and you are uplifted. You see a desert and it has its own beauty. Not all people like deserts. You see the ocean when it is stormy, and you shudder and think, “How tempestuous and how terrible!” Is this not a picture of life? Do not these scenes teach you? The Father has placed nature at your disposal to show you the plan of life, but how many of you see it around you? You do not need others to tell you how to live. You do not need me really. Truthfully you do not. I give you words to think about, but better I did not have to come, and you lived according to the vision you hold, the vision of the sun and the rain, of darkness and light, and behold there is life. So simple it is there before you. But how many gaze at it and know that this is the teaching? It is life itself, the vision of life. When you are enduring, when you are wearing out your challenge, or approaching your challenge or challenges, when you are approaching the steady path, no pebbles or boulders, and whenever your path is strewn with pebbles or boulders, in all these things is nature. All around you are scenes and you are blind. How many people walk around seeing nothing? So buried in their own misery. When we see a sadly ill person, and we are feeling good, we feel such sorrow for that being. But if we are ourselves not feeling so good, we may feel only slightly or perhaps nothing for that being. We are so filled with our own sadness, we do not see, or care.

When you say, “How do I grow? Am I growing? How do I grow spiritually?”. There is no way I can tell you, except to say, “Do your best.” When we say ‘Do your best’ we mean, think, are your thoughts sunny or are they rain? Are your thoughts day or are they night? Are your thoughts stillness or are they storm? Do you not see it? Yes you do, you see it.

The earth itself, very nature, is your teacher. It is the same in the heavens, I should say in the spirit world, for not all the spirit world is heavenly. Those who are in the greyness, are they uplifted? No. Why? Because they lived a life that brought them to that state. Those in the Summerland, are they uplifted? Yes, indeed, because they lived a life that brought them to those states, to the beautiful beautiful sky of blue, to the grass of green, to flowers with such colours that you have never seen, to the downpourings of love of the Father, and it is all around you and you feel it, to the harmony of your brothers/sisters, to the love that comes to you from your neighbour. You no longer have to say, “Are you well?” because you see perfectly well that your neighbours, brothers, sisters are indeed well.

If you are in greyness you do not have to ask either, it is too apparent. In all states in our heaven or in our areas of greyness, there is no need to ask because it is too obvious. As this life is portrayed to you through nature, so it is portrayed to us too, so clearly because in the spirit world you live it. So clearly, so plainly. Here you do not see too clearly the aspects of your thoughts, but nevertheless it is all around you. Whenever you are cast down in depression, why do you get worse? Because those thoughts are building around and around. That is why the people in the greyness live in that place, because that is their very thought world. Do you not see it? It is the manifestation of their every thought, and action. We do not wish them to live there, we wish they were up. We hate the very thought of people going down, it fills us with sorrow. That is why we come. We come, we leave our bright place, we descend very very slowly through the spheres, and into your land of mist, for your earth is covered by a mist, and you live in a misty world. But you do not see it. We do, when we are around you, we cannot see you too clearly. Do not fear that we are gazing upon you at all times. We are not. To us this land is a mist, a grey mist. This is why we say, “Coming through the mists.” We have light and we come into the mist.

Now you can see how difficult it is for us who come from the lands of beauty, to live here. If your world was in harmony, this mist would be lifted, and the love of God, the Great Force, would be upon you, as it is in our worlds. In our worlds you feel it, you do not have to live in hope, in wonderment, guessing, aspiring, longing. You feel it, it is so wonderful. As you go forward and forward this power becomes more and more wonderful. You bask in the Love of God, of that Great Force of Consciousness, the Great Spirit of Light, that Powerful Mind, the Great Creator. You feel the force, flowing around and around, you live in it. You bask in it. Oh, how wonderful, how glorious. When you are in a happy state, and the day is wonderful, and all is beautiful, you know that feeling, well that is a state all aspire to, is it not? To live in it always and to think that it can be better, more glorious, more wonderful, more and more and onward and onward, becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. Is that not a glorious state to aspire to? Oh, my soul! How I wish you could feel it. I can only use the words, but my soul longs to bring you there, but I cannot. But I can try to paint a picture. How difficult it is with words. In our realms we can show the scenes to each other in the mind. If I descend and say to a brother who is lower, “Look,” he can see with his own mind the scenes of the heavens above. It fills them with desire to reach such a place. We can flash a scene from an upper place upon the atmosphere, and they can gaze upon it. If we have numbers of people then we do this. They gaze and we say, “Brethren this can be your place, your station of life, if you strive and make greater attempts.” You see many people are afraid as you are in this life, to make an approach to another individual. In the heavens we have to learn to do this, because it is similar to the earth. At first people are rather shy, they fear at first. After a time they become more adventurous, and they approach more readily. Then it is they realize that it is different and that it is not earth. More and more they realize that it is different from the earth, that people do not repulse but are amiable.

It would be, I would say, something like you meeting your loved ones after you have not seen them for quite some time, those you truly love. After a time that is how you greet everyone. Lovingly, because you truly love them. You do not live in fear. You see each other and you know that those in your realm are similar to yourself in growth. They will not repulse you, but say, “Brother/Sister” and embrace you. If you could see the scenes in the heavens, people walking arm in arm, or arms around one another, in everyday life, no more inhibitions, no more fears that people will call you names, and you know what I mean by that. On this earth it is too evident, people put words to people who are trying, sometimes in families when they are filled with love, and they put their arms around one another, others may make something of it. In our heavenly places you can walk arm in arm, and I mean men too, and women, men and women, man to man, man to woman. You can walk arm in arm, arms around one another, you can do this freely. All these inhibitions pass away. Your personality has gone, but your individuality is manifesting. You know how we have taught that you must lose your personality, that fake you that is manifesting upon the earth, that frontage you have, that you hide behind, when you are here, so afraid that others see you, so afraid to offer love in case it is mistaken. In our realms you will not live in this fear, you will live as you wish.

When I say how you wish, I mean it. You may think, “My goodness! How you wish?” Well, it is true. We do not have the same laws that are upon the earth. But we do have others who rule. They do not rule as you have been taught before, as earthly people rule, but rule with power and they cover the area they are ruling with light. They radiate their power around all the individuals upon their own realm. We trust you to live aright. We teach you. We give you an example. We walk amongst you. We treat you as an equal. Oft-times you do not know that we are from higher places, we treat you so friendly, and with brotherly/sisterly love. We do not put upon you our power. We are not puffed up. Sometimes when people realize they can do whatever they wish, they do foolish things, especially at the beginning. But we are very indulgent with these people because we know that this will pass, and they will come to more reasonableness. We know that they will in time settle down. When they find there are many many things to do, in fact there is so much to do that you will never accomplish everything. That may surprise you but it is true. There is so much to do that you can be forever employed. But you are not paid, you grow. You do not do anything that you would not care to. You do what you are pleased to do. We guide you. We see how you are gifted. Many people feel they are not gifted at all. But we can read you, and we see many times, buried within is a gift that has not been watered and thus grown into a flower. So we give them this knowledge, and they are pleased and then they learn. How happy then they are, because they are living, they are acting out their life. They have something to do that they are enjoying. To live every day doing nothing, would not be heaven. To live every day in idleness would be boring. So there is much to do, and you can go and learn with many others. You can visit all places where the arts are taught. Any art, many arts indeed. You can go around and visit, and be welcome. You can listen to great music, you can listen to harmonious music, you can listen to whatever kind of music you like. For all peoples who die upon this earth continue as they did for a time. Remember this. So you will, I assure you, find many things that are familiar. Do not think it is an instant heaven. Not all people are ready for that. But think of it as a place, for all are placed in the correct area, where there is no miscarriage of justice, where all are placed correctly, and no-one can deny it, for every soul is aware of his own inner self. He sees it within himself clearly. When we say, “Know thyself”, then know that you can read your own being. If you are perfectly honest with yourself you will be able to gaze at yourself dispassionately, and you will be surprised at the outcome of your search.

We can do this more simply in the heavens, because we can read ourselves immediately. We have an immediate knowing. This is the terrible thing at the beginning. This is the thing that people fear, because this knowing at the beginning is your own self. Your self knowing absolutely. Seeing yourself from a little child, till the time you passed over, and seeing every aspect of your life, and seeing where you gained and where you lost. It is this terrible knowing that makes some people shudder, because they realize it is not God, or one of us, it is a self-knowing, a self-judgment. No St. Peter, no God, no angel condemning you. We do not condemn. God is love, and He does not send a bright one to condemn you and cast a finger of fear at you. No, God is love and so you do it, you are His child, who are His little one, you who have been His child and have been for aeons of time, you who are beloved, truly beloved, loved as none other can love you. You are your own judge and this is love. You will do it alone no shameful eyes are looking at you saying terrible thoughts, condemning thoughts at you, looking at you saying, “There you are, you see you have been wicked.” None of this. But self-knowing and this is love.

So when you cry out to the Father, “Why doest thee this thing to me? Why cast me down?” remember you are the beloved, you are the beloved. Love does not cast down. Love wishes to uplift. Love wishes that you understand it. Love wishes that you know that it is self that brings you into the darkness of fear, of sorrow, of suffering. Self and those other selfs around who are maligning you. It is usually the other selfs around your self that cast you down. But never never never the Father of Love.

The ancient Jewish race has been responsible for bringing this knowledge to the world, portraying the Father as a man, a man who has man’s failings, failings of anger, failings of striking down, casting out, of giving disease, giving all kinds of fears. God is love, and if the Jews had listened to the Nazarene and had seen that he had a bright light shining within him, showing in his being that he was love, showing in his being that man must not fear. His message was simple, it is my message, the message of God Himself, “Love ye one another, that ye may return to the Source.”

Don’t you understand this? The Source is God Himself, as you see God. It is hard not to personalize God. It is very difficult for the human race not to do this. So we use it. But you know that this Force, this Love that we call God, this Force of Love is everywhere, so cannot be personalized. How can a love that reaches out to every corner of this planet, to all things that have been created, be personalized? How can you personalize yours when you love all you family? Or you love all around you? It is not personal in a sense of one being, but it encompasses all mankind. When you spread your love around it is not personalized. So see God as a great Force who loves everyone in the whole planet, and who is very very patient, and can wait until you retrace your footsteps. When you retrace your footsteps and return to the source, how joyful you will be. How joyfully will the music of the spheres ring out! How loudly will they acclaim thee! Loudly in harmony! To reach us and for voices to reach out and the heavens to ring forth with music and singing, and to hear the words, “Welcome! Welcome! my dearly beloved, thou hast indeed done well!” How wonderful to hear these words.

We who serve you hear these words when we return to our own spheres. Often we hear it, and we weep with happiness. Yes, we can weep. We can weep for you. We can weep for our brothers and sisters in the heavenly world. We can weep with sorrow or fear for you. We can weep with joy. When we hear those words, “Well done, my beloved brother/sister.” How wonderful. We know then that it has been worth while. When we look around our own place, and see other beloved faces, see the love there manifested for us, how we feel joy. For a time we remain so happy, basking in that wonderful place. But then we have to retrace our steps and we come to you, and we say, “Love one another, for this is our message, no matter how we say it. No matter how many times we speak, behind every utterance is “Love one another, for thou art my brethren, thou art my beloved.” For all time we will be marching together onward onward onward without fear. You can do it. For I can see you, I see your light. I see the colours of your auras, and I see that many are striving, and that you can within yourselves feel an upliftment. Feeling that peace steal within you. So you are set upon that pathway of retracement, growing onward and onward. One day you will hear the words, “Well done, my servant. Well done, my beloved.” You will be clasped in the loving arms of your guardian. He will weep with joy. He will know that his life with you has been well spent. Think of it to hear these words, “Well done!” Would you like to see reproach in his eyes? I know you would not. Sometimes it is difficult for them to hide their thoughts. For the eyes are very eloquent, especially the eyes in the spirit world. You can see the feelings, the emotions, the love. So in every aspect of your life, know that the Father is within you, is within your being, within your soul. A spark of the Father dwells within you always. That spark can be your strength. That spark can be your guide. You think it is your conscience speaking to you. It is that spark of divinity, the link to the Father. Do not fear that you are apart from Him. Fear not, for all children have this link. In some it is very tenuous. In some it is buried in darkness. In some it is brightly shining, depending upon the person. But know that you are not alone. Never never fear that you are alone. For around about you are those who love you from the spirit world, your guardian, sometimes your relatives. Never fear that you are alone upon this earth. Never fear when you are cast down that you are alone. Always is that light around you of your guardian, who loves you as his own child, loves you without condemnation, who does not criticize you, but tries to give you understanding, tries to understand all your feelings, your emotions, all that you are. Know that you are never abandoned. One guardian, one person, always.

So know that at all times throughout every day of your life, as it comes to you, that you are walking in the light of the Father, and fear should not assail you. Know that your guardian has charge over you, and he is attempting to the best of his ability, to put into your mind the thoughts that help you help yourself. Yes, help yourself, for always you should attempt to work out your life to the best of your ability. Do not lean on others too heavily. You can ask for advice of course, and it will be given, not always wisely. But try to lean upon your own strength, because you have it within. Your strength is stronger than you realize. No matter what comes to you, you will have the strength to deal with it. It may be terrible but your strength can rise to that occasion. No-one is asked to take on more than they can bear, of a truth. Many do not believe this, but it is true. Many, before they come say, “Oh, we can do more than this.” We say, “Halt, no you cannot, because we know your strengths.” “Well, let me go through so and so, because I want to do it quickly.” We say, “No, you do not have the strength.” But we do allow the strength that they can bear.

So fear not, know that you have strengths within you that can bring you through your life, through your life and all its aspects. With this thought I ask you to see that every man in the whole of creation has the opportunity to know the Father, because within him is the Father. Every one of you has this spark. Every one of you have this conscience, and that conscience is the Father within. No matter what you believe or don’t believe, it is your guide. So do not say you have not known. You have not this excuse, because within you is this spark. Many say they did not know, and we answer, “Yes, you did,” and you do. So my brethren, remember my words in all your days, because it will help you tremendously and you will benefit.

Beloved we have been in the presence of the Shining Ones. They have walked amongst you. They have listened to my words. There has been for this short period a room bathed in light and power. Love has manifested strongly. Love surrounds you. To be in this oasis of love is a wonderful opportunity for you, to feel peace and love and stillness. So for this short moment know that the Father’s love is close.

My love is thine.