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~*Teaching #16*~

Good afternoon, my friends, my dear ones. I am very happy to be with you again. It is such a glorious day on earth, and I am happy it is for all of you. You understand how everyone feels on a day such as this. It elevates the spirit, and makes one feel life is worthwhile. I too have realized that it is Mother’s Day celebration upon this earth. While I understand it, I would that everyone felt that every day was Mother’s Day. The mother has a great deal of responsibility on this earth, the responsibility of everything, it seems. I won’t go into it, mothers know too well. But I think it is a blessing to be a mother, because you have great responsibility, and it gives you the opportunity of growing. Not all see it thus, but those who do are indeed blessed. To have young spirits in your care, to have the responsibility of training them in the right pathway, it is a great responsibility indeed. But then you do know this. It is certainly not an easy path to take up. But I think that as we all do in the heavens, as we see the struggles of womanhood in all the lands of the world we feel great compassion. Sometimes we who are men are thankful that we are. But that is not a true picture, for we too have been maidens in some incarnations. So we have been through it too. Enough of that today.

In several instances we have been approached regarding the world itself. Many are very puzzled because there are so many stories going around, and some paint very gloomy pictures. Many ask, “What is the truth?” I would like to go into some of this today, to try to give in my own manner what we in the spirit world see.

When we look upon your world we see the dark patches and we see the light. We see the gleams that come from spiritual beings and we see the dark patches where there is trouble. Sometimes the darkness engulfs great areas and we are in great alarm. But we quickly go to those areas, and we try our utmost to dispel the darkness. There is great talk about disaster coming upon the world in some areas where there is weakness. Great earthquakes, the sea engulfing the land, and it goes on. In my view and the view of those who have the knowledge, those who have the clearest picture are those scientists who can test the earth. Not always the voices of doom. Some take it from the Bible and try and reason what it means. They try but not always do they get a clear picture. You must remember that the Bible was written by man, and not always has it been put down clearly. Not always has it been interpreted clearly, because language is a very difficult thing, as you are well aware. Words can lose their meaning when put in the wrong context. In the beginning the land masses rose and fell and crumbled, rose and fell and crumbled, spread out, rose again, everything was being created and it was a terrible sight. Some masses fell into the ocean and remained there for millions of years, then suddenly an eruption and another land mass was created. This has been going on throughout all time. You know which lands are more young, and which earthquakes are more frequent. The earth is bubbling in some places, and the crust is very thin. Already one knows the countries that are prone to earthquakes.

So I would ask you who are troubled, to be still because there will be earthquakes where there have been earthquakes previously, and there will always be where the crust is thin. There will be slight tremors and huge upheavals. As far as we see there will be here, not too far away, another, but it will not be terrible. So do not be disturbed. When one has these smaller earthquakes it is less worrying, being preferable to a large catastrophe. You have not had the great disaster, but you do know there is a belt where the earth is very thin, in California, and the ‘fault’ comes up to this place. People are always concerned about this and ask our maiden. Do not be disturbed for I do not see for many years anything that will engulf you, at least not in your lifetime, maybe in your children’s lifetimes. I do not see it yet, I am not sure. So rest at peace and do not be concerned, but live every day in peace if you can.

What we do see, which gives us more concern is man made, atomic power, which gives us great feelings of unrest. We tremble for there is evil, because those who have set it upon the earth do not care about the progress of mankind. They are fully aware that it is a terrible force. They are fully aware that it can bring mankind to destruction. We are fully aware. We know that we have more power to aid you if we are allowed to do it. That is the question. You know that in your lives you have the opportunity to grow and become more spiritual beings. Well the whole of humanity has the same opportunities, but not all humanity grasps the opportunity. Where there is darkness this holds the rest of you in thraldom. If more were inclined to spirituality we would be allowed to aid you more freely. You must understand that disasters are brought about my man’s thinking and by his acts. We have said this previously, were you all concerned with one another, with brotherly love, rather than hating, indifference, callousness, non-thinking, if everyone was concerned with his brother as he was with himself, the world would be a beautiful place to dwell in. You would not have the pestilence’s, you would not have the pests, nor would the greenery have the pests upon them, nor the food that you grow. All would be strong and life would be beautiful and we could help you against such terrible ramifications. The atomic power was not meant to be yours yet, but as you know, war escalates knowledge, and every war that is upon the earth produces greater knowledge, and greater destruction comes upon the earth. It is a sad sad story that unfolds before us. Men of power and evil rising and changing the face of the world. Look at that last war, the face of Europe has been changed drastically, because one man wanted a pure Aryan race upon the earth, he wanted power, he wanted to cast away all men who were not as himself. How could this be when all children are gods? When all have the spark of divinity within, when all are linked to Him? How can you cast away any nation? When any nation is upon its own pathway, as you are in yours. When every single individual is having his opportunity. How can one man, or another, rise up and try to engulf all of humanity? There are still some who are endeavouring in other lands. But what happens? There is great unhappiness. It is not the prerogative of one race. It happens everywhere. When we see these things happening upon your planet we weep, and we say, “Shall the earth never never become a peaceful place for mankind to dwell upon?” But we know that when people come here they are having their opportunities, we know people return and return. Each time do they benefit themselves? Not always, but now and then. If only people would realize they are responsible for themselves, and the country, and the world. You are not isolated. So many are concerned with self, the great ‘I’. I am. I should not be seen as I, but we and they. If you are a family, you are all knitted together, we hope. It is not always so, but we will say it is for this picture. You are a family and you are all knitted together, mother, father and children. We will imagine this is a nation. Mother and father are individuals, and so is every child. But you endeavour to live together in harmony, trying to understand one another. If there is harmony, this is good, for then we do try. We attempt understanding, and through the years when maturity comes to all the children, and the parents are older, there is a unity, a knitting together, beauty, a tapestry woven in harmony. Now that could be the world for you are a family. You could be knitted together in a beautiful tapestry. You could be worked on, piece by piece, and it could emerge in glowing colours. But your tapestry has dark patches, and the dark patches are the undoing of your world. And you, though you may be in Canada, and free of these, nevertheless the reflection of those areas casts its shadow upon you. Because in these days, the news flashes quickly to you, and you are not free of knowledge, and you cannot hide the head, like the ostrich in the sand. You are aware of every aspect of this planet.

Now I am not trying to paint a picture of gloom. I am merely showing you that by your very actions you clear your planet of the evil of atomic power. Because man’s minds would then change and would see clearly that it was an evil. It is evil in the aspect that it cannot be made pure. The wastes cannot be cleansed. If it had come in aeons of time when man would be ready, then man would understand how to deal with it. But you are not ready, because war escalated this knowledge to man before he was ready.

There is a great awakening amongst the people of the earth, as to the evil of this power, and there are many who are raising their voices in protest. I would that all would do this, because it is not yourself, nor even perhaps your children, but their children. Maybe then, you never know. Look what has just happened. Look over the world, there are leakings, even leakings of atomic ovens, whatever they use. Everything that is made from this substance, is not able to be kept intact. It has the power to leak away. If you could see how it acts upon the human body, if you had seen those people in Japan, how it wrecked the genes, how mutations took place. How do they know that mutations will not take place from the latest leakage? They are unaware as yet. Time will reveal. Mankind has not got the real power, to decide whether or not he shall destroy his brethren. I am sure some of those who are working with this, do not look at it this way. They believe they are benefiting you for the future, whenever you shall be without power to run your machines, and the energy for your homes, or whatever use it is put to. Do you not know that when you have a need in this world, it will be supplied if you earn it? Has not electricity come to you, and the knowledge of gas, how to use all the means you have had up to now?

When each thing came it was to benefit you. Always it had its other side too, if used unwisely. Until man has the knowledge, he hurts himself. But always there are born into your world minds that bring you the answers. Have you not noticed there is always someone who comes forth with the answer to a problem? We do not leave you to your own devices. We know, because we can see what will be needed. But we cannot give you the answers if you do not earn them. I am sorry I have to say it, but it is the law, and I have to live by the law, as you do.

The law is a very simple law, the law of God the Father, the Great Father of Love, the Great Perfection, has made it so that you have the responsibility to lighten your burdens. He is as a Father who says to His children, “Now my son/daughter, go forth”, and you know the young are eager to go forth even without the prompting. The young believe they have the answer to every problem. But soon they learn they do not, and when they go out into the highways and byways, into the cruel world, they soon realize that the home, the father and mother, are havens, even though they deny them. This is of course if the father and mother have been wise and loving parents. But the Father of us all is all-loving and all-wise, and He looks on all as His children, hoping that they will return in purity. But look how many lives it takes, how many cleansings we have to endure before we can remain in the heavens. How many cleansings, knocking the head against another life? Pitting the mind against further problems, crying out, “God, where art Thou, my God, my Father, where art Thou?” Not realizing that the Father God is within. One only has to think about it, to be silent, and think about yourself. Look to your birth. Was that not a miracle in itself? Look at the young bud before it bursts forth into glorious flower. It is not particularly beautiful, but slowly the flower unfolds, and there is rare beauty. Your flowers do not last long, they come, they live, then they glow and they fade. As your life is, it dies. But it is not dead, it will come again, and give you greater pleasure next year. When you see this, when you see the flowers, the trees, the shrubs, coming and going, they may be attacked by disease, but you may do your best to heal the flower, the bush, the shrub or whatever. That is how it is your guardian tries to help you too, to tend his tender flower. For you know we do see you as flowers, growing. Sometimes you are fading, sometimes you are glowing, and sometimes you are drooping. Sometimes you are holding up and glowing beautifully. In nature you see the Father portrayed very clearly, if you would but look.

Last week our maiden said to some people, “Have you seen the lovely flowers at the front? They are beautiful glowing scarlet.” But some people said, “No.” They hadn’t seen them. They jut out into the street, it’s impossible not to see them, but mark you, some did not. Why was this? They were wrapped up in their own trouble and they did not see the beauty before them. If they had looked they would have seen, and it would have uplifted the soul. Because when you look at flowers that are beautiful you cannot but be uplifted. Now this is how many go around day by day, the eyes upon the ground, cast down, not seeing the beauty. How many times do you lift up your head and look at the trees, and see the blue sky gleaming through the leaves That is a beautiful sight.

How many times to you look up at a building, and see some design worked upon it by man, carved out upon the stone or whatever? Sometimes if you lift up your head you are surprised that there is a scene up there that you have not noticed before. If you look up you see the snow upon the mountains, gleaming in the sunlight. How many times do you raise your eyes up, very few, I think. Mostly mankind walks with the head straight, looking forward, or drooping, lost in one’s own thoughts, pondering the latest problem. It is not always easy, you will say, to do this. But when the earth is as beautiful as it is now, you should look, because you will not see it again till next year, once it leaves you. You should look so that it sustains you till it returns to you.

It is the same when one looks at a little child. How fresh! How new! But that little child will grow and grow, and will astound you. If you have not seen that little child for some time, and then you see it, my goodness, how changed! That is because you have not seen. But the mother and the family see, but not so clearly because the child is there always, and the changes are not as apparent. It is the same with your life. You are not always aware of the subtle changes within you. But we, when we look at you, we can see the changes. Your guide sees the changes, maybe good, maybe a little not so good. We are always careful of you. Would that you were always so careful of yourselves. We are not drawing a picture of disaster, but I wish every one of you would see your thoughts in the direction of atomic power, and I wish you could see it abandoned. If it is abandoned other power will come, because we know your needs, and they are always supplied. But it is always those who do not know these answers, those in power who say that we need it, we must have it. No matter how many raise their voices in dissent, the leaders say we must have the power. We know that it is not so. So please set your minds against it, try to see that we will bring something in its place. So fear not. Realize that you hold in your hand the opportunities to make your world a more worthwhile place. Do not blame the Father, because it is His children who are lacking, not the Father. If the Father or you as mother/father did everything for your children, how useless they would be. Is this not so? You know it. You know how hard it is for you to struggle to keep them on the pathways that are good for them. They do not see it. How many times have you told a child that that is not the way, and they reply, “but it is.” You say it is not, and you lose the struggle. They go their own way, and disaster results from their actions. It is the same with you. You are children of the Father and you are still immature. This is not said to you unkindly, because you would not be here if you were fully mature spiritually. But do endeavour to make this your last journey to this planet. Do strive to be a worker in the next life, a soldier, a warrior for the Father. You may wonder why I use the word ‘warrior’. When you look at the world, and you look at the lower areas in ours, and you see how man is set upon his own pathway of destruction, those men who do not set their eyes upon the pathway and say to themselves, “I will strive to bring myself into greater understanding.” Do not be so adamant that you are always correct, but realize that every soul in the universe is a potential angel, without wings, I must say! But you can be an angel, and angels are bright, I may tell you. You, every one of you, can be an angel of light. No man is denied the opportunity. Everyone has the potential, everyone has if he would but realize it. The Father does not put you down. The Father does not send anything to you. He does not burden you. How many times does mankind cry out, “Oh Father, why do You burden me?” How often do you get the answer? Your words are empty. They find not a place, because they are a cry of weakness. Your Father has not deserted you. A truly loving earthly Father would not desert his children, even if they malign him, or go against him in any way. The Father of us all is patient, loving, strong, and has great patience to wait. How many lives has He been waiting? How many aeons of time have passed? When I look back upon the lives I lived upon the earth, and I see the times that I expended in foolishness, how many times did I lift my head and wonder, how many times did I beat the breast, and cry out? But I came through finally. It is thousands of years now since I have been upon this earth, thousands of years since I had to endure. But I do endure now in a different way. I endure because I am a teacher, and I have to try and enlighten you and enlighten many in the heavens. I have had many varied duties in the heavenly places. Each time I have learned much. Each time I have become a more rounded-out being. Each time I have been able to see humanity with clearer vision. So it is with each one of you, each experience that you go through upon this planet helps you to face another. Each avenue of exploration is knowledge won. Never look upon an experience as, “Oh dear! I am glad that is over!” Not only that way, because if you look clearly, that has been a way to help you to understand your brethren. Every experience won is an experience to make the pathway clearer, to help the vision expand. I know that when I am here, and I look upon those who come to our maiden, and I listen to their stories, I say to myself, “Yes indeed!” and I see someone in the heavens who has had a similar experience and I put them together and I say, “Yes, I see how to deal with that.” Because when one is so far removed from the earth, it is much more difficult to be realistic about your problems. You know, when I first came, I was very very bothered about this planet. It took me a long time to adjust to the vibrations. It took me a long time to feel at ease. But now I am more comfortable. Now I understand a great deal more than I did. For I am once again living amongst you, and I understand you more fully, and I see that you have a very very difficult path to walk in this life. Not only have you to find your daily bread, but you have to live in an age where technology is racing ahead and everyone feels, “Where is it going to end?” You feel as if you are in a race, and you are the tortoise lagging behind. Is this not so? The little children are indeed faced with great problems, as we see it, their little minds having to encompass so much so early.

We feel that the little children should have time to dream, to fantasize, to have their times of rest, before being engulfed by so much. But it is not to be. They are hurled into this age of knowledge, and they are no longer the little children. They have knowledge beyond their years. Their eyes are full of knowledge, yet the little ones have to struggle also with the spiritual as well as the physical. They may have knowledge in one avenue, but still they have not the knowledge of living. The two war together. Little children grow up far too quickly on your planet. But we cannot do anything about this, but we would ask you if you have little ones, to spend as much time as possible in the things that matter, the love, the understanding, the sharing of the little things, the ways of nature, the ways of tenderness and tolerance, and understanding. Try to temper the race they are in, by bringing beauty into their lives, by showing them that there is a beautiful Father above, who loves them and has made all creation, who has made them and everything there is, that there is not a stone in this world but has its own essence, and not a tree but has its own essence and its own kind. You know that everything has its own place, and everything can aid you, or go against you. You see the sea before you. It is placid and smooth, and you say, “How wonderful, how wild, how vibrant!” But you are glad you are not upon it. You are on the land and looking at it. But how for the sailor and the seacraft! Then the dark days when the rain beats upon it, and it is dark and miserable, and we do not care to look on it at all. So it is a picture to ponder on, a scene of life. As I said, you gaze at nature, you see your own lives. It should help you to understand. There cannot be always light. There must be the other side, at least upon this planet. If you did not have rain the earth would perish. If the night did not come you would not be inclined to rest. Your bodies need rest. They need the sunshine, they need the rest, they need the rain to cool and feed the earth. You need the sunshine too. And so does the earth. The sun is a great power, it is needed but also it is powerful enough to burn you. In some areas it has burned up. So you see everything has its portion, its place. The sea, the sun, the moon, the stars, the flowers, the trees, the grass, everything is a necessity to you. How many times does your spirit long for the open fields, the mountains, the sea! When you are busy, and you are cooped up, and the spirit longs to get away, to get out, to see nature. How many times do you long to move far away! Why is this? It is because the spirit within you longs for the part of God that is there, for you. To give you energy, to refurbish you, to refurbish your soul, your body. The essences of nature give you what you are lacking, and you feel refreshed. So it is when you are growing spiritually, and you earn greater aid. Your soul glows more brightly. More power can come to you. Your guide can give you more of his own essence. You feel more uplifted. You receive exactly what you have earned. That is the law of the Father. You reap what you have sown. There are times when you want to make a garden. You are so happy when the first shoots come through, whether it is vegetable or flowers. Think how wonderful it is, to see the first little shoots or buds or whatever, how wonderful! You put in the seed, and you cover it up, and you have to live in hope. But that hope is rewarded, and up comes the carrots or roses or whatever. You are happy and you exult! It is the same when you win through over some problem. Your soul exults. The spirit within you exults. When you have feelings of happiness about something, realize that your soul is happy too. Realize that whenever you have overcome a problem, that your soul has benefited from it. Do not think it is just a happening, a plain everyday thing. It is not. Every time you win through you make your spirit within you happy, and your soul shines greatly. You know how you feel if that apple tree, or pear tree, or plum, has the blight, and does not give what you expected. How unhappy you feel! You hope that you can help it, and in time it can be healed, and next year perhaps....but you have to wait. It does not happen overnight. This is how life is. Sometimes life deals with you harshly, and you pray for the result to be expended, and you hope you shall be free of it soon. Think of that tree. It did not become pure overnight. Sometimes you cannot be free of your hardship for some time. But strive to help yourself, as you would the tree, knowing that there is some reason for your difficulty. Do not rail against nature, against yourself or someone else. Look to yourself. Be still. Be fair to yourself. Judge yourself fairly.

Do not make excuses. Ask yourself - why am I in this difficulty? What did I do? Where did I go wrong? If you find the answer, good. That means you are able to be straight with yourself. If you can find the answers you will soon see how to change, and come out of your difficulty. But first you must change. If you have been hurt by others, and the hurt goes deep within, strive also to see the reason, the reason why that person/those persons hurt you. Why did they do it? Was it your failing, or was it their own failing? Was it the failing of their upbringing? Was it a failing of their teaching? Was it a failing of how they see life? Are they lower on the pathway of spirituality? Do they not understand as clearly as you do? Ask yourself many questions, because it is not good to turn back in hurt or to hurt the other. If you return hurt for hurt, two people will be suffering even more. You will be suffering, because that person hurt you, and you will be suffering more, because you hurt back. It is more worthy to be a kinder being. You know yourselves when you have been hurt deeply and you return the angry words and you return the hurt, who is happy? No-one, no-one. But if you try to be still, and try to understand, to think it out, to reason, to see why, to try most strongly to see why, then there may be the healing of the wound, the closer coming together.

Sometimes out of a great sorrow comes a greater peace. I am sure that some of you realize this. Sometimes wounds cut so deeply they seem never never to be healed. But love can heal the deepest wound. Love can, I assure you. So many expend their lives in anger, the least situation they flare up and are hurtful. Do these people ever realize that there is a spirit within, and that spirit realizes what you are doing, and that spirit longs so much that you are peaceful? Realize it is not your outer self that is going through this life, but your spirit self. This spirit within you needs so much, needs you to raise it up, to glorify it. Your spirit cannot speak to you, cannot help you, your spirit depends on you. If you work steadfastly and do your best, your spirit will benefit and rise upon the path of spirituality. If you hurt someone, your spirit will take a step backward. If you do something good, a step forward, another act of goodness another step forward, and so it is. The going forward and the stepping back. Try and make it that you make steps forward and forward. I know it isn’t easy. It is not easy to be a perfect being. No-one is perfect. But at least you could attempt it. We do not criticize you. I do not say to you, you and you, you are so-and-so. I would not think of it. I do not criticize. I do not criticize anyone. I see you all as flowers growing up on the earth. Sometimes you are in sunlight, sometimes you are in a storm, sometimes in a little shower. The little shower benefits and you are nourished, because in the little things you are more able to understand. You do try, I know. Little things do not put you down so much. It is the larger things. The ways of life that now and then engulf you. But is it not strange that when you set your mind to it and say, “I will be still. I will ask for knowledge. I will do my best, but if I have not the true knowledge please help me.” This is very important. First you must expend the effort, and you must do it willingly. If your guardian sees that you are, he will then do his best for you. If the guardian sees that you are not trying, but are simply sitting there weeping, and getting more and more depressed, how can your guardian draw near to such a depressed being? But if your guardian sees you are attempting, at least playing your part, then you will be aided. Always do your best. If your child is with you, and you are showing your child how to do something you want it to learn, and it is not trying and is saying, “I cannot do it,” and you know full well that the child can do it, but the child wants to have a happy time out playing, and not in the house doing this thing. You know that the child has to do it, because it needs to learn for its own benefit, and you insist and you pursuade, and finally with tears perhaps, and much anguish it is accomplished.

Now you see yourself in your own struggles, do you not? For that is how you behave. For in your own struggles you too do not wish to do them, you do not want to, you know you could if you really tried, but you do not because you are blind. You blind yourself with fear, and you cast yourself down and become depressed, and you do not try. One day you may say, “Alright!” and you get to it for you do see clearly, and then the light descends upon you and the burden is miraculously gone.

It is, I think, more and more a difficult world, because you see all around you people in power who do not always act in the way you would expect, and they do not give the good picture to you, the scene of industry, of honesty and worthiness, the tapestry of beauty. We do not expect everyone to be perfect, but if a person strives to be one in power, at least they should try to shine. We can give them some weakness, we do not mind if they are weak in some areas, but not in the areas of duty. Where you have duty you must try to expend yourself strongly. People in power do not always show this to you. If those in authority don’t, many people say, “Why should we?”, and there is a slackening. People do not strive because they see others around them who do not. It is the same with parents. You have that responsibility to show your children, so that when they become parents they will act in the manner that would help their children. It is by example that your children learn. It is by example that those in authority should help the people of the world. You do not see it, so you do not act upon it. These are struggles. These are the ways of the world.

How horrified you are when you hear of a far-off land whose leader has down terrible acts. You know that place in Africa, where a man who puffed himself up, how he has destroyed so many. You say how terrible. But you are removed from that scene, and you do not understand fully the suffering of the people in that land. So this is what I am trying to show you. Do not condemn until you are sure of your facts. Do not malign until you are fully aware. If you are not sure give them the benefit of your doubt. I am constantly saying that we must watch our very thoughts and actions, the very little things. How can you become a leader in the heavens if you do not begin now? I know you would all like to become a leader, and help humanity when you pass over. We need everyone. But how can you, if you are to be taught there, and we have to spend time and time going into every little ramification of life? You know when you are parents that you have great struggles, how you wish to be an example and how many times you fail your children. But you can change. Do not cast yourself down when you fail, resolve to pick yourself up. There are many lessons to be learned. Many to be learned in this life. You live day by day, and the shadows of life and the life days are before you with the shadow days and the life days. This person and that person, and you listen and you see, you think and you reason, and it is your opportunity to grasp knowledge. You do not see this because you are simply living. I do not wish you to gaze upon and think about it too much, but I do want you to see it, that these are the means to knowledge.

There is not a day that passes that you do not see or learn something that can benefit you, and in the future life, when you are in the heavens think of all the lessons you have learned and think how you can use them, to benefit others. Think of me, how I was so far removed from you, that I did not fully comprehend the life as it is now, and how I have to relearn and relearn your life as it is, and how terrible it is to me. When I was on earth last time, it was more difficult to find food. We did not have your pre-packaged, pre-processed food. We had to gather. We had to sow seed, gather. We had to be wary of the enemy, the enemy within and without. We had our struggles but we did not have your technology. We had the sun, the stars, and the moon, and the seasons. By these we lived. We lived in a sense more closely than you do, because that was our way. How you would see it, if you lived in a far-off place, and had not seen this city, and you came to it one day, and you had not seen anything as it is, how you would be amazed and afraid. The traffic would frighten you. Airplanes would frighten you, all the things that go with speed, the house, every simple thing, everything would not be understood. That is how it is for people when they are so far removed, way way up in the heavens and they rely upon us to keep them alert as to the earth’s ways.

So it is those who come to the earth who help us in understanding. But it is not till we came here that we comprehend it fully. But everything is knowledge, a way to show us how to deal with the people when they come to us. Those very very high beings who do not come, and who rely upon us for understanding, think how far they are away, but still how knowing. They have but to descend several spheres to see what is in the minds of those about them, and see how changed they are from themselves. So it will be for you. As you grow upon this earth, you will find it increasingly difficult as you grow more and more spiritually, to be a calm and peaceful being in the race around you. But it can be won. It can be I assure you, and strength gives you the shield. Strength helps you to be the warrior upon this earth, the warrior of light.

So my brethren, my beloved, strive with me to make this world a more beautiful place for your brethren to dwell upon. Strive with me to march forward step by step, shuffle by shuffle. It doesn’t have to be at great speed. It is not possible to do it that way. But even so, one tiny step made forward is very very worthy. A little inroads made is very worthwhile indeed. If you help even but one in this life, help them truly, you will have won through and made your life worthwhile.

If you did but see those upon the earth, and see how many millions do not try truly to help another to gain spiritually. I mean so that they see that they are responsible for self, that they can aid themselves by their actions.

Realize that you have a responsibility to yourself. Lift yourself out of the bondage of darkness, greyness. Lift yourselves into the light, and enjoy the light within. Let the glow that is within you bring you peace, and let your light shine round about, so that all will know you are a child of the Father in truth.

My brethren, I love you most dearly, for you are linked to me through the Father, and we are one in that sense. So my brethren, join with me in seeking radiance and with me ask that the radiance shall be yours at this moment, and that the rain of power divine shall be upon us, to give us strength to carry on, to uplift us in our lives.

Feel the peace and the love, and know that you are indeed beloved of the Father. Know that you are His child as I am, and that all of us are gathered together under His mantle of love and we are engulfed in love divine.

We are one, we are one, we are one.