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~*Teaching #14*~

Good afternoon, my friends. Well it is a very nice day again on earth, and I know you are looking forward to the warmer days and holidays. I know you all look forward to it. I will talk today about a problem pertaining to life, not only in this world, but in ours too, and explain to you how it is that thoughts and actions help you in your future, and how they bring you in this earth, to problems and challenges. We have dealt with this many many times, but I perceive that however many times it is given, there are always those who do not understand perfectly. In our own realms it takes some time to comprehend the fullness, and here with life engulfing everyone, and in every challenge that besets you it seems that every day there is something new, that gives you a challenge that you have not had previously. Many only a thought. But that thought may cause you quite a dilemma. So we will go into this kind of thing a little bit, then we will proceed into another avenue.

First, everytime you think, a force of thought emits from you. You are not aware of it but it goes from you. It goes from you and joins all other thoughts of a similar kind. If you could see this phenomenon appearing before you and then disappearing, it would cause you some thought indeed and surprise too, because it leaves you like a swift light, let us say. Not always a light, but it is a form, a shape, a wisp of thought, whatever the thought is. Now if you have good thoughts, full of love, that will go forth in a light. If your thoughts are depressed, it will be a misty dark shape. If you are meandering and your thoughts are not solid but flitting around as so many thoughts do, then you will see jagged misty forces emitting from you. We wish at times that everyone could see this happening. If you could it would make you more careful. If you could see your thought going forth, and you could see its end, as it travels and finds its own. You would say, “How could this possibly happen?” Well, you have many things in this world that you cannot see, but nevertheless they are there, electricity for instance. You cannot see the wind, but it bloweth. You cannot see your thoughts emitting from you, but they do. You cannot see me unless you are clairvoyant, but I am here, standing right here close to our maiden. If you are a clairvoyant you see something depending upon your gift, and on your development, you see partly maybe a misty thing, or maybe a light, or a shadowy form, or if you are more clairvoyant, you may see me. But those who cannot see me will say I am not present, this is a figment of her imagination, and I am not here. You know. I am indeed present. My thoughts are going forth. My thoughts are travelling very fast indeed to others. They are being listened to by others in the spirit world. Nothing is lost. All is garnered if it is good, and used again and again. If your thoughts are good, they will be garnered and helpful. Sometimes people have a rare thought that will come, and they will dwell upon it and try and solve it, and bring it to some point. Well, if it is helpful, it will be helpful to someone else in some other place. You do not know how much you can help or deter. You cannot ever judge your worth.

You cannot judge your worth upon this land of yours, this planet. Others do not understand you perfectly, because they do not see you, they do not know your inward being. Sometimes people misunderstand you and there are words. These words go forth, they are bandied forth, and what do they do? They travel to their source, and they build that source up. Misunderstandings often cause great trouble on your planet. People do not always understand the meaning, and when repeated to another there will be misunderstanding, and perhaps great disaster may come. One can never judge the outcome of words that are spoken. You may unheedingly say something disparaging without thinking about it much, but it will go forth from you and it will meet others, other thoughts of the same kind. Do you not see that this is a very important step in your life to know, that everything you think has its force, its energy, its power.

I know by listening that people think without thought. That may sound very odd, but you know what I mean, do you not? Your mind wanders and wanders, but usually they are meandering thoughts that have nothing much about them. It is the worrying thoughts that are difficult for you, because these worrying thoughts build and build, and build out of all proportion, and you may have started on a simple thought, a little worry, but before you have finished you may have a gigantic problem. But it is not truly there, it is you who have built it. You know you do these things, and these things are difficult for you, because they hold you back.

Worrying is a very very serious problem for you all. It is best when you have a problem to let it rest, for a time, then when you have your mind clear, dissect it peacefully, not in a harried manner. If you can take it apart, whatever your problem is, in a peaceful way, you will more likely solve it, and not build it. How many times do you get into a terrible state about something, and it does not happen. You hear something about someone in your family, and you worry and worry, and before long you have a terrible problem built up. They walk in later and nothing has come of it. It has been solved and all your worrying has been for nought. What did it do to you? It made you heavy, depressed, and gave you a headache, gave you tension. If everyone understood that thoughts are things. If you lived in our realm, you would see them emitting from people. You would see us as we travel. You would see a flash of light when we begin, and we are gone. But that flash takes place when we move. We are not seen, but we go. So it is with your thoughts. If you could see them, perhaps it would help you to be more careful, to take more care of yourselves. For when you come to our world, and you are freed with yourself, because all are, everyone comes face to face with his own individual self. We see everything of our lives before us in technicolour in the mind. It unravels in vivid colour, in vividness, and you see all of your life from a child. You will say, “Oh dear! Why did I do this/that?” You will see clearly, you will understand, it will not be words. It will be a deep inner understanding, because it is so within the mind.

In our realms it is so, but you have it in a minor way here, but in this inner understanding there is no escape, because it is so vivid, and you know yourself as you have never known yourself, as you have never looked before. How many are afraid to face themselves? How many are afraid to stand back and look deeply into your own inner self? When this thing happens to you, you see everything that you have done. All the good things, all the little mistakes, and all the major ones, and I hope they have been very little. But people do make mistakes. Everyone does. But in the balance where are you? Everything is balanced, the large mistakes, the small mistakes, the good deeds, the kind thoughts, the love. You will see and you will understand, and you will think, how much you will wish, “I wish I had not done those things. I wish I had understood more fully.” But some people are very cross indeed, and they say that it is unfair that they have been living this way unknowingly, and that these things were allowed to happen without their understanding.

Now these are the people with whom we have problems. We have problems unravelling their lives. We have to start at the beginning and we help them step by step, to see that everything is perfect justice. Perfect justice is how the Father loves us, with perfect justice, with pure unadulterated love and justice. Never does the Father punish, and these ways that we understand ourselves are perfect love in operation. How could you if you were put to the task, judge someone? How would you go about judging someone at their last day? You would not know how to go about it, would you? You would not care to do it. No, it would be cruel. You would not like people to go into the burning flames, as described by some Christians. Nor would you like to go into the cold cold depths as they truly are. And you would not like to tell someone who was bad that he was going into these cold depths, would you? No. Because if you are a truly kind being you have compassion and love, and you could not do this to any soul. Could you? No, because if you are loving, you cannot hurt a single being, not one.

So this way is the kindest way it could be evolved, to our way of thinking. The mind that evolved this was full of love and compassion, that we by our own selves individually alone see ourselves. Alone. Alone seeing how we have been, but truly comprehending. Is this not love in operation? Yes, love in operation because no-one is condemning you. No. No-one is holding power over you, a stick over you, or a finger condemning over you, but you are alone and you are understanding. This is love in operation. So when those people cry out and say it is unfair, when they say this to their guardians later, that it has been unfair that they have been so treated, and they are in the place they are, the place that they have earned. The guardian having been with them throughout their lives, understands them perfectly, and with gentleness and with love, he tries to help them to understand step by step every inch of the way so that they will at least comprehend the reasons for being where they are. No individual is mis-placed. It cannot be because automatically you go to the place that you have earned, absolutely. There can be no mistake. No-one can say it is unfair but nevertheless they do. These are the people you will work with in the heavens, when you strive to help others, these are the types. When you have understanding and after the guardians have explained, and they still will not accept, then it is the teachers, the helpers who try to bring about the peace in their being. Beyond everything else we strive to bring peace to everyone, so that they can be content in their own area, and have perfect understanding, so that they will settle down and at least strive to become a more understanding individual.

It is more difficult in our realms to grow because you are in your own place, with others of a similar spiritual growth, and there will be the difficulty of finding others to give you the challenges. Of course if you are on the lower realms you will have plenty of challenges, for there are those who will be of a different calibre, who will be very earthly. They will of course have the similar challenges that we have on earth. In our dealings with humanity when we dwell here, we come across so many individuals, and we see their problems mirrored upon their auras, emitting from their minds. They come forth and we meet them head-on as it were, and we know how to deal with each one. The healers know what forces to put in the body, and what to give each one. If we did not we would be floundering, and we would give the wrong power to each one. We have to know them absolutely, to be perfectly just in our treatment.

So we know you, but we do not condemn you, for we have had many many lives to live. We have had many many experiences. We know the challenges of life. We know that it is difficult, so we do not criticize you. But we do wish you to understand, because we did not have that opportunity. Many do not have the opportunity of knowing. Why do you become sick at times? If you have not a karmic debt, yet become slightly under the weather or you have the little difficulties. Why is it? It is because you worry, it is because you do not understand the law. When you fully comprehend that every thought that emits from you can be your helper or your enemy. You have not looked at it thus I know. But some of your thoughts are your enemies, because they go to all other thoughts of a similar kind, and build up. Oft-times they build up around you. If you could see the world as we see it, foggy, deeply foggy in areas, very very dark in some places, and the thought forces are horrible, and the people are fighting. Where people are at loggerheads, then the forces around them are dark. How do you think it is for us to try to penetrate such darkness? How do you think we like to try it? Do we go to it gladly, or do we hold back? Would you like to plunge into darkness? No, I know you wouldn’t. For what is in darkness but a heaviness, a heavy heavy feeling. It is oppressive. It falls down to this, that you are walking in heavy murk, and it has a force, and you feel it within yourself. We try to put light, we stand without, we encircle such darkness, and we pierce it with light at the minds of those individuals. We pierce light into their minds and try to lift them out of their dilemma.

You do not see our efforts. You do not know of them. But many many times we have prevented great disasters upon your world. Now we are trying to help you prevent disasters. How do you think it is, when you are in a room with individual people, and you are sitting beside several and you begin to squirm, and you do not feel good, and you feel like getting up and moving? It is because you were with someone who has adverse thoughts, who is heavy, who is depressed, or who has bad thoughts. Would you like someone to get up and move away from you? I know you would not.

This world is peopled with individuals, with millions and millions of individuals. You are scattered all over your planet, sometimes with a greater density. Visualize China, see the thoughts that are emitting into the atmosphere from there. Does that not appal you? Do you see it? India, look at the teeming millions in India. Try to imagine those thoughts going forth from all those millions of people. Can you not see what it would be like being under the sea with weeds encompassing you about, like swimming in a lake that is full of weeds, and you are trying to get through and you can’t, and some of the weeds are catching you. Do you understand what I am trying to say? So in this way we see you. When we enter your world we come through the mists. When we come we have to come into the mist. You do not see it. You see the light of the sun, or you see the greyness and you see the rain. But you do not see the mist, you do not see the darkness.

You are a few in number, yet you have enough power here to make a bright swathe through the darkness. Do you not see it? If everyone of you tried to control your thinking, and tried to emit love from your being, or even made a concentrated effort at times. Think of the power of your minds. You could cut a path of light through the murk. I am always talking this way it seems, but it is very important at this moment upon your world that we get you, each individual, to try and think this way. We have our reasons. Your world is in danger. In danger from men of power, men of greed, men who want only power, they do not care about you as individuals, who do not love you as individuals, as a power of love loves you, as the Great Force of Love loves you. The great power of Love, whom you call God, loves you above all, every one of you. Do you not see this? You individually are loved beyond comprehension. Beyond comprehension you are adored. Yet you cry out to God and ask why you are punished so. It is not God who is punishing you, it is yourself and others. When life is difficult upon the earth, it is not always you, it can be those in power, and how they see their plans, and how they want to manipulate you, and how they want to create this world. Yes, how they want to create it to their liking. Why is it we want you to have power, so that your thoughts can counter these? You can. Do not think you are weak, you can counter thoughts. You can put up barriers. Never never never on any occasion look upon yourself as a person who has no power. I have said this earlier, and I will say it again and again until you learn this lesson, that you are not a being without power.

Who are you? You are a child of God. You have God within you. You have the spark of divinity. You are indeed blessed. You have the spark of divinity within your being. As you strive, that spark can grow and grow, and you can have a bright flower of divinity within you. No-one is hampered so that it cannot be. But you can hamper it yourself, by dimming the light by your lives the way you think and act. I am sure you would like to see yourself with a nice bright light within, not a little dim light that has no power. These lights are seen by us, and as we see you we see the size. We see its power, and we know, and we know you. But we do not condemn you. We do not say, “There goes one who has not been trying very hard.” No, never do we say this. For we know that the challenge of life is very difficult, and each one of you has his own individual challenges. But you can, by your own efforts daily, if you begin, you can build and build and build. Do not say you cannot, for you can. You will not succeed at once, but as you attempt it you will become more adept at building. As soon as you sense one of those thoughts within yourself, you will cast it away. You will say, “Be gone you! You are unworthy! I do not wish for you within my being.” So many thoughts are worthless. You do not need them. It is the idly wandering mind which casts these upon the atmosphere.

If you can, try to still your mind. You can work upon it. One day you will succeed. It does not come at once. I know many say their minds revolve and revolve. Of course, but you can put a brake upon it. You can still the mind. It takes effort, but it can be done. Then you can control your mind. When you are doing a task you will be concentrating upon your task, not idly thinking. If you learn to concentrate upon your tasks, as they come about, this way will help you to control your mind. Many people do mundane things idly, without thought, but if you control your thoughts upon your task, you will be able in time to still the flow. The more you try to concentrate, the more still will your mind become. Then to your delight you find that you feel more peaceful altogether. For with a still mind, comes peacefulness.

Many people ask how they can find peacefulness. It is by trying to be a better individual, by not thinking evil thoughts, no jealousy, no envy, no criticisms. That is a tall order you say, but it can be done. If you attempt it you will find that you will stop it when it begins, if you make a strong effort to stop the criticisms, the envy, the idle chatter. These things hurt you. It is better that you see people with understanding. You do not care for it, when word comes back that someone has been talking about you. Then if it hurts you, why talk about others. These are the things that hold you back. It is in idle thoughts, idle talk that you find you hurt yourself.

Many people do not see it, they cannot. They sit idly chatting, and it is this one, that one, and haven’t you heard? Before long someone is stripped to the bone, exposed and torn apart, and then you go away feeling that it is alright. But it isn’t. That poor soul may not have really earned that. How do you know what makes up that person’s life? How do you know why that being acts as he/she does? How do you know what is at the very core of their system? How do you know their essence? How do you know their childhood? How do you know their parents/guardians/relatives, whoever brought them up? Whoever trained them? Whoever is with them now as their partner? You have to think about it. Who are their children? Every time you tear someone down you hurt yourself. You do not hurt that person, you hurt yourself. Think about it. Why do people act as they do? Is it out of sheer badness? Are they evil, or are they misjudged? Have they been misled, or has their life shaped them in this manner? One never knows, because you cannot read the individual. If you know them well and you know their background, you can have some idea, but you will not know the essence of each individual. You cannot know the essence of your own partner. No-one knows another, not truly within every facet of their being. You know this, don’t you? You know you cannot express yourself fully to your loved one, that you cannot give everything of yourself, that some pasts of yourself are so much yourself and you cannot give them out.

Sometimes you say things mistakenly and then there comes a great scene, an avalanche of words, a disaster because of a misconstruction, a misunderstanding. How often have people parted from one another because of words. In the beginning before the words stated perhaps it was something said without thought, it was not meant, but the other person took it within and built it up, until it was larger than self. Then the disaster. You have had these scenes. Everyone has had them at time. You know how they grow. Many times have you wanted to run away and hide. How many times have you wanted to go clear away, miles and miles, and not see anyone? How many times have you wanted to run so fast, and never be caught? How many times have you had to remain and endure? All because of words. All because of thoughts. How many times have you had to sit and endure for hours and hours until you feel you can’t take any more, and you feel you are beaten into the earth? But surprisingly you come up again. Always we come up again, because of whom we are, because of the strength of the Father. Always we face life again, and we hope never to be in that state again, but we do. For always there will come a time when these scenes will appear, not always with such intensity, for sometimes they are mild, sometimes strong, but they will appear. How many times do you think you cannot live another moment, but surprisingly you do. All the emotion, all the fear, all the tremblings of life, we have all endured them. How many times could we have avoided them? This is why I am speaking thus today. I want you all to make strong efforts to calm the mind, to still the tongue, to bite back the words, to be more patient. Patience is the lesson that not many have learned. To be patient and to have found patience is a wonderful thing, because it will help you to endure life. It is a great strength that will hold you up, no matter what assails you.

Patience will help you go through life in a manner that will surprise you. It gives you the strength of understanding. It gives the power to listen. It helps you when others are giving you their problems. It gives you the strength and the understanding to listen, to comprehend fully, and to give help where it is most necessary. Patience is well worth earning.

Now you may think that I am rather harsh with you today going on about thoughts. But of course we come to the other types of thoughts, the thoughts of joy and happiness, the thoughts of love, and the thoughts when you are content, and we will dwell upon these now.

Contentment is a time when your mind is most at rest. Sometimes when you are perfectly content you will hum a little song to yourself, and you go about your duties at peace. You see, there we are again. Contentment is a state of being that everyone seeks. But we do have contentment and sometimes we have it quite often. Sometimes we have joy. Joy when someone in our family does well. Joy whenever someone comes to visit us that we love very much, or visit those we love. Joy in friendship, joy in living, joy in beauty, joy in music, joy in accomplishment, joy when you have created something, the joy of understanding, the joy of loving everyone.

Now we who have earned the light to some extent, love you, and we love all peoples, no matter who they are, in darkness, or greyness, or light, for we know they are brethren. We touched on this earlier, we could not condemn a poor soul malingering in the depths of darkness, rather would we help him/her. But think of the joy that comes to us when one of those begins to climb upward, and we know they will in time make the greater light. Think of the joy of that accomplishment. Think how wonderful it is that that person has been lifted up out of the darkness by his/her own efforts. We cannot lift them out. But we can give them thoughts to help them think, so that they will eventually work it out. But what joy for them and what joy for us. We rejoice in the heavens when one, even one, comes forth out of the darkness or the greyness. You know yourself how happy you feel when someone in your family makes good, or someone who has been unhappy, turns to the light, and you are uplifted because of their happiness. Think of the many facets of joy. When you have helped someone and it changes their life, and I mean truly changes. Think of the joy of that occasion. Think what it has done for you, lifted you up, help you grow, made your life worth living.

You may think these are small things, but they are not. When I say to you if you help one person, (you may say just one) but one completely so that their life changes. You know many of you that you have tried to change. Since you have heard my words many of you are attempting to alter your ways. Little by little you see the light, and you feel different and you feel more content. You feel a glow, you feel a light, you feel a light within, and your body even feels lighter. It is an odd odd feeling, but it is good. How do you think we feel when we are in our own realms of light and we are basking in the power? I cannot show you this, nor can I explain it adequately. But see a bright bright summer’s day, the best you have seen, with the scent of the flowers, no clouds in the sky, a balmy breeze, sounds of laughter, voices talking happily, children laughing, silence in some places, stillness of a summer’s day. You know that stillness that comes up on a summer’s day when things seem not to move. All is still. Well, that is our world.

Now that is the Summerland. That is a place that many of you will enter into. But if I were to go on and on into my own realm, you would find such a power that you could not bear it. Only we who live there can bear that power. It is very electric, very very forceful. We do not feel it, we feel normal as you do upon your world. But if you were looking upon us, you would see beings bathed in colour, the robes I mean, and the shining gleam of jewels that have been earned by serving those in the areas below. You would see beautiful homes, should I say, made of a very rare material. It is very very beautiful, and I cannot explain it, except to say that all places are made differently according to the taste of the individual. But I will try to explain to you a building of learning. You can imagine ancient Greece and buildings with pillars, can you not? Well, see yourself approaching something like this. It seems to you to be white, but when you approach, it is not white. The pillars are subtle in their colour, and the stone feels warm. And where you walk feels resilient, and there will be no sound of your footsteps, silence in that aspect. We do not always walk, sometimes we float, depending on how we feel. If we want to walk, we walk. If we wish to float there, we do. If we want to go there speedily, we do. It depends how we are there at the moment, and the need. If we are going there to meet a high being, we will go in very silently, in whatever manner we choose. We will go into an inner chamber which is very vast indeed, far beyond your comprehension. There will be a dais at the far end of the room. There will be a few steps up. It will be arranged so that everyone can see. Then this being appears, and I cannot explain this to you because the light is so intensely pure that it contains all colour, but it seems to be every colour that is, but it is gloriously pale. I don’t know how to express it. But it is gleaming around him/her. But they stand there when at last revealed, and there will be a being clothed in light of such intensity that you can feel it. Now this is a very very high realm, and this being who is the teacher comes from afar, or a master or whatever you wish to call him/her.

He/she will send their thoughts in greeting and we will send forth ours in return. Then will come the teaching. Then can you imagine what it will be when we are in such a place, you cannot. As we go forward much is revealed to us about the creation of life, the understanding of all creation, the stars, the planets, of the beginning, but we do not understand the end. No matter how far we go, we never comprehend that. No matter how many masters we meet, we never know, because they do not comprehend that end.

So whenever people say they will be with God, we do not see it. You will be with the power of God, of the Great Consciousness in every area. You will be aware of it with greater intensity as you proceed. But you will not see the Great Force of Love face to face, but you will know without a shadow of a doubt that there is such a force. As you know it here, as you see life as it is expressed in everything around you, and as you see it expressed in the sky, the stars, the sun, the moon, the mountains, the flowers, in yourselves, as you know there is something, that everything is imbued with life, when you see a daffodil push its way through the earth, and you see that birth, and you see the birth of a little one, and you see it in wonderment, so we know each one of us is the same, we see God the Great Force of Love, the most perfect of all creation in every aspect of our realm, as you will in the realms that you will enter. From the lowest to the highest there is God. You will say, how is God in the lowest? He is, because it is His creation, because no matter, in the darkness, in the light, there is God.

In that greater space where I dwell, in its purity, its love, in the loveliness of all who dwell there, you cannot imagine their force, their powers, how they could deal with you if they were here with me. I have great power. If I did not lower my vibrations and I put my hand upon you, and it was full of my own power, you would be burned. It would leave its imprint upon you. If I put my seal which shows who I am upon you, you would be branded. Does that explain to you our power? We would not do it to you, of course. But it shows to you as we proceed that the power becomes stronger and stronger. The further we go ahead, the greater is the force of love. How God is expressed in every realm is with greater potency. You feel it. You breathe it. You are it. It flows through you, and you know indeed that you are the beloved.

Never doubt for a moment that you are the beloved right here on earth. See yourselves as the beloved individually. Never cast yourselves down and think otherwise. You truly are beloved as we are. The Father, as you call Him for ease of expression, loves you as no earthly father could. You know when you love one or all of your children deeply, and you think you are expressing love so strongly, and you are, but that is only a very very small portion of God’s love, because it is God’s love. You’re expressing the love of God that is within yourself. Do you not notice as you grow and grow, how your love grows stronger? How your feelings for others have more potency? Have you not noticed? Yes, indeed. So you see in our realms, as we grow and grow our love becomes much more potent. But we could not give it to you from that force, we have to lower and lower our vibrations to be with you. But when you think of me, see me as a being who has descended to work with this maiden, to serve you. I have come for no other purpose, but to serve you. I have not let you see me in all my ways. I have not let you see all the knowledge that I have within me. I have given you a portion of myself. I have not expressed to you every facet of my being. I will as time goes on, a little here and a little there. Sometimes we may laugh together, sometimes we may weep for others, but every time I do express myself I am expressing myself with love. There is no other reason for my being here. Why should I come? Why should I enter this heavy vibration of your planet? Why should the guardians come to be with you? It is love that brings them, love for you, love of your fellow men. Why do you think they live with you, such long years at times? Love is the bond that holds them, love and understanding, love without criticism. Never never think that your guardian could criticize you. He would not be a true ambassador of the Father if he did. If there was criticism, there would not be perfect love. Every guardian has had lives and knows how difficult it is to dwell upon the earth. Every guardian knows how it is to dwell in difficulty, in sadness, in joy. But his lives have not been as your life has been now. You are living a separate life and your guardian learns alongside you. He is seeing how you deal with life. He helps you to comprehend your difficulties. But the difficulties of this life show the guardian the difficulties of others, of those who are in the heavens. So dwelling in the modern world he is able through listening and learning from you, and others around you, to deal with modern people when they pass over.

You see your guardians lived hundreds of years ago, and they do not comprehend the world as you do, so when they come to guide you, then they learn your life, and it helps them to understand the modern world, and to help those who pass over from the modern world. So you see, nothing is lost, nothing is cast aside. All is used. Your life here. You have come. It is your challenge. You have had another opportunity to take up a challenge, and you are living it.

Try to do your best. Put your best foot forward. Try to face your challenge with strength, using the power of God within, and you will survive. Never give in to doubts and fears. Remember you have your guardian there, and he will try to uplift you. If you will listen to his words, you will hear his thoughts, and you will hear the inspiration, the inspiring words to help you help yourself. You need never never fear. But always clasp the God within, and face life knowing that you are God in miniature. Why fear life when you are power? You are. You have power in miniature, but you can make that power stronger. It is your challenge. Think of it when you enter our world and you have done very well indeed, and you have faced the challenges and you are told you need never again enter this earth. Think of your joy. Won’t that be a joyous moment, to know you have never again to take up a path upon the earth, that you are able to remain and go forward from there? What a wonderful moment! There are those of you who are here who will not have to return. But we do not always tell you, because we do not want you to be satisfied. Some people if they knew, they may rest, and we do not want you to rest. Never rest, no. This means you should try even harder.

Oft-times when it is seen that the person is striving really strongly, then another challenge will come, and we get another opportunity. If we win through there we are even stronger than we were before. You see, it is simple to tell you, but it is very difficult to live. But challenges are your opportunities. In any challenge. All are so diverse, but nevertheless all are your opportunities. Your life is so short. Lives are, you know. In this modern world where life seems to gallop, you know how short are the days, the weeks and the years. Remember you are here for a purpose. Remember you are here to overcome past mistakes, for you have had many lives. Let this be your last challenge on earth. You will have other challenges in the heavens, but you will have a different life to live these challenges out. No longer will you have the hardships of earning your living. No longer ill-health, no longer any burdens of earth, but still the challenges, because you will still find them in your own endeavours amongst others. When you view this life and you view all in it, then you will see what you will be doing in the future. Never wonder. Often we are asked, “What do we do?” Look around you. Listen and you will see that you will be helping your brethren. As you learn through us all will be remembered by the spirit within you. Everything is garnered by the spirit mind. When you leave here all is there, every single thing of your life. All these things will help you live on the other side. How do you think you will approach a person who has perhaps had someone for a partner who was a heavy burden to them? And they come to us very tired, and we give them healing, and when the spirit awakens we welcome them with love. Then they see this burden is over. They will still be heavy with it because they still have the memory. So we gradually lift it from them, by showing them the reasons how they could have dealt with it, how they could have lifted themselves up from it. Never allow another person to drag you down. Give them all the love and understanding you can, and then remember you are an individual, and that you are responsible for yourself, and start from there.

Do you understand what I am saying? If you have not true understanding I will try to make it a little clearer. If you have a partner of either sex, or you had, or someone else has, not you exactly, it could be anyone in the world, and this person was very difficult, and you came to the heavens worn out, you ask, “Why was it? Why did I have to endure that?” We reply, “Well you did not have to because you chose that partner. That was not the partner for you, but in the blindness of your youth you chose wrongly. In your life, in the laws of your world, at your time, you thought you could not break this law, even though you had a burden, yet there was love. Your love held you close.” We show that sometimes it is the love that holds them to the burden, but it was not meant to be. We did not give that person the burden. God did not give that person the burden, but it was a burden taken on unknowingly, and the burden evolved throughout life and became heavy. But that burden was not given by God, nor was it a karmic burden. It simply was a burden that evolved. But how you deal with these problems is very important. Even if you have a burden this way, and you try to deal with it, and you manage and you come to us tired but having won through, that is wonderful.

You know, burdens shouldn’t be looked at the way they are. This is a heavy thing to say to you, I know, but if you have a burden you should try to make it lighter, in the way you tackle this burden. There are ways and means of garnering your own strength in these problems. You must always look. Try to solve the problem. Try to see the person through and through, and see yourself through and through. Ask yourself, “Am I prepared to deal with this all the days of my life?” If you decide you are strong enough, good. This means that you are willing to take this challenge, to endure it and to win through. If you do, good. That has been a challenge to you. A facet of your own being has been challenged and you have won and you have won life because you have tried. Sometimes you fail but never mind, pick yourself up. It is not a terrible thing to fail when you are trying.

No-one is perfect. It is the trying that is important, the trying to live your life as best as you can. Do not always run away. Sometimes one can make a very good life that had a very bad beginning, by strong efforts on both sides, and eventually one has a very good understanding with each other, and the life is good. But sometimes it cannot be and the gulf between the two people is too strong and they have to part. Then again they may meet others, and it may not be much better. Some people have a prediction to meet the wrong kinds of people, to take to them. Some people like a certain type of individual. It seems as if they cannot see beyond this type, and every time they are hurt. But then there are others who choose wisely, and their lives are pretty good. But I know that even if you choose wisely, and your life is pretty good, there will not always be peace. This is the thing that people cannot comprehend. Everyone expects that life should always be perfect.

But if you have lived with anyone, with parents, with friends, with a partner, you know without a shadow of a doubt that no-one is perfect, and that there will be emotions between every one of you. But people should not say, “I can’t do this!” when these things begin. If everyone tried to understand each other, made a strong effort to comprehend the other, to see inside that being, and understand their ways, and know why they are that way, then they would win through.

If a person is a certain way because of his mother or his father, understand that and don’t give up, but try by your own expression to show that there are other ways to live, other ways that are more harmonious. Everything that comes to people in life is your opportunity. We cannot stress it too much. You may think that your life is boring, mundane, empty, but if you look under the surface, you will see many highlights. You will see avenues where you could have built. You will see shadows that were not shadows, but was your opportunity to bring light, but there was misunderstanding. Always try to have the patience to look underneath the surface. Too many jump to conclusions. This jumping to conclusions is the undoing of many. When you have earned the light on this strong earth, you will be a patient understanding individual. If you are very impatient, you know that you have much to learn. If you are super-critical then you know that is wrong, that you have to learn, and overcome those faults.

If you have envy, you know that you cannot be envious because you have plenty. Everyone of you has in your own way, enough. No-one in this place you live in, may go empty, may go around with empty stomachs. There are always ways. There are those with kind hearts, and there is the government. You know as truly as I say it, there are means.

Envy is a horrible eroding emotion, and jealousy also. Jealousy is a terrible emotion. It eats you up. It discolours all your life, you are unhappy. Nothing is good. Everything is soured by that emotion. But when you are at peace and you have light, you will view your fellow man, not with envy, or jealousy, or criticism. You will see him as an individual, walking this life as you are, in a different way, on a different path, but nevertheless that pathway is right for him/her, as your pathway is right for you.

How many times have you looked at your life? When you look back on it now, cast your mind back and see, is there not a design? Do you not see that you have been upon a path, that you have followed certain sign posts unknowingly? When you go home you will have time to look, and you will see it. Many sign posts are there and you will see how you have been guided. If you enter into the stillness, the stillness that is hard to find upon the earth, but there will be times in the early morning when there is some stillness. If you can find it truly, and can be at true peace, all sounds will fade away, and there will be you at peace with the universe. You will pulsate with life and you will be God, in a small way of course, but you are part of the whole universe, and you feel all life pulsating within you. The very stones of the earth, the trees, the stars, the seas, all have life, all have essence, all have potency, as you have. But only in the stillness do you hear it. I know this sounds very odd, but it is true, because you enter into the centre of all life, when you are in perfect stillness.

Do you comprehend me? It is rare, I know, to achieve it, but I know some can. In this complete stillness, when all is lost it seems, and you are floating upon a sea of consciousness, only, and you are life, that is when you comprehend who you are, and who God is. We are one, one, one.

Men can try to drag us down. Throughout all history there have been strong men trying to ruin all creation. By that I mean all peoples, over-riding lands and people. Throughout all history there have been men of great power and they have thought to rule all the world. But they failed. Whom do you know that had complete success? No-one, because they were acting against the law. If you do not see your fellow man as yourself, if you do not see them as worthy as you are, then you will fail. If you see people as creatures, as the dirt, then you are not worthy. There have been many in power and they thought they were the most important beings in all the universe. But they were actually the lesser. It is when you can say, “I am nothing, but I am everything, I am in everything.” How can you comprehend another one, and you cast him down and say that that is a lesser being? That lesser being is upon his pathway. He may be in far-off India. He may be of low caste. He may be in China, labouring in the fields. He may be in the jungles, but he is upon his pathway. Do you think that God is unaware? If that person has form, it he has hair, nails, teeth, eyes and walks, that person is beloved. He may have a different form from you or be of a different colour, he may wear a feather in his hair, be full of superstition, and fear nature, but nevertheless he is pulsating with life. He may in his simple way, not comprehend, but yet in a very simple way he may yet comprehend. For when one is very simple and is close to nature, one understands nature, hears the throb and the pulsation of the earth, knows that there is something alive there. This is why they are frightened, because they know there are other entities. They know there is spirit. Some of them can see the aura around the plants, for in all peoples there are psychic individuals, no matter how lowly. They will know that they are another form, but they perhaps will not comprehend and will be afraid. So this is why they have their idols, why they fear their forests. But you are not on that path. You have the ability to comprehend. You know, you have been taught. You know that a spirit is you, because you are all spirits sitting there, with an overcoat, a shell, a covering, but you are a spirit as I am, just as much as I am. You see each other in flesh, but when that flesh disappears, you will be revealed as your true self, the true individual you. Are you going to bound forth when life ends, as a young person full of vigour, full of light? Because as you grow spiritually, so does the spirit within you become younger. You may be an older being, but the spirit within you could be young, because you have earned it. You have earned the right to be a young spirit. We who are higher in the realms of spirit look young, but everyone knows we are not. They sense our knowledge, our wisdom, that we are ancient. We may look young, but we are very ancient indeed. I am a very old man, so old. I am so old you would not believe. So old, yet I have vigour and power. I am young and I will get ever younger, and yet ever older. Do you comprehend that? Ever ever more and more, strength.

You too when you leave this life, and you jump forth, and you see us, and you say, “Zareth, Zareth, is it you?” I will say, “Indeed.” We will comprehend one another. You will meet me, I assure you. You will meet all who are with our maiden, and you will know us. We will be your friends. For we are not puffed up. We are your brethren. Though we descend we do not make it seem so. We make it seem as though we are there beside you. We are your brothers.

That is how it should be upon the earth. Everyone should be your brother, even though they are not loving toward you. Do not cast hate their way. Try to love all creation, everyone. You do not have to say, “I love you”, in that manner. But you give them your understanding, your comprehension. You see them as they truly are, and wish them well. You wish for them all things that are good. You do not want to hurt a single individual. When you can live this way, you will truly be a shining being. You will be full of peace and loveliness. It will shine from you, and you will feel it. That is the worthy state to be in. That is what I wish for you with all my being. That is which all must aspire to. I do hope you will, for you deserve it, because you are a child of God, and you are my brethren. I love you all, with a deep deep love that you cannot comprehend. It is because I am part of you, as we all are.

So my beloved I leave you again. But I will return if you can bear with me. I will return again and again. We will travel along life’s pathway together, each trying in our own individual way to lighten the pathway of others. The light of the Father most pure, the Great Force of Love, descend upon you all.

It is good. Farewell for now. Farewell.