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~*Teaching #13*~

Good afternoon my friends. Today there is a task I must complete, and as I have oft-times thought about it, oft-times I did dwell upon it in the heavens, and oft-times I did make the attempt to bring it about, but was always balked by others, the reason being that many were not prepared, but today I think I will try you out. This sounds ominous, but don’t worry.

Many people in the past have asked me, “Why is it that life is so hazardous?” So we try to make an explanation to show that every man, every child, every woman, all mankind is attempting to one day return to the Father. Now when we consider that the Father is perfection, all love, all purity, no imperfection at all, but a mind, a force of such power that we cannot comprehend what is God. We know from what we see, we know from what is round about us in all creation and in one another, that God is a great mind, a mind of such comprehension, we feel dullards in comparison. But if we dwell upon this, knowing that we cannot create one little grain of sand, knowing of ourselves that nature itself in all its grandeur makes us feel very very small, and we wonder what is the meaning of it all, why are we here, and we are so small in comparison to all creation. When you see teeming millions of people, some races seem to grow and grow, and when you look you think, when will it ever end, this growth? But if you looked at grains of sand, you would see in one handful more than a race of people, a race of Chinese, or the Indians. So we will come back to ourselves, to each one of us, in our creation we were meant to start upon a pathway that would lead us back to that perfection.

When life is viewed before you come to the world, before you enter into this new life, you understand fully where you are going. You know that you are as yet unable to remain in the heavens, because there is much or little to learn, it depends upon each individual soul. When we view the life that will be ours, some welcome it knowing it will aid them to return to a happier place. But in this knowing at the time before they return, they do not take into account the life that they will live. They forget that they will forget that they have seen the light, and when in trouble or in joy, or in just living, one wonders why. Often we pause and think, and we are troubled because we cannot comprehend the wholeness. We cannot comprehend why it should be.

Now in your own attempts at life you at times feel close to the source of love. That is when you are at peace. When you are at peace you feel that this must be something the way it is, how it is meant to be. Well consider. Would this truly be a perfect situation to always be completely at peace, and nothing to bother? If you think it over you will see that challenges are more interesting truly. The challenge of a life that is say dwelt in a difficult place, and yet one has strength, and yet one has to struggle hard, and the days are long and wearisome, but in the fullness of time one sees what one had built, what one has achieved, and there is a good feeling, a feeling that one has done something. Often all of us have dwelt in the wilderness. I mean the spirits around, my brethren. We have often dwelt in a difficult place and thought life was too much for us. But when we entered into the realms of spirit, we found indeed not. We could see clearly, saw all that we had endured, and saw the outcome. You cannot judge when you are living here the fullness of your endeavour. No, one cannot fully comprehend his growth or his mistakes.

We often say, “Help one soul completely.” We mean, help them to change, so that they become a more able spiritual being, more able to see life as it should be lived. If you help but one in this manner, you have made your life worthwhile. This may surprise you, but think of it. It is not easily accomplished to help one even in this manner, so that they change completely. You yourselves know, now that you know you are responsible for your own actions, you at least are attempting to live your life more fully, that will lead you upon the spiritual pathway. But when you are living in difficulty, it is very difficult to see anything spiritual in it at all, and you think, why am I suffering? It is in these times that mankind rebels. He rebels against all things. Why should it be? Why should that person be happier, healthier than I? How many times do you hear people say, “What a nice woman, how kind! What a nice man, how kind and good. Yet how they suffer!” You cannot understand your own suffering.

But as I have reminded you, when you come to our areas you see how every facet of your life was important to you. When you view your life again, and you look at it from every area, which you will when you come to us, you will see how much you have gained, and it will surprise you in what areas this gaining came about. Sometimes people think it is in their kind words. But how many times do kind words carry no depth? Sometimes they think it is in their good acts, but how many times are good acts meant to give a good impression about oneself? It is not enough to be kind, but why are you being kind? Why did you do it? If it comes from you with feeling, very good. But if it is deliberate, you think it out and plan, then it is very bad.

The avenues of growth are often the little things that you often do not think upon much at all. But it is your kindness when you are full of feeling, when you do have depth. Not in the shallowness of everyday life. Many give face-kindness, but not soul-love. This is why those who come to us, and they see their life and they are distressed, and they say, “But I led a good Christian life.” We agree. It would be ideal to live a good Christian life. We are not against Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, we are not against anyone in any religion. We are not against anyone. But what we do wish for is that people, no matter what religion they are in that they think. It is not enough to think that whatever Master you serve will take the burden from you. Whoever you serve is a teacher. Whoever came to you in whatever area of the earth, he came as a teacher to show those people in those areas that he was a servant of God, and giving the knowledge he had.

Now not all people in the world can receive knowledge as you are receiving it. Not all could comprehend, but nevertheless within each and every knowledge that has been brought there is the central core, which the Father. Like a wheel turning, as it turns a Master is born and brings some knowledge, but he is not the centre, nor is he all of the wheel. Another Master comes, he gives his knowledge, but he is not the whole wheel nor the centre, but has some knowledge. So it is for all. The Nazarene came to teach that the Father was to be loved, not to be feared, and his love has spread, and it is still living, pulsating upon your planet. But how is it living and pulsating? It is the central core of his knowledge, the purity. “I am but the servant. I myself am nothing. I come to show you the way, the way that each and every one can travel.” Every soul upon this plane could be a Nazarene. Every one lifts him up and says that he is the Father. But you are the Father too in miniature. He had the Father within. He had bright beings serving him. You have your own guardian serving you. In what way are you different? You are a man/woman. You too have the potential within yourself to rise up. No-one can say to you “Do not”, if you have the will and strength of purpose. If you are surrounded by enemies, you have your own individual self, you have your soul, your spirit, and you have your mind, your brains. You can live within yourself in purity should you be surrounded by friends. No-one can change you, if you do not allow it to happen.

So many say, “But I had this to do, and so many put their mind upon me, and their ways, and I could not.” We hear excuses. No-one can make you kneel anywhere, and force you into believing something. You may have to say “Yes”, but within yourself you are not weak. Within yourself you will say, “I will serve the Father as I see it.” Sometimes we have to give with the mouth what is different from the inside. Some people fear. When you are a Christian you fear. You must not, must not until your head is ringing. People view the Father as an ogre. Why have you joy within yourself? Why can you sing? Why can you dance? Why can you be musical? Why can you do all the things that are joyous? Why must all things be sad and dark? When you see a flower, when you see those little crocuses coming up now, what do you see? You see beauty, and your heart feels good. You see that colour, that life, and you know that the earth is not dead, and that Spring is here again and that all is well.

How you welcome Spring because you know that it is the forerunner of the Summer. But how many people love the Spring in all its freshness, when the leaves are so crisp and green, and the flowers so fresh. It is when you come to us, and when you are in the light, and your garment is glowing with freshness of colour, and the flowers around about your feet will be flowers of such colour as you have never seen. But as you view the crocuses and the daffodils and the flowers that will come later, you feel so good.

Think how you will feel when you have flowers forever, and you do not have to depend on the seasons. Is that not a beautiful thing to live for? So when people come and say to us, “I didn’t know”, we reply, “Yes, you did.” For every soul in this world knows, because there is within you God. There is the part of you which you don’t understand. You have those feelings within, and you cannot always put words to those feelings. But there is something within you and you seek something that is without you. Is that not so? Is there not a longing within each and every one of you for something greater than yourself? Yes. This is people not knowing how to deal with it, saying it is the conscience, it is the soul, it is the heart, whatever they feel. But there always is within every soul this feeling. Everyone at some time knows about the Nazarene, or the Buddha or someone. He learns from others. He sees it on television, he hears it upon the radio. Today you are bombarded with all kinds of religion. There is always an avenue. There is much today of meditation, yoga, the inner self. Most people know about it. Most people know. There is not the excuse. Even if you are Christian you know that there is a God, because the Nazarene spoke of God. You know that there was a God in the Old Testament because the Jews talked about God. You know there is God and for want of a better name you still use this name God. But there have been many gods. People create their own gods. But you Christians have God, and you see God in your own individual way. But many of you see God, many of you ask God, “Why, why have you done this to me?” as if God were sitting up there dealing out pain, anguish and sorrow. It is such a fallacy to see God in this manner. If God can create the world you are in, the world you inhabit, that all mankind inhabits, if God can create this world, and create you, what kind of God do you imagine Him/Her to be, whatever way you think? How do you see God? Each and every one of you has said “Oh God, why?”

When many people come to us they want to know the same thing. They do not care to hear that they themselves were responsible and that God did not give them pain, that God did not give them their challenge, and that God did not challenge them in any way, and never has and never will. God does not challenge you. The Nazarene does not take all your burdens. The Buddha does not either. People cry out, they beat the breast, they weep. How can you imagine that the Father could? If it is a perfect love, how could you, if you were a parent, give unto your children such pain? You would not do it. You would not deal out such pain and anguish and suffering. You would not. So how do you think the Father of us all would be capable of such an act upon us all? As we have attempted to show you, all individuals from the beginning of time have been attempting to learn to love, as the Father loves us. From the beginning of time you have been trying to love, as the Father loves you.

Have you, from the early days of your life to this moment been giving love to all? To your family, to your friends, to your children as the Father would? We know we cannot. I am not condemning you. I have had many lives. I know the difficulty. But that is what it is all about. People search and seek. They ponder and ponder but that is the secret of life. Do you see it? It is love in perfection. Now when the day comes and you can stay in the heavens, you still will not have reached that perfect state. But you have reached it in such a manner that you can remain with us. Then you begin again, with our life, that is much much more simplified than your own. This is the challenge here. This is the school, the school where you make tentative steps, where you meet stones and boulders in your life, where you have joy and happiness, where all your lives are lived out. If you can see, and keep it in your mind that you are trying to be love and perfection, if you keep this before you, it will enable you to live your life to the full. When you are happy the world looks good. Even if it is a sunny day and you are depressed, nothing will look good. You will hate it, and people will say, “Isn’t it a lovely day?” and you will reply grumpily, “What’s lovely about it?” I know, I hear it, I know. But if you will look underneath you will see that it is a lovely day, but you yourself are out of harmony. Someone may have upset you, someone may have been harsh to you, things are not going well, or things are not good, I know the ramifications of life. But think. Is it true that those difficulties that you have had have been too much for you? Have the difficulties that have beset you, have they over-run you until you were helpless and had no more strength and could not lift your head? No. No.

You see, you each and everyone found out that you did indeed have strength, the strength that you did not know was there, yet if you pull upon that strength, the God within, you will face whatever comes to you. When you are down, think that you are an individual, and you have the Father within, a spark of light. Not all people know that this is fact. If you could see with the eyes of the spirit you would see the spirit within each individual. You would see the light shining. We see it within you, and we know how much you have developed. We know how much you have gained by this life, and whether or not you will have to return. We wish that every soul on this earth could stay in the heavens, we really do. We wish that all would learn their lessons, and there would be no need for us to return.

Think of the last time you were unhappy. Now, were you engulfed, or was there something within you that gave you strength, that helped you to rise up again? Did you send out thoughts? Many do when they have knowledge They ask the guardian that they know of to help. But you put that thought out. It wasn’t lost to you. No. Think of how many times you think of a being and they phone you, or tell you they were thinking about you on such and such a day. Does that not let you see that thoughts travel? Indeed. This is what we have been trying to make you understand, that though you have been walking around and you think, you do not truly understand, do not fully comprehend the power of thought. If you could see your thoughts travelling to other such thoughts, travelling to the person you are thinking about. If you could see them on their journey you would be rather puzzled, I am sure. Many thoughts reach the source, and that is the source that has been building and building. If they are thoughts of love, good. That source will help you in your world. But if they are thoughts of depression, or unkindness, or fear, or loathing, or whatever emotion, think of the outcome. Think of the power you have. People walk around thinking they are just this body. But you have power, and you have power to change this world. You have power to aid. I cannot tell you too many times. It is a lesson you must keep with you always, that you have power of the mind.

When you come to our world you will see how much power you had, because you will see the power you have there. It will be very visible to you. But you do not see the thoughts travelling from you, but they do reach their source. So the next time you are depressed, angry, afraid, or full of loathing, remember your thoughts are joining other thoughts, thoughts of a similar kind, that they are building, and that they are influencing your world.

If you want this world to be a beautiful place, then think it beautiful by your actions and your thinking. There must be some times in every day that you can be powerful. There must be some moments when you can give out your love, when you can strive to make this planet a place to live in happily.

When you are at a happy gathering, and there is music or singing, or companionship, and everyone is happy, when you go away from it do you not feel uplifted? It has been good, and you think about it for days, and you tell others about the happy time. You radiate happiness. These are the thoughts to treasure. When you are down think of the times when you had a good life. Say, “This will not last. This is but a passing trouble, a passing challenge. When it is over I will be more able to face what is coming again.” Maybe nothing will come again. Maybe that will be your last trouble.

Your life is not meant to be full of anguish. Many people bring anguish upon themselves. It is not the Father who helps you to marry the wrong person, to be born into a family where you are not all in harmony, to have the wrong friends. These things are not your burden. Every time you feel as if everyone is against you, that all care not, that no-one understands you, that you are greatly put upon, laugh, it is a great help to laugh, and shrug your shoulders and say, “Well, here we are again”, and it can be changed. We do not have to be in these moods. Often they are the moods brought about by thinking, “Why should we? Why should I?” You have always these feelings. “That person isn’t and I certainly will not.” All these things are not worthy. Why be thus? These are childish ways. Maturity of soul steps aside from such. These are when you are indulging yourself, when you are feeling sorry for yourself. How many times do you indulge yourself in a day? When you give in to petty feelings. When you could be happy you should not allow others to hurt you. Nor should you hurt yourself. Now you see why people, when they come to us do not like to hear that they themselves were often to blame, and why they don’t want to listen to me or others.

You see when people come to us they do not understand why they are not in a higher position. Everyone has these feelings. They think they are more worthy. Some people are very surprised, I should not say everyone, but the majority. Some people are surprised they are in such a nice place, they didn’t think they deserved it. That’s why you see, they did not think too much of themselves. Self is the burden. Self. We have to overcome self and selfishness. People come and are very surprised it was these little things. They thought that their prayers were enough, that praying and meditating, and doing the little things that are done without thought. Praying is fine if you pray for others, but prayers for oneself, constant prayers for oneself, are selfish. Your guardian knows exactly what you need. He tries with all his might to bring about for you good conditions that will serve you. But if you do not earn them, how can be bring them? Many people say, “Why is my guardian not doing so and so?” The poor man, he must obey the law, the law of cause and effect. He must obey the law, he cannot break it. He must live by the law. So when you are breaking the law, he cannot help you, but later he will put thoughts into your mind that will help you to see yourself more clearly. Often when you get these thoughts in the quiet times, and you see problems clearer with more perception, you think it is your own mind, but often it is your guardian endeavouring to help you upon your pathway. He knows exactly what you need to learn, and he endeavours all the days he is with you to point you in that direction. It is a very difficult task, but usually though it is difficult for guardians, they themselves learn much. They see how you deal with your problems, and they think how they would have dealt with it. They see how you view people, and they think how should I? It is a learning situation, because you are living in an advanced state, and guardians lived hundreds of years ago, and their world was vastly different from yours. They learn and know how to deal with other people in the spirit world when they endeavour to teach. When I say to you that nothing is lost, you see he benefits from being with you, and you benefit from being with others. All that you learn, every single word, being good or bad, helps you to understand other people. When you consider that those around you are not all angels, why is it that humanity expects everyone to be similar to themselves? We do not think that they are different, we think that we are talking to an individual that is like us. Then we find out in time that we were wrong. Every individual is upon his own pathway of life, so why attempt to treat each one in the way that you see life?

You see this is where your difficulties assail you. You see others and you think they act and think as you do. They most certainly do not, because all people are not equal. In the Communistic states they try to make everyone’s mind the same by brainwashing dogma, but they cannot for the simple reason that every single individual is at a different stage of evolution. How could every one think the same, work out their problems similarly, or work out their life through the same eyes as you do? When you can, remember that every individual is his own individual self, upon his own individual pathway. You must try to remember this in all your associations, in all your dealings with others. If you can view people in this way you will save yourself a lot of heartache, because you will not be expecting too much or too little. You must try to let it come, whatever does, and try to understand. Everyone will not love you. Some people are not capable of loving in a brotherly or sisterly manner. They have not the ability. Don’t force such people, let them be. They have to learn through their own life to come to that loving state. Often it is a challenge, or a disaster that will change those people into more humane beings. You know yourselves when someone is ill how you reach out, when someone has had a bereavement, and someone they are missing is not dead, but you are afraid to say too much. You will wait and see until you feel the time is right. But you will say words and try to comfort, but you know that person is not comforted. But you know if they have the knowledge, that they at least have the understanding that all is not lost, that no-one is lost to us. But you will see that difficulty has a way of softening, not at once, but at a later time, and that person has more understanding for others. It is only when you have suffered that you understand another’s suffering.

How can you understand if you have not felt yourself? So when you are complaining about difficulties, know that every difficulty that you have is yours for a reason. I do not mean what other people put upon you in selfish ways, but I mean the difficulties or sickness or disaster in any form. You know that you will be stronger after, for that lesson, difficult as it was, was right for you. For you now view the world with different eyes. Is this not true? Yes. It helps you to see the other person, and there is more compassion in your make-up, and thus you are taking steps forward.

Now do you see? It is in these ways. It is the feeling from the soul that reaches out to another. When you are down, and knocked down by circumstances, when you lift yourself up, nevertheless you are a different being. You cannot call out, “Jesus, please help me”, or, “God, please help me.” You know yourself that you have to do it. Help does come from God, through your guardian. Through these difficulties the guardians do help, more than you realize. It is simply when you have a test that it is a different story. Tests are what the individual needs to bring him forward, to see if the individual is ready for the next step, to see how strong the spirit within is. For the Father knows that when we are feeling satisfied we often sit back complacently, so these tests come to see if we are still worthy, to see if we have the strength, if we are as wonderful as we think we are, so we get a test. Lo and behold we think, “What is this? Again? Oh dear.” Just the same, when it is over you know if you have progressed and if you are more worthy. We do too. It is in the testings where your guide cannot interfere, because it is your problem. That is yours. He has had his testings. We all do. We should really welcome testings. Testings are for the worthy, those who are trying. Sometimes we have to live at a slow pace in life, and that is our test. The things take a long time to work out, but that is our test, to see if we become embittered, or if we will accept it placidly. There are many ways we are tested, but you will know when it comes and welcome it.

In my life in the heavens I have at times quite a chuckle to myself, because of the answers I have received from some people. But I could not let them see it, of course. It was not a chuckle against them, but it was merely, “My goodness, you were taking a risk.” I was thinking that they didn’t know the danger they were in, yet they were so completely reckless. But nevertheless, these beings when I had these chuckles, it is because they came through alright. “Made it by the skin of their teeth.” I am not trying to frighten you, I am trying to make you strong, and worthy to be bright beings, with power to join us, as warriors for the Father. Yes, warriors of light. We need the warriors who are unafraid, the warriors who will go forth. I see many here who will be. We know you and it will be good for you when you enter our planes. When you see the mind as it truly is, and you come upon situations where you are bothered, you will say, brother/sister, what next, what do I do, and they will help you.

Everyone will help you, because on your plane all will love you. Our planes are planes where you do not have to worry about the individual who will spit upon you or hurt you. When you earn it you will be with your own kind, and life can be peaceful. But it is in this very peace where danger lies, where many many have such a long holiday we fear they will never begin. So when you arrive in our place, I know you will have a lovely holiday, but I know you will begin, because you will remember my words.

Our Maiden had a great uncle, and sometimes she has told a few of you about him. She had never met him. He was her father’s uncle. He lived in a country town of beauty in Ireland. He had a grocery shop. He used to like to walk along the river in the evening with his dog, and enjoy the beauty, quietly smoking his pipe. Well, when he died he found himself in a place not unlike his own land. He was pleasantly surprised for he had no idea what life in the next world was like. He had hoped, but no comprehension, no understanding, and so he was pleasantly surprised. He came to see our Maiden one day and said, “I am (and he gave his name)” and our Maiden said that she remembered her father talking about him. She had never seen him before, and she asked him why he had come. He said that he had been talking to her father, who was now in spirit, and her father had been telling him about her work upon earth. He had come to see for himself. That stirred his interest and he came to see our Maiden.

Now he said that when he arrived and found everything so pleasant, he simply lived that life for quite a few years of earth time, being happily content. But he said one day that he had a few stirrings and he thought, “Well this won’t do, can’t go on like this forever.” Many thought this way. Shortly after a being came to him and introduced himself and said, “Your thoughts were heard, so we have come to help you.” So he was taught. Now you see we do not push you. You have freewill on this earth to make whatever you wish of your life and in the heavens it is similar, for you have the same freewill, and you can work. We do not push you. We wait until the soul becomes uneasy with idleness. Some are so eager they cannot wait to get in there, push. We say, “Easy now, you must rest. Have a nice time. Find yourself in this place. Discover us. Then the work.” It is good to see such eagerness, but it is misjudged, because the soul needs a holiday, to find out how to deal with our life, to meet old friends and relatives and guardian. Such a lot to do, and that takes up your times until you are prepared to do something. That is good, everyone needs a holiday. You know that on this earth you need rest and holidays too. Though sometimes you do not rest on a holiday, you wear yourselves out, and then you come back and you need a holiday. But never mind, it is good to enjoy oneself.

Now when you hear me speak thus, “It is good to enjoy oneself”, does this make you surprised? Well, a little perhaps sometimes. In our realms of spirit we have much happiness, especially if we are in the light and we are with companions. We talk about everything. We speak of all that we have heard, of what we have seen. We go to hear music, we listen to our friends. Some have a beautiful voice, or they are musicians, or some will be very able to recount a story. You can build if you are scientific, if you are a chemist, if you are a builder, if you are an artist, you will do much. In fact you will do so much you will wonder how you lived upon the earth being so idle. True. You forget in the heavens. When you have been there for a while you forget all the ramifications of life. There will come a day when you will even forget where you lived almost, it will be so far back and you will not want to remember. Some people say to us, “Where have you come from?” We have to send our minds back in time and we do not really wish to at times. Can you imagine such a state, when you are so happy that you do not remember the earth? It is not the same here when you are always thinking of the heavens. Some think of it with trepidation and say they will stay here as long as possible, just in case. Ha ha. We hear this! “I wouldn’t mind living a few more years, you know,” Holding on to the old life. Yes, we know. Don’t worry it is simply beautiful for those. I think you are alright you know. I do not see any dark souls here. So it will be alright. You will see what I mean.

Those of you who are creative, and you love your work, think how you will be able to create in the heavens, and you will not have to cook, nor will you have to eat, earn money, care about your appearance. You won’t have worry about little things. You will worry about your hair, the ladies! Yes, you will! The gentlemen too. I must put that in, not only the ladies, but also the gentlemen.

Some narrow Christian people think it is wrong to view these things too much. Spirits do not think of the body too much. For when you come and you see your spirit body looking just like yourself, and you see yourself robed, and you see you have fingers, nails, hair, eyes, eyelashes, teeth, everything, and you see that your robe fits you perfectly, and you wonder, “My, how did it be here? How is it so perfect? How does it fit me so perfectly, for my individual body?” Indeed it is marvellous, it is magic. But it is your individual robe, and it is yours exactly, and when you grow your robe will change subtly, little by little. Every time you take a step forward that robe will change, and become a little more beautiful in its texture. As you go forward through your realm your robe will show others that you are progressing. Some beside you may not progress so fast. They may be a little slower. This is what we mean when we say a spirit has a robe. It is similar to another, but it has a subtle difference. It is because each individual moves ahead in his own way. Even though you may be in the Summerland, a place of beauty like a Summer’s day, blue sky, no shadows, the light of the heavens all around and underneath, no shadows, beautiful flowers, grass, water, trees, lawns, no roads, no motorcars. Some do have motorcars when they come at first, because they have such a longing, but they are a far off. They are not heard. They do not impinge upon the peace. So if you are in this place, you are very fortunate. It is so lovely. The grass will give you its power, its essence, as well as the flowers and the trees. The air around you will give you the power of God. It flows upon you. As you breathe air here, the essence of your sphere is God’s love, and it feeds your system.

That is how you live in the heavens. All around you will be people who like you, and they will speak to you kindly and greet you. If you want to be alone in your home, you think it. A symbol will appear outside your house, and this symbol will denote that you want to be alone. “No friends today.” This is convenient, ha? No hiding behind the curtains. We all have done it. I have hidden too. There have been times when I saw someone where I have been working, upon the lower areas, and I have seen an individual whom I know is difficult, and I have other work to do, so I disappear. It is very handy. We can by thought disappear. So if you want to stay by yourself for a few hours, to communicate, just be still, to be at peace, the symbol will appear over your portal, and no-one will bother you. It you want to be with friends, and you are having a nice time, outside your door will be a sign, “Occupied but content.” Now are you going to like it?

0 When I say that I can see a symbol round about you, our Maiden’s guardian too, this is similar. We see many things around you in symbolic form, and we have to make what we can of them. When we go to do battle with lowly beings, the battle of the mind, we have our symbol with us. This symbol tells all we meet that we are a teacher. It will show in its form that I am a teacher from such a place. You see when we enter into lower places, as when we come to your earth, we have to lower the vibrations, and we do not look too much different from the individuals in the realm. We cannot frighten them when we are mingling. We have to carry these symbols to denote who we are. They would say to us, if we began to teach, “What right have you to talk to me?” Now we are dealing with very difficult people remember, people who do not view angel-like beings with very much love. They swear at us sometimes. We smile sweetly, for it does not hurt us. It is but a word and it does not penetrate. These are the things you have to learn. If someone swears at you, say “Bless you brother,” to yourself, and let it go, because that poor soul is in difficulty. Is it not so? So we put out a little power and we make them calm. They wonder why suddenly they feel like sitting down. They do and s we begin very gently.

This is the power you will have. These are the conditions you will have to deal with, and they are certainly difficult.

Some are different. Say you are on the plane three or four, and a bright being comes down to give you knowledge, that will be done in a different manner. You will all congregate before him in the open air. He/she will be on a kind of dais. Whenever the being arrives there will be a big blaze of light and the individual lowers the vibration, and you will see that individual in all the glory of the higher realms, beautiful colours, jewels, diadem. You know a radiant being is before you and you listen. You do not hear words, you hear his voice in your mind. Absolutely as if he is talking in your head, you hear his voice. Is that not wonderful? This means that you hear every word. Nothing is lost. Once it is in there, it is there for you to remember at any time you wish to recall it.

Our minds are more able than yours, and we have this ability. So you see, even though you are progressing, you are still being taught. It is good. The overlord arranges for such teaching, when he decides it is expedient for a group of his brothers and sisters.

We have people who arrange these things. They are co-ordinators. They have their lieutenants who help them. The lieutenant will have his sergeants. So everything is organzied. The thoughts go out. Every one will come at the appointed time. There will be no mistakes. Sometimes it is music, sometimes a concert, of whatever kind. The people are organized for this too. They know the people will go who like that kind of thing. Always you have pleasure. We have our laws too. If a person goes against another, the overlord will send someone to deal with that difficulty. You are not meant to live in difficulty, nor anyone to hurt you in our place. There is always someone who will come to help you.

Now you will say, “How could it be?” If the place is ours, and it is harmonious, how could someone be difficult?” Well, remember that these are not the very highest places, and remember that we have told you that you will make friends? You will have special friends. As you are not yet on the realm of self-realization, which is about four or five realms ahead, there are times when people are overcome with envy and jealousy, still. There will be words. This usually comes about among people who desire another person’s friend for themselves, are not willing to share, but want the person to be their companion completely. This causes difficulty. The person who is so desired will not feel happy, the person already a friend will not feel happy, and so comes about an unhappy situation. The overlord hears about this and sends his lieutenants. They deal with the problem teaching the person that all the brethren love him, all are loved, to try not to be selfish.

So we have our difficulties. So do not think when you are in a place, say three, that you will be completely happy at every moment. There may be a time when someone will put their presence upon you too strongly, and you will rebel. But you will not rebel as you would on earth. You will talk it out quietly, and if you can not manage it, you will ask for help.

Difficulties in the lower realms are not so easily dealt with. In the area close to the earth, and we have dealt upon this before, people actually fight about the things they fight about on earth. Now you know that religion and politics are terrible subjects to talk about among people. They make people very fiery indeed. When these people on the lower areas close to the earth meet someone different from themselves, the words will begin and they will come to a great argument perhaps. Then we would have to send the overlookers, and they mingle with people, for they watch for these conditions, dealing with such situations as they arise. We have told you how, if they will not listen, they throw a net over these people and take them away, put them by themselves until they become calm. We do not hurt them, of course. We simply remove them so that they do not disturb their brethren. These people are so fiery, they do not see the overlookers, nor the net they fling over them neatly, and then the surprise is very intense. They are speedily taken away, almost not seen, it is so rapid. We do not want to cause situations, but it shows you and it should remind you that we have to deal with these kinds of people. When people die, and there are some who should view it with anxiety because they may be happily employed here doing selfish acts, when they get to spirit realms they will see where their acts have brought them. Greyness. Then listen to the complaints. This is why I want to show you today that our lives are often made difficult by people who find themselves in greyness, deeper greyness, in dim light, in a place like a moorland in dullness and drizzle, in a place empty of life it seems, only self to wander in the cold, no light to lighten their days but a constant gloom. The atmosphere is similar to their own soul. Now these people will tell you that they lived a perfectly good life, as good as anyone else who was round about, and they will give it to you in ringing tones and anger. They will say that it is not right. So we give them a few words, then we leave them for a time, and then we return and help them a little more until they realize that they indeed were not as their brethren. We show them scenes of the areas ahead where there is light, even if it is dim but it is light, and then the area ahead of that where there is more light, and so on towards more and more light.

You will be able to do this too. You will be able to flash a scene before someone who needs it. How you will do it is, you will think exactly what it is they need, and flash, it comes, and it is before them. Just like that. Because you want to show it, it appears thus, and they see it. You say, “That is ahead of you if you change your ways,” and you teach. You see, you have visual aids. We view these things. But it is not easy, though we have the ability to bring forth the visual aid, it is not always a simple matter, because each individual has to be treated according to his own life, and we have the ability to look that man/woman over, and we see their life as it has been. We look at how it was for them as a child, we look all through their days, and we see exactly how it was that they became that individual. So we begin from that point. This is what you will do, and what I have been trying to show you, treat everyone as an individual, see them before you condemn. This is the way we act. We see them, and then we teach from that point of view.

This has been my attempt today, to show you that you can deal with your friends, companions, relatives, in the same manner. Try to remember who they are, where they came from. If you know them well, you will know their childhood, their parents, you will know why they are behaving in this manner. If you have not the means of knowing, then try to learn from observation. For it is in the knowing that the loving understanding comes. Here we are again at the LOVE. It is in the knowing that the loving understanding comes. When you have loving understanding you are approaching the Father, step by step, and the light of the Father within you takes on new lustre, and you are indeed growing closer to the source of all life. The source of all life is purity and love, and that love is amongst you today, in your guardians and in those who surround you, and those beside me. We bring you our love and our devotion. In so doing we are serving the Father as we were meant to do. I am but the servant of the Father. I adore the Father in all my being. I have served Him for many thousands of years. I know that I have many thousands of years ahead of me, to adore even more greatly. For as I progress and see the light of the heavens opening out, and the knowledge that is given to me, and the great wonders taking shape ever and ever more beautiful, I know that I am blessed, that I am one of the most fortunate of beings, because I know that to serve is to love, to serve in whatever form, however minute the form might be, or how great. If the serving is in pure love, with no selfishness within, then you are stepping forward, ever more forward to the Father, and that is good.

Blessed are those who know they are servants, for only when you realize this are you humble. Always a servant, I leave you.

Love of all the great beings of light, and the love of the Father, descend upon you. My brethren, I love you.