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~*Teaching #12*~

Good afternoon, my friends. In my endeavours at times I have been very bewildered. That may surprise you, but we do get bewildered. Many many in the heavens who are of lower stature deny us who are of higher vibration. Now you know yourselves in your endeavouring at times even with your children that there is often stubbornness, that they will not obey because you have the authority. Is this not so? It is the same with us. Because we have the authority they look at us sullenly and do not obey. They feel why should we change? As you know this happens on your own planet, and you can see how difficult it is. Now if every soul had the opportunity of knowing these things, of knowing that of yourself you are responsible, that of yourself you must make the attempt, and of yourself you must realize that there can be no progress until you do. Now many of you who have been to our Maiden for healing have found that you have changed spiritually, and are feeling quite changed within yourselves in many ways. The soul having been touched, you find you see life from a different aspect. So you do change in many ways, in a subtle way perhaps, but you find yourself changing, and you will say, “Well, my goodness”, and you are pleased with yourself, and you feel better. Well these people in the heavens of the lower areas, of the spirit realms we should say, although we show them scenes of the area before them, yet their stubbornness holds them back. It is the same for you people here, not you personally, but for people on this planet. No matter who, no matter if they have the opportunity to learn, yet they cast it aside.

Many times we think, “Shall we use this method, or another method?” Finally we try every method, and some do weaken. Seeing something helps tremendously to help your understanding, well, if we show the areas, would you not think they would change if they saw areas of great beauty, and greater advantages, and had a more beautiful conception of everything there is? No, not everyone. They want to stay in their own little area, being bored by life.

Now on your planet sometimes some of you are bored, and I am sure you do not want to consider this condition forever. You would think others would be the same. Boredom is such a terrible state to be in, and you would think that this boredom would drive them into another state of mind, but it does not. I know many of you think of the heavenly states and you think how wonderful and you see it as a place of beauty and you see it as a place of wonderment. Much much better than the state that you have. These longings are within you because you want something different from the things you have. This is the hope of all mankind, a change, to be uplifted, to have beauty, to have peace. When you are thinking, “Oh, how I would like to go”, and I know many do wish they were out of this state of being. Many of you will go to a very nice place and you will be fine. You will be inspired because the beauty itself will inspire you. But when you are in the lower states, and are in the greyness, or a dull day, what is there to inspire you? You know yourselves when it is raining or is foggy, you know how you yourselves are, and can you envisage beings longing to dwell in this forever? Who will not change even though you show them sunshine and beauty? Can you imagine such minds? Because you all know how you all love the sunshine, how you feel when the sun shines upon you, how you feel better even though things are not perfect, but you still feel uplifted. So here we have these conditions, and they will not move. Now the reason I am showing these conditions today is to show you our difficulties, and to show you that one day you may be dealing with the same problems, and to show you that it is not all beautiful, and that many people on this earth go to such areas. They are very vast indeed. There they dwell, some of them for hundreds of years. Many people are in those areas wearing the clothes of hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Can you imagine it? Can you imagine people preferring to live in such states? People who will not listen to us because we are above them? They despise and hate us, and do not want us near them.

Now as we have told you, we lower our vibrations, and we enter this earth’s atmosphere. And the people who help people in these grey states lower their vibrations too. Then you may ask how do they know that they are different? The answer is because of the light of their souls which still shines, which cannot be extinguished. People who dwell in darker places have no light, only a very pinprick of light. But if you are to see a very bright being descend upon this earth, you would see a globe of light. This helps you to understand the vast void between those states. As you go forward the light of the soul grows, imperceptibly, but it grows. That is how we know one another, by our vibration and our glowing light!

These states have many many people working in them. But not all are so hesitant to change. Some do and weep greatly. But even so they may have been there for quite a long time.

Now many people say, “What shall I do when I go to the heavens?” They envisage themselves spending the time in great jollity. Well you do when you are resting away from your labours, and there are many many pleasures you cannot imagine, and great things to employ the mind. But it is in your labours where you will find the difficulties. And when you are in this planet, especially in these days great disasters are befalling your peoples across the world, and you hear the news and you feel so weak and helpless. Well perhaps this will give you an idea of how we feel when we cannot change the masses either. But you and I and others when we have been employed helping, we can leave and we can approach the light, and we can have our pleasures. But these people cannot, and it is this constant greyness, this constant darkness pressing upon them, and still they will not change. So you see how it is upon your own planet because you have these people, the same types dwelling with you. These are the types who will not change ever, who say all things of the Father and all things of the spirit are barren, that there is no pleasure in joy, no pleasure in peace, no pleasure in perfection. These are the people who seek pleasures in other areas, but they do not give them pleasure or peace or joy. Because the soul or the spirit is not happy or at peace in any of these other situations, be it bringing down a country, be it bringing down a man or a woman by hurting in any way. No-one is content. Many many people are very devious in their ways, and they try to find ways to ensnare others for their own aggrandisement. These people are those who are in the greyness, and the darkness, and you can see them when they enter these states how unhappy they will be at first, and how bewildered, and how they will think it is unlikely that they should be there. But your world is full of these types, and consequently we have them, and today I shall try to show you that in our states we have many many methods. I want you to listen carefully, for one day you will be employing them too.

Please imagine that you are prepared and ready to descend from your plane of the Summerland to the area of greyness of a light foggy day. Now these people will be suffering from selfishness. Now you will not go alone, you will be accompanied by a few others, and you will have made your plans and will have thought it out and talked it over, and off you go. You lower your vibrations to this area. You have already chosen your subject/s, and you find yourself very quickly beside them. Now everyone knows that selfishness is rife in the world. Yet mostly it is in everyone at some time or another, the self being uppermost, putting self forward. Some people are like that always, not just temporarily here and there, but always. Here we find them. We will come across a woman first. Not necessarily are they worse, no, it just happens that I said it that way. We will come to a woman who has been selfish in the extreme. Selfish because she put herself before family, before all, seeing herself as the queen, and wishing all to give her adulation, we will say. So we come upon her, very angry indeed. She has been in the spirit world about three months only. Still she is smarting under the impact of finding herself in this condition. She expected herself to be with the Nazarene, no less. She was a very good Christian, you know. So she thought, but she was not. She gave at the mouth only. She did not give her mind or her soul. It was empty. It was for social value only. But in her vain way she thought that she was good.

So here we are. We will take a man who will go to her. He will say “hello” to her in his own way. She will hang her head and scowl. He has been with this lady once before, and has prepared her by telling her that she has earned this because in life she had not been what had been required of her. He has prepared her and she is aware. This is the second visit. Now we will call her Mary-Jane. “Now, Mary-Jane, have you been thinking over our last talk together?” “Yes, I have.” “Well, do you see yourself in the light of knowledge, or are you still smarting under the illusion that you have been misjudged?” “Well I think I have been misjudged.” “This cannot be, because you have seen yourself very clearly on the day of your arrival, and you saw your mistakes.” She cannot see, and he makes another attempt, and he shows her that by every thought and action, and she cannot believe this. “If this is so,” she said, “then no-one could make any headway.” Now do you agree with this? If every thought and action is important to your growth, she believed that no-one could make any headway. Do you agree? Because if you are aware that every thought and action is important, you do strive, don’t you? And you do not make mistakes so often. It is fair really, because all are under the same law. Anyhow, she did not recover, neither the second time or the tenth time, nor the twentieth time. But finally the twenty-first time she was ready. He said to her one day, “When you were a little girl, how did you feel when you were punished unjustly?” She began to cry. That helped her. She saw that when she was punished or used unjustly, she did not care for it. She could not make others understand that. So from that point, from those few words, there was a change in her. She began to see her selfish ways with her children and her family, and her husband, and others.

She began to see herself as she had never seen herself previously. Total comprehension came upon her one day when she was alone, and the tears flowed. Of course those who were helping her understood this, and they went to her and gave her comfort. From that day on she began to make tentative steps forward. Today she is travelling forward. Not too swiftly, but she is making it gradually. Now you see, would you have the patience to do this? To keep going to a person time and time again? Trying every avenue of thought until you hit upon the solution? Isn’t it very trying? You see, if you prepare yourselves here and now, it will become much easier for you. Your lives of difficulty are preparing you. Now you see why you have difficulty. If you did not, how could you understand others? If you did not have difficulty how would you be able to think to delve into your mind, to try and grasp something to help that soul. It is from your own experiences that you find your own answers to help another. Don’t you find this? Sometimes you are at a loss how to help someone, and then have a flash and enlightenment comes, and you remember something that happened to yourself and you give it, and like a bang, it helps.

Many many go through the same states time after time. Nothing is wasted in your life, no matter what it is. You may think it is terrible, but some day you will understand the reason. You will see it. I am not talking about the things that are tests for you. You will understand the reason why you were tested, and you will see that you needed it. It was very very necessary to you at that time, but later when you are in the heavens that very lesson will help you help another. The things that others do to you are being done to others. The same knowledge will be very very useful. Never see any experience as a waste, never. Sometimes we rack our brains and we do not find a solution. We sit down and we talk it over with a friend/s, and someone will bring it up. As our Maiden said to someone the other day, “When a person is evil and is in the darkness, when they are spirit, if they change, and grow and grow and reach the light, and proceed and reach great light finally, think what knowledge they have to help others. Think what compassion they will have for the lowly.” Is that not true? You see she has this understanding within herself of all things, because she has been in the spirit world teaching. She knows these things. If someone can rise out of the darkness and become a shining light, what have you to fear? Indeed you have nothing to fear. You can rise up higher and higher. The Father of us all, the Great Force, loves everyone, even those in the deep darkness. All are his children, they get every opportunity to change. If one in darkness can rise up and have all that knowledge and all that compassion because he/she had been there. You see that every soul that rises out of these states, and rises to become a shining being, will also have this compassion and this understanding. You, no matter where you have been in this life, this planet, all your states will help you to have compassion for your brother.

This is why we say, “Never fear.” Do not think all is lost forever. It never never is. There is always the light around the corner. As we descend to these beings you see, these are the lessons, and we as we see them, and see their lives and look at them and read them, we too are learning, because we too see their experiences. We can apply that knowledge too at a later date.

How do you think people in the world who have been in power and they descend and perhaps find themselves in darkness, or greyness, or a deep greyness, depending what kind of a being they were, how do you think they feel? If this man/woman had had power and they find themselves sitting there in a grim area without trees, grass, stoney, barren and cold, like a deep fog, like a moorland on a horribly cold bleak day. You find this person sitting in a shack, because there are many such places in these areas. There are many men who have been powerful upon the earth who find themselves in these areas because they have not given their love to humanity, and their longing for power soaked up what compassion or understanding they did have, and they became beings who sought power only, and lost their tenderness. So we find them. Sometimes you will find two together. We will approach two of this kind.

They are together in this small dull building, held together with you would wonder just what. But it is standing nevertheless, for in our world these things happen. Inside there is nothing but a cot, small table and a couple of chairs in very bad shape. They are sitting together morosely, staring into space. Where now the power? We find them bitter in the extreme. They have been approached many times, but no change as yet has come upon them. Foul oaths are spread about the air as we approach, but we do not mind, they are merely words and do not hurt us.

We enter and this time we have a different approach. “This time we approach you to try to help you to see that mankind cannot be a power in the world of destruction and escape. We have brought someone to you who was as yourselves. This person has been where you are now, but you see he has changed. He is a little way beyond you, not too far but he has changed. Now brother, speak to your brethren and tell them how it is.” So as he is willing to help them, he tells them how he has seen that although we have freewill upon the earth, we cannot use it freely to hurt. He tells them how he had a life like they had, how he had abused people, how he found himself in their state, and how one day enlightenment came. He remembered that one day in his childhood his grandfather had been talking to him. They had been cloistered together for a short time, and the grandfather was teaching the boy several things he thought he should know. He said he remembered his grandfather’s words. “Always do unto others as you would they would do unto you.” Because his grandfather was a good man and a good Christian he taught him the meaning of these words. If you hurt another would you like him to hurt you back? The boy said not, and the grandfather taught him, “Better then not to hurt anyone. Better to try and reason and work things out.” He said he remembered his grandfather with clarity. He heard his words as if yesterday. It all came flooding back. As a flash upon his being he saw himself as utterly selfish, as one who had used people over and over. But he saw when he died how he had been repaid, he saw that he had done it unto himself.

He saw that he had done it, that it was personally his dilemma. From that moment he tried to change. Step by step he had moved forward. As he was talking to them we could see a softening come upon their faces, not much but a subtle change. We could see they were thinking about their own childhood, because we could see the pictures when they emanated from them. We could see they were thinking about their own lives, and we could see they were hearing voices, of the past. So we remained quiet, hoping that this would do it. Suddenly one said, “Yes, I had something of the same experience when I was young, but from a different source.” The other said, “It was not when I was young. It was from my wife, when we were first together.”

So we saw they were thinking along these new lines, and we left saying that we would see them again. We did not press further. Once they were on this pathway of thought it was best to leave them alone. We always know when it is best to withdraw. On our next visit things had taken a strange pathway indeed. We found them not in such a terrible shack, but in a better place, a shade above, a shade different. They had truly changed that much. The change upon them in realizing that their own thoughts, their own feelings had brought about this change, not a concentrated endeavour that “I will change”, but they had changed, it happened automatically. These changes come about in a subtle manner, almost without one realizing. In our heavens, when you change, at first you barely realize it, and so there they were in this subtle change, but oh! The happiness at realizing it had happened, and it gave them hope, greater hope.

Isn’t this wonderful that these people can change in this way? Wonderful that it is something in their past, or something in another’s past, or even in the life in some manner, something that has been there and has returned. Now you know that every thought and every action is stored with your spirit mind, the subconscious mind of the spirit. Your conscious mind is your earthly body recording, but your spirit living within you records also, absolutely everything. So when you are over you remember everything when it is brought to you, whenever something brings it to the fore. You know in this life you will think of something and a train of thought will follow and bring you back to the past, when you were a child, or some other time of your life, maybe when you were on holiday, or something snaps a train of thought and helps you to remember someone, or some place that you had forgotten. So you see it is very ordinary in a sense, it is very much your own life lived over again. So do not be afraid ever that the next state of being is so terribly different from your own. It is as if you walk through a door.

Every night you hope to sleep, do you not? Think how you are unhappy if you do not sleep. Think how you welcome it. That is how you should welcome the end of your life, because it is simply going to sleep. Every night when you sleep you simply go to the spirit world, to the area that you have earned. But you don’t remember. You come back and start another day. But passing over is such a simple thing. It is going to sleep and waking up as you do every night in the spirit realms. There is simply nothing to fear, except your own self. Do you understand? There is nothing to fear if you have not created wrong conditions. If you have not created wrong conditions you will be happy. You will cast aside the fetters of this earthly body. You will feel so radiant and free, and if you have earned it, a buoyant young body will have emerged.

You will find yourself young, young as you could not imagine yourself to be. No aches or pains, a mind that is radiant too, and very swift and active, remembering everything. How wonderful to be able to recall everything, to feel so buoyant, to be able to float. You always have your feet on the ground, but if you want to, you can float. You can travel by thought, you can float if you wish to. You can do these things, things you have always longed to do. Can you not see yourself walking upon beautiful green grass, grass that doesn’t grow, grass that doesn’t need to be cut, grass that gives you its power, grass that is always green. As you walk upon it, it gives you its strength. Would you not walk upon green grass and see the light, rather than walk upon stones in the greyness? Oh yes! But I tell you there are people who will not change. I have shown you how difficult it is. So when people on earth are stubborn, so stubborn, when they think they know everything, that it cannot be so simple, that it cannot be so easy, once one unfetters oneself, casts aside the stubbornness, many people when they are bound and fettered by their own minds, cannot see the simplicity of life, underneath all the words, underneath all the teachings, all the dogmas, all the creeds, all that is piled upon you, word after word. In all the words that you have ever heard, and in all the insults that have been hurled at you because you are different, all the fear that has been around about because you are this, and the other person is that. Look at the world today, look at Iran, look at what has happened. Look again at how the religion has engulfed the people. Do you think the people will be better off under this religious regime? No. Why, because he is going to put the women back again. Do you think that the women will go back again into the veil? Some will, those who are very very religious. Now do you consider this is a man who seeks power, or a man who loves his people and wants to serve God? Now is he a power seeker? Yes, most people think so. Yet a man who serves God should be humble. If you understood the Father as we do, as we go on and on, you would be humble. If you view God’s creation and view it within yourself, or in the flower, or in the tree, or in a baby just created, and see the marvellous creation of the Father, are you not humbled? When you look at a little one newly created, and you see this little creature, you marvel, you truly marvel. But here is a man and he is not humbled. He does not see his fellow man as God’s children who should be cherished and nourished and fed in every way. They should be unfettered, but he is shouting “Islam, Islam”. This means he will hate all others who are outside Islam. Is that not so? All down the ages throughout time we have had these men shouting one thing or another, fettering the people, holding them in thraldom, holding them down, putting them on the rack tearing limb from limb, burning them at the stake, all in the name of God the Father. In the name of Love they do it. How dare they do it? In the name of Love how could they? This is not God’s way. We have been told that we are of the devil, we are the evil forces, because we come back and reveal to you. All spirits who come back are not beautiful, we grant you, because all men on earth are not beautiful. But if we come as teachers and we teach you love, are we evil? But rather are they evil, who will set man against man. Look at the state of the world just now. Here is China and here is Russia, and everyone is waiting to see if there will be a war, and the horror of it all. You look at it and you fear, and you say, “Not again.” Have I not told you to try and help your world, to try and see it in the light? Do keep on trying, please. Try and try we must. We who want to help the world are in the minority at this very moment in time. True. Think that we are the greater? No. In this world you have to make a great effort at this moment. You must see your world in light. The light of the Father pouring upon it, and all His people to try and uplift it. We need you everyone. Never see yourself as useless, that you cannot help the world. Do not let these people fill you full of fear and depression. Say you will fight the good fight. Uplift the world by your own efforts. Pour out your thoughts of beauty and love, and then let them go upon that land, and all lands that need them. We have been striving and striving upon many areas of the earth. We have not failed you completely, but we have not helped you completely either. We cannot because we have such forces to deal with. When you remember we are dealing with minds, when you see how those in the areas below repel us, then you can see our difficulty when we are trying to help you upon the world. You see how difficult it is for your guardians when you set your mind in a certain state, how difficult for your guardian to change you. But still we labour on, and we beg you to keep trying.

Mankind has been dragged down time and time again by men who thought they had every answer. What is the truth? It is a simple thing is the truth. Many people read book after book, and the head becomes overladen. Truth is in yourself. If is in your creation. It is in all creation. Truth is round about you. You see it in everything there is. For in everything there is God, the Great Consciousness, whatever name you give, the Great Power of Love, we don’t mind what name you use, as long as you aspire to become more and more godly yourself. This is the simplicity of it. You have God within yourself, the spark of divinity within all people. Many people snuff out the light almost to extinction. But there is always a little there, for it will never ever leave absolutely. It may be slumbering but it can burst into flame again. The truth is in God and His creation. It is in this thing that is all around you, this thing whatever it is, this knowledge, this love, this table that was once a tree, in every stone, in every star, in the ocean, in a child, in an old man/woman, in a young person, wherever you look there is God. You may think the manifestation is ugly, but why is it ugly? It was not created ugly in the beginning, but man himself created it ugly. Man makes himself ugly, he defaces the world. You have charge over God’s creation and what do you do with it? What does man do with it? He defaces it. War tears up lands. Bombs ruin it. People build horrific buildings upon it that make the soul recoil. Where is the beauty? Look at the mountains. There is beauty. Look at the ocean for there is beauty. Not at all times, for sometimes it is wreathed in fog and the ocean is dull. The trees are hanging in mist. But you know that if the sun shines, ah! It is a revelation again, like magic, and that is your world. Today in darkness, another day a glimmer of light, and then a greater glimmer, that is how it is. Beauty and greyness. You see it all in nature. Today is a nice day, tomorrow may be even better, but it could rain. And you know how you feel. This is how it is in the world with states of being meaning different races, they, every one of them have their opportunity, and they choose. They make their choices, the people. You have made your choices too in this land, when you chose your leaders. You may say that you haven’t much choice, and where are the leaders? How many of you long for a strong man with purpose who will not be defiled by others, a man who loves your country, all of your county, all the world. How every one longs for such a man/woman.

But these people you have, they have clay feet. Not everyone is pure or unsullied. But you hope and that is good. Hope will uphold you in every situation. Hope will uphold you even when you feel there is nowhere to turn. Keep that hope, keep that glimmer of hope. Drag it up, because where there is hope there is light.

If like myself you have seen many many civilizations rise and fall, if you have seen cities rise and fall, if you have met their peoples in the heavens, how do you think you would reason? Would you say to yourself the world is bent on going over and over the same path? It seems that mankind cannot drag itself away from the lust for power, and the envy of neighbours, the envy of countries, and the envy of far-off places. How we who have enlightenment long for world brotherhood. I am sure many here long for the same thing. But keep it in your mind, see it happening. It may not happen in your lifetime, but at least you are trying to bring it here, trying to bring it about. If you knew the power of your thoughts, the power of your thinking, you would not view your thoughts in such a relaxed manner. You know yourselves that what you think often comes about, what you desire often comes about. Oft-times you seek the wrong things, and you hurt yourself. Be very sure to seek what is good for you individually. But also seek what is good for your country and for the world collectively. When you are thinking do not see yourself as an isolated atom, but see yourself as one amongst many. In your world today you are not isolated. You know what is happening in Iran, in Australia, in India, almost as quickly as it happens there. It is amazing. If you think back a hundred years, then these things would have been thought to be magical, and of the devil. They could not be! But here they are.

If you heard the wonder of electricity, the electricity you cannot see but it is there, you cannot see me unless you are psychic. I am standing right here, close to our Maiden, right here. Her guardian is standing right here. You cannot see me or them around. But nevertheless we are here. You cannot see electricity, nor can you feel its power unless you deliberately try to hurt yourself. But if you felt myself or our Maiden’s guardian, you would feel an electric current. Yes, an electric current. This is how we are. You have been taught often in Christianity that evil-doers often go to the burning flames. Well I tell you that the evil-doers go to the cold cold area. Darkness and coldness. We who are uplifted have the warmth, the electric vibration that becomes more and more powerful as we grow on and on. That is why lower beings cannot come near us, if we are in all our power, and had not lowered our vibration. Even so they cannot touch me. But if I lifted myself to my own power, a person in the realm behind me could not feel comfortable with me either. Behind. As we go forward this power, this vibration becomes more and more potent. If you were looking at us you would see as if light and colour were floating around us. But if you were in our realm with us, we are as solid as you are, every bit as solid. Many people are very surprised that we are solid. Many times our Maiden is asked to describe people like us. She will say that they have fingernails, hair, eyes, eyelashes, they have not inner organs, but they have something that holds them up. So we are like you. We have power in our hands. We can use a bat or a ball as you do, and we can jump or leap, and we can play an instrument. We can sing. We can do all things, and even more. I mean I could rise up at this moment and float over you, you would not see me. I would leave our Maiden then, of course, but I could. You cannot rise out of your chair and float. So I have that benefit over you. But when you sleep you can rise and float, because it is your spirit. So your spirit has the power that you do not.

Now when you are about to go to sleep and you are thinking, why not make a resolved thought and say, “I would like to go somewhere and help tonight. I would like to meet my guardian, and ask him to take me and help someone.” Lo and behold, you will. He will train you if you really mean it. Some of you are already doing this, and being trained. So your life is already useful. But also you could make a thought or a wish, or a desire, to be somewhere so you help others in another land. That your guide would take you to another place in the world to try and help other people who are there busy living their life every day as you are now not asleep. You can do these things too. There is no end to the things you can do while you are here upon the earth. All you need to have is the desire. You do not need any special words. All you need is your own mind to think, and ask your guardian and he will read them, the words in your mind. So you see, never feel useless or helpless. Though the world around you is in difficulty, you are strong, you are an able being, you are a person with knowledge, you are a person who knows you are spirit with a body, you know that you have always been spirit, and that you cannot ever die.

You will go on and on, living in the reality of the heavenly states, learning and growing, living as you have never lived before, using the mind that is infinitely greater in capacity and ability, a body that does not hold you back, friends that love, friends that understand you, where you can go about unfettered by laws that have been made by man and not by the Father, or you can go around and do as you wish because you still have freewill, you can help yourself or not, just as you do here. But when you have all the wonderful minds that have ever lived, and many of them have not reincarnated, when you have these people still willing to help you, still willing to show you how to be a being that is using all your talents to the full, not just one or two of your gifts but every gift you possess, gifts you did not know you possessed. You will not float upon clouds, nor will you sing hymns, unless you want to of course. There are many people in the spirit world who still go to church and sing hymns. But in time they change. You can unfetter yourself too in this world. You can see that you are an unfettered being, that you are an individual, that you have God within yourself, that you can let that light grow and grow, that you can live by helping others, by loving others, by seeing them as individuals, by seeing them on their pathway and not criticizing them too much, and trying to understand others. Always attempt to see them first, before you criticize. If you take some time to study them to think why they are acting in this manner you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Just remember always you have the ability to help yourself or hurt yourself. You who are the individual, you who are God in miniature, you who can grow and grow, why fear man? Why fear others? I will help the world by sending forth my light and my love, I will. Be positive knowing that you have power undreamt of. Why see yourself as a tiny weak creature when you are God in miniature? While you have power within you, and you have the help of the angels. When you have the help of your guardian, when God has arranged it so. And He has given you someone to look after you. When you have one who is father and mother to you, and God who is everything. Everywhere. Why fear yourself and fear others? Be not afraid of the little things, the little shadows. There is nothing to fear but fear. Remember this always, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. How many times have you been so filled with fear and you found your fear was groundless? But in the meanwhile you have suffered, suffered so much. Why put yourselves through such needless pain? Be strong, knowing that you are a child of God, indestructible, receiving the love of God in all your days through your guardians, and receiving it now also from myself, and from all here. Receive and be at peace, my brethren, my beloved.

I thank you for coming. Good-day.