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~*Teaching #11*~

Good afternoon my friends. I am happy to be here once again. I have been thinking quite a long time about the next subject, and I have on occasion spoken of it in the heavens, when those who are there needed this lesson. We have to on many occasions, gather great crowds together to give them information. We gather those who need this specific knowledge, and so I thought that with some modification I would give it to you, altered somewhat here and there. I do hope that you will enjoy it.

In many instances on the earth many are concerned with the knowledge that they have, and when they pass over this knowledge and wonderment does not change. They are very bewildered and they see conditions that they had not thought existed, and they ponder. Many times they approach those who can give them knowledge, and it is given on the spot, so to speak. But many times they are not able to comprehend, and they ask their friends or those they know. They give them what knowledge they have, but usually they need to have a wider explanation.

The usual desire is, “Was man created to be an angel, or was he created merely to progress and expire into nothingness?” Because when they come to our world, there they are again, exactly as they were. Of course the body is changed, but they have the same mental thoughts. And they have the body. They seem the very same. So they think, “Here we are again, on the treadmill.” Not fully comprehending. So they think they were created merely to pass from one dimension to the other.

It is very very difficult when one passes over to comprehend the difference, the change. If you went to a new country you would not even look at yourself, because you would expect to be the same, but when you go through the transition of death, you expect to be changed. Well you are in your body, but not in any other way. Nothing is changed, except your environment and the laws. The laws, you have to learn to exist, are shattering at first, because there you are thinking and you see your thoughts. Here you think and they are hidden from you. But there you see them before you. Many times you do not wish this, because you do not wish the one before you to know your thinking. Think how shattering it would be if everyone knew what was in your mind. This is why we endeavour to each you not to criticize, because you may as well struggle to eradicate from your being now, before it is too late, and when you have to do it in the realms of spirit it will be more difficult.

So here we are, and this is what I say in the heavens, “Here we are. You do not have to endeavour as you did on earth. Many of you have been indulgent with yourselves, living idly, enjoying your life on a constant vacation.” We do not press people into endeavour. Many think that you have to start and begin to use your qualities, knowledge, ability. No. You have freewill here on this earth, not completely, but you have it in a measure. It is the same there and you can spend your days as you wish. Now you see where the difficulty comes about. Spend your days as you wish. Now you know people who like to spend their days lazily. Some are very energetic. We are all so different. You can already see yourself. If you let your mind go onward, we expect you have some time to explore, to learn to travel, to learn to live. I am unsure if all know that in the heavens the mode of travel is “think where you wish to be, whom you wish to be with,” and flash, you are there. One sees a flash of light, and that is it. It would save a great deal of trouble in your world if it were like it is here. You would not have such severe pollution. But that is the mode of travel. Many are very wary of beginning, but once they do it is fine. It is a purely mental world, and these are the handicaps in the beginning. But once you have learned, then the happiness of discovery, if you are in light, of any depth. We are not discussing the greyness, the deeper greyness, the darkness, and the terrible darkness. We are discussing degrees of light. We are assuming the people are there.

Now you can see how a being arriving in these conditions is bewildered. You are very fortunate indeed that you are having this knowledge given to you, because you will be prepared in a measure. Now in each area there is an overlord. Now he is not a lord as you would expect on the earth. He does not use power to hurt. He is merely an organizing spirit, but a higher being than those who dwell on the area or plane below him. He usually is up on a hill, in a beautiful place. The reason of his being upon this hill is that the power from his building can penetrate forth, the rays can go out in every direction over the people, like a searchlight spreading. When any of his people need help, the beams spread forth in greater intensity. He is aware through his lieutenants, and others below and so forth, right down to the people on the plane below. It is not always flat, but we are giving it as an illusion. So they are not without a loving Father of their own. So he is very concerned with all that goes on in his place. He keeps a very fatherly eye over everything. When people think, “I am tired of this idleness, I would like a change,” then quite soon someone will approach that being and begin to teach, and show how they can help themselves to be less bored. They are taught how they can help others.

First we must look at the being who is anxious to change. Every individual here is gifted in a different manner. So it is when you enter our realms. Now we have to be very sure that we are not placing a person in the wrong avenue of endeavour. We look very carefully, and we choose what is best suited. You must remember this is the heavens, and not the earth where you can walk into the wrong avenue of endeavour. So then they are given knowledge and prepared. Later they will be with a group, and they begin. Then will begin their growth. Step by step, going forward. If they have been kindly while they were taking their holiday, then there would be steps forward also, as it is here on this earth when you are kind to one another, truly kind. So begins the teaching and it is the same for every soul.

It is the same for the children. We take each child as an individual, and we teach them individually. We do not put them in the classroom and teach. We see each child and all its needs and we proceed. We have plenty of souls willing to help. You can not do this in your world because you have not the wherewithal to do it for individual children. But it is the ideal method. However, you do not have the beings to read the child and see its abilities. If this were done, more adults would be very happy, being placed in the correct position.

When I have the people before me, these are the people who have arrived and found themselves living a life much as they did before, but usually in holiday. We have to gather them together, and then I begin to teach. “Now when you were on the earth, no matter what your persuasion, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Mohammedan, whatever splinter group within the earth, you were taught along certain avenues, but now you see that while some of your knowledge was correct, on the whole it is different, because you do not see the Nazarene, or God, or Allah, or whatever name you give to the Great Force of Love and Perfection. This is where everyone fails. You see, in every avenue of thought, they expect to see the Great One, whoever the prophet is, and the Father of us all. In some religions they are taught it will be a beautiful world of maidens to make men happy, you know in India. Of course they are very disappointed. You can see these people, how shattered they are, they were going to have such pleasures constantly. But as all find out, you do have pleasures, and they are very very pleasurable indeed. No-one need fear that our realms deny you. There is much to give you pleasure. Your mind will be of a greater capacity to hold all you know. You will be able far beyond your greatest dreams. When you have here on earth a gift, how wonderful when you can hold it forever! It will enlarge and grow, and you will have the greatest masters to teach you. You will not be handicapped because you have not enough monies. All you need is your desire and your longing, true sincerity. But of course the masters can read you, and they know who are the true souls having the true desire for knowledge. So all these things are before you. Now to get back to those I have been with.

They have encountered these things. But they are so bewildered. “Why is it? Why were we not enlightened upon the earth?” Well, first of all I say, “Are you unhappy? How would you feel if you were before the Nazarene, or the Great Creator?” I tell them they were before the Great Creator on the earth, but they saw Him not. They saw God, or the Force of Love, the Great Creator in everything round about them upon the earth. There in the sunsets, the sunrise, and the oceans, on the mountains, on the deserts, in the shrubs, trees, flowers, in the children and adults, in everything in creation, in all you do, in all your gifts, in every single facet of your being, in everything you set your eye upon, the good and the bad and the indifferent, the light and the shade, the darkness, the rain, the snow, the thunder, the lightening. Everything there is due to a law, the law that has been created in the beginning of all time. You have been living many many lives, in many many situations. In all these lives you have seen the same creation. You have seen the sky, the night, the stars. You have seen mankind and the animals. You have been with the camels, you have been with the elephants, and lions, and all kinds of creation. You have been beside it for many many aeons of time. I say here you are again, and you have forgotten. But once again you see before you the creation of the Father. It is all around you. You see it in the sky above you. It has no clouds. Sometimes there are, depending where they are, in a lower area. But we are dealing with light today. We will say we are upon the third dimension, where it looks like a summer’s day, very lovely, very pure and beautiful, but not the heights of the heavens. Far from it, but lovely nevertheless. It takes one some time to earn the right to be in the third degree. There you see the blue and the light of the Father penetrating all around you. No shadows, the light penetrating everywhere, gently, softly. What is this we feel? The soft breezes, very nice and gentle, that is the love of God penetrating your area. That is God, giving you the substance to live upon, and all the flowers you see, and the trees, and the water, everything will give you their essence, and you will all share this substance. All glorify God by your loveliness.

Have you ever thought of this, that you glorify God in your loveliness? There a flower, a tree, you, whoever. You glorify God. Are you not a wonderful creation? Of course, such a wonderful machine. So here we are in the heavens still, creation, a body, and it is wonderful. So I say, “Are you not pleased with this?” Of course they are. But they are worried that they have been deluded, worried that all is so strangely different from their beliefs. You have been taught how the Nazarene appears in the atmosphere to teach people, that he is not above all. You can see now why he must do this. Because they wonder where he is, and will they ever get to see him, or will they ever be beside the Father. I am speaking about Christianity.

Of course they do not understand. I tell them that they do see the Father. I say the Father is in me. I am before you, with some greater knowledge, greater growth. I am some way ahead, and I know how beautiful are the states beyond. But you have to travel step by step towards them by your own endeavours. But in those steppings you will grow closer and closer, and to more and more beauty, and more and more feeling of the closeness of love. It becomes stronger and stronger as you go forward. Can you not see this loveliness in your imagination? You can see your world here in its beauty, and if you could see it in your eyes on a beautiful summer’s day when everything is glowing and beautiful, your garden full of flowers, the mountains shining and the sky so blue. It gives you an idea, does it not?

You are being prepared for it, for you already have it in measure. It is a supreme experience, I can assure you. That is why people who are closer to this earth, even there when they are told they must come back, they are so unhappy. We are unhappy for them too. You see, when you go at night to the area you have earned already, and you are in that stage of existence, and you are happy there for short hours, even then you do not wish to come back. That is why it is hidden from you. You know when you go on a holiday, and if you are having a lovely time, how you hate to return. It is the same. But your spirit knows it must return, and your life is really so short, and the time will not be long before you return. Many think, will the day never end? But of course that is a state of mind. It is the state of mind for many in the heavens. But when you reach the stage of the Summerland I am talking about, life is very nice. People are quite content. They spend their days with their friends, exploring at first in wonder. But then those who are the teachers from higher realms will come when a need arises and teach. All will feel in the mind a desire to travel to a certain area, and they will find they are all wending their way to this area. This is how it is, the mind is given a message by the overlord who sends out his beam, and it strikes the minds, and says, “Go forth to a certain place.” That is how. You see our wonderful world? So they wend their way and then this is how it begins.

The teacher will arrive upon a raised platform, and the people will be all around. You can be close or spread out, it does not matter, you will still hear, because you hear it in your mind. Then I appear first in a light of my own realm, and then I slowly appear before them, and then they see me arrayed beautifully, from my own place. The reason being that they will listen to my words and be a little in awe. Very necessary. For we find that if they think we are just as themselves, they do not give us much hearing. So I begin, and my thoughts go out from my mind. I do not use words, for some are of a different language, and so they hear it all within their mind. They see all I mean in a scene. So they learn that mankind has on many occasions had the opportunities to realize that he is spirit, and that he would dwell in the heavens. Throughout man’s lifetime there have always been some people who were seers. Many have had the knowledge, but many close their minds and think it is all a mistake. So I said, because you have closed your mind, even though many of you here have had the opportunity through a friend or friends to learn, you have denied it. But here today you find it is true, because I see you, and I am beyond you, but I am not the Nazarene, nor am I God. But I am God in part, as you are. I tell them because they are on the plane, that they have God within them, in a certain measure, and I explain how much. I tell them as they go forward, that this link with the Father will grow and grow. As they see my radiance, so can they be too.

Open your eyes and look around you and you will see God. It was the same upon the earth when you looked upon beauty and you marvelled, and you are doing the same thing here. On earth you were looking at God, and you are still looking at God. God is not a personal deity. God is a Force of Love, a Great Mind. Oh, how wonderful! We who see and learn about creation, we marvel, we are humbled. That is why those of us who are high above are humble. How we are humble, when the knowledge is explained to us, and we see the Great Plan. You feel, what a Mind! What a Mind did think and create. When you see the stars, and the moon and the sun, and you see your planet, how marvellous! How many times have you asked yourself how it came about.

Not until you are far beyond, then it will be explained to you, and it will be explained to those in the heavens little by little. We do not give it to the lowly ones, because knowledge of such creation would be misused by evil people. So we have to be very very careful whom we give knowledge to. You see this upon the earth. I say to them, “When you were there, you saw man, and what was revealed to him, in technology, and how he misused it.” How he could have used it for the benefit of mankind. But greedy and powerful men use it for their own evil minds. You saw how your world suffered because of it.

Now you see why we cannot give you knowledge of creation until you have earned that right. But I tell you my friends, that when you do see it you will be humbled as never before. On the earth oft-times you are puffed up, so full of your own pride. But when you find out, you find out that you are but as a grain of sand. You have knowledge, but so is there a Great Mind that created that sand, that grain of sand, and created you and me. You know it will be a long long time before you find out what that Mind is. There is a great sigh that usually goes through the people when they know they will not be before the Father, when I explain. But how could they? When you think of it, when you think of all creation, and when you think of the mind that has created, are you not humbled? How could you be before such Power, such Love and Understanding?

Now you understand why the Nazarene was but one of many teachers given to the earth. Now you know why so many are spread around. They are to give God’s knowledge where it can be given. How many teachers have there been whose knowledge has percolated through all mankind? It is truly amazing how Christianity has spread, also Buddhism, and others. You know how all of these teachers have had many pupils, and you know how man will kill for his religion. Are you not seeing it today? Those in the spirit world are spared this. They are spared the disagreeable terribleness that is upon your earth at this time. But they have been in other times, and been through something similar. So I explain to them, they cannot be before God. But they can be before the Nazarene, and his brethren, and the brethren that are beyond and beyond. We who have gone beyond, love you, and we descend, so many of us, to aid you. If you could see how many of us descend to the earth to help your brethren there, I tell them. You would be truly astounded. We do not abandon the world to evil men. We try and try to save you. How terrible a situation. You see one today in Iran. You see how hard it would be for us to mingle with those multitudes there do you not? Could you see great bands of spirits trying with all their might to percolate the minds when they are so incensed? We have to wait until they are more still, and then try. What a situation! You can now see a people on the earth who are being driven backwards in time. Civil war they are striving for. A man who is supposed to be a servant of the Father driving his subjects into war. Where is God with that man?

We are aware. We know. We are aware of the situation and we are full of sorrow. We did strive to stop this coming about, but there are so many, not just from that race, who are so intent on destroying that nation. Greedy men from other nations.

You can see how people, if you lived there now, you would be full of fear, if you are sensible I mean, and you could see what was happening, you would try to escape. One cannot always escape, and one has to stay and strengthen oneself and put up, and strive to be strong within this terribleness.

So you see this is how we have to explain in the heavens. The situations that you have gone through, and are going through now, you will know of in the heavens. This will be your longing, to be with God, and love and purity, and the Nazarene and other teachers. It is a natural desire because of having been taught these things. But I do say, “Have you not beauty? Have you not the teachers who help you? Is not God amongst you?” Of course, as on earth.

This is what I say to them. It is the same way I have to be, as with you. It takes a great deal of persuasion, but finally they do see it, and finally contentment comes upon them. Then in the next area, which is the area of Self-Realization. It takes quite a time to reach that area, there you realize who you are, and what you are, you see yourself clearly and absolutely, no longer are you hiding but you see every facet of your being, it is all clear to you, and here on this area you begin to see that you are not yet Godly. Here at least you see without a shadow of a doubt that you are not fully beautiful. You see yourself so clearly, and you know what it is you must learn, what it is you must eradicate from your being. But you have the knowledge and the understanding, and you know exactly what you can do. No more are you hindered by self, no more hindered by SELF. No more can you fool yourself, because it is a pure clear seeing, the area of Self-Realization. Such a stage to reach is good, very good, because you are cleansed of your own ego. A good thing.

So here it is, the training begins to guide people on the earth. Here begins the training for guidance, here and in the area above. This is where your guides usually come from, here and in the fifth. Those who are far beyond do not usually come to the earth, except those like myself who have something of importance to do, to teach humanity. But it is a very difficult thing for us to enter your world. But we do it because we love you, and for no other reason. Out of our love springs a desire to give you knowledge, so that you can help yourself. I cannot bring you forward one step if you do not try to do it yourself. I can show you the way but I cannot do it for you. It is the same with all knowledge. You can read books until you are tired of them. You can read this Philosophy and that Philosophy and you can ponder. You can wonder if this is right and that is right. But usually within yourself there is a feeling when something is correct.

But knowledge must be acted upon. Simplicity is the key. So many do not care for simplicity. They want truth to be hidden, so that they do not have to be responsible for their actions. Many like to have words thrown at them that they do not understand. They are lost. As one lady said to our Maiden once, “I do not wish any further to have your booklets because I would be responsible for the knowledge given therein.” She understood but she denied it. She did not wish to know, because she did not want to struggle.

What do you think would be the result of such a being when she went to the heavens? What would she see? What would she be given? Would she be told that she had had the opportunity and denied it? Yes. We know, we do because we can read every soul, when we are higher. We do not do this unkindly, remember this, but with love. There are many such who enter our realms. They have had the opportunity but they do not truly wish for it. They want to live selfishly. They do not wish to endeavour. They enjoy life as it is. So they do not progress. But a soul even without knowledge who is kindly and loving towards its neighbour, or others, or the family, is living God’s law, the Law of Love. Do not think you are not progressing if you do not do a service. Every single day of your life you are living, to give. You do. If you are a wife or a mother, you are giving constantly. You have to expend your energies upon your family. If you do it lovingly, that is good. It is raising children and living with others who are difficult that is a testing. You may think you are simply bringing up your children, or that you are having a hard time with an aged parent, or some other relative, or neighbours, relatives are giving you a difficult time, and you may not look upon it as your challenge, from the day you were born you are beginning your pathway, and it is your challenge. People when they take a partner have begun the greatest challenge upon earth, and you know it. You know it because you and your partner are two individuals, and though may love each other, you still have to learn how to get along together each day of your life. “Horror upon horrors, this is not the man/woman I knew! How could he/she say such a thing? How could he/she do such a thing?” You find out your spouse has habits, and says things you had no idea existed. You have not lived closely together before. In this closeness you discover one another. Sometimes it is a delight, other times it is the opposite. Anyhow you are together, and here is your challenge, the greatest one you have taken. Yet sometimes I think little children take a great challenge too, when they enter the earth. Some have such a lonely life, and some have such terrible existence’s, that I think their challenge begins from the moment they enter. Some can put their challenge off their life is good. Nevertheless when you take a partner it is a different challenge, and your life will never be the same again, because you will more then likely have children, and here you are again, another individual, and you have to learn to live with that individual too. How you find it out! You say, “That is a little man/woman. Do you know what they said today?” You find that that child is different from you, from your husband, different from anyone else. Here is your challenge, your responsibility to try to guide that little one, in the way that will help it to be an adult who is mature. Now you say to yourself, “Who is mature these days?” There are people of ninety who are not mature. But you strive within your own limitations. You see that every moment of your life is your challenge. You have your joys, happiness’, and you have your sorrows and shadows.

But in all these things you are creating yourself. You find out that you are becoming a stronger being. Every time a little one, say, has an illness, and you are through a terrible time, after the struggle and you are tired, but you look and feel and realize that you survived, and are quite surprised with yourself that you have made it. It is the same with all challenges, you are quite surprised that you have surfaced again and that you are all in one piece. But you are stronger, and you are more mature. Aren’t you glad you aren’t that little boy/girl? When you look back? Many sometimes yearn for the days gone by, but when you think about it you would not, when you see all the struggles of children to find themselves.

Think of today with all its technology, and think how the children must be. You did not have such a challenge. Their children will have an even greater challenge. The world is forever changing and it is in this moving along, upon waves, upon pathways, sometimes your pathway is strewn with stones and sometimes with boulders. You stumble or you walk around the boulder, or you crash into it, depending upon your ability and your knowledge. If you have understanding you will know that boulder is your testing, and you will be glad, because when you are making inroads and are growing spiritually, often you have the testing. The Father does not take away testing from those His beloved, who know, who have gained. Rather are you now going to challenged to see if you can be stronger? Think how you will be asked to serve in the future, in our realms. Think how those people are so bewildered in our heavens. They did not have the knowledge. If they had known they were spiritual beings, and that they were individually responsible for every action. That the Nazarene would not take their burdens upon himself, but that he would try to help them, from where he is in his own area, as would all his brethren. You do not know that he spreads his knowledge around, that he helps, but in the heavens, not upon the earth. He cannot come and teach you individually, and take your load. When you have this knowledge, and know that you are individually responsible, you are freed. When you lean upon another, you are weak. But when you square your shoulders and say it is I and my brethren, we must struggle together, in the learning processes of life. We see. We have the glimmers of light. We may have a blaze of light. We may see dully, but still we do get the knowledge. When you cry out, “God please help me”, you are not left, your thought is heard, your guardian knows your thoughts, and he/she will do their best to help you. You are not alone in your struggles. You do not have the Nazarene, but you do have your guardian, and oft-times when people on the earth say that they have seen a spirit, and he was so beautiful, they thought it was Jesus. People who are without knowledge when they see a spirit immediately think it was Jesus. If they see a maiden in spirit, they think it was the Holy Mother. Are there not others in the heavens of great beauty? Where are all the spirits of long ago? Where are those beautiful souls who were on the earth who have always helped humanity? Are they not bright souls? Some people return and return to be teachers, because they have the ability. They seem to return again and again to uphold their brethren with knowledge. Where are they? Are they hidden? They are in the heavens, still teaching. If you are a teacher you will always teach, if you have the great ability. So you see, though you are here and without the Nazarene, you have your guardian. They help you along your pathway. They help you more than you realize. Some people think they are alone and have been abandoned. It is not so. When you have a test, as the boulder, that is when the guardians must stand back, because your testing is your challenge. Yours. Often they weep when they see your struggles. But if you do well, how they are happy that you have learned the lessons.

Do not think that we deny you beauty and love and happiness. When we teach these things, they are so much a struggle, but you know yourself in life you have many many times when you are happy. Happy with those you love, happy with those around you, depending upon your own desires, and can make your own life good. You can not always be sad. It may rain but the sunshine will come again. Never never do you always dwell in the shadow. Always the sun will shine, and you know it. See your life as the seasons, night and day, the shadows and the sunshine. Know that it will always reflect one or the other. Do not expect constant sunshine. Even if you lived in constant sunshine, you could not have it. It cannot be, even if you are an evolved being, you cannot have constant sunshine, because in your endeavours you will meet others who are not, and their struggle will be yours, because of your concern. Even if you are in peace, not everyone is in peace. So when you are in peace, you are a loving being so you will give of yourself. In the giving you will see the struggles of your brethren, and your compassion will flow from you. Not your worry, your compassion, and your desire to help. So there is your shade, but it is your growth and your light. You can be in both at the same time.

When you can help one soul truly upon this earth, think of our joy. I mean truly aid, bring that person forward on the pathway. Raise them out of their dilemma, out of their depression, bring them a measure of peace, and the changing. Think how happy you will be, we will be, and they will be. There is no greater love than when you give yourself. For are we not all linked to the Father, and are we not all part in miniature? Some greater than others, but then are we not all tied together? Belonging to the Greater? This should be your knowledge. Do not worry about the hereafter. Do not worry about creeds and dogmas and thoughts. Think about the simplicity that should be yours, the simplicity of love, kindness, loving compassion, giving, tolerance. No cynicism, no vindictiveness, they are the negative thoughts. But if you live with kindness, compassion, love, and tolerance, there is no need for other words, for out of these comes everything else. Is that not true?

Out of all knowledge, in every book that has ever been written, every book that is spiritual, these are the truths, are they not? No matter who gives, this will be the avenue to tread upon. Not the words that you do not understand, not all have the knowledge in clarity, but if you can live in love and peace and tolerance, giving when you can, what greater knowledge could you have than to live this way? There is none other. For the Father is love. When you live this way, you are living as the Father does. God dwells within you. He dwells around you. He is everywhere, that Great Love, Great Force, timeless Power. That timeless Power was on the earth when you were on the earth before, and when you looked at the stars, and wondered, the moon and the eclipse, were you not filled with fear? Yes. Many times upon the earth when mankind was young, when the eclipse occurred, you could see them fall upon the ground in fear. Did not they wonder? The light came again and the relief, the same round about them, the things still there. But the eclipse darkness covering an area, when even the animals sleep because it is night. Briefly, but think how the animals must have been concerned, light, night, light. They would be distressed. You look at it and you can see it and marvel. But where did all this knowledge come from? What kind of mind put the stars, moon and sun in space? Marvellous, wonderful, uncomprehending. Think, that power is within you. You are part of it. The very stones of the earth pulsate, if you could but see. The flowers and the trees give off their aura, their light. You do too, depending on how you are in health and spirituality. You pulsate. You have your magnetic field. All things do. Are you not a wonderful being?

Remember it always. Do not cast yourself down. When you are afraid, when you are worrying when you know you should not be, you can be concerned and you can be constructive. When you say to yourself, “I am God in miniature. Why do I fear?” Pull that small light within you. Draw upon it and you will conquer yourself, because when you conquer your failings, and you have attained that beautiful peace that passeth all understanding, think how you can live upon this world, and if the ground moves under you, how you will still be peaceful, but you will be practical, and you will do what you can because you understand the law, and you understand that nothing, nothing can frighten you. You must not be afraid because God is here, even in the darkness. Even in the darkness, in your despair if you let it come over you, try and remember that God is there, you are not alone. Right within yourself there is a pinpoint of light. If you had eyes to see you would see the light of the spirits as they move around you. You would see the lights, but they are not all bright and beautiful globes. Some like a dime, some like a quarter. But when the spirit is beautiful it is a globe. So you should in all sincerity strive to be a globe one day. You will not be a globe all at once, you will have to strive and strive, but when you know you can be, it is wonderful how you do.

There are many times upon the earth when you think there is not future, and you do not have the incentive to struggle onwards. But always remember there is an incentive, there is a God within you, and there is God all around you, and there is God beyond you, and above you, and a God to aspire to, and the Light. Never cast yourself down and say you are nothing. Do not say you are nothing, or anyone else is a nothing, for that is not true. You must not despise yourself because you are not as others. Never never cast yourself down because you are different. I think that we should be different. Why should we all be the same? It would be so boring. Do be yourself. You know you have been taught that in our realms you have to lose your personality, this mask you have upon yourself to live upon the world with. In our realms you gradually learn how to release it, and be your true self, be that nice being, be unafraid to let others see you. Be unafraid. If someone hurts you do not hurt them back again, because they have made a mistake. Two mistakes would be too much. See them as individuals upon their own path, less knowledgeable than yourself. So give them your love, from your mind. It is difficult I know, but these are the steps to beauty. So my brethren, when I am before you, I see you and I marvel that I am here and you are listening. Do you not know that you are a unique group, because how many others give a lecture without phenomena? It was the desire of our Maiden to have it thus, and we agreed. She has proved that you are willing to listen to words however humble that issue from me. But as I have said to you, in simplicity great truth is buried. You are unique because you listen, because you are here and you have gained today some other knowledge. You have heard some of it previously, but some are new here, and it does not hurt you to hear it again in a different manner, to give it to you in a different way, to widen your knowledge, to make you more aware, to lift you up, because I love you, and because you are my brethren.

One day we shall all be before each other in the heavens, and you will see me and I will say, “My brethren, here we are again.” I will laugh and joke, because then I will be able to in a freer manner, and you will see that I am a human being. Though lifted up beyond you, I still am your brother. Never never forget it. Do not fear greatness, for as I have told you, as we progress we are humble.

Love yourself, love each other, and grow so that when we come together in that final day, you will give a great shout and you will say, “Zareth, we did it together.” Right? Good.

Step by step we shall move forward together in love. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the desire to be here. I am as you, a servant of the Father, a brother. Thank you for the love that I feel coming towards me. It is beautiful. You are indeed most beautiful brethren. Feel our love go to you in return, from all of us here, all who serve around our Maiden, and some brethren who are visiting to hear. This is our love. It is from the same source, from Love itself, from the Great Divine. Do you feel it? Now when you are in the heavens this is what I mean. In each area you feel the Father. It is the radiance, the love, that is in your atmosphere. That is love. Good-day.