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Teaching #10

Good afternoon, my friends. It is most wonderful to be with you on this beautiful day on your planet. We enjoy it when it is so. But like you, when it is dull, it dulls the spirit. But we have to take the dark with the light. In this way we develop, we learn. In all aspects of life it is the same measure. We have the ups and the downs. And nature has a way of teaching us if we do not see it clearly. We have but to look at nature and there are the seasons, and they show us so clearly that life is not always shining, nor is the sun. But I am not going to pursue this subject, it just came from seeing the lovely day.

Now many people at times have questioned about the Bible, and I thought I would touch upon it today. Now I know most of you have had some association with it through your childhood or your adulthood, but somewhere in your life you have touched the Bible, if it was only temporary. But many have been brought up on its teachings, and many have difficulty in separating their mind and sifting the words there are thereon.

I thought that I would begin by explaining that all men upon this world are at this moment diversified. So you can see in times gone by men were similar. When you read the Bible, you have a way of looking at time as a sacred time, uplifting man thinking he was spiritual, thinking the prophets were exceptional men, uplifting them so that you could see them as something special. But to our knowledge, we who have been in the spirit lands for thousands of years, we know some of those whom you think of, and we know their lives because we have discussed their lives with them, and we know exactly how it was in those times. When you read you have to try and bring your mind back to that period, and how difficult it is. You live in such a world of technology. But think of people who are nomadic. This is the best method to get your mind backward. Think of people who travelled around in their own area, in a certain place, and sought shelter, people who had been marauded, taken from their own place and carried off by the stronger, people who lived in fear every moment of their lives, fearing they would cross into alien territory. Now if you can see people this way, nomadic, living in rough shelter, whatever kind they can fashion from whatever they can find, but see them in a land where the sun shines strongly. The days are hot, and the nights are cold. Do not see desert, but see a lush area.

Now here were the first of the race of Jewish people. Remember that all men are not pure in race, but that races are formed by a few people coming together, one man perhaps being stronger than the rest and he is the leader. Thus were races formed in the early days, a few people and then children, and so they grew. They may have fought with another group that they met, perhaps taken a few children, and a few women. This was the pattern of life. In those far-off times numbers were safety. So see a few people gathered together, taking others as they could, or being taken, but forming a nucleus, and then growing and growing, slowly, very slowly. Now at this time they were pagan, fearing all nature, fearing most things, but living as best they could in such circumstances. Then as the years sped by and they grew, and formed a small tribe, they were still pagan and remained so for a long long time. The knowledge of God or Jehovah came to them at a greatly later date than this that I am describing. I am trying to show you that the Jews were not always a race. But they began, as all peoples do, all races do, small in the beginning.

As you know, in those days many were carried off, and the ancient Egyptians were very much more advanced than the Jews. I have jumped quite a bit in time. The Ancient Egyptians, the kings there, were not all of the same opinion regarding gods, or deities which they worshipped. So even though the Jews were put into another group they were still pagan. It was quite some time before the idea of a one God percolated. Now you can see I am sure that pagan peoples will worship whatever they think will bring them crops, good weather, help in begetting children, and help them in whatever way they wish. Idols were the order of the day. When the idea of one God percolated in their midst it was thrown aside. It was not till many years had passed again in their history that the idea of a one God had taken a greater hold. By this time their race had grown in numbers, but not greatly numbered as you know races today.

Now if you can see people who are worshipping idols and they are told that there is one God, an all-seeing, all-powerful, all-demanding, all-fearful deity, and they live in fear as it is, and here is this one God who is an angry man full of power to smite them down, if they transgressed that is. So you can see it was a long time before they could grasp such a deity. They would rather have had an idol who would be impressive, whom they did not fear too much. But in time the ideas became stronger and stronger, and now we have a race that is more or less encumbered by fear, this wrathful being. How did they get this idea? It came through those who could see, those who could hear spirit. Now there have always been people on the earth who could see and hear, always. But even as today, those people were not always very spiritual. It depended entirely upon the spirituality of the prophet as to what degree their teaching would reach them. If they had a pure mind and an unselfish being, then it would have been good. But in those days men had to be very careful and very strong, in fact they were partly savage. If you can see them in this way, not at all like yourselves, savage because they had to live in a difficult time. Lo, they needed strong men to control them. So it was that Moses descended upon the earth, like everyone else of course, grew from a little one. There was a man of stature, not tall but strong. Strongly made, and a powerful strength of character. He welded the Jews together as never before. They had been wavering, swaying, coming and going, weaving around, you understand not too sure, but Moses was able to bring them into a strong cohesion. Then he brought the laws from the spirit, the simple laws that were needed by those people at that time. You see, when laws are sent from the heavens, they are not sent in a way that is lop-sided, or not caring, the laws are sent for that period of time, upon the peoples of that time. To hold them together. You know you need rules and regulations upon the earth. You need guidelines to exist even in this world today. If you can see this, you will see how it needed a strong man to hold them together. If he had been mild in his manner, he would have failed miserably. He had to be powerful. When he had the messages come to him, and the voice spoke, he heard it and he obeyed it. In many instances, in the Bible you come upon prophets who have gifts of music and poetry, great men who had words of music. Many people envisaged these times as idyllic, that these men spent their time composing poetry and music. But I can tell you these were very rare moments indeed.

Even today there is trouble in that land where they dwell. They have brought forth great men at all times of their history, powerful men who made their mark at the fear that they are misunderstood, the fear that they cannot be a race that can be together, would have to travel the world at large, and be maligned at all times. Is it because they have denied the Nazarene? Is it because they do not believe? Many think so. But I will reveal to you the reason.

When the Jew had the knowledge of the one God, he was oft-times taught that there would one day come a great king who would lead them into their own land, and they have been waiting through aeons of time for that man to come. They still believe he will. When the Nazarene arrived upon the earth, again I should say, for he had been upon the earth previously, and within the Jewish race on a number of occasions, the same spirit travelling through that race, each time someone of psychic ability, of power, sometimes strong, sometimes lesser power. But he has been upon the earth within the Jewish race a number of times, and finally as the Nazarene. Why did the people mistake him for the king? Because he was at that time in very difficult conditions, a political situation when the Jews were wishful to be free from the Roman, and because he had power to see and to heal, and the words to speak as I am doing through this Maiden, they thought he would be the ideal instrument to lead them from their terrible ordeals. So many cried “He is our king.” Very foolishly they did.

The words that issued from the Nazarene were words of wisdom, that the Father was a gentle, a perfect being, or not a being, but an all-seeing, all-pervading power of love and of perfection, who loved His people, who did not put pestilence upon them, or floods, or drought. He taught that man himself brought these disasters upon the world, that man in all his mistaken ideas and ways brought all the pestilence’s to the world. Of course these words were not favoured, nor understood completely. But a few of the people did understand. His message to the people was love, was purity, and enough heard his words, enough of the Jews. Sometimes he was incensed because of the political situation. I wish all would see him a normal human being, gifted, a man who could see the wrongs of life as you do. Would he not have been odd indeed, if he had not?

You feel for the world, you feel for the condition, you wish to change the world you live in, you wish you could, and you don’t know how but you would like to try at times, and so he did. You see. Some of these words were passed on. This is how it came about that he was taken. But the Jews had enough knowledge then, though it was word of mouth. In those days travellers, tale-carriers, story-tellers, carried the knowledge far and wide. So you can see it was not contained in his own area. You know that our Maiden is one herself, but you are here and you know others. You are a group, but you are not greatly numbered, but you know others. You can pass this knowledge on. So it was in those days. One can be two then three, then a dozen. Then on and on. As it is with healing, heal one and another comes, and another and so on, from each source come more and more. So you can see how it would pass about. So the Jews had the opportunity to accept the knowledge that God, Jehovah was love, that they could cease to fear Him, but could see Him as a loving Father, if they could see Him in no other way. For it is often difficult to see a deity.

You know we have taught you to see God, the Great Force, the Great Consciousness, in nature, in everything that lives, in each other. In everything where there is living force, where there is creation, there is God.

So these words did issue from the Nazarene, in a different language of course, and put differently, but the same words. Knowledge is not new, never is. These words have been heard before in many places, in different languages, down the ages of time, in the silent places, in the closed rooms, on the mountainside, but they have been heard.

So the Jew, from aeons back to the time of the Nazarene, knows of the one God, and then he has the Nazarene teaching, showing why God is not athirst for their blood, so to speak. But do they listen? No. Still they cry to Him, longing for their Saviour, their king. In modern world many have different ideas now. It is leadership they wish for, not so much a king. Kings are getting old-fashioned these days. But they do long for strong leaders. I don’t know how you understand the world as it is, but when we advance in the heavens, we understand creation. We are given a little knowledge, according to our own ability. Those of scientific bent are more able to understand it than those who are inclined as teachers. Nevertheless we know when we advance, that the world is, of all creation a very small part indeed. But all the parts belong. It is hard to explain it to you. But do not see your planet as isolated, nor yourselves. But see yourselves as another soul, another atom upon the world, on the planet, among many atoms. But your atom is different, you have a spirit and a soul, and you are lifted above the animals, above the plants. You are lifted up, you are human beings. But you have God within you. You have the divine spark within you, that many know as their conscience.

Now the Jews are man to man with everyone. They too have this divine spark. All creation, from the animals and the plants, everything is imbued with life. But you have the divine spark, divinity within. Why fear you, if this is so? The Jews, if only they understood this, if they understood that God is with them at all times, has been from the beginning right to this very moment, that He has never never left them. He does not leave anyone, any individual. We are linked to this Great Force, this Power that is everywhere. So have they been, and all creation.

In your world today, the body is paramount, and the spirit is left to dwindle and shrink. The body is aloft and is worshipped. So it was in the ancient civilizations. Usually when a country comes to great power you see these things come about, the body is worshipped. We are thankful that not all people take to this worship, but a great many do, and so the country falters. Where is God when the body is worshipped above all? When the body is the idol? I hope you can see where I am going. That it depends upon the actions of the peoples with any race, on any part of the planet. It depends upon their actions, how that country will survive, or sink, or fall down and become weak. You know yourself, even within your own home structure, if one of you becomes weak it affects all of you. Or if one is ill, everyone is affected. The family as a unit is a good example. A country can be destroyed by its leaders, and even though the people may wish for better things, you are at the mercy of your leaders. So it has been at all times, all history.

Until the Jew can lift up his head and say, “God, I see Thee as merciful and loving”, and until he can stop worrying and allow God to work His way through them, because if they did, if they allowed God to be their leader, to have faith knowing that He is a loving Father, if only they would turn away from their fears, and trust. I know that in the area where part of the Jewish race dwells today, I know that all around are many others who worship God in a different way, they too are having their testing, they too know God but they see Him differently. But they see the Jew as the hated enemy. So it is throughout the world, in pockets here and there, the enemy. You people say, “Will there never be peace?”

My friends, there will be peace, when man brings peace to this earth. God cannot work through you when you are fighting and full of hate. Think how your guardians, those angels who work through you, around you, think how they would feel if you were full of hate. They would have to strive very hard indeed, to try and bring you into a more peaceful loving state. They may never never achieve it. Witness, many many families spend their whole lives in hate. They have been taught by their fathers and by their fathers before them. So it goes on and on and on. If the Jew had been taught in the beginning that God is a loving God, but it was not possible because the men were savage. But at a later date they could have, if they had listened. A measure was brought to them by David, who saw God in a loving tender way. But they listened not. So God sent them man after man to try to penetrate their iron will, their clinging to Him as a wicked strong being who would punish. How would your family be, if you yourselves were tyrants? All would suffer. There would be no love. But God has shone His love upon those people, and He has tried and tried to bring them to the knowledge that He is love. It is amazing how the knowledge of the Nazarene percolated throughout Europe, through all races. Yet the Jew still denied that he existed. But this percolation is not pure. There are many avenues to God, many. But fortunately the Nazarene did show gentleness. Sometimes it was tempered by fear and anger too, because of the Roman. But his overall nature was pure and gentle. Though nothing was written down at the time of his life, it was the story-tellers who carried knowledge of him abroad to other countries, on ships. He did not travel, but his knowledge did. Man has taken that knowledge and twisted it and used it in his own ways. But nevertheless the nucleus is there.

When you see how the knowledge of the Nazarene has percolated through all countries, how it has been grasped here and there, and added to, built upon, but at the centre is the same story of the Nazarene, sometimes with his mother and father, sometimes with his mother alone, sometimes by himself, according to your knowledge. We do not mind usually how you see God. It is when you cannot see Him as love that we become worried. If you see God as love and mirror Him through the Nazarene, very well, as long as you love one another. It really does not matter about the creed you believe in, it is your behaviour, your actions, your behaviour every day, every second of your life, your motives. Religion does not make you saintly. You can have all the knowledge. You can be a Jew who knows all the Jewish belief inside out, you can be a Moslem and know his book inside out, or a Buddhist, you can have any belief, but it is your ways, your actions within that belief that builds you into a spiritual being. But if you believe that the Nazarene was as God was portrayed in the Old Testament, would you love him? You would fear him. There would not be the tender love that is given to his memory.

Most see him as a gentle loving being. Would that the Jews had. But it is the Gentile who has taken the Nazarene and placed him upon a pedestal. You have placed him there and you look up to him and you honour him. That is alright as long as you do it with clarity, as long as you use him as an example, not to worship but to respect his words. Now all words that you have heard came from him, and I am sure if you reason you will understand this. We have gone into this at other times, so I will not go into all of his words today. But know this, he did not utter any profanities against any animals, a tree, or anyone else. He did not curse anything or anyone. As our Maiden has a habit of saying to people, “Would you curse a tree? Would you curse an animal? Or be cruel to an animal?” Most of you wouldn’t. So why attribute these failings to the Nazarene or to God? Many many men fear God, who are Christian and not Jew. When disaster strikes they say, “Oh my God!” We have heard it. “Have we not suffered enough?” Speaking directly to God.

It is not God who punishes. It is not God who brings you illness. It is not God who brings the flooding, or the storm, or the insects. These are his creation, yes. The laws are set in motion, they have been from the very beginning when the world was building itself and taking shape, and the laws were set for your planet. Those laws will hold, nothing is changed. The law of transgression against another is still wrongdoing. If you are selfish and you hurt another, you hurt yourself. You can hurt your country, you can. Many many do things to their own country. You can think that one out yourself. People do. People hurt their own countries. They hurt everywhere. They think that everything belongs to them and it does not. Not all people of course, but some do.

It is the same with God’s bounty. Man takes from another. He hurts himself. He takes a field, and he says, I want more and more crops, and he throws poison on that field, and he gets crops. But the earth suffers but he cares not. Again he throws poisons and again he gets a crop. But in time that field will perish, it will die. The same with humanity. If you throw yourself before evil and accept it in any form, you are hurting yourself or your country, or your fellow man. You are hurting someone and you hurt yourself. Countries suffer because of the people who live within them, because of their greed, because they hurt the country through selfishness. They bring their own country down. Those at the top do not see the country as a whole and the people in it. They see power and power over other countries. They see power spreading, and they take many risks and they hurt you, the people. It is the old old story being repeated and repeated throughout all history.

You have seen countries rise and fall, families rise up, be all-powerful and fall. It is not God. God can wait, there is plenty of time. The world is an old old planet, older than anyone realizes. Man has been struggling upon it, being happy, singing, dancing, weeping, being full of food and empty, being in every way a man, a woman. The ways of man are diversified in every land, but nevertheless they are God’s children. Many countries are having birth pangs at the moment, struggling to raise themselves to the light, but you know and I know depending upon the power at the top, how that country will fare. Will if founder, will it rise, will it be stable, will it go slowly, or will it try to gallop and flounder? It is the same with the young child. They need everything at once, and they can’t wait. You have the problem of teaching that everything cannot come at once. That everything has to be worked for, and earned, and waited for. Countries have to learn the same lesson. When man sees himself as a unit, an individual, a son or a daughter or a child of God, and sees that he has power. If all men in the world who understand stood up and said, “We will bring peace to the world.” If all men and women who love one another did this, and you are many, but you do not know one another, but if you did, and you all stood up and you cried out, “Enough, enough.” the leaders would have to listen to you.

I do not mean that it should be done in a way that would bring disaster to your land. I mean if all people were strong, and full of love and understanding, you would do it in the correct manner, which is peacefully yet strongly, showing that you mean and desire the world to be a better place for future generations. Not a place wherein you turn on your radio or television and you hear all the disasters. Have you ever wondered why you hear all these disasters and not happy stories? Is it that mankind is tuned in to disaster? And that everyone knows he likes to hear the sad story and recount it over and over? There are bright stories. There are many happy times amongst each other, happy times in the world. But when do we hear about them? When are we uplifted? When do you lift up another with happiness, with a joke, with a laugh, with a cheery greeting, with love in your eyes? Many never think that they are responsible. They think they are a unit and have very little power, and as we taught the last time, your mind is powerful. Be you a little man or woman, and not powerful in the world, nevertheless you could have a great power if you trained your mind. You could have greater power than you ever imagined, a great power to help your world. You know when you think of someone you love, they feel your thought come to them. You know if you are thinking about someone, they phone you, or they say, “Were you thinking about me? I was thinking about you.” You feel the thoughts come to you. If you can do that without thinking about it, what can you do if you do think about it, and you project your mind? You, you could do much. You could project your mind out into the universe, full of love, full of desire for peace. You could see peace in Israel, in the Arab world, in Africa, in all the countries that need it. You could range around the world, and you could set your mind upon it and see that part covered in the light of purity and say, “Peace be thy future.” You could feel it, and picture the land, and see it, feel it, and you will help. I know it is difficult to do at first, but you could if you practised.

I know that if I teach you that your mind is powerful I give you a weapon that you could use to hurt. But if you did, you would hurt yourself. It is the same with all knowledge, it has a good and a bad side to it. There are people in the world who use their minds for evil purposes, but I know you, who are here, would not do such a thing, for you know that you would suffer. Because you know that you yourself are responsible for you, and that you yourself suffer if you hurt another. You are an individual. The Nazarene cannot take your problems upon his shoulders. Many think so, but what a burden to put on another! Why should one man take everyone else’s burdens? You know that it does not happen. You may be happy and think they do, but you will still suffer if you hurt. You will not be perfect in health or in your mind. Those failings are not wiped out by saying, “Jesus saves.” Nothing is wiped away simply by words. It is the actions. Always the actions within your belief, your motives, always your motives. Be kind to yourselves, be kind to one another. Above all, to yourself. Because whenever you are kind to yourself by being a kind tolerant compassionate being, you will automatically be kind to others. Start with yourself, and then your love will spread.

If all nations had this knowledge, think what the outcome would be, a world at peace, no floods, no storms, no flies, no insects.

You know that the law takes into account your thoughts, your actions, and you as a nation are responsible for your country and the world too, If you want your country to be a country that is heaven-like, then every one of you will have to act heavenly. I know it is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would be a kind and tolerant being, loving all his brethren, not being against race, creed or dogma, but knowing all peoples are born in different areas, and as all have different lessons to learn, all must go where it is best for them. As you return to life, you go the place that is best suited to you, the place that will suit your character where you will learn your lessons. When people are racial, and hurt others, and hate other people, they are being very foolish, because in other lives perhaps they have been in that very race. Think of it, your soul bears the imprint of all your lives. You do not come back swiftly, you come back often after quite a space in time. But if you have an accident, and your life is cut short, you do come back speedily. But if an accident is the way you are going, then it will not happen.

All is very organized in our world, and we know what is best for each individual. You may not think so, when you view your life. But we did not always put you in the situations you are in at present. You are born into a family and you are brought up. But when you are an adult, you make your own choices. Often you choose unwisely. Then comes trouble and you blame God, or someone else or your partner, but never do you blame yourself. You see, are you perfect, are you so perfect that you are always so correct in your words, in your thinking? Are you? Are your politicians? Are the leaders of all lands? Are the Jews? Are the Arabs? Russians, Chinese, Indians? All these people, everyone thinks somewhere they are right and the next door neighbour is all wrong. See?

I know that everyone tries. I know you try to do your best. Sometimes you falter, and you fall over the stones before you. Sometimes you come upon a boulder and you don’t know how to get over it. But surprisingly you do in time, and there you are a stronger being for having had difficulty. You have greater understanding, you feel ready for the next step. If may not come again for a time, but if it does and you have learned your lessons well, you will be able to face the next challenge, because everyone’s life is a challenge. Every country has a challenge. Every Jew has a challenge, every Arab, and all.

Think the Father of us all is aware of all these problems? We who dwell in the heavens, we who are concerned, who are enlightened, we know of all these problems, what do we do? We send groups here and there as you know. But do we succeed? Sometimes. Sometimes in a measure only. Sometimes we do avert tragedy for you. We have been struggling for you in this world since the beginning of time, not I, but others of course. And we will continue.

When you pray to the Father above, do you see an individual? Or do you try to envisage a light? I would advise you to see a light of perfection and then spread that light around. You who have heard the teachings previously know that your guardians, everyone has a guardian, hear your prayers, because they see them within your mind, or they hear them. They are God’s servants and they try to answer your prayers, if they are good for you. They will not try if your wishes will harm you. But sometimes you long for something very very much, you do receive it, because there again, it is your longing, it is your thought, and you wish for and wish for, and lo, there it is. You have brought it about by your thought, by your mind, you see. You have created it, but then you see you have created something bigger than yourself, something you cannot handle. It is not exactly what you needed. Very often we long for things that are very bad for us. But if you could go into the silence, and allow your guardian to give you thoughts that he knows you need, never mind if you know if he is there or not. He will be, if you are quiet, at a special time, and you stay at that special time. He will know that you are there. Then try to still the mind, and he will try to help you.

Have you ever imagined how difficult it is for a guardian to put thoughts into a racing mind? You know how often you cannot get a word in with someone who is talking? Well, you can see .... Then you can see how it is with us. There is your mind racing away, and we are trying to get a word in. Sometimes we manage to get in one. Then we say, “Well, we managed that. That is a miracle.” But if you can be still, we can achieve something. If you practise then perhaps you can achieve serenity and a beauty of attunement. For your guardian is always higher than yourself. It must be so, or they could not be guardians. So you see, in this way through your guardian, the Father of us all, the Great Consciousness, the Great Perfection, is dealing with everyone of us, is forgetting none, even though our souls cry out in compassion to some soul who is in some kind of terrible danger, or illness. We long to help. Remember that that soul has a guardian and that guardian will try to bring help to that being.

In some manner it will come. But sometimes though help comes, there is not much change, the reason will be, it has to be. Now we do not wish you to suffer. We want you to have lives where you are all in harmony, and where there is love pulsating, and everything is good, and you are all doing something to help, and you are all growing. We want that for you. We want it always. We want that for the people in the spirit world too. We struggle there too. It is a never-ending struggle. But as I have said, the Father has time to wait. So do not be in a great rush. Gifts of the spirit are not lightly won, as you are all aware. It is step by step. But as you take your steps, you feel different. You feel uplifted when you grow, when you know you have changed.

Many come to the healers and they say they have changed, and we can see it. We can see the change in their spirits. That is a beautiful sight to see. Then we are well pleased. For even to help one is worthwhile. I mean, to help that being that they change, that they become a more spiritual being. I do not mean that you keep working at it, but that in some way, through some words of yours, through some kindness maybe, you help that person to change themselves. We all have to change our own self. It is not changing en masse, as some try to save in Jesus, in a mass emotion. That will not always last, but a steady stepping forward. Steps that will bring you to peace. This is what every soul on the earth desires. Not all go to this goal in the same way. But it is the goal of all who aspire to be better people, peace. For when peace reigns within the temple of the body, you can solve your problems peacefully. No matter what comes to you, be it a friend who is sick, a country, a situation, you will face it with strength, and peace within your soul. You will not be knocked down, you will be upright, and you will do what you can. That is, send your thought, your power, your powerful mind. You will set your powerful mind in operation and send out the forces of good. The bright light, the perfect light of the Father. Do not worry about words themselves. Let it be a feeling, a pulsing power that goes from you.

When you come to our world you will see what I mean. It is hard for me to express it that you can see it. If you were in our world you would see how our thoughts go forth, in a flash of light. You would see our thoughts following and flowing. You would see us wrapped in attention to what is going forth, perfectly still, so that all is perfect that flows from us.

We deal with many many men in our labours in the heavens, on different strata of evolution. We are looked up to, and we are called “Sire”, or “Beloved One”, depending upon the person who speaks, who comes before us. We have progressed because of our endeavours. We did not gallop ahead. It took many lives, and it took great endeavour. It took endeavour in the spirit realms. We do not immediately become a bright angel. You arrive at whatever stage you have achieved here. So see to it in your own individual way that you take steps forward, and when you leave your spirit will leave you joyously, and be happy in a beautiful bright shining place.

My struggles were not easy. Never, on the land. When I was on earth were they easy? Never. For I lived in very difficult times. None of my lives were easy, because I lived back there. I have been in the heavens thousands of years. So you can imagine the world in those times. All men who are angels now, all who labour, have been at one time, where you are. You have been there many times, and you have come back. Think of it, you are now at the stage that you have earned. How many more lives do you need? I hope none. There are many here who will not have to return to the earth. I would like it to be all of you who will not have to return again to this planet. You can dwell in the realms of the spirit in the great reality. This is but the shade.

This is your challenge. When you see a country or a people, or when you read your Bible, and the stores of the days of old, remember that they were pagan and savage in the beginning. Some people are not very much different today. In parts of your world you still have these conditions don’t you? We have the people still, nomadic in certain areas. You have the people still struggling. You have the people who have been taken over. Remember that man has lived always and will never die. You may have been a Jew, an Arab, an Indian, or Chinese ... you do not know. (Some may do). Remember in all of those lives you were a child of God, and you still are. You have come through and here you are in another life, in a much different world. So be like myself and be trusting that all will work its ways out, and that all mankind will one day be God-like, and a greater force. We will all see ourselves reaching out to one another with love, trying to be pure in thought and action. Taking our steps one by one, not seeing God as a fearful enemy, but as the Great Force of Perfection, of Love, as Thyself in miniature, a God who is everywhere, a God who is, and always will be, as you will.

My brethren, my loved ones, be at peace ..... peace.


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