Fractal vision
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Fractal vision

So here we are, in the world of fractals. Fractals are new? Of course not. But the first people, who tried to understand them was Mandelbrodt, a man from beside the Baltic see. He discovered a very simple formula to a new world. The mathematic formula was


where Z means the original coordinate of the point in the complex numerical system. Z(n) and Z(n-1) means two elements from the queue. After some steps, the length of the Z(n) vector could reach 2. This is a value limit. The points, which are lower than 2 are in the set of Mandelbrot, and which are higher than 2 are not in the set. If we want to get a sharper picture, just increase the value of maximum cycles. The rectangle which contains the set of Mandelbrot is (-1.5,-1) - (0.5,1).

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