I know, you're probably thinking, "She has 3 stories to work on already. Where in the crap is she going to get time to write on a 4th one? It already takes her forever to update her other ones." Well, I don't really have an answer for that. I just love to write, and I promise I will update my stories as much as I can.

Like the others, this story is completely fictional. None of the events that happen have ever happened and most likely will never happen. This story is also slightly different from my other ones. You'll find that out as it is writen.

Like the others, it does revolve around Hanson. But I am in no way in associated with them, Mercury records, their family, or manager. They just happen to be the people I love to write about. It's good practice for me. I want to become a writer and these stories help brodden that dream.

Also, this story is completely orginal. I did not steal any ideas from any of the internet, unless they're my own. And it contains a lot of adult content and adult language. So if you have problems with these things, then I suggest that you not read it. I want to make this story completely different from the others. You have been forewarned.

If any of you Anti-Hansons have stumbbled here by mistake, then I suggest you leave now because I do not, and will not tollerate critisisum from you. If you do feel the need to tell me that my stories sucks, go here to leave me a message. I'm always happy to hear from you guys.

And thank you to all of you who do apperciate my work. It means a lot to me and if you want to drop me a line, do it to it! =) E-mail me here

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