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Lyrics from MOUSE OF LA MANCHA (Episode P12) by Gordon Bressack and Charles Howell IV

Don Cerebro (parody of Don Quixote)

Brain: Listen up, all you sniv'ling and cowardly mice

You may live in your cage if you please

But not I, for I've learned not to take just a slice

When I'm destined to have the whole cheese.

It is I, Don Cerebro, the mouse of La Mancha

I'm blessed with a huge frontal lobe

For a mouse with my power, it won't take an hour

I plan to take over the globe.

I plan to take over the globe.

Thanks to my huge frontal lobe.

Pinky: I'm Pinky; yes, I'm Pinky

I poit and I narf and I say "Egad!"

I botch up his plans, daily

Then he conks me when he's mad.


Brain: Pay attention, you nobles and peasants of Spain

You may think that I haven't a chance

But I have an immensely superior brain

Pinky: And he's wearing aluminum pants.

Brain: It is I, Don Cerebro...

Pinky: I'm Pinky, yes...

...the mouse of La Mancha

I'm Pinky

I'm blessed with a hu-- (THUD!)

I'm poit and I naarr...ooh.


--- To Scheme the Improbable Scheme (parody of To Dream the Impossible Dream)

Brain: It's not important whether he succeeded or not.

What's important is...

Brain: To scheme the improbable scheme

To plan the unthinkable plan

To build when your arms are too tiny

To walk in the suit of a man.

This is my fate

To conquer the earth

To play with the big boys

Though I lack the girth

To reach for the stars

On a whim or a dare

I could climb to the top

If I only could reach the first stair.

And the world doesn't know what they'll miss

If a mouse doesn't follow his dream

To scrawl with his last bit of graphite

To scheme the improbable scheme!