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Recommended Reading

~*Recommended Reading*~

By Silver Birch through Maurice Barbanell:
(Note: M. Barbanell passed over August 1981)

Many people have asked me where they may obtain copies of the few back in print Silver Birch books that are available. To do so, please go to "Banyen Books" where you may order with peace of mind. This bookstore is located in Vancouver and is very reputable. Enjoy!

“Teachings of Silver Birch”

“More Teachings of Silver Birch”

“Guidance from Silver Birch”

“More Guidance from Silver Birch”

“Philosophy from Silver Birch”

“More Philosophy from Silver Birch”

Wisdom of Silver Birch

More Wisdom of Silver Birch

“Light from Silver Birch”

“Silver Birch Companion”

“A Voice in the Wilderness”

“The Infallible Law”

“The Seed of Truth”

“Lift up Your Hearts”

“The Spirit Speaks”

“Silver Birch Speaks”

“Silver Birch Speaks Again”

"When Dead Kings Speak"

"To the Great Spirit"
(Prayer's of Silver Birch)

By Sylvia Barbanell:

“When a Child Dies”

“When an Animal Dies”

By Anthony Borgia:

“Life in the World Unseen”

“More About Life in the World Unseen”

“Here and Hereafter”


"The Teachings Of Zareth"


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