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~*The Teachings of Silver Birch*~

(We welcome you to print the following pages for your reading enjoyment.
We encourage you to share them with your family and friends.)

"Mary Pickford At A Seance"

"Science - Viewed From Beyond"

"Does Free Will Exist?"

"To Inspire Ambassadors"

"Problems Of Communication"

"Creation Is Infinite"

"Who are You?"

"Spirit Is Superior"

"Do Not Despair"

"All Truth Is Wonderful"

"Like The Mighty Raging Wind"

As Your Souls Unfold

"The Epitome of Perfect Love"

"The Divine Mission"

"The Healing Mission"

"Guiding Lights"

"What is Death?"

"Violence - The Way of Self-pity"

"The Enigma of Religion"

"Our Lesser Brethren?"

"Music of the Spheres"

"Why Spirit Guides Return"

"Why Were You Born?"

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"The Teaching's of Zareth"


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