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~*Silver Birch's Own Story*~

When I was asked, many long years ago, whether I would return to the world of matter and find on earth a band who would work with me to deliver the message of the spirit, I said I would, as did many others, and my task was given me.

I was told that I would have to search and find an instrument and so attach myself to this instrument that I would be able to express through him the message that I was charged to deliver. So I searched our records and found my medium.

I watched from the time that he was conceived, and from the moment that the spirit began to express itself - albeit as a little flicker - I brought my influence to bear and started there and then this association which has lasted all these years.

I helped to mould the spirit and the tiny little mind and throughout every phase of that life I watched his every experience, learned how to get a close association and I accustomed myself throughout the days of boyhood to all the mental processes, to all the physical habits. I studied my instrument from every aspect - mind, spirit and physical body.

And then I had to guide his footsteps towards an understanding of these spirit truths. First, I guided him to make a study of the many religions in your world of matter, until his mind revolted and he began to be what your world calls an Atheist. And when that had played its part in the mental unfoldment, he was ready for me to begin my task of speaking through his lips.

I guided him to his first meeting. I helped to bring him to his first circle. And there, in the power provided, I made my first contact - so crude, so trivial, but from my point of view so important - and I uttered my first expression in the world of matter through anotherís organism.

From that day I learned how to obtain better and better control, until now you see the result. We have achieved so much that I can register the totality of my ideas and liminate for all purposes what is in the mediumís own personality.

Now I would like to tell you something about my mission. They said to me: ďYou will have to go into the world of matter and, when you have found your instrument, you will have to bring to him sympathetic souls who will aid you to deliver your message.Ē I searched and found you all and brought you together.

But the greatest difficulty I had to face was that I had to make the choice whether I would return to provide those proofs that your world must have to satisfy itself - material proofs, I mean, not spiritual ones, for your world does not understand those - or whether I would return as a teacher and teach truth. I chose the harder.

I said that, after all those long years, with all the manifold experiences I had had in the realms of spirit, I would return and try to appeal with love to those whom I would strive to teach. I would appeal to reason. I would appeal to the judgement of mature, evolved and what you call educated minds. I would reveal the message of the spirit in all its simplicity.

I would say nothing that offended reason. I would strive to manifest love, never to reproach with anger, but to appeal always with love, and prove by precept and example and by all I did that I was what I claimed to be - a messenger of the Great Spirit.

And I imposed upon myself the burden of anonymity, so that I would make no appeal of illustrious personage, title, rank, or fame, but would be judged on what I said and what I did. When I was in the spheres at the last festival they praised me and said I had accomplished much of my mission. And tears of joy fell down my face. But my mission is not yet over. There is still more to be done.

Because of the work that others have done - the same work that we do - there is more light in your world of matter, there is more happiness, there is less sorrow, less tears. We have won a partial victory over the grave.

We have inspired many to let their higher selves rise in their lives. We have driven out many of the falsehoods of the past that have blinded menís eyes to justice and truth. We have helped to free many from the prison-house of creed and dogma which has afflicted your world for so many years, shaming reason with its foolish stupidities.

We have sought - and succeeded in some measure - to teach of a Great Spirit of love and wisdom, not of partiality, not of wrath, not vindictive and angry, not a dealer of pestilence and disease. We have sought to reveal the Nazarene as a great exemplar. And many have seen the reason that lies in our teaching.

Great work has been done, but a greater work still has to be done. There is war in your world of matter, war that need not be, for if your world knew these truths and lived them, men would not kill. There is starvation, when there is plenty of the Great Spiritís bounty. There are mean hovels where the children of the Great Spirit are compelled to live, deprived of fresh air, unable to catch the health-giving rays of the sun, forced to live below the line of sustenance. There is want and distress and misery.

There are still superstitions to be killed. There are still aching hearts. There are still diseases to be vanquished. Our task is not yet complete. We rejoice at the work that has been done and pray that strength shall be given to us so that, with your co-operation, we may be enabled to render greater service still.

* * * * *

I am only the mouthpiece of those who sent me, and I seek no glory for myself and no reward. I have no desire to aggrandize myself or my personality. I rejoice to be a vehicle for expressing these truths, lost for many centuries and now restored to the world of matter, stamped with the seal of divine truth.

My part is that of the messenger who speaks the message and I have striven to be faithful and to convey that which was given to me according to the instrument that I have and the power which I have earned. I only want to be of service and, if the few teachings I express help one soul to find peace in a stormy life, to find the shelter of truth after having experienced the storms of doubt, if within the sanctuary of these simple spiritual truths one can find happiness and be inspired to serve, then perhaps we have accomplished something of the Fatherís work.


"The Teaching's of Zareth"


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